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Isaiah Carter

Favorite Video Game Villain?

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Just going to list a few of my all time favourites

Dr. Robotnik - Sonic Series

Related image

I grew up playing Sonic games non-stop on an old brick computer as a kid, and I couldn't get enough of it. Sonic 3D, Sonic and Knuckles, and Sonic 2 and 3 were some of my favourite games, meaning I have a long and storied relationship of both love and utter hatred for Robotnik.

His absurd machines and vehicles gave me hours of frustration as I reached their boss battles. Constantly being  bombarded with whatever Egg-related weaponry they had (Or just the ever infuriating bomber plane). I also really enjoyed him in the anime, walking the line between menacing and comedically ineffectual perfectly. You're my ultimate platformer villain, Dr. Robotnik, and I love you for it.


Team Galactic - Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

Image result for Team Galactic

The Sinnoh series of Pokemon games was my first vivid memories of Pokemon, and this man with his team were some of the main villains of my childhood. The Galactic grunts were some of the most hilarious antagonists a kid could ask for in a game. Gamefreak captured their silliness wonderfully in the dialogue.

"We must have it, to attract Pokemon, in great numbers"

Meanwhile the Galactic Admins were really interesting, all with their own small quirks and traits despite their short screen time in the games. Mainly their boss fights were where they shined, each holding a frustrating boss Pokemon (Purugly, Skuntank and Toxicroak). 

And last but certainly not least, the Galactic Boss Cyrus. This man had perhaps the darkest and most malicious plans of any Pokemon villain to date (maybe trumped by Ghetsis from Generation 5). He shifts from wanting to control the world through Space and Time manipulation to its complete destruction with an unsettling lack of remorse. I've always loved the detached stoic villains in stories, as their motivations and intentions always feel like they have a hidden layer of malice to them, and Cyrus is no exception to this. 


Monokuma - Danganronpa Series

Related image

This sadistic little bear is one of those lovably entertaining and wacky villains. He will constantly show up out of nowhere in the Danganronpa, sometimes seemingly for little reason other than to mess with the poor students locked in a disturbing death game where only one can survive. Monokuna is a disturbed entity with a love of violence beyond words. His traps and contraptions of execution are both horrifying, hilarious, over-the-top and bonkers in equal measure. The story twists about Monokuma and Danganronpa's antagonist are truly insane, as any Japanese Adventure game should be.

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Carver: The Walking Dead Telltale



This guy annoying me so much throughout his story. I genuinely hated this guy. Which I mean was his purpose. Looking back at it his story was great. He was brutal yet he had a cause for it all. He was trying to lead and he was doing a good job all though he might have been very harsh. He was just trying to raise his soon to be child the right way.

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Officer Tenpenny


What can I say about Officer Tenpenny that makes him such a Villain, well he killed a fellow police officer who was threatening him with evidence to show that he was dirty. Also he blamed CJ for the murder of the officer in use of blackmail for his dirty deeds when he just came back to Los Santos to see his family, making CJ do awful things like killing many different people to shut them up. He also made CJ's group of friends betray him all just for the money and put Sweet in a prison cell. He was also the one who put out a hit on Sweet only for CJ's mom being killed instead. Not only that but he is voiced by SAMUEL L JACKSON!

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