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Big Bailey Sports Talk.

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I don't this will prevent teams from giving him a big/max contract at all. Why would it? Yes he is injured, but he has gone through several injuries and always came back. I get that none were as rough of an injury as this one, but when you have teams like the Knicks would have building towards chance for what appears to be multiple years now, I would find it hard to believe that an injury would make them change plans. 

Maybe it means Kevin Durant is gonna be looking to sign a multi year deal instead of another 1+1 deal, which he has been signing a lot with the cap constantly increasing, if he were to leave. 


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Yes even if Durant suffers a long-term injuries teams like New York will still offer him a contract there is no debate there, whether he decides to leave or not is an entire different situation. What we now about big market teams like New York is that they're impatient, and if Durant is out for next season I wouldn't be surprised if New York panic because there is a lot of expectation for them to step up sometime soon, being in the lottery for the last 5 years isn't good enough. Just saying there is more at play here than meets the eye, are New York patient? We will have to wait and see 

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Can we seriously talk about how Steph Curry can be in the conversation as top PG to ever play the game with a Finals Comeback and win.

Right now to me there's no debate. It's Magic Johnson than Steph Curry.  But if Steph Curry leads the Warriors back from a 3-1 lead and  wins his 4th NBA Title with a Finals MVP. And we already know hes the Greatest Shooter of all time. With that all being there I think there's a serious Debate. He's got 2 MVPs. And he was the first ever Unanimous MVP in the history of Basketball. He's arguably the Most Valuable Basketball Player today just based off how influential his Style of Play is. He's completely changed the game. He's a great teammate. A complete Role Model in a Superstar. I'm not saying if he does comeback down 3-1 that he is better than Magic. But there certainly has to be a debate if he does. He's a a better Ball Handler and overall better offense player. Now Magic has the physicality on Steph being a 6'7 PG. Magic was just so dominat and a triple double Machine. Now i know this is all hypocritical based off if Steph Curry can lead the Warriors from back down 3-1. But if he does you can't lie. There is a serious debate. Stop disrespecting Steph Curry.  Hes that GOOD. He's already the 2nd best PG in history. But if hes does this. There's gotta be a serious debate Magic or Steph? For me personally I'm not gonna lie I don't have an answer for you. It would for me depend how Spectacular he plays in the 3-1 Comeback. But let me know down in the comments what you guys think. I'd like to hear you're opinions. 

Next i will be talking about my NFL Early Predictions!

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Definitely raise a good point if indeed Steph Curry does propel this Warriors back from a 3-1 deficit to win his fourth NBA Championship. For me I saw Steph Curry dominate the NBA for a stretch doing things no one has ever done before, and there is no doubt that he is the best shooter of all time and there might be no one who can catch him, but for Magic Johnson I never got to see him play, I've seen clips and highlights of the NBA Finals wins but I didn't see first hand how dominant he was. Yes the stats don't lie 5x NBA Champ, 3x MVP, 3x Finals MVP and he was transcending the game being a 6'9 Point Guard. It's an interesting debate that many people will have once both of their respective careers are done 

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These Are Baileys Quick NFL Predictions:

NFC West:

Rams- 13-3

Seahawks- 9-7

Niners- 8-8

Cardinals- 5-11

NFC South:

Saints- 12-4

Falcons- 10-6

Panthers- 9-7

Buccaneers- 4-12

NFC North:

Bears: 12-4

Vikings- 9-7

Lions- 8-8

Packers- 7-9

NFC East:

Cowbys- 11-5

Eagles- 9-7

Redskins- 7-9

Giants- 5-11

AFC West:

Chargers- 12-4

Chiefs- 10-6

Broncos- 7-9

Raiders- 6-10

AFC South:

Colts- 12-4

Texans- 11-5

Jaguars- 9-7

Titans- 7-9

AFC North:

Ravens: 10-6

Browns- 9-7

Steelers-  8-8

Bengals- 4-12

AFC East:

Patriots- 12-4

Jets- 10-6

Bills- 6-10

Dolphins- 3-13

MVP: Andrew Luck 



1: Patriots

2: Colts

3: Chargers

4: Ravens

5: Texans

6: Chiefs 


1: Rams

2: Saints

3: Bears

4: Cowboys 

5: Falcons

6: Vikings


Chiefs Over Chargers

Texans over Ravens 

Bears Over Vikings 

Cowboys over Falcons:::

Patriots Over Chiefs 

Colts over Texans 

Rams over Cowboys 

Bears over Saints:::::

Colts over Patriots 

Rams over Bears:;::::


Colts Over Rams

SBMVP: Andrew Luck

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Quick shout out of my show starting the trend of Sports talk shows. What can i say everyone wanna be like the GOAT. Even if you're not too "fond" of me smh.

Today were going to have a quick rundown on my NBA Free Agency Predictions and where all the top Players will be heading.


Lets Start with the Big one Kevin Durant Despite the injury Durant is still expected to Opt out and still get the Max offers from the Teams that are interested.  With that being Said I believe he will return to the Warriors whether he opts in or signs a long term deal. I can't see him ending this chapter of his Career like this.


Same Thing with Klay Thompson. He isn't leaving. Warriors will offer the Full Max to Klay and he will be back in GS 


As Much as The Lakers is a amazing looking spot for Irving especially since they need a PG. Irving is an East Coast Guy. He wants to play in NY. But since KD ain't going to the Knicks. I think Irving will end up in Brooklyn. 


Meaning Dlo will most likely be out of Brooklyn. So where does DLo go. Who is desperate to sign a big free agent. I think Dallas will be the most attractive for him. And thats where i see him going..


Kemba Walker wants to stay so hes Staying in Charlotte. 

Heres my quick list of some other guhs until we get to the big Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard!

Nikola Vucevic: Magic

Jimmy Butler: Knicks

Al Horford: Celtics

Isaiah Thomas: Celtics

DeMarcus Cousins: Warriors 

Tobias Harris: Nets

Kris Middleton: Bucks

Julius Randle: Suns

DeAndre Jordan: Knicks

Brook Lopez: Bucks


The Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard! The hottest Man in basketball right now. Everyone thinks its obvious hes staying in Toronto. But he just won them a Championship.  He did what he had to do. Now i think he goes where he Truly wants to be in LA. Lakers or Clippers it depends big time to me. A big factor is when they will make the AD trade official. July 6th the first day Offseason moves can be offical because then Lakers cant afford Kawhi. But if they wait on making it official.  I could see the Lakers snatching him. But at the end of the day I think Kawhi will be a Clipper.

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Big Bailey's NBA Draft lottery Predictions. 

Trades are too hard to predict so I'm just gonna do as it is without predicting Trades but im sure there will be plenty. 

Pelicans: Zion Williamson 

Grizzlies: Ja Morant 

Knicks: RJ Barrett 

Pelicans: Cam Reddish 

Cavaliers: Jarrett Culver

Suns: Darius Gardland

Bulls: De'Andre Hunter

Hawks: Jaxson Hayes

Wizards: Nassir Little

Hawks: Tyler Hero

Timberwolves: Coby White

Hornets: Brandon Clark 

Heat: Sekou Doumbouya

Celtics: Rui Hachimura

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The Golden State Warriors should still be the favorites to win the NBA Championship 

Yes I know theres alot that could happen. Including Rusell gettting traded by GSW but as of now. Especially if Kawhi doesn't sign with the Lakers. The Warriors to me are the Favorites.  If the Lakers miss out on Kawhi well then they basically screwed themselves on getting a group of really good Role Players to play around AD and Lebron. The Warriors will have Klay Thompson come playoffs as well. 

Were looking at a core 4 of Curry, Rusell, Thompson and Green. That is really scary. Rusell is a natural Shooting guard. This also helps Curry massively who can play off the ball alot more now. The Warriors lost Kevin Durant yes and theres no replacing a player like Durant. But they got a Young All Star in Rusell who I think will fit in perfectly with the Warriors style of Play. 

Now obviously Kawhi hasn't made his decision yet and if he goes to the Lakers they are the obvious Favorites. But if he doesn't.  The Warriors to me come playoff time with a full healthy lineup have to be the favorites. I thought the move for Russell was excellent whether they actually keep him or not. In my personal opinion they should definitely keep Rusell. There Backcourt Play between Curry and Russell can be Magical. 

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High playoff seed in the west, Maybe. Championship Contender, doubtful. This was a great deal by the Golden State Warriors don't get me wrong but it wasn't enough for them to be firmly in that championship window. We don't know how Curry and Russell are going to work as a backcourt, they don't have a bench Klay Thompson is out for half the season at best and obviously they lost Kevin Durant. I think the warriors maybe get the 3-5 seed in the West but I think as of right now a second round exit is what awaits them 

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Why The Celtics are better of With Kemb Walker than Kyrie Irving. 

First let me just say that there isn't much difference at all between Kemba and Kyrie. Irving might be a little better but his personality compared to Kemba isn't comparable. Irving and Boston just didn't work. Irving wanted to be this Superstar and wouldn't let the Younger guys work to reach there full potential. Plus Irving is a complete Diva. And the Chemistry was lacking big time.

Kemba is going to let Tatum and Brown get theres while still getting his Buckets. He's fine with not being the Man as long as they are winning.  IT, Rozier both strived in Bradly Stevens system and so should Kemba. He's got a great personality compared to Irving. He's a complete Team guy and he just wants to win.  I think he will play Great with the Celtics Young Core. They are better with Kemba then Irving i truly believe. Last Years Celtics underachieved.  I think this Years Boston team will be awesome and fun to watch.  I definitely could see them being Top 3 in The East. 

With the departures of Irving and Al Horford Everyone thought Boston was done. But with the Signing of Kemba Walker they will be just as good maybe even better.  If you ask me I'd rather have Kemba over Irving anyways. Boston made a fantastic move.

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Kawhi controls the whole destiny of the league in his palm

Kawhi leonard literally will decide on how the league will be looked for Years to come. 

By just making 1 Decision on where he will play Basketball for the next 4 to 5 Years! He's either going to the Lakers or the Raptors at this point. And the Lakes already got Lebron and AD. If he were to goto the Lakers he would be be creating another super OP Team when we literally just got rid of one in Golden State. He would be creating a Dynasty that would win probably every year. To me its Even worst than the Warriors. The league will be completely ruined and qill be a 1 Team Powerhouse. 

But if he decides to stay in Toronto then the league to me is pretty balanced. Both Conferences will be wide open for the Taking.  It would make Next Season so unpredictable and exciting.  But Kawhi Could be passing up on guaranteed Championships in LA. The Balance of Power is literally in Kawhis hand.

This May be the biggest free agent decision in NBA history.  Both scenarios completely change the league in different way 

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A few years ago when Kevin Durant joined the 73-9 Golden State Warriors team we all crucified him and labeled it the weakest move in NBA history and rightfully so, it hurt the league for a bit. If Kawhi Leonard goes through with this move to the LA Lakers, this will be the weakest move in NBA History and probably one that will never be topped. The Lakers could have 3 of the top 5 players in the league and basically sets up the championship winner for the next 5 years. The thought that it might happen is just scary in the least and I honestly hope Kawhi doesn't go their, I like the NBA when their are multiple options to win a title 

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Next seasons MVP?

My Prediction to win the NFL MVP Next Year is Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck.

Luck is right there as one of the Elite Quarterbacks in the NFL today. And yet to me hasn't had his Best Season yet. He's been great throughout his Career but i just feel like he hasn't had that true Breakout season. I think Next Year could be the Year.

After starting last Season 1-5? 1-6? It was one of the two. Andrew Luck lead the Colts back to an impressive 10-6 Record and a playoff appearance.  Now I've always been a Luck Fan. But last Year just shows how valuable he is. To me hes probably the Most Valuable player to his Team. The Colts the Year before were without Luck for the whole season. They went 4-12. a Year later he returns and they are 10-6 in the playoffs.  That just shows how valuable he is to his Team. Hes arguably the best pure talented Quarterback in the league. and i think next year is his year. I see the Colts making the playoffs again and Andrew Luck putting up Big Numbers.  Were talking 40 Plus Touchdowns and 5000 Plus Yards. Massive Numbers by Luck i believe. 

Andrew Luck will be the MVP of the NFL next year. 

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The Utah Jazz the next Small Market Team to Compete for a Championship?

Utah is as Small as it gets when it comes to Basketball Markets. And in a league driven by Money and Free Agency. The Biggest Markets are usually the ones always striving. That's just sports. Superstar players don't want to play in Memphis or Utah or Portland. They want to play in LA, NY, Miami, Chicago.  So its tougher for small markets to compete. They have to build through the draft in most cases.

We've seen this with a Team like Milwaukee.  But anyways back to the Jazz. They traded for Point guard Mike Conley and then signed Bojan Bogdanovic. The Jazz now have a nice core of Conley, Mitchell, Bogdanovic,  Ingles, And Rudy Gobert. That is a nice team there. 

Conley is one of the most underrated PGs in the league. Mitchell is a future Star. Bogdanovic and Ingles are solid players and Great shooters .and Gobert is the reigning DPOY. And especially in a year where tthe Warriors are without Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. There are alot of questions with the Lakers and Rockets. They've already shown they can beat the Thunder. Don't sleep on the Jazz. They could be the team of the West this Year. Kinda how we saw the Nuggets rise last year. 

Mitchell is in Year 3 now. This could be his takeover Year and reach Stardom. The Jazz are threat in the West this year despite being from Utah. They have a good Starting 5. There deep and can shoot good. And Play defense. The Jazz will be legit this Year. Don't be surprised if there top 2 in the West This year!

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As a Jazz fan I hope your right. But, I feel like we have the same kind of expectations going into this season as we did last season after knocking the Thunder out of the playoffs. And last year we struggled at the start of the season and finished in the middle of the pack. I feel like if we need to finish as a top 2 team then we need to have a better start to the season. Hopefully though we can meet expectations and show that the small markets can hang.

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I am really bullish about Utah's chances this year especially if Kawhi doesn't join the Lakers leaving the West somewhat wide open. The addition of Mike Conley was great for them because now they have a steady ball handler who can play great defense and really carry the load on offence is Donovan Mitchell is having an off night. You had Bojan Bogdanovic who had a really good season last year and was a big reason why Indiana were still able to maintain the 5th seed after the Oladipo injury and then adding Mudiay and Jeff Green to pretty good role players, which makes more a really well balanced team also not mentioning the defensive stud that is Rudy Gobert. Really like the Jazz heading into next year and hopefully we can see them contend at the top 

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If you haven't heard the news yet Kawhi Leonard is a Clipper. But also Paul George has been traded to the Clippers! This is madness. I was completely shocked. First Kawhi played The Lakers. But now the Los Angeles Clippers are by far your Favorites to win the NBA Championship! But most importantly to me the league is pretty freaking balanced. Now as a Lakers fan this sucks. But  as a Basketball fan this is awesome for the league and will make things such more exciting! Being the Lakers fan i am i will refuse to believe the Clippers will win the NBA Championship. It just can't happen. But anyways this is Breaking news. The NBA is going to be fun and competitive again and i can't wait.

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This move right here completely summarises the 2019 free agency period as batshit crazy. Of all the possible outcomes I don't think anyone would have picked Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to end up on the same team at the end of the day and now it leaves the possible outcomes of next year's winner completely up in the air. The best thing about what the Clippers did here was that they also managed to keep that bench unit intact which was crucial. They still kept Lou Will and Montrezl Harrell who are going to ball off the bench and that starting lineup with PG, Kawhi and Patrick Beverley is going to be a defensive nightmare. I'm more relieved that Kawhi didn't go to LA because that would have just fucked up the league completely. Let's see if Kawhi and the lads can break this Clipper Curse and win something 

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Russell Westbrook on the way out? To the Knicks?

As soon as Paul George was Traded from the Thunder.  Reports started to hit of a possible Rusell Westbrook trade. With Teams like the Heat rumored to be a landing spot. But now The Knicks have started to slide into those trade talks. Now i personally don't like Westbrook or would want to trade for him. 

But honestly the Knicks being in the state they are. Should probably land the Considered Superstar. The Knicks are the joke of the NBA right now and even as much as i think Westbrook is overrated even he could help the Knicks out. They need a star, a Franchise player. Westbrook is an MVP i cant take that away from him.  If they can a good deal for him they should totally go through with it. He would be there best player.  And you would rather have him then let the heat create an interesting Duo in Westbrook and Butler. Id personally think it would be interesting to see him in NY. And with how disastrous there Free agency was. They owe it to there fans to get the former MVP

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