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WWE - Then Now Forever

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The date is September 1st 2017 and we had a crazy Summerslam PPV, lets recap!

Image result for summerslam 2017 poster

The New Day vs. The Usos - SDL Tag team championships

Image result for The usos vs. new day summerslam

The New Day defeat the Usos after another amazing match to retain their newly won SDL tag team championships

Jason Jordan and the Hardy boys vs The Miz and the Miztourage

Image result for Jason jordan and the hardy boys

Jason Jordan pins the Miz here with some help from the Hardy Boys.

Akira Tozawa vs. Neville - Cruiserweight Championship


After Neville took a shocking defeat on Monday Night Raw Tozawa once again defeated the king of the cruiserweights at the Biggest party of the summer

Big show vs. Big Cass - Enzo is in a shark cage 

Image result for big show vs. big cass summerslam

BIg Cass defeats Big show hoping to finally have rid of the pest Enzo Amore for good 

Randy Orton vs. Rusev 

Image result for randy orton vs. rusev summerslam

The Bulgarian brute defeats the Viper after making him pass out in the accolade 

Sheamus and Cesaro vs. Rollins and Ambrose - Raw Tag team championships 

Image result for Sheamus and cesaro vs Rollins and Ambrose summerslam

Sheamus and Cesaro retain the belts after Rollins and Ambrose signed some miscommunication leading to a brouge kick to Ambrose. The two would argue leading to Rollins stomping off 

Naomi vs. Natalya - SDL Women's Championship

Image result for naomi vs natalya summerslam

Naomi would finally defend her championship and beat Natayla in a grueling match Naomi who can barley stand and she hears "Fabulous"! Carmella cashed in and hit the superkick for the 1...2...3! 

Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt 

Image result for finn balor vs. bray wyatt summerslam

After a loss to Wyatt on Raw we saw the return of the demon. Demon Balor got the job done now 2-0 at Summerslam 

AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens w/ Shane McMahon as Special referee - WWE US Championship 

Image result for aj styles vs, kevin owens summerslam

AJ Styles retains clean, Kevin Owens blames Shane O mac and beats the living hell out of him 

Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks - Raw Women's Champion 

Image result for alexa bliss vs. sasha Banks summerslam

Alexa Bliss once again retains clean as a whistle

Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura - WWE WHC 

Image result for Jinder mahal vs. shinsuke nakamura summerslam

Jinder Mahal proves that he can win all by himself and pins shinsuke for the 1...2..3

Baron Corbin vs. John Cena 

Image result for John Cena vs. Baron corbin summerslam

John Cena snaps his Summerslam losing streak and pins corbin after a super AA. 

Lesnar vs. Reigns vs. Joe vs. Strowman - WWE Universal champion 

Image result for wwe summerslam 2017 card

This match exceed expectations ending with a F-5 to Reigns and Samoa Joe was a hair away from breaking up the pin!

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Monday Night Raw September 4th 2017 

Image result for kurt angle 2017 raw

Kurt Angle opens up RAW and announces that the show will feature the Grudge match between Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt but this time in an old school street fight!

Rich Swann vs. TJP

Image result for Rich swann vs. tj perkins

Rich Swann got the W here in a quickish match after hitting a monster 450 splash on TJP!

Alexa Bilss and Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks and Bayley 

Image result for alexa bliss pinning bayley

Alexa Bliss pins Bayley after getting alot of help from Nia Jax, Sasha was knocked out unconsensus after Nia put her through a table!

The Miz interview 

Image result for alberto del rio on the mic

The Miz is talking about how Jason Jordan couldn't make the show tonight because he is stuck in traffic. The music of Alberto Del Rio hits! Del Rio exchanges words with the Miz saying how is is nothing and how he is going to win the IC championship. Jason Jordan's theme hits and he clears house standing tall!

Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman 

Image result for samoa joe celebrating

Samoa Joe becomes the first person to make Braun Strowman tap! Joe stands tall after a lengthy match with the monster among men. 

Rollins and Ambrose vs. Sheamus and Cesaro vs. The Hardy Boyz - Raw Tag team championships

Image result for rollins and ambrose fist bump

The reuniting brothers reclaim tag team gold after Rollins pinned Matt Hardy. Cesaro and Sheamus are sitting in the ring dumbfounded that they lost the titles without being involved in the finish!

Lesnar celebration ceremony 

Image result for reigns and lesnar

Lesnar and Heyman were gloating about how Brock is unstoppable and nobody can beat him... Roman Reigns theme hits and he runs into the ring. Reigns tries to get the upperhand but Brock is quick and nails Reigns with an F-5! Lesnar walks off loving the damage he just caused 

Wyatt vs. Balor - Street Fight 

Image result for wyatt vs. balor

Wyatt defeated Balor after a vicious sister Abigail onto a steel chair! Wyatt would stand tall to end Raw  

78 overall rating

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 Image result for baron corbin

Baron Corbin is heading to the red brand! Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan made it official although the Daniel Bryan has asked that Smackdown's newest member be kept under wraps. Bryan also stated that the newest signing will be guaranteed a US championship match in the very near future! Who do you think is heading to the blue brand? How will Corbin affect raw? These questions will have to be answered very soon. 


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Tuesday night Smackdown September 5th 2017

Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho 

Image result for dolph ziggler celebration

The Showoff got the job done after a great opening match to start off Smackdown Live!

The Usos beg for competiton


The Usos are in the ring begging for some competition to prove that they are the best tag team and they can dethrone the New day. The Dudley Boyz's theme hits! Bubba and D-von are back! They hit the ring and the Usos call them washed up and pathetic. The Dudleys respond by beating the living hell out them and putting Jey Uso through a table!

Carmella vs. Naomi - WWE SDL Women's championship 

Image result for carmella vs. Naomi

Carmella retains her newly one championship after the match Charlotte came out and helped Naomi survive a beatdown from the queen of Staten Island  

Sami Zayn vs. Randy Orton 

Image result for Rusev accolade sami zayn

Sami Zayn defeated Orton clean here before Zayn and Rusev had a heated confrontation the refs and other superstars came out to break it up.

Shane McMahon gives Owens one more chance 

Image result for kevin owens and shane mcmahon

Owens was backstage demanding Shane for another match, Shane agrees to ONE more match for Owens but this will be his last chance if he loses 

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Tye Dillinger 

Image result for shinsuke nakamura vs tye dillinger

Shinsuke would get the win here to get himself back on track after his loss at Summerslam 

Jinder Mahal celebrates his WWE Championship retain 

Image result for jinder mahal and john cena

Jinder is in the ring gloating about how he beat Shinsuke Nakamura and how nobody can stop him. John Cena hypes up the crowd and makes his way down to the ring. He tells Mahal that he still wants his clean match for the WWE Championship. Daniel Bryan comes out and says if John Cena can defeat Shinsuke Nakamura next week on SD he will face Jinder Mahal at Clash of Champions! John Cena accepts and throws Jinder on his shoulders, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!

AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens - US Championship

Image result for aj styles us championship

AJ Styles wins for the last time against Kevin Owens after a Phenomenal forearm! On the titantron it is a man in a shadow not being able to be made out. The man also used a voice changer but he said "Congrats Styles, When you defend that title at Clash of Champions you won't be so lucky... See you there" And laughs as the screen goes dark and Styles walks off to the back confused as SDL ends. 

Overall Rating: 72/// Ouch The women's match and Shinsuke and Tye dragged it down

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WWE Monday Night Raw September 11th 2017 


Kurt Angle announces 2 HUGE matches

 Image result for kurt angle 2017 raw

Kurt Angle comes out to "You Suck" chants and address the WWE Universe. He announces that TONIGHT we will see Rich Swann vs. Tozawa w/ Neville as the special guest referee! We will also be seeing Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman to face Brock Lesnar at Clash of Champions!

The Hardy Boyz vs. The Revival 

Image result for hardy boyz and revival

After a decent showing from the Revival Jeff Hardy got the pin here on Dash Wilder after a Swanton Bomb! The Hardyz would celebrate! Can the Hardyz keep momentum going after Clash of Champions? 

Austin Aries vs. Brian Kendrick 

Image result for austin aries vs. Brian kendrick

Austin Aries looks to climb the ranks back up to the cruiserweight after defeating Brian Kendrick in singles action after locking in the last chancery 

Sheamus and Cesaro lay out the challenge 

Image result for sheamus and cesaro and rollins and ambrose

Rollins and Ambrose are in the ring celebrating the tag team championship win when Sheamus and Cesaro come out and get in the faces of Rollins and Ambrose and demand one more match at Clash of Champions. But this time they want this match in a STEEL CAGE! Rollins and Ambrose accept and a brawl follows up! A dirty deeds to sheamus and kingslayer to Cesaro led to the tag champions standing tall

 Tozawa vs. Swann w/ Neville as Referee - Non title match

Image result for rich swann celebrate

Thanks to a quick count from Neville Rich Swann defeated Tozawa after a spin kick! Angle comes out and announces that at clash of champions the cruiserweight match will no be a triple threat! Swann vs. Tozawa vs. Neville

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley 

Image result for sasha banks vs. Bayley

Bayley got the win here as two best friends were forced to fight leading to a big win for Bayley but Jax interefered! Therefore Sasha will still have her match at Clash Of Champions with Alexa Bliss! 

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jason Jordan 

Image result for the miz ic champion

This match was great but the Miz had to spoil the fun and get involved and then a giant brawl would interrupt with Bo Dallas and Axel running out and helping the Miz out as the Miz stands tall heading into Clash of Champions!

Braun Strowman vs. Samoa Joe vs. Roman Reigns - Number One contender match 

Image result for braun strowman vs. samoa joe vs. roman reigns

Roman Reigns won this absolute brawl in a great match after pinning Samoa Joe after Strowman hit the running powerslam on Joe! Reigns speared Strowman and quickly covered Joe who couldn't quite kick out. 

First off would like to give a HUGE shout out to smith for the sick Banner for the show! 

Second: Overall Rating; 78

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WWE Smackdown Live September 12th 2017


Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch 

Image result for charlotte vs becky lynch

Charlotte got the win here as she slowly tries to climb the ranks of the women's division now led by the princess of stanten island Carmella!

The New Day vs. The Dudley Boyz - If the Dudley Boyz win it will be a triple threat at CoC

Image result for the dudley boyz vs the new day

The Dudley Boyz defeated the tag team champions after the Usos came out when the ref was knocked out and screw over the Dudley Boyz but instead screwed over the New day leading to a 3D for the 1...2...3! What transpired was a three team brawl that led to Xaiver Woods eating alot of wood. 

Mike Kanellis vs. Rusev 

Image result for rusev accolade

Rusev made quick work of Kanellis with the accolade but then the run in of Sami Zayn would suffer a vicious super kick and a accolade all for himself as Rusev stands tall over the lifeless bodies of Sami Zayn and Kanellis.

Kevin Owens calls out Shane McMahon 

Image result for shane mcmahon and kevin owens

Kevin Owens calls Shane down to the ring and the 2 exchange heated words which leads to Kevin Owens' snapping and beating the living hell out of Shane McMahon! Daniel Bryan runs out with tons of refs and breaks up the Carnage as Shane McMahon lay lifeless. Daniel Bryan gets in the face of KO and says if he snaps one more time KO will be fired!

Carmella vs. Natayla - Non title match 

Image result for naomi women's champion

Carmella got once again another win after a sick superkick! Naomi runs out and starts beating down on Carmella until she eventually hits the FTG and grabs Carmella's championship and holds the belt high in the air celebrating.

AJ Styles vs. Dolph Ziggler - US Championship 

Image result for aj styles vs dolph ziggler

AJ Styles retains his US Championship after an amazing match! Ziggler put up one hell of a fight but came just a little too short! As Styles is about to walk to the back the man shows up on the titantron again! AJ I heard you are having an Open challenge on Clash of Champions I will see you there. The screen goes black again and AJ shakes it off and heads to the back. 

Randy Orton calls out Chris Jericho 

Image result for randy orton interview backstage

Randy Orton is backstage having an interview and the interviewer asks him who he would like to face next after Coc. Orton answers simply like this "I know you are watching Jericho on the SmackDown after clash of champions prepare to taste an RKO" Orton walks away

John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura - If Cena wins he will face Mahal at CoC

Image result for john cena vs nakamura

These two were having a fantastic match Until Mahal came in with a double clothesline ending the match! He laughs and says "Now I get a break at Clash of Champions every good champion needs good rest." Daniel Bryan comes out and states that every champonship so instead of a break for Mahal he will now have to defend in a triple threat! Bryan walks off and Mahal gets back in the ring and beats the hell out of Cena and Shinsuke and holds his championship high above his head! Can Mahal stand tall once again at Clash of Champions or will his 119 day title reign come to an end?

 Once again huge shout out to smith for the sexy banner and

Overall Rating: 77

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Clash of Champions preview 


Carmella (c) vs. Naomi - WWE SDL Women's championship 


After Naomi successfully defended her Women's championship against Natayla in a grueling match Carmella saw this as her time and cashed in her miss. MITB and defeated Naomi! Well now Naomi is out for revenge as she gets one more 1 on 1 match with the princess of Staten Island! Will Naomi regain her championship or can Carmella make her title reign memorable?

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Sasha Banks - WWE RAW Women's championship 


Alexa Bliss has blown through Sasha Banks twice before but now it is Sasha's last chance at the belt if Sasha loses she will be going to SDL in exchange for another Woman! As for Alexa Nia Jax is banned from ringside and if she inteferes in any way shape or form Alexa will lose the match instantly! Will Sasha Banks claim her 4th Women's championship? Will Nia Jax get involved? 

The Usos vs. The New Day (c) vs. The Dudley Boyz - WWE SDL Tag Team Championships 


The New Day have been on fire since coming over to SmackDown Live the trio is already SDL Tag Team Champions and have very good since winning the belts. The Usos feel entitled to another championship match due to how close they were at SummerSlam. The Dudley Boyz have a clean pin fall win against The New Day due to the Usos! Triple Threat tag team action is sure about to be hectic as all hell! Can the Usos reclaim the belts? Can the New Day stay hot? Can the Dudley Boyz complete another return with a championship victory? 3 amazing tag teams and one championship this match could steal the show. 

Shesaro vs. Rollins and Ambrose (c) - WWE RAW Tag Team Championships 


Rollins and Ambrose are the new RAW tag team champions after defeating Shesaro and The Hardy Boyz in a triple threat tag team match on the September 4th edition of Monday Night Raw! Rollins Pinning Matt Hardy showed the danger of triple threats to champions. Shesaro weren't even involved in the finish. So now Shesaro gets their rematch after challenging The Shield to a steel cage match. Can Shesaro escape the cage and retain the belts the way that they won them? Or will the Shield stand tall once again?

Jason Jordan vs. The Miz (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio 


The Miz has been on a tear once again since winning the belt has some have considered him one of the best IC champions in recent memory but now he faces two fantastic competitors in the ring. Jason Jordan and Alberto Del Rio, since Jordan has been announced as Kurt Angle's illegitimate son he has been dead focused on the Miztourage and the IC title, this is Jason Jordan's shot and Alberto Del Rio has once again come back to WWE and this time he wants the IC belt. Alberto was closing in on defeating Jason Jordan on the September 11th edition of Monday night Raw till the Miz got involved. Will the Miz stand tall? Or will we see a new champion rise to the top

AJ Styles US championship open challenge 


AJ Styles swept away Kevin Owens to Shane McMahon but now he has a new danger this man who has been hidden behind a voice changer and a dark room has been leaving AJ constant messages saying there will be a new US champion come Clash of Champions! AJ has defeated the likes of Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler since winning the belt. Who is the mystery man? Will he play a vital role in SmackDown live to come or will AJ conquer this mystery man and remain standing tall among the US title division. 

Neville vs. Akira Tozawa (c) vs. Rich Swann -Cruiserweight Championship 


Neville and Swann 2 former Cruiserweight champions and Tozawa the newest Cruiserweight championship are set to do battle in a triple threat elimination match! There can only be one man standing and if you want the belt then the champion must be pinned. Neville lost the belt on a Raw to Tozawa and then lost again at SummerSlam. Rich Swann defeated TJP and the champion to get into this match. Will the king of the cruiserweights reclaim his throne? Will Tozawa continue to rip through the cruiserweight division? Will Swann take advantage of this massive opportunity and walk away with a championship?

John Cena vs. Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura - WWE WHC


Jinder Mahal the most unlikely of champions is now at 119 days as champion and with John Cena coming closer and closer to 17 world championship victories and passing Ric Flair and along with Shinsuke having a lot to prove. This match is going to be a great match Jinder has now won a match on his own and he has proved he can do it and he wants to continue to prove the world wrong as his championship reign just gets longer and longer. Shinsuke and Cena had match number 2 on SDL last Tuesday which led to a no contest because of Jinder getting involved so he wouldn't have to face anyone at CoC but Daniel Bryan just made the match a triple threat. Will Jinder keep his world title reign going? Will Shinsuke finally win the big one on SDL? Will John Cena make history? 

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns - WWE Universal Championship 


These two heavyweights collide for an epic main event, this match only seen once before was ruined by Mr. MITB Seth Rollins. With MITB no longer in play and the Universal championship on the line only god knows what we will see. Roman Reigns defeating Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman just to get into this match and now he has a match with the champion Brock Lesnar. Lesnar gave him a vicious F-5 last time these 2 met in the ring on the September 4th edition of Monday Night Raw. Will Brock Lesnar continue his reign of terror through Monday night RAW? Will Roman take the championship for the first time? Will this match exceed expectations? 

Huge Shout out to my boy @Smith for these fantastic match cards and that amazing poster huge help mate :) 

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Pre-show: Naomi vs. Carmella - WWE SDL Women's Championship 


Dropkick connects, Carmella goes down. Naomi hits a wicked chop. Naomi hits a dropkick on Carmella. Naomi uses a basement dropkick to the knee. Carmella ducks a wild right hand. Face crusher from Carmella on Naomi. Flying elbow off the top rope by Carmella. Hooks the leg : 1....2....shoulder up. Carmella misses a big legdrop. Carmella takes a hurrancarana. Pin : 1....2..no. The match continues. Naomi blasts Carmella with a super kick. Pin : 1....2....kick out! A split-second away from a three. Naomi misses a clothesline. Carmella hits an arm drag on Naomi. Naomi avoids an avalanche, Carmella hits the turnbuckles hard. Flying elbow from Naomi. Carmella is in trouble. Here it comes - FTG. 1....2...3, it's finished

Aftermath: Naomi is celebrating her second women's championship win when "Stars in the Night" plays OH MY IT IS PAIGE! PAIGE GOES RIGHT AFTER NAOMI AND HITS THE PAIGE TURNER! Paige looks at the SDL Women's championship picks it up holds it high above head smiles at the crowd before heading to the back. 

Main Show 

The Usos vs. The New Day (c) vs. The Dudley Boyz - WWE SDL Tag Team Championship 


Rude Awakening on Jimmy Uso by Bubba Ray. Bubba Ray bodyslams Jimmy Uso. Tag to D-Von Dudley. Running knee lift from D-Von Dudley. D-Von Dudley DDTs Jimmy Uso. D-Von tags out to Bubba Ray Dudley. The Dudley Boyz whip Jimmy Uso into the ropes and hit a double back elbow. Pin : 1....2....no! They cut that one close. Tag between Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. Jey Uso with a spinning neckbreaker on Bubba Ray. Cover! 1....2...kick out. Tag between Bubba Ray Dudley and Big E. Big E bodyslams Jey Uso. Tag between Jey Uso and D-Von Dudley. Powerslam from Big E. Tag between Big E and Kofi Kingston. Slingshot clothesline by Kofi. Pin : 1....2....no! Shoulder up at the last second. Tag to Jey Uso. Powerslam from Jey Uso. Cover! 1....2...kick out. Kofi tags out to Big E. Big E turns Jey Uso inside-out with a clothesline. Jey Uso is in trouble. Big Ending! 1....2....3. 

Jason Jordan vs. The Miz (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio 


Jason Jordan snap suplexes The Miz. Jason Jordan snap suplexes Alberto. The Miz counters an avalanche with a raised foot to the face. The Miz slams Jason Jordan down. Alberto Del Rio scores with a face jam. Hooks the leg : 1....2....shoulder up! That was close. Jordan drives a thrust kick into the chest of Alberto. Alberto blocks a punch. The Miz \ Alberto whip Jordan into the ropes and hit a double backdrop. Jordan walks into a side choke slam. Alberto Del Rio snap suplexes The Miz. The Miz blocks a punch. Big backdrop on Jordan, executed well. Jason Jordan grabs The Miz from behind and shoves him into the ropes, then scores with a roll-up...but The Miz rolls through with the move! He is using the tights for leverage! 1....2...3! The referee didn't see it! 

AJ Styles United States Championship open challenge 


Pre-Match: AJ Styles makes his entrance and waits staring down the ramp to see who will come out on stage... A theme that's not familiar plays and out from the back comes BIG CASS!! IT'S BIG CASS!!! HE HAS A US TITLE MATCH RIGHT NOW! 

Match: Big clothesline on AJ Styles. Big clothesline from Big Cass. Hooks the leg : 1....2....shoulder up. AJ Styles counters a sleeper hold by turning it into a jaw breaker. AJ Styles scores with a back heel kick on Big Cass. AJ Styles uses a basement dropkick to the knee. Hooks the leg : 1....2....shoulder up. Diving headbutt from AJ Styles. Pin : 1....2....kick out! A split-second away from a three. AJ Styles hits a dropkick on Big Cass. Big Cass fights out of a grapple. AJ Styles walks into a spike slam. Hooks the leg : 1....2....shoulder up. Spear! AJ Styles is down and hurt. Hooks the leg : 1....2....shoulder up! That was close. Big Cass with a spinning neckbreaker on AJ Styles. AJ Styles receives some punishment. AJ Styles slips out the back of a Big Cass bodyslam. AJ Styles uses a basement dropkick to the knee. Big Cass walks into a face crusher variation. Big Cass can barely stand. Here it comes - Styles Clash. 1....2...3, it's finished.

Post-Match: AJ is celebrating and Big Cass slowly gets up to his knees before low blowing AJ! HE ISN'T DONE EMPIRE ELBOW! AJ is down and out as Cass walks to the backstage area 

Nevile vs. Tozawa vs. Neville - Cruiserweight championship 


Kick from Akira Tozawa to the leg. Standing leg lariat by Rich Swann on Tozawa. Neville counters a backdrop attempt with a kick to the face. Neville with a running dropkick into the corner. Tozawa takes a hurrancarana. Cover! 1....2...kick out. Back heel kick off the second rope, Neville goes down. Hooks the leg : 1....2....3! Rich Swann pins Neville. Rich Swann strikes Tozawa. Flying cross body off the top rope! Pin : 1....2..no. The match continues. Tozawa ducks a wild right hand. Akira Tozawa with an enziguri. Rich Swann can barely stand. High Tension Suplex!!! That shook the ring. 1....2....3!! 

Shesaro vs. Ambrose and Rollins - WWE Raw Tag Team Championship - Steel cage 


Rollins hits a massive spinning kick to the jaw. Belly to belly suplex by Cesaro. Rollins uses a basement dropkick to the knee. Ambrose powers out of a headlock. Big clothesline from Ambrose. The Shield whip Sheamus into the ropes and hit a double clothesline. Sheamus takes a hurrancarana. Ambrose climbs the cage...but Cesaro is in hot pursuit, and they both end up back on the canvas. Sheamus fights out of a grapple. Sheamus drives Rollins into the cage side. Cesaro and Sheamus whip Ambrose into the ropes and hit a double back elbow. Hard impact russian legsweep by Cesaro. Rollins blocks a kick from Sheamus. Seth Rollins throws Cesaro into the cage. Seth Rollins moves in for the kill. King Slayer! Dean Ambrose moves in for the kill. Dirty Deeds!!! That shook the ring. The Shield escape the cage for the win. The Shield go into the crowd, where they celebrate their win. 

John Cena vs. Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura 


Nakamura slams Jinder Mahal. Nakamura bodyslams John Cena. Mahal counters a sleeper hold by turning it into a jaw breaker. Jinder Mahal strikes Shinsuke Nakamura. Hard slam by Cena. Cover! 1....2....kick out at the last second! Cena looks shocked. John Cena takes a butterfly suplex from Nakamura. Cena blocks a kick from Shinsuke Nakamura. Mahal \ Cena whip Nakamura into the ropes and hit a double back elbow. Flapjack from Mahal. Cena slams Jinder Mahal. Cena walks into a trip. Nakamura takes a vertical suplex. Shinsuke Nakamura is in trouble. Khallas! 1....2....3. 

Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks - WWE RAW Women's Championship 


Alexa hits a wicked chop. Dropkick connects, Sasha goes down. Alexa Bliss strikes Sasha. Hooks the leg : 1....2....shoulder up. Legsweep out of nowhere. Pin : 1....2..no. The match continues. Sasha blocks a kick from Alexa Bliss. Sasha slams Alexa Bliss. Pin : 1....2..no. The match continues. Massive backbreaker, Alexa got planted. Alexa Bliss pulls a mule kick out of nowhere. Sasha walks into a face crusher variation. Sasha Banks can barely stand. Here it comes - Snap DDT. 1....2...3, it's finished. Alexa Bliss goes into the crowd, where she celebrates her victory 

Post-match: Angle and Daniel Bryan come out after the match and announce that Sasha will be going to SDL in exchange for... CHARLOTTE "Recognition" plays and Charlotte runs out and beats down on Alexa Bliss as Bryan and Angle shake hands and walk back stage

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns - WWE Universal Championship 


 Running knee lift from Roman Reigns. Hard slam by Reigns. Cover! 1....2...kick out. Roman Reigns misses a big legdrop. Lesnar slams Roman Reigns. Brock Lesnar with a spinning neckbreaker on Reigns. Pin : 1....2..no. The match continues. Brock Lesnar turns Reigns inside-out with a clothesline. Cover! 1....2....kick out at the last second! Lesnar looks shocked. Bodyslam by Lesnar. Brock Lesnar gets taken down out of nowhere. Reigns hits a stump piledriver on Brock Lesnar. Pin : 1....2..no. The match continues. Tornado punch from Roman Reigns. Pin : 1....2....no! They cut that one close. Running knee lift from Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns hits some punches. Lesnar powers out of a headlock. Running knee lift from Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar turns Reigns inside-out with a clothesline. Roman Reigns is in trouble. F-5! 1....2....3. 

Post-match: Out from the back comes... GOLDBERG!! WHAT THE HELL HE JUST RETIRED! He spears Brock Lesnar and then turns his attention to Reigns who is going for a spear but Goldberg dodges and Reigns runs right into the corner! Goldberg hits Reigns with a Jackhammer grabs a mic and picks up the Universal championship and says "I'm Baaaaaaack I will see you guys tomorrow night" Goldberg laughs throws the universal championship on Brock Lesnar and walks backstage as the screen goes black...

 Overall Rating: 81 

Best Match: Reigns vs. Lesnar - 95

Worst Match: Naomi vs. Carmella - 62

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Only started reading this diary today and it is great. I am really enjoying the Smackdown side of things with the Kevin Owens v Authority kinda thing as well as AJ's US title matches, the Rusev V Zayn situation and the whole three way World title picture. Although I am enjoying Raw, im enjoying it slightly less. I think that the whole scenario with Goldberg coming back could be fantastic if booked correctly. And I am also looking forward to seeing what Baron Corbin is gonna do on Raw, as well as what you are going to do with the Cruiserweights.

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WWE Monday night Raw September 18th 2017


Kurt Angle opens up the show

Image result for Kurt angle HHH stare down

Kurt Angle comes out to you suck chants and soaks them all in he tells the WWE Universe that tonight we will see the return of Goldberg and he also announces that Lesnar will also be here! Then a very familiar theme hits the WWE Universe and out comes the king of kings HHH along with his lovely wife Stephanie McMahon. HHH stares Angle down grabs a mic from Stephanie and tells him to leave the arena right now before something bad happens. Angle stands still and HHH kicks Angle in the gut and hits a pedigree and tells the crowd he is the new GM of Monday night RAW!! 

Finn Balor vs Titus O'Neil 

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Balor wins in quick fashion and hits the coup de grace on Titus to end the match he then celebrates with the fans before heading to the back of the locker room. What is next for Balor? 

The Hardy Boyz vs. The Club 

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The Club got a win here after gallows hit a low blow on Matt Hardy and then the magic killer was hit! But they did not stand tall as the revival ran out and attacked both teams and stood tall as Seth and Dean came out and stood at the top of the ramp with the titles! 4 great tag teams HHH is going to have to figure out what to do with them.

The Miz's Celebration ceremony 

Image result for the miz celebration

The miz decided to come out and celebrate another day survived with the IC title but Alberto came out and destroyed his entire set saying how the miz shouldn't of deserved that win and that he wants him one on one tonight the miz declines and the 2 start brawling before Miz gets the upperhand and hits him hard with a skull crushing finale 

Paige vs. Bayley 

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Paige gets the W here but won't stand tall as Alexa would storm out after Paige called her out and smacks Paige straight in the face with the Raw women's championship! She then grabs a mic and proclaims herself the queen of the women's division!

Samoa Joe vs. Jason Jordan 


Samoa Joe got the job done quickly here after putting Jason Jordan in a sleeper hold which led to JJ passing out. After the match Samoa Joe says next week HHH better have some competition for him or he will be heading over to Smackdown live 

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar in the same ring 

Image result for goldberg vs.Brock lesnar face off

Brock Lesnar enters the ring with Paul Heyman by his side and announces that Brock Lesnar will be defending his championship against the winner of tonight's main event Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman! Then the theme of Goldberg hits and Brock Lesnar stands waiting as he walks out of his locker room and down to the ring and stands face to face with Brock and simply says 3 words "And Me..." and then hits a spear on Heyman takes off his shirt and gets back in the face of Lesnar who drops the belt and starts to throw punches at Goldberg who withstands them and then hits Brock with a jackhammer. Picks up the universal title and smiles before throwing it back on Brock 


Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

Image result for braun strowman vs roman reigns

Roman Reigns barely gets the upperhand here after a nasty spear and Reigns leaves to the back as it will now be Goldberg vs. Brock vs. Roman for the Universal championship! Braun stands up looking angry and then Baron Corbin's theme hits and he comes out and destroys Strowman!! what the hell we have't seen Corbin since he was traded here from SDL he is making quite impact 

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