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BPZ Brightest Star (Game Show)

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Well Season 3 is completed. Here are the results

Round 1

Kieron 130-30 George
Raven 130-60 Alex
Odd 130-80 Kai
Joh 130-80 Aaron
Julius N/A Mikey

The match wasn't completed 2 months after the group chat was created and was thus abandoned
Hans 130-0 Alex Costa
Alex was given a second chance as part of a random draw following his defeat to Raven
George vs N/A
George received a random bye to advance to the next round to face the best performing losing quarter finalist

Round 2

Kieron 130-90 Raven
Joh 130-20 Odd
Hans vs N/A

After Julius vs Mikey was cancelled, Hans received a bye
Raven 130-110 George
Raven was the best performing losing quarter finalist and faced George where he came victorious

Semi Finals
Raven 120-120 Hans
Raven won in a super over by answering a tiebreaker question
Kieron 130-50 Joh
Last years final was this years semi final and Kieron came out on top

FINAL Raven 140-130 Kieron
In a rematch of the first quarter final, it went down to the final question for the second time this series but Raven answered correctly and won BPZs Brightest Star for the first time

And that's this season done. Now before Season 4 starts, I am hosting BPZ Brightest Star Clash of the Champions. I will send out DMs for the 4 person tournament soon but thanks everyone for playing and feel free to share your favourite moments from the series in this thread, there were so many to include I didn't have time. My favourites include Joh predicting the question and answer before it was asked, Joh and Aaron setting a record for most questions wrongly answered in a row and Aaron getting the question "What do CS Lewis and JFK have in common" correct by answering "They both died."

Thanks for competing @Vioxx @Joh @Hans@I Can't Odd@GeorgeAK@Alex Costa@Lord Yautja@BIG DOG and of course @Meko750 (Raven)

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That’s right. We had the first ever 3 way game show match between Season 2 winner Kieron, Season 3 winner Meko and Season 1 runner up Echo. Who would become Ultimate Champion

Of course the drama proved an early distraction for the trio but we eventually got the main action. Round 1 saw the NXT Cruiserweight Championship as the topic of conversation 

Everyone took maximum points from their respective questions to make it 20-20-20 however Meko guessed the final question correctly to lead 30-20-20 after the first round

The new second round was a 9 letter word unscramble tournament. The first 2 saw Echo unscramble the word Brightest and Meko unscramble Champions before they went head to head for one final one which Meko got right to take a 40-20-20 lead

Third round was sports. Meko struggled due to the fact he answered every question Wayne Gretzky, meaning he incorrectly answered both his questions. Echo took 20 points by answering both his questions correctly, and also took advantage of Meko answering a question wrong to get a further 10. Kieron stole 10 points from Meko when Meko got the question wrong and took 10 points himself from answering a question correctly. However he answered his first question wrong and Echo stole the 10 points to give him a 60-40-40 lead

Meko looked to gain ground back in the Film, Video Game and Music Round. The questions in this round were open to all. Meko and Echo took 30 points each in the film section and the music section before Kieron rage quit and left the Group Chat. He seemed a new man when I added him back in, taking 20 of the 30 points available in the video game round whilst Meko took the other 10, to take the scores to 90-80-60.

The Math Round presented a tough challenge but Meko got it right after 3 minutes to take home 10 points and bring it to 90-90-60

In the forums Championship part of the final round, Echo answered wrong and Kieron stole the answer to take home 10 points, then he took another 10 from his own question. Meko answered wrong and Echo stole the the 10 points to take the scores to 100-90-80. In forums knowledge, Echo answered incorrectly and Kieron stole the 10. Meko answered his correctly and no one answered the final one “Which 2 guys have the most repped post of all time”, with everyone guessing me but not Bailey. That was the only unanswered question and led to a 20 point rollover to end the show with the scores at 100-100-90. Echo answered correctly to mean the only non champ is BPZ BRIGHTEST STAR ULTIMATE CHAMPION

Season 4 Applications are now opening. To sign up just say “I’m in”

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