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WWE Wrestler Reviews

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On 12/1/2017 at 4:59 PM, Prince said:

Go job with this so far George, consider doing Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan


Gimmick - 9/10
The gimmick used in the majority of Daniel Bryan's short WWE career was great. The No and Yes chants are still used to this day and really empathise how much of an impact he had to the WWE. And his gimmick suited the feuds and tag teams he found himself in. With team Hell No being great and his run with AJ Lee being good too, but with a disappointing end. Will he be able to continue this if he has a return to the ring, a move that is highly speculated, probably yes.

Move-Set - 8.5/10
Widely known as one of the best wrestlers from the independent circuit that the WWE have seen in recent times. He has put on great matches across the world and his move-set was one of the key things that allowed this.

History - 8/10
Even though his career was cut short due to serious injury, the history of Daniel Bryans in ring career is still being felt today. Yes chants are common at WWE shows and fans still want to see a recreation of the fantastic story line that lead to his title win at Wrestlemania 30.

Usage - 6.5/10
During his career, Daniel Bryan had ups and downs. He had a good run with the WWE Championship that lead to a 7 second match at Wrestlemania where Sheamus beat him. And that really was the story of his usage in the WWE. Good thing, followed by bad. Really up and down.

MATCH REVIEW - Daniel Bryan V Randy Orton V Batista Wrestlemania 30
This match was great. Not only did the story support the match. But it ended one of the best bits of booking maybe ever. The way Daniel Bryan had to overcome the odds by wrestling two matches in one night was great. And the celebration photograph taken by millions, may never be forgotten.

Daniel Bryan Overall - 32/40

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On 12/4/2017 at 9:03 PM, FlynnPlayz said:

The Velveteen Dream

The Velveteen Dream


Gimmick - 7.5/10
Although it is early days for The Velveteen Dream, his gimmick looks to be pretty good so far, and I hope it continues this way.

Move-Set - 7/10
Even though I do not watch NXT, I have seen clips of The Velveteen Dream in the ring. He seems like a good wrestler, and he has potential

Usage - 5/10
Didn't really know what to put here so I just went smack bang in the middle here.

History - 0.5/10
As per usual with NXT guys, they haven't been here long enough to warrant a high ranking in the history section.

As you can tell, I don't know this guy well so I'm not doing one.

The Velveteen Dream Overall - 20/40

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On 12/10/2017 at 3:06 PM, Bart said:



Image result for cm punk pipebomb

Gimmick - 9.5/10

Punk's gimmick was amazing, during his time he was exactly what the WWE needed. He interested fans and boosted ratings. All due to his amazing gimmick.

Move-Set - 7.5/10

Although Punk was never bad in the ring, he was never the best in-ring performer. He was good, don't get me wrong, and him being good helped him develop his promos and character as a whole as what he said was more believable because his move-set matched his I don't care, I will do what I want kind of gimmick.

Usage - 8.5/10

The summer of Punk was amazing, his promos were great, the Undertaker feud was good too. But despite all of this, we all know Punk was not used perfectly. He was used well, but in some areas he could have been used better.

History - 7/10

Punks time with the WWE was short and sweet. He managed to do a lot during his time and therefore proved how he is an amazing wrestler.

CM Punk Vs John Cena (MITB 2011)

This match really showed just how good CM Punk was, the build up to the match was immense and the performances from both men were fantastic. This match really typified just how good CM Punk is. Every involved for him in the match was good, with the match possibly being one of the best this decade.

CM Punk Overall - 32.5/40

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It's weird to think that CM Punk spent nearly a decade with WWE (counting OVW) and yet right now it felt like too short of a time. During his CM Punk vs John Cena aftermath do you feel WWE missed the mark by not keeping CM Punk off TV longer or do you feel capitalising quickly was the best decision? 
I'd like to see one on MVP if you're taking suggestions. 

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On 12/10/2017 at 4:08 PM, The Akki said:

Do Kane please... I beg you



Gimmick  - 9/10
Kanes gimmick throughout his career has always been good. The whole idea of him coming from hell as the Undertakers brother has worked immensely well. Throughout his entire time with the WWE, his gimmick has worked, although later in his gimmick began to be changed quite frequently, the fact that he went over 10 years with the same gimmick whilst keeping it fresh and exciting is amazing.

Move-Set - 8/10
Kane was never the best in the ring. But he was also never awful. His move-set is full of impactful moves, which means that his move-set fits his gimmick perfectly. His ability to pull of the moves was great, and improved as he improved in the ring.

Usage - 6/10
This is the department than Kane struggles in. And the sad part is that it isn't his fault. Countless times we have seen Kane thrusted into poor storylines and even more recently poor gimmicks.

History - 9.5/10
What is there you can't say Kane has done during his entire time with the WWE. The man has done it all from winning World Championships to having the most eliminations in the Royal Rumble. The name Kane now oozes with history.

Kane Vs The Undertaker Wrestlemania XIV

This match was amazing, as per usual it had the special Wrestlemania feel to it. Nobody really expected the match to happen, but the build-up and the match itself were superb. Both men told a story in the ring. In everything they did even down to their aesthetics. Therefore, this match for me really just sums up how good Kane is. His storytelling can be amazing and if he were handled correctly throughout his entire career he would certainly be up there as one of the greats.

Kane Overall - 32.5/40

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On 6/17/2019 at 6:41 PM, Alex Costa said:


Image result for cesaro


Gimmick - 6.5/10

During his entire time with the WWE, Cesaro has had an alright gimmick. Towards the start of his time with the company, his gimmick wasn't amazing. But overtime it has improved and now he has a decent gimmick which he understands and has stuck with for a long time now.

Move-Set - 7.5/10
It doesn't feel as if Cesaro has been with the WWE for five years. That is because of how fresh his move-set is. He is able to perform a plethora of moves which entice fans and make his matches unique and entertaining. However, I am marking him down as due to the WWE's rules he is not able to show his full potential and every move he can do. Also, his shoulder injury still limits what he can do in the ring.

Usage - 4/10
It isn't a very well hid secret that Cesaro is used extremely badly. With a wrestler of his talent, he deserves to be up in the main event scene. The WWE though just haven't done this. And the way they use him is awful. He clearly deserves much better, so due to no fault of his own, he scores a four.

History - 6/10

Due to his poor usage. I have to mark Cesaro down for history as well. Although he has had some memorable moments as part of the WWE. The fact that he hasn't won a World Championship yet marks hit down considerably and is what separates him from everyone else who I have marked highly in this department.

Cesaro Vs Sami Zayn NXT 2/3 Falls Match

This was an amazing match. Both men wrestled their hearts out. And although admittedly I don't know enough about NXT to know anything about the build-up, the payoff was immense. I would definitely recommend checking out the match if you haven't seen it already. One of the best 2/3 falls matches ever.

Cesaro Overall - 24/40

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On 6/20/2019 at 12:50 AM, Epic1237_ said:

Wade Barrett

Image result for wade barrett


Gimmick - 7/10

I feel like Wade Barrett is one of the more underrated superstars of recent times in the WWE. His gimmicks are always good, and he plays his character really well. Whether it was him as the leader of the Nexus as an extremely cocky heel, or him as the patriarchal leader being slapped by Wayne Rooney.

Move-Set - 7/10
In the ring, Barrett is alright. He isn't the best and he isn't the worst. Hes the kind of guy you can rely on to produce a decent match. In the ring he is alright and his move-set its his gimmick which is always a good sign.

Usage - 5/10
Since his Nexus days, Barrett usage has been slowly declining leading up to his release. Although he had a slight resurgence as King Barrett, he just hasn't been used in the correct ways. That is why I am rating him so lowly.

History - 6.5/10
Barrett has an alright history. He won some titles and was involved in some high calibre feuds. However, a lot of the feuds and matches he was involved in were not of any substantial note.

Randy Orton Vs Wade Barrett (John Cena As Referee) Survivor Series 2010

This match was amazing. The in-ring work was decent and the storytelling involved was great. The whole thing with whether Cena would be fired or let free from the Nexus was entertaining. With him being fired but coming back to take out the Nexus. Barrett played a key role in this match and made it very entertaining.

Wade Barrett Overall - 25.5/40

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