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Brad and Jonathan Contract Signing

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Hello, and welcome to this contract signing for the Evolve vs Carnage Contract Signing at Survivor Series. Of course, I have been chosen to be the guy doing it, I guess Bailey and Smith had some sense there. Now, please welcome, representing the Carnage Brand, he is (apparently) "The Best In The World At What He Does" Brad

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"Judas" by Fozzy hits the PA System as the crowd sends some very strong negative reactions to Brad, the same man who recently walked off after a encounter with his tag team partner, Echo Wilson, earlier in the night. He slowly walks out, now dressed in designer jeans, designer boots, and a vest with no shirt underneath of it. He walks his way down the ramp, completely avoiding any contact or doesn't even look at the crowd this time. He slides into the ring and looks at the table. He reads over the contract before picking up his microphone and sits in the chair opposite of the ramp.

Brad: Let's get on with this you Stupid Idiot.

The crowd boos as Brad places his feet on the table as he awaits Josh to announce Jonathan.

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As the wait for Jonathan continues, Brad rolls his eyes and takes his feet off the table and grabs his microphone again. He stands up before tossing the chair out of the ring.

Brad: This is your hero? This guy?!? The "Immortal One" who's now going to be known as the "Late One" cause he can't even decide to take part for this moment. And this is who see winning you Stupid marks? You all are blinded by his little words. Let me tell you about Jonathan. 

Jonathan is a lazy excuse of a part timer that shows up when he wants to and leaves when a challenge, he vanishes. While I'm here three hundred and sixty five days, but y'all want him to win? Y'all want the main who blew off an entire Global Championship Chase, a shot with men who actually work their asses off for but never got? A man who is a shell of his former self? Y'all are truly stupid idiots for your ridiculous belief in that man. He's going to be the reason why Evolve losses at Survivor Series, why all those stars who put trust in him to defend them will kick him to the curb and how all you will boo him and turn on him like you did me like the hypocrites you are!

The crowd boos the ending of what Brad just said, but the words are sinking in. A "Jonathan" chant rises as Brad yells at the crowd to "shut up!".

Brad: Jonathan, here's my offer. Get out to this ring now, or else you will forfiet this match up to me and I show up to Survivor Series, take the Win and move on. However, if you do show up and sign, at Survivor Series, you will meet the Fists Of Brad....... they will punch you in the face maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Brad extends his arms out to soak in the boos as he and the crowd wait for Jonathan.

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"Sorry for the delay, I've been super busy at school and haven't had time to be on the forums.

Jonathan receives a hostile reaction from the Carnage crowd, though some sections are still cheering at his arrival. He stares down Brad, who has only grown in frustration at Jonathan's delayed appearance. He strolls down the ramp, before slowing his gait and twirling his microphone in hand. Jonathan clambers onto the ring apron, a smile spreading on his face due to the irate Brad. He enters the ring and saunters to the table and looks down at the contract in front of him. He wastes no time in signing the contract then tosses the table aside. It crashes against the ropes and Jonathan takes a single stride to close the distance between himself and Brad to nothing at all. Both men stare at each other for what is seemingly hours, but Jonathan ends the silence with a single word.


The crowd, although not overly pleased with an EVOLVE superstar in Carnage territory, can't help but explode into cheers with their loathing of Brad. Jonathan waits a while, allowing the tension to build furthermore before speaking again.

"I was genuinely excited to face you. The legendary Brad, a man who'd done it all before and would do it all again. But I got this, a shell of a human being who is trying so desperately to become something that he isn't and never will be. You can speak all day and all night long, explain to the world that you are the "Best in the World At What You Do". I find it hard to disagree with you when it comes to talking a big game and disappointing when the moment comes, you are the undefeated, undisputed, champion. So I decided I would allow the champion his time to show why he's so heralded. And telling you that it was sorry isn't enough to exemplify how fucking annoyed I am. I'm everywhere, getting better and better each day and here you are writing names on a piece of paper. I came into this match expecting more from you, maybe you could prove to everybody that you had within what you tell us all the time you have, but you screwed that up too. If I have to walk into Survivor Series and beat your ass all around the ring to wake you up, I will as promised."

"I'm sick of giving you warnings, so I'm not going to, I'm not gonna drop you where you stand right now because I'm waiting for Survivor Series for that. You see, I'm good in that department in contrast to you. I'll let you try to impress with words one last time because I know that I'm gonna be impressing in the ring. Drink that in, maaan."

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Brad: (no mic) Finally.

The two exchange a stare down as the crowd cheers and chants on Jonathan. The two start trash talking each other before Brad lifts the microphone up.

Brad: Finally! The man of the hour decides to grace us with his lovely presence! Any longer and it would put people to sleep like it was a JoshNow match. Oops. Anyway I'm glad you showed up, because despite our legendary encounter that sold our merchandise, you're welcome by the way, I kept myself in that "respect" shmick and said what these piece of garbage fans want. They wanted to hear the ever so goodness come from my mouth about "their hero and their savoir" but deep down I wanted to slap you straight in the face and call you a waste. A waste of talent in a lazy human being.

The crowd roars out boos as that smirk on the face on Jonathan's face slowly fades into a look of disgust as both men don't move from their spot.

Brad: And your name isn't as valued as it once was. Cause since you lost the World Championship, you dropped your ball and scurried off to your hole like the rat you are. While I came in, put on classics after classics, won titles, was in the Co Main Event of BPZMania II that didn't involve a briefcase to get me there, and I've been bringing my best this year, which outdoes any year of yours. And you criticize a piece of paper? I can sign this table right now AND IT'LL BE WORTH MORE THAN YOUR ENTIRE CAREER! A man who showed up for the most of 2017 except for a few days, which not a lot of those idiots can say, and then they mark over you?!? You?!? You aren't worth the hype everyone gives you! You're like Goldberg Jonathan. Your return was a feel good moment, but now, we want you to pack your bags and leave again.

The crowd obviously disagrees with Brad by chanting "No!" Loudly, but he igrones them as the stare down between Jonathan and Brad does not break. It does when Brad bends down to pick up the contract. He flips the page up and picks the pen up. He signs the contract and shoves it into Josh's chest before getting back in the face of Jonathan.

Brad: At Survivor Series, you will fail. And you will never...... and I mean ever be the same again. And your family will have no one to blame, except you. Then your little family, will run into The Arms Of Brad. They'll bring me in maaaaaaaaaan.....

...... and toss you to the side, idiot.

Brad smirks as the microphone to his side as the crowd roars with boos as the stare down between both men get more intense as a angry Josh starts talking.

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Josh starts speaking but his microphone is snatched away by Jonathan, who's returning Brad's smirk with one of his own. He talks into the mic that he took from Josh, leaving him pissed and muttering insistently. 

"The audacity to mention me losing the big one when you've never even won it. Brad, you have made a career off dominating lesser competition, a sure bet when you were the heavy favorite, but when you match up with someone even close to your level you crack. You think that bringing up the fact that I lost my title makes me look bad, no it makes you look stupid because you never won it. You talk a big game buddy, you remind me of Dolph Ziggler, we liked having you around because you worked hard and left it all on the mat. But day and day out, you tell us the same shit about your supposedly immeasurable talent but whenever we think you'll show this to us you fail. It has happened so much that we just sit and count the days you're here so we can reach the day you leave."

"Take a hike, go and smell the roses, do something where you can do some self-reflecting and stop lying to yourself, telling yourself that you are as advertised just to disappoint. You can come back, as good as new and maybe reach the ceiling you've been dwelling under your entire career. Because right now, you're trying to cash a blank check and it keeps bouncing as you try to figure out what is wrong with it. And if we're gonna tell the truth, there's nothing going on with the check."

Jonathan places a single finger on the chest of Brad and allows it to linger, pulling it back before Brad can swat it away. 

"You're the problem Brad, and I'm looking forward to showing you exactly that in a week. So sign the contract, make some promises you can't follow through on, call me a stupid idiot and grandstand as much as you want to before signing that contract because you know what's gonna go down when Survivor Series rolls around. And they announce me, as the winner, and you can play your favorite role once again. The guy who takes the fall."

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With the war of words continuing, the crowd behind Jonathan, and Josh getting upset after the disrespect Jonathan showed him by taking the microphone from him, all Brad can do is..... smirk. He smirks at everything going on before getting into Jonathan's face with that smirk.

Brad: You see this smirk? You know why i smirk like this and why I have been for my entire career? Because you are the exact copies of everyone before you. You're the exact mold of every single person before you who faced me. You want to take claim that you will beat me so bad, that it makes me go away. But the issue is with this Jonathan, those who stepped up in the past have something you don't. Talent. And, go say that I have none because I didn't win the world title, because the fact of the matter is that in a match I lose, it's better than any match you ever win. 

This ain't my first rodeo with someone with your achievements or better. I've faced men like Bashka and gave him one of his worst defeats in his entire career.  I faced some of the best up and comers in SummerGamz, Peter Wilchester, Ark Universe, FD, and so on. And each man who stepped up fell in defeat and i forced them to look at me as the Best In The World At What I Do. It's not a catchphrase, it's the truth. On this mic, nobody can match me anywhere or in any aspect. Behind commentary, I can make anyone a star, including the ones who don't deserve it, like you, or in this ring, cause win or lose, nobody does their best like me. That's why I'm the Best In The World At What I Do Jonathan. That's something you and all these parasites and cockroaches will never take away from me.

Boos pour down again as the game of one upping each other on the mic continues. 

Brad: Survivor Series ends two ways. If I do lose the battle, i still win the war because I will remain here showing why I'm better than you at everything we do while without me, you fade off into irrelevancy once again. And when i win, you leave to lick your wounds and tell everyone that you'll be back better than ever, that you'll never ever leave again until a week later when you simply take your ball and head home again. And like it or not, you and everyone here knows I'm speaking the truth because you say I don't back up when i say I'll win the world title, just how you don't back up your statement that these fans make you stay, that you will remain here till you get carted out on a stretcher. And at Survivor Series, that is exactly what's going to happen. And we'll watch you return in a few months time.... just to do it all over again. 

And it stings.. because it's true. This contract we just signed, is what just ended your career. 

Brad lowers the mic and reaches into his pocket for something. He pulls out a piece of gum in a tin wrapper. He unwraps the gum and puts it in his mouth and chews on it. 

Brad: And just like this piece of gum.

Brad smirks then spits the gum right into the face of Jonathan. 

Brad: I'm going to chew up and spit out your dead career. 

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Jonathan looks down at the piece of gum and at this point looks exasperated, he raises the microphone lazily just enough that he can speak into it but no higher, he looks blankly into the eyes of Brad, not showing any pleasure, dis or otherwise.

"I don't want to end your career Brad, that'd be too easy to do, beating you until you can't breathe or breaking you so bad that you can't move anymore. I have no need to send you retreating into one of your many shells. I just want to beat you, man. Maybe it's that self-importance shining through like it always seems to do but you think I care about sending you packing, I really don't. See, in the long run, you don't matter to me, I want to beat you in a couple days time just to show everybody watching that I can beat you."

"I'm pretty sick of just standing here, wasting my time talking to you when I did what I came to do.Tell me all the things I've been told before, being just one in the pack or maybe shock the world by doing something new. I have better things I could be spending my time doing over listening to you go round and round, so you and Josh can talk about whatever you want to--"

Jonathan grabs the contract from the mat and slams it into Brad's chest and drops the pen at his feet. He backs towards the ropes, going halfway out the ring then pauses. He looks back at Brad, then lifts the mic to his lips.

"I hope you're ready for Survivor Series buddy, because if not, though not my intention, I may end up ending you in front of a sold-out crowd."

Jonathan exits the ring, "Crew" playing as he makes his way up the ramp.

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As "Crew" plays, Josh goes to speak until Brad takes the microphone from him, which angers the former United States Champion. As Brad goes to speak, Josh rips the mic from Brad and starts yelling at Brad.


Out of nowhere Josh gets cut off with a Codebreaker by Brad, sending him up in the air and flat on his back. Shockingly, the crowd chants "Thank You Brad" for shutting Josh up about movies and all that. Brad picks up the microphone again.

Brad: Touch me again, and there will be more than that you clown. As for you Jonathan..... well, you're not worth anymore of my breath tonight. I will see you at Survivor Series son.

Brad tosses the mic behind him that lands on Josh's mid section. "Judas" plays as Brad rolls under the ring and walks up the ramp to end this segment.

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