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George AK

Carnage Power Trip Redemption: Champion V The Return, George AK V Apex

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We continue the night of action with the highly anticipated return of Apex! This is the Champion versus The Return. A 3x Intercontinental Champion is Apex getting ready to grace us with his presence, and he is facing a superstar in George AK who has shown us potential, but only picked up the one victory. Who will it be to put up the win?

Here he is! Apex is back in BPZ. And I cannot see a fan in attendance who isn't going mental right now. Apex is here! And it is a big night for him, will he show some signs of ring rust, or will he teach the NXT Champ a huge lesson. We can only wait and see.

Now, here comes his opponent. George AK, with his NXT Championship over his shoulder. And instantly the abundance of cheers change to a chorus of boos. Its clear to tell who the fan favourite is in this match. As we get ready to begin this match.

And the match is underway, both men lock up to begin trying to force each other back. George takes an early control pushing Apex back towards the turnbuckle. George going for a splash but Apex sends George over the top rope to the floor instead. Apex looks like me has something in mind here, WOW! Springboard corkscrew crossbody, from the inside of the ring to the outside, wow!


Apex wastes no time on picking George up and sending him face first into the steel ring post. Apex is looking strong early on. With no signs of any ring rust at all. As he picks George up and rolls him into the ring. Know he is looking down at George as he hits an elbow drop. And another. And another wow, look at him go. Each one meet by a chorus of cheers.


Fantastic start from Apex, this just goes to show that he has not missed a step. As he goes for the cover,1,2 but George gets the shoulder up. Apex looking to continue his onslaught of George as he lifts him up to his feet. George reverses though, hitting an irish whip that sends Apex rebounding toward him off of the ropes into a stiff uppercut. George now lifts Apex above his head and hits a flapjack. And then George kips back up wow!

George now poses over Apex, as he climbs to his feet. Only to be met halfway by a running knee!


George goes for a cover, 1,2 no! Apex kicks out. George looks on in shock as he goes for another cover, but Apex kicks out at one. George now stands up, and lifts Apex up too, is he gonna go for the piledriver. He is setting it up. NO CANADIAN DESTROYER INSTEAD! WOW!


Apex lays down on the mat in pain, George is leaning on the turnbuckles to stop himself falling too. What a match this has been! Apex rolls to the outside. And George is looking for a suicide dive, no rejected. Apex hits a dropkick as George attempts the dive. This match is so fast paced I can barely keep up. Both men are down in the ring as the referee begins to count. And on 8 both men get back into the ring. George uses the ropes to get himself up before Apex. George stands diagonally opposite Apex and runs toward him. But WOW! Apex kips up and catches George with a hurricanrana, sending him shoulder first into the ring post and onto the apron!

How are these two men standing at this point. Apex joins George on the apron as he sends a barrage of kicks toward George who is now in a precarious position. Apex pushes George off the apron but he lands on two feet. Apex sends himself flying towards George, who moves out the way.


George picks Apex up, right away and rolls him into the ring. George sets Apex up for the piledriver again. And this time it connects.


George goes for the cover, 1,2,3. George wins. The fans are in complete and utter shock. Boos ring around the arena as George stands over the body of Apex holding his NXT Title overhead. He soaks in the boos for thirty seconds before walking to the back. Followed a minute after by Apex, who receives a huge round of applause.

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