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World At War: WWE v SWA v PWA

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How much would you pay to see David fell Goliath? Perhaps I'm wired differently than most others, I'd certainly pay a pretty penny to go back in time to see this event. Watching David launch the rock from his slingshot, it whistling through the air, and finally seeing the stone lodge itself in the head of the giant. The single greatest underdog story to ever occur, and one that I would love to watch unravel.

Or maybe perhaps, it's simply seeing a giant felled that intrigues me. When somebody or something is presented as larger than life itself, above every aspect of life itself, watching them be toppled is an event most would wish to see occur. Of course, we don't have to travel so far back in time to see a giant, seemingly untouchable, be downed. We can simply look back to about two weeks, where in the midst of movements like #MeToo, Vince McMahon faced his accusers. In started with one woman by the name of Katie Regan coming forth with an allegation which at the time was ridiculed as a claim to fame. Then came the next seven women that had accusations against Vince. Most of the downfall was inevitable, fans tuning off, wrestlers handed in their two weeks notice, staff walked out, and WWE was under fire. But blood ran thicker than water: Stephanie McMahon and Triple H stayed steadfast by Vince's side, and it was no surprise when he hung up the suit the keys went to them. 

What wasn't expected was Shane packing up his bags and heading out the door, taking a large chunk of talent with him as he opened the doors of his own wrestling promotion, Smashmouth Wrestling Association. Backers instantly materialized for the man who had very much to do with WWE's international success. SWA, as new as it was, instantly became a rival of a WWE on a sharp decline. Fans jumped right next to Shane and his roster of mostly former WWE talent. But, the surprises weren't quite done yet.

Trying to seize an opportunity to launch themselves into the limelight, "The Indies" decided that would need to create a big splash to get to the level of a lessened WWE. So a meeting took place between the Boards of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Ring of Honor, and Impact Wrestling. When it came to its end, a merger had been agreed upon and a new promotion had emerged, the Pro Wrestling Alliance shocked every wrestling fan in the world as there was another competitor now at the top of the scene. A lot of fans had been asking for competition in the wrestling world, and now there was a war.

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Guest Smith


"Trying to seize an opportunity to launch themselves into the limelight, "The Indies" decided that would need to create a big splash to get to the level of a lessened WWE. So a meeting took place between the Boards of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Ring of Honor, and Impact Wrestling. When it came to its end, a merger had been agreed upon and a new promotion had emerged, the Pro Wrestling Alliance shocked every wrestling fan in the world as there was another competitor now at the top of the scene."

As WWE would suffer it's worst decline in history, the front-runners of the American independent scene would unite and capitalize, creating the brand new wrestling promotion known as Pro Wrestling Alliance. An organization led by Dixie Carter of TNA, the owners of ROH (Sinclair Broadcast Group), and the remaining founders of PWG (Excalibur and Super Dragon), would shock the entire wrestling industry. Promising an refreshing focus on the core of pro wrestling through a web of dynamic wrestling styles from around the globe, PWA stands tall as the first American promotion to legitimately threaten the McMahons since WCW folded.

Now is the time for a revolution. Now is the time for an uprising. Now is the time of Pro Wrestling Alliance!



Q0OoTjt.jpg     dMmEp40.jpg     3rsLrB8.jpg     MjACcUj.jpg

Abyss - Alberto El Patron - Alex Shelley - Bobby Lashley

Ds9el8H.jpg     0pQZM2B.jpg     QG8r7HW.jpg     S0M8Kf8.jpg

Brian Cage - Chad Gable - Cheeseburger - Chris Sabin

6B1iMiT.jpg     l9TctmD.jpg     fnuRVNx.jpg     Vvr62pU.jpg

Christopher Daniels - Cody - Dash Wilder - Dolph Ziggler

GmXrSuh.jpg     5oMtBlO.jpg     ewvbYU3.jpg      uViTB8B.jpg

Drew Galloway - Eddie Edwards - Eli Drake - Ethan Carter III

UESGu4Y.jpg     dmGDauH.jpg     qrL8lD5.jpg     gFhJujF.jpg

Fenix - Frankie Kazarian - Hangman Page - Jay Briscoe

lNAFffR.jpg     wpl880k.jpg     48KlZ05.jpg     MB3Fz4s.jpg

Jay White - Jeff Cobb - Jey Uso - Jimmy Uso

YMcx8J7.jpg     1fS7EJ2.jpg     whqUWOx.jpg     Ik2mQWj.jpg

Kenny King - La Sombra - Mark Briscoe - Matt Jackson

OlQnv45.jpg     zkFNrlY.jpg     EBkn9zC.jpg     zdZDHkf.jpg

Matt Riddle - Matt Sydal - Moose - Neville

5pGIY1b.jpg     YAcLZcd.jpg     bhq7BEk.jpg      1nqYwBY.jpg

Nick Jackson - Pentagon Jr. - Ricochet - Sami Callihan

S4gLasl.jpg     kFlQa74.jpg     eIS2dcF.jpg     hjy91fY.jpg

Scott Dawson - Shinsuke Nakamura - The Velveteen Dream - Will Ospreay




Dixie Carter



BnmIQOP.jpg     bH4KbPE.jpg

Nigel McGuinness - Matt Striker



ROH World Championship     TNA X Division Championship     WCW Tag Team Championship

PWA World Heavyweight Championship - PWA X-Division Championship - PWA World Tag Team Championship

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Welcome to the one and only Smashmouth Wrestling Association. A brand new birthed from the chaos of a WWE too focused on protecting top brass rather than doling out justice, "The Prodigal Son" Shane McMahon decided the only option was to split from a ship steering a direction he wasn't in agreement with. He instantly found partners, most of which coming from overseas where he'd almost single-handedly built international relations in the wrestling world. They jumped on board, helping found the newest promotion which would instantly find themselves on the national scene, comparable to a WWE falling out of favor with most.

But perhaps the biggest sign of this is the roster which Shane O'Mac has managed to collect, coming from inside and outside the WWE. Wrestlers as disgusted as Shane at the actions of WWE and came with him on his path to slay the giant of the World Wrestling Entertainment. Shane also delved deep into the independent wrestling scene, scooping up talent from every corner of the United States and even venturing overseas to the United Kingdom to sign more wrestlers to contracts. Now, it's time to introduce you to this intriguing and extremely talented squad of athletes. It's now time to officially Meet The Roster.



Singles Division

These are the faces of just some of the singles division wrestlers featured in SWA. Most of these men have traveled to hell and back on their journey to the top of the wrestling scene, fighting as much as possible and anywhere they can to etch their names into the minds of fans and owners alike. Throughout all the diversity, these men have prospered and have been mentioned as some of the best wrestlers in the industry like "The Dutch Destroyer" Aleister Black, "The Messiah Of Backbreakers" Roderick Strong, or even "The Swiss Superman" Cesaro.

It's been a lot of long nights and hard work for these men to achieve the status they're currently at, and now they are looking to climb one more mountain looking to find success in SWA. They've done it before, and now they'll try to look again. But these aren't the only men trying to find success, you'll hear more about those guys later on.



But some of these guys who are vying for individual success will have demons brought alongside them, trying to push past them for the betterment of their careers. It'll be a difficult path to navigate especially for the likes of Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, and Bray Wyatt with these relationships being burned beyond restoration. It seems like these men are forced to partake in a dance that simply never ends, going in circles with no end on the horizon. But perhaps the end will be written on these feuds and these career chapters will finally be turned.



Tag Team Division

Of course, you don't always need to solely rely on yourself to find success in this business. Sticking your neck out where it could possibly be stepped on isn't the most comforting for a lot of wrestlers in a career where getting to the top matters most. But when teams come together in harmony, a beautiful brand of wrestling is created. A couple of these team brought in to SWA have mastered the art of harmonious tag team wrestling and look to show exactly why they've been brought here.

There are some world class tags have been brought in, all of them looking to claim the division as their own and become its champions. Not all of them have the same, well focused and generally serious attitudes. Teams like the Best Friends made of Trent? and Chuck Taylor are pretty much complete goofballs but like any other team, they can bring it in the ring just as well. No matter what, seeing these teams take the ring and hopefully, tear it to shreds.



Still, there are teams that are even past that mold, having more than simply singles wrestlers. These teams present an undeniable confidence, in themselves and everything that they do and look to grab a stranglehold on any company they find themselves in. The Undisputed Era and Worldwide Underground are just two examples of these stables who are looking to assert themselves in the early days of this company and very well could find themselves at the top, all that's left is to see how things shake out. That's all on my end, see you next time.



But, of course, this wouldn't be Shane McMahon without some sort of surprise. So he decided to bring in a friend from work. Reinstated by multiple doctors, returning will be the one and only, DANIEL BRYAN.




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Aiden_English_by_xlxvladxlx.jpg Austin_Aries_3_cut_by_Danger_Liam.jpg Caleb_Konley_1_cut_by_Danger_Liam.jpg Cedric_Alexander_by_xlxvladxlx.jpg

Aiden English: 6'3, 215 lbs | Austin Aries: 5'9, 202 lbs | Caleb Konley: 6'0, 207 lbs | Cedric Alexander: 5'10. 205 lbs

1455_Dalton_Castle_cut_by_L3wap.jpg Elias_Samson_CutByGameElite.jpg enzo_amore_outcast_2.jpg Jay_Lethal_3_cut_by_Danger_Liam.jpg

Dalton Castle: 5'11, 211 lbs | Elias Samson: 6'0, 217 lbs | Enzo Amore: 5'10, 200 lbs | Jay Lethal: 5'10, 215 lbs

Kassius_Ohno_by_xlxvladxlx_3.jpg Lio_Rush_by_xlxvladxlx.jpg 1491_Mark_Andrews_cut_by_L3wap.jpg mikemaria_cutbygameelite.jpg

Kassius Ohno: 6'4, 270 lbs | Lio Rush: 5'6, 160 lbs | Mark "Mandrews" Andrews: 5'8, 159 lbs | Mike Kanellis: 6'1, 215 lbs (w/Maria Kanellis: 5'7, 120 lbs)

Rich_Swan_cut_by_Danger_Liam.jpg Simon_Gotch_cut_by_Danger_Liam_2.jpg Tye_Dillinger_cut_by_Danger_Liam.jpg Zack_Sabre_Jr_3_cut_by_Danger_Liam.jpg

Rich Swann: 5'8, 168 lbs | Simon Grimm: 6'1, 220 lbs | Tye Dillinger: 6'3, 223 lbs | Zack Sabre Jr: 6'0, 187 lbs

Additional Information: Announcers, Titles, Shows

shane_mcmahon_outcast_2.jpg Mike_Rome_cut_by_Danger_Liam.jpg Renee_Young_by_xlxvladxlx_4.jpg

Shane McMahon | Mike Roma | Renee Young

Catch_Wrestling_Championship_cut_by_Dang Catch_Wrestling_GP_Championship_cut_by_D Atlas_Championship_cut_by_Danger_Liam.jp PROGRESS_TT_3_cut_by_Danger_Liam.jpg

[Main] SWA World | [Higher Mid] SWA Grand Prix | [Lower Mid] SWA Television | [Tag] SWA Tag Team


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Image result for question marks

Mysterious Investor buys 25% of WWE

Following a huge change to the wrestling business with new emerging companies, a mysterious investor has purchased 25% of World Wrestling Entertainment. Majority owners Paul Levesque (known as Triple H onscreen) and Stephanie McMahon-Levesque released a statament saying that their father, Vincent Kennedy McMahon dealt with the handlings and they do not know who he is.

It is believed that he has brought in his own staff to take over Tuesday Night's "SmackDown LIVE", while the Levesques will continue to run Monday Nights. Sources close to the situation believe that tonight, an article will be posted on WWE.com about the rosters of SmackDown LIVE and RAW.







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Related image

Hello... welcome to WWE.com, where you can get the best updates regarding RAW, SmackDown LIVE, and anything WWE related. Right now, it's me, the man who bought 25% of World Wrestling Entertainment a few days ago, and I am honored to announce that I will be running SmackDown as the President of Operations.

So myself and the owners of Monday Night RAW, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, have evenly divided the roster along with making a few signings to establish ourselves as the best brand, and best product in wrestling. Without further wait, let's bring you the franchise players on the SmackDown brand.

"The Franchise Players"

UPUljuc.jpg?1Image result for sasha banks wwe

Without a doubt, the six biggest names on my brand have to be "The Franchise" John Cena, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles, "The Unhinged Lunatic" Dean Ambrose, "The Glorious One" Bobby Roode, "The Empress of Tomorrow" Asuka, and "The Boss" Sasha Banks.

These four will be huge parts of Tuesday nights, as AJ Styles is regarded as the best wrestler in the world, Dean Ambrose is regarded as one of the most entertaining, as is Bobby Roode, and John Cena is the biggest name in wrestling today.

"The Rising Crop"

Image result for johnny garganoImage result for eric young
Image result for tommaso ciampaImage result for lars sullivan
Image result for karl andersonImage result for lana wwe in ring

The rising crop of SmackDown is a scene that you must look out for with such conflicting personalities. You have an unstoppable monster in Lars Sullivan, an insane, unhinged man who lusts for chaos in Eric Young, a man who is undeniable popular with the fans, having an underdog story since he started, Ciampa's former partner, Johnny Gargano, and then a man who has been all across the world, an independent star in The Psycho Killer, Tommaso Ciampa.

Lastly for the men, there's a man who is referred to as The Machine Gun for his ability to deliever rapid strikes... Karl Anderson. And then there's someone who is rapidly improving... Lana.

"The Veterans"

Image result for alicia foxImage result for mickie james
Image result for the brian kendrick

The veterans of SmackDown are three wrestlers who have been with the company for sometime, and their limelight is fading. First, we have the insane Alicia Fox, who will do anything to become SmackDown Women's Champion and re-establish herself as one of the best, although he's a little off her rocker.

Meanwhile, Mickie James is a veteran looking to prove that she can hang with the young studs of the women's division which is why she's back after she left the company for sometime. And now, The Brian Kendrick will be able to show off his real talents without the confines of the Cruiserweight Division holding him back.

"Tag Team Chaos"


The SmackDown Tag Team Division promises to be chaotic, with a grand total of five teams (more on that later). The division begins with two powerhouses in Harper and Rowan, the Bludgeon Brothers, and enters a more comedic-based team, although improving in the ring, in Tyler Breeze and Fandango, The Fashion Police.

The final tag team is a duo that has enjoyed much independent scene success and now Trent Seven and Tyler Bate look to branch into the WWE scene of things and take those SmackDown Tag Team Championships for themselves, but there's some groups that could halt that goal, so let's take a look at the final part of the SmackDown roster, the three groups.

"The Trios of SmackDown LIVE"


Each trio has a different reason for forming. For The New Day, it's about having fun, being idols for the little children, and being the most sarcastic, down to business team there is in the WWE. Meanwhile, for Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers, the Singhs merely want to protect "The Modern Day Maharaja", and keep him on the top of SmackDown.

But for Absolution, it's about wreaking havoc and making sure no one feels safe. Led by Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville look to strike fear into the heart of the SmackDown Women's Locker Room along with Paige, who wants to reclaim her throne as The Queen of WWE.

SmackDown LIVE will play host to four championships, the most prestigious title in the WWE, the WWE Championship, along with the United States Championship, and of course, the SmackDown Tag Team Championship and lastly the SmackDown Women's Championship.


Tune into the first SmackDown LIVE of 2018 on January 2nd, 2018 where you will see all of these mentioned people, and you will figure out who I am. Until then, mysterious investor signing off.

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Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw! I'm your owner of the show and tonight on the road to our debut episode under a new control which takes place January 1st in 2018, we will introduce to your our A Class list of WWE Superstars who will be sporting the color red:






These four men are the show enders, and for good reason. Roman Reigns has been the back bone and been pushed as the new "Face Of The WWE" which is the reason the crowd doesn't like him, but despite that, he still comes out and gives a awesome performance only a former three time WWE Champion can give. Seth Rollins was nicknamed The Man for a reason. Because he is The Man. The former two time WWE Champion delivers a show and is close to regaining his spot as The Man in the WWE again. Randy Orton is WWE's Apex Predator, The Viper, who will strike from outta nowhere. The former thirteen time World Champion will use his cold, mallace and cunning ability to once again win from out of nowhere. And we got "The Villian" Marty Scrull. Many fans known him for his work in other promotions, but desperate times,  call for some villainous measures as the fans are looking forward to seeing Marty compete in the WWE, and to chant "WHOOP WOOP" as well.







And these are a few of the guys who will carry the middle of the show on their back to keep the fans wanting more. Kane being the Big Red Machine, Braun Strowman being the Monster Among Men, Shelton Benjamin being the Gold Standard, Rusev being the Bulgarian Brute, and Jimmy Havoc being the crazy man he is, the show is read to showcase what these guys are made off. 







All four times got Tag Team titles under there name already. The Hardys are one of the most popular tag teams in wrestling history, Rhyno and Heath Slater are one of the funniest, The Ascension are one of the most monstrous, and The Shield are one of the most destructive teams ever. All four now get the chance when they battle it out for the tag titles. 





Now when the case came against Mr. McMahon, then Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, left the WWE with the championship, leaving MondayNight Raw without a World Championship. Now while that is a issue, the Intercontial Champion, Roman Reigns, has stated that he will do everything in his power to make the Intercontial Championship the main title. But that leaves Raw without a secondary title. So, coming to Monday Night Raw, and will be determined in a ten man tournament for the title is the.......


THE WWE Television Championship! Thank you everyone for tuning into Raw and see you on the road to the debut of the new WWE Monday Night Raw live January 1st, 2018!

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Guest Smith




The crème de la crème. The best of the best. These wrestlers are world-renowned for their phenomenal talent and are the ones that are expected to not only garner success for themselves within PWA but garner success for the promotion as a whole. As undisputed top-tier talent from around the world, these stars have their own fanbases that are rooting for them to claim the top of the mountain in PWA.

Ranging from one of the best wrestlers ever produced by NJPW in Shinsuke Nakamura to one of the most ground-breaking talents to perform in CMLL in La Sombra, these nine men are definitely worth watching. Moreover, there's the incredibly athletic yet ever-so ruthless, Neville. The son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes and a legend in his own right, Cody. The machine that can only be described as Walking Armageddon, Bobby Lashley. The greatest ever export from Mexico, Alberto Del Rio. The Celtic colossus once picked as the chosen one by the most successful man in professional wrestling, Drew Galloway. The most underrated worker in all of wrestling and the modern-day showstopper, Dolph Ziggler. Finally, the deadliest luchador to ever step foot in the squared circle, Pentagon Jr.




The next nine wrestlers aren't exactly top stars but there's no doubt that without these guys, PWA would severely lack in depth. These nine provide PWA with performers who when given the spotlight can make a massive impact and show just how broad the talent stretches within this company. Despite not being named as apart of the best of the best, don't be surprised to see any of these guys fight their way to championship contention or even as world champion. With all of them having that much more to prove in PWA, they are all hungry for success and surely ready to claim exactly that.

First off, there's the monster that has reigned terror upon Impact Wrestling for over a decade, Abyss. The last ever Impact Global Champion and perpetual motion machine of badassery, Eli Drake. The emphatically charismatic Cuban, Rocky Romero. The unhinged, unpredictable and straight up insane, Sami Callihan. The impressively powerful physical specimen, Moose. The excitingly dynamic machine, Brian Cage. The most exceptional amateur wrestler of his generation to compete in pro wrestling, Chad Gable. The king of the night and marvelous athlete, Kenny King. Lastly, the nephew of Dixie Carter and the true definition of a superstar, Ethan Carter III.




This collection of wrestlers is possibly the most intriguing to watch. With unlimited potential discovered so early in their careers, the top prospects are those that seem unquestionably destined to be world-class athletes and future world champions wherever their careers may take them. Nonetheless, do not be mistaken. Just because these men are not at their full potential quite yet, doesn't mean they aren't already superstars in their own right.

First of all, there's the perpetually young and bitter bruiserweight who set the wrestling world alight in 2017, Pete Dunne. The king of the bros and non-stop fighting machine, Matt Riddle. The aerial assassin and best high flyer in the world, Will Ospreay. The immensely thunderous and strikingly captivating luchador, Fénix. The bewitchingly sinister switchblade, Jay White. Penultimately, the mesmerizing, spellbinding, vainglorious, Velveteen Dream. Ultimately, the menacingly psychotic, noose swinging, Hangman Page.




PWA's tag division is the finest tag division in the world, including some of the most decorated teams to ever exist. With tag teams that have established themselves as top teams all across the globe in a variety of different promotions, PWA's tag team division couldn't look any healthier or be any more competitive.

Foremost, there's the fan favorite team that have won championships everywhere they've competed, The Young Bucks. The incredibly agile and astonishingly quick duo of Ricochet and Matt Sydal. The Detriot natives who have been impressively lucrative in the past runs, The Motor City Machine Guns. The fantastically fruitful and amazingly alluring friends of Rocky Romero, Roppongi 3K. The admirable pair of outstanding strikers in The Wolves. The greatest ever tag team in NXT history and the modern-day embodiment of Southern tag team wrestling, The Revival. The wild and dangerous redneck brothers, The Briscoe Brothers. The remarkably illustrious veterans in The Addiction. To conclude, the awfully menacing composers of paranoia and vigorous Samoan bad-asses, The Usos.

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Image result for aj styles wwe champion clash of champions

SmackDown LIVE: January 2nd, 2018
Preview | "Homecoming"

Following a huge exodus of WWE workers, the creation of both PWA and Smashmouth, SmackDown LIVE has been left in a state of chaos. Without it's Commissioner or General Manager, the new investor in WWE has promised to lead the blue brand on his or her back. With that being said, we have multiple questions going into SmackDown...

  • Who is the mysterious investor?
  • What's next for WWE Champion AJ Styles following his defeat of Jinder Mahal?
  • Will the blue brand make major changes?
  • With the new crop of SmackDown talent, who will rise to the challenge and who will flop?

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Jim Ross: "Hello everyone and to Monday Night Raw! I'm Good Ol JR along side Jerry "The King" Lawler and what a show we got for you tonight!"

Jerry: "Correct there JR. We got the round one of the the WWE Television Championship Torunamnt Tournament with the matches being Shelton Benjamin vs "The Villian" Marty Scrull, Jimmy Havoc taking on Jimmy Jacobs, Seth Rollins vs Rusev, and Braun Strowman fighting against "The Big Red Machine" Kane!"

JR: "And the main event is Roman Reigns defending the Intercontial Championship against Randy Orton. When Brock Lesnar left the WWE with the Universal Championship, it left Raw without a World Championship, so Roman Reigns went on Twitter stating that he will make the Intercontial Championship not only the main championship, but THE championship in WWE!"

Jerry: "And we start off with out first match up with Shelton Benjamin going one on one with Marty Scrull!"


["Ain't No Stoppin Me" hits the PA system as the sold out Chicago crowd are on their feet for one of WWE's most agile and best wrestlers to never win the World title in Shelton Benjamin. He makes his way to the ring and before he climbs the middle rope, the screen cuts to black.]

[One True Villian plays as the crowd boos "The Villian" Marty Scrull. He walks out with his vintage umbrella out and about. His mask shining in the spotlight before he enters the ring. Marty is making his WWE debut right now as he tosses his mask on the floor and his umbrella in the corner.]

[Match Highlights]

Shelton Benjamin and Marty Scrull go to lock up till Scrull grabs Shelton's right hand, leaving Shetlon confused till Marty snaps his fingers as the crowd groans, Shelton holds his hand in pain, and Marty falls to the mat like he's about to throw up. Shelton reverses a clothesline by tossing Scrull out of the ring onto the floor. Shelton runs off the ropes and flips over the rope as he lands on Marty as the crowd are getting very interested for this match. Marty went for his Chicken Cross Face but Shelton flipped out of it, who went for his Jumping Complete Shot but Marty held onto the rope and Shelton landed on his feet. Marty ran under Shelton and they both take each other's heads off with clothesline taking them both down. Scrull went for a powerbomb but Shelton counters with a jacknife cover for a two count. Benjamin goes for a T-Bone suplex but Marty shoves Shelton into the ref. He still holds on and nails the T-Bone on Marty with a cover. Shelton exits the cover and checks the ref as Marty crawls to the corner and grabs his umbrella. As Shelton turns around, Marty strikes his neck with the umbrella, dropping him. Marty lifts Shelton up and turns him around and locks in the Chicken Wing Cross Face. The ref crawls over and checks on Shelton as he taps out and the bell rings.

(Winner: Marty Scrull @ 10:12 via Submission) 

JR: A great match up ended with a dirty illegal tactic. However the referee did not see it and now Marty Scrull moves on in the WWE Television Championship Torunamnt Tournament! And up next is the next match up for same tournament as Seth Rollins takes on the man with his own day, Rusev.


[The Second Coming sends the fans into a frenzy as the ever so popular Seth "Freaking" Rollins makes his way out with a powerful energy, showing he's nothing but focused on this match up and what it holds for him.]

[Roar Of The Lion plays as a pop from the crowd comes to Rusev as well. Adian English follows Rusev out to the ring as a "Rusev Day" chant breaks out.]

[Match Highlights]

THE crowd is spilt in half for these two superstars as half of the crowd chants "BURN IT DOWN!" and the other half chants "Rusev Day!". Rusev Irish whips Seth into the turnbuckle stomach first making him bounce back into a German Suplex. Seth ducks a clothesline attempt but gets tripped by English. Seth ducks another clothesline by Rusev but then Suicide dives English down before quickly entering the ring. Rollins is on the apron asking for Rusev to get to his feet and he springs off the ropes into a amazing spin kick by Rusev in mid air for a close count. Rusev went for a flipping senton and misses, which gives Seth the chance to get up and hit his superkick to Rusev for two. As he sets Rusev up for the "Kingslayer", the tron starts to static up before a video plays on it.

The crowd are electric and starts chanting "Delete!" as Seth stares at the tron before Rusev rolls Seth up for a three causing a big upset and kicing Seth out of the tournament and advancing Rusev on.

(Winner: Rusev @ 7:21 via pinfall) 

As Seth looks around disappointed in himself, the lights go off. As they come on, Woken Matt Hardy is behind Rollins as another pop is heard. Seth turns around and eats a Twist Of Fate by Hardy. Matt stares at the fallen Rollins before grabbing a microphone.

Matt: "Hahahahahahaah. Rollins of the Seth, you ask for a war! You must prepare for the GREAT WAR! For centuries, I've battled like a of Alexander The Great! Julius Caesar! I've danced with the Queen Of London when she was a princess, and I've studied the books of Einstein! I've read also, you. Seth Rollins, you cry for a challenge? You now have officially WOKEN my attention. Now, you left me no choice. You are sentenced to.... DELETION! Hahahahahahaha."

Woken Matt Hardy drops the mic as he laughs more before starting his "Delete!" Chant with the WWE Universe as WWE went to commercial break. When WWE returns from break, it shows Raw General Manager Kurt Angle and Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon in the office.

Kurt: "Matt Hardy and Seth Rollins? Sounds like a great match up. I do fear for Seth Rollins as Matt Hardy is a very deranged superstar and will do whatever it takes to hurt Rollins."

Stephanie: "While Hardy may be "Woken", and despite any feelings I have on Seth, he is a superstar Matt Hardy may not even handle. Anyway I'm checking out what you have set for the show, and I couldn't help but see a match on here. Jimmy Havoc vs Jimmy Jacobs in the tournament?" 

Kurt: "Yes Stephanie. Why? You don't like that match up?"

Stephanie: "No I do, but to kick off this new WWE that went to TV-14 again, why not set that match up, Jimmy Havoc vs Jimmy Jacobs in a..... Falls Count Anywhere match up?"

Kurt: "You know, I like that. Let's make it happen."


[Sickness and Sorrow plays as the crowd boos for the tough as nails but dirty playing Jimmy Jacobs. He stated on Facebook Live that he will defeat Jimmy Havoc and everyone else to win the WWE Television Championship.]

[I Hope You Suffer kicks in as the crowd boos louder. Havoc walks out onto the stage and flips off the crowd before walking down into the ring.]

[Match Highlights]

The match starts as Havoc flips off Jacobs, who goes off and slaps Havoc. Havoc launches Jacobs over the barraicade onto the hard floor below. Jacobs gets Havoc up in the air and slams him back first onto a metal rail as he falls in pain. Havoc grabs a steel chair and waits. Jacobs yells at fans to move out of his way as he then plants that chair over his skull. The fight is now over the rail as below is a set of tables before both men punch each other causing both men to fall off the rail through the tables below as the crowd roars. Jacobs looks for the Contra Code but Havoc counters and looks for the Blood Rainmaker but Jacobs counters and he then knees Havoc in the face and piledrives him for a two count. Havoc swings a club and nails Jacob's knee smashing it on his skull. Havoc has a ladder set up near the end of the ring and looks towards the outside. He climbs the ladder and looks at the fallen Jacobs below. He laughs before climbing down. Jacobs counters the Blood Rainmaker and locks in his choke hold on the announce table. Jacobs goes for a chair shot till Havoc throws tacks in his face and nails the Blood Rainmaker for a three count.

(Winner: Jimmy Havoc @18:49 via Pinfall)

Jerry: "What a war we just seen. Up next is the last WWE Television Championship Torunament with Braun Strowman against Kane. These two big men will destroy each other tonight so WWE Universe, be prepared for that!"


[I Am Stronger plays as the crowd follows along with the "Braun" part of the song. "The Monster Among Men" marches his way out to the ring ready for a war right now against Kane.]

[Veil Of Fire plays as the fans boos the lenged known as Kane. Everyone awaits Kane but no one shows up, the referee being forced to ring the bell.]

[Match Highlights]

The referee counts Kane out.

(Winner: Braun Strowman @ 10 seconds via count out)

Braun isnt happy and he looks at the referee. He grabs the referee and gives him a Running Powerslam as the show goes on commercial. When Raw comes back, its announced that Braun Strowman received a five thousand dollar fine for assaulting a ref. Next up is Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Championship. 


[The Truth Reigns hits the PA system as the utterly boos Roman Reigns as he makes his way out of the curtain. As he raises the Intercontial Championship, Randy Orton stalks behind and strikes with a RKO from outta nowhere. He throws Roman in the ring as the bell rings.]

[Match Highlights]

Randy covers Roman for a early two count. Randy had Roman in the corner and punches and uppercuts Roman. Orton has Roman up and down with a superplex from the top rope. Roman moves under a clothesline and hits a Samoan drop on Randy. Reigns unleshes ten clotheslines in a row on Randy in the corner before uppercutting him down. Roman runs off the ropes for a superman punch and Randy countered with a Powerslam. Randy went for a RKO but Roman pushes him forward and superman punches him and runs off for a spear but Randy RKOs Roman for a close two count. Roman pushes Randy back and runs under him and back and Spears Randy for the three count as Roman retains the Intercontinental Championship.

(Winner: And Still Intercontial Champion Roman Reigns @ 6:24 via Pinfall)

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Speaking for everyone still in this diary, we would like to apologize for the huge delays this has had since it began. People have left and joined the diary and now (I think) everything is figured out, and here's a recap of who will be writing what.

WWE - Controlled by Slim & JoshsNow
RAW - Josh
SmackDown LIVE - Slim

PWA - Smith (Majority Owner) & Ross (Minority Owner)

SWA - Jonathan

Josh has informed us RAW will be done soon so let's hope we don't suffer anymore setbacks!

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January 2nd, 2018 - Amway Center | Orlando, Florida

We're welcomed to SmackDown LIVE following last week's show, which was just selective matches from the Clash of Champions Pay-Per-View. Now, with the mysterious investor at the front, the new era of SmackDown LIVE can officially begin tonight. But the question remains - Who is this mysterious investor, and why has he invested so much into the WWE, which is clearly on a downward spiral?

Image result for aj styles microphone wwe champion

AJ Styles demands to know what's next; New Owner of SmackDown LIVE revealed

The current WWE Champion, AJ Styles would make his way out to the ring as he stood in the middle of the ring, demanding what was next after defeating "The Modern-Day Maharaja", Jinder Mahal. AJ said that he remained with the WWE during this exodus of all the talent because WWE has been the best time in his career, and when there's darkness, you have to find the light, and AJ Styles is the light for the WWE, but now, he must know what's next in his path for him to get to WrestleMania, and past it, as champion. AJ Styles would then be interrupted by a familiar theme, and the pieces started to fit together.

The former advocate of Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman walks out, as it appears that the days of Paul Heyman SmackDown are back! Heyman smirks, as AJ Styles nods in the ring, looking impressed as Styles stands in the ring, while Heyman stands on the stage, with a microphone.

"AJ Styles, allow me to introduce myself, I'm Paul Heyman. And what's next, is you defending your WWE Championship on January 29th, at the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View, against who, should be your question. That's why tonight, we're gonna put the three biggest names on SmackDown besides yourself - Bobby Roode, John Cena, and Dean Ambrose, along with a fourth man decided in just a few minutes, where Karl Anderson, Jinder Mahal, and Johnny Gargano will face off for spot #4, in a matchup, where the winner faces you. Good luck to those men, and I look forward to seeing your reign unfold in front of my eyes, Mr. Styles."

With that, Heyman would walk backstage as AJ Styles nodded in the ring, leaving as Anderson/Mahal/Gargano was about to begin.


Related image

Johnny Gargano vs Karl Anderson vs Jinder Mahal - Winner Advances to Main Event

The first match of SmackDown's new era with Paul Heyman at the front would be none other than a triple threat that had main event implications, as Anderson, Gargano, and Mahal faced off for the opportunity to face Ambrose, Roode, and Cena. Mahal would control the match early, using his size and power advantage, as he threw Anderson into the ringpost before dismantling Johnny Gargano with his methodical style, but about five minutes in, Gargano would begin to fight back, using strikes and his speed to overcome Mahal.

Mahal would shut it down, before throwing Gargano to the ring apron, where he set up for the Slingshot Spear, but midway through it, 'The Machine Gun', Karl Anderson grabbed his legs, which caused Gargano to be hung up in the ropes, and his legs were trapped under the other two ropes, and Jinder Mahal hit him with a huge knee to the face! Jinder Mahal would set up for the Khallas, but unaware of Anderson, Anderson would come in and roll up Mahal.. But Jinder would kick out at two, keeping the match alive.

In the end, Johnny Gargano would have Jinder Mahal trapped in the Arm-Trap Crossface, before Karl Anderson came in, grabbing Gargano, pulling him out of a submission with Jinder, nailing a picture-perfect Spinebuster on him, picking up Mahal, tossing him out of the ring, and turning around in time to connect on the first-ever Gun Stun in WWE, before covering Gargano: 1... 2... 3! Karl Anderson advances to the main event along with Bobby Roode, John Cena, and Dean Ambrose!


Image result for lars sullivan vignette

The Monster is coming to SmackDown LIVE, along with a familiar face:

A vignette would begin to air, for the newest face of SmackDown LIVE, a monster as dark shots of him destroying men in the ring would play, as he would be shown hitting a Pop-Up Powerslam, Big Boots, and then finally, the familiar voice of Eric Bischoff would air throughout the arena and create a chilling effect as he mentioned The Monster's name.

"Lars Sullivan is coming to Tuesday Nights... be fearful of The Monster everyone."


Image result for moustache mountain

Moustache Mountain vs The New Day

Two of the best tag teams on SmackDown LIVE, one of the best tag teams that used to be on the independent scene - Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, Moustache Mountain, vs one of the best WWE-created tag teams, The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods). The two teams would battle, showing off how good the tag team division will be on SmackDown LIVE.

The ending came when Kofi Kingston went for a Trouble In Paradise, missed, and Trent Seven connected on Seven Stars Lariat, before Tyler Bate picked him up and hit a Tyler Driver '97 to secure the win for Moustache Mountain and stake their claims for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

After the match, though, the lights would turn out, and woods would appear on the titantron as Moustache Mountain looked confused, before the lights cut out completely, came back on and revealed The Bludgeon Brothers standing behind Bate & Seven. Harper and Rowan would attack Bate and Seven, knocking them down, before Harper picked Bate up, bounced him off of the ropes before hitting a Big Boot, then Rowan would connect on a splash.

Then, they picked Seven up, connecting on a Double Chokeslam as it was shown that Harper and Rowan will be dominate, destructive forces in the SmackDown LIVE Tag Team Division and they are not to be messed with. This is their time.


Image result for smackdown women's championship

The SmackDown Women's Division is introduced:

The next segment of the show would be videos introducing each member of the SmackDown LIVE Women's Division. First up would be The Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka, a heavy-hitting machine who hails from Japan and has perfected her craft with some of Japan's best like Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tomohiro Ishii, and many more, and it would then cut to one of the best wrestlers in the World, who has a unique swagger about her, The Boss, former RAW Women's Champion, Sasha Banks, and it would show off her glitz and glamour along with in-ring ability to back up.

Thirdly, would be none other than a woman who is a bit off her knocker, former Divas Champion Alicia Fox.... No one understands where the insanity comes from, but her willingness to do anything has netted many wins by taking people out of their comfort zone to win. She is an underrated member of the Women's Division. Another veteran herself, Mickie James is back in the WWE for redemption and to fortify her legacy as a woman's wrestler, and despite people believing she's losing her ability, some can see the fact that it's picking up.

Second-to-last, it would show a woman who relies on her looks to get what she wants, as her in-ring ability hasn't translated. Lana features in the SmackDown LIVE Women's Division, and chances are she won't make a big impact, but who knows? Anything can happen in the WWE and that reigns true for The Ravishing Russian as well. And lastly, the stable known as Absolution would be shown as they figure to be a crucial part of Tuesday nights, and clearly will have a huge impact on the show with having three of the best wrestlers on the roster. Paige, a former Divas Champion with a ruthless edge that cannot be matched. Sonya Deville, an MMA expert who knows strikes and submissions to put her opponent down, and Mandy Rose, an underrated wrestler, who is defined by her looks, and that ends up costing her opponents.

Then, a graphic would appear hyping a SmackDown Women's Championship Battle Royal next week, between each woman introduced.


Image result for eric young

Eric Young vs Tommaso Ciampa - No DQ

Ciampa and Young would be paired in a match, in a No DQ situation which worked to both of their advantages. Paul Heyman, being the original founder of Extreme Championship Wrestling, thought this was a great idea. To begin the match, Ciampa and Young would hit each other with chairs, kendo sticks, lead pipes, and it would be a classic ECW match.

Hardcore spots would be splattered all over the matchup, as Eric Young elbow dropped Tommaso Ciampa through the announce table, and Tommaso Ciampa kneed Eric Young in the face while a chair was stuck on it, and the match clearly took a lot out of both men.

The ending came when Tommaso Ciampa got Eric Young up for a Project Ciampa, but Eric Young slipped off, got in position and connected on a Youngblood onto Steel Steps which resulted in the three count and an Eric Young victory on the first episode of The New Era.


Related image

Karl Anderson vs John Cena vs Bobby Roode vs Dean Ambrose
No. 1 Contendership for WWE Championship

The fatal-4 way for the Number One Contendership to the WWE Championship would be an explosive, high-action type of match where each man had a goal. For Dean Ambrose, it was about causing chaos and being rewarded, for Bobby Roode, it was about being one step closer to making SmackDown LIVE: "Glorious", for John Cena, it was about having the opportunity to capture his 17th WWE Championship...

And for Karl Anderson, it was about the chance of proving himself as a main eventer in the big leagues of wrestling. The match would be high octane as all four men went at it, and throughout, it was clear Bobby Roode and Karl Anderson were teaming up to take out the bigger names in Ambrose and Cena, for durations of the match.

In the end, Bobby Roode would turn on Karl Anderson, hitting him with a Glorious DDT, and pinning him for a two count, before The Lunatic, Dean Ambrose came in and broke up the pinfall on Karl Anderson, and him and Roode went at it, before Dean Ambrose gained the advantage with his Lunatic Lariat before picking Roode up and hitting Dirty Deeds, but before he could cover...

John Cena came in and threw him off the pin and out of the ring, and then out of nowhere, The Machine Gun, Karl Anderson came into the ring and rolled up Cena: One... Two... THREE! Karl Anderson is the number one contender for the WWE Championship, and will face AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble!

Cena would sit on the mat, looking shocked as Anderson retreated up the ramp, before he turned around to see his former Bullet Club brethren, AJ Styles standing on the stage with his title in his right hand, hoisted high. Anderson went up to him, getting in his face as the picture of Anderson/Styles standing face-to-face was the final picture of SmackDown LIVE.

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9 minutes ago, Kyle Reeves said:

Interesting having Karl win the NOC match considering he is a tag team guy irl, I don't think he will win but its nice to see new stars get a chance. I think Cena has a good chance of winning the Rumble. My question is what happened to Joshs upload of RAW?

He fucked up and posted what is supposed to be the second episode so it's been deleted until next week

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Guest Smith

PWA: Uprising


With the unification of the world's greatest professional wrestling promotions comes a groundbreaking succession of awe-inspiring, monumental and purely thrilling events, all titled under the germane named, Uprising.

Watch as your favorite athletes from across the globe clash throughout numerous trials and tribulations, scream in passion as you witness history being made and cherish the moments that mean the most.

The first ever Uprising shall be announced in a weeks time, on January 11th. As for now...


We are Pro Wrestling Alliance and this is the calling of an Uprising.



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January 5th

A New Day (Yes It Is)

“Here Comes The Money” by Naughty By Nature interrupts the official Ignition theme of Smashmouth’s “All-Star”. Out comes the majority of SWA and Shane McMahon and does his signature shuffle to kick off the new era of wrestling.


McMahon walks down the ramp with an absolutely deafening Bridgestone Arena here in Smashville, Tennessee. Shane grabs a mic and officially welcomes the crowd to the first ever SWA Ignition promising an exciting debut night and laying out a tournament to decide the first ever SWA World Championship. The tournament would consist of three blocks with eight members in each and it would all come to a close at the Winter Warfare show in a few weeks time.

Shane would then go and rattle off names of various stars that would be in the said tournament when he was interrupted by the iconic “Flight of the Valkyries” and DANIEL BRYAN. Bryan stood to a stadium shaking reaction as fans were more than happy to see Daniel back. After a few seconds, Daniel made a beeline for the ring and Shane McMahon. The two stood together in the ring once more just like some weeks ago where they were Commissioner and General Manager of SmackDown Live. Now Bryan was back in his ring gear and demanding a chance in this tournament. Reluctantly Shane granted this and Bryan would be featured tonight in a match with Hideo Itami. That absolute bombshell would end McMahon’s kickoff and set the stage for the first match of SWA, Austin Aries vs Cesaro.


The match would be hotly contested throughout with two of the better technicians and all around wrestlers would put together and a great showing in this seventeen-minute match. The two would go back and forth on a number of occasions, keeping fans interested and invested during the entirety of the battle.

Most thought the match was over when Aries hit an incredible Brainbuster on Cesaro, dropping him squarely on this dome piece but only managing to get a two count. The result also seemed to be clearly a win for “The Swiss Superman” with his patented “Very” European Uppercut that only got a two. But the end came when Cesaro after a neck crank and all, hit his signature “Neutralizer” on “The Greatest Man To Ever Live” for the three count and to advance in his block in the World Title Chase.

After the match, the camera would cut to commentary, with Shane O’Mac alongside Mike Rome and Renee Young, who briefly congratulated Cesaro on his advancement before laying out the rest of the card for the show to come, with Johnny Mundo v Adam Cole coming up next and still to come Itami v Bryan, Kevin Owens v Mike Kannelis Sami Zayn v Zack Sabre Jr, and Bray Wyatt v Tye Dillinger still to come.


Commercial Break

NBA 2K18: Rise Of The Kings (by @Bart)

“12 years, it has been 12 years since Dwanye Wade and the Miami Heat came back against the Mavericks to win the NBA title. It has been 12 years since Kobe Bryant had his famous 81 point game. But it has also been 12 years since the Kings were in the playoffs. Ever since the controversial series with the Lakers back in 2002, the Kings haven't been in a spot to compete for the NBA championship. It doesn't look like things are going to change anytime soon, either. So that's why the Kings office decided it was time for change, real change this time around. With a new coaching staff and a new core of young players the Kings hope to get back to a competing spot for the first time in 16 long years.”


Fresh off commercial, both Johnny Mundo and Adam Cole were in the ring awaiting the bell to sound and the match to get underway. This one would only go twelve minutes, rather short considering the people in the ring. But after about eleven minutes of solid wrestling from the pair, Johnny Mundo missed a springboard kick intended for Cole and instead took down the ref. With neither Cole nor Mundo gaining an advantage so far the remainders of Worldwide Underground and The Undisputed Era rushed to the ring to aid their stablemates.

For the first time in their existence so far, The Undisputed Era was outgunned and but ignored this as the teams launched into each other. The ref regained consciousness to toss the match and announce that neither of the two would be advancing into the tournament but Shane McMahon wasn’t having this. A restart was ordered with all parties, not in the ring, banned from ringside. All dispersed and the match would start once again.

The writing was on the wall for Adam Cole who had gotten a brunt of the damage in the brawl as opposed to a rather unscathed Johnny Mundo, using the numbers advantage to preserve himself and six minutes after the restart, Mundo would connect on the “End Of The World” and get the pinfall victory in a chaotic affair. Both stables returned with UE collecting Cole and returning to the back as the Worldwide Underground would mark their victory with a trademark air guitar celebration. But Undisputed Era would be caught on camera bickering backstage clearly in need of help for the first time ever.


Daniel Bryan and Hideo Itami would once more meet with a rather rich history facing each other stemming from now defunct (as a part of PWA) Ring Of Honor to Pro Wrestling NOAH, the two are old rivals and would be rekindling that flame tonight after over a decade of official contests between the two.

The match would show simply that these were simply incredible in-ring talents taking on each other in a twenty five-minute spectacle. It was hard hitting throughout with Bryan clearly returning to form, though the first 20 minutes were dominated by Itami due to ring rust. Itami wouldn’t hold back as he would show off the all he had to offer with vicious striking and crisp chain wrestling including a sick missile dropkick that put Bryan on his neck and a Shotgun Kick that had the crowd thinking it was over for Bryan.

But, Bryan would battle back and after Bryan’s vintage kick combo the momentum was firmly in his favor. He found himself in the corner to set up the “Solid Knee Plus” and the “Yes!” Chants were rocking the arena. Bryan sprinted at Itami only to be caught and lifted onto Hideo’s shoulders, Hideo went for the GTS and CONNECTED for the three count meaning he had felled Bryan in his return to the ring. Bryan laid on the mat heartbroken after the loss and Itami would help get him to his feet and raise his arm as a show of sportsmanship before Bryan would clear the ring and allow Itami to celebrate. Though disappointment was written all over his face.



This match would be an outlier as it would be an eight-minute squashing of “The Miracle”. Owens would come out with a point to prove and would not allow Kannelis to escape his wrath for more than half a second. The match mercifully came to a close with a pop-up powerbomb that garnered a three count.

Owens would stand in the ring, menacing when his celebration was cut short but the sound of “Fear Nothing” began to play and out came Zack Sabre Jr who was looking to defeat one of Kevin Owen’s personal demons in Sami Zayn tonight. Owens rolled out the ring as ZSJ marched towards it and did his collar pop with KO going up the ramp. His theme song was interrupted by “Worlds Apart” and out skipped Sami Zayn with the fans cheering him on. He and Owens stared at each other for a moment before Zayn pushed past on the way to the ring. He reached the apron AND WAS BLINDSIDED. KO WAS NO ANNIHILATING ZAYN. Before the actions could even register, POP UP POWERBOMB ONTO THE APRON. BUT OWENS ISNT DONE. He Sami over and, POP UP POWERBOMB ONTO THE STEEL BARRICADE.

KO roars down at Zayn as security pulls him away. “WE’RE NOT DOING THIS HERE!” He can be heard screeching down at the lifeless Zayn. He’s escorted to the back but the match is done, Sami cannot compete and thereby Zack Sabre Jr advances.

Commercial Break

Catch the next episode of WWE Brand Warfare by @Slim where:

Monday Night RAW: April 10th, 2017 - Preview

The TakeOver

  • Dean Ambrose vs The Balor Club takes center stage
  • Cesaro vs Samoa Joe
  • What's next for United States Champion Rusev?
  • Baron Corbin returns following a mentally exhausting war with The Undertaker
  • Is the Superstar Shakeup over?

We return from the commercial with a rather somber crowd when the arena goes pitch. Then the titantron flickers from the SWA logo to none other than Bray Wyatt, smiling like a Cheshire Cat.


"You all claim to think that Bray Wyatt is dead inside.... but you are all blinded by your false looks upon me. Cause I got my fire back! I feel alive again! My heart is beating through my chest and it's only a matter of time before I go back for my throne as the Ruler of Evil. This Bray Wyatt... is coming fresh from a talk with Sister Abigail. She was ashamed of me. She told me that I needed to wake up and I did!

And now, you all are in for a world of death. Because all those little icons you loved so so much will die at my feet! All 0f you marks will die at my feet! I. WILL. BE. YOUR. KING! And what better way to be a king... then to ride with my blood... Follow... The Buzzards.."
(Special Thanks To @Brad)

Commercial Break
BPZ Franchise (London Black Knights) (by @BiC)

With the huge success for the NFL in London, they decided to create a new team made of huge rookies all coming from wrestling company BPZ!



Bray Wyatt would make his chilling entrance and join “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger in the ring for tonight’s Main Event with thousands of “fireflies” lighting the arena dimly. He finally reached the ring and the lights were restored and the scene of the first Main Event was set.

The match featured significant back and forth, Dillinger expertly using his technical wrestling expertise to slow the massive Dillinger for minutes at a time and bouts of incredible power from Wyatt would put the momentum in his favor. As the match neared it’s close, Tye was in the driver's seat looking to stamp his ticket for the next round of this tournament. After connected with a jaw-breaking superkick that received a two and a half, the knee pad case down and all signs pointed to a Tye Breaker to seal it when in true Wyatt fashion, the lights once more went out. This only lasted a second though and in that instant, two men with sheep masks were on the apron.

Dillinger was confused but ready for a fight as he charged the first who promptly dropped to the apron and let out a cackle. Dillinger stared him down, not realizing Wyatt had crept back to his feet and twirled him into a SISTER ABIGAIL! He slithered into the cover and hooked Tye’s leg, 1…2...3.

Wyatt pushed himself of Dillinger and shifted to a kneeling position, staring down the hard camera as the men in sheep masks came into the ring, standing behind Wyatt as they removed their masks, revealing this new stable of Wyatt’s, with Lio Rush and Elias. And as the show reached its close, Wyatt finished it off with a shout, “FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS!”

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Monday Night Raw

Monday 8th January

Welcome to Monday Night Raw. Currently in the ring is Kurt Angle. He calls for a mic.
“Last week, we saw the start of the TV Tournament. And what a start it was. But I would like to address Braun Strowman’s actions. He attacked a referee and for that he has been fined. But I believe he was also responsible for his opponent Kane not turning up. For that, I am removing him from the tournament and suspending him indefinitely. So his opponent, Rusev, automatically makes it to the final. Oh it’s true. IT’S DAMN TRUE”

The first match was a dream match between Jimmy Havoc and Marty Scurll. Havoc would start off my taking down Scurll, and hitting him with a Curb Stomp. He covered but only got a 2. Marty was stuck in a corner, and Havoc charged towards him but Marty escaped with an Uppercut, and then a Rope Assisted Enzuigiri. Scurll then hit a German Suplex to the stunned Havoc but Jimmy kicked out. Scurll started shouting at the referee but from behind Havoc locked in a Suicide Silence. Scurll almost passed out but grabbed the ropes. Havoc scaled the ropes and hit a Double Foot Stomp, before lifting Scurll up, who slaps him, before locking in a CROSSFACE CHICKENWING. This has to be it. Will Havoc tap, no he doesn’t? He’s managed to escape. Scurll charges and is met BY A ROARING ELBOW FOLLOWED BY AN ACID RAINMAKER. 1,2,3. Havoc wins. What an important win, meaning we will see Jimmy Havoc vs Rusev in the final of the TV Tournament

Angle is backstage when Stephanie McMahon arrives. She says she believes Angle made the right decision, but forgot to address the Tag Title situation. She announces a mini-tournament for the Tag Titles, between The Shield, The Hardy Boyz, The Ascension and Slater and Rhyno.

Slater and Rhyno are watching the TV when they hear the news of the Tag Titles. They smile before The Ascension arrive. Both teams stare down.

Seth Rollins was in the ring. He said last week he was robbed by Matt Hardy from a win over Rusev and called out Matt Hardy. However, he was answered by Randy Orton, who demanded an Intercontinental Championship match against Rollins’ partner, Reigns. Rollins told him that to get to Reigns, he’d have to get through him first. Kurt Angle made things official

The match was about to start when suddenly the lights went out and Matt Hardy appeared on the tron and started shouting “DELETE” “DELETE” “DELETE.” Seth was distracted by this before turning into an RKO OUTTA NOWHERE. 1,2,3. Randy Orton has beaten Seth Rollins and poses to the crowd as he celebrates.

Shelton Benjamin is in the ring. He states that he is on the road to vengeance in the WWE, and it will all start when he avenges his loss to Marty Scurll. However, from behind, Scurll attacks him and beats him down, snapping his fingers until security breaks it up.

Now, its Main Event time. Roman Reigns would come out and make the second Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge. However, he is shocked when his Open Challenge is answered by Matt Hardy.

Hardy would hit a Forearm Smash to Reigns as soon as the bell rang, hitting punches to the back and front of Reigns whilst shouting “Delete.” He then scaled the ropes and hit a Diving Leg Drop to Reigns and covered. 1,2, kickout. We were close to having a new IC Champ there. Hardy now calls for it, just after 5 minutes into this match, and he HITS THE TWIST OF FATE. 1,2,3.. NO. ROMAN KICKED OUT. Hardy now gets Reigns up and goes for a second one, but is met with a Superman Punch followed by a SPEAR. Both men are down and unable to get up. They both beat the ref’s 10 count by getting up at 9, before staring at each other. Both men swing, but Matt gains the upper hand and scales the ropes, and is met by a Palm Strike from Reigns, before hitting him with a one handed Samoan Drop. A rare move dropped in from Reigns and he covers in a Jackknife. 1,2, Reigns lifts up Matt and hits the Niagra Bomb. 1,2, Matt gets out. Reigns now hits a Tilt a Whirl Slam before calling for it, the Spear and he charges and MISSES, going straight into the post. Now Matt starts smashing Reigns’ head into the turnbuckle, over and over, before the ref calls for a DQ. Hardy starts beating down Reigns but here comes Seth Rollins. Rollins now stands in the centre of the ring, staring down with Matt, before wait a minute, IT’S JEFF HARDY. JEFF IS BACK AND HE NOW BEATS DOWN SETH ROLLINS. Broken Matt smiles as he looks at the fallen Shield, before calling for the mic and saying
“Welcome back, Brother Nero”
The Broken Hardy’s laugh as the screen turns to black

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