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WWE Dreams 2K18

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SummerSlam Build-up

Part 3


Titus O’Neil and Apollo became the new RAW Tag Team Champions at Great Balls of Fire. But with the two former champions out of the picture, new challengers needed to be decided. A small tournament was held featuring the teams of RAW. The Revival defeated The Ascension and The Usos defeated The Good Brothers. In the finals, The Usos defeated The Revival. Now the longest-reigning tag champions look to become only the second team to capture both the SDL and RAW tag belts.


With wins over American Alpha and Breezango, The New Day became the top contenders for the SDL Tag Team Titles and will challenge The Bar.

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SummerSlam Build-up

Part 4


After what Big Cass did to Matt Hardy, Matt’s brother Jeff Hardy challenged SDL Mr. Money in the Bank to a match at SummerSlam.


After losing the United States Title and still being out of contention for the WWE Championship, Kurt Angle was left without a match at SummerSlam. But so was another SmackDown Live Superstar. His name? SHINSUKE NAKAMURA! Angle and Nakamura agreed to have this dream match at SummerSlam!

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SummerSlam Build-up

Part 5


The attacks, interferences, and trash talking has led to a match at SummerSlam between RAW’s Roman Reigns and SDL’s Batista. These two men have cost each other everything. There’s no telling what they’ll do to each other. This match will also be No Disqualification.


Bray Wyatt likes to sing, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” Well, according to Braun Strowman, The Monster Among Men has Bray’s world in THESE HANDS! Bray’s control and brainwashing of Braun has been broken and now Strowman looks to exact revenge against Wyatt at SummerSlam.

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SummerSlam Build-up

Part 6


Brock Lesnar has been a dominant champion but his reign may be in more jeopardy than ever before. At SummerSlam, he will defend the WWE Championship against his rival Goldberg, the Apex Predator Randy Orton, and fan favorite Rob Van Dam in a Fatal 4-Way! The first Superstar to gain a pinfall or submission is leaving SummerSlam with the WWE Championship.


At WrestleMania, John Cena won the WWE Championship, but he lost it seconds later to the returning Miz who was cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. The Miz is now the Universal Champion and has done everything to avoid defending it against John Cena. He even went as far as trying to get Cena fired. John Cena won a Triple Threat Match at Great Balls of Fire to earn the right to face The Miz at SummerSlam. On the RAW before SummerSlam, The Miz presented the first-ever Mizzies. John Cena won all the awards but they weren’t anything to be proud of. Cena would crash the party and drop Miz with an Attitude Adjustment. Who is leaving SummerSlam Universal Champion?

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Bobby Roode, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens vs Finn Bálor, Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan

SDL Women’s Championship Lumberjill Match

Nikki Bella(c) vs Beth Phoenix

RAW Tag Team Championship

Titus O’Neil and Apollo(c) vs The Usos

Big Cass w/Ted DiBiase vs Jeff Hardy

Bray Wyatt vs Braun Strowman

WWE Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

Brock Lesnar(c) vs Randy Orton vs Goldberg vs Rob Van Dam

Kurt Angle vs Shinsuke Nakamura

RAW Women’s Championship

Paige(c) vs Sasha Banks

Intercontinental Championship

Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles

Batista vs Roman Reigns

SDL Tag Team Championship

The Bar(c) vs The New Day

Universal Championship

The Miz(c) w/Maryse vs John Cena

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Kickoff Match

Finn Bálor, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe defeated Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Roode


Welcome to the final show of the 2018 season of WWE Dreams! Not only do we have 12! matches in store for you, but as a new tradition, we will also present the Slammy Awards! In fact, let’s kick things off with the first award!


Entrance of the Year

The Hardy Boyz


Jeff Hardy accepted the award but wished Matt Hardy could be there too. Jeff gets attacked from behind by Big Cass and then thrown off the stage!


SDL Women’s Championship | Lumberjill Match

Nikki Bella(c) defeated Beth Phoenix

Two of the lumberjills turned out to be Becky Lynch and Mickie James, who are now on the SDL roster. Beth was fighting Nikki outside the ring until the count of 9. Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Brie Bella backed off. Beth tossed Nikki in the ring and went to get back in as well but Mickie James pulled her out and Beth Phoenix got counted out.


Champion(s) of the Year

The Usos


Jimmy and Jey Uso accepted the award and said they are going to prove why they deserve this award and why they should win Tag Team of the Year.


RAW Tag Team Championship

Titus O’Neil and Apollo(c) defeated The Usos

Unfortunately, The Usos did not prove much in this contest, but Titus O’Neil and Apollo did. Their title win was no fluke and they will be the RAW Tag Team Champions in 2019.


Sting is backstage checking on Jeff Hardy. Sting asks him if he still wants to compete. Jeff says that before, he was doing this for his brother, but now, he’s doing this for himself.


Big Cass defeated Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy brought a ladder into the ring and attempted a Swanton Bomb off it but Cass moved out of the way and pinned Jeff.


Backstage, Manager of the Year Maryse said that she led Bobby Roode to three WWE Championships this year but, unfortunately, will be unable to do the same for The Miz because he’s never going to lose the Universal Championship.


Braun Strowman defeated Bray Wyatt

When the match started, Bray Wyatt gave one last effort to manipulate and brainwash Braun. Just when it looked like it was working, Strowman nearly decapitated The Eater of Worlds with a clothesline. Braun followed up with a Running Powerslam and then pinned Bray.


Rivalry of the Year

Bobby Roode vs Seth Rollins


Seth Rollins came out to accept the award because Bobby Roode left the arena. It’s announced that Rollins also won Finisher of the Year for his Ripcord and Roode won Comeback Superstar of the Year.


WWE Championship | Fatal 4-Way Match

Randy Orton defeated Rob Van Dam, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar(c)

Goldberg and Lesnar were fighting on the stage. Brock lifted Goldberg up for the F-5 but Goldberg countered it and Speared Lesnar through the set! This left RVD and Randy Orton alone in the ring. Van Dam went for a Frog Splash but Orton caught him in mid-air with an RKO to win the match.


Match of the Year

John Cena vs Dean Ambrose (No Mercy)


The winner of that match, Dean Ambrose, accepts the award. He says he’s near 100% and will be back in time for the 2019 season. He is interrupted by the NXT Superstar of the Year and NXT Champion Curt Hawkins, who mocks Ambrose for getting hurt and losing the United States Championship. Hawkins says he doesn’t get hurt and that’s why he’s been NXT Champion for a year!


Return of the Year

Kurt Angle


Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Kurt Angle

After the match, the two Superstars shook hands but Kurt then Angle Slammed Nakamura.


PPV of the Year



Universal Champion The Miz is in his dressing room. He says the reason WrestleMania was the event of the year is because it had the moment of the year, the OMG! Moment of the Year, when he cashed in Money in the Bank on John Cena. He then says that tonight he will make another moment, the Moment of the Century, when he defeats John Cena.


Female Superstar of the Year

Sasha Banks


Paige is interviewed backstage before her match and she’s asked how she feels about Sasha winning Female Superstar of the Year over her. Paige says she couldn’t care less because she has the RAW Women’s Championship.


RAW Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks defeated Paige(c)

Sasha Banks made Paige submit to the Bank Statement and now she’s leaving with the Slammy AND the title.


Tag Team of the Year

The Bar


SDL Tag Team Championship

The New Day defeated The Bar(c)


Male Superstar of the Year

AJ Styles


United States/United Kingdom Championship Unification Match

Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles.


Roman Reigns defeated Batista


Universal Championship

John Cena defeated The Miz(c)




It’s Bobby Roode! Roode is cashing in Money in the Bank! This is WrestleMania all over again!


Universal Championship

John Cena(c) defeated Bobby Roode

The events may have been similar to WrestleMania but the results were very different. John Cena is the Universal Champion.

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Surprising show Legends. Nikki picked up a big win and it seems like her feud with Beth is over but don't know who she can move onto now. Styles will probably get a rematch for IC and so will Miz for Universal. As for World, I see Orton feuding with Lesnar next, and for Raw Women's I'm guessing Sasha and Paige will have a rematch. I'm expecting Uso's to get another title shot and the Bar to get their rematch. Anyway Legends, great show and can't wait for a new season

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