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WWE Dreams 2K18

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Tamina is furious with Carmella as it’s revealed that Carmella was going to give Tamina the first shot at the SDL Women’s Championship if Carmella won it and that’s why Tamina attacked Carmella’s opponents. They teamed up together in a losing effort against Naomi and SDL Women’s Champion Sasha Banks.

SDL GM Stephanie McMahon and United States Champion Kevin Owens are talking. Owens can’t believe what Triple H did at No Mercy, forcing KO to defend his US Title. He says Triple H can’t do that. She says he can and he did and unfortunately, she has to make a decision as well that Kevin isn’t going to like. She says Daniel Bryan will get a rematch for the US Championship at the next pay-per-view. She gives Kevin Owens the night off but puts Daniel Bryan in the main event against an opponent of KO’s choosing. He looks around for someone throughout the show. He finds Baron Corbin who says he’ll do it on one condition: a shot at the US Title. Kevin Owens says forget it. He finds Rusev who refuses. KO tells him to bring Lana back. Maybe then Rusev will be relevant again. It seems like Owens can’t find an opponent for Bryan until he sees someone off camera. He picks this mystery person. Daniel Bryan comes out for the match and awaits his opponent.


The Eater of Worlds is back! Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan with the Slammy Award winner for Finisher of the Year: Sister Abigail. After the match, Kevin Owens laid out Bryan with a Pop-up Powerbomb.

The Usos begin to address The New Day until The Prime Time Players show up to claim there was controversy in their match last week against The New Day. Replays show that Darren Young’s shoulder wasn’t down for the entire three count. They challenge The New Day to a rematch and lose fair and square. New Day are still set to face The Usos at the next pay-per-view.

The new WWE Champion Seth Rollins thanked the fans for their support throughout his career. He said it took him longer than he expected but he is finally WWE Champion! He is interrupted by Dean Ambrose. The Lunatic Fringe goes face to face with Rollins before extending his arm out for a fist bump. Seth does the same. Bobby Roode comes out and says this is making him sick. He says Rollins has something of his and he wants it back but on his terms. He goes on to say that he didn’t need Rollins to be his personal assistant because he found something much more glorious. All of a sudden, Ambrose and Rollins are attacked from behind. 





It’s revealed to be former Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre! He’s back! Bobby Roode smiles in approval.

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WWE Dreams announced the return of NXT is coming soon. Here is everything you need to know:

-Shane McMahon will return as the general manager.

-The NXT World, Women's, and Tag Team Championships will return, as well as the Cruiserweight Championship which will be exclusive to NXT.

-There will be four Triple Threat Matches, followed by a Fatal 4-Way consisting of the winners to determine the Cruiserweight Champion. These are the matchups:

Gran Metalik vs Noam Dar vs Sin Cara

Rich Swann vs TJP vs Kalisto

Akira Tozawa vs Neville vs Cedric Alexander

Jack Gallagher vs The Brian Kendrick vs Tyson Kidd

-NXT will host a Minor Show called 205 Live featuring only the cruiserweights.

-NXT will host 5 pay-per-view events a year.

-NXT Superstars can be called up to compete on RAW or SDL and RAW or SDL Superstars can be sent down to compete on NXT.

-The first episode of NXT airs in four weeks.


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Following the announcement made by RAW GM Triple H, SDL GM Stephanie McMahon has made an announcement of her own. On the next  SDL, former WWE Champion Bobby Roode will go one on one with The Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose. Will WWE Champion Seth Rollins be in Ambrose’s corner? And where does “The Chosen One” Drew McIntyre fit into all of this?


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Not to be outdone by the other general managers, NXT GM Shane McMahon has just announced a few names of Superstars who will be joining his NXT roster and they may sound familiar to the WWE Dreams Universe. They are:


Albert debuted last season and teamed up with Christian.

The Brian Kendrick

The Brian Kendrick is a former WWE Tag Team Champion as part of the exciting team The HooliganZ. Kendrick will be competing in the tournament for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Curt Hawkins

Curt Hawkins was actually Zack Ryder’s first partner before Mojo Rawley. They were known as NeXt GeNeration.

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre was a contestant in season one of Superstars. His pro was Triple H. Even after being eliminated, Drew McIntyre found success in WWE Dreams by becoming Intercontinental Champion and facing Legends like Shawn Michaels and Undertaker. McIntyre recently returned on SDL.

Mickie James

Mickie James is a former multi-time Women’s Champion. She no doubt has her sights set on the NXT Women’s Title.

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Nia Jax & Bayley defeat Alicia Fox & Alexa Bliss


RAW Women's Champion Charlotte Flair walks to the ring and stands face to face with Nia Jax and the two exchange words. Michael Cole announces they will face off next week for the RAW Women's Championship.


Samoa Joe calls out RAW GM Triple H to the ring. He asks the general manager if he saw what he did to Randy Orton and AJ Styles at No Mercy and last week on RAW. Triple H says he did. Joe asks him to tell him what he wants to hear. Triple H says that at the next pay-per-view, it will be AJ Styles defending the Universal Championship against Samoa Joe...and Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match! He tells Joe to get ready for his match later with Konnor.

Sami Zayn defeats Luke Gallows



Renee Young interviews RAW Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro. She asks them if they believed they would become RAW Tag Team Champions so soon after teaming up. They say they did. Cesaro begins to praise Sheamus, saying he's a former World Champion, United States Champion, and Tag Team Champion. Sheamus calls Cesaro one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions in WWE Dreams history. They are then approached by Paul Heyman who congratulates them. He calls himself a genius. Michael Cole wonders if The Bar are Heyman's new clients.

Samoa Joe defeats Konnor

After the match, Randy Orton attempted to RKO Samoa Joe but Joe escaped. Orton delivered an RKO to Konnor and Viktor.


Universal Champion AJ Styles comes to the ring and says he's being asked backstage how he feels about defending his title against two men so he came out here to answer everybody's question. He holds up the Universal Championship and says it means he's the best. He says he's overcome greater odds in his career before and the result this time will be no different. "They don't call me phenomenal for nothing."

Dolph Ziggler defeats Apollo Crews






Roman Reigns defeats Braun Strowman

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Dean Ambrose says Bobby Roode certainly has a type. Long dark hair, full beard, and lots and lots of chest hair. Ambrose asks why he wasn’t considered for the job of being Roode’s bitch and comes to the conclusion that Drew McIntyre was born to do it. Dean says he won’t be out there alone in his and Roode’s match tonight. WWE Champion Seth Rollins appears and says he’ll be joining Ambrose. Oh, and that he looks pretty good in that picture.

Bray Wyatt def. Aiden English via Sister Abigail

SDL General Manager Stephanie McMahon and United States Champion Kevin Owens are talking backstage. She tells Kevin that he didn’t make any friends last week and both Baron Corbin and Rusev demanded matches against him. Owens tells her that he can’t risk getting injured before he defends the US Title against Daniel Bryan at the next pay-per-view. She says she understands and puts Corbin and Rusev in a Handicap Match against Bryan.

Tamina & Carmella def. Naomi & SDL Women’s Champion Sasha Banks via Superfly Splash by Tamina on Naomi

Rusev & Baron Corbin def. Daniel Bryan by way of submission via Accolade by Rusev

Kevin Owens comes out on stage and applauds Corbin and Rusev.

Tye Dillinger, Enzo Amore, & Big Cass def. Shinsuke Nakamura & Breezango via Tye Breaker by Tye Dillinger on Tyler Breeze

The New Day apologize to the WWE Dreams Universe for how they carried themselves last season. They say they will make it up by taking the SDL Tag Team Titles from The Usos.

During the Dean Ambrose vs Bobby Roode match, Drew McIntyre ran in and attacked Seth Rollins. Ambrose performed a suicide dive onto McIntyre. The referee was distracted by all the chaos. When Ambrose attempted Dirty Deeds on Roode, Maryse delivered a low blow to Dean, allowing Bobby to finish him off.

Bobby Roode def. Dean Ambrose via Glorious DDT

Seth Rollins challenged Drew McIntyre to a match next week.

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RAW begins with GM Triple H in the ring. He runs down the confirmed matches for the next pay-per-view:

- AJ Styles defends the Universal Championship against Randy Orton and Samoa Joe in a Triple Threat Match.

- Sami Zayn challenges Finn Balor for the United Kingdom Championship.

- Kevin Owens defends the United States Championship against Daniel Bryan.

- The New Day challenge The Usos for the SDL Tag Team Championship.

Triple H then reveals the name of the next pay-per-view.

Triple H announces one more match for the pay-per-view. Achain-link fence didn't stop them, a steel cage didn't stop them, but maybe this will. Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman inside Hell in a Cell!

Sami Zayn def. Karl Anderson via Blue Thunder Bomb

After the match, The Balor Club attempted to beat down Zayn like they did last week but Dolph Ziggler made the save.


Michael Cole hypes up the main event RAW Women's Championship Match.

R-Truth & Apollo Crews def. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel

Universal Champion AJ Styles joins Michael Cole. Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves on commentary.

Randy Orton & Samoa Joe def. The Ascension

Randy Orton and Samoa Joe were in each other's face as The Ascension entered the ring. The bell rang and Joe immediately locked in the Coquina Clutch on Konnor and Orton hit the RKO on Viktor to win the match. Joe then attacked Orton and threw him out of the ring. He went after him but Orton tossed Joe into AJ Styles. The three were separated by security.

Renee Young interviews the RAW Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro. She asks them flat out if they are Paul Heyman's new clients. They say no. She asks if they're curious as to who is. They say all they're curious about is their next challengers...

Bayley def. Emma

Nia Jax def. Charlotte Flair via countout

Triple H announces Nia Jax will get a rematch when Charlotte Flair defends the RAW Women's Championship...in Hell in a Cell!

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SDL Women’s Champion Sasha Banks def. Natalya via Bankrupt

Tamina ran in after the match and kicked Sasha Banks before delivering a splash on the Women’s Champion.


Daniel Bryan went to SDL GM Stephanie McMahon’s office and asked her what kind of hell she’s going to put him through tonight. She tells him he has the night off, to go grab his things, and get the hell out of her arena because she has to go to the ring to make an announcement.

Naomi def. Carmella via Split-legged moonsault

Daniel Bryan heads to the locker room. He opens the door and is jumped by Kevin Owens. KO throws Bryan into the lockers and kicks him.


Was this a set up?

Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring and pretends to be concerned for Daniel Bryan. She says she has two announcements to make. The first is Naomi will face Tamina next week with the winner becoming the #1 Contender for the SDL Women’s Championship. The second announcement is regarding Seth Rollins’ challenge to Drew McIntyre for a match tonight. WWE Champion Seth Rollins joins the GM in the ring and wants to know why he isn’t facing Drew tonight. Stephanie tells Seth that McIntyre is an NXT Superstar and she can’t book him in matches on SmackDown Live. However, she spoke to her brother Shane McMahon, the GM of NXT, and he agreed to let McIntyre compete at the next pay-per-view. So she announces that at Hell in a Cell, there will be a Tag Team Match. It will be WWE Champion Seth Rollins teaming up with Dean Ambrose against Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre! All of a sudden, Maryse comes out to the ring. She reveals that Bobby Roode wants his rematch for the WWE Championship next week. Stephanie McMahon makes the match official: Bobby Roode vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship next week!

Breezango def. Hype Bros

The New Day and the SDL Tag Team Champions The Usos are in the ring. New Day say they heard The Usos call them the two best tag teams in WWE Dreams. New Day propose they prove it by making their title match...a Hell in a Cell Match! The Usos accept and lay out their challengers in the ring.

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Tye Dillinger in a No Disqualification Match



Bray Wyatt delivers Sister Abigail to Shinsuke Nakamura and poses on top of him as SDL ends.

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Universal Championship

AJ Styles (c) vs Samoa Joe vs Randy Orton


Bobby Roode & Drew McIntyre vs Dean Ambrose & WWE Champion Seth Rollins


United States Championship

Kevin Owens (c) vs Daniel Bryan


Hell in a Cell

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman


RAW Women's Championship | Hell in a Cell

Charlotte Flair (c) vs Nia Jax


SDL Tag Team Championship | Hell in a Cell

The Usos (c) vs The New Day


United Kingdom Championship

Finn Balor (c) vs Sami Zayn


What will happen on RAW and SDL with only one week remaining before Hell in a Cell?

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Universal Championship - AJ Styles (C)
I think this match will be fantastic as it has enough star power to peek interest. However, I think Styles is going to retain as I don't see Joe walking out with the belt, but I wouldn't mind if he did.

United States Championship - Kevin Owens (C)
Owens will take advantage of Bryan's old injuries and will make sure that he walks out with the United States Championship, even if it means Bryan doesn't walk out on his own two feet or worse.

Hell in a Cell - Roman Reigns
Honestly, I want Strowman to win this match but let's be honest it's Roman Reigns. He will continue to fight until every last breath is beaten out of him or Strowman falls, which is more likely to happen first.

RAW Women's Championship - Nia Jax
I am hoping for Nia Jax to win since she should be booked as a monstrous heel who rarely loses. However, if Charlotte Flair pulls out the victory and retains that will be fine with me as well.

SmackDown Tag Titles - The Usos (C)
I'm hoping the Usos retain as I love their work as heels but New Day winning would be awesome as well. This is one of the few matches I don't mind what the outcome is as they are clearly going to put on an amazing show. I do wonder what two members of the New Day will be in the match though.

UK Championship - Finn Balor (C)
I can see Finn Balor retaining the title here but if Zayn wins that is fine as well. I do want to see Balor walk out as champ though.

Overall, you got a good line up of matches planned and I am excited about the show but I am thinking match of the night will be Usos Vs. New Day for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, or the United States Championship match between Owens and Bryan.

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RAW & SDL Highlights:


-Randy Orton delivers RKOs to Samoa Joe and AJ Styles.

-Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman step inside Hell in a Cell in a preview for their match.

-Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler def. The Club; Ziggler will be in Zayn’s corner at Hell in a Cell.

-RAW Tag Team Champions The Bar def. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel; The Bludgeon Brothers are coming

-RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair begs Nia Jax to not go through with their match at Hell in a Cell. Nia says if she loses to an opponent of Charlotte’s choosing, she’ll call off the match. Nia Jax def. Dana Brooke. Nia tells Charlotte she’ll see her in Hell.



-SDL Tag Team Champions The Usos want to know what two members of The New Day they will be facing at Hell in a Cell. They reveal it will be Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. However, The Usos’ opponent tonight is Big E in a Handicap Match. Big E def. The Usos.

-Naomi def. Tamina to become #1 Contender; Carmella interfered and the referee disqualified Tamina.

-Bray Wyatt comments on his attack last week: “They call you an artist. You’re no artist. I am an artist. And you, Shinsuke Nakamura, (whispers) will be my masterpiece.”

-Seth Rollins vs Bobby Roode for the WWE Championship results in a No Contest due to interference by Drew McIntyre and Dean Ambrose. Rollins attempts the Ripcord on Roode but Drew makes the save.

-General Manager Stephanie McMahon bans Daniel Bryan from the arena as he seeks revenge against Kevin Owens. The United States Champion may be safe from Bryan, but not Rusev and Baron Corbin who have unfinished business with KO. They chase after him. Owens runs away to the parking lot. He gets in his car and tells the driver to go. Nothing happens. Owens asks if there’s anyone there. The driver says, “Yes!” KO asks if the driver can hear. The driver says, “Yes!” Kevin asks the driver if he knows how to drive. The driver says, “Yes!” KO asks if they’ll be leaving anytime soon. The driver turns toward Kevin. It’s revealed to be Daniel Bryan. He says, “YES!” Bryan slams on the gas and speeds out of the parking lot. “Highway to Hell” plays as the Hell in a Cell logo fades in.

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RAW Highlight Reaction:
Randy Orton delivering an RKO to both Joe and Styles was awesome. It shows that he is a threat to them and could easily walk out with that title since all it takes is 1 RKO.

Reigns and Strowman stepping inside Hell in a Cell was awesome as it gave us a truly epic preview of their match. I do hope that this match doesn't disappoint and they make it a truly brutal contest.

Zayn and Ziggler defeating the Club was expected. Ziggler being in Zayn's corner for Hell in a Cell is a bit surprising as I thought it was just gonna be Balor and Zayn.

The Bar defeating Dallas and Axel was expected. It was a squash match but The Bludgeon Brothers should be exciting when they debut.

Charlotte Flair begging Nia Jax not to go through with their match just shows how dominant Nia Jax can be and her defeating Brooke was easily foreseen.

SmackDown Live Highlight Reaction:
The Usos losing to Big E was disappointing. I was kinda hoping The Usos would attack and take out Big E to build momentum. However, seeing Kofi and Woods take on The Usos will be exciting.

Naomi defeating Tamina to become #1 Contender was great. Carmella interfering and costing Tamina the match wasn't very good in my opinion.

Bray Wyatt's promo was sick. I'm looking forward to his feud with Nakamura.

Rollins and Roode ending in a no contest sucked. However, seeing McIntyre and Ambrose stop the match was kinda awesome.

Stephanie McMahon banning Bryan from the arena was a smart move, don't want anything ruining a possible match of the night for Hell in a Cell. However, Bryan being revealed as the limo driver reminds me of Teddy Long and Taker so that was awesome too.

Overall good week of shows and I am looking forward to Hell in a Cell. I wonder what happened after SmackDown ended though as it did leave us with a cliffhanger with Bryan and Owens.

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