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Arius Arius at St.Valentine's Day Massacre 2019 Birth name Unknown Born June 19th,

BPZ Summerslam (2020) Promotional poster featuring Ropati Theme Music: All of the Lights by Kayne West

Valor Chapter Il: Exodus Promotional poster featuring Sameer Theme Music:' Crawling Through The Pain' by Heel Akki 'S

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BPZ Royal Rumble (2020)
Promotional poster featuring Julius
Theme Music:
SZA, The Weeknd, Travis Scott - Power Is Power
Promotion BPZ
Brand(s) Carnage
Date January 26th, 2019
City Anaheim, California
Venue Angel Stadium
Attendance 43,226
Other on-screen personnel
 Commentator   Sandman 
 Ring announcer  Danielle
 Referee  Cole Phillips
Interviewers Josh Trenton

BPZ Royal Rumble (2020) was a professional wrestling show and BPZ Neccework produced by BPZ for the Carnage brand. It took place January 26th 2020 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. It is the fifth event under the Royal Rumble chronology.

Eight matches were scheduled on the event's card. In the main event was the Royal Rumble match, as Arius won by last eliminating Bailey. Other prominent matches include FDS defeating Smith in a Non-Sanctioned match, Julius defended the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship against D.N.A and Bob Sparks defeated Raven.


No. Results[2][3] Stipulations Times
1 Raven defeated Aaron North (c), Buddy Ace, Maasa, and Mirage Gauntlet match for the BPZ United States Championship 30:20
2 Arius (c) defeated Joshua Scott Singles match for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship 10:04
3 FDS defeated Eli Smith Non-Sanctioned match 23:32
4 Hans Clayton (c) defeated Jason Ryan, and Dr. X Triple Threat match for the BPZ Premium Championship 8:31
5 Cody Cage defeated Mecko (c), CJ Sellers, James Knight, Steph Fatal five-way match for the BPZ NXT Championship 9:24
6 Bob Sparks defeated Raven Singles match 15:47
7 Julius defeated D.N.A Singles match match for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship 19:34
8 Arius won by last eliminating Bailey 30-man Royal Rumble match for a BPZ World Heavyweight Championship match at BPZ Mania V 1:04:29
  • (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
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BPZ St. Valentine's Day Massacre (2020)
Promotional poster featuring Buddy Ace
and other superstars
Theme Music: Too Bad by Rival Sons
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nancy Sinatra
Promotion BPZ
Brand(s) Carnage
Date February 23rd, 2020
City Boston, Massachusetts.
Venue TD Garden
Attendance 19,156
Other on-screen personnel
 Commentator  Sandman 
 Ring announcer  Danielle
 Referee  Cole Phillips
Interviewers Josh Trenton

BPZ St. Valentine's Day Massacre (2020) was a professional wrestling show and BPZ Neccework produced by BPZ for the Carnage brand. It took place February 23rd, 2020 at TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts.. It is the fourth event under the event chronology.

Eight matches were scheduled on the event's card. In the main event was the Julius who defended the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship against Joshua Scott in a Career vs. Championship match. Other prominent matches include Eric Shun defeating Slim for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship and Flynn & Necce defeating the team of Sheridan & Slim to earn a match at BPZMania V for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. 


No. Results[2][3] Stipulations Times
1 Julius defeated Kieron Black Singles match 15:20
2 Eric Shun defeated Slim (c) Singles match for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship 13:04
3 Buddy Ace defeated Raven (c), Mirage, Arrow Orton, CJ Sellers and Yelich Six Way match for the BPZ United States Championship 16:45
4 Flynn & Necce defeated  Sheridan & Slim Number One Contendership for the BPZ Tag Team Championships *(1) 7:53
5 Amai defeated Cody Cage (c) and The Riddler, Wallace Triple Threat match for the BPZ NXT Championship 8:30
6 Aaron North defeated Hans Clayton (c), Prince, Brad, Dr. X  Five Way match for the BPZ Premium Championship 15:30
7 Eric Shun defeated Arrow Orton Singles Loser Pays Child Support match. 19:20
8 Julius defeated Joshua Scott Singles match match for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Joshua Scott was forced to retire after placing his career on the line. 24:10
  • (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match

*(1) Prince and Kieron Black were removed from the match for undisclosed reasons

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BPZ Carnage: Shiz-Freeze (2020)
Promotional poster 
Theme Music: Rectify by Angel Du$t
Promotion BPZ
Brand(s) Carnage
Date March, 11th 2020
City Venice Beach, California.
Venue Venice Beach Skate Park
Attendance 9,500
Other on-screen personnel
Commentators Heel
Ring announcer  Danielle
Referee  Cole Phillips
Interviewers Josh Trenton
Host Stardog

BPZ Carnage: Shiz-Freeze (2020) was a professional wrestling show and BPZ Neccework produced by BPZ for the Carnage brand. It took place March 11th, 2020 at Venice Beach Skate Park, Venice Beach, California.

Four matches were scheduled on the event's card. In the main event was the debut of Medium Freeze & Shiz Buster in Brendenplayz Wrestling who defeated Broken & Replenished (Gunner & Cody).  Other prominent matches include Eric Shun defeating Alex Costa in a Bedroom Brawl, Yelich defeating Marc Aaron Newton and a women's invitational Battle Royal which was won by Rin Akane.


No. Results[2][3] Stipulations Times
1 Eric Shun defeated Alex Costa Bedroom Brawl 16:58
2 Yelich defeated Marc Aaron Newton Singles Shiz-Freeze Rules match   20:20
3 Rin Akane def. Christina, Natalya, Violet Carson, Sailor Meko, Cindy, Mira, Alice, Alexa Merci and NurseX Women's Invitational Elimination match 18:45
4 Shiz-Freeze (Shiz Buster & Medium Freeze) def. Broken & Replenished (Gunner & Cody) Tag Team Match 33:23
  • (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
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6 hours ago, Arius said:
Arius at St.Valentine's Day Massacre 2019
Birth name Unknown
Born June 19th, 19?? (age ??)
Residence Port Washington, NY, United States
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Arius
Billed height 6'1 (1.85 m)
Billed weight 225 lb (102 kg)
Billed from Gold Country (Bathurst), Australia
Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, Italy
Trained by


Debut December, 2018


Arius (Born June 19th, 19??) is an Australian professional wrestler currently working for Brendenplayz Wrestling where he was the inaugural BPZ North American Champion, holding it for 163 days with 3 defences. He also is working independently as a producer.
In BPZ, Arius is a one-time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, a one-time Intercontinental Champion and a one-time United States Champion. Arius debuted for BPZ in December 2018 and joined the developmental brand NXT, where he won the NXT Championship at BPZ December to Dismember 2018 in his debut contest. Upon moving to BPZ's main roster in 2019 he won several championships on his way to becoming the winner of the 2020 Royal Rumble match, and defeated Julius for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship at BPZMania V, while also becoming a Triple Crown Champion in the process.  

Early life

Details of his early life are scarce and excerpts from given interviews with Arius are the only source of information, whether they are to believed or not is another conversation all together. Born in Gold Country (Bathurst), Australia, he travelled across the country during his youth before finding himself. He has said to have enjoyed considerable success as a student at the Royal Academy of Music (RAM), and spent much of his time furthering his compositional and piano-playing skills under distinguished tutors. Dabbling in theatre during his studies he is a self professed lover of the arts and feels that competitive nature of professional wrestling is an art in itself which deserves to have its limits pushed.

Arius is easily recognisable owing greatly to its eccentric on-stage presence. He has notoriously been associated with a group of followers who wear virtually identical, face-concealing masks. Throughout his career in professional wrestling and on the stage. Often seen around live and social events. His current ring name is said to be inspired from Arius, philosopher and teacher of Augustus

Professional wrestling career

Independent circuit (2014–2018)

(To Be Added)

BPZ (2018 - Current)

NXT and NXT Champion (2018–2019)

Joining BrendenPlayz Wrestling during December, 2018, Arius worked silent as a new rookie to NXT along with a group of new signees to the promotion hoping rejuvenate the division after stagnation. Heading into December to Dismember 2018 a traditional battle royal match was set for LegendOrigin to defend his NXT Championship against the new crop of talent to kick start the new era with Arius as one of the confirmed names. On December 25th at BPZ December to Dismember 2018 Arius defeated Aaron North, Alex Costa, Zack Leo Zodiac, CJ Sellers amongst other names before finally eliminating LegendOrigin in the battle royal to win the NXT Championship for the first time. 

After much speculation from the BPZ fans as to when or where they would first hear from the victorious superstar, the next night Arius made his official live Carnage debut on December 29th, arriving after fellow NXT superstar Mikey had made a vow to make Arius run with the NXT Championship a short affair.  Introducing himself as "The Revenant", this is where Arius set his intentions clear to the live audience stating that he would gladly confront those who, in his eyes, are abusing their gifts in this industry. During his NXT division tenure he would feud with fellow newcomers Alex Costa, Maasa and Hans Clayton successfully defending his NXT Championship. 

On the January, 18th episode of Carnage, Arius announced his intention to enter the 2019 Royal Rumble match through an elaborate vignette. On January 27, 2019 at BPZ Royal Rumble, he successfully defended the NXT Championship in a six-man elimination match involving Maasa, Dikey. James Hunter, Alex Costa, Hans Clayton,  CJ Sellers. Later that night Arius would enter the Royal Rumble match at namesake event for the first time at the daunting number one placement and would go on to last 58 minutes before being eliminated by Emperor Nate, only second to the ironman of the match Ropati.

Climbing the Mountain, United States Champion (2019–)

This Royal Rumble appearance gave the painted grappler a new perspective on his direction in the company, reflecting on his ongoing goals and during a vignette relinquished the NXT Championship to a nearby Ghoul, stating his intentions for the BPZ United States Championship and challenging then champion Julius at the next PPV to attain the attention of the dominant champion. In the biggest victory of his career at that point, on February 17th, 2019 at BPZ St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Arius defeated Julius for the BPZ United States Championship, claiming the accolade for the first time.

The world of "The Revenant" continued to grow as his spectacle continued to grow more ambitious and on the February, 27th episode of Carnage, a new associate made her unofficial debut in an appearance at Arius estate during an address after his championship success at the PPV. This would later be revealed to be Rin Akane on the March 13th episode. A long time confidant who was labelled "The Orchastrator". This continued partnership in the squared circle continued to be fruitful for the pair entering their first BPZMania event. On March 31st, 2019 at BPZ Mania IV, Arius would successfully defend his BPZ United States Championship against Ropati and Yelich in a triple threat contest submitting the latter.

Standing on the grand stage for the first time was said to be a career highlight for the elusive Arius, soaking in the light and adulation of the night the champion vowed to return once again the following year.  On April 1st management at Brendenplayz Wrestling announced the introduction of a new championship in the company, the BPZ North American Championship which was to be decided at BPZ Powertrip: World at War on April 12th, 2019. Arius alongside Hans Clayton, Aaron North, Kenji, Yelich, Bulldozer and Birdman were announced as the chosen participants to face in a ladder match to crown the first champion as this crop of young stars fought amongst themselves towards the main event to claim who would make history. It is here where Hans Clayton and Arius were able to meet face to face again after the former won the BPZ NXT Championship at BPZMania following the relinquishment from Arius.  At BPZ Powertrip: World at War would defeat seven other participants to become the inaugural BPZ North American Champion, just clutching the championship from competitor KENJI. 

ariUS Champion and Dual-Champion (2019–)

With his victory at World of War, from its introduction to the championships retirement in March 2202, Arius became the first and only wrestler to hold both championships simultaneously. Moments after the conclusion of the contest the newly crowned champion joined KENJI as he sat recovering taking questions from the press in the arena hallway. Surprised but intrigued the two men spoke respectfully, Arius more so cryptically as he left a gift for the fallen foe in parting. As Rin and Arius retreated to their awaiting transport it was revealed left in the lap of “The Sendai Supernova” was a replica of the famed Ghoul masks that follow ‘The Revenant’ around on location. A smile hinted at a future between the two that would be explored. KENJI was not finished pursuing the BPZ North American Championship. 

Following the event Arius had begun crossing paths with former NXT Champion Buddy Ace and Aaron North who tirelessly attempted to expose the facade of the paint covered ‘Revenant’, cornering the champion and challenging him to the best of his abilities such as piano playing. Though Arius avoided the temptation of early confrontation it wasn’t the Ghouls who held their tongue though who surrounded the challenger from an undisclosed location to send a message. At BPZ Backlash 2019, Arius defeated Buddy Ace and Aaron North to retain the BPZ United States Championship. 

Never gloat in my triumph, claiming to understand what it is like for fate to cruelly intervene and rob himself of desires, Arius claimed his intentions of not allowing this to be a momentary reign. Picking up right away the champion would run into the pursuit of Hans Clayton and Alex Costa who had just returned to Brendenplayz Wrestling after a controversial exit following his NXT Championship victory. Clashing with Brendenplayz internally and discarding the championship in the process. It wasn't until after BPZMania that the superstar was welcomed back to the company and moved up from his developmental position. 

This stain was the crux of much animosity between Hans Clayton and Alex Costa who butted heads all the way up to the PPV as the champion played as lighter fluid to the flames. When Alex Costa turned his attention to the champion he intended to dethrone, disrespected by his lack of words ahead of their clash he called out 'The Revenant' who eventually graced the audience with an appearance.

The two went back and forth talking over history, questioning that maybe this was destined to be their endless cycle? Champion and challenger time and time again. Arius spoke of having high hopes for Costa but just like Clayton before he criticised the superstar for packing his bags and leaving the company. Alex Costa wasn't one to step down though and this match at Mayhem was the spark for a rivalry that persists to this day. At Mayhem 2019 Arius defeated Alex Costa and Hans Clayton to retain the BPZ United States Championship. 

Feud with KENJI  (2019–)

Leading up to BPZ PowerTrip Cup 2019, Arius resumed his feud with KENJI after the latter was named number one contender. The two over the months since World at War spent their time trying to understand the other, where their competitive mind was and through those segments seemed to find a mutual understanding. One an eccentric and the other a man of honour, any understanding would be put to the test as the two men promised to bring their best at the PPV. At BPZ PowerTrip Cup 2019 Arius was able to successfully defeat KENJI to retain the BPZ North American Championship.
After a few moments of celebrating his title retention, Arius cut his music as he faced KENJ, looking him straight in the eyes with is a small smile. Arius' facial expressions are usually so indiscernible to their real meaning that a smile could mean anything  but the following outstretched hand of the champion sent a sign. But the moment was soon interrupted by a sudden and violent attack from Brad and his protege Aaron North who had just won a fatal four-way earlier in the night. Taking the claim as Number One Contender for the BPZ North American Championship in a violent affair.
The two men screamed and demolished the two tired opponents, catching them off guard as Brad hit both men with repeated chair and microphone attacks. The fallout of grievances earlier that night unknown to the audience, the frustrations of a lack of respect in the company and now the future championship opportunity for Aaron. The message was sent to both men. Despite the attack two weeks later at BPZ Judgement Day 2019, Arius was set to defend his BPZ United States Championship against Hans Clayton, Alex Costa and a new foe in George AK.

Cleared to compete but carrying the bruises and welts from the attack, 'The Revenant' pressed forward where he for the first time met George AK one one, attacking his character the two men got their introductions through vile and anger as George highlighted his disdain for the idea of 'The Revenant'. Arius accused George AK of acting above the process, fooling with veiled sincerity. Noting that Hans Clayton & Alex Costa have earned a level of admiration for their tireless resilience but George hadn't earned that consideration. 
"Your Judgement is here" At BPZ Judgement Day 2019 lost the BPZ United States Championship to Hans Clayton after Brad and Aaron North interfered in the contest, taking out 'The Revenant' on the outside and Hans Clayton was able to claim the championship with a pinfall on George AK.

North American Champion, feud with Aaron North and Yelich  (2019–)

Arius competed in the King of the Ring tournament, where he defeated CJ Sellers in the first round, but was eliminated by George AK in the semi-finals. Leveling the score between the two in a spark that would create more moments as the year went on. 'The Revenant' was shocked at this early exit but came to accept that his mind wasn't completely where it should be with the constant presence of Aaron North who was focusing on their upcoming match at BPZ Emergence rather than take part in the famous tournament. Touring the country as he visited famous American monuments and iconic buildings familiarising the audience and world with the future face of North America.

It seems though other hands had bigger plans for the challenger. As men fought through the tournament it was Aaron North under the guidance of Nanovirus who found a new key to himself in preparation for his BPZ North American Championship match. Bare to the world, Aaron mumbled that the world is a selfish existence, they want words, they want insanity, immortality. "Welt Ist Gebildet Durch Wörter", Aaron North emerged now longer resembling the man Brendenplayz Wrestling once knew but now declaring to be known as Lord Yautja. The man who will become Lord Of North America. 

After weeks of blood and violence between both sides it all came to pass at BPZ Emergence 2019 where Arius defeated Lord Yautja to retain the BPZ North American Championship. The ending of the match was open to much controversy as Arius hit a impromptu powerbomb from the top rope, in the replay the head of Lord Yautja hit both the turnbuckle and the side of the apron on the way down leaving him motionless. 

The move now named 'The Repent', the champion had shown a more violent and unforgiving side to himself to Lord Yautja after his constant provocation. But it wasn't the last we'd see from 'The Revenant' that night as in the aftermath of the violent clash between Brad and KENJI the retaining champion appeared behind the exiting Brad to the shock of the live audience. The two men would brawl a little between them across the stage before the champion got the upper hand. Soaking the moment the audience were unsure what was to come as he whispered into the ear of the man who had made the last two months of his career as much of a hell as he could. The commentary team wasn't able to filter themselves "Holy Shit!" as Brad crashed from the stage to the electrical equipment below. Sparks fly, lights flash as chaos ensues in mass malfunction below to the impact of his body. The reigning BPZ North American Champion can only look down at his work. Pleasure nor remorse painted across his face.  

With Brad out independently and with the challenger Lord Yautja  taking a break from in-ring competition all eyes were now towards Joh who earlier that same night had won the To The Top ladder match to secure a BPZ North American Championship opportunity at any time and any place. A constant threat, it seemed Arius took some joy in the new twist in his life stating "It’s always so exciting to get these chances, these obstacles. The introduction of the To The Top briefcase into my life gives it a certain exhilarating flare don't you think?" Comparing it to his brief time as NXT Champion.

However it wasn't Joh who would be his immediate threat as the new Number One Contender was announced for one of the biggest events BPZ has to offer in the calendar year. September 1st, 2019 at BPZ Summerslam it would be Arius taking on Yelich for the BP North American Championship. Over the next month both men would go through a deep psychological test as both men looked to overcome the doubts and one another. Tooth and nail, neither one wanting to allow the other the satisfaction of the final word would all come to head at the event. At BPZ Summerslam 2019 Arius and Yelich fought to a time-limit draw shocking both audience and talent. Both men praised for the contest it was less than 24 hours later that on BPZ.com the follow up rematch was announced for BPZ Bad Blood 2019 where once again Arius would defend the BPZ North American Championship against Yelich but this time in a Two out of Three falls contest. At BPZ Bad Blood 2019 Yelich defeated Arius two falls to one after falling to the Concussion Syndrome Piledriver at 27 minutes 50 seconds. Ending the reign at 163 days with 3 defences.

Hiatus and Intercontinental Championship (2019 - Present)

After falling to Yelich in their endurance testing contest 'The Revenant' vanished from Brendenplayz Wrestling television ahead of the Survival Games tournament after being rumoured to be a contest. It would be another month after the conclusion of the contest before the audience once again heard from Arius and the scenery wasn't what one would expect.  The sound of nature and tranquillity against a blaring flare of the sun. An Ole Victorian summer home sat amongst lush nature as a more relaxed leader of the Ghouls reflected on his time away, his time as champion and what the future holds for the competitor now that he has had time to heal. "They say idle hands are the devil's playthings....Adversity is such a damned concept. Often you’re put in such a precarious position where you’re forced to fight or flight, there is no in between and the choices that you make are vital. So i'm left standing in the middle road wondering what's next for The Revenant?"

As the weeks crept Arius spoke about living in regret having missed out on key points of this company during 2019 already and that he couldn't sit by witnessing such an important match with some of the finest this company has to offer and not take my place within it. The match of course being spoken of being the Elimination Chamber being held at Halloween Havoc 2019. The structure where the BPZ Intercontinental Championship would be defended, confirming his entry as RIn Akane took over his direction once more.

The main event, BPZ Intercontinental Champion Eli Smith started the match with the newly returned Arius in the ring, while FDS, Prince, Sameer and Hans Clayton occupied the pots. Prince was the third entrant. Hans Clayton entered fourth, Sameer entered fifth and FDS sixth with no eliminations. By the end of the match 'The Revenant' would eliminate both Hans Clayton and the champion Eli Smith to end the match, winning the BPZ Intercontinental Championship for the first time. At BPZ Survivor Series Arius would defeat Dr. X to retain the BPZ Intercontinental Championship 

2019 BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational (Nov - January 2020)

In what has become an annual classic, the BPZ officials proudly opened the next in what has been the most exciting event of the year for tag team wrestling with the 2019 BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational on the horizon. Beginning the first week following Survivor Series, the tournament would welcome up to 8 teams, with the finals taking place at BPZ Winter Warfare 2019. The winners of the tournament this year were to be granted a Tag Team Championship opportunity at Night Of Legends in January. 

On the November 16th episode of Carnage the newly crowned BPZ North American Champion was celebrating his victory at BPZ Wildcard while also eyeing off whoever would be the first to step up to challenge him when suddenly music few expected to hear arose from the speakers as Arius made his way to the ring to join his former rival. Their history had been intertwined in Brendenplayz Wrestling since KENJI had stepped inside the door and 'The Revenant' spoke highly of the champion before him.  It is one thing to state a respect for another competitor but another to show it. Arius stood in front of KENJI asking to be allowed a moment to be humble, inviting the champion to join him ahead of the tournament. Arius & KENJI. Unconquerable. Both men shook hands as  a monumental decision was made. The two former adversaries are now forming an alliance. 

During this time as the Christmas season was a time of doing a little something extra for someone else, the recently returned and exceptionally more jolly George, now going by Father Georgemas was passing off cheer and unconventional motivation to fans and talent around the world. Kris Kringle incarnate waltzed through the arena week in and out as the weeks to Christmas crept closer and closer until one day accidentally misplacing his Naughty and Nice list. It would fall into the hands of the reigning BPZ Intercontinental Champion Arius who, firstly dismissing the paper, found himself dismayed to find himself placed on the naughty list. How can this be? Have I not been spreading good cheer all year? Helping those in need? Been the patron saint?" he questioned. Insisting it must have been a grave error the champion found himself committed to travelling to fix what must be a grave error. Stating that even though Georgemas had only been wearing the big red suit for one month and already problems have arisen, it smells like trouble.

On the December 1, 2019 episode of Carnage, the participants of the 2019 BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational were announced, with Arius and KENJI, now known as Invictus, being announced as the final entrants. Together, they defeated Gunner Flynn and Jason Ryan in the first round on December 7, Bailey and Slim in the semifinals on December 14, and Firing Squad (Alex Costa & Mikey) in the finals on December 20 to win the tournament and earn a match against Eli Smith and Bart of Creed for the BPZ Tag Team Championship at Night of Legends. Also during the newly created Winter Warfare event Arius in a pre-taped contest defeated Father Georgemas in a North Pole Brawl to retain the BPZ Intercontinental Championship. At BPZ Night of Legends 2020, Invictus (KENJI & Arius) faced Creed (Eli Smith & Bart) for the titles in a losing effort. 

Royal Rumble and road to BPZMania V (Jan - March 2020)

With the aspirations as tag team champions being put on hold for the moment after their Night of Legends defeat and the annual Royal Rumble match on the horizon, the alliance focused on their singles aspirations. At the Royal Rumble on 26 January 2020, Arius won the Royal Rumble match by lastly eliminating Bailey, entitling him a championship opportunity at BPZMania V. The following night on Carnage, Arius spoke about his career coming full circle, over a year in the company and it will begin again with taking the championship from Julius.

Having achieved what he fought so hard to accomplish the previous year it seemed The Revenant was on a high like nothing felt before. After the Royal Rumble event a Carnage Wildcard special was announced ahead of St. Valentine's Day Massacre where Slim publicly challenged Arius for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship at the event. 'The Revenant' accepted without hesitation but it seems like the confidence returned harsher results. On February 12th, 2020 at Carnage Wildcard, BPZ Hall of Famer Slim defeated Arius for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship. Ending the reign at four months and three defences. Taking the next month off to focus on training with an old friend, focusing on the biggest match of his career. At BPZMania V, Arius defeated Julius to capture the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, his first world championship in BPZ. After that, Arius lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Slim who cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase earlier that same night,  after performing Arius own move 'Repent' on him with assistance from Julius. Ending his reign at 5 minutes.

Purgatory (March - April 2020)

Humbled by the actions of Slim, having lost the moment he had worked all year to accomplish in a matter of moments, it was unsure of what ‘The Revenant’ was going to focus on going forward. Not long after BPZMania V it was announced by company management that in 2020 we’d see the return of the brand split. Proven to show mixed results in the past the company felt comfortable in its growth and talent pools to give it a try with allocated General Managers for each brand it was anyone's guess as to where any talent might end up. Recovering as the arena became empty, stitches in his forehead Arius was approached by Valor representative Bart who made a quick and impromptu offer to the fallen Arius. Before letting the night sink in any further he wanted to offer Arius the chance to be his representative as the two brands fought for the first draft pick. Taking the role as a pawn, a piece on the board Arius took the challenge as Flynn was picked to represent Carnage. Both men having lost their opportunity to shine at BPZMania it seemed it was the hopes of both general managers it would be a source of motivation.

It seemed though as the days passed and the two men would come face to face through vignettes and segments that Arius wasn’t ‘The Revenant’ that the BPZ audience had grown accustomed to. Showing a lack of coyness to follow the steps of the usual dance but instead being blunt with Flynn, trying to provoke suspicion, saying It's time to pull apart from the pack and see who comes out the other end of the woods with something's neck firmly locked within their teeth. The dance would not be structured, it would not be smooth..it would be erratic. Why?, Because they had no choice. Now served as vehicles of war for men with power over them. Sending off that though Arius may be a victor come that weekend, that he couldn’t guarantee Flynn that he’ll be fulfilled.
"There is no end to service. We are expendable. Ensured destruction. And at World at War we'll perish, wither together."
The war machine that had become Flynn colliding with the apathetic Arius who served to use his skills as a weapon of war, without direction was a chaotic clash for the ages. But at World at War 2020, Flynn defeated Arius claiming the first draft pick for the upcoming brand split draft.

Hiatus and The Vulture (April 2020 - Present)

After falling to Flynn it seemed Bart was still high on the superstar after drafting Arius in the Top 5 for the brand. Being drafted second for Valor and fourth overall in the draft. Though it seemed the payoff might have had to wait for the General Manager as 'The Revenant' vanished from BPZ television after World at War into isolation. Rumours of the whereabouts of the former champion spread throughout the dirtsheets and locker room with only one message being left behind -  “Qualis artifex pereo." (As what kind of artist do I perish?) - leaving questions to the superstars future in Brendenplayz Wrestling. It wouldn't be until Mayhem 2020 during the month of June where the BPZ audience would get their first glance at Arius through specialised vignettes played through the night before ending after the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship main event where Slim successfully retained his title. He was faced with an elaborate mind game before the segment ended with the familiar laugh.  What does the future hold for Arius? 


Year Show Role Notes
2018 Frightful Readings on 34.5 Radio FM Narrator Special guest role
Read "The Shadow over Innsmouth" by H. P. Lovecraft.
Video Games
Year Title Role Notes
2019 BPZ 2K19 Himself Playable Character & Voice Actor

Personal life:

TBA, Accompanied by RIn Akane

In Wrestling:

  • Finishing moves:
    • Classic: "Final Testimony" Dragon Sleeper Example
    •  Classic: "The Sentence" Omega Driver/Super brainbuster onto the top turnbuckle Example 1Example 2
    • 'The Cheshire Smile' (To Be Revealed)
    • 'Secular Haze' (To Be Revealed)
  • Signature moves:
    • Classic: 'The Curtain Jerker' (Lifted Osaka Street Cutter) Example
    • Classic: 'Danse Macbre' (Theatrics leading a Black Mass followed by a leg sweep) Example
    • Baseball Slide Evasion
    • Catching single-leg takedown to a leapfrogging opponent
    • 'Along The Watchtower' (Arm twist ropewalk chop)
    •  'The Stimulation'  (Moonsault guillotine leg drop; when allowed, often uses a chair across the opponent’s face)
    • 'Pitbull Lock' (A Front Chancery intensified by violent movement to put additional pressure and strain on the neck of an opponent)
    •  'Vulture Clothesline' (charging clothesline that sends both Arius and his opponent to the outside) 
    • 'Suspended Straitjacket' (Rope hung Boston crab)
    • Other Moves (Click Here)
  • With KENJI
    • Double team signature moves
      • Double Osaka Cutter 
    • Inuzuma Leg Lariat (Arius)/Gemerna Suplex (KENJI) Combination
      • Leg Sweep (Arius)/ Knee Drop (KENJI) Combination
    • Pumping Bomber (KENJI)/ Seeing Red (Arius) Combination
      Ushigoroshi (
      KENJI)/Seeing Red (Arius) Combination

      Double team finishing moves
      • 'Kill The Lights' Total Elimination 
      • 'Final Horizon' Gory Bomb (KENJI)/ Blockbuster (Arius) Combination

        • The Revenant (2018 - Present)
        • The Vulture (2020 - Present)
        • 煉獄 (2020 - 2020)
        • The Seeker (2019 - 2020)
  • Entrance Themes:
    • Dazed And Confused by Led Zeppelin (June 2020 - Present)
    • Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker  (November 2019 - June 2020)
    • The Seeker by Rush (BPZMania V)
    • Fugue by Yngwie .J. Malmsteen (December 2018 - November 2019)

Championships and accomplishments

  • BrendenPlayz Wrestling
  • BPZ United States Championship (1 time) (February 15th, 2019 to June 28th, 2019)
  • Inaugural: BPZ North American Championship (1 time) (April 12th, 2019 to September 20, 2019) 
  • BPZ NXT Championship (1 time) (December 23rd, 2018 to Vacated) 
  • BPZ Intercontinental Championship (1 time) (??? to ???)
  • 2019 Clappsiracy Tournament Winner: Invictus with KENJI
  • 2020 Royal Rumble
  • BPZ World Heavyweight Champion (1 time)
  • BPZMania V Main Event (vs. Julius)



No idea if you're taking requests, or if you'd be willing to put the work in on another person. But, I'd love something like this for a Nebakos or Julius character. I think something in the style of this would be a huge testament to their careers, and it'd also help new members learn about their legacies. I'm unsure of either of them would be willing to cooperate on something like this but it'd be a really great read, as this one was. You've long been the hardest-working and most creative member of this Forums, Arius, and this post validates just how valued of a member you are and how quality your work is. Really awesome stuff, dude.

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BPZ King of the Ring (2020)
Promotional poster featuring former King of the Ring
Theme Music: Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold
Promotion BPZ
Brand(s) Carnage, Valor
Date July 26th, 2020
City London, England
Venue Wembley Stadium
Attendance 80,355
Other on-screen personnel
Commentators Heel (Carnage)
Sandman (Carnage)
Wallace (Carnage)
Sheepy (Valor)
CPE (Valor)
Ring announcer  Danielle
Referees Cole Phillips
John Ilano
Ravi Isra Jihan
Aniyah Monroe
Interviewers Josh Trenton

BPZ King of the Ring (2020) was a professional wrestling show and BPZ Neccework produced by BPZ for the Carnage and Valor brands. It took place July 26th 2020 at Wembley Stadium, London, England.

7 matches were scheduled on the event's card. In the main event we saw Ropati defeat Hans Clayton in the King of the Ring and winning the tournament. Ropati is the fifth ever winner of the BPZ King of the Ring tournament. Also on the card we saw Arius defeat Slim (c) and Angelo Caito to become the new BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and FDS defeated Flynn (c) to become the new BPZ Universal Champion.   


No. Results Stipulations Times
1 Sameer (c) defeated Alex Costa and Prince Triple threat match for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship 13:44
2 Sheridan (c) defeated Austin Mirage and Yelich Triple threat match for the BPZ United States Championship  8:39
3 Bob Sparks defeated Mikey (c) and Akki Mahal Triple threat match for the BPZ Premium Championship 16:12
4 Austin Omega defeated Addy (c) Singles match for the BBPZ NXT Championship 9:04
5 FDS defeated Flynn (c)  Singles match for the BPZ Universal Championship 24:24
6 Arius defeated Slim (c) and Angelo Caito  Triple threat Elimination for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship 22:58 
7 Ropati defeated Hans Clayton King of the Ring Finals 32:37
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
P – indicates the match took place on the pre-show



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Akki Mahal

WWE champ Jinder Mahal to face Kevin Owens on December 8 | Other ...

Akki Mahal in December, 2017
Birth name  Arkhania Judith Mahal
Born 06 January 1981(39 Years Old)
India, Delhi
Residence India, Delhi/Los Angeles 
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Akki Mahal, Judith
Billed height 6 ft 3 
Billed weight 260 lb
Debut   April 2007


Akki Mahal (born 6 January 1981) is an Indian professional wrestler and an Indian War Veteran. He is best known for being the youngest war veteran in the world at the age of 28, and started out serving his country at the age of 17 in the 1999 Kargil War against Pakistan. 

Early life/Army Life (1993-2007)

At the age of 12, Mahal was named the captain of his Indian Scout team in school, he then followed his father's footsteps and became a soldier in the Indian army. At 16, Akki Mahal left school to go pursue his life goal in the army. At 17, Akki Mahal was deployed in the Kargil War where he single handed brought India to victory against the Pakistani Nation. Akki Mahal was awarded many medals by the president and country. At 18, Akki Mahal was married to Imashi Jaqueline, and at 19, Akki Mahal had his first child. In 2003, Akki Mahal was deployed in another war, while abroad to China, Akki Mahal's wife, delivered Akki's second child. During the great war of China, Akki Mahal survived a rocket launcher attack while he was defending his squad. Even though they lost the great war of China, Akki Mahal came back to India earning the respect of millions of people. In 2007, Akki Mahal received another child, and then was given a promotion to become the youngest General ever. 

Professional Wrestling Career(2007-PRESENT)

Israeli Pro Wrestling Association (2007-2012) 

Akki Mahal joined IPWA with the nickname, "The Indian Beast" and the ring name "Judith". Judith debuted and defeated the 200+ winning streak of Sharon Palty. Altho Judith never won any singles championship in IPWA, he paved away for numerous of other Indian wrestlers to make an impact onto the pro wrestling scene. In early 2012, Judith got into a heated confrontation after the company wouldn't allow him to leave the country after his kids passed away during an attack from Pakistan. 

Ring Ka King & Jail (2012-2016)

After Akki Mahal left Israel and came back to India to check up on his family and his late great kids, Akki Mahal joined forces with Jeff Jarrett and joined Ring Ka King which lasted for only 4 months. Akki Mahal then took a big break from pro wrestling and took his time into the Indian army again to plot revenge on Pakistan for what they did to his children. In 2014, Akki Mahal killed the man who took out his kid, after several investigations, it was revealed that the man worked with Akki Mahal's wife in order to kill his kids. Akki Mahal was sentenced to 4 years in jail but was released due to the circumstances. 

BrendenPlayz Wrestling (2017-Present)

In mid 2017, Akki Mahal was called up by Slim to join the BPZ Wrestling promotion. After Akki Mahal just moved America, he contemplated and finally agreed. He and Slim were to become best of friends and tag team partners in 2017. During the middle of 2018, Akki Mahal partially left the company, but still had a contract with them. Akki Mahal went out to run for Indian president but lost the election. In April 2020, Akki Mahal made his shocking return in the aid of Slim to take out Austin Mirage. To this date, Akki Mahal is still in the BPZ and still is on the road to glory even though he's almost in his 40s.


India Strategic ::. Army: Indian Army's Stellar Role in Nation ...

Accomplishments In The Armed Forces

1999 - Youngest Soldier In India
             Silver Padma Shri
2001 - Kirti Chakra
2002 - Maha Vir Chakra
2007 - Youngest Indian General Ever
2014 - Youngest War Veteran Ever

In Wrestling



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File:Daniel Bryan WWE Champion 2019.jpg - Wikipedia
Addy at BPZ KOTR 2020
Birth name: Addison Child
Born September 17, 1991 (age 28)
Leeds, England
Residence Unknown
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Addy
Billed height 6'0 (1.8 m)
Billed weight 215 lb (97 kg)
Billed from Leeds, England


Debut March, 2020


Addy (Born Septmber 17th, 1991) is an English professional wrestler currently working for Brendenplayz Wrestling where he is a member of the inner circle, a former NXT champion and PTC and KOTR particpant. Addy has proved to be one of the fastest rising stars in BPZ history, only being in the federation since March 2020.

Born to two loving parents; Jessica Child and Jonathan Child in Leeds in the year 1991, Addy was praised by his teachers early on as a critical thinker and a great mind. As he continued down his academic path it was most specifically his literature which shone brightest, publishing a book on ideology at the age of 12. Addy found his passion in the school debate team as well as the school council where he would play a pivotal role allowing him to find his own voice. In 2007 his Mother became bed bound with terminal cancer. This put the Child family in much struggle both financially and mentally. In 2008, Jonathan Child, Addison's father would be charged of 3 accounts of armed assault and 2 accounts of unlawful possession of a weapon. Jonathan Child would later pass away in a Manchester prison after suffering a great fall.

Addison would take up his Father's criminal profession, quickly establishing himself as a very capable and quick thinking mastermind and gunman. Addison Child would begin his robbing spree in 2008 first targeting a Pandora store and would continue to target high end stores such as Rolex and other Jewellers. Most notably in 2010 Addison would play part in the robbery of a major bank of England bank in Norfolk. This robbery would ultimately lead to Child's arrest in the same year after a 9 month long manhunt for the most wanted man in England. On 11th November 2010, Addison Child would be charged with 8 counts of Armed Robbery with a minimum sentencing of 10 years. The trial would be heavily criticised in the media with press and crowds standing outside the court had to be barricaded away from Child who was escorted by police at all times.

Encased in HM Whitemoor, Child continued to prosper through his tongue. By capturing the hearts and minds of his fellow convicts Child established a cult of personality in 2011 after a turbulent first few months. It was during this time that Addison Child became Addy, saint of the voiceless, messiah of the masses and the harbinger of the holy word. Addy wrote his 2nd ideological book titled "What has been, What is now and what is to come" and a 3rd in 2014 titled "Martyr Me". HM Whitemoor operated the use of several wrestling rings, albeit the mat concrete and the ropes sturdy wire between four posts. Addy revolutionised the system within the prison and reduced reported crime to virtually zero by having all quarrels settled in the concrete ring. It was during this time that Addy, along with aall his acolytes became hardy fighters. It is to be assumed that Addy learnt self defence, amateur wrestling and Judo during this time professionally; a true testament to his ever growing knowledge.

On 14th March 2020 Addy was signed to BPZ and promotional videos began drawing the attention of the BPZ Universe greatly and drawing a great deal of hype. Addy continues to wreslte in BPZ to this day.

Professional wrestling career

BPZ (2020 - Current)

(March 14-March 29)First Introduction and debut: Signed on 14th March, BPZ quickly capitalised on the recently released ex-convict broadcasting cryptic promotional videos which were met with phenomenal acclaim. As Addy revealed his backstory more and more and would be released from his sentence, he would announce his entry into the Nebakos Battle Royal where he was one of the favourites to win. Debuting in the Battle Royal infront of over 83,000 at BPZ Mania V Addy would fall short with Nate winning the match.

(March 29-April 10)World At War, Prince: Frustrated by his loss at BPZ Mania V, Addy declared that before he took down a king, he had to take down a Prince. The two would engage in a war of words, Addy targeting Prince for his previous failed character changes and it was during this time that Addy would take part in his most critically acclaimed segment when he took to the ring with several plague doctors and shocked the BPZ Universe with an instant classic. The two would eventually meet at World At War in Addy's singles debut where he would be victorious, shocking the BPZ Universe by defeating a well known figure such as Prince.

(April 10-May 15)Valor Chapter 1, Controversy and PTC: Addy would now set his sights on not one but two opponents. With the continuation of his acclaimed promotional videos he called out Kirk Kelly, one of the participants from the Nebakos Battle Royal which he lost as well as Jack Oxley. This match took place at Valor Chapter 1: Revelation and the match was made for a place in the Power Trip Cup, one of the most prestigious tournaments in wrestling. Addy would win the match in quick fashion however would find himself on the run from the law as he played victim to an entanglement in which the law claimed Addy shot fellow BPZ wrestler, Brad. This of course was not the case and Addy was cleared. Addy would take place in the first round of the Power Trip Cup days later facing Bob Sparks. Addy failed to win the match and was eliminated from the tournament in the first round.

(May 15-June 28)KOTR,Judgement Day, NXT Championship: After his loss in the Power Trip Cup, Addy focused on the pursuit of the NXT Championship held by Epic at the time. It was during this time however he would receive the opportunity to compete in King Of The Ring. Once again Addy was drawn against an unmovable object, this time last years finalist and previous Undisputed Champion Hans Clayton. Predictably, Addy was not prepared for such a fight, especially whilst focusing on his NXT pursuit. Addy would suffer his second loss in BPZ history and yet again it would be at the hands of the Cut Throat Crew. On 28th June Addy would face off against Jo Nathan and Epic with the NXT Championship on the line. Finally, On the 28th of June Addy would capture his first championship in BPZ. Lifting the NXT Championship high above his head surrounded by his Inner Circle brothers.

(June 28-July 26)The fall of a champion: After winning the NXT championship Addy would bask in its glory releasing a mighty promotional video discussing recent events. He broke down Austin Omega and his goal of capturing the NXT title one more time and continued his destruction throughout the month leading up to King Of The Ring however...It wasn't enough. On the night of July 26th Addy lost the NXT Championship to Austin Omega. Addy was the 50th NXT Champion and his goal of becoming double champion and longest reigning NXT Champion (89 Days held by Bart) were to never be accomplished.


Year Show Role Notes
2012 Britain's most wanted Himself Interviewed and documented life during sentence.
Video Games
Year Title Role Notes
2020 BPZ Carnage vs Valor Himself Playable Character

Personal life:

Often spending his days in Isolation within the confines of his room, Addy survives on only the necessities for living. His diet is regulated closely to maintain his health and fitness and it has been noted that Addy requests his food to be salty and flavourless. Addy's room has been shown in many promotional videos, it is a near replica of the prison cell he had at Whitemoor. Concrete walls, a thin bed and barred windows. It is thought that Addy spends his time in his room around 22 hours a day and takes pride in meditating, reading and writing. Never leaving the Mafia Mansion unless to work, it is said that Addy feels so outcast from society and the outside world that he deems necessary he takes shelter. In 2014 a psychiatric mental analysis was performed however the findings were lost.

In Wrestling:

  • Finishing moves:
    • 'Riot Control' (High Angle Big boot)
      'Death Row' (Sleeper Hold)
  • Signature moves:
    • 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' (Rapid Gut Punches)`Similar to a prison stabbing)


  • Nicknames:
  • The Harbinger
  • The Beast Of Whitemoor (2015-Present)
  • Addy
  • The hand which provides(2011-2020)


  • Entrance Themes:
  • Critical Darling - Slipknot

Championships and accomplishments

  • BrendenPlayz Wrestling
  • BPZ NXT Championship (June-July 2020)
  • PTC Competitor (2020)
  • KOTR Competitor (2020)






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