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Official WWE Returns and Injuries Discussion

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As a fellow Irishman, Sheamus has made my country so proud of his success in WWE. He's done so much in the past decade he's been in the WWE but isn't given enough credit it for it. Sheamus is very und

Absolutely terrible news, whether you like him or not you have to respect Sheamus for the work he has done in WWE for a little over a decade. He was immediately pushed as a Main Event threat and never

Well that takes one of WWE's only legitimate teams on RAW out of the picture further crippling the division. Something needs to happen because AOP are injured and The Revival want out leaving teams su

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WWE announcer Renee Young usually reports on wrestlers' injuries, but now she unfortunately has an injury of her own.

On Wednesday it was revealed that Young apparently injured her ankle on Tuesday. There's no word on how it happened, but she wrote on Twitterthat she's "pretty sure" it's broken. There's no word if she'll miss any time from TV.

Renee currently serves as a host and backstage interviewer for WWE. Her WWE Network show Talking Smack airs every week after SmackDown on Tuesday nights.

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Bill Goldberg appeared at Gamescom 2016 in Cologne, Germany and had some interesting things to say about a possible WWE return and Brock Lesnar. Here are a couple of highlights: 

Goldberg said that he should be on the cover because he “killed the guy (Brock Lesnar) that’s on the cover.” 

When fans started changing, “please come back,” Goldberg said that he’ll see what he can do. 

Goldberg mentioned that he’s headed to New York City, and that’s all he can say about that. He said that you can never say never, and even at his age he has no issue putting his gear on and “ripping people’s faces off again.” 

Goldberg was asked point blank when he’ll be back in WWE. Goldberg said that he honestly has no idea and doesn’t know if it will ever happen. 

When asked about Brock Lesnar, Goldberg said that Brock knows how he feels about him. He said that they’ve been in the ring and while they didn’t have the best match, Brock knows his power. He said that’s what is missing is someone giving Brock the fight like he gives to everyone else. Goldberg says that Brock knows what wouldhappen, he knows where he lives, and the same thing willhappen to Brock that happened at WrestleMania XX.

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4 minutes ago, Alyxander Cuddlezworth said:

I personally wouldn't even want to see a Goldberg return, what for? To see an old has been who wasnt that good in the first place run through actually talented wrestlers? No thanks.

I don't think he would run through the roster..i think he would come back for just one more match against someone big. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing Goldberg get one more retirement match. Who wouldn't want to see that Spear one more Time 

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Just now, bailey14 said:

I don't think he would run through the roster..i think he would come back for just one more match against someone big. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing Goldberg get one more retirement match. Who wouldn't want to see that Spear one more Time 

Thats true, I'd love to see him vs someone like Rollins or Balor

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WWE announced that Randy Orton needed ten staples to close the wound Brock Lesnar opened during the main event of Summerslam.

Lesnar cracked Orton’s forehead open with a series of elbows to the head while pounding him on the mat.

WWE posted photos of Orton receiving the staples on their official website.

New WWE Universal champion Finn Balor was injured during his Summerslam match against Seth Rollins, PWInsider.com has confirmed.

Sources indicate that Balor was sporting his right arm in a sling following the PPV. There is a concern the injury is serious and could require surgery.

In watching back the bout, Balor was grabbing briefly at his right shoulder after being nailed with a small package driver and did not raise the arm (which was holding the Universal championship) after the match.

We are told Balor will be getting examined tomorrow and once WWE has a determination on exactly how serious the injury is, they will go from there. More as we get it.

Balor and Charlotte are slated to appear on Good Morning America tomorrow at 8 AM Eastern.

Sasha Banks dropping the WWE Women’s championship to Charlotte was the planned result going into Summerslam. PW insider was told that the decision was made a week or so ago due to Banks being hurt and needing some time off to recuperate. PWInsider cannot confirm the nature of the injury at this time.

The title change was not a result of Banks being injured over the course of the match and was not the result of anything beyond Banks requiring a few weeks off to recover.

Source: PWPop


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Luke Harper may be returning to WWE soon. As noted, Harper tore his ACL this past March and was expected to be out of action for up to six months, which would put his return at around mid-September. PWinsider reports that Harper will be at the WWE Performance Center this week to test his knee and possibly be cleared to return to action.


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WWE creative has been pitching ideas to bring back Halloween themed characters for next week’s holiday show next week. 

This could be an opportunity for the company to bring back the Boogeyman. As previously reported, Boogey signed to a Legends Deal back in November of 2015. Indie bookers who have been trying to book former WWE Superstar have been told that they are unable to take the bookings because of an upcoming WWE return. 


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Goldberg did an interview with NBCSports.com to promote Survivor Series and here are a few highlights...

When asked if Survivor Series would be his last match:

“I’m sure acting like it. At the end of the day, it’s all that I’m concerned about. I take one day as it is.”

“My body feels horrible. I tweaked my shoulder last night (on Raw), but that doesn’t mean in five days that I’m not going to come out kicking ass and taking names like I always do.”

He also commented on preparing for the match:

“Man I’ve trained three times a day, three days a week and then two times a day the remaining four days a week. I haven’t had a day off. I mean I’m doing PR now. I got here (NYC) at 1:30 in the morning after the show last night (in Buffalo). I went to bed at three. I got up at 6:30 this morning to do this PR tour and then I’m flying five hours home this afternoon and I’m going to work out tonight.”

“The problem is that you’re trying to accomplish 50 things at once and it’s just not physically possible to give yourself the proper time to recuperate after all of these workouts. You know, I felt the ill effects of that when I tripped in the ring during my second appearance. I realized that I hadn’t had a day off in six weeks and I trained legs two days before that. It’s a logical explanation you know, but it’s a conundrum that’s quite difficult. You want to use your time wisely, but there’s only so much that you can shove in at one time and it becomes counterproductive. You become hurt and you’re exhausted. I’ve felt that over the past couple weeks.”

“You know five days removed from going up against one of the baddest dudes on the planet, I don’t want to be feeling like that. I’m terrified. I want to satisfy the people. I want to make my family proud of me, but at the end of the day, I’m never going to be able to satisfy myself. I just want to do it to where I can look myself in the mirror and be appreciative of the work that I put in and the performance that I did.”




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