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WWE Wrestler Reviews

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2 minutes ago, Bart said:

Samoa Joe




Gimmick 7.5/10
Joe has a gimmick which suites his look and his move-set extremely well. However, it is easy to think of ways to improve him and angles to put him in which WWE don't do.

Move-Set 8/10
If you look at Samoa Joe, you wouldn't expect him to pull of 15% of the moves he does. His move-set supports his look and gimmick making him a great wrestler.

History 6.5/10
Samoa Joe has a big history, even though he hasn't done a tone in WWE, he was a big influence in the indy scene.

Usage 8.5/10
Wherever Samoa Joe goes he is used well. A big figure in the indy scene and that was mainly due to how he was booked. This is looking like it will continue in the WWE as he was great in NXT and his debut on the main roster was great. Hopefully when he returns from injury he can be used just as well.

Samoa Joe VS Christopher Daniels VS AJ Styles - X Division Championship, Unbreakable 2005.

Whilst picking a great match for Samoa Joe, it is hard. So many outstanding bouts come to mind, for example his matches against CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and even Sting. However, I picked the triple threat from Unbreakable 2005. This match had so many great moments, and the X Division title being on the line only added suspense. All three superstars pulled their weight and it made for some great entertainment. The match had a great build up, Daniels and Joe especially. The fact that Samoa Joe was unbeaten gave more of a meaning to the match, Daniels being the longest reigning X division championship holder had the same effect.The match itself could be classic as a classic. With so many great spots throughout which drew more suspense and hype to the inevitable end of the match. Where after Samoa Joe being down on the outside, Daniels and Styles were alone in the ring, with Styles using his great technical ability to score the all important pinfall on Daniels.

Samoa Joe Overall - 31.5/40

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1 hour ago, Prince said:


See some varied opinions about this guy so it will make for a good review

Dolph Ziggler


Gimmick - 6.5/10
Throughout his career, Dolph Ziggler has had to settle for many lacklustre gimmicks during his time with the WWE. From cheerleader to impersonator. However, he has had some good gimmicks in and amongst all the poor ones.

Move-Set - 7.5/10
Whilst his move-set is good and he pulls off good matches regularly. It hasn't changed that often. Whilst he has had many different gimmicks, his move-set seems to have stayed the same which is making some people believe he is stale.

History - 4/10
A WWE man from the off. Made in OVW with an amateur wrestling background, you could say Dolph Ziggler has positive history with the company, however it isn't often used in kayfabe. We see a lot of examples of history being used through Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker, but from Dolph we hear about stuff that happened in the last 6 months or his only World Heavyweight Title reign.

Usage - 6/10

The way Dolph is used often feels like it is changed week in week out. One week you feel he is in the prime of his career,and the next he could lose to Curt Hawkins. What I am saying is Dolph is poorly booked, but more often then not it still works. With some great angles being created such as he storyline between him and The Mi going into No Mercy 2016.

Dolph Ziggler VS The Miz - Intercontinental Championship Title VS Career, No Mercy 2016.

It is difficult to pick one Dolph Ziggler match to outline his career. I think the match between him and The Miz is one of the best angles he has been part of ever. The fact that it was two WWE created stars added to the tension in the air. All the promo work and build up was excellent, and it lead to a brilliant blow-off match. Which itself felt ten times more important than just a PPV match due to what was on the line. In addition to this, a great story was told between the two in the ring, which made for a fantastic match.

Dolph Ziggler Overall - 24/40

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3 hours ago, Monda said:




Gimmick - 1/10
They gave him the gimmick of a wrestler with down syndrome. What do you expect. But, he did perform it well.

Move-Set - 0.5/10
Come on its Eugene. His moves hurt him more than his opponent.

History - 0.1/10
Once again, its Eugene.

Usage - 3/10
Despite him being poorly booked, he did have a good gimmick.

Its Eugene come on ^

Eugene Overall - 4.6/40

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On 11/24/2017 at 10:02 PM, BiC said:

@George AK Yeah this guy^ Mb

Lars Sullivan


Gimmick - 7/10
From what I can tell, Lars Sullivans gimmick is good and suits him well.

Move-Set - 6/10
Lars has a move-set that accompanies his gimmick well. Not just that but it suits him well too.

History - 0.2/10
Lars Sullivan doesn't have any history in WWE at this point. This is mainly due to him being in NXT but he may be able to build up a good history for himself.

Usage - 7.5/10
This maybe is due to him being in NXT but Lars Sullivan has been used very well so far in his run with WWE.

(Not doing one as I dont know him well, you can probably tell)

Lars Sullivan Overall - 20.7/40


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On 11/8/2017 at 2:03 AM, Big Angelo said:

John Cena 

John Cena


Gimmick - 8/10
Cenas two gimmicks have been performed to a high standard and are both a big reason for why he is as good as he is. Whether he was the doctor of thuganomics, crushing opponents with his deadly bars. Of the WWE's hustle, loyalty, respect representative. Delivering many deadly promos in programmes with The Rock, AJ Styles and Roman Reigns to name a few. Although the gimmick is getting stale, with many fans pleading for a heel turn, the gimmicks good.

Move-Set - 7.5/10
It is no secret that John Cena doesn't have the number one move-set in WWE let alone the world. But the move-set is still good. Overall its suits him and allows Cena to have some great matches, one of which I will look into soon.

History - 9/10
John Cena has done it all. He has had great feuds with the likes of the Nexus and CM Punk, and won nearly everything. And he deserves it too. A great superstar with a great career.

Usage - 9/10
John Cena is always used really well. Whether its him returning so he can enter the 5 on 5 Survivor Series match or coming back and entering feuds with AJ Styles and the Club. He is always used well, but this has its down side, as fans are beginning to turn against Cena just because of how well he is booked whenever he appears on television.

MATCH REVIEW - John Cena V CM Punk Money In The Bank 2011
This match was maybe the high point of the careers of CM Punk and John Cena. This was and still is one of the greatest feuds of all time in the WWE and the payoff match was brilliant. Dave Meltzer agrees as he gave this match 5*. This match really highlights everything good about Cena. As he stayed on par with CM Punk during the promo battles and helped to have a world class match at the PPV.

John Cena Overall - 33.5/40

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