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BPZ Brightest Star (Game Show)

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W/L Records heading into Season 4

1. Bart (3-0) 

History: Season 1 Champion

2. Echo (3-1) 

Season 1 Runner Up, Clash of Champions Winner

3. Meko (4-2)

Season 3 Winner, COTC Runner Up

4. Kieron (5-2)

Season 2 Winner, Runner Up In Season 3 and COTC

(5) Joh (2-2)

Season 2 Runner Up, Season 3 Semi Finalist

(6) RedArrow12c (1-1)

Season 1 Semi Finalist

(7) Hans (1-1)

Season 3 Semi Finalist

(8) Odd (1-1) 

Season 3 Quarter Finalist

(9) Ropati (1-2)

Season 1 and 2 Semi Finalist

(10) Smith (0-1)

Season 1 Quarter Finalist

(11) Ark (0-1)

Season 1 Quarter Finalist

(12) BiC (0-1)

Season 1 Quarter Finalist 

(13) Poi (0-1)

Season 1 Quarter Finalist

(14) Aaron (0-1)

Season 3 RO16

(15) Kai (0-1)

Season 3 RO16

(16) George (0-2)

Season 3 Quarter Finalist

(17) Alex Costa (0-3)

Season 2 Semi Finalist, RO16 Season 3

Head To Head Record (Only Includes Matches Done More Than Once)

Kieron vs Joh

When: Season 2 Final, Season 3 Semi Final

Record: 2-0 Kieron

Kieron vs Meko

When: Season 3 Quarter Final, Season 3 Finall

Record: 1-1

Top 8 Potential Dream Matches We Could See In Season 4

(8) Echo vs Meko

(7) Bart vs Kieron

(6) Bart vs Meko

(5) Raven vs Alex Costa II

(4) Kieron vs Alex Costa II

(3) Bart vs Ropati II

(2) Meko vs Kieron III

(1) Bart vs Echo II

Thanks for reading the Season 4 Preview Post, I will soon have the RO16 results out

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RO16 Update

Alex 150-50 Cody

Alex won his first ever match in style, beating Cody to earn a place in the quarter finals

KENJI 150-100 Kai

Kai took an early lead but once KENJI got a 30 pointer he didn’t look back. Kai looked to mount a latex comeback but it wasn’t enough

Kieron 150-30 Arrow

Arrow took a shock 30 point lead, but Kieron got 150 points in a row to smash his way into the quarter finals

Meko 150-80 Aidan

Aidan wasn’t able to get beginners look against the current champ, although he had a bright start with it being tied after 2 questions. However Meko took 70 consecutive points until Aidan got 50 consecutive points to bring him back into the game. Aidan bought it back to 90-80 at one point but Meko took the next 60 points to win

BiC beat Storm by forfeit

After losing his only previous match by forfeit, BiC won it in the same way this time with a victory over Storm

Bart beat Aaron North by forfeit

Another forfeit victory, this time for the inaugural champ Bart

Mikey 150-50 Jason

Mikey took an early 20 point lead but Jason was on fire and bought it to 40-30. It was soon 50-50 but Mikey turned it on and got 100 consecutive points to win

Echo 140-140 Ropati 

What. A. Match. This became my third favourite match ever, overtaking Kieron vs Meko as Echo and Rop tore the house down. Echo has taken it to the final question in every match and The Entertainer carried on. Nothing separated them as they reached 60-60 but Echo took 50 points to make it 110-60. However Ropati reputation as the comeback king continued as he bought it back to 110-110. Nothing separated them after that as they reached the final question tied at 140-140 but both failed the question, sending us into the super over for only the second ever time. And a Kiwi won a Super Over for once, sending Ropati to the quarter finals


Bart vs Kieron

Its a clash of champions as Bart and Kieron collide in a dream match. The first 2 ever champs, who will win

KENJI vs Costa

Alex moved off the bottom of the rankings and now faces up and coming KENJI

BiC vs Meko

Meko looks to carry on his succesful defence with a victory over forfeit king BiC

Mikey vs Ropati

Ropati pulled off an upset against Echo, and now looks to take out the dominating Mikey

My Favourite Moments Of The Round



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BPZ Brightest Star Quarter Final Summary

Mikey 150-60 Rop

It started off close, being 30-30 after 2 rounds before Ropati pulled into the lead by going 60-30 up. Mikey however then took 120 consecutive points, the second highest in history, to win the game 

BiC 150-130 Meko

BiC upset Meko as the defending champ suffered elimination in a tight match. It looked like Meko could run away with it by taking a 20 point lead but BiC kept it tight and after 2 rounds it was 30-30. However Meko ran away into a 70-30 lead until BiC took a consecutive 60 points to bring it to 90-70. Meko bought it back to 90-80 but BiC took 20 consecutive points to take a 30 point lead. However Meko pulled it back to 120-120 with the final round still to go. BiC took 20 points in a row to take a 140-120 lead, and although Meko pulled it close, BiC won the match 

Kieron 150-90 Bart 

The first ever meeting between 2 champions on Brightest Star saw a good match. Kieron took a 20-0 lead but a back and forth exchange saw Bart make the comeback to 30-30. Kieron again pulled 20 points in front to 50-30.  Bart kept trying to peg him back but Kieron then extended the lead to 80-50. Bart bought it to 80-70, but Kieron extended it to 100-70. Bart kept pulling it back as he hoped it to extend his unbeaten streak, back to 100-90 but Kieron went on a run of 50 consecutive points to win his match

Alex 150-90 Gwynfro

A solid match between these 2 as both looked to advance to the semis. Gwyn took a 40 point lead early on by going 50-10 up. However Alex took 30 consecutive points to make it 50-40 however KENJI regained a 30 point lead with 70-40. Alex bought it to 70-60, however Gwyn extended his lead to 90-60. Alex finally completed the comeback and took 90 consecutive points to win


(1) Kieron (7-2)

(2) Meko (5-3)

(3) Bart (4-1)

(4) Echo (3-2)

(5) Mikey (2-0)

(6) BiC (2-1)

(7) Joh (2-2)

(8) Ropati (2-3)

(9) Alex (2-3)

(10) Hans (1-1)

(11) RedArrow (1-1)

(12) Odd (1-1)

(13) KENJI (1-1)

(14) Arrow (0-1)

(15) Aidan (0-1)

(16) Smith (0-1)

(17) Ark (0-1)

(18) Jason (0-1

(19) Storm (0-1)

(20) Poi (0-1)

(21) Cody (0-1)

(22) George (0-2)

(23) Kai (0-2)

(24) Aaron (0-2)


Kieron (1) vs Alex (9)

BiC (6) vs Mikey (5)

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