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WWE Dreams 2K18

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SDL GM Stephanie McMahon introduces the SDL Tag Team Champions The Usos. They say not only do they have the SDL tag division on lock, but RAW’s as well. They call themselves the greatest team in all of WWE Dreams.




Making their way through the crowd, WWE Champion Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and new United States Champion and SDL Superstar Roman Reigns! The Shield step in the ring with The Usos. Ambrose says that he must have missed the memo to bring a championship. Rollins begs to differ on The Usos being the best team. Jey Uso calls out Seth and Dean for being on the same team at Survivor Series: Bragging Rights and yet, they lost. The Usos then turn their attention to Roman Reigns and tell him that he’s on the wrong side of this war. The Usos leave. Seth tells Stephanie if it wasn’t for Bobby Roode, SDL would have won. He tells her he wants Roode tonight. She says their match is in 2 weeks at TLC. As for tonight, Roode will be in action against Roman Reigns! And speaking of Reigns, Stephanie announces that he will defend the US Title at TLC and his opponent will be decided in a 4-Man tournament. In one match, Shinsuke Nakamura will face Bray Wyatt in a SS:BR rematch. In the other match, former champion Daniel Bryan will take on Dean Ambrose!


Dean Ambrose def. Daniel Bryan


Sasha Banks, Carmella, Tamina, and Naomi are arguing and blaming each other for losing at SS:BR. Stephanie McMahon says it’s all their faults. She goes on to say that Sasha will still defend her SDL Women’s Title at TLC in a Fatal 4-Way but it might not be against the other three. Next week, Carmella, Tamina, and Naomi will be in a 6-Woman Tag Team Match. If they lose, they’re out of the title match and the women that beat them are in. Carmella asks who the other women are. Stephanie says Summer Rae, Natalya, and...

Stephanie McMahon!


Tye Dillinger def. Aiden English


The Fashion Police are walking around backstage. The CGPA show up and say the only ones around here protecting and serving is them. They suggest Fandango and Tyler Breeze find a new name. Cass suggests FanBreeze, Enzo says how ya doin’? Cass suggests Dangler, Enzo says how ya doin’? Cass suggests the Stupid Annoying Whiny Fashion Team, otherwise known as...Enzo says, “SAWWWWWWFT!” Fandango interrupts and says he kinda likes Dangler. Tyler says it’s like Danger, but with an L. Cass says you know what that L stands for and then challenges them to a match tonight to find out.


Shinsuke Nakamura def. Bray Wyatt


Seth and Roman are talking in the locker room after watching the last match. Seth points out that Roman will have to face either Shinsuke or Dean at TLC but tonight, he faces Bobby Roode. Rollins says he’ll be in Reigns’ corner.


CGPA def. Breezango; after the match, Cass takes the microphone from JoJo and says, “AND THE LOSERS OF THE MATCH...that’s what the L stands for. You know what word doesn’t have an L in it? Let me spell it out for you!”


Maryse is dressed very sexy. She is sitting on a chair with her legs crossed. She then lays down on a table. She moves on to a ladder but is too scared to climb it.


Roman Reigns def. Bobby Roode; Seth Rollins was ringside. Roode tried to leave but Dean Ambrose came out to stop him. After the match, The Shield Triple Powerbomb Roode.

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The show begins with a video replay of the ending of RAW last week. It was Angle vs Owens. Halfway through the match, Chad Gable and Jason Jordan came to the ring saying they know who attacked Kurt a couple weeks prior. They reveal it was them and proceed to finish what they started. Owens joins in on the assault. We then see Paul Heyman emerge from behind the curtain as the one pulling the strings.

Back live, General Manager Triple H is in the ring. He announces the RAW TLC main event: Kevin Owens, Chad Gable & Jason Jordan vs Universal Champion AJ Styles, Braun Strowman & Kurt Angle ...in a 6-Man Tag Team TABLE Elimination Match!

Paul Heyman comes out, holding a clipboard in his hand, and interrupts Triple H. He accuses him of having an unjustified vendetta against Kevin Owens. He says Kevin Owens came to him when he found out he was traded to RAW. Heyman says he was already priming up Gable and Jordan but saw no reason not to help KO as well. Paul bets that Kevin Owens will never be treated fairly or get a shot at the Universal Championship so long as Triple H is in charge. Triple H says Paul Heyman is absolutely right and if he has a problem with that, to do something about it. Paul Heyman challenges Triple H to a match. Paul says if he wins, he gets Triple H’s job and becomes the new RAW General Manager. Triple H laughs and says, “You’re on!” Paul reveals a contract he already made for the match. He hands it to Triple H who immediately signs it while still laughing. Paul Heyman shows a slimy smile.

Triple H leaves and Chad Gable & Jason Jordan come to the ring. They reveal why they attacked Kurt Angle. They admit to looking up to Angle and modeling their in-ring style after him. But he was supposed to be retired. He was supposed to stay retired. When he came back, it was all about him and everyone forgot about them. Gable says, “This is our time!” Kurt Angle’s music hits and the first match of the night is underway.

Kurt Angle def. Chad Gable; Jason Jordan sneak attacked Angle after the match. AJ Styles made the save and will face Jordan later tonight.

RAW Tag Team Champions Sheamus & Cesaro join Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byton Saxton on commentary.

The Bludgeon Brothers def. Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas; Cesaro & Sheamus challenge The BB to a match next week.

AJ Styles def. Jason Jordan

Charlotte Flair is in the ring. She reveals her match against Bayley at TLC by pulling a ladder from under the ring, setting it up in the ring, climbing to the top and saying, “Ladder Match!” The champ Bayley comes out and climbs opposite of Charlotte. She holds her title up at the top of the ladder and champion and challenger stare each other down.

The Club (Gallows & Bálor) await Dolph Ziggler and his partner.

Dolph Ziggler and Apollo Crews def. Luke Gallows and Finn Bálor

Heath Slater, Sami Zayn, and The Ascension are in the locker room. The door busts open and Samoa Joe runs in swinging a steel chair at everyone in sight, screaming Randy Orton’s name.

Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owens results in a No Contest. Team Alpha interfered and along with Owens, tried to triple team Strowman but to no avail. Braun cleaned house and dragged Owens to the stage. He attempted to put KO through the announce table until Paul Heyman came out and begged Braun not to do it. This allowed Team Alpha to recover and attack Strowman from behind. Triple H came out and shoved Paul Heyman down. Styles and Angle came out to even the odds. Strowman picks up Owens and slams him through the table to end RAW.

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Naomi, Tamina, Carmella vs Natalya, Summer Rae, Stephanie McMahon - If Naomi, Tamina, Carmella lose, they are out of the Fatal 4-Way @ TLC and Natalya, Summer Rae, Stephanie McMahon are in


Carmella pins Stephanie McMahon

MOTY candidate

SDL Women’s Champion Sasha Banks was on commentary and said she looks forward to TLC.

Renee Young interviews Big Cass backstage. He says now that he’s on his own, it’s time to make a name for himself. He guarantees he will be WWE Champion one day.

Tye Dillinger def. Baron Corbin

The New Day come to the ring to give presents to the fans. They begin to talk but get interrupted by someone clearing his throat. It’s Aiden English! He says The New Day are over and a “new day” is upon us. And it’s called...


The Bulgarian Brute comes out, joining forces with Aiden English. But he’s not alone because Lana is back! What does this mean for the tag team division?!

Dean Ambrose vs Shinsuke Nakamura - The winner challenges Roman Reigns for the United States Championship @ TLC


Shinsuke Nakamura def. Dean Ambrose

Jey Uso calls out Roman Reigns and challenges him to a match.

Roman Reigns def. Jey Uso via count-out; Jimmy Uso pulled Jey out of the ring and they walked out on Roman

A replay of the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match plays showing The Miz winning the briefcase.

Seth Rollins def. Daniel Bryan

Bobby Roode hit Seth Rollins with a chair after the match. He set up a table in the corner and tossed Rollins into it, breaking it. He then set up a ladder in the middle of the ring and carried Seth’s WWE Title up with him. He poses with the belt as Maryse claps. Will this be the scene we see at TLC?

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WWE Championship | TLC Match

Seth Rollins(c) vs Bobby Roode


6-Man Tag Team Table Elimination Match

AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Kurt Angle vs Kevin Owens, Chad Gable, Jason Jordan w/Paul Heyman


RAW Women’s Championship | Ladder Match

Bayley(c) vs Charlotte Flair


SDL Women’s Championship | Fatal 4-Way

Sasha Banks(c) vs Carmella vs Naomi vs Tamina


United States Championship

Roman Reigns(c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura


United Kingdom Championship

Finn Bálor(c) vs Dolph Ziggler


Chair Match

Samoa Joe vs Randy Orton

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Mickie James defeated Ember Moon

Tozawa defeated Alexander Wolfe

The Authors of Pain defeated The Colóns

#DIY defeated Hype Bros

Kassius Ohno defeated Jinder Mahal


205 Live

Gran Metalik defeated Jack Gallagher

Neville and Roderick Strong defeated The Lucha Dragons

The Colóns defeated #DIY

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RAW & SDL presents...




Michael Cole welcomes us to Tables, Ladders, Chairs and talks about the 6-Man Tag Team Table Elimination Match.

Corey Graves says what about the match this event is named after? A TLC Match for the WWE Championship, Seth Rollins defends against Bobby Roode.

Byron Saxton says you won’t have to wait long to see ladders because the first match is set to begin!

RAW Women’s Championship | Ladder Match

Charlotte Flair vs Bayley(c)

Bayley def. Charlotte Flair

Renee Young interviews Dolph Ziggler backstage. She asks him how he’s feeling heading into his match tonight. Ziggler calls this match the biggest one of his career. Since his debut, he’s only held one championship and he knows he’s better than that. He says he has to be better than that.

United Kingdom Championship

Finn Bálor(c) w/Luke Gallows vs Dolph Ziggler

Finn Bálor def. Dolph Ziggler

A video plays highlighting the rivalry between Samoa Joe and Randy Orton. It began at No Mercy when Samoa Joe cost Randy Orton the Universal Championship. Then, at Hell in a Cell, Orton tried to end Joe’s career by punt kicking his head. This also cost Joe the Universal Title. At Survivor Series, Randy Orton got disqualified by hitting Joe over and over again with a steel chair. Now, that chair is legal. What are these two going to do to each other? Let’s find out!

Chair Match

Samoa Joe vs Randy Orton

Samoa Joe def. Randy Orton

Renee Young interviews Kevin Owens backstage. He cuts her off before she can ask any questions and introduces his manager Paul Heyman, who is wearing a neck brace. Kevin Owens says this is the fault of Triple H and this is the reason he needs to be removed as RAW General Manager. He says Paul Heyman wants equal opportunities for every RAW Superstar and should be the new GM. Kevin Owens says Triple H is creating an unsafe working environment by making six-man table matches. He says Paul Heyman would never go to those extremes. Kevin Owens says he will prove tonight why he deserves a shot at the Universal Championship.

6-Man Tag Team Table Elimination Match

Chad Gable, Jason Jordan, Kevin Owens vs Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Universal Champion AJ Styles

Kevin Owens wins

Early in the match, Braun Strowman leaned two tables in opposite corners of the ring. He would eventually set Kevin Owens up on one and charge at him but KO pulled the referee in his place to get smashed through the table by Braun. Later, Angle and Strowman turned on each other. Braun was Angle Slammed through the announce table. The referee came to and saw Braun laying on the broken table and called for the elimination. The biggest threat is out! Jason Jordan is eliminated next by Kurt Angle who belly-to-belly suplexed him through the other table in the corner. But that wasn’t the last we saw of Jordan who came back and hit Kurt with a steel chair. He then put Angle on a table and Chad Gable delivered a moonsault off the top rope though Kurt through the table for the elimination. Eventually, AJ Styles had Gable laying on a table. AJ was setting up a springboard 450 Splash but saw Kevin Owens try to save Gable so Styles sprung off the ropes over Gable and onto KO, but Owens caught AJ and Powerbombed him onto Gable through the table for a double elimination!

United States Championship

Roman Reigns(c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Roman Reigns def. Shinsuke Nakamura via interference by Bray Wyatt

SDL Women’s Championship | Fatal 4-Way

Naomi vs Carmella vs Tamina vs Sasha Banks(c)

Carmella wins

WWE Championship | TLC Match

Bobby Roode vs Seth Rollins(c)

Bobby Roode def. Seth Rollins

Maryse climbed the ladder, retrieved the title, and dropped it into Bobby Roode’s hands. The referee declared Roode the winner and the new WWE Champion.

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AJ Styles - Universal Champion

Alexa Bliss

Alicia Fox

Apollo Crews


Bayley - Women’s Champion

Bo Dallas

Braun Strowman

Brock Lesnar - Inactive

Cesaro - Tag Team Champion

Chad Gable

Charlotte Flair

Curtis Axel

Dana Brooke

Dash Wilder

Dolph Ziggler


Erick Rowan

Finn Balor - United Kingdom Champion

Goldberg - Inactive

Heath Slater

Jason Jordan

Karl Anderson - Inactive

Kevin Owens


Luke Gallows

Luke Harper

Nia Jax

Paul Heyman - Manager

Randy Orton

Sami Zayn

Samoa Joe

Scott Dawson

Sheamus - Tag Team Champion

Triple H - General Manager





Aiden English

Baron Corbin

Big Cass

Big E

Bobby Roode - WWE Champion

Bray Wyatt

Carmella - Women’s Champion

Daniel Bryan

Darren Young

Dean Ambrose


Jey Uso - Tag Team Champion

Jimmy Uso - Tag Team Champion

John Cena

Kofi Kingston

Lana - Manager

Maryse - Manager

The Miz - Mr. Money in the Bank - Inactive



Nikki Bella - Inactive

Roman Reigns - United States Champion


Sasha Banks

Seth Rollins

Shinsuke Nakamura

Stephanie McMahon - General Manager

Summer Rae


Titus O'Neil

Tye Dillinger

Tyler Breeze

Xavier Woods






Aleister Black

Alexander Wolfe

Becky Lynch

Billie Kay

The Brian Kendrick - Cruiserweight Champion - 205 Live

Cedric Alexander - 205 Live

Curt Hawkins - NXT Champion

Drew McIntyre


Ember Moon

Epico - 205 Live

Eric Young


Gran Metalik - 205 Live

Hideo Itami - 205 Live

Jack Gallagher - 205 Live

Jinder Mahal

Johnny Gargano - Tag Team Champion - 205 Live

Kalisto - 205 Live

Kassius Ohno

Killian Dain

Lars Sullivan

Mickie James - Women’s Champion

Mojo Rawley

Neville - 205 Live

Nick Miller

Nikki Cross

No Way Jose

Noam Dar - 205 Live

Paul Ellering - Manager

Peyton Royce

Primo - 205 Live



Roderick Strong - 205 Live

Ruby Riot

Shane McMahon - General Manager

Shane Thorn

Sin Cara - 205 Live


TJP - 205 Live

Tommaso Ciampa - Tag Team Champion - 205 Live

Tyson Kidd - 205 Live

Zack Ryder

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Universal Championship

Created as the new flagship title of RAW.


AJ Styles | SummerSlam - present

WWE Championship

The most prestigious title in WWE Dreams. Champions include Kurt Angle, John Cena, Batista, and more.


Bobby Roode | TLC - present

Seth Rollins | No Mercy - TLC

Bobby Roode | SummerSlam - No Mercy

Goldberg | Royal Rumble - Payback

Undertaker | Main Event - Royal Rumble

Vince McMahon | Night of Champions - Main Event

United States Championship

Brought back to WWE Dreams by Kevin Owens. Former champions include Sheamus, Matt Hardy, Jack Swagger, and more.


Roman Reigns | Survivor Series: Bragging Rights - present

Daniel Bryan | Hell in a Cell - Survivor Series: Bragging Rights

Kevin Owens | SDL - Hell in a Cell

Raw Women’s Championship

Formerly known as the WWE Women's Championship and renamed the RAW Women's Championship after the brand-split.


Bayley | Hell in a Cell - present

Charlotte Flair | WrestleMania - Hell in a Cell

Trish Stratus | Royal Rumble - WrestleMania

SmackDown Women's Championship

Created for SmackDown Live after the WWE Women's Championship became exclusive to RAW.

Carmella | TLC - present

Sasha Banks | No Mercy - TLC

Raw Tag Team Championships

Created for RAW after the WWE Tag Team Championship became exclusive to SmackDown Live.

The Bar | No Mercy - present

SmackDown Tag Team Championships

Formerly known as the WWE Tag Team Championship and renamed the SDL Tag Team Championship after the brand-split.


The Usos | SummerSlam - present

Blake & Murphy | Great Balls of Fire - SummerSlam

The Club | Main Event - Great Balls of Fire

Enzo & Cass | Fastlane - Main Event

Breeziggler | Royal Rumble - Fastlane

WWE United Kingdom Championship

Introduced by Finn Balor as a counter to Kevin Owens bringing back the United States Championship to SmackDown Live.


Finn Balor | RAW - present


The biggest prize in NXT.


Curt Hawkins | NXT TakeOver I - present


What every woman strives for in NXT.


Mickie James | NXT TakeOver I - present


The ultimate goal of the tag teams of NXT.


#DIY | NXT TakeOver I - present


The new Cruiserweight Championship; exclusive to NXT.


The Brian Kendrick | NXT TakeOver I - present

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RAW begins with General Manager Triple H in the ring. He announces that in two weeks, the Women’s and Universal Championships will be defended at Roadblock: End of the Line. And tonight, there will be two matches to determine the Champions’ opponents. First, it will be Asuka taking on Alexa Bliss for the chance to challenge Bayley. And in the main event, Kurt Angle will go one on one with Braun Strowman. The winner will face AJ Styles for the Universal Championship. But that’s Roadblock. Triple H says he wants to talk about the pay-per-view after Roadblock.







And at the Royal Rumble, there will be a 30-Man Royal Rumble Match where the winner will face the Champion of his choosing at WrestleMania! Triple H announces the first three entrants:


Chris Jericho, Kane, Big Show

The music of Kevin Owens hits and he comes out on stage, followed by Paul Heyman in a neck brace. Paul Heyman, struggling to speak, says Triple H left out one important detail about Roadblock which is that it’s Triple H’s last day as GM of RAW. He points to his brace and says Triple H did this to him. He says Triple H overlooked the fine print of the contract he signed last week. It states that if Paul Heyman is unable to compete at Roadblock, he can find a substitute. And since Triple H refuses to give Kevin Owens a shot at the Universal Title even though he put the Champion through a table at TLC, the substitute will be Kevin Owens!

Charlotte Flair is interviewed before her match. She says tonight is the first step in getting her RAW Women’s Championship back.

Charlotte Flair def. Dana Brooke

Chad Gable & Jason Jordan def. The Ascension

Heath Slater barges into Triple H’s office and complains about Chris Jericho, Kane, and Big Show being in the Royal Rumble because he retired them last year. Triple H makes it up to Slater by entering him in the Royal Rumble and says whoever Heath eliminates must retire!

Alexa Bliss def. Asuka

Samoa Joe comes to the ring and says him and Randy Orton are far from done. He says this ends the only way a bitter rivalry can end: inside a steel cage! But that’s not all! He says he doesn’t just want to pin Orton and the match ends. He doesn’t just want to submit Orton and the match ends. He wants to punish Orton over and over again. So at Roadblock: End of the Line, it will be Samoa Joe vs Randy Orton in a Steel Cage Iron Man Match!

The Bar vs The Bludgeon Brothers results in a No Contest; The Revival interfered and all three teams brawled until officials broke them up.

Braun Strowman vs Kurt Angle results in a No Contest; Kevin Owens interfered and attacked Kurt Angle. Braun Strowman Powerslammed KO. AJ Styles sprung off the ropes and hit Strowman with a Phenomenal Forearm but The Monster Among Men remained on his feet. Angle got back up and Angle Slammed Braun. AJ and Kurt stand face to face as RAW ends.

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SDL Preview


What is Rusev Day? Find out when the odd pairing of Aiden English and Rusev team up against The New Day.

Big Cass’ Singles Debut

Carmella’s F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Celebration

Triple Threat - Winner Faces Roman Reigns @ Roadblock: End of the Line

Stephanie McMahon Addresses WWE Championship Controversy

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Michael Cole welcomes us to SmackDown Live and says Stephanie McMahon is in the ring to address the controversial ending to the WWE Championship Match at TLC.

Stephanie McMahon shows a replay of the ending of the match.

Seth Rollins and Bobby Roode had just fallen off the ladder. Maryse entered the ring and, after a brief moment of hesitation, began to climb the ladder. She pulled down the WWE Title and dropped it into Bobby Roode’s hands. The referee declared Roode the winner.

Stephanie McMahon calls out Bobby Roode and Seth Rollins. The Architect comes out first. Bobby Roode makes his glorious entrance along with Maryse. Stephanie says she read the rules over and over again and says they state that whom ever takes possession first wins. She says the referee’s decision is final and Bobby Roode is the new WWE Champion. Rollins butts in and says if those are the rules, then Maryse ought to be WWE Champion. The crowd cheers and Maryse smiles. Rollins says she’d make a better Champion than Bobby. Seth says if this is how it’s going to be, then he wants his rematch tonight! Stephanie says that’s not going to happen. She says the card is already full so that match will have to wait until next week. The fans boo. She then says she wants them to shake hands. After a few seconds, Rollins puts his hand out. Roode does as well and shakes Seth’s hand. Bobby tries to leave. Rollins grins and pulls Roode back and hits a Ripcord!

Michael Cole reveals the main event: a Triple Threat between Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, and Shinsuke Nakamura. The winner will challenge Roman Reigns for the US Title at Roadblock: End of the Line.

Big Cass defeats Tye Dillinger; Michael Cole mentions Dillinger’s winning streak coming in to this match and says it makes Cass’ victory more impressive.

Renee Young is backstage with Aiden English. She asks him what Rusev Day is all about. He says Rusev Day can’t be explained. It can only be felt. He says Rusev came to him to spread his message. Rusev needed his voice. English says he doesn’t want to just spread Rusev’s message, he wants to inject it into the WWE Dreams Universe. And it begins with The New Day. He repeats what he said last week: The New Day is over and a new day is upon us. And that day is...RUSEV DAAAAAAAY!

Natalya vs Naomi is called off when the new SDL Women’s Champion Carmella came out during the match. She said no one cares about these women. The only woman that matters right now is her. She holds up the title and says this proves it as she beat three of the best women on SDL, including Naomi. Natalya snatches the microphone from Carmella and says she’s never beaten her. And if Carmella wants to talk about the best, look no further than the best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be. Sasha Banks comes out now and tells Nattie to back it up because The Boss is evoking her rematch clause next week!

Rusev Day vs The New Day did not take place as the SDL Tag Team Champions The Usos attacked Aiden English and Rusev during their entrance. They got on the mic and said it’s not about Rusev Day or The New Day, it’s all about this Day One Ish! They say they’ve beaten every other team on SDL and when the time comes, it will be a pleasure locking Rusev Day down!

Stephanie McMahon books a different tag team match to take place.

Breezango defeats The Prime Time Players.

Throughout the show, Roman Reigns approached his three potential opponents. To Bray Wyatt, he said they have unfinished business. To Shinsuke Nakamura, he said he would look forward to a rematch. To Dean Ambrose, he said may the best brother win.

Dean Ambrose wins



SDL Women’s Championship

Carmella(c) vs Sasha Banks

WWE Championship

Bobby Roode(c) vs Seth Rollins

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Becky Lynch defeated Mickie James (Non-title)

Alexander Wolfe defeated The Brian Kendrick (Non-title)

Roderick Strong defeated Kassius Ohno, Curt Hawkins (Non-title)

#DIY defeated Hype Bros (Non-title)

Neville defeated Jinder Mahal

205 Live

The Lucha Dragons defeated The Colóns

Hideo Itami defeated Gran Metalik

Neville defeated TJP, Roderick Strong

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RAW Preview

American Alpha vs The Revival

Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte Flair

If Charlotte Flair wins, she will be added to the RAW Women’s Championship Match @ Roadblock: End of the Line.

Heath Slater, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas vs Apollo Crews, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn

Samoa Joe vs Kevin Owens

As punishment for interrupting the main event last week on RAW, Kevin Owens has to take on Samoa Joe.

Triple H will make a decision on the Universal Championship Match @ Roadblock: End of the Line.

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SDL Preview

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs The Usos

Former Tag Team Champions and opponents @ Roadblock will team up one more time to face the SDL Tag Team Champions in a non-title match.

Shinsuke Nakamura Interview

SDL Women’s Championship

Carmella(c) vs Sasha Banks

Big Cass in action

WWE Championship

Bobby Roode(c) vs Seth Rollins

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At Roadblock: End of the Line...

American Alpha captured the RAW Tag Team Championship by winning Tag Team Turmoil, defeating Luke Gallows and Finn Bálor last to win.

Alexa Bliss defeated Bayley to win the RAW Women’s Championship.

Roman Reigns retained the United States Championship against Dean Ambrose.

After recapturing the WWE Championship on the SDL before Roadblock, Seth Rollins lost the title again to Bobby Roode thanks to Maryse spraying something in the face of Rollins.

Samoa Joe defeated Randy Orton. The following night on RAW, Joe beat Finn Bálor to win the United Kingdom Championship.

Kevin Owens defeated Triple H, forcing Triple H to quit. Paul Heyman, the new RAW General Manager, quickly made his first decision while in charge by adding Kevin Owens to the Universal Championship Match.

Kurt Angle defeated Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman, and AJ Styles by making KO tap out. Angle is the new Universal Champion!

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At Royal Rumble...

Seth Rollins challenged Bobby Roode for the WWE Championship with Maryse suspended above the ring in a shark cage. New SDL General Manager Lana announced this would be the final match between the two. Bobby Roode defeated Seth Rollins to remain champion.

The Bar failed to win back the RAW Tag Team Championship from American Alpha.

In the women’s Royal Rumble, several women returned including The Bella Twins, Lita, Trish Stratus, Paige, and Beth Phoenix! The final four were Paige, Nikki Bella, Beth Phoenix, and #30 entrant SDL Women’s Champion Carmella. Beth Phoenix eliminated Nikki Bella and then was eliminated by Carmella. Carmella celebrated like she won until Paige tossed her out. Paige joins Michelle McCool and Charlotte Flair as a women’s Royal Rumble winner.

The Usos defeated Rusev Day to retain the SDL Tag Team Championship. GM Lana announced on SDL that The Usos will not be defending their titles again until WrestleMania. Their opponents will be determined by a tag team tournament featuring teams from SDL, RAW, NXT, past and present.

Alexa Bliss retained the RAW Women’s Championship against Bayley and was immediately confronted by Royal Rumble winner Paige. Paige said while she was out with an injury, she watched Alexa Bliss try to claim that she is the women’s division. Paige told Bliss to prove it...at WrestleMania!

Kevin Owens was given yet another shot at the Universal Title by Paul Heyman against Kurt Angle who just retained the title against AJ Styles on the RAW prior in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match. Angle retained.

The men’s Royal Rumble Match began with AJ Styles coming out at #1 and the returning RVD at #2! Other surprises included Chris Jericho, Kane, Big Show, NXT’s Elias, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Undertaker, and Batista! However, the final four were Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Batista, and Roman Reigns. After Cena and Batista were eliminated, Brock Lesnar eliminated Roman Reigns to win the match. The next night on RAW, Chris Jericho hosted the Highlight Reel with Brock Lesnar as the special guest. Lesnar was confronted by Goldberg who challenged Lesnar to a match at Fastlane for Brock’s WrestleMania opportunity which The Beast accepted. These two faced off in the main event of last year’s WrestleMania which Goldberg won. In their rematch at Payback, they were both injured when Lesnar F-5’d Goldberg off the stage and fell off with him. Nearly a year later, these two will face off one last time.

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BrendenPlayz Forums "PPV Events"

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