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My Time

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We live on Evolve as we cut backstage to a dark room where you only just make out an outline on 1 figure then the room lights up and you see a New Zealand flag appear on the wall which makes it clear to the fans that this is Ropati and the start to boo. The figure then turns around to reveal himself and Ropati with his usual attire of a New Zealand flag around his body with New Zealand ring gear on. He then moves the flag away from his mouth so he can speak. 

Evolve Takeover: Pride a show of many great match such as Slim vs Smith 2 former friends no former brothers fighting each other, Natedog vs FDS for the global title, Bart vs Prince where the loser will be fired but these 2 men are tag partners so that adds another layer to this battle and of course the match you all want to see the To The Top match where I the "Kiwi Buzzsaw" will make an amazing return to the ring and win this match before then cashing in later down the line on the global champion and then I will be the global champion. 

The crowd boo's at this statement before chanting "Ark" most likely trying to tell Ropati that he will fall to there hero Ark

Oh whats that you think your little Ark will be able to stop me. Well sorry to reign on the parade but that will not happen you see Ark over rates himself your people do it to him. Ark, you can't say your in the big leagues and you're just welcoming me to them when every match in the "big leagues" you've had has ended with you on your back having lost and it'll be no different at Pride. 

I've already said why Akki and GRV don't stand a chance but let me repeat since I'm pretty sure you fans are deaf. Akki was just Slim's lapdog and nothing more and now Slim has let him go and he lacks direction and will fall quite easily. Now once I again I'll say this does GRV still bloody work here I mean will he even be at Pride? 

Now the last man in this match the only man in this match that even has a tiny bit of him that matches my greatness the returning "legend" Joh and Joh you need to realise you came back at the wrong bloody time because now it's my time and a Has Been it's not going to stop that because Joh i am in a different league to you and I will end you for trying to steal my spotlight you hear that MY not YOURS my god damn spotlight.

So Joh, Akki GRV if you even show up and Ark bring your A game to Pride or don't it doesn't really matter because I will win no matter what you 3 do because this is 

My Time

Evolve then cuts to Commercial.

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