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Original Plans For A Kane Brother Story.

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On this week's edition of The Wrestling Inc. Podcast, they were joined by two-time former TNA Tag Team Champion, Matt Morgan, who revealed some interesting information. Morgan stated that back when he was in WWE, there were plans in place to be the brother of Kane and go by the name Abel.

Matt Morgan made his biggest impact in professional wrestling as part of the Fortune stable, but in between his stints with the WWE and TNA, Morgan was an American Gladiator. In 2009, NBC revived the American Gladiators competition show that was made popular from 1989 to 1996.

When Morgan was training in the developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling, then lead booker and part owner, Jim Cornette, came up with the idea of Morgan losing a match where "the loser leaves town" and return to the company masked and known as The Blueprint (his actual nickname in TNA).

All of this was to groom him to be able to perform with a mask and be the brother of Kane. Morgan would say the following about the prospect of that gimmick:

"And I would've killed for that! I would've worn a hood gladly for that just because I'm a huge 'Taker and Kane fan. What leads to Kane leads to 'Taker, right? Nine-year-old Matt Morgan inside was going bananas."

In the end, the idea was nixed all the way from the top, by Vince McMahon.

Matt Morgan made a surprise return to Impact Wrestling this year as a part of Jeremy Borash's team when he feuded with play-by-play announcer Josh Mathews. Then the company was known as Global Force Wrestling and when they changed their plans and started to tour, he left again.

Though he's not officially retired from professional wrestling, he is now in the world of politics where he was elected a commissioner for the city of Longwood, Florida.

At the age of 41, and in phenomenal shape, the potential of Morgan to return to the ring could happen sometime down the road.

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Extremely interesting to think about if this character ever came to fruition. Kane and Undertakers own mythology has been a tad bit fucked by this point with how confusing and convoluted it has become however a third brother who would obviously be play off the Bible’s Kane and Abel would be extremely interesting. I do think it’s important to note that it says Kane’s brother however not the Undertaker. It was revealed in storyline that the Undertaker and Kane are only half brothers sharing the same mom however Paul Bearer being Kane’s father, which would have to mean Abel would be the son of Paul Bearer. 

Not that any of it matters however extremely interesting and would of define you placed Matt Morgan in a massive role in WWE that could of most likely made his career and sent him straight into stardom. 

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