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Let you down

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“Worlds Apart” blasts throughout the carnage arena as Apex not himself but in a suit walks down to the stage no smile yet no anger. On his way to the ramp the fans expecting high fives are rejected and Apex gets on the steel steps and in the ring. He pauses looks around and pulls a mix out of his jacket pocket. The crowd confused by the attitude of “The Undersog” of BPZ. Apex takes a breath before beginning to speak 

Apex: Last night was redemption and I was beat by the proclaimed future of this company to the shock of many including myself I pushed and pushed and it wasn’t enough. I can’t stop but thinking why did this happen? It seems like the night after every PPV I say the same shit. I give an excuse or defend for the reason why I lost. Well this time I don’t have anything like that to say I lost I took the 1..2..3. My glorious return was ruined. No wonder I am a joke I lost to a joke I let myself down I let the boss down I let so many people down. For once I went into a match the favorite and I lost. I can’t stand this losing it’s making me go crazy it’s making me hungrier and hungrier it’s making me feel like I would do anything for a win.

The fans are shocked by what Apex is saying this is not the Apex that returned a couple of days and it definitely isn’t the underdog. 

Apex: I can’t defend myself and I won’t defend myself why did I even come back? To continue this losing streak? No I came her to kick ass and take titles and that’s what I plan to do no matter what I have to do. No matter who I have to work with. I will return to my winning ways and I will be a champion before the years end! That premium title would look good around this waist don’t you think? 

Apex winks at the camera while the crowd is in shock at what just happened just as Apex is about to drop the mic he puts it back to his mouth and yells “The era of the underdog is over!!!” The crowd boos and Apex begins to laugh to the dismay of the fans but the enjoyment of apex who stands at the end of the ramp dropping a bomb on the BPZ universe! 

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