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A Returning Star

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The lights in the BPZ Arena go out as a promotional video is played on the titantron.

September 12, 2016. A competitor unlike any other entered BPZ...

The footage cuts to a young man making his big debut on the grand BPZ stage.

"Now, I know all of you people don't know who I am, but you will very soon. You can call me Aidanator."

Then clips are shown of various moments of Aidan's early career, from him attacking Akki at the Brad Blood Pay-Per-View, to him beating Gill in his first ever match.

A wrestler who took the business by storm, and would become one of BPZ's fastest rising Superstars...

It then shows Aidan winning the NXT Championship.

"He did it! Aidan's done it! The Aidanator has won the NXT Title!"

Followed by the formation of The Supremacy.

"Oh my god! That's Aidanator and Alyx Wilde! They've just helped Slim retain the Intercontinental Championship! What is this new Trio that we're seeing here?"

Then finally it rolls the clip of Aidan and Alyx winning the Tag Team Championships.

"Aidan and Alyx win the Tag Titles in a dominating fashion. No competition here folks."

The clip fades away as the narration continues.

But then, Tragedy struck.

It shows News articles with the headline "Aidanator is out due to severe Ankle injury" Then it cuts to BPZ staff being interviewed about the incident.

"It happened so suddenly. One day he was on top of the world, and the next day it just came crashing down, almost like a boy getting grounded by his mother for having bad grades. Everything really only went downhill after that. Slim kicked Aidan out of The Supremacy and renamed the faction to The Top Guys, and then Aidan entered what's known as his 'Dark Times."

Footage of Aidan's failed gimmicks roll across the screen, with the cringiest of quotes to follow them.

"Watcha' gonna do, brother, when the Aidanator runs wild on you!"

"Let me tell you something Mean Gene..."

*Fish noises*

But then, just as everybody was about to lose hope, he went back to the "Old" Aidanator. The one who was both NXT and Tag Team Champion at the same time. Seeing an opportunity, he challenged for the United States Championship at BPZ Mania. Many saw this as his last chance to get his career back on track. He gave it everything he had on the grandest stage of them all...

The titantron cuts to Aidan getting Triple Superkicked and losing the match

But he failed. And he truly never recovered from that. After BPZ Mania he disappeared for a while. He attempted a few more runs in the business, but those flopped fast. Yes, it seems that The Aidanator will go down in the BPZ history books forever as failed potential.

The audience starts to boo, as they thought this would lead to an Aidanator return, but they're soon silenced when two words pop up on the screen

Next Week

Everybody immediately break out in cheering as they get excited for the upcoming return of the former NXT and Tag Team Champion. Then the show goes to commercial break.

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