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NXT Takeover 11 on BrendenPlayz!

The top superstars of NXT compete on the big stage of NXT Takeover in its eleventh edition on BrendenPlayz
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Go back in time and change history! Watch as BrendenPlayz books the World Wrestling Federation as they attempt to fend off WCW from taking the top spot in the wrestling business.
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BPZ Fortnite Challenge

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Image result for Let the games begin

Let The Games Begin

If you are in this tournament, Send me a screenshot of duos before you submit any games or you will be DQ'd.

The games, decided by randomizer.

Prince/Ropati vs Brenden/Keeley

Slim/Flynn vs Sameer/Smith

Natedog/RA vs George AK/BiC

You have until Sunday Night to play 15 games and 15 games only, any games over and you will be DQ'd.


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8 minutes ago, BrendenPlayz said:

So did anyone even play or am i wasting my time recording my games?

PS and Fortnite were down for awhile this weekend, at least for most people who complained about that it has been moved to tomorrow. Also legit no one sent me any sort of screenshot which is sad. Sorry for the inconvenience, also you don't need to record them. Unless you want to. 

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