Welcome to the archives of BPZ, the superstar profiles! Have you ever been promoing against someone you don't know that well, and you have to dig through historic forum records for their stuff, and you have to read their promos for their kayfabe characters? Not anymore, because BPZ Superstar Profiles brings to you what most diary meet the rosters do. Today, we're looking at the top four members of Carnage, because, we save the best for last on this thread. "The GOAT" bailey14 | Current BPZ World Champion The GOAT plays as Bailey mak- No. But the General Manager of Carnage has led a resurgence, bringing the war between Carnage and EVOLVE closer than ever. And that war seemingly, could have tipped in Carnage's favor when The GOAT cashed in on "The King" to claim his 5th BPZ World Championship. Now, he leads his brand full steam ahead into 2018 and Carnage couldn't be hotter. The self-proclaimed GOAT has won six titles in his illustrious BPZ career, capturing five World Championships and one Intercontinental Championship, along with main eventing the first BPZMania, and overcoming THREE Money In The Bank Cash-Ins during his infamous "reign of terror". Finishing Moves: "Career Killer" (Double Underhook Piledriver) & "Game Changer" (Electric Chair Driver)   "The King of Carnage" Flynn | Current Carnage Universal Champion The King of Carnage has been at the helm of the Carnage resurgence with his Foundation partner, Bailey ever since the night after BPZMania, when he was dealt to Carnage following his brutal beatdown of the EVOLVE General Manager, Slim. Flynn would defeat Ark Universe and Gill at Carnage Power Trip: New Beginnings and has defeated most of the Carnage roster ever since, even winning an 8 man Hell In A Cell Match at SummerSlam and most recently defeating Ross at Power Trip: Redemption. Flynn overall has cemented himself as one of the best in history, having a record-setting 11 championships, with an NXT Championship, a European Championship, four Tag Team Championships, two Intercontinental Championships, a Universal Championship win, and two World Championships. People fear Flynn, and with good reason. Finishing Moves: "King's Will" (Powerbomb), "FKO" (Jumping Cutter), and "Slim Killer" (Coquina Clutch) "The Supernova" Echo Wilson | Current US & Tag Team Champion One of the newest arrivals to BPZ Wrestling in the past few months, The Supernova, Echo Wilson has had one of the hottest starts, winning the United States Championship, and Tag Team Championships with Brad, along with taking The King of Carnage to his limits before The Order and Ross interfered, costing him the Universal Championship. Echo Wilson has a bright future, and that future comes on January 5th when he faces Flynn and Ross in the main event of Night of Legends, for the Universal Championship. Can Echo Wilson redeem his past sins and defeat Flynn, and Ross, and become the face of Carnage? Finishing Moves: "Bloody Sunday" (Rolling Cutter) & "Beautiful Disaster" (Trio of Superkicks)   "The Legend Killer" Ross The Man With A Plan is exactly what he says he is, he doesn't believe in being a so-called good guy, or being a nice guy who wins fair and square. Ross is a man who's seen the world for what it is, and that's corruption, and to win in the world, you have to be corrupt yourself. The longest reigning United States Champion, has seen it all in BPZ, and despite falling to Flynn at Redemption, he's a key part of Carnage for months to come. Ross has won the NXT Championship, US Championship, and Tag Team Championship with BrendenPlayz, and despite not being so accomplished, he's still regarded as one of the best and a key figure of BPZ, and with Night Of Legends coming, he has to be a sneaky favorite in a match that is designed for exactly what he wants - the ability to cheat. Finishing Moves: "The Bootleg" (Bridging Reverse Chinlock), Sliced Bread, Reality Check (Middle Rope Canadian Destroyer) Check back next time for the top 4 members of EVOLVE!
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