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MMArmy - Boxing Camp Down Under

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MMArmy Diary – Boxing Camp Down Under

There is a web based MMA simulator game called MMArmy that I play, where you create a camp, focus it on different aspects of MMA such as boxing, jiu jitsu, muay thai etc and recruit camps, eventually training them to hopefully win an EFC (UFC) title one day. You are allowed to run as many camps as you like, so I figured I would make a new one and make a ‘diary’ for it, so here goes.


Boxing Camp Down Under – Time to take over?

As has been heavily rumoured for a while now, there is a fresh new MMA camp starting up in Australia and today is the day it has opened. Boxing Camp Down Under is an MMA camp that will primarily focus on their fighter’s boxing ability, using a Counter Strike style that allows their fighters to patiently wait for their opponents to swing, so they can parry those attacks and counter with some of their own. The Camp is headed by a man who would like to go by the name ‘Coach Cobhead’, and he shared a few of his thoughts at the grand opening:

‘I honestly can’t explain how excited I am for today. It is something I have been excited to do for a long time now, ever since my own career ended short due to injury, and it is going to be an incredible experience being able to train these up-and-coming MMA fighters and turn them in to champions. We are taking fighters who don’t have any experience with other camps and we are training them from the ground up, though they often do have previous training in certain aspects. Though we will primarily focus on boxing, we do have coaches set up who can train any necessary aspect. We have, however, already hired advanced coaches to train our fighters in their Boxing ability and their footwork.

Anyway, we have already recruited a few guys and I will be sure to get their information to you as soon as possible so you can report on them, but in the mean time we have some training to do. Thank you.’ 

As Coach Cobhead has stated, we will be reporting shortly on who their first five recruits are, so keep your eyes out for that later.


Boxing Camp Down Under – The First Five Recruits

Just a note on how the stats are rated. There are rated out of 100, obviously the higher the better. The natural stats are ones that can’t be improved via training, so they stay as they are. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 22.25.25.png

Name: Petre Popescu

Age: 23

Nationality: Romania

Weight Division: Lightweight (155)

Key Base Stats:

Natural Stats: Fight IQ – 23; Desire – 88; Aggression – 81; Patience – 98; Power – 92

Key for Counter Strike:  Boxing – 30; Footwork – 21; Speed – 9; Reflex – 38

Other Standouts: Sambo – 41; Flexibility – 52; Coordination – 45


Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 22.28.32.png

Name: Joshua Bailey

Age: 26

Nationality: New Zealand

Weight Division: Lightweight (155)

Key Base Stats:

Natural Stats: Fight IQ – 40; Desire – 71; Aggression – 28; Patience – 53; Power – 66

Key for Counter Strike:  Boxing – 26; Footwork – 31; Speed – 53; Reflex – 2

Other Standouts: Greco-Roman – 41; Karate – 41; Brawling – 53


Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 22.30.35.png

Name: Stuart Jenkins

Age: 21

Nationality: Australia

Weight Division: Flyweight (125)

Key Base Stats:

Natural Stats: Fight IQ – 4; Desire – 19; Aggression – 92; Patience – 3; Power – 51

Key for Counter Strike:  Boxing – 54; Footwork – 54; Speed – 41; Reflex – 24

Other Standouts: Taekwondo – 48; Brawling – 41; Balance – 45; Coordination – 51


Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 22.32.22.png

Name: Connor Rogers

Age: 21

Nationality: Australia

Weight Division: Middleweight (185)

Key Base Stats:

Natural Stats: Fight IQ – 67; Desire – 54; Aggression – 26; Patience – 68; Power – 74

Key for Counter Strike:  Boxing – 56; Footwork – 25; Speed – 22; Reflex – 28

Other Standouts: Jiu Jitsu – 45; Taekwondo – 49; Muay Thai – 46; Brawling – 53


Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 22.34.06.png

Name: James Bailey

Age: 23

Nationality: Australia

Weight Division: Light Heavyweight (205)

Key Base Stats:

Natural Stats: Fight IQ – 86; Desire – 66; Aggression – 67; Patience – 86; Power – 32

Key for Counter Strike:  Boxing – 56; Footwork – 22; Speed – 18; Reflex – 53

Other Standouts: Judo – 53; Karate – 42; Rhythm – 43; Focus – 45; Fortitude – 47

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54 minutes ago, Jonathan said:

This seems really cool and I’m interested as to where you take this series, I’ll definitely be keeping up for it. 

Thank you. I'll be honest and say it might not be the most in depth or aesthetically pleasing diary as its obviously based on a text based web game, but I'll see what I can do.

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Boxing Camp Down Under – First Contracts and First Fights

Just on a side note, in this game, the game day resets every 12 hours, so each reset you get one more training point and are allowed to fight once per reset. In regard to training, I won’t really talk about what I have trained them in in depth, though I may mention it during the fight write ups.

Things did not start off well for the new Boxing Camp Down Under MMA camp as their first fight ended with a loss. Joshua Bailey, the lightweight from New Zealand, faced Schalk Biyase, who used the ‘Way of Hand and Foot’ style, in the company UNO. Their fight started pretty evenly as any leg kicks by Biyase were checked by Bailey, and Bailey’s takedown attempt was shunned by Biyase who attempted a Guillotine Choke. Once they were back on their feet, Bailey kept Biyase at distance with some jabs until Biyase caught him with a Roundhouse Kick out of nowhere for the KO Victory.

Things did not go as badly for the new camp in their second fight though as Petre Popescu won on his professional debut. The Romanian faced off with 33-fight veteran Chelo “Bigodones” Peebles, who used the ‘Luta Livre’ style, in Legendary Fighting Championship (LFC). Both fighters made it through round 1 having both done a fair bit of damage to each other, mostly through wild swings. “Bigodones” is sent to the canvas early in the 2nd round though after getting caught with a hard-counter cross. Petre followed the knockdown with some big punches before moving in to full mount. Though, after a failed rear naked choke from Petre, both men got up to their feet. Late in the same round Petre caught Peebles with another counter, this time a liver shot, that forces Peebles to roll to his back and finish the round keeping Petre away with kicks. Despite the 2nd round clearly going in Petre’s favour, Peebles fought back in the third with some critical punches and kicks to take the third round. The fight went to decision and Petre was awarded the split decision victory, 2 judges giving him the win and 1 judge giving the win to Pebbles. The knockdown early in the 2nd round proved to be the winner for Petre.

The third fight in the Boxing Camp Down Under (BCDU) fight saw perhaps their most promising recruit in Stuart Jenkins take on fellow LFC and professional debutant Hitoshi Miyake, who uses the ‘Pull Guard’ style, in a Flyweight bout. Jenkins applied the pressure early, not allowing 34-year old Miyake to be successful with any strikes, and caught the Japanese man with multiple punches to the head. However, Jenkins caught Miyake with a hard body kick to the liver, causing Miyake to crumble to the ground for the KO and win, taking BCDU to 2-1 so far.

BCDU went 3-1 after Connor Rogers picked up the Unanimous Decision victory over Canadian debutant Mac Hardy, who used a ‘Push the Pace’ style. Hardy actually appeared to win the first round as multiple failed attacks by Rogers eventually lead to Hardy taking his back and working him on the ground. Nothing comes of that but Hardy did trip Rogers to the ground again, only for the round to end. Round 2 went to Rogers as he connected with multiple strikes and didn’t allow Hardy to deal much damage. The 3rd round was much of the same, Rogers landing much of the striking efforts but Hardy, despite being rocked at one point, showed a lot of fortitude, never falling to the mat once. Nevertheless, the win went to Rogers.

James Bailey completed what turned out to be a mostly successful first day of fighting for BCDU with a win over Keith MacLeod, who uses a ‘Slam It Out’ style. Bailey was caught by an eye poke very early in the 1st round, which caused a temporary stoppage. The round stays pretty even except right at the end when James parried a MacLeod jab and countered with a cross that floored MacLeod, but the round ended. The second round sees James catch Keith with multiple shots, one of which again floors him after he was caught with a big uppercut. James had some time for some well-timed kicks to MacLeod’s legs but the round again ended with Keith on the floor. The 3rd round is mostly spent battling on the ground, being relatively uneventful but the two knockdowns earlier in the fight were enough for Bailey to take the win and take BCDU to 4-1 to start their camp off successfully.

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Boxing Camp Down Under – Continued Success? 

BCDU’s top prospect Stuart Jenkins continued his success following his 1st round KO on his debut with a 2nd round KO against ‘Pull Guard’ user Leo Steele. Steele was dropped early in the 1st following a hard punch to the head but Jenkins tells him to stand. Once they were back on their feet, Jenkins hits him with another big cross that again drops him, though he eventually let him stand again after some attempts at some ground strikes. He dropped Steele one more time as the round ended. Steele puts up a bigger fight early in the 2nd, but gets floored by a double jab, which Jenkins follows up with a big falling hit to his face that knows him out for the 2nd round KO.

Connor Rogers picked up his second successive decision win, this time over Craig McDonald, who uses a ‘Power Locks’ style. This time it was a split decision, rather than unanimous. The other man to win for BCDU was the Romanian Petre Popescu, who also picked up a split decision win over ‘Catch & Shoot’ Canadian Rory Kechins.

However, not everyone won as both of the Baileys lost their fights. First, Joshua Bailey came away with a unanimous decision loss to 61-fight veteran Luiz Lombardi, who uses a ‘Push the Pace’ style. James Bailey didn’t come away being as lucky as to lose my decision though, instead getting knocked out by punches in the mount position by Orlando Hill, who uses the ‘Ground & Pound’ style.

Outside of their fights, BCDU have also announced that they have made an upgrade to their speed trainer, so now they expect better improvements for their fighter’s speed training.

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31 minutes ago, Jonathan said:

Question, can you change the names of your signees? If you are able to, could you change the names of the guys to Forums members instead of having the generic generated names?

That'd be nice but I'm afraid that isn't possible. I can add nicknames to the guys but that its.. its a multiplayer web based game, so changing names of fighters isn't a possibility.

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Boxing Camp Down Under – A Down Month

BCDU started the month on a 7-3 record and ended it 7-8. As you can tell, it wasn’t a good month for them. All 5 members lost via finish. First Romanian Petre Popescu was KO’d by a wild punch in the 2nd round from Alexandre Becker, a ‘Swing for The Fences’ user. 21-year old prospect Sturt Jenkins then suffered a 1st round KO by stomps from ‘8 Points of Combat’ user Shane McNiven. Connor Rogers was caught by an early Flying Knee from ‘8 Points’ user Nate Thompson. Joshua Bailey suffered a 2nd round RKO loss via punches from Vas Mordvinov, who uses ‘Ground & Pound’, and is now at risk of being dropped from the camp to make room for another. Finally, James Bailey suffered his 2nd successive loss, this time at the hands of ‘Pull Guard’ user Norman White, who forced James to tap out via Kimura.

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Boxing Camp Down Under – First Champ

It is starting to look more like the first month of wins was a fluke, as only 2 fighters managed to pick up wins this month. Surprisingly, the first of the 2 fighters to win was Joshua Bailey, who was coming in on a 3-fight losing streak and looked likely to be cut from camp, as he picked up a unanimous decision victory over Illiarde Rocha. The other winner was Stuart Jenkins, who fought back from his first loss to beat Michio Tsukawaki via TKO once the referee decided to stop the fight in the 3rd round. However, the biggest deal with that fight is that, despite coming off a loss, it was for the title, meaning Jenkins won BCDU’s first title: The Legendary FC Flyweight Championship.

For the losses, Petro Popescu lost in the first round via submission, with an Ashi Garami, to Jahilo Karimi. Connor Rogers also dropped his record to 2-2 following a split decision loss to Heriberto Sahagun. Finally, James Bailey picked up his 3rd successive loss, and looks close to being cut, this time via unanimous decision to Janailson Golias.

Meanwhile, outside of the fighting, BCDU have also upgraded their coaching to allow better reflex training.

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Boxing Club Down Under – New Recruit

Boxing Club Down Under have today announced that they have created space to expand and recruit a sixth fighter. Here is the new recruit:

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 19.14.45.png

Name: Rabbi Qannungoh

Age: 19

Nationality: Bangladesh

Weight Division: Heavyweight (265)

Key Base Stats:

Natural Stats: Fight IQ – 92; Desire – 54; Aggression – 91; Patience – 96; Power – 95

Key for Counter Strike:  Boxing – 33; Footwork – 14; Speed – 28; Reflex – 51

Other Standouts: Sambo – 54; Muay Thai – 53; Kickboxing – 49; Strength – 49; Flexibility – 55; Fortitude – 48

Coach Cobhead: ‘It is a real sign of improvement for us that we can recruit a 6th fighter to our camp. The lads we already work with have done a good job and are constantly improving and gaining experience. Jenkins has already won a title and that’s great in terms of helping us raise awareness of our camp and recruiting bigger names. The new lad, Rabbi, is the youngest but also biggest fellow we have recruited so far and he has a lot of potential. As you’d expect in a heavyweight he has a lot of power and, once we work on his boxing skills a bit, he should be a great fighter for us for a long time.’

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