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Cruiserweight Wrestling To Finally Come To RAW

Three months have passed since TJ Perkins won the Cruiserweight Championship and ever since the victory fans have been wondering when they would be able to see the Cruiserweight division light up the skies of WWE. Those fans have got their answers now, as Stephanie McMahon officially announced that the Cruiserweight division has a new home on the flagship show of the WWE, Monday Night Raw. TJ Perkins is the Cruiserweight Champion after his victories against Da Mack, Johnny Gargano, Rich Swann, Kota Ibushi and Gran Metalik made him the winner of the Cruiserweight Classic. He already has some strong competition after his title, as The Brian Kendrick, Tony Nese, Cedric Alexander, Drew Gulak, Ariya Davari, Rich Swann and Jack Gallagher have already been announced as being signed and added into the division.

Whilst these men will be the original members of the division, it is extremely likely that the division will inflate soon with some main roster members showing interest in joining the Cruiserweight Division. Sin Cara and Kalisto, former tag team partners as the Lucha Dragons, have already shown interest in joining the division. As well as these two, Neville has shown interest in joining the division too.

With all the suspense and hope being built up, TJ Perkins and the rest of the Cruiserweight division can only hope that they can live up to the hype, and show just how good Cruiserweights can be.

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To be honest, this first post was well written and gave us a great backstory for what should be coming. I do know I will be excited to see who you add to the Cruiserweight Division and how you well you put on these matches and book the superstars competing in them. I do know with TJP being the inaugural Cruiserweight Champion, I will be interested to see who will step up and stake a claim at his title on the first episode of this diary. Anyway, keep up the good work as I enjoyed reading this and will be looking forward to seeing more.

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|TJ Perkins| - Cruiserweight Champion

|Ariya Daivari|

|Austin Aries|
|The Brian Kendrick|

|Cedric Alexander|

|Drew Gulak|

|Gran Metalik|

|Jack Gallagher|

|Lince Dorado|

|Mustafa Ali|

|Noam Dar|

|Rich Swann|

|Tony Nese|

Other Personal

|Corey Graves| - Commentator

|Mauro Ranallo| - Commentator

|Mick Foley| - Raw General Manager

|Stephanie McMahon| - Raw Commisioner

|Charly Caruso| - Backstage Interviewer

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Backstage Interview With The Cruiserweight Champion

Going into the first Raw of the new Cruiserweight era. WWE released an official backstage interview between Charly Caruso and Cruiserweight
Champion, TJ Perkins. Read the full unedited interview below.

Charly Caruso: I am here with the inaugural Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins, thanks for joining me this morning TJ. Now lets get right down to business. Ahead of
Raw on Monday Night. How do you feel the Cruiserweight Division will perform?

TJ Perkins: Well, as long as I am in charge, at the top of the ladder, things will run smoothly. I am the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, and I think it will stay this way
for quite some time. I am the leader of the Cruiserweight Division as a whole, and whilst im on the throne, yeah I think the Division will be just fine.

Charly Caruso: Okay, well as you would know, the first Cruiserweight match will be yourself, TJ Perkins, against Ariya Daivari. He is one man who is going to be really
interested in your title, have you got a message for him heading into Raw?

TJ Perkins: Look, I don't think I need to give this guy a message. I know he is keen, eager to get his hand on the belt that is over my shoulder as we speak. But he isn't 
getting it. I'm just gonna stick to my gameplan, hes gonna stick to his, and we are hopefully gonna have a great match with me getting the one two three.

Charly Caruso: Cool, lets move on from this subject and lets talk about the interest the Cruiserweight scene is gaining. Not just from journalists, and newspaper articles
but from WWE Superstars who seem like the want to join the Division. Do you have anything you would like to say to these men?

TJ Perkins: Look, its great to be well known. And if these guys want to try and come for me, then bring it on. I am going to be a fighting champion. So these people like
Sin Cara, Kalisto and Neville. If they want to step up to the plate, then bring it on, I am ready and I will always be ready.

Charly Caruso: Are you saying that you can beat these superstars?

TJ Perkins: Yes, I don't want the Cruiserweight Division to be looked at as a place for people who can do flips go to. And I think I speak for everyone in the Division
when I say that we are the Cruiserweights, we are the next level of professional wrestling. Charly, what your about to see is the start of the Cruiserweight era. And 
personally, I can't wait to start.

Charly Caruso: Well, thank you for your time TJ Perkins. Be sure to watch Monday Night Raw this Monday Night so that you can see the start of the so called
Cruiserweight era. Good luck to you TJ, and goodnight.

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Creative Differences May Hinder Cruiserweight Division

As reported by many news sites, it might not be all smiles and play time backstage ahead of the debut of the Cruiserweight Division. As it seems Triple H and Vince McMahon have been down each others throats with ideas for the Division before it debuts. And by far the worst of them all has come for Vince. He wishes to change the LED boards and the ring ropes to purple whenever the Cruiserweights have a match, even at PPV's.

However Triple H is strongly against this idea. He sees it as a way of Vince is trying to differentiate his star men from the Division. He believes that the Cruiserweight Division deserves to be seen as equal to other wrestlers on the WWE cheque book. Hunter has reportedly told Vince that if the Cruiserweights could handle to perform extremely well at such a big tournament like the Cruiserweight Classic, then they should be able to be seen as equal to all others. 

Overall at this current stage we are not one-hundred percent sure what is going to happen with the LED boards or the ropes but it is more likely that Vince will get his way.


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I think you have a decent roster to start with and am hoping to see you branch out and sign more Cruiserweights to the division as I would love to see guys like Will Ospreay, Zack Sabre Jr, and even Ricochet join the ranks here. I know guys like Austin Aries, Brian Kendrick, and the Cruiserweight Champion, TJP should be a huge focus point for the show, to begin with as they are most likely the highest in terms of star power. I am glad to see that Corey Graves and Mauro Ranallo will be sitting at the commentary table as I'm sure they will do a fantastic job of calling all the action that these superstars put on. I think you did a fantastic job with the backstage interview between Charly Caruso and TJP. However, I was surprised to learn that the first match will be TJP against Ariya Daivari. I see TJP pulling out the win here and will be surprised if Daivari wins. Personally, I'm hoping that the creative differences between Triple H and Vince McMahon are settled rather quickly as I don't want to see them clash and ruin the division before it even gets underway. I do know I support Triple H here as the Cruiserweights should be seen as equal to the rest of the main roster and hoping that Triple H is able to convince Vince to either let him run the division or get Vince on the right track as I don't want this to fail.

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Monday Night Raw
September 19th 2016

Stephanie McMahon Kickstarts Cruiserweight Division
RAW comes back from the ad break as the second hour of the show begins fans at home watching the show
are greeted by Stephanie McMahon in the ring, ready to speak.

Stephanie McMahon: After the announcement of the brand split, which saw Raw and Smackdown Live split. I
instantly knew that here on the flagship show, we needed a stand out event exclusive to us and only us. So what
did I do? I watched the Cruiserweight Classic very closely. A tournament between a bunch of great wrestlers who
all have a unique talent that many men and women in the WWE don't have. And in the tournament, every single man
involved showed heart and determination. Which itself made for a fantastic tournament, with TJ Perkins managing
to win in emphatic style. And after I looked back at this tournament a few times. I made the executive decision as 
commissioner of Monday Night Raw to bring the Cruiserweight Division here to Raw instead of letting Shane get 
them working Tuesday nights. Now we are here, with everyone in the wrestling world full to the brim with 
anticipation ahead of this new era that is about to unfold before all of our eyes. So without further a due the first
match in the Cruiserweight era, Ariya Daivari against TJ Perkins.


TJ Perkins Against Ariya Daivari
 As announced in an interview released on WWE.com. The first match in the Cruiserweight era between TJ Perkins
and Ariya Daivari go head to head. Whilst these two do have clashing styles, with TJ Perkins loving his high flying 
moves and Ariya Daivari is not known for his acrobatics, but he will want to get a win over the Cruiserweight
Champion. Now these two lock up, collar and elbow style to get this match started, but that is quickly broken up by
Daivari with a knee to the gut of TJ Perkins. That knee is quickly followed up with a few kicks to the leg of Perkins 
and a few forearms too. Perkins attempting to comeback with some kicks of his own but Daivari stays in control
in the early stages of this one. The tide may have turned as Perkins tries to take control now. Hurrincanrana 
sending Ariya Daivari into the ropes, but Daivari get back up to his feet before any further damage can be done. 
Daivari takes the fight to Perkins again with another string of kicks. Now he has got Perkins up, running powerslam!
Quickly followed up by a delayed gutwrench suplex!  That is something you would expect to see fro Cesaro not
a Cruiserweight! Cover now but Perkins is out on two. Daivari isn't finished as he locks in the camel clutch. This
has to be it, Perkins has no escape. We could see a huge shock here. But no, somehow, someway TJ Perkins
managed to escape taking the legs away from Daivari. Now look at Perkins, he is going right into a submission
manoeuvre of his own now. What he likes to call the TJP clutch. But Daivari gets out and both men return to their 
feet. Without wasting anytime however, Perkins gets right back on the attack with a few kicks to Daivari backing 
him into the corner. Now he continues with some chops with the fans counting along all the way to ten, when the 
referee pulls Perkins away. Daivari tries to take control with a hurricanrana, but wait no! Perkns just reversed a
hurricanrana into a powerbomb! Perkins waits for Daivari to get back to his feet, now its Perkins with the 
hurricanrana sending Daivari rebounding off of the second turnbuckle, into a detonation kick! Perkins goes for the
cover and wins.



TJ Perkins Beats Ariya Daivari


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Indy Stars Praise Cruiserweights
After the brilliant debut of the Cruiserweight Division on Monday Night Raw. Many indy stars have took to social media to share their opinion. These stars include Will Ospreay who tweeted "A good start for the Cruiserweights, you never know what might happen if they continue at this pace". This tweet made fans around the world anticipate that maybe we could see Will Ospreay joining the WWE and the Cruiserweight Division. Fans we further convinced that this is going to happen when TJ Perkins replied with "Funny what money can do to a man". Could we be seeing a Will Ospreay in the WWE soon, probably not. But if after on match this amount of recognition has been brought up then who knows what may happen in the future.

As well as Ospreay tweeting about the Division. Many other past and present WWE superstars have shown their gratitude to the stars over social media. With Randy Orton wishing the Cruiserweights good luck in the future and wrestling legends like The Rock and Vader showing appreciation for the work done in the early days of the Division too. This publicity must only help the confidence of the superstars of the Cruiserweight Division and hopefully can lead to more great matches and interested wrestlers and fans.

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I thought the first match between TJP and Ariya Daivari was well written. I know I liked that this was focused on the Cruiserweights alone and didn't have other matches as part of it. I do know I also enjoyed how Stephanie McMahon introduced the Cruiserweights on Monday Night RAW. However, I do wonder what would happen if the Cruiserweights were part of SmackDown Live instead of Monday Night RAW. Overall, I thought this was a good post and want you to keep up the great work. I also am glad that several indy and wwe stars praised the Cruiserweights for their amazing effort on Monday Night RAW and I am looking forward to seeing what the next match will be. I do know if Ospreay joined the division, I would be excited to see how he's used and if he will become a huge part of the program, maybe even winning the Cruiserweight Championship.

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WWE Clash of Champions Kickoff
25th September 2016

After around 25 minutes of the kickoff panel talking, Renee Young tells the WWE Universe
that there is big news about the Cruiserweight Division and that the cameras are going
backstage to find out what the news is. The cameras go into the office of Raw General
Manager, Mick Foley. He is standing up in front of a small table with a hat on it. As TJ
Perkins walks in Mick Foley addresses him.
Mick Foley: TJ, nice to see you. Now, I called you into my office tonight so you can do a 
little draw. Tonight you are defending your Cruiserweight Championship, as you know. But
I need you to pick two names out of this hat, whichever names you pick, those superstars
will go one on one here on the kickoff tonight, with the winner facing you on the main show.
You up for this TJ?
TJ Perkins: Yeah im fine with this Mick.
Mick Foley offers TJ Perkins the hat, TJ shuts his eyes and puts his hand in before taking
out a name. He opens his eyes unfolds the paper and reveals it to be The Brian Kendrick. 
Then he puts his hand back into the hat again and takes out the name of Rich Swann.


The Brian Kendrick Against Rich Swann

The Brian Kendrick and Rich Swann meet in a huge number one contenders match now, 
beginning with a short lock up now, Kendrick pushes Swann into the ropes, who rebounds
into a drop kick by Kendrick. But Swann gets up to his feet quite quickly and brings the fight
to Kendrick. A few quick kicks and chops from Swann. Before an irish whip sending Kendrick
into the ropes, and rebounding off back into a spinning heel kick. Kendrick is stirring as he 
gets back up to his feet and Swann continues the assault with more quick kicks, but 
Kendrick gets some offence in to as he overpowers the kicks from Swann with some stiff 
chops and punches that back Swann into the ropes. Kendrick looks to continue his 
momentum with an irish whip but Swann stops himself in the middle of the ring and Kendrick
turns around into a superkick. Swann looks to take control of the match back from his 
opponent a she goes to the top rope and performs a pitch perfect 450 splash. However, from
the following cover Kendrick managed to get his shoulder off the mat on an extremely late 2.
Both men staggered slowly up to their feet and began to hit each other with synchronised
forearms to the skull. Swann was the first of the two to show weakness as he dropped to
one knee. Giving Kendrick the opportunity to deliver a stunning knee shot to the head of
Swann. He wasn't done there though, as he picked up Swann and went looking for sliced bread.
But Swann managed to stop Kendrick with a thumb to the eye, leading to Kendrick getting in
the face of the referee and demanding him to disqualify Swann. This gave Swann the chance
to go for a roll-up on Kendrick to get the three count.  

Rich Swann Beats The Brian Kendrick

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WWE Clash of Champions
25th September 2016

After a good Tag Team Championship match between The New Day and Luke Gallows and
Karl Anderson, it is time for the first ever Cruiserweight Championship match, Michael Cole
and Corey Graves on commentary build up a lot of anticipation for the match. Until finally the
time comes and both men come down to the ring.


TJ Perkins (C) Against Rich Swann

After an intense number one contendership match between Rich Swann and The Brian 
Kendrick, when Swann came out on top. There was only a small rest period for Swann before
the start of this match, which is getting underway as we speak. And it is a fast start for
TJ Perkins as he brings the fight to Swann with a variation of forearms and kicks, and backs
up for a few seconds before delivering a clothesline. Swann is right back up, and ducks the
second clothesline before delivering a good looking drop kick to the Cruiserweight Champion.
Perkins gets back up to his feet but only to be sent right back down to the mat with an 
enzuigiri. Swann looks to end this one quickly, and in doing so win the Championship which
would lead to a very short first title reign in this new Cruiserweight Division. Swann goes up 
top and looks for a 450 splash, but Perkins gets his knees up, and both men lay on the canvas,
Swann in pain, Perkins in an attempt to recuperate. Both men begin to get up to their feet 
Perkins looks to strike first, but Swann rolls underneath, and using the top rope he hold 
himself in the air and delivers a hurricanrana to Perkins as he turned around. But good ring
psychology by Perkins as he uses his awareness to roll under the bottom rope and out of the 
ring. However, Swann has that look in his eye suicide dive! No, the attempt for the high flying
move does not pay off as somehow, someway, Swann was caught by Perkins who now just
carelessly drops Swann onto the ringside barricade forcing Swann to fall into an empty area 
of the crowd. Wait a second though, look at Perkins, he is taking a run up and he clears the
barricade and takes out Swann again, before retreating back into the ring himself. Is Perkins
looking for the count-out win in this one, as Swann staggers back over the barricade with the
referees' count getting up to 6. Swann is stirring on the outside, and just manages to get back
inside the ring with the referee on a count of 9. Perkins wastes no time before going back
to work on Swann, lifting him up to a vertical base before getting a few more kicks in on the
legs of Swann, who drops to his knees. Allowing Perkins to deliver a pitch-perfect kick to the
face of Swann, but the cover only delivers a two count. Perkins has done fantastically well to
comeback in this match, he had a slow start but he has recovered well. Perkins allows Swann
to get back to his feet, but on arrival he is met by a stiff forearm, the favour is returned by 
Swann. Perkins fires back, and Swann does to, the pace of the forearms increasing. The fans 
cheer along in song with the forearms too. Both men continue to increase the pace, before the
chain is broken by Swann who pushes Perkins back into the ropes. Superkick by Swann! Cover
on the Cruiserweight Champion, and it is a late two count the outcome. Swann really wants 
this win as he goes up top, is he going to go for the Pheonix Splash! But he is stopped in his
tracks by Perkins with a kick to the head of Swann. Perkins is joining Swann on the top rope 
superplex! Perkins rolls straight into the cover. 1,2, an wow! An extremely late kick out by 
Swann. And somehow this match continues. And the fans are lapping up every second of this
action. But I can tell you now, Perkins and Swann both just want this match over, and that is 
something that Perkins is trying to do now. As once more he gets Swann up to a vertical base.
But this time the outcome is far, far more painful for Swann. As TJ Perkins locks in the TJP
Clutch! They are right in the centre of the ring, Swann has nowhere to go, he has to tap out.
But he doesn't he still has a little bit of fight left in him as he tries in every single way
imaginable to get out of the submission manoeuvre that he is currently locked in. Swann
is losing hope and taps out. Perkins retains his Championship. But hold on, a figure is climbing
over the barricade with a black mask on and all black clothing. The figure is getting into the
ring, and wait. He has a metal chain, Perkins doesn't know he is there. As the hooded figure 
begins to lash out at Perkins with several shots with the chain. Perkins is lying in pure agony
in the middle of the ring as the figure manages to get away from the security guards trying
to stop him. As Perkins gets up and leaves the ring at a very slow pace.



TJ Perkins Beats Rich Swann

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Dave Meltzer Praises Cruiserweight Match
After the thrilling contest between Rich Swann and TJ Perkins that looked like it could have gone either way, with a few near falls and high risk spots. The match has received great feedback from not only WWE colleagues but so called indy darlings and non other than Dave Meltzer himself. Speaking on his podcast, he showed his great appreciation for the match, calling it the Match Of The Night. Just Meltzer saying that has sparked a spring of good publicity and praise for Perkins and Swann. 

Not only has this sparked a lot of praise outside and inside the WWE. But it has reportedly made Sin Cara ask to join the Cruiserweight Division. Which has had a ripple effect in the company with Kalisto asking to join the division as well. But as far as we know, neither man is in the Cruiserweight Division due to more bickering from Vince McMahon and Triple H. With Vince wanting them to join the division and Hunter believing it is to early to add to the Cruiserweight Division. Who knows if Sin Cara or Kalisto will be allowed to join the Division, but what we do know is that fans are eagerly awaiting more Cruiserweight action and Monday Night Raw is already profiting from having the division on their roster.

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Monday Night Raw
September 19th 2016

Mick Foley Addresses Cruiserweight Title

The second hour of Raw begins in the office of Mick Foley. Inside the office are: The Brian Kendrick,
Drew Gulak, Gran Metalik and Cedric Alexander. The four are stood just staring at each other until
Mick Foley enters.

Mick Foley: Hello guys, now I have called you all into my office tonight as I have a big announcement
that will have an affect on every single one of you. A right here, right now I am announcing a four 
man number one contendership tournament, between the four of you. With the winner facing TJ
Perkins for the Cruiserweight Championship at Hell In A Cell. And the best part, this tournament is
starting tonight! Right now in fact as Gran Metalik faces The Brian Kendrick.


The Brian Kendrick Against Gran Metalik
TJ Perkins must be keeping a close eye on this tournament at home tonight, after he was given the
night of to recover from the beat down he suffered after his Cruiserweight Championship match
against Rich Swann at Clash Of Champions. But the attention is off of that match now and onto this
one. The first of 3 matches that will decide who is going to be facing TJ Perkins at Hell In A Cell.
Of course the other will be taking place next week on Raw, the match in question being between
Cedric Alexander and Drew Gulak. But thats enough of that, lets get into the action unfolding right
in front of our eyes as we speak. As the bell rings and we are underway, Kendrick right away sends
himself flying towards Metalik with a few forearms shots sending Metalik back into the corner,
and those shots are quickly followed up by a big splash from Kendrick, which forces Metalik to drop
to the canvas. This allows Kendrick to just stamp away on the body of Metalik as many times as
he wants before the referee drags him away which is what is being done right now. Kendrick goes
up top now and begins to walk across the ropes, whats he looking for here? Well whatever he was
trying to do it is intercepted by Metalik, who takes out Kendrick sending him crashing to the outside,
and he is not done there, as Metalik goes for the suicide dive, and it connects! Kendrick is sent into
a mixture of the concrete floor here at ringside and the ringside barrier itself. Great move from 
Metalik, as the referee begins to count. Metalik, maybe looking to continue his assault on Kendrick.
Nope, Metalik rolls Kendrick back into the ring before quickly joining him. Metalik is going up top
now, elbow drop maybe, no! Kendrick rolled out of the impact zone and now he is looking to apply
his new signature submission manoeuvre the Captains Hook. And it is locked in, Metalik has to tap.
Wait, no he doesn't. His foots on the rope meaning that Kendrick has to break the hold. And wow.
Kendrick is fuming at that decision he is right up in the face of the referee. But don't look at that,
keep an eye on Metalik. He has got Kendrick up off of the distraction. Metalik Driver! Metalik goes
for the cover and he gets the three count. Metalik continues.

Gran Metalik Beats The Brian Kendrick

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Austin Aries Signs For WWE
After some specualtion and shock when Austin Aries was named as being part of the Cruiserweight Division, fans have been wondering whether Aries being named in the Division was either a huge typing mistake or something that the WWE didn't mean to leak. But the fans have the answer to their questions, as today the WWE officially announced that Austin Aries has been signed to the WWE. With Triple H tweeting "Talent come to @WWENXT to make a statement; they come to show the world they can...take over. Welcome @AustinAries". 

However, this tweet has lead to fans being in a weird situation. With many fans thinking and hoping that Aries will be added to the Cruiserweight Division, but the majority want Aries to be a part of NXT. As of right now we are unsure of what is going to be done with Austin Aries, but we are sure that he is going to impress all. The most likely situation for Aries being him becoming part of the NXT roster, feuding with the likes of Samoa Joe. But all said we are not one-hundred percent sure and anything may happen.

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