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205 Live: New Opportunities

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Wednesday 26th October 2016

After the shocking events of the past Monday. Fans were a little uncertain of how to feel going into the nights
action. The first night for the cruiserweights would be amazing, and the fans in the arena wouldn't have to
wait for long to see action from the new arrivals. In fact, they saw them imminently. As the show was opened
by Austin Aries.

Austin Aries: Wow, so this is what it is like. NXT come on. I thought we had something. I chose you instead of
going to raw and joining the cruiserweights. Then I even brought the cruiserweights to you. But still, you boo
me, you joke about my name and put down everything that I have done in this company. Why? 

*Aries is interrupted by 'We want Perkins' chants from the crowd, as well as strong boos from the always loud
NXT fans*

Austin Aries: Awww, you want your little hero. Well, too bad, because somebody didn't come into work today.
Mainly because he can't handle having me here. He can't handle the loss I gave him on Monday. I am better 
than him, better than he will ever be. And guys that is just a fact that you will just have to deal with sadly. See
he may be the cruiserweight champion, but I think I proved that, that title means nothing. It never did and it 
never will.

*Again, Aries is interrupted but this time not by the fans in the arena. Instead by William Regal, the general
manager of NXT*

William Regal: Excuse me ladies and gentleman. I am sorry for making you have to sit through this. It seems
that mister Aries here has something to say about the cruiserweight division, especially the champion. And 
considering the cruiserweights are now part of this great show. How about, we show mister Aries here how we
feel about these comments.

*Regal points the microphone towards the crowd who begin to boo loudly at Aries. Even a chant of 'Screw you
Aries' began*

William Regal: It, to me at least seems that even though you have been here for longer, the fans would rather
see the cruiserweights than you. So how about we fuse the two. Since you have took it upon yourself to
express your unwanted opinion, why don't we make the main event of this show right here right now. Austin
Aries will face Rich Swann.

Austin Aries Against Rich Swann

In the main event for the first cruiserweight match on NXT, as announced earlier by William Regal, Austin 
Aries squares up against Rich Swann. The match begins with a collar and elbow tie up, Aries takes control,
forcing Swann into a headlock. Aries hits the ropes, irish whip to Swann, who hugs the ropes and stops all
momentum. Aries storming towards Swann now, clothesline send- no! Swann sends Aries over the rop rope.
But Aries saves himself on the apron. Neckbreaker through the ropes onto Swann. What a devastating move!
Both men crash down to the outside as the referee begins to count them out.

But both men manage to get back into the ring by the count of four. Aries is first to his feet. Lifting up Swann,
who reverses pushing Aries away. Aries is packed up to the turnbuckles, high knee from Swann! Aries is in
trouble as he stumbles down to one knee. Low drop kick from Swann, completely taking Swann down. Cover
now but it is only a late one count before Aries kicks out. Swann keeps the pressure on though holding Aries
in a headlock and not letting him return to his feet. Instead Swann gets to his feet still holding Aries. But
Aries takes out the legs of Swann and gets up. Dropkick by Aries on Swann just as he returned to his feet.
Swann is right back up. You can feel the pace of this match increasing, irish whip by Aries. Swann rolls under
the clothesline attempt. And then jumps over the elbow attempt on his way back. He lands and instantly hits
a pele kick on Aries as he turns around.

A cover attempt again. But he only gets two. Aries is up to his feet quickly as he tries to back up to the corner
turnbuckle to get some space between himself and Swann. But Swann is quickly back onto Aries, knee in the
corner! No! Aries moved out of the way. Swann transforms it into a moonsault though. But he is caught! What
a huge sequence. Aries throws Swann carelessly into the corner turnbuckles. Swann bounces back, and 
stumbles back towards Aries who sends him through the turnbuckles, shoulder first into the metal ring post!
Swann tumbles to the outside. Wow, what a move! Aries goes onto the apron now, stalking his pray. Swann
slowly returns to his feet, only to be met by a big splash from the apron onto him from Aries. Aries maybe
looking to continue the assault for longer now, sending Swann back into the ring without showing any 
remorse for what he just did. Straight into the cover, this could be it. 1,2, Swann kicks out. Aries is clearly
annoyed by that. As he returns to his feet, and helps up Swann before roughly choping Swann across the 
chest. And again, and again and one last time. Swann is backed up in the corner, Aries takes a run up and
performs a splash into the corner on Swann. Before holding him up and performing a suplex. Wait a second.
Swann just got straight back to his feet. What on earth. Aries is pissed off. He charges towards Swann, who
ducks the first attempted punch from Aries, and now the second too. Before delivering a kick to the stomach
of Aries. And now a DDT from Swann. And he goes for the cover. Hold on, the lights are gone. Wait thats the
hooded figure!

What on earth is he doing here? What is happening? Here comes security. But the hooded figure fights back!
The first security guard is thrown off the stage, the second into the electronic boards behind him. And a low 
blow to the third before smacking him in the face with a chain. Now the masked man begins to walk to the 
ring. WAIT! TJ Perkins has just came out of the crowd. He is charging towards the hooded figure who can't
see him. Wait a second, is that. Will Ospreay! Chasing after TJ Perkins. What on earth is even happening here?
Ospreay gets a hold of Perkins and sends him crashing into the barricade! As the match is called off, so there
is no winner here. And Aries turns and begins to beat down Swann, as the hooded figure joins Ospreay in 
attacking TJ Perkins on the outside. We need help, someone get the general manager! Finally the brutal attack
is over. As Aries, Ospreay and the hooded man walk together towards the back. They stop on the stage and
stare back at what they have done. Hold on, the hooded man is unmasking himself. It's Neville! What! How
could he!

Fans begin to boo loudly as Aries, Ospreay and Neville walk leave together, Swann gets up by himself and walks 
slowly to the back. But TJ Perkins is seen by medical staff as NXT ends.

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I am glad this diary is coming back because it was one of the better ones on the forums and I am excited you are bringing a change to it. Aries, Osprey, and Neville as a faction is going to be brutal and the matches you've written have been fantastic. Can't wait till we get 205 Live and can see truly what these guys got. Some people I'd love to see get signed 

  • The Hurricane
  • Johnny Gargano
  • Fenix
  • Killshot (Lucha Underground)

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The recent episode of NXT was a big one. With the Cruiserweight division debuting. The night started with Aries talking on the mic, expressing his opinions of displeasure towards Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins and the fans in general, however a night that started with whining ended with winning for Aries. But it wasn't an ordinary win. Although he did face Rich Swann in the main event of the evening, the match was deemed a no contest, after interference from the masked character. Who revealed himself to be Neville! As well as this we saw an attempted ambush on Neville be prevented by the debut of another star Will Ospreay. This meant that NXT ended with Aries, Neville and Ospreay standing together in the ring with Perkins and Swann both hurt below them. A sight that surely struck fear into the hearts of the members of the Cruiserweight division.

But what struck fear in the hearts of the wrestlers, struck excitement into the hearts of fans. With the double debut only meaning more things were possible to happen. With the creative juices of the WWE Universe flowing. Fans all over the world were posting their reactions to the events on twitter and reddit. It was a huge move, nobody saw any of it coming. Even indie star Marty Scurll posted a tweet showing how badly he was shocked by the events. What could happen next? Could this newly created faction take over the Cruiserweight division? Well, if they do then TJ Perkins is likely to be on their hit list.

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William Regal Releases Statement About NXT Events
After the shocking events in the main event of NXT. William Regal has released a statement addressing what occurred. It reads "NXT was meant to be a safe place for the cruiserwights, especially TJ Perkins the victim of the attacks, to wrestle without having to worry about any interference from the so called masked attacker. So seeing this attacker disrupt the main event of my NXT show hurt me. Not physically, but emotionally. I made a promise, not just to every single NXT superstar and cruiserweight. But to the fans, the WWE universe. That promise being broken, well it shouldn't have happened. The promise being broken is like trust being broken. Not my trust to anyone, but peoples trust to me. But I guarantee that I am going to make NXT as safe of a place as possible for all of the cruiserweights. If next week I am not successful, then the week after I will try again. And I will continue to try and try and try until I find a way that works. And once I do, I know that all trust will be restored".

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Wednesday 2nd November 2019

The fans have really been treated to some amazing wrestling over the past week. After the shock of Neville joining Will Ospreay and Austin Aries to form a menacing trio in the cruiserweight division, fans around the world have vented their excitement online for the new stable. And the NXT arena was packed out for the next weeks show. The first involvement from the cruiserweights in this show came right at the start or proceedings as the theme of Austin Aries hit. Aries appeared, and through the orchestra of boos he walked down the ring without saying a word and without his facial expression changing from one of disgust. He was next followed by Will Ospreay, who did the exact same and entered the ring. Before lastly, Neville came out joining the others in the ring.

Will Ospreay: Hahaha. Woooo. Last week eh guys, what a night, what a show. As we showed our dominance. Nobody is better  than us. And that doesn't just apply to those in the cruiserweight division, that counts for everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the best trie in the history of sports entertainment. You are looking at the saviours of wrestling. You are looking at The Renegades. Myself, Neville and Austin, we are here. You have seen what we have collectively done over the past few  weeks. We have had everyone in wrestling on strings. Even the so-called best cruiserweight in the world in TJ Perkins. Who right now is bandaged up because of us. If you want something to be fearful of when you go to sleep at night, then just remind yourself who is running stuff here right now. And that is

*Ospreay is cut off by the theme song of the general manager William Regal*

William Regal: Me. I run things around here, not any of you guys. And if you wanna try and set your own boundaries then so be it. I don't care, I can just makes the lives of each and every single one of you as treacherous and difficult as I want them to be. Don't forget who is in charge here, don't forget that I am the guy who signs your paychecks at the end of the month. And well, if you wanna try your hardest and test every boundary that there is, then we will test you in every single way there is. Starting now, Neville after your brutal attacks on my cruiserweight champion, you are suspended from the WWE until further notice. Austin,  Will. This is your punishment now, you will be involved in a match later tonight, a tag team match against Sin Cara and Gran Metalik!

*Regal would turn around and walk off stage, security would come and escort Neville away. Aries and Ospready stood shocked until they finally left the ring and walked to the back*

Cedric Alexander Against The Brian Kendrick
Midway through the show a random cruiserweight match would take place, as The Brian Kendrick tried to get his first win since becoming a cruiserweight against Cedric Alexander. The two would lock up early on, Kendrick eventually taking advantage due to his superior strength. Kendrick would force Alexander up to the ropes, before performing an irish whip and a stiff shoulder barge takedown. Kendrick would look for a standing elbow drop to follow up in his early barrage but Alexander would avoid, rolling to  the side of the ring and getting back up. As both men would meet in the middle of the ring and square up again. Once more  Kendrick would overpower Alexander and push him into the ropes. Before Kendrick performed a clothesline sending Cedric to the outside.

The referees count would get to 3 before Alexander would get back into the ring to stop the count out. However, as soon as he got in Kendirck started stamping and booting him before he got up to his feet. The referee pulled away Kendrick, giving  Alexander the space to take advantage with a barrage of kicks. Irish whip to the corner from Alexander. Big Splash! He holds on to Kendrick and performs a bulldog. Cover from Alexander, but Kendrick gets out at an early 2 count. Alexander looks to keep the pressure on putting Kendrick in a headlock and keeping him grounded. However, Kendrick reverses into a backdrop. No, Cedric
saves himself, rollup. 1,2,3. He got the win out of nowhere. What!



Cedric Alexander Beat Brian Kendrick

After the win for Cedric, the next involvement for the cruiserweights was a video package showing TJ # Perkins and Rich Swann outside the arena together. They were talking about what happened with the attack from The Renegades. They promised each other  that they had each others backs and they would get their own backs on The Renegades. However, as both men walked off camera, the camera panned to see Neville hiding behind a dumpster next to the duo.

The Renegades Against Sin Cara & Gran Metalik

Finally we got to the main event. The in-ring debuts of Aries and Ospreay. They came down to the ring first and waited in the ring for their opponents. As soon as the music of Sin Cara and Gran Metalik hit and they entered the ring, they were quickly attacked from Ospreay and Aries. The bell went and the referee tried his hardest to make sure only one man from each team was in the  ring. Aries left the ring as did Gran Metalik, leaving Ospreay temporarily one on one with Sin Cara. Ospreay already had the advantage, he continued to stamp on Sin Cara, before helping him up and sending him into the corner turnbuckles. Ospreay followed this up with a running drop kick in the corner. Quickly Ospreay would pin Sin Cara but Cara kicked out on two. 

Ospreay would continue to attack Sin Cara, with further stomps and kicks on Cara. Before Ospreay would help Sin Cara to his feet. Sin Cara would throw a weak punch towards Ospreay. Who would block it and perform a knee to the mid-section of Sin Cara, followed up by a DDT! Cover from Ospreay. No, broken up by Gran Metalik. And now Aries is in the ring. Chaos here, Arius charges towards Metalik and is sent over the top rope. Oh no, he saved himself on the apron, turn around Metalik! Pele kick from Aries, using the ropes too assist himself. Before Ospreay sends the stumbling Metalik over the top tope and crashing down to the outside of the ring.

Wait, Sin Cara is up now, turn around Ospreay. High knee from Cara, Ospreay falls into the ropes but bounces back and performs a clothesline on Cara with so much venom that it has flipped him inside out. But now look at Aries, he is on the top rope. Aries jumps off onto Gran Metalik wiping him out! Meanwhile in the ring, both Ospreay and Sin Cara are struggling to their feet. As Ospreay with a punch to the gut of Cara. Now there is space between the two, enough space for Ospreay to tag in Aries. Austin Aries now, pacing around the ring, waiting for Sin Cara to get back up. Meanwhile look at Ospreay, he is taking off the turnbuckle cover. Aries yanks up Sin Cara, clothesline into the exposed clothesline!

Sin Cara bounces back, but Aries catches him into a neckbreaker! Now look at Aries, Last Chancery! He is going for it, and he has locked it in. Sin Cara is riving in pain. And he taps!


The Renegades Beat Sin Cara & Gran Metalik 

The last image on the screen for the NXT show would be Ospreay and Aries celebrating on the stage and mocking the two men that they had just defeated.

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YESS GEORGE. Happy to see this back, this was one of my favourite diaries back in the day and I'm happy to see it come back. I hope this sticks around because it's a bloody good diary and the story you have going on in it is phenomenal. Excited to see this return George 

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Image result for tj perkins

After the arrival and formation of The Renegades, the cruiserweight division has been in severe trouble. Help is definitely needed and quickly. And after multiple attacks on the Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins, he saw help in the form of another star who needs help after being attacked in Rich Swann. On the recent episode of NXT, we saw them having a conversation outside the arena on the matter, and now they have revealed that they will be keeping an eye on each other and helping each other out. However, we also saw that Neville heard their conversation, and despite him being suspended, he could very well inform the rest of The Renegades.

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Image result for neville

After witnessing the path of destruction caused by Neville over the last few months. NXT general manager saw no other option than to suspend Neville. We saw this happen on the previous episode of NXT, as Neville was taken away by security. However, up to this point we had no clue how long the suspension would be for. That has now changed though, as the WWE have released a statement declaring that Neville will be off of TV for the rest of November. Including the NXT TakeOver events and any main roster payperviews too.

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