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Kyle Reeves

Royal Rumble Match Discussion

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EC3 (or Derrick Batemen) making his debut at the Royal Rumble would be a good way to introduce him into the WWE, it won't have the same sort of affect as AJ Styles had when's he debuted but it would be smart if they give him a strong showing.

These Daniel Bryan rumours are pretty damn big, I'd be majorly surprised if for if he actually returned in the match and the fin he went on to win it. If the WWE are still giving him the no to wrestle why would they suddenly be fine with him main eventing Wrestlemania? Doesn't make sense. 

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It shouldn’t have come as a huge surprised when Pete Dunne received an amazing reception as he made his Raw debut in Manchester England during WWE’s last European tour. But he sadly hasn’t been seen on the program since.

Dunne is allowed to work indie dates around the globe while carrying the WWE United Kingdom Championship, but it looks like he won’t be showing up for one date. The curious part of it is how close to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view this event is.

Brittania Wrestling Promotions recently announced Pete Dunne won’t be appearing at their show on the 27th which is just one day prior to the big Royal Rumble event in Philadelphia. On their Facebook page, the British wrestling promotion confirmed this by putting out the following release:

“It is with regret that we inform the BWP Faithful that Pete Dunne will no longer be attending BWP Royally Rumbled next weekend due to last minute contractual obligations to WWE. WWE have called Pete back to America ahead of their Royal Rumble event next Sunday.


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