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George AK

BPZ Wrestlers Review

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Hello, I am Matt Mattson. And this is the BPZ Wrestler Review. Where each week I will review the career of one BPZ Wrestler. First up this week it is the current BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Smith.


Gimmick - 8/10
Smith easily has one of the best gimmicks in BPZ right now. He cuts good promos effortlessly and he just really suits his gimmick.

Move-Set - 8/10
To back up his good gimmick. Smith also has one of the best move-sets right now too. He manages to pull off entertaining match after entertaining match, and leaves fans everywhere in awe at how he does it.

History - 9/10
Smith has done it all, nearly. Winning the Intercontinental, Premium and being the current Tag Team and World Champion. Smith has one of the most appealing BPZ records with all his titles wins. But he must be annoyed that he has never won the United States Championship.

Usage - 7.5/10
For such a good wrestler. Smith is normally used really well, he has had high calibre feuds with Slim and is currently in a Tag Team with Ross, named the Beacon Of Hope. But sometimes Smith is hung out to dry with nobody for him to feud with, or sometimes nobody to challenge for his titles.

Career Highlights

Throughout his career, Smith has had many great accomplishments, they are:

2X BPZ World Champion
2X BPZ Tag Team Champion
2X BPZ Premium Champion
Longest Reigning Premium Champion (241 Days)
Longest Reigning Combined Premium Championship Reigns (298 Days)
2X BPZ Intercontinental Champion
Longest Reigning Intercontinental Champion (241 Days)
Longest Reiging Combined Intercontinental Champion (269 Days)

Evolve Takeover: Pride | Slim V Smith

This match was arguably the biggest of Smith's career. As he faced the man who is the biggest star of BPZ. It was the end of the Order too. A Tag Team that helped Smith rise to stardom. The entire scene of the PPV and the match felt right, so did the result. As Smith beat Slim as he proved he was the main factor of their Tag Team. Not just that, it was a great match too, leaving fans on the edge of their seat throughout the match. And did they get what they wanted in the end, yes they did.

Smith Overall - 32.5/40

Next Time - Ross

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Hello, it is me Matt Mattson again, sorry for being a week but I had issues to deal with. Anyway lets get into this weeks' review. On Tag Team Champ, Ross.


Gimmick - 7.5/10
With his recently changed legend killer persona. Ross has created a string of good promos, and beat hall of famers like Bailey and Monda. Whilst sticking to his gimmick and looking like the badass he is.
Move-Set - 8/10
Ross can put on a good match with anyone. He has had good matches with a few superstars now, and it is thanks to his move-set. However, not only does he have a good move-set. The moves he performs backs up his legend killer persona.

History - 7/10
Whilst Ross has not achieved as much as Smith in BPZ. He has still managed to rack up a bit of history. With his United States, Tag Team and NXT Championship reigns backing that up.
Usage - 9/10
Ross is barely ever put in a feud or angle that does not back up the big star that he is. Ross was a key figure in the Survivor Series match in 2017 and has had good feuds with high up people such as Bailey and Monda. Long let this continue.

Career Highlights - 

Throughout Ross' career he has had many highlights, here they are.

2X And Current Tag Team Champion
2X United States Champion
1X NXT Champion

I have decided to cut out the match review part of the show, hope you are fine with that.

Ross Overall - 31.5/40

Next Time - Flynn

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Welcome for the third time. I am as per Matt Mattson, and this is the BPZ Wrestler Review. On the current BPZ Universal Champion, Flynn.


Gimmick - 8/10
Flynn has a gimmick that suits him as a person well. When you see him outside of the ring you really do believe he is who he portrays himself as inside the ring, good job.

Move-Set -7.5/10
I don't know if this is due to him having a limited move-set or him being a tank and beating his opponents really quickly. But Flynn has a move-set that is repetitive but works. It supports his gimmick and he gets wins using it. What more could you want in a move-set.

History - 9/10
Flynn has experienced a lot of highs and minimal lows in BPZ. He has had memorable feuds with many greats in BPZ. Overall, pretty good on the history side of things.

Usage - 9/10
Whenever you see Flynn, he is always in a big match. That is good usage. 

Career Highlights - 

Flynn has won a tone in his career so far, here are his accomplishments:

1X NXT Champion
1X European Champion
4X Tag Team Champion
2X Intercontinental Champion
1X Universal Champion
Longest Reigning Universal Champion
3X World Heavyweight Champion

Flynn Overall - 33.5/40

Next Time - Slim

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Hello I am the man of two first names, Matt Mattson. And this is the BPZ Wrestler Review. With the current Intercontinental Champion, Slim.


Gimmick - 8.5/10
Slim has a great gimmick, it is one he is comfortable with and can make good promos with.

Move-Set - 9/10
Slim is constantly bringing out big move after big move in his matches. He wows crowds with his in ring capability and he still stays in character whilst doing so.

Usage - 9/10
Much like Flynn. Whenever you see Slim booked on a show it is always in a huge match. A prime example right now being how he is booked in a Global Championship match at Last Stand.

History - 9.5/10
Slim has done it all. He has won everything, nearly and has had extremely memorable reigns.

Career Highlights -

Slim has done a tone in BPZ, here are his title accomplishments:

3X & Longest Reiging BPZ World Heavyweight Champion
1X MITB Briefcase Holder
2X & Current BPZ Intercontinental Champion
1X BPZ Premium Champion
4X BPZ Tag Team Champion
2X BPZ European Champion
1X BPZ United States Champion
1X NXT Champion

Slim Overall - 36/40

Next Time - Brad

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