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Hello, i am Rashid Jones, and Im here to announce the newest show on the BPZ network. with a premiere right after BPZ Halloween havoc, Me and the crew will be doing shows such as What just happened, Top 10 lists, Why moments, and many more to all BPZ ppv's. Lets kick it off right people!

@George AK is in charge of the Why series
@Brad is in charge of Ten reasons and WTF moments
Im doing What Just happened and up and down

@Smith is doing How BPZ should/should have booked and Fast Count


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So Halloween Havoc has passed, and with it comes title changes, big moments, and murders. So many murders. I’m sure half of the BPZ roster is now dead and dopplegangers have taken their place. I’m looking at you Echo and Ark.

So the night kicked off with a better then usual NXT championship match. Akki vs George had some good moments all in all. However, the only big take away was the surprise of George finally getting his first win in this company.

Brad was absolute demolished in the next match. A prematch attack from BiC sealed the fate for the outcome, cheers to Brad for fighting through all that blood. BiC, your a mean one.

The Tag title match was better then most in recent months, Brad and Summer could be the ones to save the division, but now that we have decent champions, we need decent opponents.

The I.C and Premium matches were Smith’s through and through, FD was great as always and we still wait for the day he finally gets the better of Smith, maybe it could be before 2018, but i see that trigger not being pulled until BPZ Mania III.

Speaking of Smith, after what might be the best Universal Championship match all year, The Order invaded and beat down challanger and champion, accepting the survior series match Team Smith versus Team Flynn.

Bailey versus Brad was good, it was great. However, BPZ still refuse to give Brad the title, again like FD, they might be saving it for the biggest moment possible. Maybe Brad is in line for a Royal Rumble win?

The Main Event. The mid-card showed up and god-damn did they show out. The two stars of the night where Echo and Ark, from start to finsh this two put on a classic. Yelich, Fear, Josh, even the returning Mae did great, Josh was as arrogant as ever, Yelich’s anger at the roll-up is sure to give way to something great, but all the top spots came from Ark and Echo. The quick exchange at the start, the Tower of Doom spot, the spear through the pod, the Crossface Kneebar, THE BLOODY SPEAR FROM THE TOP OF THE CHAMBER!  Great stuff these two.

All in all Halloween Havoc gets a 5/5 rating from me. Every division did great, everyone was on their A game, and this show is a canidate for Show of the Year.


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DAMN! Ron Simmons from What Culture, wait I'm called Jimmy. Well, Jimmy the Jabroni from What Culture here and this is the fast count. We are going to start off with all of the news from the wacky wacky world, that is BPZ.


Yes this is the news you must know, unless you live under a rock, this is the news of the Survivor Series match that has been announced, Team Flynn versus Team Smith. Sparking from the recent promo war on Carnage. Where Flynn announced part of his team for this huge match, some people involved being Ross and FDS. But he was interrupted by Smith in a great segment. Here on the Fast Count we will give updates as this story progresses.


We move onto our second piece of news this week, this of course is the news of the most unpredictable tag team ever. The Maharaja and the King. Oh yeah, they both mean king, just realised that. Anyway, these two, former NXT and World champions respectively have teamed up to try and capture the Tag Team gold. Serious competition for AK-17 now, with the Brand and the Joshtourage also chasing the gold. What are your opinions on this tag team, leave them in the comments down below.


Our last piece of news this week is the contract signing between Josh and the United States Champion Echo Wilson. This occurred after Josh' attempts to pursue the United States title that he claims was unfairly lost in the Elimination Chamber at Halloween Havoc. However, Echo dropped a bombshell on Josh as he revealed that this will be Josh' last chance to win the United States Championship. Can Josh do it? Can I do it? Well no but I like to think I can.


To round off this weeks Fast Count, we have the Wrestler Of The Week, but we don't have a graphic for this yet so, editor can you just put something here that describes me or what is happening, or anything at all really. Anyway this weeks Wrestler Of The Week, its a tough one, part of me wanted to give it to Peter Winchester for his brilliant comedic segment on Carnage. Or even BiC for his fantastic new gimmick. But this weeks Wrestler Of The Week goes to FDS for his fantastic new gimmick. He plays the character so well and still manages to pull off great promos. Well done FDS.


Thats all we have tie for on the Fast Count this week. Be sure to check in this time next week for our next episode, if not then I'll probably be fired by my bosses but eh. Until next time, I've been Jimmy the Jabroni and this was the Fast Count.


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Have you ever watched a show and saw something that made you say "WHAT THE F***"? Whether it was good or bad. And with Halloween Havoc passed by, there was.... a lot of What The F*** moments. I'm James SweedinFerg from WhatCulture and this is the WTF Moments Of Halloween Havoc!

5. BiC beating Brad: Now we know amd seen the rivalry of Brad and BiC and it was quickly becoming one of the best in a while. Everyone was looking forward to their match at the payperview because we were expecting a classic! What did we get? A three mimute match after BiC ambushed and bloodied the Underrated Legend....... seriously What The Fu- Anyway! It was a great feud, but the match ruined it all. 

4. The Order Attacking Echo Wilson and Flynn: The greatest Universal Championship match in history. Two top guys on Carnage tearing the roof down in the obvious Match Of The Night. As we could of crowned a brand new champion.... out comes.... The Order.. Why? Why couldn't they leave well enough alone and let those two fight till we get a winner? Just WHY?!?!?!- Sorry about that. 

3. Josh Not Tagging In: Halloween Havoc saw the best tag team match since Order beating Flynn and Nebakos for the Championships. The three teams there had a ton potential as all three teams with the members showed they can put on great matches solo, so teamed up, could they put on a classic? We saw it from Prince and Bart and AK-17 at the end of the match, but the beginning saw Josh ultimately screw George by not tagging in the already exhausted and hurt NXT Champion, allowing Prince to take advantage and get George down to pin him. 

2. Nate Still Having No Competiton: i like Nate and all, he's a good wrestler... BUT COME ON!! Of all people, George?!?! No offense to him, but he wasn't ready for the match he was given by the General Manager Slim. Of all the talent they had at the time, Prince, Bart, Kerse, Bash, Fear who were KILLING it on the microphone and in the ring with training systems all the time, yet a non ready returnee gets a shot? Jesus. 

And 1. Expected Championship Matches: Wow wow wow wow. Was this a bummer? Every championship match except one was expected to happen. From the NXT title match to the Tag to World to US to intercontinental to Premium on, all the current champions were expected by the fans to win their match. No more big surprises with titles anymore.... like... none. 

And that's the list of WTF Moments. Feel free to leave a comment below. I'm James from WhatCulture and this was WTF Moments of Halloween Havoc!

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WELCOME BACK TO BPZ WHATCULTURE! My name is Rashid Jone, and Halloween Havoc has come and gone, lets do what we all love to do, get up to boogie on down....We really need to come up with a proper term for this, whatever, welcome back to Ups and Downs where we up all the down and get down with all the ups. Wow that was just as bad.

Halloween Havoc, has passed us by and now we sit here in the rubble. Imagine just a full on pile of broken buildings and especially broken bodies, gosh that spear. We'll get to everything but first......

George vs Akki - NXT Title Match: Up

Improvements here and improvements there, we finally had a solid NXT title match, and even better it was without Bart, which deserves an Up.  By some miracle, Akki and George put on a watchable match and  the two biggest losing streaks in BPZ went to war, in a battle and the man who came out the victor, George AK, to a very solid reaction as well. The man wins his first match and first title in his tenure with the company, so hats off to the man, and Akki as well for making a good NXT title match, not something you see everyday. 

Brad vs BIC: Down, Down, Down

BiC has no love in his heart, he is a grinch, and he does not care about anything or anyone. I mean the guy buried one of the companys biggest stars of the years. So that deserves a down, a down and a further down deep into the dark holes of burials in wrestling. Wrong time, wrong place, you have to wonder what on earth was BPZ creative thinking. It didn't appeal to the fans whatsoever, in fact multiple matches after this felt a little weaker afterwards.

Smith vs FDS - IC Title match: Down

This was Smith's only good match of the night, and it was against FD....again. FD is always talented but we're still waiting for the day he gets his edge over Smith. Will we be waiting a long time? Probably. Is Smith a selfish bastard? Rightfully so. My interest in this feud is like a stone, slowly falling to the bottom of the ocean. I think its about time to pull the trigger now BPZ

 Premium Title Match:  Down

I'm not kidding, BPZ forgot about the Premium Title, I mean they just didn't defend it on the show, at all, period. That warrants a down in my books. Hopefully they can bounce back with a huge match at Survivor Series but for now that gets a big fat down. 

Flynn vs Echo Wilson - Universal Title: Up

Finally the drought is over, we have an up. And what an up it was. We had almost 10 minutes of wrestling heaven until it was ruined, by you guessed it, the Order. We'll get to them in a minute, but lets talk about the wrestling clinic these two men put on. Easily the best there's ever been for this belt and Echo Wilson showed his worth by miles. Pity Slim and his two goons had to ruin it. It wasn't bad to be honest, as much as i dramatize it, it makes sense for the storyline and made sure Echo didn't take the loss, and sets up the Survivor Series match ,which will blow the roof off the building. So much starpower in one ring. Definitely an up.

Bailey vs Brad - World Championship - Up

Two in a row for the ups, and this match was great. It was all or nothing for brad but they still continued to not give him the title, its frustrating sometimes but now we have seen the last of Brad for a while here in this World Title scene, not that it limits his other opportunities though. Brad might have something special planned though. Watch the man carefully. 

Main Event: US Title Elimination Chamber match - UP, UP, UP

The match of the night, no doubt in my minds. It was exactly what the fans wanted, two of the biggest faces in the company slugging it out in the most dangerous of places, nothing more could have been asked for. All the spot needed, from the duo of Ark and Echo most notably, i mean the spear through the pod, the kneebar from Echo, and most of all THAT FLIPPING SPEAR! Great stuff for the midcarders, and they delivered in a magical main event. This match made or break the show and it definitely made this show a different  level. 


THANK YOU! For watching BPZ Whatculture, we upped your downs, and put down our ups and now we're done for the day....I need a holiday.



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Hello, I have no clue who Jack The Jobber is, and welcome to the fast count. Where myself JIMMY The Jabroni from What Culture, will talk you through all the news in the wonderland that is BPZ.

Starting us off this week is the recent Evolve Takeover that occurred, named Paranoia. The card of which featured matches like Smith V Echo Wilson, Ark V Prince and Nate defending his Global Championship against Bart. This also featured John Cena versus me, well it didn't exactly, I dreamt of that after watching the show but. I like to think it was. Wow, im getting sidetracked again, let me continue. Also on the card were Slim, Sameer, Fear, Akki. Do we count Fear and Akki as being on the show considering how short the match was, eh guess we will have to.


From Evolve to Carnage for our next story, and what a good piece of information it is. In the recent advertisements for the Carnage upcoming Power Trip, Redemption. A Champion V Return match was shown. Between NXT Champion George AK, who I reckon I could beat. And returnee Maestro! I mean damn, what a return. And if George can pull his weight, then we may have a great match in the works.
For our last piece of news we go back to last week. Where here on the fast count we reported the news of the 5 on 5 Team Order v Team Flynn match at Survivor Series. I promised an update and here it is, after a string of promos between the two, only 1 man is still to be announced, and that man is for Team Order, who currently consist of Smith, Slim, Nate and Ross. Meanwhile team Flynn is already fully announced as, Flynn, Echo Wilson, FDS, Prince and Necce.


Lastly for this week, we have the Wrestler Of The Week. Once again we dont have a graphic for this yet, so could mr editor put a magic picture up there. Last week you were quite mean to me, so please dont be again. Anyway, picking a wrestler of the week was hard this week, you could have picked Nate for retaining his title, Smith for beating Echo Wilson maybe even Akki for his win. But I chose Ark for winning the main event of Paranoia.


And that is all we have time for here on the fats count, you have been you, I have been your host Jimmy The Jabroni from What Culture, not Jack The Jobber, and I will see you guys next week.



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"Why Sameer Turning Heel was Best for Business"

The Show-off Sameer recently turned heel, this is an amazing act of performance, and could build up pretty well. So I'm here to tell you WHY Sameer turning heel was best for BPZ. 

Image result for Why whatculture gif

Sameer has recently fought Slim, and he lost? He lost clean.....
Now the loss wasn't the Heel turn, the heel turn was Slim beating the absolute crap out of every referee and medics in the back. Then came Jonathon, then Sameer beat the shit out of him. Now everything was so perfectly done. The acting, the emotions were wild. Sure it wasn't Heel turn of the year, but it was definetly something the fans might looked back to. Now there was one major disapointment, and that was this not being in the main event. Having this second to last isn't bad, since we know Slim wanted to give the younger talents some kind of push, but this made fans go on their edge of the seat, and by the of the night they were tired of the hype. 

Now lets throw that out for a second and think of the possibelties this could bring. After Sameer stops feuding with Jonathon, he could either form a tag team with some heel wrestler for example Slim. I'd say, let Sameer feud with some babyfaces until January when Smith wins the Royal Rumble. Let Slim turn on The Order with Sameer as they both feud with former members of the order during Mania time. Slim vs Smith, Sameer vs Nate. After that let them have a run with the tag team titles for quite a bit until Sameer turns on Slim around SummerSlam and have them have the rematch of the century. 

In either way this Sameer heel turn can be built amazingly either way. Thanks for tuning in, makes sure to give me support and for now, I'll see you tomorrow(maybe) after christmas, HAPPY SU... HAPPY THANKS.....(Wait that's till next month) HAPPY HOLLOWEEN(YEAH THAT'S RIGHT)

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Oh, its the fast count. With me. Jimmy the Jabroni, im from BPZ WhatCulture. And lets count fastly.


We start off the news this week with brand new news. Wow that was hard to say. Well anyway, this is the news of the return of Apex! Yes I know, Apex! Damn. This happened in the recent segment on Carnage TV entitled 'I Won't Hide'. Basically George had a promo where he claimed he carries Carnage, he doesn't. And bragged about how he was going to beat Maestro, I strongly doubt he will. Then Apex came out and talked smack to George. Carnage really seem to be pulling out all the stops for Redemption, but for me the real question here is whats the match at Redemption, George V Maestro, George V Apex, a triple threat maybe, I have no clue.

Second piece of news this week is Akki Mahal. Yes, this is the news that Akki Mahal has moved out of NXT. He made this official in his segment entitled 'The Indian Announcement' on Evolve TV. He has officially made it public that at Survivor Series he is going to go for the United States Championship. The title currently held by Echo Wilson. Can Akki do it? That is the question. Let us know your opinion on the comments below.

Our last bit of news is an odd one. Yes, this is the news of Bailey and Monda being brothers. Somehow they are, I have no clue how but after the announcement Bailey savagely attacked Monda. Then in their segment entitled 'Family Issues' after a long back and forth, we found out that the two are going one on one at Redemption, what really seems like it is going to be a good event. But now, after all this I'm wondering who my brother is.
Now we move into Wrestler Of The Week. We are still without a proper graphic for this section of the show yet, and normally you are quite mean to me mr editor, when you put a picture of something mean up. But anyway lets get a random picture up and umm, well Wrestler Of The Week this week is BiC. He has made some great promos this week and his most recent gimmick suits him outstandingly well. So well done BiC.

And that is all we have time for here on the fats count this week, I have been your host Jimmy The Jabroni, and of course you know that because I told you earlier but, ehh. Tune in next week for more fast count. Goodbye.

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Hello, hi, hola, bonjour, konichiwa, hello. I am Jimmy the Jabroni from BPZ Whatculture, and this is the fat count, wait did I say fat, well ehh you can read your screen. Fast Count, lets go. Wait, why does it still say Jack the Jobber, who is he?


Our first piece of news is the Carnage Power Trip: Redemption. This PPV special show took place on the weekend and had matches such as Monda V Bailey, Echo Wilson V Josh, George AK V Apex, FD V BiC, Fear V Bash, Brad V Peter Wilchester and Flynn V Ross for the Universal Championship. The big results being, Echo retaining his title, George AK getting a win over Apex, FD beating BiC in an FD rules match and Flynn retaining the Universal Title over Ross. And me still being lonely, watching wrestling alone in my mid thirties. God I need a girlfriend.


We continue along the line of things to do with Carnage with our next piece of news. This is the news of the next Power Trip being announced for January, under the name Night Of Legends. The show taking place on the 5th January 2018 in the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada. Already announced for the show are: Flynn, Ross, Echo, BiC, Brad, Bash, Fear, Peter Wilchester, Josh and many more, hopefully Dan Matha makes a cameo appearance, please. However, this news piece was so big, and so much was announced that I have to continue talking, thanks Carnage. As well as all the previous, two matches have been announced as well. A blockbuster main event as we see a triple threat match between Flynn, Ross and Echo Wilson, with the Universal Championship on the line. As well as a Carnage Scramble match being announced. DAAAD whats a Carnage Scramble match.


And our final piece of news this week comes from Evolve. Yes, this is the announcement, damn how many times have I said announcement so far. Well, lets just continue. On the 8th December 2017 Evolve will be hosting a Takeover show entitled Pride. Taking place in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Lousiana. And much like Night Of Legends, a few matches have already been announced. Natedog will defend his Global Title against either Ark Universe or FDS. As well as Jonathon V Sameer and a To The Top match, where only Akki and The GRV have been announced as entering. Rex Mundi is also thought to be having a one on one match. In addition to these competitors: Slim, Smith and Undisputed have also been announced.


And as per usual we end this weeks Fast Count with the Wrestler Of The Week. And lets get a sporty picture this week please. Don't insult me again. Anyway, due to him beating Ross and somehow keeping his undefeated record, and retaining his Universal Championship in doing so, The Wrestler Of The Week this week is Flynn. I'm not gonna make a joke because he scares me.


Just look at how he stares at you, I swear if you look at him for to long he sucks your blood away or something. Anyway, that is all we have time for on the fast count this week, I have been your host Jimmy the Jabroni, and until next time, goodbye.


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MY GOD! He's back from the dead! that's right, my name is Rashid Jones and Im back here on BPZ WhatCulture to bring you WHAT....JUST....HAPPENED! Now,  did miss a lot of the past two weeks, so i'm going to cover both Paranoia and Redemption in a two day period.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Paranoia is up first and it was a good night overall.

Smith and Echo opened up and it was good match, Echo really proving himself in this classic match. Smith, however, pulled out the victory against the Ca range Supernova. 

Akki's victory was a nice one, really starting to build himself up more and more. He seem's to be a threat to Summer's US Championship. Akki versus Fear did have some controversy, with the squash of Fear being seen as a bad move. In the events afterward it was rumored that the squash was Akki's idea and he pushed for the creative team to make it. 

Nate and Bart was a good match. For awhile it seemed like Bart would win, and alot of fans thought so too, but Nate pulled through with the victory. A good match, Bart is really starting to come in to the BPZ spotlight. 

Slim versus Sameer was a bloody good match. It met ever expectation set and really exceed on some. Slim once again proved why he calls him self the King. 

Ark versus Prince was a good main event and both men did very well. No one expected the match to Main Event, but both men showed why the deserved. Ark picked up the win, and he was named number 1 contender. 

Thanks for tuning in, i will see you tomorrow for Redemption. 


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Hello. I am secret agent 3458. HAHA. Tricked you, its really Jimmy the Jabroni from BPZ WhatCulture. Got ya! Anyway, this is the fast count.

We start this episode of the Fast Count with more Survivor Series news. The show itself is this weekend and finally we have a full card for the show. With a great pool of talent that are going to be active on the show. With such matches as Team Smith V Team Flynn, Jonathon V Brad, and The NXT Open Challenge, among many, many more. But, which team is going to win on the weekend, Team Smith or Team Flynn. I say Team Flynn, I mean, I am still scared of his eyes. Jeez. Gives me the spooks.


Next up is the shocking news of another BPZ return! This time it is the return of Tamer! I know right! Insane. Returning after Redemption during the celebration of Flynn. The lights went out and the number 5 was distributed on the titantron in blood. Probably not actual blood but yeah. Tamer then went onto cutting one of the best promos in recent times. And I cannot wait to see what he does now.


Our third piece of news this week is the completely, crazy, mental, insane news. And it doesn't make any sens at all. Slim has joined the Josh-Tourage. I know right! Mental. But it makes no sense. Slim & Akki have been teaming for a few weeks now so I don't think this is going to happen but I may be wrong, if Slim is joining the Josh-Tourage then they have the tag team titles around their waists already. But I am sceptical though, as Josh announced it and Slim never came out. What will happen? Let me know your opinion in the comments below.


Now it is the part of the show where everyone bullies me. Wrestler of the week. This week for somehow managing to get Slim to join himself and George in the Josh-Tourage it is Josh. Wait, maybe, maybe Josh is a secret agent and, and he is gonna get Dan Matha in next. If he does that then he is winning Wrestler Of The Week next week too. Damn.


And that is all we have time for this week on the Fast Count. Now its time for me to do as many star-jumps as possible in a minute. So, make sure you tune in for more Fast Count, I have been Jimmy the Jabroni, you already know that and bye!


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In sports entertainment, there is always those moments that makes us go "Yeah! This is awesome!" And there are moments that make us go "This is really really bad." I'm James SweedinFerg from WhatCulture and this is the Top Ten Worst Moments Of BPZ!

10. Milan Winning The NXT Championship: Why why why? In 2015, a star on the rise known as Maestro was making massive waves through the NXT division and was the clear favorite to win. Rumor was that he got in beef with then General Manager of BPZ, Bailey, which changed plans for the match. 

9. SummerGamz Murdering His Sister: ....... Enough said. 

8. Drunk Brad: whoever thought it was smart having a star compete drunk, well I hope they got fired. Although his drunkness did have a four star match vs Flynn, it was cringy as all living heck. 

7. Slim Turning On Bullet Club: Although all these lead to Slim becoming the star he is today, it was horrible and seemed unrealistic. One guy destroying three guys in Gill, Bashka, and Tamer. Now he got unbelievable heat backstage for it, but it seems like everything has been cleared and good for now. 

6. FD Murdering Someone: ......... We really went through this a second time?

5. Nebakos Never Getting A Long World Championship Reign: A Hall Of Famer, a incredible wrestler, and a workhorse. A three time World Champion..... that never held the belt for more than a day. Goodness. His first reign he had to vacate after a injury, and the next two he was immediately cashed in on by first Jonathan at BPZMania 1 then Slim at Bad Blood 2016. One day, he'll get a long title reign, unless Money In The Bank is around. 

4. Heels Mother: So, Prince back in 2014 dressed up as Heels mom? Ok then....

3. FD Defeating Sameer.... by Apex: Six months went down when Apex helped FD win the Premium Championship, even though many see it as payback, FD to this day doesn't want to count the win or reign. 

2. Apex 1 Day IC Title Reign: The second ever one day Intercontinental Championship reign in BPZ history. Which is ironic cause number one is...

1. Brad's 1 Day IC Title Reign: The moment that sent Brad's career on a down low for the rest of his career. Coming in off one of the hottest months of his career, he won the title, to lose it a day later. 

And Thats the list. I'm James SweedinFerg from WhatCulture and I'll see you next time. [/b]

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Yes mother, yes mother. Okay mother. Cool mother. Oh hey guys. Mother go away! Jeez, sorry guys. Hope you didn't hear a lot of that conversation but anyway, I am Jimmy the Jabroni and this is the fast count.


We start of this week with Survivor Series. You know the Pay-Per-View that had so much hype but under-delivered. Although it wasn't a bad Pay-Per-View, many big matches were extremely one sided, with the closest matches being the tags matches. Time for some results. Spoiler warning. Spoiler warning. Spoiler warning. SLIM IS THE NEW WORLD CHAMP. He beat Bailey to win back the World Title. In fact Slim won all of his matches as himself and Akki won the tag team championship against The Josh-Tourage. Smith dropped both of his titles with BiC winning The  Premium Title and FDS winning the Intercontinental Title. As well as another title change in Yelich winning the US title. 


Now, only one title was successfully defended at Survivor Series and that was the NXT Championship, where George AK issued an open challenge. And we got a debut. LegendsOrigin answered and had a quick match with George. He impressed many with his high flying ability and selling. But can we end NXT as this point? I mean, I think I could challenge George for NXT next month. Im being serious.


WOOOOO. All Survivor Series stuff in the news. Yes, this is the news about the potential MOTY between Jon and Brad. It was filled with high risk spots and told a great story. Brad couldn't get Jon to stay down in this EVOLVE V Carnage clash. And to be honest, I don't know what to say about this match. It was fantastic.


And now its time for Wrestler Of The Week. I gotta be quick because my mum is taking me to the shoe shop soon so. This weeks Wrestler Of The Week is close. Brad and Jon were both candidates, but for winning 3 out of 3 matches at Survivor Series, Wrestler Of The Week this week is Slim!


And that is all we have time for today on the fast count. Oh god look at this pic of Slim. Muscles, grrrrrr. Anyway I have been Jimmy The Jabroni from BPZ WhatCulture and this was the Fast Count.


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With Survivor Series past us now, we witnessed some of the worst but yet some of the best of the event. I'm James SweedinFerg from WhatCulture and this is Ups and Downs for BPZ Survivor Series! 

First match is the Intercontinental Championship match between FD and Smith, and you know what? It gets a down. Now don't get me wrong, the match write up was fantastic on FD's part. I really liked it. But the voting and build around the Intercontinental Championship was absolute horrible. And with that being said, I give the match a *** star rating. 

Next up is the Premium Championship match with Smith and BiC, and it's getting a down. It's practically the same situation as the Intercontinental Championship voting, actually it is the exact same as the Intercontinental Championship voting. So it receives a rating of *** stars.

Next up is FD vs Ark, and unfortunately, its a down. Great build and fantastic9 match write up. But what makes this a down is that the voting wasn't close, and that after a incredible effort vs. Prince. It is what it is and we get FD vs Nate at Pride. The star rating is ***1/2.

Now is the World Heavyweight Championship match between Bailey and Slim, and I'm giving it both a down and a up, making this the first up so far. I'll break down into both. It's a down because no build until like the final week when Slim entered the match, and that we didn't see much of Bailey that whole month. However, the ups are that the voting was semi decent, the match write up wad good, and it continues the story with Ross and Bailey. I give this a *** 3/4. 

Up next is the United States Championship match with Peter Wilchester vs Echo Wilson, and that's getting a up. Peter Wilchester has had bad luck as of late with Echo Wilson, and he won, it was a feel good moment. Plus a decent voting and match write up adds up to this up. I shall rate this a **** out of 5 stars.

We get into the first tag match with the Tag Team Championship match between Slim and Akki vs Josh and George, and this is a up. Probably one of the best tag votings in recent time, seeing Akki and Slim walk out new champs and with the match written out, the story is now in Kayfabe, Slim AND Nate are now Tag Champions by free bird rule. This gets a **** 1/2. 

Up next is Brad vs Jonathan, and this is the up of the night. Considered by many to be a potential Match Of The Year winner, the build is of two years in the making, the voting was one of the closet, and the match write up was, not my words, perfect. And all that leads to a ***** star rating. 

And fianlly the main event, Team Smith with Smith Slim Tamer Jonathan and Ross against Team Flynn with Flynn Necce Prince FD and Echo, and this is a up. Probably the best five vs five ever, this build goes back to Slim vs Flynn, to be honest. The voting had controversy more than others, but it remained close and a excellent write up adds to its ***** star rating. 

Thank you all for attending. I'm James SweedinFerg from WhatCulture and I'll see you next time.  


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*Cough* *Cough* I am a very very ill Jimmy the Jabroni from BPZ WhatCulture. And your watching the Slow Count, in a week where we are doing a total of 6 news pieces in a special show. Get it cos its a day late. Oh you think I'm horrible at making jokes. Well, your right, am I rambling?

And we start off this week with huge, huge news. Joh is back! The man has done so much for the company has returned and is ready for action. He came back recently on EVOLVE and announced himself as one of the participants of the TTT match.

And that leads us o so nicely into our next piece of news, well part 1.5. It is an extension of what I previously stated about the return of Joh. This is the upcoming Pride event for EVOLVE. The show is taking place this weekend and has some big matches. Firstly, Bart versus Prince in a loser leaves the brand match, which could go either way. And could have the number one pick of the draft going to Carnage. Also there are big matches such as the TTT match that is now fully announced, and it will take place between; The returning Joh, Ark, Ropati, Akki and The GRV. Oh and of course Dan Matha, of course I'm lying about one of them. One last other big match on the card is the main event between Smith and Slim.


Now we move onto our third piece of news. This is a controversial piece of news that has had many mentions in promos recently and has reportedly annoyed BrendenPlayz, owner of BPZ Wrestling. This is of course the news about well, former US Champion Peter Wilchester, changing the name of the US Championship to the Canadian Championship. Him doing this has lead to jokes from BiC and Ross in recent promos, we will give any updates if or when they happen on this story, here on the fast count.


Next up is the news of a title being vacated, yes this is the news of George AK vacating the NXT Championship and moving into the chase for the Canadian Championship as well as being in the Josh-Tourage. His title reign nearly lasted two months after he won the title at Halloween Havoc and successfully defended it at Survivor Series. But now he may move onto bigger and better things.


Now I move into the role of family adviser rather than Fast Count host and guy who gets bullied. So, on Carnage TV in the week, Flynn came out and announced himself as BrendenPlayz's son. So. Ummm. Yeah. Lets move on from that.


What! More Flynn news. Fine. This is the news of Flynn beating Slim and becoming the New BPZ World Champion. This match happened on Carnage. Even though Slim is the EVOLVE GM. That makes sense. Anyway, congratulations to Flynn. And after hearing about Flynn being Brenden's son. I don't know if I can look at him the same way. Either way. He is BPZ World Champion.


Now that is all the news we have time for this week. Before we go it is time for Wrestler Of The Week. And just so you guys can't mess with me this week just put the wrestler of the week you guys selected up on the screen. Apparently this was really close between Flynn, Joh, George and Peter Wilchester. Please not Flynn. Please not Flynn. And the Wrestler Of The Week this week is ugh. Flynn. Who becomes the first, two time Wrestler Of The Week winner. So, good job Flynn. And that is all we have time for here on the Fast Count for this week. Until 6 days time, stay safe. I have been Jimmy the Jabroni from BPZ WhatCulture and that was the Fast Count.


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Guest Smith


With FDS arguably in his best form of all his career, he has the crowd and the company behind him. Since debuting his new dark and sinister persona, FDS has been the highlight of whatever show he's on. With controversial scenes and uncensored language, FDS has brought a new dynamic to not only himself but BPZ as a whole. The one thing that signifies management being behind him is that we've seen him recently recapture the legendary BPZ Intercontinental Championship that alluded him for the majority of 2017. Now, with FDS as one of the best in BPZ at the moment, it seems like the perfect time for the debut of Chaos 2.0.

From myself, Fanny McFee, here's How BPZ Should Book Chaos 2.0:

First of all, I'd like to point out that this isn't the return of Chaos but instead, the debut of Chaos 2.0 for the sole reason that I want to completely reinvent the group just like how FDS completely reinvented himself but kept his name.

Now, it's no secret that FDS himself has spilled rumors of a Chaos 2.0 faction conspiring in the future but other than that, there's been no leaked members or even any hint as to it occurring. Nevertheless, I believe that there's no better time than right now. FDS has possibly the most momentum out of the whole of the BPZ roster at the moment so whilst he has so much momentum and so much attention, why not share all of that wonderfulness with some other overlooked talents? There's plenty of names in BPZ who have great talent but struggle to create themselves a push in momentum so having a star like FDS shed some of his new-found energy onto said talents could potentially give them that boost they need.

EVOLVE TakeOver: Pride

Starting at EVOLVE TakeOver: Pride, I wouldn't have FDS win the Global Championship. As great as he has been in this rivalry with Natedog, I think with a gimmick like his, the Intercontinental Championship alone is exactly what he needs. Furthermore, it'll give his future stablemates more avenues to find success in within BPZ. Therefore, I would have FDS lose against Natedog. However, the aftermath is what's important. After Natedog has left the ring, FDS gets to his feet, stands in the center of the ring, holding his neck, hurt, before slowly and effortlessly lifting his middle finger up to the entirety of the crowd. Then, FDS leaves the ring without giving the fans anything else to explain it.

This when I'd implement the second character into this storyline. Later on in the night, during the Prince vs Bart match, I'd finally pull the trigger on these two splitting as a team. With the match extremely close and each man at risk of being fired, the tension is bound to be sky-rocketing. Therefore, just as it seems as though Prince is about to hit the final move of the match and send Bart packing, I'd have FDS interfere in the match, giving Bart the victory. After that match, I'd then have FDS and Bart stare each other down before FDS raises his arm and offers Bart an armband that reads "Chaos 2.0". Bart would take the armband and the pair stand in the ring together, both flipping off the fans like FDS did earlier, ultimately solidifying the creation of EVOLVE's newest team.

December To Dismember

Now, let's date forward to the EVOLVE show before December To Dismember. On this show, I'd have FDS cut an alluring promo where he hints something big is about to happen, finishing it off with something like "at December To Dismember, chaos shall arise".

Moving on to the December To Dismember show itself, I'd have FDS defend his Intercontinental Championship against someone impressive, perhaps the returning Joh or even Brad, it really doesn't matter. Obviously, I'd have FDS retain his championship but I'd make the match very very close. Afterward, as FDS has been doing since he won the title, I'd have FDS neglect the Intercontinental Championship, literally leaving it in the ring.

This when I'd implement the third character into this storyline. As FDS is walking up the ramp, I'd have Bashka (assuming he could be traded to EVOLVE) slide into the ring, causing FDS to turn around. At first, FDS looks at the Bashka in shock but as Bashka lifts up FDS' Intercontinental Championship, FDS simply laughs and continues his departure. Bashka then leaves with the title and isn't seen for the rest of the night.

Royal Rumble

The night after December To Dismember, I'd plan a confrontation between Bashka and FDS in which Bashka invites FDS down to the ring to take his championship back. FDS meets Bashka in the ring but as Bashka looks to hand FDS his championship back, FDS slaps the title down onto the floor. Bashka looks in shock whereas FDS isn't bothered at all. In fact, he then raises his arm and offers Bashka a Chaos 2.0 armband. The Hall Of Famer then looks at FDS in disgust and abandons him in the ring.

Then, over the following weeks, the two go back and forth, building the feud up to the point where it feels as though the two actually hate each other in real life, setting up a match for the Royal Rumble PPV. FDS (c) vs Bashka for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship.

Finally, in a grueling matchup between Bashka and FDS, FDS manages to retain the Intercontinental Championship but in more controversial fashion, Bashka witnesses FDS order Bart not to attack Bashka. After the match, FDS once again neglect his championship but instead focuses on Bashka. He grabs the hurt Bashka by his cheeks and tells him "I offered to help you... They won't; I will." FDS then throws Bashka back down to the mat and leaves alongside Bart, dragging the Intercontinental Championship behind him.


Then, on the post-Royal Rumble episode of EVOLVE, I'd have CobheadJake start the show with a promo after returning in the Royal Rumble. Within the promo, I would have Jake declare that his sights are set on the illustrious Intercontinental Championship which then causes Bashka to come out too and state his claims to another Intercontinental Championship match.

Later on that night, I'd have Bashka vs Jake for the #1 contendership which would result in Jake winning. After the match, whilst Jake is celebrating, I'd have FDS and Bart make their way out with chairs in hand as they look to storm the new #1 contender to FDS' title. As they hit the ring, I'd have Bashka stand in their way. He rips the chair out of FDS' hand and to everyone's surprise, he turns around and strikes Jake with the chair! Bashka then absolutely unleashes on Jake as FDS and Bart simply watch and enjoy the view. After Bashka is finished, he turns to face FDS who hugs him and once again hands him a Chaos 2.0 armband. This time, Bashka accepts.

In conclusion, Chaos 2.0 is formed and includes FDS, Bart & Bashka. Three men who are fed up with waiting for their time as they are constantly overlooked so have decided that from now on, they decide their destiny.

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