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Big Bailey Sports Talk.

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I Completely agree with Bailey on the fact that I don't think Westbrook is an effective and efficient basketball player. He hogs the ball way too much, he thinks he can shoot the ball like a sniper and he just over uses the ball on every possession, I'm not saying he's a bad player it's just that he is just really inefficient within the Thunder System. Now for the Knicks being in trade talks to land him, I think if they are desperate to get a "star" then here it is. It isn't going to help them out that much they might become a playoff threat but still nowhere near where they were expecting to be post-free agency. I've also seen that the Timberwolves, Heat and Magic are all interested in Russell Westbrook so we will see where the Brodie ends up 

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Why I love Lebron James at the Point Guard Position for the Lakers

I just think this is perfect. A perfect Thing for the Los Angeles Lakers. This 100% gives me Magic Johnson Vibes. Lebron James who is 6'8 and a great playmaker at the Point. If Ben Simmons can play the 1 then Lebron James certainly can. The great thing about lebron going to the 1 is that he will have shooters to actually dish the Ball too. And Big Men in AD and Boogie to pass too. This is also opens the SF spot for Kyle Kuzma to start in. Instead of having to play off the bench. I don't mind our actual Point Guards in Rondo and Quin Cook and Alex Caruso but this is just a perfect fit and makes sense for Lebron to play the 1. Even if he was at the 3 the Ball is going to run through him anyway. 

I really think Lebron can do some big things playing the Point for the Lakers. It's unique and gives us Size. It helps us defensive as well if you got Lebron James on the point guard of the other team. I love this decision and im super excited for it. Lebron is more Magic Johnson than he is Michael Jordan. And Lebron is a better shooter than Magic. I think this is going work really well and I love it.

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Holy Crap,  Russell Westbrook was just traded to the Houston Rockets. He now reunites with former Teammate James Harden. This is Huge. The Thunder in return got Chris Paul and alot of draft picks back. 

Westbrook and Harden is truly awesome to see reunited but theres alot of questions. Will they work well together? These are two guys with similar Styles.  They both love to get there shots and they both are on ball dominat. Chris Paul wanted out because he wasn't getting the ball in his hands enough. Could that be the same problem here. 

To me they will be a very successful In Season Team. But when it comes to the playoffs i don't like them. Harden isnt a closer and Westbrook has shown he can't win. This will be very interesting. Did they get better with this trade? Yes but is it a huge difference i dont think so. We have to see if there styles with mesh well together. To me this is a 2nd round exit team if ive ever saw one.  But hey it should be fun.

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Interesting tier list. I would swap Philly and Milwaukee because I think Philly got better and Milwaukee didn’t. I’d also put OKC in that D tier as well. If CP plays which I don’t think he will he still can’t take that team anywhere near the playoffs he’s too old and just isn’t as good as he once was. Having Gallo and SGA there helps but they still don’t make the playoffs in my eyes 

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