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The Akki

Management Akki | Guest: WWE234

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We await the arrival of wwe234, making his first appearance since losing to Akki at BPZmania. This unexpected return as the crowd on his feet, what’s wwe234 going to say? Is he going to address his match at Evolve TakeOver: Last Stand against The Marker?

The camera’s cut backstage as we see wwe234 walking, which leads to a pop from the crowd. It has been a long time but finally, WAIT, THERE IS BART. BART IS ATTACKING WWE234, he is beating the living hell out of him. Bart is destroying wwe234, what has he done to him to deserve this kind of treatment. Bart continues to beat him up, until he throws him away while looking satisfied into the camera.



Bart now demands a microphone as he starts walking to the ramp, looking to crash Akki Management. He makes his way to the ramp, where he gets a microphone and starts talking to Akki, while continuing to walk towards the ring.

Oh, not the guest you wanted. Ah that’s too bad, I heard wwe234 got an accident on his way down. That’s rough. Very, very unfortunate, but I will do my best to fill in. You see, giving how I am about to become the face of this brand, I might as well help to step in and keep the action going.

Bart now goes into the ring, and a stare down between him and Akki take place. Akki is still in shock by Bart’s brutal attack on wwe234, Bart smiles at him as he starts talking again.

You made a mistake Akki. Interrupting me doesn’t come without paying a price. You see, I don’t care for you little buddy, in fact I had never heard of him before today, but I do care for the irresponsibly that you are showing. You come out and interrupt Evolve’s biggest star without questioning yourself if that’s right? You made me stay in that shithole of an arena, which looks an awful lot like this one, and waste my valuable time. But I am going to be honest, I enjoyed beating your good friend  up, seeing his senseless budy lying there was a pleasure. But you know what is going to be an even bigger pleasure, beating up YOU. When I walk out of Last Stand the Number 1 contender for the Global Title and I see you lying there, that’s when you know what I mean.

You frustrate me, your constant whining, your behaviour, the fact how you keep putting yourself into matches where you shouldn’t be in. I don’t know what went into the Gm’s mind when he decided to put you in this match. What have you done? Lose, lose and oh yeah, lose.

And you know what pisses me of the most? It’s the fact how you keep saying you want to destroy Carnage. Akki, if you want to destroy Carnage, then why are you competing for Evolve’s championship? There’s no way we can destroy Evolve with a loser like you on top. The best way to destroy Carnage would be for you to leave Evolve and go there and try your best on Carnage.

I get it Akki, the whole f*ck Carnage thing is just an act. It’s you trying to keep your self employed. You have given up on being a serious competitor, so instead you are that guy who people love to laugh at, and let’s be honest, it’s a way to show that people in BPZ respect persons who are mentally ill.

But I have had enough of your shit. You have pissed me when you were ducking me in the NXT division, and you are doing it again now. I won’t wait till next week, I am going to end you right here, RIGHT NOW.

Before Bart can do anything, a very familiar theme song his heard throughout the arena.

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Red Arrow's familiar theme begins

"Nobody Likes You, Everyone Left You, They're All Out Without You, Having Fun"

The rest of Red Arrow's theme doesn't play. Instead, the lights go out.

The silence punctuates the air with a certain mystique before the sound of glass smashing breaks the silence

The lights go back on, and Red Arrow is in the ring, NXT Championship in one hand, microphone in the other

"Silly fools, messing with unnecessary troubles. Akki, you can hold all the talk shows and interview segments you want, it won't do the one thing you can't, win matches. Bart, you can make yourself feel good inside by attacking all the jobbers you want. This just shows where all you low-level humans go wrong. You run around focusing on attacking anything with a face and trying to bring your self-esteem up. Meanwhile the superior beings are focused on the real prize. Neither of you are ready for the beating you will face at Evolve: The Last Stand. When we fight for that #1 contendership to the Global Championship, you will both realize what you are up against. Until then, you can go around doing whatever makes you happy. Just remember that you are in for a hellacious fight that you will not win.''

Akki reaches for a microphone, but Arrow stares at him and he drops it

"At The Last Stand, I will pick you all apart piece by piece. My main focus the past weeks have been on finding weaknesses, and I have targeted what makes you crumble. My secrets will remain confidential. The reason you won't be able to defeat me is because you have no idea how to face me. You have never faced anyone or anything close to my level. The worst nightmare you have had is but a speck compared to what I bring to the ring. The things I have seen in my life, oh the things I have seen. They would make any normal man beg for mercy, it would bring them to the edge and destroy everything about them. But I am no normal man, for I have stared death in the face and laughed."

"Even the most demonic of creatures, even the devil himself, could not bring me to my knees and make me beg for mercy. After what I have been through, do you think I am scared of you two? A couple of big-talking losers with no actions to back up their words? Do you think I am scared of an egotistic and a man who thinks he is underrated after being given chance after chance? No. I am not scared of anyone, everyone is scared of me."

"I could attack the two of you, I could destroy you two right here, right now, but no. I will wait, I have been waiting patiently. I have been very patient as a count down the days until I get to unleash my power upon those who laugh at the idea of me. I will be going to the deep, dark place in my mind, searching deeper for worse and worse methods to torture my opponents. I already have in my head one way to slowly pick apart and destroy the two of you."

"Akki, Bart, you better be ready to feel true pain. After our match, you will wish that I would've finished you, ended the suffering. But no, I will be right there, watching as my subjects writher in pain..."



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