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NoyClub Universe Mode (NCU) - My WWE 2k18 Universe Mode

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Seth Rollins: 6 pts

Shinsuke Nakamura: 4 pts

Shane Thorne: 4 pts

Randy Orton: 4 pts

Finn Bálor: 4 pts

Jeff Hardy: 2 pts

Hideo Itami: 0 pts

Neville: 0 pts



AJ Styles: 6 pts

PTE: 4 pts

Roderick Strong: 4 pts

John Cena: 4 pts

Noam Dar: 2 pts

The Brian Kendrick: 2 pts

Drew McIntyre: 2 pts

Aleister Black: 0 pts



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NCU - NoyClub Unierse Mode

NC Saturday Night WAR - Episode 4

The night begins with WAR's general manager Chris Roy, in his office sipping on a coffee cup, when he hears a knock on the opened door, it's Johnny Gargano. "Hey, Gargano, how's your recovery going? Doing any better?" asks Mr. Roy. Gargano walks up to Roy's desk, "I'm doing great, I might be coming to WAR sooner than the doctors said I would. But let's talk buisiness, I know that my injury came out of nowhere and that made you take some decisions that would keep the tournament going, but once I comeback I want an opportunity to prove myself, what I'm asking for is that once I'm cleared to return I want to face one of your biggest stars." Roy stands up and offers a handshake, "I believe that would be great for NCU and best for the fans. You have a deal." Gargano smiles and shakes Mr. Roy's hand.


Curtis Axel & Tyson Kidd vs. Baron Corbin & Luke Harper

Grand Prix Round 4:

Finn Bálor vs. Jeff Hardy

Grand Prix Round 4:

Shane Thorne vs. Hideo Itami

Grand Prix Round 4:

Randy Orton vs. Neville

Grand Prix Round 4:

Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura


  • In a very good tag team match, the team of Tyson Kidd and Curtis Axel upsetting the team of Corbin and Harper when Harper accidentally hit Corbin with the discuss clothline, with Axel taking the opportunity to pick up the win for his team.
  • In another Grand Prix tournament classic so far, Jeff Hardy defeated Finn Bálor to take his two points.
  • In a match that was hard hitting and full of high flying action when Shane Thorne defeated Hideo Itami, Itami failing once again.
  • In a match that had Neville jump from the top rope to the outside landing the Red Arrow, still at the end Orton maneged to defeat a gain Neville.
  • In a match that had two favorites to win the GP tournament, Rollins and Nakamura, Rollins would defeat Nakamura in the middle of the ring, and after the match both men embraced in a hug and out of respect Nakamura raised Rollins' hand.


Randy Orton was the man to be interviewed. A man holding a pad and bitting his pen, "Randy, tonight you defeated a very gained opponent in Neville, and people still don't recognize the fact that you could end up winning block A of the GP. How do you react to this?" Orton, fuming with anger, "I don't care what you or anyone thinks, and to be honest I don't owe anything to anyone. So, as far as I'm concerned, this is my tournment and I'm definetly going to Grand Prix to become Champion. I'm done, no more questions." Randy Orton pushes the microphone off the table and leaves.

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