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Whats Happening In Your Universe Mode?

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Whats Going On In YOUR WWE 2k18 Universe Mode?

We all love Brendens universe mode videos, but whats going on in yours? Heres mine

WWE Champion: Chris Jericho (Beat Jinder)

Universal Champion: Samoa Joe (Beat Lesnar)

United States Champion: Aj Styles (Beat Owens)

Intarcontinal Champion: Rhyno (Beat Miz)

Tag Team Champions (Jointed) The Usos (Beat The Bar)

NXT Champion Adam Cole (Beat Bobby Roode)

NXT Tag Team Champions Lucha Legends (Sin Cara and Gran Metalik) (Beat sAnity)

Last Event: NXT Takeover The End (ME: Bobby Roode vs Adam Cole In Steel Cage)


Chris Jericho/Randy Orton(WWE Title)

Aj Styles/Neville(IC Title)

The Revival/The Usos(WWE Tag Titles)

Samoa Joe/Roman Reigns(Uni Title)

Adam Cole/Alister Black(NXT Title)

Kalisto/Kane(Kane Cost Uni Title On RAW)

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WWE Champion- A.J. Styles

Universal Champion- Brock Lesnar

Intercontinental - The Miz

United States- John Cena 

RAW Tag- SAnitY

Smackdown Tag- The Uso's

NXT Tag- Undisputed ERA (Fish and O'Reilly)

NXT Champion- Bobby Roode

UK champion- Pete Dunne

Recent Event- WWE Payback Main Event- Lesnar vs Roman


1. Roman vs Strowman (No.1 Contender)

2. John Cena vs Carlito (United States Title) 

3. The Miz vs Sami Zayn (Intercontinental Title)

4. A.J. Styles vs Chris Jericho vs Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Title)

5. Bobby Roode vs Roderick Strong (NXT Title)

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WWE Champion: Tyler Breeze

IC Champ: Dolph Ziggler

US Champ: Big E

Tag Team Champs: The Dudley Boys

NXT: Kazuchika Okada

NXT Tag: TM-61

Women's: Paige

Recent Event - Wrestlemania- Main Event - Tyler Breeze vs Kevin Owens


Raw - Big E Vs Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns vs Aidan English

NXT - John Cena Vs Bobby Roode, Tye Dillinger Vs Kyle O Reilly, Finn Balor vs Austin Aries

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WWE Champion: Kevin Owens(beat Sami Zayn)

Universal Champion: Seth Rollins(beat Dean Ambrose)

IC Champ: Triple H(beat The Miz)

US Champ: Sting(beat Roman Reigns)

SD Tag Team Champs: The Club

Raw Tag Team Champs: The Bar

SD Women's: Sasha Banks

Raw Women's: Paige

Recent Event - Royal Rumble- Main Event - Roman Reigns vs Sting


Raw - Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins, Triple H vs. The Miz, Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

Smackdown- Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn, Sting vs. Roman Reigns, The Club(w/AJ Styles) vs. The Shield 

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WWE Champion: Luke Harper(Beat John Cena)

Universal Champion: Seth Rollins(Beat Samoa Joe)

United States Champion: Sami Zayn(Beat Finn Balor)

Intarcontinal Champion: Randy Orton(Beat The Miz)

Tag Team Champions (Jointed) The Usos (Beat The Bar)

NXT Champion Adam Cole (Beat Bobby Roode)

NXT Tag Team Champions Undisputed ERA (Beat Lucha Legends)

Last Event: No Mercy(ME: John Cena vs Luke Harper)


John Cena/Luke Harper-WWE Championship

Seth Rollins/Kane-Universal Championship

Alister Black/Randy Orton-IC Championship

The Usos/ECW Originsl(Sandman and Sabu)-Tag team Titles

Adam Cole/Xavier King-NXT

Aj Styles/Roman Reigns

Dean Ambrose/RVD

Made an update because I reset. Some stuff is the same

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WWE Champion: A.J. Styles 

Universal Champion: Brock Lesnar

United States Champion: Carlito(beat John Cena)

Intercontinal Champion: The Miz

RAW Tag Team Champions: SAnitY(beat The Bar)

Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions: AOP(The Uso's)

NXT Champion: Bobby Roode

NXT Tag Team Champions: Undisputed ERA

Last Event: Extreme Rules (Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins)


A.J. Styles vs Chris Jericho (WWE Championship)

Money in the bank ladder match 

Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns (No.1 Contender)

The Uso's vs The Authors of Pain-Tag team Titles (Smackdown Live)

Bobby Roode vs Kassius Ohno- (NXT Championship)

Sami Zayn vs Dolph Ziggler (Best of 7 series)

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt 

Some are the same, most of the rivalries are different heading into Summerslam

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World Heavyweight Champion: Goldberg (Default) RAW

WWE Champion: Dolph Ziggler (Default) Smackdown

World Tag Team Champions: Psychos Of Wrestling (Default) RAW

WWE Tag Team Champions: TM-61 (Default) Smackdown

WWE Intercontinental Champion: Cesaro (Default) RAW

WWE United States Champion: Baron Corbin (Default) Smackdown

WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Finn Balor (Default) RAW

WWE Womens Champion: Carmella (Default) Smackdown


Roman Reigns Vs Goldberg

Kevin Owens Vs Dolph Ziggler

Hardy Boyz Vs  Psychos Of Wrestling

The Usos Vs TM-61

TJP Vs Cesaro

Aleister Black Vs Baron Corbin

Cedric Alexander Vs Finn Balor

Alexa Bliss Vs Carmella

First PPV WWE Backlash

Main Event

World Heavyweight Championship No Holds Barred Match

Roman Reigns Vs Goldberg

WWE Championship Extreme Rules Match

Kevin Owens Vs Dolph Ziggler

WWE Womens Championship Match

Alexa Bliss Vs Carmella

WWE Tag Team Championship 2 out of 3 Falls Street Fight

The Usos Vs TM 61

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

TJP Vs Cesaro

WWE United States Steel Cage Match

Aleister Black Vs Baron Corbin

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Street Fight

Cedric Alexander Vs Finn Balor

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Just had my Mania PPV, mine as well run down what happened.

Braun Strowman Defeated Brock Lesnar for the Universal title

Finn Balor Defeated John Cena For The WWE Title

Undertaker Defeated Big Cass In A Street Fight

The Usos Defeated New Day For The Tag Titles

Kevin Owens Defeated Shinsuke Nakamura In A No Holds Barred Match

Daniel Bryan Defeated Cody Rhodes In A US Title Match

Seth Rollins Defeated Aj Styles In A IC Title Match


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WWE Backlash Results 

Goldberg Retained against Roman Reigns 

Dolph Ziggler retained against Kevin Owens 

The Hardyz defeated DIY to win the World Tag team titles 

The Usos defeated TM-61 for the wwe tag team Championship 

TJP defeated Cesaro for the Intercontinental Championship 

Aleister Black Defeated Baron Corbin for the United States Championship 

Alexa Bliss Defeated Carmella for the WWE Womens Championship 

Finn Balor Retained against Cedric Alexander 

WWE No Mercy Card

World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match 

Goldberg vs Rhyno vs Roman Reigns(beat Edge to get one more shot) 

WWE Championship Extreme Rules Match 

Dolph Ziggler Vs Baron Corbin 

WWE Tag Team Championship Hell In A cell match 

The Usos vs TM-61 

World Tag team Championship 2 out of 3 falls match 

The Hardyz vs DIY 

WWE Womens Championship 

Alexa Bliss vs Ember Moon(defeated Sasha Banks and Asuka to get into this match) 

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Steel Cage Match 

Finn Balor vs Jack Gallagher 

WWE United States Championship 2 out of 3 falls match 

Aleister Black Vs AJ Styles 

WWE Intercontinental Championship last man standing match 

TJP vs Cesaro 


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WWE Championship: Bad News Barrett (Beat Tyler Breeze at Extreme Rules)

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Tyson Kidd (Beat Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Rusev, Samoa Joe and Cody at Payback)

WWE United States Championship: Seth Rollins (Beat Big E on Raw)

WWE Tag Team Championships: Dudley Boyz (Beat Big Show and Kane at Roadblock)

WWE Women's Championship: Stephanie McMahon (Beat Lana at Extreme Rules)

NXT Championship: Baron Corbin (Beat Kazuchika Okada, Austin Aries and Eric Young on NXT)

NXT Tag Team Championships: The Club (Beat The Revival on NXT) 

Last Event: Extreme Rules (Results; Big E beat Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman to win US, Tyson Kidd beat Kalisto to retain IC, Stephanie McMahon Beat Lana to win Women's, The Hype Bros beat The NWO (Kevin Owens and AJ Styles) Dudley Boyz (D-Von Dudley and Bubba Ray Dudley) Beat Big Show and Kane to retain Tag, Samoa Joe beat Rusev, Natalya beat Paige, Bad News Barrett Beat Tyler Breeze for World)



Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt

Seth Rollins vs Braun Strowman

Miz and Mizdow Vs Orton and Batista


Kevin Owens and Jerry Lawler Vs Sami Zayn and Zack Ryder

Dudley Boyz Vs Lucha Dragons


The Club Vs SAnitY

John Cena Vs Dolph Ziggler

Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Eric Young

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WWE No Mercy Results


WWE Intercontinental Championship - Cesaro Beats TJP 3-2 in a 20 minute Iron Man Match To Become a 2 Time Intercontinental Champion

Main Show

WWE United States Championship - AJ Styles Beat Aleister Black 3-2 in a 15 Minute Iron Man Match To Become The New United States Champion

World Tag Team Championships - DIY Defeated The Hardy Boyz in a 2 out of 3 falls Tag Team Match to Become 2 Time World Tag Team Champions

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Steel Cage Match - Finn Balor And Jack Gallagher battled to a 15 Minute Time Limit DRAW But The Match was Restarted and Finn Balor Just Like He Did To Cedric Alexander Beat Jack Gallagher to Walk out Still The Cruiserweight Champion

WWE Tag Team Championship Match - The Usos Defeated TM-61 To Retain The WWE Tag Team Championship

WWE Championship Match - Dolph Ziggler Defeated Baron Corbin To Retain The WWE Championship

WWE Women's Championship Match - Alexa Bliss Retained Her Title Against Ember Moon After Surviving The Eclipse Stunner

World Heavyweight Championship Match - Roman Reigns Defeated Rhyno and Goldberg to Become the New World Heavyweight Champion

Next PPV Money In The Bank


World Heavyweight Championship Roman Reigns Vs Goldberg Who ever Loses will not get a rematch

Intercontinental Championship Cesaro Vs TJP Who ever loses will not get a rematch

United States Championship AJ Styles Vs Aleister Black

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Finn Balor Vs Jack Gallagher

World Tag Team Championship DIY Vs The Hardyz losing Team Will not get a Rematch

Mens & Womens Money In The Bank Ladder Match

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NXT Takeover: The End results

John Cena beat Dolph Ziggler. This was the final match in a Series of 7, ending it at 4-3 to Cena. Tye Dillinger tried to get involved for Ziggler but was taken out by Tomasso Ciampa

The Vaudevillains beat The Revival. After the match the Revival were presented with the NXT Superstar of the Year Award for the first year of NXT before it was announced Revival would go to Raw. Dash Wilder stated that Raw had no Tag Championships, so he had to do what he had to do,before Wilder attacked Dawson, turning heel.

Eric Young beat Shinsuke Nakamura to become the #1 Contender to Baron Corbin's NXT Championship

The Club beat SAnitY to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships. As a result Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton had to leave NXT. Eric Young attacked William Regal

(Made Up Match): Natalya finally claimed the Women's Championship in a Championship Scramble match between Stephanie McMahon, Lana, Paige, Natalya and Dana Brooke. Lana entered 5 minutes into this 15 minute match due to winning a Gauntlet. Lana pinned Stephanie to become champ. Dana pinned Lana to become champ. Lana pinned Paige to become temporary champion. Natalya pinned Lana to become champ but Dana immediately rolled her up to become champ. Natalya, with 14 seconds left, pinned Dana before Paige ran in and hit a Ram-Paige and covered with 4 seconds left but Natalya kicked out, winning the title.

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Money In The Bank Match Card


Womens Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Peyton Royce Vs Nikki Cross Vs Charlotte Vs Naomi Vs Nia Jax Vs Natalya

  1. Peyton Royce Beat Bayley
  2. Nikki Cross Beat Maryse
  3. Charlotte Beat Sasha Banks
  4. Nia Jax Beat Ruby Riot and Beth Pheonix
  5. Naomi Beat Asuka
  6. Natalya Beat Emma

WWE Cruiserweight Steel Cage Match

(Who Ever Wins Will Challenge For The World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam But Has to Vacate The Cruiserweight Championship)

Finn Balor Vs Jack Gallagher (Last Chance For Jack Gallagher)

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Cesaro Vs TJP (Loser will not get a Rematch)

WWE United States Championship Match

AJ Styles Vs Aleister Black (Loser Will Not Get A Rematch)

World Tag Team Championship Match

DIY Vs The Hardy Boyz (Losers Will not get a Rematch)

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Roman Reigns (With The Authors Of Pain) Vs Goldberg (Who Ever Loses Will not get a Rematch Clause)

Main Event

Mr Money In The Bank Ladder Match

The Rock Vs Curtis Axel Vs Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Edge Vs Sami Zayn Vs Eddie Guerrero Vs Neville

Smackdown Qualifying Matches

  1. The Rock Beat Dolph Ziggler
  2. Curtis Axel Beat Big E
  3. Shinsuke Nakamura Beat The Miz Rusev and Drew Mcintrye
  4. Kofi Kingston Beat Dean Ambrose, Sheamus And The Miz

RAW Qualifying Matches

  1. Eddie Guerrero Beat Samoa Joe
  2. Edge Beat Bobby Roode
  3. Sami Zayn Vs Seth Rollins
  4. Neville Beat Cedric Alexander, Hideo Itami And Neville

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The New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) beat The NWO (Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton) w/Kevin Nash

NWO (Jerry Lawler and Kevin Owens) beat Zack Ryder and Sami Zayn

The New Era (Aiden English and The Uso’s (Jimmy and Jey Uso) beat Kurt Angle, Bo Dallas and Adam Rose

Dana Brooke won the Women’s MITB briefcase by beating Becky Lynch, AJ Lee, Lana and Paige

Dean Ambrose beat Bray Wyatt

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley) beat The Lucha Dragons (Kalisto and Sin Cara) to retain the Tag Team Championships

Jeff Hardy beat King Barrett, Tyler Breeze and Mojo Rawley to win the WWE Championship

Stephanie McMahon beat Natalya to win the Women’s Championship 

Braun Strowman beat Seth Rollins by DQ. Seth retained the WWE US Championship 

AJ Styles won the MITB briefcase by beating Rey Mysterio, Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho and Shinsuke Nakamura 

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Money In The Bank Results

Charlotte Won Ms Money In The Bank defeating Nikki Cross, Nia Jax, Naomi, Natalya and Peyton Royce

Jack Gallagher Beat Finn Balor Inside a Steel Cage to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and will challenge the World Heavyweight Champion At Summerslam

Cesaro Defeated TJP to retain the Intercontinental Championship

AJ Styles Defeated Aleister Black in a Last Man Standing Match to Retain The United States Championship

DIY Defeated The Hardy Boyz To Retain The World Tag Team Titles

Goldberg Defeated Roman Reigns (w/ Empire of Pain) For The World Heavyweight Championship

Curtis Axel Won Mr Money in The Bank Defeating Edge Shinsuke Nakamura Neville The Rock Eddie Guerrero Kofi Kingston and Sami Zayn

Summerslam Match Card

World Heavyweight Champion Vs Cruiserweight Champion

Goldberg Vs Jack Gallagher

WWE Championship

Dolph Ziggler Vs Aleister Black

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Cesaro Vs Finn Balor

World Tag Team Championship

DIY Vs Authors of Pain

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Usos Vs Weapons of Mass Destruction (Corbin & Owens)

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Elimination Fatal 4 Way Match

Neville Vs Roderick Strong Vs Hideo Itami Vs Cedric Alexander

WWE Womens Championship

Alexa Bliss Vs Bayley Vs Carmella

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