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Big Bailey Sports Talk.

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If anyone knows me I love sports and i love talking about them. I'm a big fan of the Herd on Fox Sports and i recommend it as Colin Herd bascially talks about all topics and has his own inputs on everything. So i wanted to do this so here we go 


The Loving Hate Marriage in New York is On its final End. 

Eli Mannings run in New York is officially done.  And I know what everyone is thinking.  Well Who do the Giants have to Replace Eli with.  Or that it's only three games they'll make a run and it will be all good again..

And I'm here telling you it won't. This little marriage in New York has came to a bad haul.  Eli is frustrated. Odell is Frustrated.  Coaching and Management are Frustrated. He's 36 years old and Will be 37 in January.  And the simple fact is Manning is an average 36 year old quarterback in his Career right now. His prime years are over. He has the best Trio of Receivers in the league and the offense has been terrible.  Eli has played bad. Bad enough that his head coach called him out.  He didn't call out the whole offense no he just called out Eli. 

Eli doesn't have anymore and the Giants see that.  I'm not saying Eli is done but I'm saying hes done as New York Giant. Now i think without a doubt Eli will follow in the footsteps of his brother. And he will get Traded to the Denver Broncos. 

And hell with that Defense,  Eli will probably win a 3rd Superbowl in Denver. But in New York all they have right now is memory.  All they can talk about is the Good times with Eli. The 2 Superbowls. Beating Brady and the Pats twice.  That's all they have. They don't have this season and they don't have a future. 

Eli and Giants was a loving marriage that lasted 14 Years that had plenty of great moments some bad but overall it was a happy loving marriage but just like most marriages they end bad and both couples wanting nothing to do with each other they don't wanna be together anymore and they wanna move on fast and look towards the future. That's all franchises wanna do. They look to the future and they have no problem leaving behind something that isn't apart of the future.  The giants wanna move on quickly.  

So they had all these Great moments but that's all they are are moments. They're history. You can only live off history for so long until you're not satisfied anymore.  Eli isn't Satisfied and the Giants certainty aren't either. This should be at least a 2-1 team and they are 0-3. And all the Blame is going on Eli.  

This is the last season you will see Eli in a Blue Jersey becuaue I'm telling you come March 2018, Eli will be the 2nd manning to be in a Denver Broncos Uniform. 

42 Percent Marriages end in divorce. That might not seem like alot but it is. And it happens alot in the NFL and it will happen again after 2017-2018 NFL Season. 

Next Topic: Stephen Curry is the Most Valuable player to the Game of Basketball Right now. 


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Top Posters In This Topic

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Can we seriously talk about how Steph Curry can be in the conversation as top PG to ever play the game with a Finals Comeback and win. Right now to me there's no debate. It's Magic Johnson than S

Quick shout out of my show starting the trend of Sports talk shows. What can i say everyone wanna be like the GOAT. Even if you're not too "fond" of me smh. Today were going to have a quick ru

Big Bailey's NBA Draft lottery Predictions.  Trades are too hard to predict so I'm just gonna do as it is without predicting Trades but im sure there will be plenty.  Pelicans: Zion Williams

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Stephen Curry is the Most Valuable player to the Game of Basketball. Now you have to understand that statement. I did not say The Most Valuable Player to a Team or in the NBA.  I said to the Game of Basketball.  

Now obviously i don't think it's a question LeBron James is the most valuable player to a Team. 7 straight finals appearance with 2 different teams. He took the 07 Cavs to the finals and go check that roster out. Any team he goes too they are a Championship contending team. 

The Warriors could not have Curry and still win an NBA championship.  Curry isn't even the best player on his team. But Curry is by far the most valuable player to the Game of Basketball. 

Every few decades their is this star player that compelety changes the Style or Culture of the Game.  

First you had Bill Russell who made it a big mans game.  A game where Centers dominated.  You had Wilt and Kareem all playing in this style of Basketball that Bill Russell created. And then Magic Johnson and Larry Bird came into the League.  Johnson showed that a 6'7 guy can play the point and be the ball handler setting it up for guys today that like the ball In their at all times. James 6'8, Harden  6'6. Lonzo Ball is 6'7. 

Then theirs Larry Bird who bascially took the 3 point game to another level. In my opinion the first true 3 point shooter of all time.  He made the 3 Pointer Popular in the NBA. But it wasn't just  the Style of their Games that changed the NBA.

They brought intensity and excitement back to the League.  The first real Man to Man Rivalry of all time. They set the NBA up for the next decade they are the foundation of the NBA that Jordan, and Malone and Stockton and Kobe and  Shaq and James all played in.

And it was that Style for the longest time and then 6'3 180 Pound 3 point specialist Steph Curry won the MVP. Became the Most Popular Player in the Game and has completely changed the Way the Game is played now.

He has made the Mid range game non existent.  It's either Shoot the 3 or score in the Paint.  Kids growing up wanted to play like LeBron,  or Kobe. Now they wanna be like Curry.  They wanna be able to hit the 3 from anywhere. They wanna be able to have ball handling skills like Curry. Everyone wants to be a Three point guy now. Curry has completely changed the Style and culture of the Game. 

Chris Paul,  Tony Parker,  Nash all great point guards but have never impacted the Game like Curry has. Curry is the real one showing that you don't have to be 6'6 and African American to donmainte the Game of Basketball. 

Curry is by far the most valuable player to the Game of Basketball and their is no one close to him. LeBron use to donmainte everything and everyone wanted to be LeBron. But now everyone wants to be Curry or at Least a similar player to Curry. 

Next Topic: Matthew Stafford was worth every penny he got. 

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Stephen Curry is the biggest asset in the National Basketball Association right now. Game after game with countless threes and the greatest basketball winning streak with The Golden State Warriors and the greatest amount of threes at 180 and greatest percentage of threes, its no secret he is phenomenal. Of all time, he's not on that level that guys like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, LeBron James has reached, but he'll get there. And yes, he's not the best currently, but in his role, he is at the line. I see him and the Warriors winning the title again this season. 

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  • Global Moderator

I agree with you about Curry. His 3pt shooting has truely changed the game of basketball and there are only a handful of players who can say that they have done that. I personally love watching him pull up from 30+ feet and the fact how it gives smaller guys more chances on the basketball court is a good thing. You can see the effect of Curry's playstyle in high school and college, as you see lots of young people pulling up from long range. 

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Bailey, when I tell you that Eli is the least the Giants problems, I 100% mean it. The offensive line is a revolving door, first of all, that couldn't protect someone like Russell Wilson who is mobile. Second, he has had the fastest time releasing the ball the past 2 weeks, once again proving that he has had no time. I firmly believe the Giants can rebound from 0-3, but it all comes down to McAdoo and his stubbornness to give up offensive play-calling.

I love the potential hot take of Eli leaving, but he's the last person the Giants would ever get rid of (yes, even in front of Odell, Collins, and Jenkins). He makes tons of money via jersey sales, handles the ferocious NY media very well, and can still play at a high level (provided he has blocking for more than 0.2 seconds per play). Also, if he's gone it's either Geno Smith or Davis Webb. Webb isn't ready. Geno is Geno. 

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Matthew Stafford is Worth every Dollar, Every Penny he got this off-season. 

This is an interesting topic because their are people who like him and hate him. And yes their is alot of reasons you could give on why he shouldn't be the highest paid quarterback in the league. He's only been to the playoffs twice, he hasn't been that successful in the winning department overall for his Career. 

But since last season  he has 9 4th quarter comebacks. Should of had 10 after last game but that's another debate for another time. He's had 29 in his whole career.  And 8 of those came in one season.  

His defense is average. His best receiver is a number 2 on most teams no disrespect to Golden Tate. He barley has a running game to back him up. Matthew Stafford makes up the whole lions team. He is the Detroit Lions. He has an average coach and front office.  

You take Stafford off that Team and they aren't a good team. Now if Matthew Stafford is the most valuable player to a Team in the NFL that's also another debate. But Matthew Stafford shows up in the 4th quarter. He has proven he can be a clutch quarterback that can take his team on winning drives. 

The Lions have better paid him because without him they arent even a 5 win football team. They are Pretty Average in every spot of their Team except for the Quarterback position. He is a star and is a winning quarterback. 

29 4th quarter gamewinning comeback drives.  He's only been in the league for 8 years and he's already 7th in that category amongst active quarterbacks in the league.  Everyone ahead of him has been in the league longer and their are guys hes ahead of that he's been im the league longer than. Thier is nothing more elite or clutch than that. 

And when people say well if Matthew Stafford was such an elite quarterback he wouldn't be in that situation every single game.  And that's excalty my point they are always in those situations because the lions are nothing more than an average football team and Matthew Stafford still finds a way to win football games. 

Next Topic: top 10 NBA Players in the league. 

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A lot of people easily get mad about Stafford Contract, people say that he shouldn't be earning as much as he should be. I mean, he is the highest paid player in NFL history now. I would disagree with those who doubt him. He is an extremely stable quarterback, hell he might not be even close to being the best. He's not even the best in his division, but if you're looking for stability and a guy who is going to put up a consistent game every week, then Stafford is your guy. The Lions are lucky that they have a guy like this, because honestly for most franchises it takes decades to find that franchise guy. I mean look at the Browns or Jets, when you have a question mark at quarterback it brings it all down. It's a rarity to see a man that the franchise can trust in. And no matter how bad Lions will be, at the bare minimum they have a solid man to build around. He was paid alot because he's solid and the Lions know fully that this man will do consistently no matter what. 

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With The NBA Season coming up i decided to give you my Top 10 players in the NBA right now. Will start with 10 and work our way to number 1. 


#10: Chris Paul

Paul is my 3rd PG on this list. He's a Veteran Point Guard in this league. He actually plays D. Is probably the best passer in the league. He can shoot and has good handles.  He's a solid player and still a top 10 player in this league without a question in my mind.


#9 Paul George 

One of the Best 2 Way Wings in the League behind Leonard. George is a big time scorer who can be the star of a team. He plays great defense and is only gettng better. He also like 6'9 and has good enough handles to drive to the basket.  He was 9th last year in isolation scoring. 


#8 Demarcus Cousins 

The Number one Center on this list.  He's more of a stretch 5 at this point. For a big man the guy can dribble a ball and shoot from the perimeter. He can donmainte at the mid range or in the Paint. If he stays out of trouble on the court and in the lockeroom he's a guy you want on your team as the center.


#7 Anthony Davis 

Cousins Teammate Davis comes in at 7 here. He the brow and a freak of nature. Plays a real similar style to cousins is a stretch 4 in my opinion but can dominate inside and is a fantastic defender.


#6 James Harden 

Harden is a terrific offensive player.   Showed last year he can play the point and pass the ball averaging 11 assist last year. Hes came sooo close 2 times now of being the MVP back to back seasons. He's a natural scorer who can average 27 a night. The reason he isn't higher is cause he has no defense of game. 


#5 Russel Westbrook 

Westbrook is an amazing playmaker. A physical and electrifying point guard. He plays hard and is defense isn't bad. He is the MVP of the league averaging a triple double but he isn't the greatest scorer and that limits him to number 5.


#4 Steph Curry 

The Two Time MVP who is the best shooter in the Game. Probably has the best handles. Is a great passer and despite lack of physicality still can donmainte the Game. He's not a great defender but he plays hard and is a winner.  A natural shooter and is number 4.


#3 Kawhi Leonard. 

The best 2 way wing in the league and by far the best defender in the league. But he has taken his game to whole nother level with now being able to score points with no problem. He's a defensive threat but now an offensive threat. He can shoot the three. He's probably the only top 20 player in the league on the Spurs and hes my favorite to win the MVP.



#2 LeBron James 

#1 Kevin Durant 

To me Kevin Durant is now the best player in the NBA. Here's why. One on One in the NBA finals. Kevin Durant beat LeBron James. James couldn't guard Durant. Durant scored at will against him.  James is still a great player. He's a great playmaker. But he's never been the best shooter and now his defensive game looks be falling off as he gets older. Durant is only like 28,29. Durant isn't a fantastic defender but he's acceptable at it. He's a 6'11 Small forward and the way i look at is he's better than LeBron at everything offensive wise except passing.  Durant beat LeBron one on one last year in the finals and That's why to me he is Number One. 

Next Topic: why the New England Patriots are in trouble. 

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  • Administrator

Glad you didn't put Curry at the top. Good list there and i'm excited for the season ahead. A lot of strong "super" teams but which one will stay on top. Most likely Warriors with KD/Curry being so good right now. Although I'm still not a fan of everyone grouping up and spreading the league thin. I think the Spurs might go under the radar this season and cause a few headaches in the playoffs.

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I definitely liked this list, I saw this was coming and I got worried you would put Curry #1. I think its a very tough decision between the top 2 of James and Durant, but both men are quality. I think it was smart to think of it in a one on one perspective like that, and it was evident that James is deteriorating in terms of his defense and such. I'm overall really looking forward to this year. There are so many great players, in fact more than every before, im confident enough to say. 

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The New England Patriots the defending Super Bowl champions. Everyone thought who the hell can beat the Pats. Well now I'm here telling you they are in trouble. 

Now not in trouble like missing the playoffs. They're gonna win the division.  But they are in trouble once they get to the playoffs because they have literally no Defense. It's non existent. 

They let a rookie quarterback and a struggling Panthers offense score 30+ on them. When the hell do the chiefs ever score 30+ no less 40+. 

The offense is great it keeps them in every game. But defense wins championships. And when they face the better team if they don't have a defense these teams will score at will against them. 

Tom Brady is the GOAT but i don't care who you are you cant overcome not having a D. The pass rush is not thier.  The secondary is getting lit up. The defense of The Patriots has fallen apart. And without i don't think they can beat the Chiefs or the Steelers i don't think they can.

Next Topic: Ranking all 32 NFL QUARTERBACKS. 

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Are you sure the Pats are winning their division?  The Bills looks really good. They have one of the best defenses in the league and their offense doesn't look horrible. Tyrod Taylor has been pretty good this year and if the Bills can beat the Patriots once, I think that they will win the division as they have an easy schedule this year and have proven to be good with their wins over the Broncos and Falcons. Don't sleep on the team without a playoff appearance in the 2000's, I think this season, might just be the one they've needed.

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I don't get why everyone thought you were gonna put Curry at number 1 as you stated in your last post about Curry that he wasn't even the best player on the Warriors. Good top 10, I would put the same 5 in the top 5, only the #1 spot between Lebron and Durant is very debatble in my opinion. You made some good points as to why you put Durant over Lebron, so it makes sense .

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We are through 7 weeks of Football and based on this season so far i will give my Quarterback Rankings so Far. Will start from 32 and go all the way to 1.

To qualify for this list you need to be starting for your team certain guys like Bradford will be in over Keenum. But since Luck hasn't played a snap yet he won't be on the list. 

So that's brings me to number 32:


Jacoby Brissett

Thrown into the spot hasn't performed bad but you can see he isn't their yet 

31: HTveLnMX.jpg

Deshone Kizer

The kid has a promising future maybe but he isn't playing great right now but that's typical for the Browns 

30:  mitchtrubisky1.jpg?w=763&h=583

Mitch Trubisky

Not much to evaluate yet but he's won 2 games so their is that.

29: siemian_trevor_1280_161130.jpg

Trevor Siemian 

Broncon fans are calling for the bench of him and i don't blame them they got shoutout by the chargers enough said. 

28: sjm-49ers-0524-101.jpg?w=620

Brian Hoyer 

He isn't the long time decision but he isn't doing bad but he's limited to where he can be on this list cause of his circumstances.

27: 20170817-dolphins-018.jpg

Jay Cutler 

The Offense has been a mess around him and they've struggled to put up points. Is Matt Moore the actual answer?

26: 250px-Sam_Bradford_behind_center_2016_vs

Sam Bradford 

The Way Bradford played week 1 he could be top 15 but he hasn't played since that's why he's number 26 on my list. 

25: Andy-Dalton-Cincinnati-Bengals.jpg

Andy Dalton 

Dalton era over in Cincinnati?

24: joe-flacco-012116-usnews-getty-ftr_1vrh8

Joe Flacco

Elite Not so much.  Not terrible but not great this year from Flacco.


Josh Mccown

McCown has won 3 games for the jets that's how good he has played but it can't get him farther than 23.

22: image.JPG

Eli Manning 

Giants have struggled and so Has Eli 


Matt Ryan 

The MVP so low right. Hard to believe?

Falcons have no Offense right now and Matt Ryan has 7 TDS and 6 INTs so far that's not great Football.

20: tyrod-taylor.jpg

Tyord Taylor 

He's played good but not that impacting if were being Honest but he's improving. 

Tomorrow we will have 19 to 10.


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On 9/27/2017 at 9:43 PM, bailey14 said:


The Lions have better paid him because without him they arent even a 5 win football team. They are Pretty Average in every spot of their Team except for the Quarterback position. He is a star and is a winning quarterback. 

29 4th quarter gamewinning comeback drives.  He's only been in the league for 8 years and he's already 7th in that category amongst active quarterbacks in the league.  Everyone ahead of him has been in the league longer and their are guys hes ahead of that he's been im the league longer than. Thier is nothing more elite or clutch than that. 


All of these great things he does, it's against bad teams. He has barely beaten any winning teams in his time in the league. Honestly, if you can't beat good teams then you shouldn't be the highest pay QB in football. 

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Kevin Durants Injury just Changed the landscape of Free Agency 2019.

Kevin Durant was the biggest prize in Free agency this year. And with a lot of rumors going around it looked like he was going to potentially leave the Golden State Warriors. Teams like the Knicks, Clippers, Nets, Lakers and even the Warriors were getting ready to throw Max Deal offers at Kevin Durant.  But now his future is in question with an Achilles injury.  Teams that are desperately wanting Durant dont even know how long he could be out for. I'm not saying Teams aren't gonna try and sitll sign KD. But they might be hesitant to give him a Max Deal. You also have to factor in KDs mind now. Instead of leaving Golden State he might take the safer and Smarter route and sign back with the Warriors on a 1 year plus 1 year player option to heal up and be fully healthy for the next time he hits Free Agency. Kinda like what Boogie Cousins did last summer.  Most people thought Kevin Durant was definitely gone this summer but now because of this injury it could be very likely he stays with the Warriors on a short term deal whether or not the Warriors win the finals this year. Teams like the Knicks and Clippers who are putting it alll on the line to Land a player like KD could just missed out because of an injury. I completely think the smart thing for KD to do. Is sign a 1+1 back with the Warriors.  Get Healthy.  Be on a team that won't rush you back or rely on you in the regular season.  And hey maybe win another Championship on the Way to your next time out on the open market where then you could cash in on a big contract with whatever Team you want to join. Plus in a Year or 2 there could be more Cities with the Cap Space to make a move on KD. It is really unfortunate what happened to KD and my Prayers go to him. But there is no Doubt The NBA Free Agency of 2019 was majority Effected by this. And in a twisted way it might of actually been a great thing for the Warriors. 

Let me know what you guys think below in the comments.  Do you think this changes anything or Is KD still on his way out of GS. Will teams still offer the big contracts to him?

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Kevin Durant is Arguably the best player in the world. I, however, do not think this injury will cause teams not to offer him a big contract. Such as the Knicks and Clippers. However, I could also see him picking up his 31.5 million dollar player option with the warriors while recovering since it's highly doubtful that he will play next season.


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everything depends on what the MRI says as if it's a ruptured Achilles I agree KD should resign on a 1+1 with golden state as teams like the Knicks and Clippers probably won't offer him a max deal. But if the MRI says it's only a torn Achilles then teams like Knicks or Clippers may offer him a max which obviously if Golden State don't also offer him a max, I think he'd accept it but for me, it all depends on how serious the injury is which the MRI will show us.

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