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Jason Black

Long overdue

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A lot of you know that I Fucked up, and most of you may not care why or even want an explanation but I'll give one anyway.

First let me start out by saying my name is Tim and I'm an addict. I have been an addict for fourteen years and did a great job hididng it. But towards the end I was saying a lot of stuff that just wasn't true. I was saying anything and everything that I could to cover up what I really was going to do, and commit suicide. I was tired of everything and I thought in my drug addled brain that I could just say a few words and be done with it. But that never happened, I couldn't kill myself, I was a coward. And in the process hurt people I never wanted to hurt.

in September I was arrested for credit card theft, check fraud and forgery, all used to support my habit. I got,out oct twentieth and went to rehab the same day. I am now thirty four days clean and on my way to a half way house. I am very sorry to everyone I hurt.


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3 minutes ago, Jason Black said:

Again I am not proud of a lot of what I said. Yes that was a lie Ross.i was sick but just in the head. I am getting help and it will be a long while before I ever expect anyone to forgive.

And what is it you hope to accomplish by coming back today?

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3 minutes ago, Jason Black said:

Slim this is not a lie. I was in jacksons county jail from September tenth to October twentieth and rehab at fellowship hous from the twentieth til today.


3 minutes ago, Jason Black said:

Brenden all I want was to explain to everyon, they deserved it.

So you, are not bipolar? You don’t have a girlfriend? Just give us the whole truth instead of bits and pieces

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Right so this reply is gonna get negged but fuck it.

I feel like as a whole we should let Tim back. He has helped us all in the past whether we would like to admit it or not. He was a friend to a lot of us and yes he lied about some serious stuff, which is extremely personal to me due to my fight against epilepsy which is still going on today. But I for one am happy to let Chris back to us. He made a mistake under influence. And if you don't want to let him back then. Was he really your friend? Do you care? Because, for me it is blatant to see that Chris needs us. He is clean now, and wants a second chance. 

Welcome back Tim. 

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Alright so since I think it's time for me to get a serious post in here, here it is:

I don't care if you leave, stay, go to jail, go to rehab, or anything. I don't care. Because the fact of the matter is that when you pulled that crap, guys like me, Necce, and many more will destroyed. We were emotional as all hell. I gotten shit for crying about losing someone i once considered my brother. When I found out it was a lie, I hated myself for it and I, to this day still, can't believe a damn person in when they tell me anything on here or in my life. I've gotten shit for my past of lies, but you wanted me to "don't lie since it's not worth it" now i know that's a lie. If you leave, never ever come back again. If you stay, don't expect anything from us. Not a damn thing. 

that's all from me. 

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Later on in the evening after the momental announcement by Stephanie McMahon that superstars would have to have sex with each other in order to win their scheduled matches in an effort to improve passion within the superstars many were left speechless. One of these men was Jinder Mahal.
Only moments before the Indian superstar had checked to see if he would be appearing in the Survivor Series pre-show due to the fact he was wasn't on the main event and found he had the dark match; against Santino Marella.
Mahal was quietly confident as he entered the designated lockerroom and was quite surprised by what he saw. In the corner of the room stood a referee who smiled weakly at Mahal as he continued to observe. A bench sat at the back of the room littered with condoms and lube and hanging on the lockers themselves were an array sex toys. Dildo's ranging in length, anal beads, butt plugs of various sizes, handcuffs, rope, whips, chains as well as vibrators. Mahal smirked at the sight before him looking to the right and seeing that the open plan lockerroom shower was occupied, steam steadily billowing from within; Mahal knew his 'Opponent' in Santino Marella was already here.
Jinder Mahal casually pulled his wrestling trunks down from his waist, freeing his 7 inch cock that slowly started to harden as he kicked off his trunks and wrapped hand around his erection, bringing it to it's full hardness before quietly walking into the shower. As he walked in the showers he could see the Italian superstar with his back towards Mahal, water and soap running down his tattooed back and down into his smooth ass crack as Mahal approached him. Santino meanwhile was blissfully unaware that his opponent for the night was so close behind him as he continued to clean himself in preparation.
Mahal watched from behind as Santino slid a finger down his ass crack and into his tight hole.
"Ohhh mama mia" Santino groaned.
His slid his finger in and out of his ass and Mahal took this as his cue, stepping close behind Santino and slapping his cock into the Italian superstars ass crack, making him jump slightly.
"Think it's about time we got started" Jinder said
Mahal slid his cock down Santino's ass crack before pushing forward, his foreskin rolling back as the head of his cock pushed forward into Marella's tight hole, pushing deeper and deeper into his hole until eventually his shaved crotch touched Marella's ass.
"Ohhhhh!" Santino moaned
Both men were still for a moment before Jinder started to pull out until just the head of his cock was still in Santino's ass before pushing forward, thrusting all of his cock until Santino at once making both men groan out in the shower cubicle.
"Yeah you like that don't you! Always knew you could take a big cock like mine!" Jinder laughed
Santino simply rolled his eyes and pushed back, causing the Indian superstar to lose his rhythm slightly. Santino knew that if he cooperated and made Jinder Mahal cum, he would have tonight's match won so he did it again, thrusting back against the indian stallion causing him again to lose his rhythm, this time losing his patience also.
He pulled out of the Italian superstars ass before grabbing him by the shoulder, spinning him round so they are face to face before forcing him onto his knees.
"Suck my cock" Mahal demanded
Santino simply shrugged, he didn't care that he was being bossed around, it seemed like Jinder Mahal had already forgotten that the first person to cum loses the match.
Santino softly took Jinder's cock into his hand before licking around the head, making the Indian superstar moan before making him moan even more by swallowing his cock whole!
"Ohhhhhh shit!" Jinder moaned as Santino's nose pressed against Mahal's shaven crotch.
Jinder Mahal tilted his head back in sheer pleasure and closed his eyes, letting the sensation wash over him as Santino continued his assault on the Indian's cock. After a while, Mahal started to feel the familiar feeling rising inside of him and it wasn't until he was on the edge of orgasm that Jinder realised just why he was there.
"Get off!" Jinder shouted but Santino didn't respond
Mahal tried to push Santino away from him but to no avail, Santino wouldn't budge and if anything could sense that Jinder was close and increased his pace, sucking faster and faster before bringing a hand to the Indians heavy balls and rolling them around in his hand. That was all it took, Jinder couldn't take anymore.
"Ohhhhh fuck!" Jinder moaned
Santino let his lips roll down Jinder's shaft one more time before his cock exploded.
"Take that cum! You haven't heard the last of me!" Jinder Mahal moaned
Shot after shot of the Indian superstars cum hit the back of Santino's throat as he tried desperately not to gag on the amount that was filling his mouth. Mahal moaned as he pumped his cock in and out of Santino's mouth a little before pulling out and looking down, seeing his cum inside Marella's mouth.
"Swallow it." Mahal demanded
And swallow it Santino did. In one fluid gulp Santino managed to swallow Jinder Mahal's cum, savouring the slightly tangy taste as it ran down his throat. Mahal smirked before slapping his cock slightly against the face of Santino.
"Next time you're mine." Jinder remarked
With that the Indian superstar casually left the shower area and retrieved his wrestling trunks, putting them back on before going, leaving Santino alone and with a raging erection in the shower...

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Just like George, this post is going to get negged, but I agree with George. I'm a firm believer in forgiveness and look, although what happened happened, and he lied to us, he helped us so much. He gave a lot of bright moments to a lot of people. Tell me you haven't laughed at one of his promos like Moaning Mertyle. Tell me you haven't admired a promo. Tell me he hasn't been kind and helped you. What happened happened and that's almost unforgivable. I know some people won't forgive him but I hope some do.

And as for Tim, please be more straight with us. Tell us what's true and not true, and don't do what you did ever again. If you can be the Tim we remember, we welcome you back. If you can't be the Tim we know, then I advise you don't try. That's all

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