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TEW 2016: SmackDown Live! vs Raw

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January Week Four Superstars 


Segment 1:

Cesaro talks about how he’s been overlooked in WWE, being out in meaningless tag teams and never receiving opportunities, but unlike Finn Balor, he plans to do something about it by winning the Royal Rumble. Finn comes out, confirming his entrance in the Rumble. They exchange words and set a match for later in the night.

Segment 2-3:

Enzo is in the back bragging to Benjamin about his role on SD last week, saying he dominated, and how he will go on to win the Rumble. Benjamin tells him to put his money where his mouth is. While Zo back off, Cass comes behind Benjamin and agrees to the terms. Big Cass would three best Benjamin, keeping his Rumble spot secured.

Segment 4-5:

After being pinned by Jax two weeks ago and being screwed over by her last week, James calls Jax our for a match, which she loses.

Segment 6:

In a rematch of a few weeks ago, Finn takes on Cesaro. Despite Cesaro dominating the majority of the match, Finn picks up the role up for the win, leaving Cesaro angered.

ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH CARD (As of right now):


Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs John Cena for the Universal Championship

Dean Ambrose vs The Miz (c) w/Maryse for the Intercontinental Championship

Shawn Micheals vs Dolph Ziggler

SmackDown Live!

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Braun Strowman for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Bobby Roode vs Roman Reigns for the United States Championship

Paige vs Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss for the WWE SmackDown! Women’s Championship


30 Man Royal Rumble Match

Raw confirmed Superstars: The Brian Kendrick, Curtis Axel, The Big Show, Chris Jericho, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Shawn Micheals, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, Triple H (14)

SmackDown Live! confirmed Superstars: Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Big Cass, Cesaro, Enzo Amore, Neville, Samoa Joe, Baron Corbin, Tye Dillinger, Finn Balor (10)

NXT: Johnny Gargano (1)

Unaccounted For (Possible Surprise Entrants): 5

Who do you guys think will be winning the matches? Give us your predictions.

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January Week 4 WWE Royal Rumble


Pre-Show Segment 1-2:
Elias attempts to reduce the anger between the Usos and the Revival, reminding them that they are all on the same team. The five of them then go on to face The New Day, Matt Hardy, and Shelton Benjamin, picking up the win. Near the end of the match, The Usos and Revival begin to fight, with the New Day jumping in on them, as Elias pins Benjamin.

Pre-Show Segment 3:

The RAw Tag teams, The Club, The Colons, American Alpha, and The Singhs all argue with each other, claiming they are each the best

Pre-Show Segment 4:

Charlotte and Nikki Bella take each other on while Bayley sits at the announcers desk. After the match ends, Charlotte attacks Nikkie, leading Bayley to run down for the save, driving Charlotte off. Unfortunately, Nikki wasn't as nice and hits the Rack Attack 2.0 on Bayley, as she stares down at Charlotte.

Segment 1:

This match would go 20 minutes long and would be an all out match, Cena did well and Lesnar did not but I had Lesnar win because I thought Brock would've done better. Brock would win by hitting his second F5 onto John for the victory, allowing him to win the tournament and claim the Universal Championship for his own.

Segment 2:
Nia Jax easily dominates through the SmackDown Women, destroying all four of them and pinning all four of them, becoming the First Women’s Champion under Shane and Stephanie’s WWE.

Segment 3:

In a decent match The Miz would lose to Dean Ambrose after both men hit each other with a double clothesline, where Miz would then roll out of the ring and Maryse would grab Miz's IC title and would help him to the backstage area to many boos, causing Miz to lose via count out.  But allowing Miz to keep his title via champions advantage. This would make Dean Ambrose outraged, begging the ref to make Miz to come out and restart the match to no avail. This would make Dean's new mission to make Miz pay for taking the cheap way out of the match.

Segment 4:
Despite Shinsuke’s best efforts, Braun’s strength was just too much for the Artist. The referee then had to call the match as he believed Shinsuke Nakamura couldn’t continue. Braun becomes the WWE Champion.

Segment 5:

In the return match of the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. Shawn would defeat Dolph Ziggler by blocking dolph's superkick and hitting Sweet Chin Music on Dolph when Ziggler rebounded to a big pop. He would then pin Dolph, 1.. 2.. 3. And then Shawn would celebrate his victory on his return match in the WWE.

Segment 6:
After failing to win earlier tonight, having lost on SmackDown, and his brother being injured, Sami and Kevin come to taunt Matt Hardy, saying he is lucky he’s not hurt like Jeff. Matt Hardy then begins to laugh as he walks away.

Segment 7:
Bobby Roode is able to pick up the win after consistently going after knee of Reigns throughout the match. As the match neared its end, Bobby was able to win by picking up the rollup and grabbing on Reigns gear. Bobby Roode begins his Glorious title reign as United States Champion.

Segment 8:
A hype video for the Royal Rumble where many stars are asked which Rumble they saw first, and how they will go on to win the Rumble.

Segment 9:

At Number 1 Finn Balor would go on to win the whole Rumble

At Number 2 Shawn Michaels would come out and go a long way until finally getting eliminated in the final two

After Baron Corbin comes out at Number 7 he stares down Enzo and is about to eliminate him until Big Cass eliminates Corbin, and then Enzo

At Number 10 Seth Rollins would enter and would go on to be the Final Four, but Jinder Mahal, who was recently fired, runs in the ring and eliminates Rollins.
At Number 14 "The face of ECW" Tommy Dreamer would come out with a Kendo Stick in hand and would brutalize all of the wrestlers in the match with it before throwing The Miz over the top rope and out of the ring.

At Number 16, Tye Dillinger runs out and immediately eliminates Neville, who had been in the ring prior.

At Number 17, Samoa Joe would then go on to eliminate 6 superstars in the Rumble until being eliminated by Shawn Michaels.

After Dean Ambrose enters the ring at Number 20, he, Rollins, and Reigns work together to eliminate both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.
At number 19 Johnny Gargano from NXT would come out and eliminate Tye Dillinger and would go on to be the first member of the final 6 people in the ring to be eliminated.
At lucky number 27 out would come The Phenomenal AJ Styles, AJ would eliminate 3 people and make it to the final four before getting eliminated by Finn Balor

At Number 29, as Bobby Roode makes his Glorious Entrance, Reigns slips under the bottom rope and spears Roode through the LED.
At Number 30, Shinsuke Nakamura is still visibly tired, and despite his best efforts, he is easily eliminated by Joe after a few minutes.

Winner: Finn Balor Runner Up: Shawn Michaels


I wanna speak for me and Yelich and thank everyone on their support and their patience. Me and Yelich are still actively working on this project. However, we will be taking a short hiatus.  Despite this however, when we return, we want everyone to now we are still working on this. I cant speak for Yelich, but I have at least loosely planned two years of WWE. I look forward to beating Yelich in the future. Now to leave you all in suspense, Yelich and I have both decided to sign someone. We wont reveal which brand they will be on, but we can confirm he is signed.


Be Back Soon 

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I've decided that since we are starting a new month, and that will be the one booking both shows in the future, ive downloaded a new Database and plan on working from that database till the next in-game year. Becuase I'm switching databases, I also have to re-edit pop and I've also decided to tweak the worker skills as well. Id say this will be done over the week, and ill beginning doing 2-3 weeks of tew on the weekend. A close estimate would be is that the series will return at some point next week.

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February Week One Monday Night Raw


Segment 1:
Lesnar And Heyman come out, as Heyman brags that he was right and that Lesnar walked out as champion, and that he will go to Wrestlemania as champion. The Miz comes out with Maryse in tow and begins to say he is the best Champion on Raw, and that Lesnar is just a part timer. As Lesnar steps up to Miz, Miz steps back, seeing his flaw. Lesnar then challenges the Miz to do something about it. Angle comes out and congratulates the Miz for stepping up. He announces that a title will be defended in the Chamber, but in order to decide who will defend it, Miz and Lesnar will have a match, where the loser will defend his title in the Chamber. Miz looks scared as Brock smiles at him.

Segment 2-3:
AJ Styles and Randy Orton take on Chris Jericho and Rusev, all of which clearly looking to rebound after there failure to win the Rumble. Orton is able to get the pin on Rusev, and as Styles looks to shake his hand, Orton walks off

Segment 4-5:
Asuka comes out, and basically destroys Ruby Riott. After the match, Asuka calls out Bayley and Charlotte, who on Twitter were announced to face eachother at Elimination Chamber for the Raw Womens Title. Asuka tell them that she is still the most dominant woman in WWE, and that they are not ready for her.

Segment 6:
Triple H and Stephanie come out, puts Triple H over, and then announces him as Brocks Challenger for the Chamber, not caring what Angle said earlier in the night. Cena comes out and says Triple H doesn’t shouldn’t just get title matches, and that he should prove himself. After going back and forth, Triple H books a match Number One Contenders against Cena next week, if Lesnar wins his match tonight.

Segment 7:
Hunter and Steph are talking bad about Cena when Bayley and Charlotte walk in. While Steph chose Charlotte to be in the match, she Originally wanted Asuka as her opponent. Charlotte says it probably would’ve been better for her to face Asuka, thinking she is more of a challenge. Steph says Kurt chose Bayley, but has decided to make next week have Asuka v Bayley.

Segment 8-10:
Curtis Axel, redubbed Curtis Perfect, comes out to say that he is the best Star in WWE, and that he demands that they show him respect. Ambrose comes out, and pretends not to remember Perfect, until Sheamus comes out and says Dean is being foolish. This leads to a brawl between Dean and Sheamus, leading to a match. During the match, Perfect tries and fails to distract Dean, but the match goes to a draw as Bray Wyatt comes in and attacks Dean and Sheamus. Unfortunately for them all, Kane, who makes his debut for the Raw Brand, comes out and attacks all 4 men, standing tall in the end.

Segment 11-12:
Brian Kendrick comes out, looking to rebound, pick up a win over one of the Singhs. He is shocked however, when his former tag partner, and making his Debut on the Raw roster and his return to WWE, Paul London. Paul at first, seems hostile towards his friend, but then asks if he wants to get the band back together, to which Kendrick says no.

Segment 13-14:
Jordan is in the back when Gable comes up to him. The two chat and after seeing London fail, wonder if they should get there band back together. Angle comes by and greets his son, and Gable, who looks serious towards Angle. Angle says for them to get out there and he’ll find competition. They take on The Club, and a sthey are about to win, Gable turns on Jordan, allowing the club to pick up the win.

Segment 15:
Michaels goes up to Ziggler after an interview, and tells him he’s as good as everyone says he is. As he puts his hand out to shake, Ziggler pulls Michaels in and says next time. The two shake heads and walk away.

Segment 16:
In typical Lesnar style, Lesnar suplexes the Miz all around the ring for about six minutes, before putting him away with the F-5 for the win, signaling the Miz will have to defend his title in the Chamber.

Elimination Chamber Card:

WWE Universal Championship:
Brock Lesnar (c) v Triple H or John Cena

WWE Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber: 
The Miz (c) v ??? v ??? v ??? v ??? v ???

WWE Raw Womens Championship:
Charlotte Flair v Bayley


A few notes, I’ve kinda rewritten the Canon a bit, in order to fit Raw a bit better with my style, and what I want to do with it. This could be what’s called a reboot, so yeah. 
Secondly, I forgot to change the Raw Brand from a Mainstream Product to a Normal Product like SmackDown, which is why it was rated so low.

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February Week One SmackDown Live!


Segment 1-3: (Segment 2 was supposed to come after Segment 3)

Shane and Bryan come out to greet the crowd and explain the plan for the show and Fastlane, stating that the Roman, Shinsuke, and the Hardy’s would all get rematches at Fastlane, but then Seth comes out, angry, wanting a match with Jinder. Before they can answer, Braun comes out, reminding everyone he’s the champ, and that he should be the one opening the show. Rollins and Strowman get in each other’s faces, and have a match, which Rollins loses after putting up a fight, to no avail. Jinder, coming out from the crowd, begins to attack Seth, only for him to receive the Ripcord Knee the minute he attacks Rollins.


Segment 4-6:

Nia, accompanied by Alexa Bliss, walks out and easily defeats Mickie James. Alexa then begins to put Nia over, until Sasha Comes out. The three of them trade words, until Daniel books a match between Alexa and Sasha next week where the winner faces Nia at Fastlane.


Segment 7:

Bobby Roode, comes out in GLORIOUS! fashion and begins to talk about how he will bring prestige back to the US title. Reigns comes out and basically stares at Roode, pointing at the title and just saying, at Fastlane, he will be getting it back.


Segment 8-10:

Elias comes out, does his usual stuff, then The Perfect Ten Tye Dillinger comes out. They have a match, and as Tye is looking to win, Neville comes out for retribution after his Elimination by Tye at the Rumble, and costs Tye the match. After the commercial break, Tye is in the back and is attacked by Neville, saying it’s not over yet.


Segment 11-12:

Kevin Owens has a match with Goldust, and easily puts him away. After the match, Zayn and Owens are in the ring, and notice that the arena turns dark. On the titantron, the words Woken show up on a screen (We had started this Diary before Matt became woken), and Matt and Jeff Hardy arrive on screen. They begin to speak in a crazy fashion, debuting there Woken Gimmick, and saying that Kami will be Deleted.


Segment 13:

Finn comes out, but before he can speak, Cesaro comes out, and brings up the fact that he has a victory over Finn, and that Finn barely won there second match. He then challenges Finn to put his Wrestlemania Opportunity on the line. Finn, saying he never backs down from a challenge, agrees.


Segment 14-16:

A video comes on, Hyping the Debut Of Cody Rhodes. After that, Kofi has a match with Joe, with Joe picking up the win. At that Point, Joe begins to cut a towards Cody, basically challenging him to a match at Fastlane.


Segment 17-18:

Shinsuke takes on Baron Corbin, trying to build momentum for his match with Braun. After picking up the win, Braun Strowman comes out and takes out Nakamura, still tired from his match with Corbin, with relative ease.


Fastlane Card:

WWE Championship:

Braun Strowman (c) v Shinsuke Nakamura

WWE United States Championship:

Bobby Roode (c) v Roman Reigns

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship:

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens (c) v The “Woken” Hardy’s (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy)

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship:

Nia Jax (c) v Sasha Banks or Alexa Bliss

Wrestlemania Main Event Opportunity:

Finn Balor v Cesaro


While Raw suffered because of its focus not being compatible with the product, SmackDown actually thrived, so I wanna call this week a tie, but what do you guys think. Is the product/focus problem what cost Raw the win this week, or was SmackDown the actual better show?

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