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WWE Dreams 2K18

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With two weeks remaining until RAW goes to war with SDL at Survivor Series: Bragging Rights, RAW GM and team member Triple H has booked a huge main event for this Monday’s show. On one side, accompanied by Dolph Ziggler, United Kingdom Champion Finn Bálor steps in for an injured Karl Anderson to team with former Intercontinental Champion Luke Gallows. On the other, Universal Champion AJ Styles and #1 Contender Braun Strowman team up before Survivor Series with Triple H ringside.

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”Mr. America Is Coming To RAW...TONIGHT!”

Samoa Joe’s theme song hits and the crowd goes nuts. Both Joe and Randy Orton are in action tonight to try to gain momentum heading into their clash at Survivor Series: Bragging Rights. Apollo Crews makes his way to the ring but as he gets on the apron, Samoa Joe grabs him and tosses him in the ring. The match starts and Joe unleashes kicks and suplexes on Crews before making him tap out to the Coquina Clutch.

Samoa Joe def. Apollo Crews

Joe broke out after the match and hit Apollo with the Muscle Buster.

Alexa Bliss says the fans should be grateful she won the Battle Royal last week to join Team RAW because now RAW actually has a chance of winning at Survivor Series: Bragging Rights. She says the team has a Champion, a Queen, an Empress, and now a Goddess. Bliss joins Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton on commentary for the next match.

Bayley, Charlotte Flair, and Asuka def. Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke, and Emma; Charlotte and Bayley argued the whole match and kept tagging themselves in. After Charlotte hit Natural Selection on Fox, Bayley tagged in to pin Alicia and win the match. Asuka tried to calm Charlotte down and Alexa Bliss said she’s the team’s only hope.

Sami Zayn comes out for his match with Randy Orton but The Viper doesn’t waste any time and attacks The Underdog from the Underground on the stage. He throws Zayn into the steps and barricade. In the ring now, Orton overpowers Sami with signature moves. Randy sets up to punt kick Zayn but Samoa Joe’s music and arrival on stage distracts Orton. Joe just stands there and stares down The Apex Predator. Sami Zayn gets up and Randy Orton RKO’s him. He doesn’t go for the pin, though. Instead, he puts Sami Zayn on the top turnbuckle and delivers a Super RKO for the win.

Randy Orton def. Sami Zayn

The RAW Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro accept the SDL Tag Team Champions The Usos’ challenge for Survivor Series: Bragging Rights. They are cut off by yet another promo for The Bludgeon Brothers.

The Revival def. The Ascension

The RAW General Manager Triple H comes to the ring and awaits his fellow Team RAW members for their match. But they don’t show. The lights go out.


The New Day are on RAW! And they’re not alone. Baron Corbin, Rusev, The CGPA, Tye Dillinger, The Usos, and Daniel Bryan are here as well! Cameras backstage show Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose attacking AJ Styles. Back on stage, SDL General Manager Stephanie McMahon joins her men. Triple H starts taking off his suit in the ring but Kevin Owens comes from behind! The rest of the SDL roster runs down to the ring and they all gang up on The Game. Rollins and Ambrose drag the Universal Champion AJ Styles to the ring. Styles and Triple H are helpless. The RAW locker room starts to empty. The Club, The Revival, The Ascension, and The Bar clear out some of the members of SDL. Styles tries to fight back but gets Superkicked by Rollins. Triple H takes down Ambrose but Owens stops him and beats him down. Where is Braun Strowman? RAW needs help!








Kurt Angle runs to the ring. He slides in and ducks a clothesline from Dean Ambrose and suplexes Seth Rollins. He ducks another clothesline from Kevin Owens and suplexes Dean Ambrose. Angle Slam to Kevin Owens! The fans are losing their minds! The RAW Superstars send SDL packing. Angle helps Triple H and AJ Styles up. Triple H raises Kurt’s arm up as it’s become apparent that Kurt Angle is not only Mr. America, but Kurt Angle is the final member of Team RAW!

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SDL begins with the return of John Cena! He’s here to explain why he joined Team SDL at Survivor Series: Bragging Rights. His career started on SmackDown. He was drafted to SmackDown. His help was needed. Cena is quickly cut off by Kevin Owens. The former United States Champion says Cena isn’t needed or wanted on the team. Kevin says Cena doesn’t deserve to be on the team. He reminds John that at last year’s Survivor Series, KO eliminated Cena within minutes. The WWE Champion Seth Rollins comes out next and says they could use someone like John Cena on the team. He shakes Cena’s hand. Dean Ambrose is out now and says he has to agree with Kevin that Cena doesn’t belong on the team. Ambrose mentions that he beat Cena at No Mercy. An argument breaks out between the four. SDL General Manager Stephanie McMahon comes out and tells them to stop. Kevin Owens says if she doesn’t kick Cena off the team, then he’s off the team. Stephanie makes a match: Kevin Owens vs John Cena. If Kevin beats Cena, Cena’s off the team.

Backstage, Superstars of SDL are guarding the main entrance to the arena, prepared for a RAW invasion.

In the ring, Aiden English is singing. The arena goes dark.


Bobby Roode def. Aiden English

The Usos def. Breezango

Backstage, RAW General Manager Triple H has arrived. The SDL Superstars try to hold him back. He says he came alone to talk to his wife. Stephanie tells them to let him through. He asks her what the hell that was on RAW. She tells him it’s the spirit of competition. He says to save it for Survivor Series. After tonight, it’s over. Stephanie tells Triple H he shouldn’t worry why SDL was on RAW but how they got in.

United States Championship

Daniel Bryan def. Kofi Kingston

Stephanie McMahon tells SDL Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, Naomi, Carmella, and Tamina that they will compete in a Fatal 4-Way at TLC for the SDL Women’s Championship. But first, they will represent Team SDL at Survivor Series: Bragging Rights.

Bray Wyatt def. Rusev

After the match, Bray Wyatt says next week, he takes out your biggest hero of all.

John Cena def. Kevin Owens; Triple H returned to the arena and Pedigreed Owens while the referee and John Cena were knocked out. Ambrose and Rollins were in Owens’ and Cena’s corners respectively but they were tossed out earlier in the match. Cena would hit an AA on Owens to solidify his spot on Team SDL.

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NXT Tag Team Championship Series

Hype Bros def. Authors of Pain to advance to the finals to face #DIY

NXT Championship Series

Curt Hawkins def. Eric Young to advance to the finals

Goldust and StaR-Truth are in the locker room. Goldust said they had to make some budget cuts last week and that The Golden Truth will be delayed. However, he vows to make a star out of Truth.

NXT Championship Series

Jinder Mahal def. No Way Jose to advance to the finals

NXT Women’s Championship Series

Ruby Riot def. Ember Moon to advance to the finals to face Mickie James; Mickie James and Ruby Riot stared each other down

NXT Championship Series

A-Train def. Rhyno to advance to the finals


NXT TakeOver

NXT Women’s Championship

Mickie James vs Ruby Riot

NXT Tag Team Championship

#DIY vs Hype Bros

NXT Championship

Curt Hawkins vs Jinder Mahal vs A-Train

Cruiserweight Championship

Noam Dar vs The Brian Kendrick vs TJP vs Neville


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NXT TakeOver

Breaking news: Noam Dar suffered a concussion during his match with The Brian Kendrick on 205 Live and is not medically cleared to compete. Therefore, the Cruiserweight Championship Match will now be a Triple Threat. The NXT Championship Match will now be a Fatal 4-Way and the fourth competitor will be determined in the first match.

Second-Chance Battle Royal

Drew McIntyre def. staR-Truth*, Elias, Kassius Ohno, Aleister Black, Eric Young, Rhyno, No Way Jose, Lars Sullivan to advance

*=Roderick Strong was found unconscious backstage; staR-Truth took his place

Former NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is in the audience.

NXT Women’s Championship

Mickie James def. Ruby Riot; Becky Lynch jumped the barricade and stared down Mickie James

NXT Tag Team Championship

#DIY def. Hype Bros

Cruiserweight Championship

The Brian Kendrick def. Neville, TJP

NXT Championship

Curt Hawkins def. A-Train, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre

Edited by Legendsorigin

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Kurt Angle speaks about his return after being away for nearly 10 years. He talks about the Iron Man Match with Bret Hart, retiring, coming back as the Masked Man, and then leaving again. He also reminds us that he was the first WWE Champion. He says the fans deserved better from him. He says he came back for them. He says there’s a new championship that represents the WWE Dreams Universe called the Universal Championship. He says he wants that title and after Team RAW defeats Team SDL at Survivor Series: Bragging Rights, he wants his shot.

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan return to RAW and join Kurt Angle in the ring. They tell him that they’ve emulated their careers after him. He’s their hero and they’re so happy he’s back. Angle thanks them.

United Kingdom Champion Finn Balor, Luke Gallows, and Dolph Ziggler come out on stage. Finn says no one cares that Kurt Angle is back. He also says he has no idea who American Alpha are. Gallows says they’re a bunch of nerds. Jason Jordan says it would be an honor to team with Kurt and challenges The Club to a 6-Man Tag Team Match later tonight. Ziggler accepts. Finn and Luke stare at him.

Backstage, RAW General Manager Triple H is looking for Braun Strowman. He finds him and interrogates him about why he didn’t help him and AJ Styles last week when SDL invaded. He accuses Braun of being the one who let SDL in. Braun quickly says he wasn’t out there last week not because he let SDL in but because he saw who did. Triple H asks who it was. Braun says

Roman Reigns.

Alexa Bliss is accompanied by the rest of Team RAW for her match. She tells them to watch how it’s done. She wasn’t expecting her opponent to be Nia Jax!

Alexa Bliss def. Nia Jax via count out

Kurt Angle is found unconscious backstage. The 6-Man Tag is now 2-on-2.

American Alpha def. Luke Gallows and Finn Bálor

The Revival def. The Bar; a Bludgeon Brothers promo aired during the match distracting The Bar.

Triple H, along with Braun Strowman and Universal Champion AJ Styles, calls out Roman Reigns. Roman comes out and confronts them. Triple H asks Roman why he let SDL in last week. Roman says he didn’t. Triple H reveals footage showing Dean Ambrose and WWE Champion Seth Rollins arriving to the arena. Roman steps in front of them but then steps aside and lets them in. Triple H looks furious and asks Roman if he’s Shield or if he’s RAW.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are here! Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman start exchanging blows, Ambrose and Triple H go at it, and the two champions Seth and AJ Styles fight. Roman Spears Strowman, Seth Superkicks AJ, and The Shield delivers a Triple Powerbomb to Triple H to end RAW.

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United States Championship

Daniel Bryan awaits his next challenger. It’s Bray Wyatt!

Daniel Bryan def. Bray Wyatt via DQ; Wyatt continued to assault Bryan after the match until Shinsuke Nakamura returned and took out Bray.

SmackDown Live returns from break with Team RAW in the ring? General Manager Triple H, Universal Champion AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Kurt Angle, RAW Women’s Champion Bayley, Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Alexa Bliss, and RAW Tag Team Champions Sheamus & Cesaro are all here. SDL General Manager Stephanie McMahon comes out with Team SDL: WWE Champion Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, John Cena, SDL Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, Naomi, Carmella, Tamina, and SDL Tag Team Champions The Usos. Stephanie tells Triple H he can’t hijack her show. He asks why not since she did on RAW after they agreed to wait until Survivor Series: Bragging Rights. She says Rollins and Ambrose acted alone. Triple H points to Kurt Angle and asks which one of her guys attacked him on RAW. She says she has no idea what he’s talking about. He says he’s not waiting for SS:BR any longer. Team SDL start heading to the ring. The brawl is on! The women start scrapping outside the ring, The Usos and The Bar fight through the crowd. Triple H and Kevin Owens are throwing each other into the ring posts. AJ Styles and Seth Rollins are putting on a wrestling clinic in the ring. Kurt Angle locks in the Angle Lock on Dean Ambrose outside the ring. John Cena puts Braun Strowman through the announce table with an AA. Triple H rips the apron off the ring and chokes Owens with it. Angle tosses Ambrose into the LED board. AJ and Seth break apart the ring ropes. The entire SDL set is being destroyed and the signal is lost.

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Nikki Cross def. Mickie James; Becky Lynch distracted James

Drew McIntyre def. Curt Hawkins

SAnitY def. Hype Bros

Neville def. TJP

Jinder Mahal def. The Brian Kendrick


205 Live

Noam Dar is cleared to compete.

Noam Dar def. Gran Metalik

Hideo Itami def. Tozawa

Neville def. Tyson Kidd

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Team RAW vs Team SDL

Triple H, AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Kurt Angle vs Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, John Cena

Samoa Joe vs Randy Orton

Team RAW vs Team SDL

Bayley, Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks, Naomi, Carmella, Tamina

Bray Wyatt vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Team RAW vs Team SDL

RAW Tag Team Champions The Bar vs SDL Tag Team Champions The Usos

And more!

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RAW & SDL present...



Michael Cole: It has been a wild and chaotic few weeks but we made it. Welcome to Survivor Series: Bragging Rights!

Corey Graves: It's the one night a year RAW and SmackDown Live go head-to-head in competition.

Byron Saxton: We'll see champions versus champions, a Traditional Survivor Series Women's Tag Team Elimination Match, and a Traditional Survivor Series Men's Tag Team Elimination Match.

Corey Graves: Take a breath, Saxton. Cole, you said it was a wild ride to get here and you aren't kidding.

Michael Cole: For the first time ever, SmackDown Live was canceled while the show was going on! During the brawl between RAW and SDL, the signal was lost and the show ended.

Byron Saxton: What about Roman Reigns letting SDL into the RAW arena to beat down Triple H and AJ Styles? We also saw a Shield reunion and a Triple Powerbomb to Triple H!

Corey Graves: Last but not least, the return of former WWE Champion and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle! Angle set his sights on becoming Universal Champion but will first represent Team RAW tonight.



The New Day challenge any RAW team to a match. The Club accept.

Dolph Ziggler def. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, Big E

Big E eliminated Luke Gallows via Big Ending

Xavier Woods eliminated Finn Balor via Midnight Hour

Dolph Ziggler eliminated Xavier Woods via Zig-Zag

Dolph Ziggler eliminated Kofi Kingston via Superkick

Dolph Ziggler eliminated Big E via Zig-Zag


Stephanie McMahon gives a speech to the SDL women backstage.


Shinsuke Nakamura def. Bray Wyatt



SDL Women's Championship | Fatal 4-Way Match

Sasha Banks(c) vs Carmella vs Naomi vs Tamina


Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Alexa Bliss, Bayley def. Naomi, Tamina, Carmella, Sasha Banks

Bayley eliminated Naomi via Natural Selection; Charlotte Flair hit Natural Selection and Bayley tagged herself in to get the pin

Charlotte Flair eliminated Tamina via Bayley-to-Belly; Bayley hit Bayley-to-Belly and Charlotte Flair tagged herself in to get the pin

Asuka eliminated Carmella via Asuka Lock

Alexa Bliss eliminated Sasha Banks via DDT


The CGPA approach Kurt Angle backstage. They offer their protection services to him so what happened to him on RAW doesn't happen again. America Alpha show up and tell the CGPA to take a hike. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan tell Angle that they will find out who attacked him.


Michael Cole: Coming up next, Randy Orton takes on Samoa Joe. And here's how you know it's real between them. This past Monday on RAW, these two got into a fight backstage. We didn't see it because they didn't wait for cameras. These two hate each other and are about to show it.

Samoa Joe def. Randy Orton via DQ; the match spilled outside the ring where Randy Orton grabbed a chair and hit Samoa Joe with it repeatedly


The Usos def. The Bar



WWE Championship | TLC Match

Seth Rollins(c) vs Bobby Roode


United States Champion Daniel Bryan opens the US Open Challenge up to any RAW Superstar. Accepting the challenge is...

Roman Reigns!

Roman Reigns def. Daniel Bryan; NEW United States Champion

Corey Graves: Roman Reigns just won the United States Title! Does that mean the US Championship comes to RAW?

Byron Saxton: I think it does!

Corey Graves: No one asked you, Saxton.


Triple H leads his team through the backstage area.

AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Kurt Angle def. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, John Cena, Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens eliminated Triple H via sledgehammer; a brawl broke out between the teams and while the referee attempted to restore order, Kevin Owens hit Triple H with a sledgehammer

Kurt Angle eliminated Seth Rollins via Angle Lock; another brawl broke out and Bobby Roode interfered and hit Seth Rollins with a Glorious DDT

Braun Strowman eliminated Dean Ambrose and John Cena via Running Powerslam

AJ Styles eliminated Kevin Owens via Styles Clash

After the match, Braun Strowman delivered Running Powerslams to AJ Styles and Kurt Angle.

Survivor Series: Bragging Rights ends with Braun Strowman standing tall.

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The show begins with Universal Champion AJ Styles. He says it was a year ago when he was injured and that he had to scratch, crawl, and fight his way back, eventually becoming the first Universal Champion at SummerSlam. But since then, he’s felt overlooked, under-appreciated, and disrespected. He mentions Kurt Angle and his return and it’s not long before the Olympic gold medalist comes out to confront The Phenomenal One. Angle says if AJ has a problem with him to say it to his face. Kurt reminds us that he came back to become Universal Champion and he suggests that him and AJ go at it right now.


Braun Strowman joins Styles and Angle in the ring. He says no one gets a shot at the title before him.


RAW General Manager Triple H walks to the ring with a smile on his face. First, he tells Braun Strowman that he will no longer face AJ Styles at TLC in 2 weeks. Instead, he will face him...tonight! Next, Triple H talks about the Roman Reigns trade. He says people are probably wondering why he would trade Roman Reigns and lose the United States Championship back to SDL. He says there are two reasons why. One is because Roman Reigns is a traitor and two is because what Stephanie McMahon offered in the trade was just too good to pass up. He says that Superstar is here tonight and introduces him right now!








Kevin Owens is reluctant to get in the ring with the man he hit with a sledgehammer at Survivor Series: Bragging Rights but The Game tells KO there’s nothing to be scared of. He wants Owens to feel welcome to RAW. In fact, Triple H puts Kevin Owens in the main event. His opponent? Kurt Angle! Oh, and by the way, if Kevin Owens tries to get disqualified or counted out, he will be suspended without pay!

Charlotte Flair & Asuka def. Bayley & Alexa Bliss; Charlotte pinned Bayley

Charlotte Flair earned the right to choose the stipulation for their rematch for the RAW Women’s Championship at TLC.

Finn Bálor and Luke Gallows call out Dolph Ziggler. They tell him that he really proved himself when he stepped in for Karl Anderson. They officially offer him a spot in The Club.

Dolph Ziggler: Really? I can join your Club? This is amazing! What else is there to say but...nah, I’m good.

Dolph Ziggler throws The Club armband offered to him away. Finn Bálor and Luke Gallows look on confused. Dolph goes on to say that he never wanted to be in The Club. He’s better than everyone in The Club combined and he proved it at Survivor Series: Bragging Rights. Ziggler then points at Bálor’s United Kingdom Championship and says he wants a shot. Finn tells him he can have a shot if he can beat Luke Gallows tonight.

Dolph Ziggler def. Luke Gallows

Backstage, Randy Orton is alone in a dark, secluded room. He’s holding the chair he used on Samoa Joe at Survivor Series: Bragging Rights and talking about the attack. All of a sudden, a door opens and it’s Triple H.

Triple H: What the hell are you doing in here? Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that you and Samoa Joe have a rematch at TLC. Oh, and it’s going to be a Chair Match!

Braun Strowman def. AJ Styles via count out; after the match, Braun Strowman put AJ Styles through the announce table

Back from commercial break, Renee Young is in the ring with the RAW Tag Team Champions Sheamus & Cesaro. She asks them what’s going through their heads after being the only representative of RAW to lose at Survivor Series: Bragging Rights. RAW General Manager Triple H appears on the TitanTron and says The Bar needs to be punished. He sets up a RAW Tag Team Title Match: The Bar defends against The Revival.

The Bar vs The Revival results in a No Contest; The Bludgeon Brothers debuted and attacked both teams

During the Kurt Angle/Kevin Owens match, Chad Gable and Jason Jordan came out to announce that they found out who attacked Angle a couple of weeks ago.

Jason Jordan: It was...

Chad Gable:


They jump Angle, and Owens joins in on the beat down. The mastermind behind it all appears on stage and it’s


Kevin Owens and Alpha Team stand tall over Kurt Angle as RAW ends.

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AJ Styles - Universal Champion

Alexa Bliss

Alicia Fox

Apollo Crews


Bayley - Women’s Champion

Bo Dallas

Braun Strowman

Brock Lesnar - Inactive

Cesaro - Tag Team Champion

Chad Gable

Charlotte Flair

Curtis Axel

Dana Brooke

Dash Wilder

Dolph Ziggler


Erick Rowan

Finn Balor - United Kingdom Champion

Goldberg - Inactive

Heath Slater

Jason Jordan

Karl Anderson

Kevin Owens


Luke Gallows

Luke Harper

Nia Jax

Paul Heyman - Manager

Randy Orton

Sami Zayn

Samoa Joe

Scott Dawson

Sheamus - Tag Team Champion

Triple H - General Manager





Aiden English

Baron Corbin

Big Cass

Big E

Bobby Roode

Bray Wyatt


Daniel Bryan

Darren Young

Dean Ambrose

Enzo Amore


Jey Uso - Tag Team Champion

Jimmy Uso - Tag Team Champion

John Cena

Kofi Kingston

Lana - Manager

The Miz - Mr. Money in the Bank - Inactive



Nikki Bella - Inactive

Roman Reigns - United States Champion


Sasha Banks - Women's Champion

Seth Rollins - WWE Champion

Shinsuke Nakamura

Stephanie McMahon - General Manager

Summer Rae


Titus O'Neil

Tye Dillinger

Tyler Breeze

Xavier Woods






Aleister Black

Alexander Wolfe

Becky Lynch

Billie Kay

The Brian Kendrick - Cruiserweight Champion - 205 Live

Cedric Alexander - 205 Live

Curt Hawkins - NXT Champion

Drew McIntyre


Ember Moon

Epico - 205 Live

Eric Young


Gran Metalik - 205 Live

Hideo Itami - 205 Live

Jack Gallagher - 205 Live

Jinder Mahal

Johnny Gargano - Tag Team Champion - 205 Live

Kalisto - 205 Live

Kassius Ohno

Killian Dain

Lars Sullivan

Mickie James - Women’s Champion

Mojo Rawley

Neville - 205 Live

Nick Miller

Nikki Cross

No Way Jose

Noam Dar - 205 Live

Paul Ellering - Manager

Peyton Royce

Primo - 205 Live



Roderick Strong - 205 Live

Ruby Riot

Shane McMahon - General Manager

Shane Thorn

Sin Cara - 205 Live


TJP - 205 Live

Tommaso Ciampa - Tag Team Champion - 205 Live

Tyson Kidd - 205 Live

Zack Ryder

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Universal Championship

Created as the new flagship title of RAW.


AJ Styles | SummerSlam - present

WWE Championship

The most prestigious title in WWE Dreams. Champions include Kurt Angle, John Cena, Batista, and more.


Seth Rollins | No Mercy - present

Bobby Roode | SummerSlam - No Mercy

Goldberg | Royal Rumble - Payback

Undertaker | Main Event - Royal Rumble

Vince McMahon | Night of Champions - Main Event

United States Championship

Brought back to WWE Dreams by Kevin Owens. Former champions include Sheamus, Matt Hardy, Jack Swagger, and more.


Roman Reigns | Survivor Series: Bragging Rights - present

Daniel Bryan | Hell in a Cell - Survivor Series: Bragging Rights

Kevin Owens | SDL - Hell in a Cell

Raw Women’s Championship

Formerly known as the WWE Women's Championship and renamed the RAW Women's Championship after the brand-split.


Bayley | Hell in a Cell - present

Charlotte Flair | WrestleMania - Hell in a Cell

Trish Stratus | Royal Rumble - WrestleMania

SmackDown Women's Championship

Created for SmackDown Live after the WWE Women's Championship became exclusive to RAW.

Sasha Banks | No Mercy - present

Raw Tag Team Championships

Created for RAW after the WWE Tag Team Championship became exclusive to SmackDown Live.

The Bar | No Mercy - present

SmackDown Tag Team Championships

Formerly known as the WWE Tag Team Championship and renamed the SDL Tag Team Championship after the brand-split.


The Usos | SummerSlam - present

Blake & Murphy | Great Balls of Fire - SummerSlam

The Club | Main Event - Great Balls of Fire

Enzo & Cass | Fastlane - Main Event

Breeziggler | Royal Rumble - Fastlane

WWE United Kingdom Championship

Introduced by Finn Balor as a counter to Kevin Owens bringing back the United States Championship to SmackDown Live.


Finn Balor | RAW - present


The biggest prize in NXT.


Curt Hawkins | NXT TakeOver I - present


What every woman strives for in NXT.


Mickie James | NXT TakeOver I - present


The ultimate goal of the tag teams of NXT.


#DIY | NXT TakeOver I - present


The new Cruiserweight Championship; exclusive to NXT.


The Brian Kendrick | NXT TakeOver I - present

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