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Has there ever been a match that you wish you had wrote, but match writeups weren't very big on the forums at the time so you couldn't? Fear not, because now I bring to you: BPZ Archives, where you can writeup past matches you've had and post them here, in the thread, and as writeups come in, I'll update with an index.


December To Dismember: BiC vs Ark Universe (Hell's Chamber)


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{December To Dismember-2016. Two Underated stars getting there chance at the big time at the star of the show, inside one of BPZs most instense structures. Hells Chamber, an elimination chamber fit for two people, weapons are strapped onto the chain and inside the four pods are barb wire, tables, bats, and even more barb wire. It doesn't get anymore extreme then this and the crowd knows it}

Image result for Elimination Chamber gif

{The chamber lowers, and the crowd gets set. A lot of kids are wearing Dead Sec branded mask and t shirts. And as Ark Universes music hits, the roof almost explodes}


{Dozens of Deadsec members in track jackets and jeans step out. The music plays and soon enough Ark steps through all of them. All the mask light up to show different faces and change to the tune of the music. Ark jumps up into the chamber and feels the cold hard chain before getting ready to face off against one of his biggest rivals}


{The cheering turns into boos as BiC steps out in gold tights, knee pads, elbow pads, and a jacket. He makes his entrance quick and gets into the chamber. Obviously wanting to get this match on}

The match begins and BiC runs at Ark, trying to hit a clothesline. But Ark would duck and hit an enziguri, sending BiC into the corner. Ark would not let off, hitting rabid fire shots to BiC before running to one corner and running back, hitting a running knee into a hurricanrana. Ark looks impressive early on as he runs at BiC and hits a dropkick. BiC rolls out of the ring but in this match there is no where to go! Ark dives over the rope onto BiC and sends him head first into the cage. Ark taunts for the crowd before grabbing a weapon off the cage, this time it being a kendo stick. Ark jumps into the ring and starts twisting the stick in his hand. Ready to swing for the fences.

Image result for Kendo stick gif

The crowd begins to cheer for Ark as he throws down the Kendo Stick and drags BiC to the center of the ring before going to the outside and setting up for a springboard maneuver but what he doesn't see is BiC pick up the kendo stick.

Image result for Kendo stick gif

BiC starts wacking away at the back of the head of Ark, causing cuts to form and little bits of blood to pour out. He throws down the knedo stick before kicking Ark straight in the cheek before slamming his face into the mat. BiC would tie Ark up into the corner and hit repeated shoulder blocks before dragging and him out and hitting a huge clothesline. BiC lifts ark to the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Ark reverse with elbows! But BiC!

Image result for Top rope gif

BIC hits a hurricinrana?! BiC stands up holding his ribs before calling Ark up, he lifts him up in powerbomb position but Ark reverses it! SUPERKICK TO THE GUT! Ark hits the SUNEST FLIP! 1...2...kickout! Ark can't believe it. Ark calls for one of the pods to be opened, the one containing barb wire wrapped around a piece of plywood. Ark sets up the plywood in the corner LOW BLOW! BiC lifts Ark up! POWERBOMB! 1...2...kickout by Ark. And now BiC begins pounding away at Ark, causing a cut to form. Ark now, who is really bloody is picked up by BiC before being just thrown back down. BiC goes to the outside and grabs a chair. BiC measures up Ark and as he gets up BiC runs at him with the chair, ARK MOVED!

Image result for barb wire gif wrestling

HOLY SHIT! BiC gets sent straight into the barb wire. But I don't think Ark is done with him, Ark picks him up and puts one finger in the air. What is he calling for? BiC wiggles out of it! BiC gets Ark into position!

Image result for chair gif wrestling

What a grueling match, both these men can barley move. And BiC wants more, BiC points to the chamber with the barb wire bat on it. It opens it and he grabs it, BiC grabs three more chairs and throws them in at Ark. He points to the pod with the table and throws that in also. And he points to the last one which has a small bag in it. Ark is bleeding from the back and top of his head and BiC is bleeding from his back but both men are trading punches. BiC hits another low blow and grabs the bat, he lines it up like a baseball player and yells out "Swing batta batta".

Image result for Barb wire bat gif wrestling

BiC puts all 13 chairs in a pile before picking up Ark, He puts Ark in position for the No Regret. ARK FIGHTS OUT OF IT! SUPERKICK BY ARK! But BiC fights back with a huge clothesline both men are down. After a few seconds BiC stumbles to his feet, BiC drags Ark over and hits him with a chair before setting it right on the face of Ark. He stomps on the chair, causing blood to poor from the head of Ark. What is BiC doing? BiC climbs to the top of the pod and looks down on and jumps!

Image result for Elimination Chamber gif wrestling

THAT IS OVER 230 POUNDS SLAMMING STEEL INTO YOUR FACE FROM 15 FEET! 1...2...3. BiC wins! BiC Wins! The cage raises and BIC leaves as EMTs rush to the ring. But before that happens BiC grabs a mic

"Oh yeah, I may have paid a few people to do something"

Image result for chair wrestling gif

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The four-month long reign of the World Champion will continue its tale tonight as the great Bailey14 looks to add another chapter to his legacy in the form of a BPZ World Championship Open Challenge.

As the champion steps forward onto the stage with his head high, his stroll infused with confidence and pure arrogance radiating from his chiseled body, the crowd refuse to cower at the presence of the most dominant superstar we've ever seen in BPZ history and instead, shower the man in hate-fueled boos.

Despite receiving a monstrous amount of hostility that would crush most people's courage, Bailey simply shrugs it off and smirks without a single care about their opinions.

As he continues his meander to the ring, the fear of the champion's supremacy is dethroned as the feeling of mystery and the query of who will challenge the champion begins to arrive at the forefront of everyone's mind.

Bailey plants his two feet in the center of the ring with the glorious title propped on his shoulder. A smirk creeps onto the face of Bailey again as he points towards the entrance, inviting anyone from the roster to face him.

The lights cut off and the power shuts down. Oh no... The Pride is here! We saw Bashka win MITB earlier tonight, as well as Bashka & Tamer win the tag team title match but which one of the sinister trio are we going to see step up to Bailey?

A single spotlight blesses a misty fog that smothers an anonymous figure. As the fog begins to clear, a maniacal laugh echoes around the arena and the deranged face of the self-proclaimed savior, Smith, is revealed.

The crowd goes crazy as this was the last member of The Pride that anyone expected to step up to the champion. The former Intercontinental Champion has never had a world title match before, nor a main event match. Tonight, he steps up to arguably the most destructive world champion in BPZ history.

As Smith's laugh fades out, two more spotlights flash on, revealing the just as unhinged partners of Smith, Bashka and Tamer. The band of brothers stands side-by-side as they approach the ring, staring down the champion. Smith climbs inside, steps up face to face with Bailey and once again lets off that maniacal laugh of his as Bailey responds with a smug sneer.


The bell rings, both men are about to dive into the action but are halted by the sudden eruption from the crowd. They begin chanting for Smith as he looks to take on the man he once followed as a part of The Authority. Now, the apprentice has worked his way up to facing Bailey in the main event for the world title and the crowd is showing their appreciation for Smith's determination and dedication.

Smith spreads his arms wide, taking in the support from his fans which he has named 'The Welcomed'. On the other side of the ring, Bailey shakes his head, disappointed that Smith, someone he once mentored, would actually care about what the viewers think.

The moment ends as Bailey begins circling the ring. Smith mirrors Bailey before the smaller man in Smith darts at the much bigger built man in Bailey. They go straight into a collar and elbow tie up which ends with Bailey pushing Smith half way across the ring. Smith spurs straight back at Bailey and the two lock up again. This time, Bailey pushes Smith off of his feet.

The champion lets the challenger up to his feet. As Bailey chuckles at Smith's attempt, Smith hesitantly climbs back to his feet. The two begin circling the ring again as Smith strategizes his next plan to take down the champion and Bailey pretentiously mocks the challenger.

The two approach each other and suddenly, Smith lets off a kick to the leg of Bailey causing it to cave inwards. Bailey grabs his knee in pain, leaving his face exposed. Smith capitalizes with a stiff combination of an elbow, a palm strike and a knee to the gut.

Smith then turns to the ropes and rebounds off of them to build up speed. At a rapid speed, he comes back at Bailey who attempts a clothesline. Smith ducks it and bounces off the opposite ropes. He comes sprinting back at Bailey but the champion is ready for him as Smith gets planted with a thunderous spinebuster.


Bailey pops up to his feet, flexes, and roars, letting his dominance be known. He lets Smith back to his feet and then begins working him down with body shots, causing him to back up into the corner. Bailey lays a few knees into Smith before Irish whipping him to the opposite corner.

However, when Bailey runs at him, Smith raises his knees. Bailey runs straight into them and stumbles backward, hurt. Smith then climbs to the second rope and jumps at Bailey but gets caught! MASSIVE POWERBOMB FROM BAILEY!

Bailey then climbs on top of Smith and begins beating him senseless. Countless blows fall down onto the skull of Smith and Bailey doesn't look like he's stopping. Rage fills the eyes of Bailey as he refuses to be embarrassed by a little fan favorite mid-carder. Eventually, the ref has to pull Bailey off of him but Bailey jumps straight back onto Smith, continuing the savage beatdown. The ref pulls Bailey off of the motionless body of Smith once again and thick red blood can be seen dripping off of the arms of Bailey.


As the ref attends to Smith, Bailey looks at the blood and begins laughing. Smith turns down the ref's multiple offers to call off the match and instead, crawls to the ropes. He uses the ropes to assist him as he tries to make it back to his feet. Bailey strolls on over and just begins pushing Smith about, mocking his bleeding victim. Bailey holds the head of Smith up so that they're staring each other dead in the eye and screams at him "you don't belong here little boy, you're delusional!"

Suddenly, a fire is lit within Smith. His expression snaps from desperation to rage-incited motivation. He fights back with an elbow to the jaw of Bailey that stuns the champion. Smith gets back to his feet and runs at Bailey! He tackles the bigger man and repays the favor, beating him down with elbows until Bailey throws him off.

Smith is straight back on Bailey but is shoved off again. As the champion makes it to his feet, Smith attacks him from behind, grabbing him in a full nelson before planting him with a nasty snap dragon suplex.


The thrust from the suplex carries Bailey through and back onto his feet but after being caught off guard, he is stunned. On one knee, Smith stares down the champion and builds up a rage inside of him. He then rushes at Bailey and goes for a jumping knee strike but gets caught. Bailey has one leg hooked and plants Smith down with a sidewinder suplex. Exhausted, Bailey crawls to the cover and gets one arm over Smith. One... Two... Kickout!

Both men are hurt, winded and laid out. Bailey gets to one knee in the middle of the ring whilst Smith uses the ropes to help him up. Bailey finally gets to his feet and runs at Smith but Smith pulls the top rope down, sending Bailey flying to the outside. Smith looks at Bailey on the outside and then at the ropes...

He goes for an outside dive but Bailey jumps up onto the apron to block him. Smith quickly reacts and baseball slides under Bailey and to the outside. Smith then takes out Bailey's legs from underneath him, leaving Bailey to crash down on the apron. Smith then grabs and hangs him off of the apron... Checkmate!


The Pride help Smith up to his feet and give him a few quick words of motivation. After recovering, Smith grabs Bailey and throws him in the ring in order to finish the job. He follows Bailey into the ring and advances towards him but the ref stops him. It appears as though Bailey has hurt his shoulder. The ref forces Smith to back off as he checks up on Bailey.

Whilst the ref is distracted, two hooded men run into the arena from the crowd. They quickly take out Bashka and Tamer. They pull their hoods down to reveal themselves as Flynn and Ginge before pulling Smith out of the ring and nailing him with a clothesline into a German suplex.


They then chuck Smith back into the ring and magically, Bailey is suddenly okay. He jumps onto the cover... One... Two... Kickout! Bailey is in shock! Smith just won't let up!

Bailey gets to his feet and grabs the grounded Smith, lifts him up in a waist lock and German suplexes him! He keeps the hold and plants him with another German suplex! Bailey goes for a third but releases the hold this time. Although, Smith flips through onto his feet!

Bailey hasn't noticed... Famouser! Smith gets the cover! One! Two! Kickout!

Smith doesn't get distracted and retains his focus. He stalks Bailey as he scales to his feet... Smith's S- no! Bailey fights out of it with elbows after elbows. He keeps elbowing Smith, beating the will out of him.

Once he's happy with the damaged done, he lifts Smith onto his shoulders! B14! No! Smith escapes! SMITH'S SIN! SMITH HOOKS THE LEG! ONE! TWO! THREE!



Smith collects his championship from the officials and kneels in the center of the ring. His brothers join him in the ring. Tamer holds up his tag team championship, Bashka holds up his tag team championship and MITB briefcase, and Smith kneels in the middle of them with his arm spread and the world title in his right hand...

The Pride has taken over BPZ.

Image result for elimination chamber bray wyatt

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(the write up was done after a couple weeks but Necce was gonna write the ending and didn't get around to it. I didn't take any initiative to complete it back then so it's sat in my icloud notes the whole time so I am just putting what was written then in here lol)
{Evolve Global Series has been a decent at best show. No real matches of note and nothing really all that exciting. But finally, we are down to the two matches fans actually want to see. The first of them is to decide the vacant BPZ Tag Team championships. The belts that have been without a holder since SummerSlam, when Necce shocked the world and turned on Flynn, moments after winning the belts. We cut to the ring, as an announcer gets ready to call the next match.}
Announcer: “The following contest is set for one fall, and is for the BPZ Tag Team Championships!”
{Right as the announcer stops talking the lights in the arena shut off completely. The fans aren’t left in the dark for too long, as the theme of one of the hottest and most controversial stables in BPZ right now, begins to play.}
{The fans boo rapturously as a man they once loved prepares to enter the arena. There is no posing or posturing. Instead, Necce walks straight from the back, wearing his signature white mask. He doesn’t acknowledge the fans, or anyone else, he looks straight at the ring and walks. Behind him, is Buddy Ace. Buddy also wears the mask, but his usual ring attire is entirely black. Signifying his true turn to the dark side. Both men roll into the ring and immediately go to their respective corner. Necce gets on the apron as Buddy sits his back against the turnbuckle. They sit patiently as they await their opponents.}
Buddy and Echo circle around the ring for a few seconds as they size each other up. Echo tries to grab Buddy but Buddy avoids him and continues to skirt around the ring. Echo lunges forward but again Buddy dodges him with a smirk on his face and waves Echo forward. Echo runs forward into a kick to the gut and some knee lifts before being whipped into the corner.
Buddy runs for a corner forearm but Echo moves out of the way, leaving Buddy to crash into the corner alone. Echo attempts a German Suplex but Buddy counters with a couple elbow shots, forcing Echo to release his grip. Buddy fires off a series of forearm shots, driving Echo into a neutral corner. Buddy goes for a big chop but Echo ducks it and hits his own forearm strikes and a Snap Suplex out of the corner. A cover is made but it's only a one count.
Echo lifts Buddy up and tries to bring him into The Kingdom's corner but Buddy shakes him off with a some gut shots. Echo blocks a right hand and hits an uppercut before whipping Buddy into the ropes, hitting a Dropkick on the rebound. Echo takes a moment to pose and gets an icy response from the crowd. Echo turns around just in time to catch a charging Buddy with an Arm Drag. Echo lashes out with a kick and Buddy staggers into the ropes, bouncing off and drop kicking Echo in the knee. Echo hits the canvas but doesn't stay there long as he pulls himself to his feet using the ropes.
Echo applies a headlock and Buddy pushes Echo off the ropes. Buddy hits a Clothesline and then hooks both of Echo's arms, trapping him for some knee strikes to the chest. Buddy goes to lift Echo for a Double Underhook Suplex but Echo breaks out and hits a Wristlock Bicycle Kick! Echo reels in the stunned superstar and hits a DDT. Echo goes for the cover.
1...2--Buddy kicks out.
Echo drags Buddy to his feet and tags Julius into this match for the first time. Echo whips Buddy into a Big Boot from Julius. Buddy starts to crawl towards his corner but Julius simply tosses Buddy back to the other side with ease. Buddy hits Julius in the face with a forearm to no effect and the big man fires back with his own that drops Buddy to a knee. Julius lifts Buddy into the air for a vertical suplex and Buddy luckily manages to slip out behind the giant. Buddy pounds on the back of Julius and Julius turns around with an amused look on his face before putting Buddy on his back with a Thrust Kick.
There's a clear power gap here between these two men as Julius is dominating Buddy. Necce can only watch on as all this happens, unable to be tagged in so far. Buddy finds himself in the corner and Julius begins raining down massive overhand chops to the chest, leaving large red welts. Julius backs up and crushes Buddy with a Splash into the corner. Buddy crumples to the ground, all the air in his lungs having been forced out of him. Buddy tries to get on all fours and gets launched by a punt to the chest from Julius. Julius tags in Echo and hold on, Echo stands on Julius' shoulders and Julius whips him down for a Senton with extra momentum! Echo makes the cover after that amazing tag team maneuver.
1...2...the kickout!
Echo continues the attack on Buddy with vicious, calculated strikes. None of Buddy's limbs are safe against Echo and no successful counter can be made. Echo seems to be enjoying himself as he dismantles his opponent slowly. Buddy's cries of pain only appear to be extra motivation for Echo. Echo drags Buddy into the corner and lands a series of knife edge chops on the area of the chest that Julius already left his massive handprints on. Echo now looking to seal the deal and there's Crown Jewel! That could have knocked Buddy unconscious and Echo gets him clear of the ropes for the pin.
1..2...only 2 and a half!
Echo tags out and Julius wastes no time in going after Buddy, pounding away with some clubbing blows to the chest. Julius lets out a savage roar and the crowd roars back with boos. Buddy grabs onto Julius' legs and starts pulling himself up only for Julius to yank him upwards and put him back down with a running powerslam. Julius hooks the leg and it's only gets a two count once again. Julius makes the tag to Echo and the legal man climbs to the top rope while Julius hoists Buddy up. Echo leaps off the top with a dropkick into a sit out powerbomb! Echo dives into the side press for the cover.
1...2...no, another kickout just barely in time! They just can't seem to put him away.
Buddy struggles to his feet and Echo lets him do so, quickly drawing him in for the Long Way Down but Buddy reverses it into a Frankensteiner! 1...2...Echo kicks out and scrambles to his feet. Buddy runs forward right into a spinning backfist that spins him 180 and Echo takes advantage with a German Suplex!
Echo puts Buddy up onto the top turnbuckle perhaps looking for a superplex here and, oh, thumb to the eye! Echo walks away clutching his eye and turns around right into a flying knee! Both men are down and crawling to their corners now and the crowd slowly picks up as they wait in anticipation, Necce and Julius both stretching their arms out. Buddy makes the tag first and the crowd explodes as Necce enters the match for the first time and Julius is quick to follow.
Necce and Julius slug it out in the center of the ring, trading punches back and forth with each other. Necce manages to hold his own for a bit until eventually Julius gains the upper hand with a big uppercut that lands squarely on the chin. Julius lays into Necce while he's unguarded and forces him against the ropes before clotheslining him out of the ring. Julius grabs Necce and slams him spine first into the barricade before tossing him into the apron edge. Julius goes to Irish whip Necce into the ring post but it's reversed!
Necce pushes Julius into the ring and re-enters to avoid being counted out. Necce lines Julius up and hits the Sling Blade! 1...2...Julius kicks out with plenty of energy. Necce takes Julius into The Flock's corner and works him over with a number of punches before tagging in Buddy. Both Flock members work together to put Julius on the top turnbuckle and hit a double superplex! Buddy makes another cover on Julius. 1...2...kickout by Julius.
Buddy gets Julius against the ropes with a barrage of elbow strikes and goes to Irish whip Julius but he holds on to the ropes. Buddy pulls with all his might but Julius keeps his grip on the rope. Julius yanks his arm back and Buddy stumbles forward into a headbutt. Julius goes for a clothesline but Buddy ducks. Julius rebounds off the other side and Buddy leaps up for a Hurricanrana only to be caught by Julius who turns it into a powerbomb!
Julius tags out and the Universal Champion comes back into the ring yet again and immediately hits the downed Buddy Ace with a running senton. Buddy slowly gets to his feet, swaying back and forth from exhaustion, much to the amusement of Echo. Buddy takes a few slow swings that Echo dodges. Echo lets a couple more fly before countering with a forearm and then hitting the ropes for a running dropkick that sends Buddy stumbling through the ropes and to the outside.
Echo gets a look in his eyes as he sees Buddy trying to get to his feet on the outside. Echo gestures towards his opponent that makes his intentions clear and Echo goes to hit the ropes looking to fly but Buddy sprung onto the apron and cuts Echo off with a Springboard Clothesline! Echo rolls out of the ring and Buddy tries to fire himself up before hitting the ropes and landing a Suicide Dive of his own!
Buddy throws Echo back into the ring and it seems he wants to hit another high impact move as he's climbing to the top rope. Before Buddy can do whatever he was looking for Julius shoves him off the top rope, buying Echo time to get back up. Echo has a hold of Buddy now and takes a moment to look at Necce and smirk. Echo hooks an arm and hold on now, Echo uses Necce's own Antichrist Revolution on his partner! Echo climbs up to the top rope himself and he stands facing out of the ring, looking to win the Tag Team championships with his own finisher. Echo flips for the Stardust Stomp but nobody home as Buddy rolls out the way. Echo doesn't even have time to register this as Necce hoists him up in the electric chair position and nails him with the Delirium Trigger!
Julius goes to enter the ring but Necce cuts him off as Buddy slowly crawls into the cover. The ref gets in position and counts. 1...2...2.9! That was the closest fall of the whole match. The referee forces Necce out of the ring and both legal men are left laying in the ring.
Echo and Buddy slowly start to rise while staring into each other's faces. As they each get to a knee Buddy throws a punch that catches Echo on the jaw and Echo fires back with one of his own. The two start brawling around the ring, no man having any real advantage, just trading shot after shot until Echo switches things up with a kick to the gut and an axe kick.
Julius is tagged in and looks to pick the bones left in the ring. Buddy is back up only to be slammed back down with a standing spinebuster. 1...2...Buddy narrowly avoids being pinned yet again. Julius grabs Buddy by the throats and lifts him for the choke slam but Buddy slips out and Backstabber to Julius!
Buddy now has an opening while Julius is down and the tag is made to Necce. Necce goes for an Irish whip but Julius reverses it. Necce ducks the Lariat attempt and springs off the middle rope for a dropkick to the center of the chest.
Julius bounces off the ropes right into a Slingblade! Necce doesn't seem to be satisfied with just that though and it's looks like he's going for the Antichrist Revolution. Echo quickly steps into the ring and Necce lets go of Julius and instead hits Echo with the Antichrist Revolution!
Echo rolls out of the ring allowing Necce to refocus himself on the legal man. Necce turns around right into a choke slam! Julius stalks Necce, watching intently as Necce pulls himself back to his feet. Julius grabs Necce looking for Hell's Welcome but Necce lands on his feet and wait a minute, hits Julius with Begotten! Necce rolls Julius over and hooks the leg.
1...2...3! The Flock are your new Tag Team champions!

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SummerSlam United States Championship: Julius (c) vs Yelich - Casket Match


Commentator: What a match put on by those NXT lads, boy are they something. But now it is time for a match a little bit more personal, even if it is also weird.

The lights in The Staples Center dim as Yelich is shown at Mop's Funeral which occurred last week on Carnage over piano music. Selections of him crying and hugging his therapist and broom are shown. Then the moment where Yelich screams "Julius if you have a soul, come out here right now, and PAY YOUR GODDAMN RESPECTS!" is played. And then Julius walking out is shown and after that the clip where he says "You are well and truly mentally cooked" which prompts the cut back to earlier in the promo where Yelich whispers to Broom "Everything is gonna be okay." It then cuts to Julius saying "Oh and by the way Yelich, breaking that Mop with my hands was the best moment in my life and I wish I had done it earlier. I have no remorse and you aren't gonna do anything about it" And then the titantron shows Julius spitting on Mop's snapped in half "body." Then Yelich hits Julius and the music changes to hard rock music. The brawl shown last week on Carnage is then played in snippets including the bit where Yelich's therapist hits Julius in the nuts with the broom, Yelich hitting Concussion Syndrome on Julius, and Yelich slamming the Casket shut onto the United States and BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. The video package then ends.

Out comes Yelich, flanked by his therapist who is holding Yelich's "friend" Broom. Yelich is wheeling out the casket which has a unlocked padlock on attached to it (the winner is the person who not just shuts their opponents inside the casket, but locks them inside by shutting that padlock once their opponent is in the casket). Yelich doesn't roll the casket down to the ring but rather keeps it at the top of the ramp. Yelich walks into the ring as he waits for his opponent.

And here comes the top guy of BPZ. In such a short amount of time this man has managed to become the King of the Ring, win the NXT Championship, the United States Championship, and the biggest prize of them all in the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. There is no bigger name in BPZ currently, but is he ready for a Casket match? Julius is probably thinking that as he walks out onto the ramp and stares at Yelich and then at the casket with a concerned look on his face, he's getting into a match against a clinically insane man who thinks he just murdered one of his best friends and then attempted to murder his other best friend in front of him while in a hospital to check on his therapist's condition because he wanted to. What the hell was he thinking? Well he seems not to be put off by it because Julius marches to the ring and stares down Yelich, holding up his two championships. The ring announcer then tells the two men to get in their corners so the introductions can begin.

Ring Announcer: The following is a Casket Match! The only way to win is to place your opponent inside the Casket, shut the lid, and lock it shut, sealing them inside. Introducing the participants, first the challenger, accompanied to the ring by his therapist and Broom, weighin-

Julius picks up the ring announcer and chucks him at Yelich, knocking him into the corner as the ref calls for the bell and this match begins. Julius goes to kick the ring announcer out of the ring but that allows Yelich time to go up to the middle rope and go for a crossbody once the ring announcer hits the floor. But Julius rolls through and then goes over to the ropes before dropping Yelich onto the ring announcer and his therapist who have congregated on the outside. Julius then leaves the ring and looks under the ring and takes out a bike chain. Julius walks over to Yelich and whips him across the back making a huge crack sound ring around the arena.


Julius does this multiple times before Yelich's therapist tries to push Julius off. He immediately notices his mistake as shown in his facial expression. He tries to run off but Julius grabs him by the collar of his shirt and he starts choking him with the chain. he keeps doing this until he takes his foot and he stomps the therapist's head straight onto the floor. He then decides to inflict more punishment upon Yelich's Therapist as he picks him up and rams him into the steel post. He then looks to do it again but Yelich, who has now picked up a steel chair from under the ring, cracks Julius in the back with the chair, making him drop to a knee and more importantly, drop Yelich's Therapist. Yelich then hits Julius on the back again, making him finally sprawl out on the floor. Yelich then drops the chair on the ground. He then grabs the steel steps, walks back and just drops them on Julius. He then goes up onto the the apron and, oh god no don't do this Yelich, he has a family! Yelich jumps off the apron and hits a double stomp onto the steel steps, crushing Julius!

(sorry that move was too cool so there's no gif of it)

Yelich is in complete control now as he kicks over the steel steps, revealing the crumpled Julius. Yelich picks up the big man and he puts him in a headlock, taking him towards the top of the stage where the casket is. But Yelich wouldn't even make it to the other end of the ring when Julius picked up Yelich and slammed him down onto the floor. Julius then picks Yelich back up and hits a HUGE German Suplex, tossing him backwards a good yard or two. Then Julius take the thin layer of padding and takes it off, revealing it to probably to something bad to Yelich that could end his career. Julius then grabs Yelich by his arms and picks him up over his head and- oh no he's gonna go for the Bad Luck Fall on the unexposed floor, this may be the end for Yelich, Julius pushes him up higher and then tosses him forward and Yelich plummets to the ground right onto the unexposed floor.

Image result for Bad Luck fall gif

Julius then picks up Yelich and puts him in a gorilla press spot before just tossing him into the steel ring post, Yelich's ribs bouncing off of it like a ball in a pinball machine. Julius then walks around the ring, inching the match closer and closer to that ramp on top of the stage. Julius then grabs a ladder from under the ring, lord only knows what Julius will do with that. Julius lays it down on the ramp before grabbing Yelich by the arms again. Oh no he's gonna go for the Bad Luck Fall on Yelich again, but this time onto the ladder! Wait what's that on the top rope? Oh that's Yelich's Therapist, and he has Broom! He yells at Julius to look at him which he does, allowing him to use the broom as a javelin, hitting Julius with the non bristle end first, right to the abdomen of Julius. This makes Julius drop Yelich, but it doesn't do much harm to him. Yelich's Therapist then goes for a crossbody but Julius catches it and hits him with a knee to the midsection before switching to a Powerbomb position and, oh god no he's not even a wrestler, he's a therapist. Oh no, he's gonna die. We're gonna need another funeral on Carnage next week. JULIUS HITS THE POWERBOMB ONTO THE LADDER!


Medical Attention immediately comes in to try and help Yelich's Therapist but Julius just taken each and every one of them and throws them around like ragdolls. But then Yelich hits Julius in the back with the Broom. Yelich then looks back at the broom and whispers to it "I'm sorry, but this is for Mop." And he then proceeds to whale away with no remorse at Julius with the Broom. He then picks Julius up by his ears and brings him up the ramp before hitting a suplex right next to the Casket. Yelich then takes the broom and places it over Julius's face. He then hits a double stomp onto both ends of the broom, almost breaking bones in Julius' face. Yelich then picks up Julius for a Concussion Syndrome Piledriver on the top of the ramp, but Julius reverses it with a back body drop. Julius then picks up Broom and HE BREAKS IT IN HALF, BROOM IS DEAD!


Yelich's face is glazed in horror and shock as Julius laughs at him. Yelich's face then turns to one of seething anger as he lets out a loud "YOU!" pointing to Julius. Yelich then stands up and runs full speed at Julius and just unloads, rights and lefts and rights and lefts in a frenzy, he goes like this for a good 10 minutes, drawing blood which pours like a fountain out of Julius's head. Yelich is a man possessed.


Yelich then goes to end it as he opens the casket to see Mop's body in two pieces, he looks over to just see Julius laughing as blood exudes from his head. He laughs back. Yelich has lost all control of his sanity and is now laughing at what he believes is his two best friends corpses. And he is laughing at who he believes is the murderer.


Yelich then keeps laughing as he takes both of the splintered off ends of Mop's corpse and he stabs them into Julius' open wound, making him stop laughing and howl out in pain as Yelich added those splinters into his already bleeding head. Yelich then picks Julius up and hits the Concussion Syndrome Piledriver onto Julius on top of the stage.


Yelich doesn't seem to be done though, he could end the match right now and become the new United States Champion, but it seems this feud has become too personal for him and he wants to end Julius, he doesn't even want him to be able to walk into his main event match against Slim. No he wants to end the career of Julius. Yelich moves himself and Julius toward the edge of the stage and it looks like he's gonna go for a Concussion Syndrome off of the stage, he picks him up for it but Julius wriggles out and hits a back body drop back onto the stage. Julius then closes the casket shut and picks up Yelich. He brings the two to on top of the casket. Yelich however gets up when he's on top of the casket and it looks like he's going to hit Concussion Syndrome again but Julius powers out of it once again, and he hits him with a low blow to make sure Yelich won't fight back anytime soon. Julius then HITS THE HELL'S WELCOME ONTO YELICH ON TOP OF THE CASKET!

Image result for end of days gif

Yelich rolls off the casket lifeless as Julius opens the casket and places Yelich in it and spits on his body before taking out the lock at the bottom, shutting it, and locking the casket back up, making Julius the winner of the match and allowing him to retain his United States Championship. Julius stands on top of the casket and holds up his United States Championship and his BPZ World Heavyweight Championships as they were given to him by the referee. He then looks down at the casket and jumps off but doesn't go to the back. He starts moving it around and smiles. Oh god, JULIUS RUNS WITH THE CASKET AND LAUCHES THE CASKET OFF OF THE STAGE WITH YELICH INSIDE!

(pretend Zack Ryder is a casket)

Julius just smiles as the Casket lays on its side off the stage, medical attention is attempted to be brought to Yelich but as he is locked inside, someone is running off to get bolt cutters but for the moment he is stuck. Julius just raises his championships in the air again as he walks to the back, satisfied with the result of this match, but looking forward to the future as well, the future being his match with Slim for his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship in the main event.

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Royal Rumble 2018: Hell In A Cell Career vs Title: Julius © vs Angelo Catio


The Royal Rumble continues on after a stacked card, but with the remaining two matches left, it's time for the Co Main Event of one of the biggest events in BPZ history, it's time to go to Hell.


"Go To Sleep" kicks in and the crowd sends a mixed reaction towards the Number One Contender for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, "The Killer" Angelo Caito. He steps out from the back, no fear on his face, but a look of confidence. This is his second Hell In A Cell match, the first being in 2015 at Bad Blood when he won the Intercontinental Championship for the first time. Now three years later, he's at the Rumble, ready to battle for the richest prize in the business, the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. He starts walking towards the ring, his eyes meeting the cell above him which is slowly lowering as he makes his way to the ring. 


Angelo stops at the steel steps, the cell lowering down behind him, then he enters the ring, looking at the metal cell walls around him as his theme song dies off. He lets a large breath of air out from his mouth as the theme song of the champion catches his attention, turning his head towards the stage.


"Gallantry" plays as the crowd starts to boo the outcoming superstar, the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Julius at this point as been world champion one hundred and eighty eight days and defeated Slim, Angelo, and Flynn three months in a row. He's been pushed and pushed, but his push back in each match shows why he is the World Heavyweight Champion, and he looks to push even harder tonight to make it past this challenge inside one of the most dangerous matches of all time, Hell In A Cell. Julius steps out into the spotlight, the World Championship shining and the dangerous look on the face of the Machine. He stares at his challenger before he starts to walk down to the ring.


Julius walks down the ramp, taking a look at the steel hell surrounding the ring and soon him and Angelo. He hands the belt to the referee outside the ring, takes his short sleeve coat off and drops it to the ground. He stretches his arms a bit before entering the cell, with the referee locking the cell behind him. He steps on the apron, staring a hole into the eyes of "The Killer". Julius enters the ring, and the two monsters stare at each other, and the referee rings the bell.


Angelo and Julius look at each other, staring into the eyes of the opponent, knowing neither is going to back down. Angelo slowly takes his t-shirt off, before tossing it in the face of Julius, giving him enough time to punch him in the jaw, sending Julius back a bit. Julius then starts to fire back with a right of his own before the two starts to trade shots, landing many punches to the face of both men. 


Julius takes advantage and knees Caito in the gut before tossing Angelo through the middle rope, but not hard enough to send him into the cell. Julius exits the ring and approaches Angelo, grabbing him in a single arm headlock, and starts to drag him, but Angelo pushes Julius into the post, the champs head bashing into the steel post. Angelo then pushes Julius into the post again before clobbering his back with his forearm. Caito grabs the World Heavyweight Champion and goes to throw him into the cell, but Julius stops Angelo and elbows his stomach before grabbing Angelo's head and slams it backwards into the post, sending Caito down to his knees. Julius rubs his forehead, and when he looks at his hand, he sees a little bit of blood on his hand, and his face turns to an absolute rage and he grabs Angelo by the head and repeatedly bashes the back of his head into the ring post: one, two, three, four, and on and on and on and on before finally letting go, Angelo dropping to the floor flat on his face, blood on the ring post from the back of Angelo's head. He sees blood and he gets more viscous. He starts stomping on the head of Angelo, yelling as he grabs his head. The referee rushes over and checks on Angelo, telling Julius to back up. Julius doesn't care for the officials words at this point, with how everything lead up to this encounter and he lifts the skirt up under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. He pushes the ref to the side before grabbing Angelo by the neck and pulls him up against the post again. He looks at the chair and then at Angelo before grabbing both handles tight and swings towards Angelo, who ducks and the chair wacks into steel post, dropping the chair as his hands ring in pain before he slides into the ring. Angelo picks up the chair, dazed by the blood loss and the multiple shots he had to the steel posts, and he slides the chair into the ring and himself into the ring and uses the ropes to get to his feet. He stumbles over and lands a straight right hand to the jaw of Julius.


Angelo lays another right hand to the jaw of Julius, and ducks a left before hitting another right. He ducks under Julius and goes to lock in the Coquina clutch, but Julius quickly backs Angelo into the corner and goes to elbow him but Angelo ducks and chops the back of Julius's knees, bringing him down. Angelo kicks Julius in the back of the head and walks over to the steel chair and picks it up, he grabs the back of his head and wacks the chair against Julius's chest. Julius groans as he looks down at his chest before slowly standing up. Angelo looks in disbelief before wacking Julius with the chair again, causing him to step back some, but not enough to drop him. Angelo looks so confused and shocked, until Julius grabs Caito and chucks him over the top rope out of the ring. Julius kicks the chair out that direction and exits the ring. He then picks the chair up and wacks it against Angelo's arm, getting a yell from Caito. Julius drops the chair and grabs Angelo by the throat then lifts him over his shoulder in a powerslam position, but runs and slams Angelo face first into the cell, but doesn't let go. He steps back and slams him head first into the wall again. Julius steps back and he then runs and launches Angelo, Lawn Darting him nearly through the cell. 

The ref comes out and flips Angelo over, showing he got a massive gash on his forehead. Julius grins at his handy work before going under the ring and pulls out a table. He sets the table up against the cell and walks over and moves the ref. 

Julius: "You end this in a no contest or anything else, I'll break your fu**ing neck." 

Julius grabs Angelo and tosses him back into the ring. He goes to enter the ring but stops, he then goes back under the ring and grabs another table. He drags it over towards the edge of the cell and sets it up against the cell. He enters the ring, but halfway Angelo kicks the ropes back into Julius, causing Julius to fall to his knees while Angelo falls to a sitting position. He looks at Julius and the table. He then crawls over to Julius again and hits a more direct low blow again, and uses the champ to stand up. He then lifts Julius up in a Powerbomb position and runs and throws Julius over the top rope through the table.


Angelo falls to the mat as Julius holds his sides and slowly spins out of the pile of broken wood from the table as he uses the cage to get to his feet already. Angelo looks out in shock before he sees Julius go up the steel steps. Angelo rolls to the apron of the ring and runs at Julius, spearing him off the apron through the other table.


Both men lay on the floor as the crowd starts chanting loudly, cheering loudly, and enjoying what they are seeing. Angelo pulls himself up off the ground before stepping back, and he sees Julius start moving again. He starts shaking his head fast, can't be believing that Julius is moving this fast after going through another table. He wipes blood from his face and looks at Julius before he runs and Spears Julius through the cell, getting a large reaction from the crowd. Both men lay on the fallen cell wall as blood continues to pour from the wound of Angelo's forehead while Julius's slight wound healed up already. Angelo rolls over to the side and gets to his feet, he then drags Julius off the wall and slams his head off the table before smashing Julius's head off the cage. Angelo looks up at the top of the cell then back down at Julius before placing Julius on top of the announcers table. He gulps and slowly starts to climb up the cell. He gets to the top and looks around, being twenty feet in the air. What he doesn't see is Julius climbing up the cell. When he gets there, Angelo turns around and sees Julius on top of the cell with him. The two exchange a staredown to each other before lunging at each other and start tossing rights and lefts at each other again. Julius gets the upper hand and knees Angelo in the gut. He grabs Angelo's face, before tossing him back onto the roof of the cell. He looks at his hand and sees his opponent's blood, so he then rubs the blood on his chest and he looks down at the announcers table and at Angelo and does a throat slit taunt. He grabs Angelo by the head and goes to throw him off but Angelo drops and Julius nearly falls off the top of the cell himself. Angelo starts kicking the knees of Julius, dropping him to one knee. Angelo gets up and kicks Julius in the face before picking him up. He rubs his face, getting blood on his hand and then slaps Julius so hard, spit flies out of his mouth. Julius is then seen with a bloody handprint on the face of Julius before Angelo grounds and pounds Julius, punching him, ramming his forearms to his head, elbowing his head then starts repeatedly headbutts Julius over and over again before pulling away and yells before nearly falling. A cameraman looks up from inside the cell to the roof and sees blood from not only Angelo, but now Julius falling through the holes. Angelo gets up and does a throat slit taunt himself before walking up to Julius and finally locks in the Coquina clutch on Julius ontop of the cell, Angelo pushing his weight on Julius's back as well as cutting circulation from his throat. Then Julius pushes himself and rolls to the side, near the edge, but Angelo keeps the hold locked in. Then Julius pushes himself back, and Angelo starts to hang off the cell before ultimately letting go and starts to hang from the cell wall. Julius slides to where he faces Angelo and starts to punch Angelo in the face to knock him off, but Caito pulls Julius to him and he's on the cell and both men start to punch each other. Then suddenly, both men smashes each other faces off the cell, sending both men off the wall through the two announcers tables.


Both men lay on the destroyed tables as the crowd is live from the spot. EMTs, Referees down to the ring side, tending to both men. They get Angelo onto the stretcher, but Julius doesn't get on and pushes everyone back. He leans against the wall. The World Heavyweight Champion somehow still able to stand, showing his toughness. He looks at Angelo and shakes his head before walking over to grab Angelo, who then kicks Julius in the head, sending him back to his spot while Angelo removes his straps off the stretcher and sits on the stretcher, but Julius tackles him off the stretcher and the fight continues. Angelo knees Julius in the face then pushes him into the cell towards the steps but stops, but catches a running Angelo with an End Of Days, Angelo violently hitting the steps face first and gets laid out as Julius falls to the steps, but ends up sitting there. He looks at Angelo then grabs him by the neck and slowly lifts him up and places his limp body into the ring. He slides under the bottom rope himself and looks down at Angelo. He knows all he has to do is pin Angelo, but he doesn't. Instead, he picks Angelo up and looks at him, and tells him "You did this" and then hits one more End Of Days to Angelo before tossing him to his back and covers for the three count, ending the match up as both men lay on the mat exhausted. Julius is announced the winner and is handed the World title as he sits up and looks at Angelo who is knocked out from the last two blows he suffered at the end of his final (or so you thought haha) match up.


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