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Women's Royal Rumble Match Discussion

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Well it'll be interesting if its 15, 20 or even more women in the match. Will they use any surprises such as a legend or some NXT women. I think they will need to make it as exciting as possible to warrant another in the future, hopefully they go all out with it and try to make it great. 

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Guest Smith

It would've been cool if they delayed Paige's return for this match, it would have guaranteed a surprise and would have cast excitement which is exactly what they need for a match like this. Nevertheless, I expect at least a couple of legends to make an appearance just so that this match isn't looked at as a flop. As for NXT women, we just had five of them move up to the main roster so I can't see them bringing anyone else up unless they go back down to NXT straight after. Hopefully, this match is good. I'm glad that the women are finally getting their own Royal Rumble match. It should also help create additional interest around one of the women's championship matches at WrestleMania.

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Man, I love this. One of the best things about the royal rumble is wondering who is going to turn up as a one off appearance, and now we get to look forward to that for both men and women. The influx of debuts makes a lot of sense now, even if we assumed this would be the case anyway. I could see them using one or two NXT women, maybe Ember Moon, in one off appearances, only to go back down to NXT after. Trish Stratus has hinted at returning, which would be amazing but I'm not holding out my hopes... but surely a few women will come back and take part. I can't wait. I expect Asuka to win... Maaaaaaaaybe Nia Jax.

I'd like it if the winner gets to challenge for the title in the co-main of Wrestlemania, i.e. the second to final match, just like the RR winner is supposed to main event Wrestlemania.

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I, for one, am glad that WWE is venturing out of their usual comfort zone and is giving the women a chance to make history yet again and prove that they can hang with the men. I am also glad to see how far the women have come since the brand split. We witnessed the first ever Women's Hell in a Cell match between Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks at Hell in a Cell 2016, we witnessed the first two Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Matches at Money in the Bank 2017 and an episode of SmackDown Live earlier this year and now we will see the first ever women's Royal Rumble Match in 2018. I do know that I will be looking forward to this match and its aftermath but I see Asuka winning it with the way she's been booked lately and see her winning the title at Wrestlemania. I would also love to see some surprise entrants and am hoping this becomes an annual tradition. I do know this makes me wonder how WWE will continue to push the women and help them make history as this is huge for them.

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Guest Smith
18 minutes ago, HeelAkki said:

My question is, how much women will be in the match? Is the division that big with 30 women?

I imagine the women's rumble will be smaller than the men's. They'll most likely have a twenty women rumble which is still a decent size considering how many women there are on the roster.

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It will be a 20 women royal rumble I would think seeing as there was 10 women in the ring with steph. So 10 SD 10 RAW. Unless they have surprises which could happen with 20 if we take out the champs and contenders at RR. So say 8 from RAW 8 from SD leaving 4 suprises possible returns or NXT women 

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I'm hoping to see Kharma's return in the WWE and the Royal Rumble, reason's to support this claim is that the WWE YouTube channel posted a video recently, of 5 superstars they want to see return in 2018 and it included Kharma. Another reason is that Kia Stevens (AKA Kharma) in her offical Twitter Bio account there's a link where it leads to the WWE Website. Final reason is that the Netflix series GLOW season 2 is wrapping up soon, so Kharma is free to do whatever she can do before season 3 is in production or if it's even renewed.So that is why I speculate the return of Kharma in the Women's Royal Rumble.

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Probably 20 including Women From Raw, Smackdown and NXT women are rumoured to be in it just for the one match. So if we take the divisions from both raw and smackdown excluding the champions we having around 18 people who could be in it and we have to take out 1 from each brand at least for that person to compete against the champions at the rumble so around 16 guaranteed entrants so 8 from Raw 9 from 7 smackdown since Smackdown has less people on the brand so maybe 2 NXT entrants and 2 surprises.

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If WWE does not have anyone debut or return this Rumlbe will not be the best, even if it is the womens divison I feel we still need a return or two. But who? Who could return/debut? As Brenden said in his LTT podcast I see Rounda debuting, that would be the best place for her anyways. The champions will not be in this match, most certainly. Maybe something they could do is have Carmella cash in like, a week before, lose by DQ or something and then have Carmella vs Charlotte. As Henarndex said, I would love to see Karma do a little return, Nia Jax vs Karma wouldn't be a horrible matchup to see in a rumble. Now, for Riot Squad and whatever Paiges group name, I wonder if they will team or have a stare down. 

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Guest Smith

Even though a women's Royal Rumble match was strongly rumored for several weeks, Ryan Satin of ProWrestlingSheet.com reports that WWE made an effort to keep the news a secret to the female talents. Only a handful of people were reportedly informed of what Stephanie McMahon's announcement on RAW was going to be and even members of the production team were said to be kept in the dark. 

The Bella Twins posted a video on YouTube with their surprised reactions to Stephanie's announcement:



I'm glad they didn't tell the women until the live announcement. It's nice to witness organic reactions on such momentous occasions. When I was watching RAW and then watched the announcement back, I did think the women's' reactions seemed realistic. Moreover, it was nice to hear the announcement on RAW rather than reading it from a rumor report so I'm glad WWE tried excessively to keep this a secret.

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WWE when they decide to hide surprises, they can do a great job. And you can tell no women in the ring or any fans in the crowd had any idea. There has been many talk about this match and I never thought it would happen, so I'm glad the WWE are giving the women's divisions a chance to match up with the men in the Rumble match up as well. 

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The announcement for this match was great, maybe the best announcement of 2017. I really hope that the match can live up to the hype. I expect it will. It will be interesting to see how many women will be in the match because I don't think the WWE have enough female talent for a 30 person rumble. But even if they do compromise and have a 20 women rumble I expect it to be a good match with some returns and big spots hopefully. One spot I'd like to see is the four horsewomen being the final four, that would be great.

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Predicting The Entrances(Or who could be in it)

Alicia Fox



Dana Brooke

Mandy Rose

Mickie James

Nia Jax


Sasha Banks

Sonya Deville

Becky Lynch



Liv Morgan



Ruby Riott

Sarah Logan


Nikki Bella

Kelly Kelly

Trish Stratus

Brie Bella

Rounda Rousy

Eva Marie?


Idk who else, who do you think will return?



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While I think there is enough talent if you include surprise entrants like Michelle McCool, Kharma, Kelly Kelly, Trish Stratus, Lita, etc. I don't believe that there is enough time on the show to have two 30 men/woman Royal Rumbles and an actual well-rounded match card. So this match almost has to have 20 entrants which will leave out the Alicia Fox's, Dana Brooke's and more, which is quite sad if you ask me, but neccesary.

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Women's Royal Rumble Competitors

RAW 11

Champion Alexa Bliss

  1. Alicia Fox
  2. Asuka (Possible Winner if she's not facing Ronda Rousey)
  3. Bayley
  4. Dana Brooke
  5. Mickie James
  6. Mandy Rose
  7. Nia Jax (Possible Winner)
  8. Paige (Possible Winner)
  9. Sasha Banks
  10. Sonya Deville


Champion Charlotte

  1. Becky Lynch (Possible Winner)
  2. Carmella
  3. Lana
  4. Liv Morgan
  5. Naomi
  6. Natalya
  7. Nikki Bella
  8. Ruby Riot (Possible Winner)
  9. Sarah Logan
  10. Tamina

If They Wanted to Do a 30 Women Royal Rumble then


  1. Kairi Sane
  2. Nikki Cross
  3. Peyton Royce
  4. Billie Kay
  5. Bianca Belair


  1. Lita
  2. Trish Stratus
  3. Ronda Rousey
  4. Kelly Kelly
  5. Kharma
  6. Michelle McCool

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