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Angelo Caito

BPZ Music League 2

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So, thanks to the creator and man who made it fun for letting me do this, I'm proud to welcome you all to the second annual of BPZ Music League. Everything remains the same with a different host. 



1. Event starts when we receive five to ten people to start with. Goal is by November 5th, 2017.

2. You submit 2 songs per week that pertain to the theme of that week (will go into detail on weekly themes later.)

3. Submit your songs to me via PM using song links. All submissions are to be sent in by Wednesday. I'll provide the google docs. 

Example: https://open.spotify.com/track/5r29mFrurlVBbqJzjr2XW6

4. On Wednesday I'll create a playlist of all the songs and will share it with you so you can listen through. I'd suggest giving the playlist a few listens through. 

5. On Saturday, we'll vote on our favorite songs, again in PM. (Using google docs, I'll send a template to you each week) You are able to give 5 upvotes (3 per artist) and 1 downvote. To protect against politicking, don't discuss the songs you voted for until after you've voted. Also, try not to give all your votes to your own song.

6. On Sunday, I'll tally up all the votes, the person's song with the most upvotes is the winner of the week, the person with the most accumulative votes and the end of the season is the overall winner. 



5 upvotes for the songs you feel are the strongest submissions, regardless of whether or not you’ve heard them before.

No more than 3 upvotes can be applied to a single song or artist. 

1 downvote for the song you feel is the weakest submission.

If you fail to vote before the voting deadline, no votes allocated to your submission for that week will be counted towards your total vote count. 



With the announcement of the winners for each week, I'll also announce the new theme for the week. The purpose of the themes is to add a little bit more diversity to each week, and also to make it easier to find songs that fit into this category. It is strongly encouraged that you vote for the songs you feel best fit the theme of the week, regardless of whether or not you’ve heard them before. The single downvote should be applied to the song you feel was furthest from meeting the theme. 

Sign up if you're interested.

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Enter Sandman: 4 @Bart

Cult Of Personality: 4 @Prince

The Game: 3 @Emperor Nate

Crazy Train: 3 @SummerGamz

Judas: 3 @Bart

Ace Of Spades: 2 @Slim

For Whom The Bells Toll: 1 @Slim

Eye Of A Stranger: 1 @George AK

The Diary Of Jane: -1 @Prince

Domination: -1 @Rex Mundi

The rest of the songs were either not voted or upvoted and downvoted to equal zero points. Congrats to Bart and Prince for winning week one! And congrats to Gill and Prince also for taking the Biggest L in this round. 

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Week 2:

Birthday sex (Summer): 5

Lets Get It On (Prince): 4

Rock With You: 3

Earned It (Summer): 3

Sex Bomb (George): 2

Smack That (Gill): 2

Pony (Prince): 2

How It Going Down (Nate): 1

Wet The Bed (Gill): 1

Slob On My Knob (monda): 1

Drunk In Love (Ark): 1

Loungin (Nate): -1

Hotline Bling  (Ark): -4

Congrats to @SummerGamzfor winning this weeks challenge. And congrats to @Ark Universefor taking the Biggest L. Next theme is Disney Songs. 

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