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NoyClub Universe Mode (NCU) - My WWE 2k18 Universe Mode

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What’s up Peeps!? Welcome to the official introduction of the NCU. 

The NoyClub Universe Mode or NCU (for short), is a wrestling promotion owned by former DWE Champion “Speedy” Chris Roy (The DWE was a wrestling promotion based only on CAWs that I made long ago in SvR 2008 and lived up to 2K17). This company is based and inspired by a mixture of both the WWE and NJPW styles of booking. In this company monthly or even yearly wins and loss records are VERY IMPORTANT as this is how contenders and tournament competitors are chosen (with some minor exceptions).

All Championships, arenas and logos are custom.

Here are some examples of PPV and the weekly shows:

Saturday Night War - This is the Main weekly episodic show.

Road to - These are minor weekly shows that are scheduled for specific purposes, for example: Block B of the Grand Prix Tournament takes place on a “Road to Grand Prix” show. If there is no purpose of scheduling this minor show than it will not be presented.

Grand Prix ‘18 - A ppv based on the NJPW’s G1 Climax; Grand Prix is a eight week long round robin tournament with two blocks (Like the G1). Block A will always be composed of the eight top superstars in the promotion’s yearly win and loss records (except for the inaugural Tournament). Block B will be composed of CAWs submitted by YOU, except for the inaugural tournament which will have “free agents” (superstars who didn’t make the cut to be in block A). I am also adding my own CAW in Block B. Any Champion can compete in this tournament.

Destino - The biggest ppv of the year, based on Wrestlemania. This ppv is real simple to explain. It’s basically where the biggest and most popular feuds end (or continue).

King of the World - A ppv based on WWE’s King of the Ring with Royal Rumble implications. KOTW is an 8 man Tournament with the winner earning a Title opportunity at the main event of Destino. The World Champion does NOT compete in this tournament, but other champions can.

Queen of the Ring - Also based on King of the Ring but with an all-woman competitors. An 8-women tournament with the winner earning a Title opportunity at Destino. The Women’s Champion does not compete in this tournament.

Global Tag Wars - A ppv based on the NJPW’s World Tag League. This is an 8-Team tournament with the winners earning a title opportunity on the following ppv event. Any Champion can compete in this tournament.

I am still working on some other names for the rest of the PPVs. Also keep in mind that some PPVs take more than a one month (4 weeks) build, e.g. Gran Prix.

These are the active Championships:

NC Heavyweight Championship - NC Intercontinental Championship - NC World Tag Team Championships - NC Women’s Championship.

*I am thinking of introducing another or more belt(s) in the future. I will post the Roster or any other related information  below this topic as a Reply. And yes “Speedy” Chris Roy is a CAW. Also, I’m using current WWE superstars that are already in the game and maybe some legends. I will not add CAWs of other real life wrestlers that aren’t in the game. I want to reach a point where the whole roster is composed of CAWs submitted by You. As for gameplay I won’t take control of the superstars or CAWs, I will start, end or continue rivalries based on what goes on.

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Hey guys, here is the order of the PPVs and some of the names for the rest of the PPVs I didn't mention before:

1st - Grand Prix (Two Months Build)

2nd - Hollow Point

3rd - Global Tag Wars

4th - Domination

5th -Nemesis

6th - Queen of Wrestling (Yes, I accidentally said Queen of the Ring the first time)

7th -WrestleRush

8th - King of the World

9th - Destruction X

10th - Destino

Also here are the Sixteen superstars that will compete on the first ever Grand Prix Tournament which will crown the first ever NC Heavyweight Champion:

BLOCK A: Shinsuke Nakamura - Hideo Itami - Jeff Hardy - Randy orton - Finn Bálor - Seth Rollins - Shane Thorne - Neville

BLOCK B: Aleister Black - AJ Styles - PTE (CAW) - Roderick Strong - The Brian Kendrick - Noam Dar - Drew McIntyre - Johnny Gargano

Here are the rules for the Grand Prix Tournament and the matches:

- Each Superstar will face each other once.

- There will be Seven rounds.

- All matches will be No-DQ to ensure a winner.

- The winner of each match earns TWO points.

- The loser of each match earns NO points.

- If the match ends in a draw each superstar earns ONE point.

- The top Two superstars with the most points of each block will face each other at Grand Prix in the finals.

- The Numbers Two and Three from each block will face in a Fatal Four Way to crown the first ever NC Intercontinental Champion.

- All matches in NCU have a Twenty minute time limit and so do the Grand Prix matches.

*Thank you all for the support, I will announce the first episode in the next couple of weeks.

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NCU - NoyClub Universe Mode

NC Saturday Night War Episode 1: "The Tournament begins"


NC General Manager "Speedy" Chris Roy starts the show in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand. He welcomes the crowd to the first ever NC War and would also announce the Grand Prix Tournament to crown a new and first ever NC Heavyweight Champion at the first PPV: NC Grand Prix '18 in seven weeks time. 

The segment ends with Chris Roy recieving a round of applause from the crowd.

First match of the night: 1/20 Exibition Tag Team match.

5aa57efa38978_NCProfile-CedricAlexander.jpg.3cefc91ecf9bedef4e450c77bc74f37a.jpg5aa57ec0e28fc_NCProfile-ApolloCrews.jpg.c54d41637cc1621a0896432666127710.jpg VS 5aa57f13c2026_NCProfile-KarlAnderson.jpg.2cdc302799c3b59603559aa352880367.jpg5aa57f1f42371_NCProfile-LukeGallows.jpg.4fbc44e47c45d4be1571c2da084fa2c2.jpg


In a grouling match the team of Cedric Alexander and Apollo Crews defeated the veteran team of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows when Apollo would alley oop Anderson to Alexander for him to catch him into the Lumbar Check for the pin.


Cedric Alexander: 1-0-0 / Apollo Crews: 1-0-0 / Karl Anderson: 0-1-0 / Luke Gallows: 0-1-0

Second match of the night: 1/20 No-Dq Grand Prix Round 1.

5aa582020fd23_NCProfile-RandyOrton.jpg.cfc404f7ca9de7a5e4519025c5d88792.jpg VS 5aa58225677b2_NCProfile-HideoItami.jpg.1da851306f161b49518ebe6aa02b5e6d.jpg


In a brawl that went to the extreme with all types of weapons, Randy Orton would catch Hideo Itami off guard when he delivered a devastating RKO on top of a chair for the pin.


Randy Orton: 1-0-0 / Hideo Itami: 0-1-0

Third match of the night: 1/20 No-Dq Grand Prix Round 1.

5aa58330983b5_NCProfile-Neville.jpg.a93eb08155ba1882f7693f710242da67.jpg VS 5aa586aacaeaa_NCProfile-SethRollins.jpg.c322f8bcab55487645bc02fe04acdecd.jpg


In a match that brought high flying moves and technical submissions ended when Seth Rollins hit the Black Out after Neville missed the Red Arrow for the win.


Neville: 0-1-0 / Seth Rollins: 1-0-0

Fourth match of the night: 1/20 No-Dq Grand Prix Round 1.

5aa587cf9174c_NCProfile-ShaneThorne.jpg.1154ac95b641df7aa8ca01b0f8c78a83.jpg VS 5aa587d8b9028_NCProfile-FinnBlor.jpg.885ad9c1a5af5d606da3c588af152471.jpg


In a 13 minute match that was full of drama and action Shane Thorne would manage an upset win over Finn Bálor after rolling him up for the win to the surprise of everyone in the arena.


Shane Thorne: 1-0-0 / Finn Bálor: 0-1-0

Main Event of the night: 1/20 No-Dq Grand Prix Round 1.

5aa58a081e541_NCProfile-ShinsukeNakamura.jpg.21990511b815fd7a384a07dca35ab594.jpg VS 5aa58a0f83509_NCProfile-JeffHardy.jpg.19956d93676a6585db6a34bdca111d9b.jpg


In a close match that lasted over 18 minutes Shinsuke Nakamura would pick up TWO points after delivering two Kinshasas in a row to pin the high flying Hardy.


Shinsuke Nakamura: 1-0-0 / Jeff Hardy: 0-1-0


Shinsuke Nakamura is interviewed and asked on how he plans to go to Grand Prix and face the winner of Block B and become the NC Heavyweight Champion. Nakamura would respond by just simply saying: "Kinshasa... 1...2...3." He stands up drinks his water and walks out leaving the press asking more questions and ignoring them.

*I'm sorry this took so long to start but I just got internet at my new home. Also, not a real good writer. I'll probably try different ways of presenting the episodes.Thank you for reading and I really hope you enjoy. Also, as for storylines, since I get these results by simulating them in WWE 2k18, I am in the process of making sense of every result and interactions between superstars as the weeks go on.

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