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Breaking Point.

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"Styles Clash" hits as Bashka walks out with microphone in hand, the audience throwing slurs at him clearly to show their destain for the man who two nights earlier, failed to capture the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship as we saw a surprise entrant in Slim. However, the outcome of that match didn't seem to matter as newly crowned Mr. Money In The Bank, Bailey cashed in and took the championship, Bashka nowhere to be seen after that match. He was asked about his thoughts on the situation but chose to save it until tonight, and the crowd are eager to hear what he has to say.

As he steps closer and closer to the ring, the crowd chant at him "where's your title" but he shrugs off the words as he looks as confident as ever. He goes to speak but the crowd boo him, so he begins to laugh. Bashka rubs his hands together as he still looks smug.

"Where's my championship, huh? What I did on Sunday was get my fingers closer to a championship, closer to a crown, closer to a trophy than any of you will ever get from doing your simple work jobs. You all wish that typing up crap and printing it out would get you some sort of prize in life, however all it does it just simply bore even the person that does it to death. But me? I get paid more than you and I quite frankly enjoy what I do because I'm good at it, and what I make in a week translates to about how much you all make in two years. But yeah, where's MY championship, take a look at my bank account and you'll see where it is." 

The crowd clearly not impressed with the words uttered by Bashka, somehow find the ability to boo him even more than before, while he rubs his fingers together, signalling that he makes more money than they will.

"That's now why I'm out here, though. I'm out here because everybody is asking my thoughts from what happened at Bad Blood, with Slim entering the match and stealing my moment but then dropping it moments later as Bailey cashed in and became a record-breaking five time World Champion. I talked to BrendenPlayz, and due to the fact that Slim entered he match while uncleared by the doctors and therefore broke the rules, I will be getting my rematch against Bailey at Halloween Havoc, but I'm saving that for another time and another place. " 

"Slim has made it clear that he will no longer be pursuing the World Heavyweight Championship, that means that at Halloween Havoc I will not be able to knee his head right off of his body and into next week, so instead I'd like to do it tonight. I can't believe that Slim would have the audacity to defy the well-respected doctors or this company by illegally entering the match and robbing me of the place that I deserve, being on top of the pile and holding that championship over my shoulder, because that's what I deserve to have." 

"When I returned to BPZ in July, many people thought that it would be another failed run and soon enough, I'd find my way back to the bottom of the barrel but I proved that I've still got it, and I can link up with the very best this company has to offer....but I want to prove that I can do more than link up with them, I want to prove that I can beat them and therefore I would like the opportunity to prove that Slim beating me was nothing more than a fluke." 

The fans get excited at the thought of a rematch between Slim and Bashka, due to the epic encounter they had after Nebakos was eliminated in the match the past Sunday at Bad Blood.

"Slim, the ball is in your court and you have the opportunity to pick whenever we face each other, wherever we face each other. Slim...you brought me to breaking point and now it's time that I break you." 

Bashka drops the microphone and waits for the General Manager to make his first appearance since Bad Blood; when he lost his world title.


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