During the latest Carnage show, the titantron changes to the arena that is holding the Royal Rumble PPV, of course the Alamodome. Clips are played of George AK entering the historic venue whilst acting very childish. Until, suddenly the titantron changes from clip to live. As George AK is seen standing at the top of the ramp. He is alone in the arena, apart from a few cleaners searching the many rows for rubbish, and oblivious to George.

George - The year 2018, the month January, and the event The Royal Rumble. An event full of misconception and controversy, which I am going to unravel right now. First of all, the Royal Rumble match itself. A match which I am sure you all know the rules for. Thirty superstars, two start off in the ring, every ninety seconds a new superstar enters the frame. With the only means of elimination being throwing your opponent over the top rope and having both of their feet touching the floor. Every man is for themselves. This format continues until one man is left standing in the ring. He is then declared the winner, and goes on to main event BPZMania.

George - One huge opportunity, one chance, to be the guy of BPZ. But who could it fall to, me. This is a promise, in that match, I am going to outperform, out do and outwrestle everyone, until I am declared the rightful winner and i go onto main event BPZMania, and I become the BPZ World Champion. That is a promise, because it doesn't matter who stands in my way; Bailey, Slim or Sameer, they are not getting past me. And I believe that many, many of you are probably sitting at home and laughing hard at me right now as I speak. You see, what you people do not understand is. My name being in the hat for the Rumble is making others reconsider already. Which itself is quite ironic. Two of the men who have dropped out of the match, running away from me, are the two men whos Championships I am taking; Ross and Flynn.

As the cleaners begin to filter out of the arena, leaving as if they still cannot see George who is now on the outside of the ring. George takes a breath, before chuckling to himself and continuing.

George - Flynn. A man who has been described as a monster, he is the Universal Champion. The guy of Carnage. He is the bar, and nobody has come close to reaching that bar yet. Hence hiw he remains unbeaten in one-on-one action. A  record that many a man have tried to take away from him, such as; Slim, Ross and my personal good friend Peter Wilchester. However, one thing common between all of those men who have failed to defeat Flynn is their seriousness. That is what is seemingly going to be the barrier for me too. So what am I doing right now, I am breaking down that barrier, bit by bit, chunk by chunk. George - Leaving me, leaving me with nothing between me and my goal, winning the Universal Championship, slaying the man who us described as unstoppable, unbeatable time and time again. And therefore writing my name into history. Now George is stood in the ring, completely alone. He looks at his watch before looking back up at the camera and continuing.

George - From one match that can write me into his, to another. To this. The United States Championship. A historic title, held by the likes of; Slim, Echo Wilson, Brad and quite frankly every single person who is looked up to. Long reigns, short reigns. And after the Royal Rumble, my reign. Because when I pin Ross one, two, three. And become the United States Champion. Therefore beginning my reign as the number one United States Champ ever. I will get my revenge for losing at the December To Dismember pay-per-view. And I will get it in fantastic style. And that is a guarantee.

George - Now, last and not by any way shape or form least. The Tag Team Championships. My fourth match of the night. A match where The Commonwealth, will begin their path of mayhem. Destroying everything in our path. Brad, Slim and Flynn know what it feels like. Soon joining them will be Smith and Ross. When your little beacon of hope, turns into a beacon of despair. So, when you are sitting in the ring, wishing, hoping that you were still Tag Team Champion. Whilst you look up the very ramp in front of me right now, and you see the three men, who are collectively taking this division by storm with the Tag Team Titles raised high over their heads. You will both think back to this very moment, and hope you listened to me. Because every single word spoken by me tonight is a warning shot.

George - Now, I have said what I needed too, it is off of my chest and away. I will end by rephrasing something really quickly. The year 2018, the month January, and event The Royal Rumble. An event formerly full of bucket loads of misconception and controversy, which was just unravelled. 

All lights in the arena cut out, leaving George in complete darkness, as the segment comes to an end.