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Image result for karl anderson

SmackDown LIVE: January 9th, 2018
Preview | "For Life?"

Last week, we witnessed The Machine Gun, Karl Anderson shockingly defy the odds, beating five men in one night to earn the right to face AJ Styles at Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship.

  • AJ Styles vs Karl Anderson: Once brothers, now enemies
  • Women's Battle Royal to crown first SmackDown Women's Champion
  • John Cena and Dean Ambrose clash as the Royal Rumble looms



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January 9th, 2018 - Legacy Arena | Birmingham, Alabama

A recap of last week's show plays, showing us Karl Anderson's journey to the Number One Contendership to the WWE Championship. The show opens as pyro explodes throughout the arena, before we're quickly cut off by the sound of theme music, as "Sky's The Limit" plays, and we're kicking things off with our SmackDown Women's Championship Battle Royal! After each women has made their entrance, the eight women are ready, and the match begins!

Image result for mickie james asuka

SmackDown Women's Championship Battle Royal
Asuka vs Sasha Banks vs Lana vs Alicia Fox vs Mickie James vs Paige vs Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville

The match would begin as Absolution would immediately team up on the competitors, grabbing Lana, with each member hitting their finishing move before throwing her out of the ring! Lana eliminated almost immediately in the match as now Paige turns her attention to Asuka, while Deville focuses on Fox, and Rose battles Mickie James, and on the outside, it seems Sasha Banks stands there, alone, going under the bottom rope to the notice of no one.

The match would go on, with Asuka surviving the whole match ganging up on her and attacking her, and finally, after eliminating Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, and Alicia Fox, we'd be left with our final four. "The Boss", Sasha Banks, "The Revolutionary One" Mickie James, "The Empress of Tomorrow" Asuka, and "The Queen of Mayhem" Paige.

Asuka and Sasha Banks would be battling on the backside apron, as Sasha hit forearm after forearm, before Asuka spun and hit her with a Spinning Heel Kick to the gut! Sasha Banks would hold onto the ropes, though, as Asuka recovered from the forearms, then Sasha exploded with Jumping Double Knees... But Asuka caught them both, and simply used Sasha's momentum to throw her off of the apron! But just as she did that, Mickie James hit a Mick Kick, and Paige followed it up with a Thrust Kick to shockingly eliminate The Empress of Tomorrow!

Paige and Mickie James would each back into a corner, a look of surprise on each of their faces as the clear favorite to win this match, Asuka had been eliminated. The two stared down briefly, past against present, before Mickie James went for a right cross but Paige blocked it before headbutting the veteran, sending her back into the corner, before Paige would charge at her, and hit an elbow to the side of James' head, knocking her down. Paige would pick James up, attempting to eliminate her from the match, but Mickie would knee Paige in her neck area, forcing Paige off to recover.

Both women have a similar goal in mind despite being so apart in age, and they both want to reclaim their spot on top of the women's division. It was over 10 years ago when Mickie James captured her first Women's Championship, and just two when Paige captured her last, but unfortunately, James left the WWE, and Paige had been forced out of the ring due to injuries, and now, both women are back - and better than ever, and they're battling tonight for the women's championship.

Suddenly, The Goddess of Mayhem would explode with a Running Bicycle Knee Strike into the corner, where Mickie James rested, but James would move out of the way, and Paige's knee went into the middle turnbuckle! As Paige gripped her knee in pain, Mickie James wound up... AND CONNECTED ON A MICK KICK, BEFORE GRABBING THE FORMER DIVAS CHAMPION AND THROWING HER OUT OF THE RING! MICKIE JAMES WINS!

The joy would be quite visible on James' face as she was handed the SmackDown Women's Championship, and she fell to her knees, holding up the belt with both hands, and finally, after ten years, Mickie James could say that she once again made it in the WWE, and the fans are right behind her, giving her a standing ovation.


Image result for aj styles down

Karl Anderson Interview; AJ Styles Open Challenge

We would cut to backstage, where Karl Anderson sat in a chair, with Dasha Fuentes sitting in other. Renee Young congratulates Karl Anderson on his win, and says that his journey isn't over yet, that he must face AJ Styles, one of his former best friends at Royal Rumble to capture the WWE Championship. He asks why he thinks, he can beat AJ Styles, and Anderson immediately corrects Renee, saying he knows he can beat AJ, because AJ can't handle him. When asked why, Karl Anderson said him and Luke Gallows, left NJPW to support their families, but AJ Styles, made enough money to support his family. "So why did Styles leave NJPW?" asks Anderson, before revealing the answer himself. "He wasn't good enough to hang in Japan with the Nakamuras, the Okadas, the Tanahashis", and a huge smirk comes over the face of Anderson, who has just revealed that The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles himself, was afraid in New-Japan Pro Wrestling. Anderson ends the interview there, knowing he hit home with Styles.

We then cut to the stage, as "Phenomenal" hits, and the WWE Champion himself, who has a match right now, comes out to the stage, holding up his championship and looking visibly frustrated after hearing Anderson's interview just a few moments ago. AJ Styles gets into the ring, grabbing a microphone and saying the top champion in the world, isn't afraid of ANYONE, before he says that to prove that, he'll issue an open challenge to ANYONE on the WWE roster, right now! Styles waits in the ring, before "Ready For This" by Extreme Music Library plays, as emerging on the stage, making his SmackDown LIVE debut... KILLSHOT!

Related image

AJ Styles' face has a look of shock and concern on his face, as he then transitions into a smirk as Killshot slides into the ring, as the fans have no idea what to think of this man emerging on SmackDown, but one thing is made known, Killshot is one of the most prolific strikers in Lucha Underground. The match would begin as both men would exchange strikes early on, showing their ability to take the strikes as well as use them.

The match would end when Karl Anderson came to ringside, distracting AJ Styles as Killshot came up from behind, hooking one of his arms and connecting on a JML Driver! Killshot would pick up a huge win in his first match in the WWE, before Karl Anderson would hit the ringside as Killshot left, and Anderson would pick Styles up, nailing a Spinebuster then waiting for Styles to make it to his feet before hitting a Gun Stun! Karl Anderson would pick up the WWE Championship, holding it up for the fans to see... Could Anderson dethrone Styles in three weeks?


Related image

United States Championship Tournament revealed:

We would be shown Paul Heyman in his office, as he casually sat on his desk, smirking as he announced that in the upcoming weeks, we would have a United States Championship Tournament, beginning next week. We revealed the matchups as followed: "The Glorious One" Bobby Roode vs New Day member Xavier Woods, "The Maharajah" Jinder Mahal vs "The Insane" Eric Young, "The Psycho Killer" Tommaso Ciampa vs "The Man With A Plan" The Brian Kendrick, and lastly, Killshot vs Tyler Breeze.



Image result for lars sullivan gif

Lars Sullivan makes his debut

A local competitor by the name of Will Smith would be in the ring, as music hit, and out walked The Monster, along with his mentor, and manager, in Eric Bischoff, as Lars Sullivan made his way down to the ring, getting into the ring and immediately showing off his size advantage against Will Smith. The referee would ring the bell, before Lars would go for a clothesline, but Will Smith dodged before bouncing off of the ropes, but it didn't matter as Sullivan caught him with a vicious clothesline anyways! Lars Sullivan picked him up, hitting him in the corner with elbow after elbow, then bounced him off of the ropes and hit a Pop-Up Powerslam!

Lars Sullivan picked him up, before setting it up... AND CONNECTING ON FREAK ACCIDENT! Sullivan covered Smith: One... Two... Three! Lars Sullivan absolutely destroys this local talent in his debut match! Eric Bischoff would immediately grab a microphone, tapping it a few times to make sure it's on, before making a game-changing announcement.

Eric Bischoff: I hope everyone enjoyed my new client's debut, as I will officially be managing, and mentoring Lars Sullivan, and our first Pay-Per-View appearance will come at the Royal Rumble - When Lars competes in the annual Royal Rumble Match!

Bischoff would drop the microphone, as the announcement just sent shockwaves through the WWE. This freak, this monster will be in the Royal Rumble Match... And it will be hard to stop him from winning it, and there's one man behind it all... Eric Bischoff.


Image result for dean ambrose john cena

John Cena vs Dean Ambrose - Main Event

After both placing the blame on each other for their failures in the Number One Contender's Fatal-4 Way Matchup, Paul Heyman booked The Lunatic vs The Franchise tonight as the main event, as John Cena clashed with Dean Ambrose. The match would start off fast-paced immediately, as Cena and Ambrose went right at it with rights and lefts before Dean Ambrose ran at Cena, flooring him with a crossbody, picking him up, throwing him through the middle rope, and then bouncing off of the ropes and hitting a Suicide Dive!

Both Cena and Ambrose will be in the upcoming Royal Rumble Match, and looking to win it to go and challenge either the WWE Champion or Intercontinental Champion at WrestleMania 34. Midway through the match, Cena would have enough of Ambrose's games, before flooring him with a straight right hook to the jaw, before picking him up on his shoulders, going for the Attitude Adjustment, but Ambrose would easily slide off of the shoulders of Cena before clotheslining the back of his head, then hitting a Knee Drop to the face of Cena.

Ambrose would remove everything from the announce table, clearly still furious with Cena after he cost Ambrose a shot at the WWE Championship. Ambrose would drag Cena onto the announce table, hitting him with a monitor, before taunting, climbing the barricade, as he ran on the side and jumped at Cena, connecting on an Elbow Drop through the announce table and breaking it into pieces! Ambrose would get back to his feet, adrenaline helping him not be affected at all, as he grabbed Cena, rolling him back into the ring before Ambrose slid in, hitting a Sliding Clothesline on The Franchise, before setting it up... Dirty Deeds!?! No! Cena reverses! Attitude Adjustment! Cena with the cover: One... Two... NO! Dean Ambrose kicks out!

Cena, looking frustrated, stands up, before picking Dean Ambrose up, another Attitude Adjustment! Cena rolls through on this one, before Dean Ambrose slides off of his shoulders... DIRTY DEEDS! BOTH MEN DOWN IN THE RING! The referee looks around, not knowing what to do anymore as these two have just beat the hell out of each other! Suddenly, the lights cut out in the arena and everyone is buzzing, and confused at the same time as then they come back on...

Image result for tommaso ciampaImage result for eric young

ERIC YOUNG AND TOMMASO CIAMPA!? Dressed in jackets and black pants, Ciampa and Young beating the hell out of Cena and Ambrose! What is this?! These two faced off last week in a No-DQ match and are now destroying Ambrose and Cena! Ciampa lifts up the mat cover, exposing the real mat as he runs at Cena, striking him with a brutal knee to the side of the head, before dragging him over to the exposed mat, and hitting him with a DDT on the mat! Eric Young, meanwhile, grabs Dean Ambrose, putting him in position, before connecting on a Youngblood!

Tommaso Ciampa and Eric Young stand together, looking at each other and nodding, before they both unzip the hoodies, revealing a shirt that reads "Suicide Squad". Young and Ciampa stare down at their work, beating down two of SmackDown's top stars, as the credits roll and our show comes to an end...

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Great show Slim. Having James win was surprising especially seeing as Asuka lost but giving James the belt is an interesting idea. Looks like we'll be getting a James Vs Absolution feud and maybe seeing Asuka and Banks get involved with that. Looks like you have no plans for Lana and Fox. Sullivan and Bischoff is definitely an interesting pairing, and so is Eric Young and Tomasso Ciampa, but putting them in a feud against Cena and Ambrose is certainly going to create something. Shocked you had Styles lose to Kill shot, which suggests you'll be doing something big with him in the US Title tournament. 

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Guest Smith

PWA Uprising: World Series 2018


The first ever of many. The dawn of a new chapter in professional wrestling. The crowning of the champion that will lead us into the era of PWA. Ladies and gentlemen, the Professional Wrestling Alliance presents to you the inaugural PWA Uprising: World Series!

The World Series shall pan over the following weeks as the world's greatest professional wrestlers scratch and claw their way through a round-robin tournament that shall conclude with the two undisputed best in the business facing off, one on one. Furthermore, the winner of such momentous bout shall be named the inaugural PWA World Heavyweight Champion!


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January 12
Memphis, Tennesee
FedEx Forum


With the traditional pyro and camera panning through the crowd already, we cut to the announce team standing, or sitting rather, by at ringside looking as excited for the show as those in attendance as they underline the card for tonight's show.

Shane McMahon, Mike Rome, and Renee Young discuss the upcoming matches with the majority owner of SWA's great success last week and what looks to be a stacked show this evening with another high tens of thousands in attendance figures in Tennessee (which is ironically enough the former home state of TNA's operating offices).

On deck for the night's show are matches like Aleister Black taking on Kassius Ohno, Enzo Amore and Cedric Alexander facing off up with Enzo Amore. Finn Balor going up against Caleb Konley, Dalton Castle fighting "The Darewolf" PJ Black, "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe wrestling Jay Lethal, and finally, Roderick Strong versing "Y2J" Chris Jericho.


The first match would take place though with Aleister Black's "Root Of All Evil" would play through the arena speakers and "The Dutch Destroyer" would henceforth commence his entrance, silencing the crowd with an awe-inspiring aura as he went on his way to the ring. Kassius Ohno would come out soon after Black reached the ring's center looking like he had a point to prove after an underwhelming NXT tenure and the match would soon be underway.

It was a hard-hitting contest between two of the premier strikers in the world which was in the favor of Black for the majority of the matchup though Ohno never allowed him to pull too far off as he would make certain that "The Ominous Man From Amsterdam" knew whom he was mixing it up with. But his efforts would mean nothing when a magnificent Bicycle Knee and Black Mass combo would spell the end for Kassius who could only survive nineteen minutes before Black penned a statement victory.


Amore and Alexander would take the ring next and the two former stalwarts of 205 Live now going up against each other again. But Cedric Alexander was a man on a mission and would try his best to ground "Jersey's Finest" but Enzo would show the fight he had in him and showed why he was a former Cruiserweight Champion. 

Enzo would try to end his match with a patented Air Enzo but Alexander would roll out of the way and as Amore popped back up, a Lumbar Check would be the end of the match and Cedric Alexander would advance in the tournament.

Post-match, the arena lights dim and the titantron show Mike Rome running after Finn Balor prepping for his match against Caleb Konley and usher an impromptu interview. 


Rome: Thoughts on Bray Wyatt and his new group?

Balor: His new group? Honestly, I don't know Rome. Bray Wyatt and his following are destructive and full of mind games, and yet, I don't know my thoughts on them.

Rome: Do you think Wyatt has shifted his focus from you?

Balor: "If he has Rome, he hasn't had my focus on him. My focus is becoming the best in this company."

Rome: What is your approach to facing Caleb Konley tonight?

Balor: "My thoughts? Caleb, be careful. Because if you take a wrong step, you will awake the sleeping Demon. Cya in the ring kid."

Special thanks to @Brad for this.


Weekend Warriors by @SummerGamz

Womens Title Match: Tamara Carter (c) vs VIle Aunt (#2)

Our first of two title matches tonight as Tamara Carter, the kickboxing legend and MMA Women's Champion defends the belt against the women who has evaded her all this time. Vile Aunt, in the opportunity of a lifetime, has a chance to not only obtain the Womens Title but shock the world in the process. Vile Aunt's big push came all the way back, 3 shows before the interlude, where she shockingly defeated Sharon Hilton in a #1 contenders fight. But her champion is more dominant than you could ever imagine. Her list of conquered includes Kampas Krismas and more. This match should be exceptional. Can Vile Aunt capture the big prize. 

Middle Weight Title Match: Adam Masters (c) vs Adam Bradbury (#2)

As previously announced in the Fight Night TV show, we are officially going to see the rematch. One of the greatest fights in MMA history was Bradbury vs Masters, last time it blew the roof off the stadium and settled the future of the Middleweight Division. Also this was where Masters won his first ever Middle Weight Title. Bradbury could not retain and now we have a sequel. A chance for Bradbury and #Team Yellow to gain redemption and stake their claim as the elite of the Middelweight Division. And then the opponent Adam Masters. The Champion has been on fire ever since his title win and fans can only imagine what comes next for the champion. This match is surely going to be, a classic match for the record books. As always MMA only brings the best of the best talent in the world. These two exemplify that ideal to the highest degree. 

KEEP YOUR EYES FEASTED ON MMA! Episode 3 is coming next...

Read more at: 



Finn Balor and "The Midnight Son" would be in the ring ready to take each other on to see who'd be advancing in this tournament to crown the first SWA World Champion and it was all Balor. Finn absolutely pummeled Konley for the most part as Caleb was punching well above his weight class.

Finn was searching for the end and climbed to the top rope looking for the Coup De Grace when Konley began to chuckle and it would evolve into a cackle as he would scream up at a perched Balor, "BLACK ZERO! NOTHING TO NOTHING!" The arena lights would go pitch and flicker for a moment to reveal Bray Wyatt with Finn Balor in position for a Sister Abigail then flicker again and this time only Konley was in the ring with Balor trapped in Konley's Arm Trap Boston Crab tapping out. 

Nobody knew what to do or think as a match that Ablor was well on his way to winning had flipped in such a dramatic fashion. But what was this new alliance forming as Konley stood in the middle of the ring absorbing his victory. "Black... Zero!" He once more exclaimed.


Following the odd happenings of the previous match, Dalton Castle and PJ Black are now facing off against each other. A rather no-nonsense Black is trying to take it to the flamboyant Dalton Castle but is frustrated to find that Castle has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Unfortunately, Black would power hrough Castle and beat him twelve minutes after the start with a 450 Splash.


Rags To Riches Story: Life In Brendenplayz by @Brad

856 days. Two Intercontinental Championship reigns, one Global, United States, and NXT reigns later, Angelo Caito is sitting backstage at King Of The Ring and places his head in his hands and breathes heavy. The biggest match of his career in a few moments. But he takes a bit to think about how he came up this moment in time. When he first walked into the buildingof BrendenPlayz.

Day One: A young kid walks into the BPZ Headquarters in Australia and meets up with the owner BrendenPlayz and temporary General Manager at the time, Cobblehead Jake. After a few moments of talking Brenden ask:

Brenden: Why should we hire you? 

?: Because I want to live my dream sir. I want to be a professional wrestler.

Brenden:.... Welcome aboard.. Brad.

Read More At: 



Jay Lethal and Samoa Joe were next up and Jay Lethal came out the gate firing partially due to the tweet Joe sent out where he practically laughed off the threat of Jay Lethal and claimed Shane McMahon didn't respect him. Lethal was trying to show him he was wrong and do it in a hurry.

Lethal tried to end the match with his Lethal Injection (Handspring Cutter) when JOE CAUGHT HIM IN THE COQUINA CLUTCH! Lethal had to tap as Joe sinches in the hold. Joe tosses Lethal away and rises before staring down Shane McMahon and begging to be respected.


TEW 2016 - Progress Wrestling by @Ross

Stu Bennett walked out from the back with the wrestlers making a path for him to walk past. The crowd would go insane as it looked like Stu Bennett is the new owner of Progress Wrestling. He got into the ring and shook Jim Smallman's hand who left the ring soon after

Stu Bennett: This is a new era for Progress Wrestling. I want to thank Jim for everything he has done for the company and for paving the way. But more importantly I want to thank the fans. I want to thank you all for showing your great support and giving Progress a great year. But now we look to 2018 and what it holds. Our first show will be on January 12th for Chapter 57. Thank you all and good night. 

Stu Bennett becoming the official owner of Progress Wrestling sent shock waves through the whole industry. He made headlines and even had former colleagues congratulating him such as Sheamus, Rey Mysterio and more. But with all the news articles and speculation building up on his shoulders. How will Stu Bennett make 2018 the year of Progress?

Read More At: 



Roderick Strong is making his entrance when we cut back from the commercial break, but it's not the Roderick that most have been acquainted with through his career. Instead, Strong is wearing an attire similar to the one seen at Takeover: War Games as he marches down the ramp.

Then comes Chris Jericho with the fans firmly behind the man fresh of a Wrestle Kingdom match with Kenny Omega. He now will go face to face with this new look Roderick Strong and the two men would be standing face to face. 

The action is the match would be a masterclass of technical expertise and impeccable athleticism throughout with psychology at the forefront of the match. Strong and Jericho would spend the match setting up for their devastating finishes whether it be their Boston Crab variations or their swift endings. Strong would be very calculated and vicious in his attacking of Jericho's back and generally ruthless but Jericho persevered through it and attacked the midsection of Roddy. 

But it would spell the end when Jericho went for his Lionsault but Roddy caught him before he could spring into the sky and brought him to the mat with a vicious backbreaker. "The Messiah Of The Backbreaker" would capitalize with an End of Heartache. But Strong wasn't done there! He lifts Jericho once more and hit ANOTHER END OF HEARTACHE! HE STILL WASNT FINISHED?! STRONGHOLD, JERICHO TAPS. 

Strong stands over a clearly hurt Jericho and allows his hand to be raised in victory as he looks down at Jericho's carcass. What happened to Roderick?

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Wow, you keep delivering with an all star roster Johnny. Strong as a brutal heel is amazing and could build him towards being a main event star. An amazing match between Strong and Jericho aswell. Great series though and good to see all the right results occur, with Wyatt and Caleb being alligned is a wonderful idea.

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(Format wasn't working so I have just decided to do it like this)

Welcome to Monday Night Raw. Tonight, Roman Reigns defends his Intercontinental Championship against Randy Orton and the Tag Title mini-tournament kicks off as Slater and Rhyno face The Hardy Boyz. But kicking us off are The Hardy Boyz.

The Hardy’s are in the ring and start laughing constantly. Both of them look up and smile and chuckle. Matt starts speaking into the mic
“We are The Broken Hardy’s. I am not Matt no I am Broken Matt. This is my brother Brother Nero. The Earth’s have called to us to come together once more and if anyone tries to stop us, to meddle with the great Yulanda, they will be DELETED.”

Matt drops the mic before “More than One Man” hits and “The Man Beast” and “The One-Man Band” come to the ring, staring down with “Team Extreme.”
Rhyno would start the match strong, taking Matt out with a Belly to Belly Suplex and then Powerbombing Jeff, but when Slater became the legal man he was quickly taken down by Matt. Matt tagged in Jeff and hit a Diving Leg Drop before he and Jeff targeted Slater, hitting a Fist Cycle, before Jeff followed up with a Whisper in the Wind for a 2. Jeff tagged Matt back in. Matt went for a Twist of Fate as Jeff tried to take out Rhyno but Rhyno hit a Spinning Spinebuster onto the floor, before THAT’S SETH ROLLINS. Rollins is running down and jumps onto the apron but Matt knocks him down, only to turn into a Schoolboy rollup from Slater. 1,2, kickout. Matt gets up but walks into a SMASH HIT FROM SLATER. 1,2,3. Jeff didn’t get there in time. Slater and Rhyno roll out of the ring with a massive win behind them, and Seth just smiles at Jeff, who looks at him furiously.

Seth walks backstage only to be confronted by Kurt Angle. He asks Seth what he was doing and Seth shrugs his shoulders and says “Revenge.”

Now, we have the contract signing between Jimmy Havoc and Rusev for their TV Title Match at the Royal Rumble. Rusev signed the contract first, proclaiming that the Royal Rumble would be “Rusev Day.” Havoc smiled as Rusev did all this talk, before signing the contract and screaming at Rusev “I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER.” Havoc then laid Rusev out with an Acid Rainmaker.

Backstage, we see Roman Reigns and Randy Orton both preparing for their massive main event match.

Shelton Benjamin again called out Marty Scurll, who refused to answer. Benjamin called out Angle and demanded for him to get Scurll. Angle came out and apologised for Marty’s disappearance, before announcing that next week on Raw, Benjamin would face Scurll with the winner earning a place in the Royal Rumble. But tonight, Benjamin would face Kane

Benjamin showed his strength and skill, applying a Front Powerslam to Kane before hitting a Springboard Neckbreaker for a 2. Benjamin would hit a Diving Clothesline and tried to follow up with a T-Bone Suplex but Kane pushed out and hit a Big Boot before dropkicking the seated Benjamin. He then followed up with an Inverted Suplex followed by a Chokeslam for a 3.

Marty meanwhile is shown watching the show on TV backstage. When Renee asks him why he didn’t show up, he says Shelton isn’t worth his time and next week he will prove that.

Now, it’s time for our main event. “Voices” plays as “The Viper” Randy Orton arrives to boos from the crowd. He lost to Reigns on the first show of the year but beat Rollins to earn this match. “The Truth Reigns” booms around the arena to a mixed reaction but cheers as Seth Rollins backs Roman Reigns to the ring. “The Big Dog” raises his belt before handing it to the ref
Orton and Reigns locked up, before Orton hit a European Uppercut and locked in a Reverse Boston Crab but Reigns got the ropes. Orton Dropkicked him to the outside, and Reigns got back onto the apron but was hit by a Spike DDT. Orton is now calling for it. RKO. 1,2, KICKOUT. Reigns just got out and Orton looks furious. 5 minutes in and Orton almost had it won. Orton now heads up and jumps down at Reigns but is met by a Palm Strike to the chin, followed by a Superman Punch. Reigns places Orton on the top rope and Reigns is looking for a Superplex. Shades of Orton. Reigns looks but Orton punches him down and hits a Diving Crossbody. Orton goes for a cover but Schoolboy cover by Reigns. 1,2, kickout but Reigns holds on and hits a Sit out Powerbomb. 1,2, kickout. Reigns is smiling and calls for it, a Spear, he runs but is RKO’ed by Orton. OUTTA NOWHERE. 1,2,3. NO. ROLLINS PLACED REIGNS FOOT ON THE ROPES. Oh, my word. Seth Rollins cheats again. Seth smiles. Orton is distracted and Reigns hits a Tilt a Whirl Slam, before hitting a Leaping Clothesline. Reigns just now clotheslines Orton is the corner, before placing him on the second rope and then onto his shoulders for a Samoan Drop. The crowd boo as Reigns now calls for it, the spear and he CONNECTS. THE SPEAR. Reigns is going to cover but...

OH NO. It’s the Broken Hardy’s. Chair in hand, they make it down to the ring, but Slater and Rhyno follow, but are both hit by the steel chair. Both Hardy’s hit Twists of Fates onto the chairs to Slater and Rhyno before Seth comes charging but is beaten down by Jeff, who hits a Hurricarana to Seth into the table. The Hardy’s stare down with Reigns, who turns into a Clothesline into the corner, now a second, now a Belly to Belly Suplex. Reigns is still on his feet and stumbles into a 3
RKO. NO ONE TO HELP HIM. 1. 2. 3. WE HAVE A NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION HERE ON RAW. What a match between those 2 but it is Randy Orton that comes out on top. He raises the IC Title to cheers, 3 RKO’s later and he is now the guy of Monday Night Raw. Goodnight.

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Image result for moustache mountainw2SY7IB.jpg?1

SmackDown LIVE: January 16th, 2018
Preview | "For Life?"

Last week, we saw the crowning of a new SmackDown Women's Champion in Mickie James, a star-studded main event of Cena vs Ambrose, and an ending which resulted in the "Suicide Squad" forming, creating a new dynamic in the SmackDown locker room. How will SmackDown LIVE continue his momentum into the Royal Rumble?

  • WWE Champion AJ Styles teams with #1 Contender Karl Anderson to face Moustache Mountain
  • The United States Championship Tournament begins with The Brian Kendrick vs Tommaso Ciampa & Bobby Roode vs Xavier Woods
  • John Cena has a message for Tommaso Ciampa and Eric Young
  • Who will step up to Mickie James and stake their claim for the SmackDown Women's Championship?


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January 16th, 2018 - Laredo Energy Arena | Laredo, Texas

The Intro Package for SmackDown plays as the formation of the Suicide Squad is shown, with them beating Dean Ambrose and John Cena in last week's main event. The ending picture of the recap from last week is Ciampa and EY standing over Cena and Ambrose as they lay on the tore-up canvas, face-first while the crowd looks around in confusion. Suddenly, we're turned to the stage as the music of the NEW SmackDown Women's Champion, Mickie James hits as she comes out to the ring, ready to address the crowd for the first time since winning the championship.


Image result for mickie james microphone

Mickie James thanks the fans, but receives a vicious beatdown courtesy of Absolution:

Mickie James would stand in the ring, with a microphone in her hand as she thanked the fans for rallying behind her in her emotional SmackDown Women's Championship win last week. James would step forward and say that anyone who wants her, can get her as she will be a fighting champion and that this reign will be the best one yet, before suddenly... "Stars In The Night" plays, as Absolution, the trio consisting of Paige, Sonya Deville, and Mandy Rose makes their way onto the stage. The trio walks down the ramp, sliding into the ring...

BEFORE PAIGE TACKLES MICKIE AND STARTS UNLOADING! Paige was asked how she felt about James beating her last week, and she was furious and stormed off and now she's letting her emotions take control! She nails a Superkick on Mickie James, before Sonya Deville hits a Leaping Shining Wizard on Mickie! Paige picks up the title with Deville & Rose behind her as the trio poses over Mickie, having left the SD Women's Champion lying on the canvas.



United States Championship Tournament Match #1: Tommaso Ciampa w/ EY vs The Brian Kendrick:

Tommaso Ciampa and The Brian Kendrick would be scheduled to go at it in the first United States Championship Tournament Match, as Ciampa and TBK went at each other, hard-hitting as The Brian Kendrick was trying to resurrect his career, while Tommaso Ciampa was looking to continue the momentum Suicide Squad gained last week by leaving two of the biggest SDLive members - Cena & Ambrose, lying in the center of the ring.

In the end, The Brian Kendrick would go for a Sliced Bread, but Ciampa would use his strength advantage against TBK, planting him with a Powerslam before picking him up, putting him under his thighs and lifting him up, into a Project Ciampa! Ciampa would cover for the win, as Eric Young got into the ring, holding up his partner's hand, before "GLORIOUS" sounded out throughout the arena...

Image result for bobby roode entrance gif

Bobby Roode would make his way out to the ring, as Ciampa and Young exited, as the next United States Championship Match, Roode vs Xavier Woods of The New Day, would be taking place in just a few moments, but The Suicide Squad was watching from the entrance way...


Image result for bobby roode glorious ddt gif

Bobby Roode gloriously ends Xavier Woods' United States Championship dreams:

Xavier Woods would make his way out to the ring, as the match began with a stand-off between the two. "The Glorious One" made the first move, running at Woods and taking him down with a clothesline, as The New Day cheered on it's stable-mate from ringside. Roode would largely control the match, before Xavier Woods would counter out with an elbow to the side of the head and bounce off of the ropes and hit a Jumping Clothesline! Xavier Woods would kip up, before running at Roode and catching him with a Sliding Knee to the face! Woods would go into the cover: One... Two... No!

Roode would kick out but the crowd would be in amazement of Woods' effort as many expected Roode to completely dominate the 3rd member of The New Day. Towards the end of the match, Woods would floor Roode with another sliding knee to the face, before going to the outside and standing on the ropes, before jumping off.... BUT ROODE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY OF THE ELBOW DROP! Spinebuster from Roode!

As both men get to their feet, Roode grabs Woods.... GLORIOUS DDT! Roode into the cover: One... Two... THREE! Bobby Roode advances to face either Jinder Mahal or Eric Young on the Royal Rumble preshow! Meanwhile, Tommaso Ciampa will face either Killshot or Tyler Breeze...


Image result for john cena dean ambrose microphone

John Cena purposes a temporary partnership between himself and Ambrose

"Retaliation" would hit before John Cena's scheduled appearance as Dean Ambrose clearly had something to say before Cena. Dean Ambrose grabbed a microphone, but before he could say anything, the music of Cena hit as he walked down to the ring with his own microphone, getting into the ring. Cena would tell Ambrose that last week, Ambrose may have had him beat if it wasn't for Tommaso Ciampa and Eric Young...

But he didn't, because of them. Cena says that he's not playing games tonight, he'll get straight to the point. He wants Ambrose to have his back, and he'll have Ambrose's while they're at war with the Suicide Squad. Ambrose laughs, raising his microphone and telling Cena he cost him a shot at the WWE Championship and there was NO WAY in hell he would watch his back.

Cena said Ambrose was right, and then Ambrose also cost Cena a shot at the title, but without him, Suicide Squad will continue to do the same, that they will cost him even more shots if they don't take them out. Ambrose considers this, before finally nodding, agreeing as Cena sticks his hand out, but Ambrose shakes his head to the hand, saying he doesn't respect Cena but he'll "watch his back".


Image result for asuka vs alicia fox

Asuka vs Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox and Asuka would be tasked with going one-on-one tonight, as General Manager Paul Heyman continues to scout the women's division. Alicia Fox would begin to push Asuka to the shock of everyone, as everyone knows by this point that Asuka is unpinned and unsubmitted. Alicia Fox would dominate Asuka, showing off before kicking Asuka in the face...

MaAnd hitting a Scissors Kick! Alicia Fox would go into the cover: One... Two... NO! Alicia Fox would set Asuka up for another Scissors Kick... But Asuka would move out of the way, and connect on a huge Roundhouse to the side of Alicia's head before pinning her! 1... 2... 3! Asuka wins!

Asuka would stand up in celebration of her win, as Alicia Fox sat on the mat, having a temper-tantrum as she stood up before decking Asuka in the back of the head! Alicia Fox would begin to stomp away on Asuka, before picking her up and smashing her head into the turnbuckle over and over again, then throwing her outside of the ring! Alicia would follow as she drove Asuka into the barricade, before picking her up and dropping her on the barricade with a Vertical Suplex DDT! Security would come and remove Alicia from the situation, making sure she couldn't inflict anymore damage.


Image result for aj styles beat

Main Event: AJ Styles & Karl Anderson vs Moustache Mountain

Competing in their first WWE-main event, Moustache Mountain would be given a huge task in facing the WWE Champion and his #1 contender. The match would begin with AJ Styles and Tyler Bate as the two went back and forth, showing off their technical wrestling ability, before Styles caught Bate with two forearms in a row before taking him into the corner and hitting shoulder after shoulder to the gut, backing out of the corner before jumping into a clothesline on the turnbuckle!

As the match would continue, Moustache Mountain would use frequent tags to keep themselves fresh while AJ Styles was mostly in the match as Karl Anderson was making no effort to get into the match, but wasn't full out abandoning Styles as he grabbed the legs of both members of Moustache Mountain several times. Finally, AJ Styles got the tag to Anderson who came in with a double clothesline for both members of Moustache Mountain before dropping Seven with a Spinebuster.

In the end, AJ Styles would tag himself in after a Stun Gun, wanting the pin for himself as Anderson looked at him, clearly pissed Styles wanted the spotlight... BEFORE HE DROPPED AJ STYLES HIMSELF WITH A STUN GUN! Anderson taunted Styles, telling him that Stun Gun was "TOO SWEET", before he left the ring, walking up the ramp, as Trent Seven got to his feet.

Seven picked up Styles, turning him around before spinning him out and hitting a Seven-Stars Lariat! Seven dropped down into the cover: One... Two.... THREE! Moustache Mountain picks up the win after the arrogance of Styles makes Anderson drop him on sight! Styles gets to the middle rope, staring at Anderson on the stage as Moustache Mountain celebrates to end SmackDown, having solidified themselves as the top tag team in the division.

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Guest Smith

PWA Uprising: World Series 2018

With the first episode of PWA Uprising: World Series 2018 debuting tomorrow, both Block A and Block B have been revealed and listed below in alphabetical order:


Furthermore, the matches for the first two episodes have also been revealed, as shown below, alongside the fact that the first two episodes will take place continuously with the second coming the day after the first (January 17th & 18th).


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Guest Smith



Episode 1 - January 17th


Entrance%2B5.gif   Entrance%2B1.gif

 Pete Dunne vs Jay White 

The opening match of the inaugural World Series would pit "The Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne against "Switchblade" Jay White in a contest that would begin with Dunne manipulating the joints of White as well as shattering his hands.

Nevertheless, White would eventually fight back, swaying the momentum his way with a series of Saito suplexes and from there, the match would begin to balance out.

The match would come to an end as White would look to plant Dunne with a German suplex but Dunne would land on his feet. As White would turn around, Dunne would attempt an enziguiri but White would duck it, leaving Dunne to fall to the mat. Dunne would be quick to get to his feet but as soon as he would get up, White would attempt a huge lariat. Surprisingly, Dunne would catch White's arm before transitioning into a pumphandle and planting White with a Bitter End which would be enough to get him the pinfall.


Entrance%2B3.gif   Entrance%2B2.gif

 Cody vs Velveteen Dream 

The second matchup of the tournament would see "The American Nightmare" Cody go one on one with "The Vainglorious One" Velveteen Dream. Kicking off the match, the two would slowly work their way through some nice chain wrestling until Dream would knock it up a gear, displaying incredible speed that would overwhelm Cody at first.

Nevertheless, the ever-so experienced Cody would manage to fight his way back into the match which would end as Cody would look for a moonsault from the top. However, Dream would catch Cody on his shoulders and carry the momentum into a cartwheeling death valley driver.

Dream would then take his turn on the top rope but the wife of Cody, Brandi, would distract Dream, allowing Cody to recover. By the time Dream would jump, Cody would only be playing possum and would easily avoid the Purple Rainmaker. Cody would then grab Dream, quickly hit him with the Cross Rhodes and then pick up the pinfall.


Entrance%2B2.gif   Entrance%2B1.gif

 Christopher Daniels vs Dolph Ziggler 

The third match of the tournament's first installment would be a contest between "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels and "The Showoff" Dolph Ziggler in a match that proved just how important experience can be in an art like professional wrestling.

The match would begin with fluent mat work which would see both men showing off their great technical work but ultimately, Ziggler's record-breaking amateur wrestling background would give him the upper hand. As the match would begin to speed up, the depth in both men's arsenals would begin to show but Daniel's high-flying ability would prove worthy as that extra bit of diversity would give Daniels the advantage against Ziggler.

After reversing a Famouser into a thunderous spin-out powerbomb, Daniels would look to end the match with a BME. However, as Daniels would dive from the top rope, Ziggler would scurry out of the way. Daniels would be agile enough in the air to land on his feet but that would only expose his back to Ziggler who would capitalize with a devastating ZigZag followed by a pinfall.


Animated GIF   Animated GIF

 Neville vs La Sombra 

To end the first episode of PWA's inaugural World Series, "The King" Neville would meet "El Ingobernable" La Sombra inside the squared circle. The two men would exhibit their incredible athleticism and awe-inspiring high-flying maneuvers.

The two men would almost be parallel in the ring with them both being incredible athletes with dangerous aggression. However, Neville would turn it up a notch after Almas' Zelina Vega would slap "The King" which would almost cost him the match as Almas would look to take advantage of the distraction with a roll up. From there, Neville's aggression would grow rapidly and every one of his strikes would have extra meaning behind them.

La Sombra would look to use Neville's frustration against him. After evading a lethal kick from Neville, Sombra would land on his side, taunting Neville until Neville would go for another kick. Sombra would then evade the kick once again and roll up Neville with a schoolboy. However, Neville would roll through onto his feet and connect with a jaw-shattering superkick. Neville would then top it off with a Red Arrow and would pick up the pinfall.

Episode 2 - January 18th


Entrance%2B1.gif   Entrance%2B1.gif

 Drew Galloway vs Jay Briscoe 

The following day and second episode of the World Series would begin with an extremely hard-hitting affair between "The Chosen One" Drew Galloway and Jay of the Briscoe Brothers.

Out of the gates, the two would trade devastating blows and would continue to do so throughout the entirety of the match alongside huge slams and crashing suplexes. The match would be an even playing field with no man gaining a real clear advantage at any point.

The all-out brawl would come to an end as Galloway would go for his signature Celtic Kiss headbutt only for Briscoe to catch Galloway's head, place it between his legs, hook his arms and go for a Jay-Driller. However, Galloway would fight back, throwing Jay up and over like a back body drop. Jay would be quick back to his feet but would instantly run straight into a Celtic Kiss. Nevertheless, a stunned Jay Briscoe would respond with a discus forearm and would follow up with a three-quarter nelson suplex. The momentum would then carry Galloway back onto his feet where he would stumble backward, rebounding off the ropes before sprinting back at Briscoe, hitting a mortifying Claymore and falling into the cover.


Animated GIF   Entrance-1.gif

 Bobby Lashley vs Chad Gable 

The second match of the second episode would see a distinguished MMA fighter go toe to toe with an Olympic level amateur wrestler inside a professional wrestling ring. The untamed power of "Walking Armaggedon" Bobby Lashley would clash beautifully with the grounded technical work of Chad Gable.

Gable would take advantage early on, keeping a slow tempo that worked best for him and defused the explosiveness of Lashley. Lashley would attempt to keep up with Gable's mat wrestling but Gable would prove himself as the mightier. However, as the match would go on, the tempo would begin to speed up and Gable would begin to lose control as Lashley's ferocity would come to fruition.

After almost beheading Gable with a humungous clothesline, Lashley would lift Gable onto his shoulder for the Dominator running powerslam. However, Gable would slip off Lashley's shoulders and immediately apply a waist lock. With Lashley still shocked, Gable would push Lashley into the corner before rolling back into an O'Connor roll, keeping the waist lock applied throughout and coming out of the other end with a devastating a German suplex. Lashley would be able to kick out of the bridged cover. Gable would look to finish the match with a moonsault off the top rope but he would be caught on the shoulder of Lashley. Now, Lashley would slam Gable into the canvas with a Dominator powerslam which would be enough to get him the victory.


Animated GIF   Animated GIF

 Ethan Carter III vs Will Ospreay 

The third matchup of the night would be contested by "Top One Percent" Ethan Carter III and "The Aerial Assassin" Will Ospreay. The two men with completely different in-ring styles would both fight for the spotlight with EC3's confidence taking the forefront alongside Ospreay's insane high-flying ability.

Ospreay would catch EC3 off-guard early on with a flurry of rapid maneuvers with little-to-no breathing space, preventing EC3 from finding any way back into the match. Nonetheless, EC3 would finally get a hold on Ospreay after rolling out of the way of a 630 senton. As Ospreay would land on his back, EC3 would rush to lock in a waist lock before connecting with a series of German suplexes.

The match would come to an end as EC3 would look for the One Percenter until Ospreay would push EC3 off of him and into the ropes. EC3 would rebound and run into a Spanish fly. Ospreay would look to follow up with the Robinson Special kick but EC3 would catch him in a rear-naked choke. Ospreay would escape by transitioning the submission into a pin, forcing EC3 to release the hold in order to kick out. A quick roundhouse kick to the side of EC3's head would be enough to stun him long enough for Ospreay to hit the OsCutter and pick up the pinfall.


Entrance%2B3.gif   Entrance%2B3.gif

 Alberto El Patron vs Pentagon Jr. 

Arguably the two greatest wrestlers from Mexico would face in the final match of the second installment to the first ever PWA Uprising. "Mexico's Greatest Export" Alberto El Patron would go one on one with Pentagon Jr., the human embodiment of "Cero Miedo".

The two would mesh very well with extremely similar in-ring styles yet almost polar opposite personalities. The egotistical El Patron would look to gain a mental advantage over Pentagon but Penta's stone-cold sinister approach would deflect every mind game attempted.

Late on in the match, El Patron would lock in the cross armbreaker but after almost a minute of trying to escape, Pentagon would lift El Patron up on one arm and then slam him back down onto the canvas. Pentagon would then head to the top rope for a diving double foot stomp but El Patron would get to him before he could jump. Patron would then knock Penta down so that he would be hanging down in a reverse tree of woe position. Patron would then attempt a double foot stomp to the back of Pentagon's head but Penta would evade it. Patron would land badly and by the time he would get back to Pentagon, Pentagon would be seated on the top rope, recovering. Patron would join him and the two would do battle on the top turnbuckle until Pentagon would end it with a Fear Factor from the top rope.

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Various SWA News: Winter Warfare News, Spike TV Update, Bombshell Division, More

Nick Hausman
January 17, 2018


(Photo Credit: TBArena)

-This week marks the introduction of the first SWA Ignition pay-per-view. SWA brought about due to the scandal WWE underwent and Shane McMahon decided to create his own promotion which has done very well through their first two weeks due to the SWA World Championship tournament which has brandished mostly main event guys, showing off the top level talent present in the company. The culmination and subsequent crowning of the first SWA World Champion will happen at Winter Warfare, with block finals and winners advancing to a triple threat match.

-The official theme for Winter Warfare is "King's Dead" by Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Future, and James Blake, sending a very pointed message to the WWE. The event will be taking place Thompson-Boiling Arena in Knoxville, Tennessee, home of the Tennessee Volunteers. It's expected that the event will sell out, though the exact card is yet to be announced. Shane McMahon has announced that starting this week, a tag team tournament will commence and run alongside the SWA World Championship Tournament starting this week and culminating in a match this Saturday. 


(Photo Credit: Notey)

-According to The Wrestling Observer Podcast and various other reports, SWA Ignition is getting extended thirty minutes, making the weekly TV show two hours long thanks to the success the show has found out the gate, averaging about 1.8 million viewers. Spike was originally reluctant to place so much trust into a wrestling product after the whole TNA fiasco, but Ignition has proven themselves enough to be granted the additional half hour.


(Photo Credit: SWA)

-SWA has been under a fair amount of scrutiny though, as only two of the announced wrestlers have been women. Shane McMahon has responded to the calls on Twitter to create a women's division with a tweet of his own.


-It appears as though the women will be branded as Bombshells, similar to TNA and their Knockouts. Shane has also announced an event to take place in May, One Night Only: Bombshells. The news came alongside the announcing of two women inking contracts with Shane O'Mac's brand: Bayley and Ember Moon, joining Maria Kanellis and Taya Valkyrie as the faces of the division so far. 

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January 19
Nashville, Tennesee
Vanderbuilt University Memorial Stadium

SWA Ignition would open its third installment with an explosion of pyrotechnics and panning shot of the crowd from the middle of the ring as the announce desk of Shane McMahon, Renee Young, and Mike Rome welcoming us from Smashville. A graphic displaying the remaining twelve members of the SWA World Championship Tournament with all twelve competing tonight.

"Won't Let Go" would start and the SWA crowd would give a hearty welcome to Cedric Alexander. Alexander would take his time, giving fans high fives on his way down to the ring where he would then await his opponent.

This crowd's jubilation would be shattered as from the curtains emerged Roderick Strong with "Who's Stopping Me" further exasperating the fans distaste for Strong. He quickly found himself in the squared circle awaiting the bell.


In a backbreaking affair, Roderick Strong would face Cedric Alexander pitting "The Messiah of the Backbreaker" against "The Resident Lumbar Specialist". As anticipated, moves concerning the spine were not few and far between leaving both men with hunches by the contest's end.

But as the match came to its close this new, ruthless Strong still in cargo pants and a tank top would hit an avalanche backbreaker before returning to the second rope with Alexander to drop Cedric on the ring post. It was a horrific sight and sound, to see and hear to hear the crack of "Queen City's Favorite Son's" spinal cord before he was dragged back into the ring. Strong didn't stop at that though as he dropped the straps and connected another three End of Heartaches, which registered enough. Strong earned a three count hardly audible due to the deafening boos.

After Strong would look down at Alexander and back up at the crowd and smile, enjoying every bit of hurt he was responsible for. He'd point at his face and mouth "Messiah Of The Backbreaker" before rolling out the ring and making his way to the back of the arena.


Sabre would be facing the man who gifted him the advance which got him this match in the first place. The crowd would find themselves in the corner of "The Technical Wizard" as Owens received barrages of boos.

The match saw Sabre grounding KO with a mix of unparalleled technical ability and agility which left Owens frustrated. Unfortunately for ZSJ, that frustration would boil over and cause KO to explode. Owens was relentless in his attack, pummeling the former "Leader of the New School" before ending the match with a wicked Pop Up Powerbomb.

Owens covered ZSJ, Zack's outlook being rather grim when "Worlds Apart" hit. Owens immediately turned his attention to a heavily bandaged Sami Zayn at the top of the stage, hollering at Owens in the ring who was burning red at the sight of the man he hospitalized two weeks ago. He neared the rope, looking as though he was going to attack Sami once more when laughed off the threat, but ZSJ WITH A SCHOOLBOY, 1...2...3. SABRE JR WITH THE UPSET.


A hush fell over the arena as the stadium lights were cut, with no semblance of entrance music out came two shrouded men standing on the stage. they removed their hoods and sheep masks revealing themselves, being "The Drifter" Elias Samson and "Blackheart" Lio Rush. They walked down the ramp with no expression nor emotion as they entered the ring where they met The Vaudevillians.

The Vaudevillians never stood a chance against the unadulterated rage and brutality of the pairing of Bray Wyatt's followers. Whether it was Rush or Samson, both men would attack with precision and cruelty, not even looking like they desired the three count.

They'd beat the Vaudevillians to a pulp and force a forfeit but they didn't seem to care all too much, they stood idly in the ring, looking at the team they'd recently dismantled utterly.


The arena would go black as the sounds of chaos emerged from the speakers. On the titantron was nothing but a black zero, vaguely outlined in white and emerging from the back was Bray Wyatt, flanked by "The Drifter" Elias Samson and "The Blackheart" Lio Rush. Fireflies would light the way as the trio went down the ramp. Wyatt would enter the ring and Caleb Konley entered the fray, who made his strut to the ring.

Konley would look fearful as he entered the ring with Bray Wyatt standing across from him before Wyatt would begin to cackle sickly. Konley immediately dropped to his knees to the confusion of all as Wyatt would stalk his way across the ring. He planted the "Kiss Of Death" before hitting a ring-shaking Sister Abigail and covering for the three count.

Wyatt would assume his kneeling position as he cradled Konley. After a shout of "Black Zero", darkness fell on the arena once more.


Following the madness caused by Black Zero, out would come a team of mountains among men known as The Beserkers. In attire similar to that of Norse Gods, two men announced as Ragnar Lodbrok and "War Beard" Erik the Red would barrel down the ramp where Mandrews and Rich Swann awaited them.

The team known as Airplane Mode put up a fight, but where inevitably squashed by the absolute mammoths of men before the match was ended by Bloody Eagle. The Beserkers looked down at the destruction they'd caused and proceeded to the backstage area, unfazed.


The Best Friends would face the team of Nese and Gulak. Both took turns controlling the match, despite the fact that the Best Friends seemed to have a falling out, arguing throughout the entirety of the bout. 

Eventually, Nese and Gulak would use an argument between Trent? and Taylor, Gulak viciously taking out Taylor's knee as Trent? was hit with a pumphandle slam on the outside. Gulak would lock in his patented Dragon Sleeper, and put Chuck Taylor to sleep for the win.


The music of the Worldwide Underground hit and out came both competitors of the match along with Paul London, Jack Evans, and Taya Valkyrie with the direction of this match being written on the smirks the team wore.

Black and Mundo entered the ring and stood across from each other as they told the ref to ring the bell. They circled around each other, appearing ready to fight as they launched towards one another to... begin a rock, paper, scissors game. Johnny won the first with rock and lost the second with PJ using paper. So with the match, Johnny went back to rock a third time and bested Black, who subsequently went down and allowed Mundo to pin him.

But, Shane McMahon was fuming as the last two matches of the tournament were ruined by stable allegiances. Shane said to make up for this disparity, Bray Wyatt would take on Johnny Mundo in a 2 out of 3 falls match at Winter Warfare before returning to the commentary desk, leaving Worldwide Underground seething.


In one of the matches that fans were begging for, Hideo Itami would take on Cesaro in a wrestling masterclass, both of the men showing why they were beloved by their followers.

Itami would set out as a lumberjack, trying to chop down Cesaro with sharp strikes throughout the contest but it would prove difficult as Cesaro would use his unnatural athleticism to evade Itami's grasp for the most part. But Cesaro also couldn't break through the defenses of Hideo, never getting close enough to cause legitimate damage, leaving the match as a stalemate for the first eleven minutes.

But suddenly a flip switched as both men went after each other with defense being tossed aside. Cesaro looked to gain the advantage with a Very European Uppercut but Itami contorted his body in midair to crash knee first into Cesaro. From there, all it took was one GTS and Itami got a second win here, advancing in the tournament.


We cut to backstage where the trio of Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, and Bobby Fish were assembled, presumably discussing a game plan in regards to dealing with the Worldwide Underground. They debating was hushed and extremely harsh with the unit being out of sorts.

Finally, they seemed to come to an agreement and moved towards the locker room of one Roderick Strong. They knocked on the door and Roderick opened it, holding the inside of his tank top straps whilst scowling which was amble answer as the Undisputed Era retreated, coming upon a second locker room.


Next would be the clash of the biggest egos in SWA as the Undisputed Era would take on Worldwide Underground, with both stables making their ways down the ramp. For the matches opening eight minutes, it was an average contest between Jack Evans and Paul London and reDragon, both teams jostling for control but eventually, it devolved as the forecast foretold.

Again, Undisputed Era found themselves on the defensive due to the numbers advantage, when "Hero's Welcome" hit. Kassius Ohno stormed down, wearing a UE bicep band. Evening the numbers, reDragon were able to defeat Worldwide Underground as they advanced in the tag team tournament.


And in the main event came an early favorite for match of the year between Samoa Joe and Aleister Black. Black made his brooding entrance, all eyes glued on him on his way to the ring, where he somersaulted over the ropes and sat in his meditative pose. Joe then did his march to the squared circle, towel dangling on his shoulders. He stepped between the ropes and through up the "SoCal" then promptly began staring daggers at Black.

Their match began with a feeler process, both men looking for any weaknesses in each other's games. Black attempted a Black Mass but Samoa Joe like none before him blocked the kick, pushing away the foot of Aleister and hitting a beautifully placed kick to the knee. "The Samoan Submission Machine" then went to work, cerebrally picking apart Black limb by limb, weakening "The Strange Man From Amsterdam" and seemingly unstoppable in every approach.

"The Dutch Destroyer" showed fight, briefly shooting up time and time again to connect with strike combos only to be usurped by Joe. Black finally stopped Joe with a wicked Bicycle Knee, dropping him onto his back.

Black wasted no motion as he mounted his offensive. He was unrelenting with his leg based strikes, all targeting the head and neck of Joe. Black connected with another Bicycle Knee and looked for the German Suplex combo when Joe hit a cracking back elbow followed by an enziguri that folded Aleister.

Joe rolled to the corner, trying to regain his footing as Aleister sprinted at him, Joe caught him and attempted a Urange but Aleister battled out of it. Upon landing, Aleister HITS BLACK MASS. IT'S OVER. Joe tumbles out the corner and is covered, 1...2...3.

"The Anti-Hero" rubs his chin as he took his meditative pose, looking into the depths of the viewers souls while he looks through the hard cam. Black after vanquishing Joe, punching his ticket for Winter Warfare tomorrow.

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Winter Warfare should be interesting after such a packed show. The men’s tournament is looking good with a massive names like Black, Itami, Wyatt, Strong, Mundo and ZSJ. Your Tag Team division should be good with reDragon, Elias and Rush, Nese and Gulak and Berserkers all being interesting picks but reDragon are the team I assume you’ll give the titles to. I can’t wait for more Jon

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1 hour ago, JoshsNow said:

Winter Warfare should be interesting after such a packed show. The men’s tournament is looking good with a massive names like Black, Itami, Wyatt, Strong, Mundo and ZSJ. Your Tag Team division should be good with reDragon, Elias and Rush, Nese and Gulak and Berserkers all being interesting picks but reDragon are the team I assume you’ll give the titles to. I can’t wait for more Jon

Do RAW bruh we losing steam

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