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BPZ Commentaries by Bleacher Report

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Welcome to BPZ commentaries, the leader in shoots from your favourite BPZ wrestlers. See you'r favourites answer your questions, and see them talk about the key moments of their career + hear their thoughts on the other BPZ superstars. What is going on in the life of a BPZ wrestler, BC is THE place to hear all the stories from behind the fourth wall. 

If you like BPZ and you want to know more about your favourite BPZ wrestlers, then this is the place to come to. 

Our first Episode will be with the famous Hollywood star JoshNow.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first episode of BPZ commentaries. Today we will be talking to the man who is currently retired, Joshnow. We will be talking about the controversial Chaos Break up, he will be answering the dick bag, we will see some word associations, and then, yes this is a part of the show, we got him to answer a Fuck, Marry and Kill question. No we did not kidnap him.

Bart: Josh, I am going to bring you back to a key moment in your career. KOTR 2016, you turn on Chaos and you allign yourself with Bic. Roughly 7 months later, how do you feel about that decision?

Josh: Well, I don't regret it one bit.I did after BiC turned on me, for a bit. But overall, despite all our hard work, Chaos just never worked. And the feud with BiC was not only fun but it elevated me. So, yeah, I still look back on it positively.

Bart: Let's get behind the curtain now, what was FDS reaction when you told him about your plan to turn on Chaos?

Josh: Well I never told him I planned to turn on Chaos. I just did it because Slim and BiC had it all planned out for me. But he did hear the rumours. And asked me "What the f*ck is happening. Why does BiC say your lying down for him. Are you leaving Chaos to allign with BiC?"

Bart: Wow, that's quite a story you have there. This is an often forgotten part in the live of BPZ wrestlers, making tough choices. But onto the next thing now. Josh, not only are you competing inside the ring, you also run the popular show FAC, and sometimes, let's just say, you lose control of the situation, with a good example being the last slammy award episode. What was going through your mind throuhgout that episode?

Josh: Let's just say, I had been told Slim and Flynn might make things more, well, interesting we'll say. So I decided to put Nate on the show aswell. Only, it turns out, I started the interview and Nate logged off. So I was left on my own with those two. At times to be honest, it was quite funny. So, upon seeing the rep I got following that show, I decided that in 2 weeks time, on Episode 100, I welcome Slim and Flynn back to the show. As well as a mystery guest.

Bart: Damnit, I knew that was going to happen. But now, it''s time to play some games. First of the famous 'Who's a dick" game. You might want to be careful with your words here. 

Josh: Wow, yeah my agent has alerted me about that before I signed up to do the episode. 

Bart: So let's put you straight to the test. First off, you're GM, Bailey. 

Josh: Bailey, not had any problems with him so no.

Bart: Next up, your former partner, Bic.

Josh: At times, yes he can be. But I'd say it's a mostly no. He can sometimes be annoying and link me stuff I've already repped, though. 

Bart: next up, quite a controversial figure here in BPZ, Ross.

Josh: A few months ago I'd have said yes. He kicked me a lot and sometimes came out with nasty comments. But at the end of the day, he's a good mod, a good worker and a good person.

Bart: Let's move on to the next game now, the word associations.I give you a name, you say the first word that comes to your mind. First up, Slim. 

Josh: Impressive. 

Bart: Next up, Bart. 

Josh: OK. 

Bart: And finnaly, the creator himself, BrendenPlayz. 

Josh: TEW 

Bart:  Ok Josh, we now get to the part of the show, where I am going to make sure I am not overpaying for you.

Josh: You're paying me nothing.

Bart: That doesn't matter. 

Josh: But...

Bart: The final thing Josh, don't run away plz.

Fuck, Marry, Kill. 

Josh: Wait. I don't remember signing up to this?

Bart: Advice to the children, read the small letters.

Josh: Ok, I guess I will have to go with it. 

Bart: Josh, answer the fuck marry kill for the following three persons: GRV, Bullet and last but not least, Jason Bl...  


Bart: Wait, we just got cutted of. Something went wrong people, I have no clue what happend. 

Josh: Oh, no. 

Bart: Somewhere down the line we lost our connection to the BPZ network. 

Josh: They missed my answer, what a shame. 

Bart: What a shame. 

Josh: It's truely devastating. 

Bart: I will thank you for the interview Josh. 

Josh: Thanks for having me. 

Bart: And I will see you guys at the next episode of BPZ commentaries, see you guys there. 



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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor BC logo

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another Episode of BPZ commentaries. This week we speak to one of the fast rising faces in BPZ, a key member of the Carnage Brand, a former NXT, Tag Team, and United States Champion, we welcome to the show this week, @SummerGamz

Bart: Echo, welcome to the show, it is nice to have such a big star on the show. Let's get started now, that's where the people paid for at the end of the day.                                Echo, you have become a top face of Carnage recently, what was it that brought you to the next level in your opinion?

Echo: I don’t actually know. It was something I worked on for a long time and it took a while for me to find the sweet spot. But once I had beaten Peter I knew it was only uphill from there. But as for a certain quality that brought me to the next level I’d say my determination, I’ve stuck with things even in the most dire situations and it’s proven to be a key tool for me.

Bart: Let's go to a heated topic now that you were involved in. the Surivivor Series match were you took part in was all over the media as one of the most chaotic matches and rivalries in BPZ history, could you share your inside on it? 

Echo: Well, I’m glad we’ve got to this because it gave me almost a new perspective on the company from someone on the inside. Being there with so many egos and everyone trying to build themselves up it was wild. But it was an experience I’ll never forget because it proved I can truly hang with the big dogs. So despite how public it was, I enjoyed the time I spent working with some of the most talented guys this company has to offer.

Bart: I think it's fair to stay that you have established yourself as a top dog, and with that comes the question, what's plans do you have in mind? What would you like to accompllish in the upcoming months? 

Echo: Well that’s a big ask, there’s many things I really wanna do but I’ve been forced to put on the back burner for the time being. I can say this I want the Premium Title, I wanna do something big for BPZ Mania and I do what I do best, shock the system. But honestly everything is really vague right now because things change in a heartbeat around this place, one day you can wake up and you’ll be booked for a new show and it’ll all be mad. I can only tell you to stay in touch, keep a close watch.

Bart: Moving onto something different now, the BPZ brands. With you being of the select few who has had experience on both Evolve and Carnage, what would you say are the main differences in shows and their rosters?

Echo: I think one obvious difference is the history behind these brands. I don’t wanna hate on Evolve but there’s less room to grow, it’s noticeable for a guy trying to make it too the top. That’s what we’re seeing now with all the recent Carnage guys making huge power plays compared to what they were doing on Evolve. It’s quite monumental. But Evolve is always going to be special because It gives you the most opportunities. The amount of stars that are there makes it the ideal place to make a start.

Bart: Echo, you have recently been away ftom the company, how have you spend your time and how did it feel being away from the action?

Echo: It was hard to let those things go. I had both titles, everything in my hand, it was all working. It was a hard decision stepping away for a month and focusing on other things. But I loved the chance I got filming a movie and even learning more about how to maximize my health with the highly talented doctors BPZ has at their disposal. It was a cool experience but I knew that as soon as I was done I wanted to return. Not to mention I got two huge pops for the return on Carnage and at the rumble. 

Bart:  Talking about your return, we can say that didn't go as planned, getting eliminated in the Rumble and losing to UNDISPUTED in the tag tourney, how do you feel about those matches?

Echo: Well, I wasn’t very happy with the way the rumble went down and like I said the night after I saw that sort of thing coming with George. That’s one thing I find hard being a face though. I’m an easy target I’ll put it that way. I’m not superhuman and most of the time I’m prone to the beat downs and the pain. It’s all about getting back up from that. Sure, I’m gonna take a few more Ls in my career but it’s about making the Ws count. And as much as I’d like to dwell on it and do what anyone In their right mind would do about it, I’m willing to put that aside and focus on the future. I’m willing to bet there’s a few more big wins on the horizon for me.

Bart: Ok final questions before we take a break from the tense questions and take a quick break with the games, Echo, the US division has really come to live recently, with the likes of yourself, Ross, George, Akki, Bart and others really stepping up to make the US Title one of THE titles in BPZ, with Josh and Ross now looking to move on from the US division, how do you see the future of the Title moving forward?

Echo: I think it’s still bright. Especially considering the NXT Title scene right now. It’s on a new high which means in a few months we have a whole new batch of guys to be threats for the title. I like how the entire company is getting a new gasp of life and the US Division is key in turning Midcarders into future main eventers. There’s a lot of guys I see being future world champs among our bunch.

Bart: ok Echo, this is were we move on to go to the more creative side of things,  would you rather- bpz edition. These are sent in by our fans. First off: Face Bailey or get another shot at the Universal title at BPZmania? 

Echo: Oh that’s a very hard choice. Probably universal title tbh. Getting a chance like that on such a big stage is pretty hard to pass up. Even with a spot against the boss on the line. 

Bart: This would you rather is for the hardcore bpz fans. Work a feud with bullet or be in a stable with GRV for 3 months? 

Echo: I dont know, both are pretty polarizing figures. But I mean, when they're dedicated to something they'll do it. I'd probably take GRV over Bullet, purely because Bullet's only notoriety as a wrestler in this company is talking about other companies, such as WWE and such. He has a few controversial opinions. But I think GRV, although he has a short temper, he can be invested in a feud if he tries.

Bart: Now let's get back to the questions. Echo, with us almost approaching BPZmania, that also means that July is around the clock, and your name has been popping up as a favourite to win the KOTR tournament, where you made your debut last yera , how do you feel about this opportunity and would you consider youself a favourite? 

Echo: Its an honor really. We'll just say last year didnt go to plan, it was myself vs my indy rival and former friend, Xavier King. I lost obviously as he went on to win the entire tournament. Although it is an honor to be mentioned as a favorite, i personally prefer being the underdog. It gives you more of a chance to shock people. I always get giddy whenever I can make a magical moment or do something that people dont see coming, but KOTR is definitely there and with the way im going, I could see myself being a top talent for that. It would be a huge opportunity for me and my career trajectory.

Bart: ok our final question now, we might not end this show off on a happy note, but we here at BPZ commentaries care about the truth, so if that's the case, that's that. Echo, speculation has started about your behaviour, at what point does the continuous beatdowns and the constant targeting takes his toll and do you start to show a different attitude to the fans and the other BPZ wrestlers?

Echo: I like to keep a positive tone usually in whatever I do, because I never wanna feel down on myself, or else I fall deeper into a trap but I won't lie. It's hard. There's been points in my career, mostly across the indies, where i've had to learn the hard way. By turning evil per say and being the bad guy. I have gone dark roads before and it's something I know is deep down there. It's my job to keep it down there for as long as I can but time and time again, I have moments where I doubt myself, where i'm sitting at home at wondering if I will be able to be kept in peace. It's not only crossed my mind but I've seen sparks of it in my actions. I think a good example of that was what happened between me and George in the locker room before our tag match. Of course, that didn't go the way I planned it to go, but I felt like I wasn't the same Echo. I want to keep those demons I know I have deep inside me, I can't fortell when or if at all, they will show themselves in BPZ.

Bart: Ladies and Gentlemen, that was it for this week, thank you all for tuning into another episode of BPZ commentaries, I want to thank our guest Echo Wilson, that was it for this week, goodbye and until next time fokes. 


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Welcome to another episode of BPZ Commentaries. Today we will be speaking to the current Premium Champion, a winner of various titles in his time here. The man who will be speaking today, "the best in the world at what he does" @Brad Welcome to the show. 

Bart: Let's start now. Brad, throughout the years many faces have come and gone, but you have been here at a constitent basis. What keeps going?

Brad: "My love for this company. I've told everyone I have faced off that my love for BPZ will always out match theirs. I've gone three months here without a contract before and I still showed up and went to work. Why? Because I am dedicated to this business and that will never change."

Bart: Your love for the company is clearly visible. However, sometimes you don't get the same love in return. How do you handle critics and haters?

Brad: "By showing up to whatever is needed. Do I have the career I dreamed of? No. But do I have one that I can be proud of? Yes. I have won titles, faced against the best we ever had, and I have yet to lose a step on the microphone. Those haters say i wouldn't of won Premium. I did. Those haters said I wouldn't lead Team Carnage to a win. I did. Those haters keep me working and it is sweet when they get shut down."

Bart: You are currently, with as you said winning the Premium Title and leading team Carnage to victory. With BPZmania coming up and your current monenetum, what are your plans for the upcoming period, what would you like to achieve?

Brad: "My plans are simple. I want to hold onto this title for a while. I spent three damn years to get this belt and it'll take God to take it from me. Also, one more goal on my mind. Money In The Bank. I was so close at Bad Blood. So close. And I failed. Now, I've dusted myself off and I will not stop. I will not quit until I get Money In The Bank. Then, I get to fulfil my dream. And win the BPZ World Championship."

Bart: a world title victory has haunted you for quite some time. You came close on various occasions, what do you think has prevented you from winning one?

Brad: "Me. My actions backstage. Politics. Who knows? All I know is that I won't look at my past, but I will pay attention to the present and the future."

Bart: Speaking of the past, leading up to Bad Blood, you were seen in a few backstage segments with the Karico Brand. It was looking like you would be the 4th man in the quickly rising stable. However, after Bad Blood, you weren't mentioned in any of the Karico Brand segments, which ended up disbanding shortly after. Some wrestling sites have reported that you were the reason for the ending of  the Karico Brand. Could you tell us what happened?

Brad: "Huh, the Karico Brand. Yes, I was suppose to be the fourth man. And I was happy with that. I liked that to be honest. Here is my issue. I needed a few days off and said "I might not be at a certain Payperview." And what happened? I was getting replaced. When I came back after a few days off, I asked but was denied. So I brought in a outsider, and that ended the Brand. Bart and Prince are good guys, we are actually friends. Karico is nothing but a sore cock sucker who has a stick so far up his ass, he became a fucking stick."

Bart: Brad, your career has seen great moments , what would you say is your favourite moment in your history here in bpz?

Brad: "God there are so many. But here is one. Bad Blood 2015. The best month of my entire career. I was the man, I was the best of any division that month. I had the "Brad Club", "Brad Blood". I battled five of the best stars of all time in a Hell In A Cell match and won. It was the best moment of my life to hold up that Intercontinental Championship over my head, having stars give me congrats. I never forget that, and I never will."

Bart: Well, let's look on the opposite now. If there was one moment which you could change in your career, what would it be?

Brad: "And that's another "There are so many". I guess it is how I acted backstage. I'll be the first to admit, I was a druggie, a drunk. Pain killers, weed, booze, it ruined me and a lot of relationships backstage. I wished I got clean earlier than that point, cause i ruined everything business and personal wise"

Bart: Now, we are gonna continue with some games. First off, we are gonna start of with a classic. This used to be done by another shoot show called "down with the shoot", long before BPZ commentaries ruled the shoot dvd business. Here, I have a big bag with all kinds of objects in it, and when i pull one out, you give me the first name in the biz that comes to your mind. You get it?

Brad: Hit me with it. 

Bart: first off, a bottle of Vodka

Brad: Me 

Bart: Next up, cocaine. Be aware, these are just props and not. 

Brad: Ross

Bart: Next up, we have a picture of somebody begging for food. 

Brad: Necce, and I have story about why. Want to hear it? 

Bart: Ofcourse 

Brad: "2015 me and Necce were traveling to a show, and we stopped at a Burger King in Michigan. He ends up forgetting his wallet at the hotel and I just spent a lot on my house in San Antonio. So he says "watch this". We walk in and he approaches the counter all gangsta like and then he breaks down crying begging the lady for food. I'm there laughing, but a kind gentlemen, who i repaid back, helped us out. We got back in the car and I couldn't stop laughing"

Bart: Now then, here we have a picture of a politicial debate. Who comes up in your mind?

Brad: You want an honest answer? 

Bart: ofcourse. 

Brad: Slim. 

Bart: Mind to explain why. 

Brad: "We all know what happens backstage. But if i go on, I'll get the same "jobber" shit as always"

Bart: That's it for this game, we can't fill more in the bag. Now, I present the famous guy, who is a dick. I assume you know how this works

Brad: Ofcourse 

Bart: first off, your gm, Bailey

Brad: "He can be a dick sometimes. But other than that, he's cool"

Bart: Your long time rival, Flynn

Brad: "He's pretty cool. Always brings the best of me"

Bart: you mentioned him before, Karico

Brad: "He's the tip of the dick"

Bart: The Evolve GM, Nate 

Brad: "He's a cool guy. Good friend"

Bart: Your former tag team partner, Echo Wilson

Brad: "Hard worker and chill guy"

Bart: you mentioned him before aswell, Slim

Brad: "Dick most of the time, but he has his alright moments"

Bart: that's it for this game. 

Bart: For the final part of the show, you, a veteran in the business, are going to review some workers based on 3 skills. Mic, Workrate and Personality.  Ratings goes from 1 till 10. Got it? Alright then 

Bart: First off, the world heavyweight champion, Smith 

Brad: "Mic I give a 9, Workrate a 10, and personality a 9"

Bart: Let's continue with Champions, the IC champion, FDS

Brad: "I say 8 for all"

Bart: Let's review a new guy, Storm

Brad: "Mic 3, work 2, personality 0"

Bart: I think you know this guy pretty well, the premium champion, Brad

Brad: "Im a motherfucking 100 you stupid idiot"

Bart: I can't say I didn't see that coming. That ends the show however. Brad I want to thank you for coming, you were well-worth the money

Brad: Thanks for having me. 

Ands that's it, see you guys next time at BPZ commentaries.


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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor bc logo

Ladies and Gentlemen, finally we have returned to the most iconic show in BPZ History. However, it saddens me to say that the amazing format of the show will be changing. This is unforunate but the only way to go, as all of you are expensive fuckers who do not bring in money, I mean, I am looking for a new challenge. From now on, BPZ commentaries will be your #1 station to cover everything BPZ, think about booking, show reviews, list and whatever else you can possibly imagine with that beautiful brain of yours.  However, don't you know the expression about the more souls the more fun? Neither do I but I can't do this damn job by myself. Therfore I convinced someone by offering him a false paycheck, I mean, convince him of my increadible ideas in the name of @Yelich. However, I hear you thinking, I want to join this team of immortal, well, today is your lucky day! We are looking for more people to join the BPZcommentaries team, so if you're up for the challenge, let me know (on Discord) 

I will see you all soon on BPZ commentaries, where I haven't yet found a slogan for. 

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Welcome back to BPZ Commentaries, today we will bringing you an exclusive interview with the Carnage GM and 5 time, yes 5 times, he never says that so you might not know, world champion, Bailey. I know, I just talked about how the format of this show was going to change and then we comeback and do another interview? The reason is simple, with the trade and draft happening a few days ago, this was too big an oppurtunity to pass up on, rumour has it that our interviewer did this at 4 am. We don't pay them enough, we really don't. Anyways, enjoy: 

Bailey, the last period has been quite an eventful one for you as Carnage gm. Of course, we will cover the draft later on, but for right now I want to talk about the trade. Flynn, a men who many thought was gonna spend the rest of his life on the red brand, got traded together with Necce for Bart and Jon, completely shaking up both brands. Can you tell me why you decided to make that move?

Me and Flynn always could get along like business man despite our differences but Flynn got to big for himself. Thought he was bigger than the Brand itself. And then one day we got into a heated argument that led to him refusing to work Cyber Sunday and that he wanted out so I gave him out..I gave him away for the future.  Flynn had a great run but that era of carnage ran its course and it was time for the New Generation of Carnage to take over.

With that new generation of Carnage being locked in for the draft, it gave you a nice chance to establish your roster even further with the number one pick in the draft. To the suprise of some, you gave it to the men who you once called "the future of Carnage" but who we haven't seen of much recently, Prince. Why did you decide to pick him with the first overall selection in the draft?

Because I Once took Prince under my wing so I know all the Potential he has in him. I can see a star in him and things for him went south after he went on hiatus but now he is back and should rise up on Carnage.. well hopefully he can do that without me by his side.

Hold on there, you will no longer be by his side. Can you explain why you will no longer be by his side, is this a mutual agreement or did one of you force that decision?

Well I gave the kid everything he could of wanted here on Carnage. I was basically handing him the the Top spot on my brand on a silver platter and he just decides to leave out of nowhere? He disrespected me and my brand so that is why I am done with him but I know he has all the potential to climb the mountain by himself.

One of the most controversial moments following the trade was the stripping the champions Flynn and Bart of their championships. Many wonder why the championships weren't switched. Why was the decision made to have both champions stripped?

The Universal Championship is Carnage Property not Flynn Property. And I wasn't willing to give up that title after all I have put that title through to make it so prestigious. It's my creation and I worked hard to make sure it was the Number One Title in this company and much better than Global.

So now, lets move on to another topic. While you are the Carnage GM, you are also a 5 time world champion and one of the greatest performers in BPZ History. We haven't seen much of you recently, are their plans on your mind?

Let's just say I'm Feeling another Run in me. I gotta remind everyone whose Yard this is.

You very recently called out Ryan for a match at the biggest ppv of the summer, Summerslam. Ryan and you obviously have  history, but what was the reason to call him out for this match?

I have a Bone to Pick with Ryan and we have never really faced off One On One in our long long history. And I've wanted this for a long long time.

Many think that you have influence in the BPZ creative team, some even argue that you decide who wins matches . Wouldn' it be fun to put this to the test? Therefore let's see you make a prediction. Who do you think will be the World, IC, US, Prem and NXT champions after SS?

Julius,  Bart, Julius, Echo , Buddy Ace.

I think that's about all, thanks for being on the show. 

Thanks for having me on the show.

That wraps it up, thanks for once again tuning into BPZ commentaries, the home for everything BPZ. See you guys next time.

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With your host: Weco Dilson

Hi I'm Weco Dilson, the top story tonight concerns the draft which occured this morning, let's see how the new rosters look. Each brand had four saves, for Evolve: Slim, Smith, Flynn, and Necce. Is it just me or does this feel like the 2015 BPZ Roster? And now Carnage: Julius, Echo Wilson (No relation to myself Weco Dilson or Deco Whilson over with our "friends" at BPZ WhatCulture), Bart, and LAOCH. Out of these I believe Carnage came out on top, they have younger guys who will be around for longer and will most likely be future (if not already in the case of Julius) main eventers. But Evolve went for already established, older stars. Slim, Smith, Flynn, and Necce. Who may not be around for much longer after this. So point one goes to Carnage. Then we have your first four draft picks, the guys who will be the workhorses of your roster and do great work in the midcard and maybe in the future, the main event. For Carnage we saw Prince, Yelich, Ropati, and Brad go, and Evolve got Buddy Ace, JoshsNow, Ark Universe, and Natedog. In this case I will give Evolve the win for the simple reason of Prince, Ropati, and Natedog are people who I can not trust to be around giving their best work every month. While the rest at least for now, seem relatively reliable. Evolve would in this case have a more reliable midcard giving them the win here. But I will say that the gap between the people saved by Evolve and the people drafted it humongous, and it kinda isolates the Main Event not allowing for people like Buddy, Ark, and Josh to become Main Eventers and maybe Grand Champion. Making it so if those big name guys saved by Evolve, if even two of them go on a break (Let's say, Smith and Flynn), they're screwed. Bust still, Evolve wins this, tying it 1-1. Then we have the next eight picks. For Carnage it was Bashka, George, Sameer, and Ryan Reeves. While for Evolve picked Sheridan, Jason Ryan, The Marker, and BiC. I think Evolve won this by far. Carnage went for name value here, but there's no promise these people will actually do anything in the next four months, while Evolve I believe got three reliable NXT stars that can and will be reliable workhorses for Evolve in the future in Sheridan, Jason Ryan, and The Marker. Which makes Evolve go up 2-1. Then you have the rest of the picks, which are all mainly guys who won't be around in a few months. So I'll have to give it to Evolve since they got Storm, and Storm is the only pick that I can trust out of these. So Evolve wins 3-1. And they got the better of the BPZ Draft. But that isn't to say Evolve is perfect, since the disparity between the midcard and main event is so bad that is could ruin them in the near future. But Carnage just didn't have many good picks, but since they don't have that disparity between Main Event and Midcard, I think they could very easily become the supreme brand in the coming months.

Our next story is on the recently announced return of the Global Championship Chase, with the winner receiving the Global Championship. Also apparently the Global Championship is back? So bye Grand Championship. In Block A we have Storm, Ark Universe, Jason Ryan, and Buddy Ace. And in Block B we have the possible winners: Flynn and Slim, and then we have Sheridan (replacing JoshsNow) and The Marker. Now lets go over the big matches in the tournament: On Night Two we have Flynn vs Slim, and that's it. Like I said earlier about the disparity between the main event and midcard, Flynn and Slim look like obvious winners, making the entire series after that match, at least for me Weco Dilson, uninteresting. As that match on Night Two is looking to decide the entire tournament, and they put it on the first night of that block. This disparity between the main event and midcard is looking to be horrendous already for Evolve. But it looks like they will probably have a good bounce back as my guess is that one big name who is oddly missing from this tournament (Necce) will get a title shot against the winner of the tournament in their first defense, which will hopefully get eyes back on their product. But that's just me, maybe one of the other six will pull off a surprise win, maybe Necce won't get a shot at it, who knows? Ross does, Ross knows. Anyways that's all the time I have for tonight, I'll see you all next time on The BPZ News Network. This is Weco Dilson (Not to be confused with Echo Wilson or Deco Whilson) signing off.

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BPZ Top 5 Segments

Welcome to the first ever episode of the BPZ top 5, I am your host Mike Hunt and today we will be ranking the top 5 segments this past week here in the batshit crazy world in BPZ as well as a special superstar of the week announcement at the very end who will be sent a plaque with their name on it from my boss

5. Alright lets get started with Number 5 because it would be weird if we started at 4, we have the little segment featuring on EVOLVE TV between NXT Champion Buddy Ace and The Marker. As Buddy introduced himself to the EVOLVE crowd he was cut by the former NXT Champion The Marker. What came after was brutal with The Marker absolutely dismantling Buddy Ace sending a message to everyone that he is a serious threat to the title. This segment gets the number one spot, well because it had violence and Mike loves violence and Spoiler this wont be the only time Buddy Ace is featured on the list 

4. At the number 4 spot we have the former Global Champion who claims to have been screwed, yes we are talking about Bart's tirade on Carnage TV a couple of days ago. He made sure to call out everyone imaginable and even got a bit angry with Carnage GM Bailey. Bailey has been hinting at some in-ring competition so maybe Bart will get the chance to let out his inner rage. Probably not. Bart get's the fourth spot as we go to number 3

3. Angelo Caito's video package hits the mark at number 3 adding intrigue to when we will see the former Intercontinental champion on BPZ TV. It provided a nice look at his career, mostly the bad stuff but nonetheless he left a message saying Summerslam,. I wonder what that means, maybe he bought a ticked maybe he will be backstage maybe he likes the word and thought it would be cool to use it. Anyway Angelo comes in at number 3

2. It was very hard to grade these last two because well they were both excellent, but coming in at number 2 is Slim and Buddy Ace's back and forth confrontation. Slim challenged Buddy to a match for the Global title and everyone was excited will we see Slim be defeated by the NXT Champion, but then Ross set up a series which ruled out an immediate match up but we could still see them in the final. Anyway to the segment itself, Slim was once again at his charismatic best engaging the crowd as well as delivering an effective message and well Buddy Ace showed that he is more then capable of playing with the Big dog's. Sorry Roman

1. And at number one, it had to be, surely, It's the reunion between Flynn and Necce after the battles they went to at BPZ Mania and then at King of the ring. A truly emotional segment left a lone tear stream down my eye as I saw the two hug it out and it left me excited to see what comes of this. Maybe a Tag-team run or the formation of a stable who knows, but I think I can speak for all as we look forward to seeing what these two do next 


Superstar of the Week

The superstar of the week is drum roll please production guy.... Buddy Ace, being Evolves Number One pick has positioned him for some great success in the future. He also has The Marker and Slim chasing him down which could produce some excellent matches down the line. Buddy is also many people's pick to walk out of Block A the winner in the Global Series. Definitely someone to look out for in the future and most importantly you will get your plaque

Image result for The Miz 2009

Well that's all from me I hope u enjoyed the episode and I can't wait to bring you the top 5 next week. This is Mike Hunt signing out 

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So this is the point where we can’t find anymore people to tell us stuff and instead we are left having to think of stuff ourselves and actually work for our money, I mean our interims work their asses for our money while they get nothing, but you didn’t hear that. Anyways, we thought of what would get the most views and therefore came to the unanimous decision (even though I was the only who made the decision while ignoring the screaming the interims) to rebook:



NXT Championship: Julius © vs The Marker vs Storm 
These three guys had been feuding for a while leading up this match, meaning that there was a great backstory going in to it. They also did great work with feud. One thing that I wouldn’t have done is the HIAC stipulation. While it might have led to some cool spots, I think that it would’ve been better to just be a regular match because of two reasons: 
Both an EC Match and a HIAC match on the same show are extremely impractical and the EC Match was a required for the feud to work, this wasn’t the case in the NXT match. 
You don’t want to have too many fancy stipulation matches on one show, while this match was good, it wasn’t that good to the point where it should get the biggest stipulation on the card. 
In our version of the match, not many changes, expect for the fact it becomes a regular Triple Threat. Julius was doing well with the title and therefore him retaining was the right decision, especially since we know that his opponents in the match will get their moment a few months later. 
          United States Championship: Bart © vs Kieron Black 
This was one of the least build up matches if not the least. It was basically one promo as the BPZ creative team remembered last second that they had a United States Title. In our booking, this changes. Kieron continues to promo about how he wants to win the title, right after SVDM. At first, Bart doesn’t respond, as he finds  other matches more important, but in the end, Kieron forces him to reply by interrupting him. That is the set up to the match. For the finish, we here believe that Kieron winning would have been the best for the simple reason that the focus would always be with the Global Title for Bart, while the United States Title became the red-headed stepchild more and more as his reign continued. Putting someoen with 3 titles is fun and does a great job for building up a charachter up, but we here think that Kieron doing work with the United States Title would have been the better option. You can even sell the loss by having it late in the show, as Bart has already competed in multiple matches. Kieron with the title would have been interesting sight that we wish we would have seen. 

Premium Championship: Echo Wilson vs Brad © 
Yes, you read that right. In this booking, we are not going to make this a multi-man match, instaed we are going to capitalize on the history between both men. Flashback, Halloween Havoc 2017. AK-17 and their very quick rise to glory. What happened after? No one knows. During the AK-17 run, it always felt like Brad cared more about the team, where as Echo was more concerned with holding the titles but couldn’t care less for the team, that’s gonna be the main thrive point for this match. Event though both are baby faces, that shouldn’t be a problem as Echo turns pretty soon after BPZMania, so he can slowly start to tease being a heel in this feud and  even if he doesn’t, both are strong enough on the mic to pull this off. 

Global Championship: Elimination Chamber Match
We are going to keep the orginal competitors for this match as we believe that the BPZ booking team picked the right persons to be in the match. The real problem with this match was that most competitors barely promoed about it, which made the match seem random. In our booking, this match gets a lot more attention, multiple segments with all competitors take place, including a wild contract signing and many interactions backstage, in the ring, and outside the arena. In the end, we would still have Bart win, as his reign turned out to be a great one and it is the only logical booking after awarding someone to the title to have them successfully defend the title at least once. 

Echo Wilson vs Bailey: 
Not much change here, classic story of the upcoming star facing off against the old and bitter authority figure. The story was told well and the match was great. Very well done and the right result that gave Echo a well deserved boost after a few months away from the company. The gimmick also works well, so we will keep it. 

 Intercontinental Championship: Ross vs Josh vs FDS © 
Yes, we have entered Ross into this match. The reason for that is that the company’s plan always seemed to put the belt on Ross, as we look at what happened after the match, it’s really not worth to have Josh win the title and then lose it today’s later at such a big stage. If this happened at, let’s say, Bad Blood, it would have been fine, but at BPZMania, the biggest stars should have their moment which is why we have Ross win here. The feud would basically be Ross and FDS going back and forward with Josh trying to get in there while bringing up his rivalry with Ross a lot, in typical Josh fashion. The match would be one with many nearly falls, but ultimately Ross would win and in our booking, have a lengthy reign with the title. 

Tag Team Championships: Bart and Slim vs Ruin (Jon and FDS)

The tournament before this was a mess, with both finalist turning one another, then it turns out one of them didn’t actually turn but just got a new partner instead, and one half of the other team stopped caring for the match. It also was for everyone in this match one of the many matches, and even in our booking everyone will have at least double duty for the night. However, Ruin winning was the right call, they were hot at the time and deserved a title victory. It’s also a nice payoff to two work horses in FDS and Jon, who have both been iron mans for the ccompany for a long time. 

Money In The Bank Ladder Match: 
The biggest change here will be that we will have the winner actually say that he is going for the briefcase before the match. While Flynn obviously had other stuff going on before Mania, he surely could have been able to work double duty as a very experienced member of the roster. We agree with him winning however, it would lead to a very great moment with his cash-in in the middle of the match and ultimately lead to one of the craziest matches in BPZ history, which ended up making the KOTR for the world title, the perfect way to hype up one of the biggest events on the BPZ Calendar. So we would have Flynn, FDS and others go back and forward on the microphone and maybe have one big brawl before the show. 

Universal Championship: Flynn © vs Necce 
We aren’t going to touch this, this was a perfectly told story, one of the best in BPZ History. The story of Flynn ignoring the promos by his former best friend and ultimately losing the title due to this was great. It also set up for one of the best matches in their rematch and their reunion storyline which looks very promising. Great job done here BPZ.

World Heavyweight Championship: Smith © vs Slim
What a match this was. A few things we would change however before we get into how good this one was. We wouldn’t give Slim 4 titles before BPZMania, instead he focuses solely on the Rumble because losing to Smith has upset him and is the obstacle  that he must overcome before he can continue to be “the King”. He changes his persona due to this, he becomes extremer but also more desperate. Smith on the other hand stays with he has been doing, terrific job on his part. Ultimately, we can’t argue with the result. Slim would go on to have a decent title reign before dropping the belt to Flynn in a cash-in and Smith would continue to lose one more time before going off the radar, the set-up to one of the most interesting kayfabe storylines in a long time. 


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BPZ Top 5 Segments

Welcome everybody to the second ever episode of the Top 5, I am your host Mike Hunt and today we once again will ranking the top 5 segments of the week as well as announcing a Superstar of the Week. So without further ado lets get down to ranking

5. Well there is nothing like a bit of comic relief to start the list, well comic relief to us viewers I don't think Yelich and Julius were laughing after what went down at that therapy session. Yes that's right I am talking about that segment where Yelich introduced the World to Mop and Broom. A very funny segment which also managed to show the danger that Julius presents as well as hype the upcoming US title match at Summerslam. Definitely no bias whatsoever, and Oh before we move one RIP to Mop you will be missed. On to number 4

4. Coming it at number four is the brawl we witnessed a couple of days ago on Carnage TV where LAOCH and Echo Wilson went at it to hype their Universal Championship Match at Summerslam. Some really strong promo work from both men and capped it all off with a very intense brawl where LAOCH got the upper hand, but knowing Echo he will strike back with pure Vengeance as we move closer to that much anticipated Summerslam Match. Hats off to both Echo and LAOCH, and here's to more violence, cause violence gets me hard. That came out weird. Anyway

3. We are getting down to the Business end of the list and we are focusing on the Carnage GM Bailey. He came out to the ring and called out Hall of famer Ryan Reeves to a match at Summerslam to no answer. But what came next was truly spectacular, we got the return of Josh to Carnage TV after being drafted over to EVOLVE, much to the shock of Bailey. And a match was made a match authorised by BrendenPlayz himself for Summerslam which could steal the show. A truly wonderful reveal and the team here at BPZ Commentaries can't wait to see what happens. Daniel Bryan vs The Authority, whats that. The real underdog story is Josh vs Bailey 

2. Last Week, Flynn and Necce topped my Top 5 list, and I posed the question as to what they were looking to do after they re-formed. And boy oh boy did we get an answer this week with an excellent promo from the "Golden Legacy" stating that they were going for the Kingdom's tag-team championships. What a match this is going to be with all the history these 4 men have. Maybe we will get to see Julius and Flynn meet in the ring, something that we haven't seen since Julius' shocking turn a couple months back. All these possibilities in one match which is surely going to be talked about once Summerslam ends. The Golden Legacy are back and I am loving ever bit of it

1. But topping off our list is the ever-lasting, ongoing segment promoting EVOLVE'S upcoming Global Series. There were some killer promo's by the Superstars involved, especially with Slim, Flynn, Josh and a very aggressive but entertaining rant by Jason Ryan. So many possibilities as to who will become the Global Champion but I am sure that the match quality of every match will be amazing. I still have Buddy Ace and Slim meeting in the finals but who knows, no one picked Sameer to win IC. Congratulations to all those involved, making this segment the number one of the week

Superstar of the Week

And now to my favourite part of the segment, the Superstar of the week, who will it be drumroll please producer guy... It is none other than the Gentlemen Josh who made an impactful return to BPZ featuring in the Global Series segment as well as heading over to Carnage and challenging Bailey to a match at Summerslam. Congratulations to Josh who will be receiving a plaque from the team here and we wish him all the best as he heads into one of the biggest matches of his career

Image result for jack gallagher

That's all for this week but make sure to join me next week for some more Top 5'ing. Mike Hunt signing out



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BPZ Top 5 Segments 

Welcome back to another episode of the Top 5, I am your host as always Mike Hunt and after a weeks vacation I am back and ready to roll as we bring you the best of Kayfabe for the past week. Before we start, I know a lot of the viewers were extremely worried about my disappearance last week but I am here to tell you that I actually attended BPZ Summerslam meaning that I couldn't give you the show, I assure you however that it will never happen again. Anyway here is number 5

5. A quiet week in Kayfabe after the fallout of Summerslam, but nonetheless we start things off we a returning superstar here to BPZ TV after a long period, the man they called Suby graced our screens to deliver a bizarre yet funny promo on his Emergence opponent JOH which takes place in a weeks time. It ranks here purely because of the surprise factor as well as the craziness it brought and hopefully this means we might get a response from Joh. Oh thinking about it is making we feel weird. Here is number 4

4. On the EVOLVE after Summerslam the show opened with the former King of BPZ Slim coming out to ring and addressing his loss and the future plans. He addressed his shocking loss to the so called future of BPZ Julius as well as Bart's stunning betrayal before talking about his hopes for the Global Series which will start shortly. I have a feeling that this whole issue between Slim and The Kingdom is just getting started, and I am sure we will see more of it unfold in the weeks leading up to BPZ Bad Blood at the end of September

3. It must be something about Summerslam and people coming back after a hiatus because coming in at number three is the chilling return of BIC. Our screens were shown a cell block with BIC sitting there with a different look and a much darker persona than we have seen before. What came next was truly horrific, showing us a blood tattoo on his back with the words KillStorm. If I was Storm I would watch out because this new BIC means business and it's not going to end well for the former United States Champion. Definitely keep an eye out for this feud 

2. Yet another return from a period off and it was the return of former Intercontinental Champion Angelo Caito who attacked World Heavyweight Champion Julius after his Main Event Match at Summerslam before Challenging him to a match at Emergence. It is not known whether or not the World Title will be on the line but nevertheless I'm sure its going to be a brutal match if Julius does respond. We haven't heard the World Champ's response to this attack by Caito but I'm sure he is going to be livid about the fact that someone else had stolen his spotlight. Watch out Angelo Caito danger is coming 

1. And coming in at number one, it had to be the most talked about moment this week in all of BPZ, it was the brutal beatdown The Kingdom layed on the Carnage General Manager Bailey on the episode after Summerslam. It all started with Bart calling out Bailey before things got out of hand real quick calling upon his brothers in arms to deliver a sickening beatdown which left the Carnage GM in the hands of the medics. Now that it seems that the Kingdom have overrun the authority what will they do next 

Superstar of the week 

You know what time it is know, it is time for the ever so coveted BPZ Superstar of the week and this weeks recipient is.... BART. The new Intercontinental Champion has made headlines all over the world this week with his actions, firstly at Summerslam where he betrayed Slim to side with Julius in this Kingdom Civil War before brutally dismantling Bailey the night after on Carnage. Bart might be the most wanted man in the company right now with people calling for his head left right and centre. Congratulations to Bart he is our Superstar of the week

Image result for marty scurll

Remember to catch us next week as we countdown the top 5 segments of the week. I have been your host Mike Hunt and that was 5'ing. Ugh I need a new catchphrase, it sounds like a sex position 


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BPZ Top 5 Segments 

Well, well, well ladies and Gentlemen, the most viewed show in the history of BPZ is back and as always I am your host Mike Hunt and today we are getting into the Top 5 of the week. Another quiet week for those here at BPZ still feeling the gruelling effects of Summerslam but never fear Emergence is near and Carnage I am sure is going to want to maximise on the hype in the next week. Nevertheless lets get to number 5

5. Carnage superstar is known to be a bit loose and a little screwed upstairs, but that's what puts him here at number 5 with his complete batshit crazy preparation for the Asylum Steel Cage match at Emergence, like seriously what the fuck is that. Anyway Hollow has been gracing our screens for the last month in preparation for his match against new Premium Champion Kieron Black and this week part 4 of this preparation makes its way into the top 5. I hope this match is even crazier that what we saw at World At War between Julius and Hollow 

4. World Heavyweight Champion Julius was infuriated at Angelo Caito for ruining his so called moment and delivered a chilling message to the former IC champ warning him about what he would do to him when they meet this Sunday at Emergence. Julius and Angelo are two very violent men and the match next week will definitely not be for the faint of heart. Anyway, Julius attacked Angelo Caito's lack of relevance as well as promising to eliminate him from BPZ Altogether. I don't know about you but Angelo Caito... RUN. Oh wait that was his old gimmick

3. Now one of the most bizarre revelations coming out of this week is the formation of the Frontier, three lads from BPZ's NXT Divsion, Jason Ryan, Buddy Ace and their supposed leader going by their most recent promo The Marker. These three men are the only ones left in NXT Division after Sheridan's departure which leaves us all wondering what the fuck is going to happen to the NXT Championship. Marker might actually hold that title for ever. Anyway this promo ranks here because of the major reveal of the members of the faction as well as the high quality scathing promo's all three men cut. These lads are the future of BPZ and they are certainly going to be a force to be reckoned with. Also congratulations are in order for Buddy Ace and Jason Ryan for winning their first round matches in the global series

2. Echo Wilson will defend his newly won Universal Championship at Emergence next week in a ladder match against LAOCH. In what will be an amazing match, the build has also been stellar with both men showing passion and purpose in the words they have spoken this last week. LAOCH in especially has revealed how important this match is to him and it was certainly a joy to watch. Echo also turned to LAOCH'S Career, running down the several decisions he had made such as forming RUIN. This match is going to be epic can't wait to watch it 

 1. But at number one it had to be surely, after about a month of not hearing anything, BPZ's most successful superstar finally re-appeared after the shocking news that he had been released from his contract about a month ago. This amazing video package highlighted what was next for the legend as well as showing the training regime he has undertook to get ring ready once again. An amazing reveal although it is still unknown whether or not Smith will return to BPZ. A certain World Heavyweight Champion has made it very clear that he wants a match with Smith down the line, maybe we will get it

Superstar of the week 

Well its that time of the week where we unveil who truly was the superstar of the week and this week it was.... ECHO WILSON. Yes the Universal Champion has been putting in a lot of work in hyping up his Universal title match at Emergence. This is Echo's first reign as Superstar of the week and I am sure it won't be his last, unless he dies which would be unfortunate 

Image result for finn balor universal champion

Well thats all we have time for this week. Be sure to check out all of the other amazing content BPZ Commentaries do especially the previously shown Re-book of BPZ Mania III. Anyway make sure to catch me next week for more Top 5 as well as a short review of the Emergence PPV as we head on the road to Bad Blood. This is Mike Hunt signing out

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BPZ Top 5

Another week, another episode of the Top 5. I am your host Mike Hunt and this is the Top 5 Segments of the week. With Emergence getting underway shortly, Carnage dominated the Kayfabe front this week with some killer promos and angles from some of their top stars in their final chance to hype their match this Sunday at Emergence. Any way lets get into number 5

5. We all love a return here at BPZ Commentaries and top kick off this weeks top 5 we give you the return of the Kiwi Buzzsaw Ropati. Ropati will do battle with former Intercontinental Champion Sameer this weekend at Emergence and sure as hell made me want to tune in. The fans were on their feet listening to Ropati run down Sameer who hasn't answered as of yet. Calling himself the Beast Slayer, Ropati sure has a lot of attention on him as well as a lot of merch money if he decides to put that on a T-Shirt. Nevertheless, The Kiwibuzzsaw's promo comes in at Number 5 here on the Top 5

4. One feud in particular that has caused a shit ton of chaos on Carnage TV this week has been the ongoing blood feud between "The Killer" Angelo Caito and "The Next Big Thing" Julius. While Julius was supporting his fellow Kingdom brother Echo Wilson in his match on Carnage TV, Angelo Caito rushed out from the back and layed out the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion with low blows which made everyone with a set of testicles squirm. Angelo however continued his assault hitting multiple DDT's before hitting a brutal cutter onto a Steel Chair to end the segment. Angelo Caito may have just proven that the seemingly unstoppable Monster is stoppable en route to their match at Emergence

3. We spoke about the formation of the Frontier on last weeks edition and this week we are going to talk some more because they made headlines this week during their Livestream interview. The Marker, Buddy Ace and Jason Ryan held nothing back as they brutally ran through the BPZ Roster causing a divide in the BPZ Universe. Some fans thinking it was genius whereas others thought it was downright offensive. Josh, Storm, Slim and Julius were some of the names that were targeted by The Frontier which could cause some compelling TV in the weeks to come. The Frontier have a target on their back and they will revel in it .They may be controversial, they may be arrogant but they back it all up when they step into the ring as well as providing entertainment to every single on of us. More of this please and we could have the next big trio in BPZ

2. We spoke about Angelo Caito and Julius' confrontation earlier in the Top 5, but they pop back up here this time when Julius went to town on Angelo Caito battering him in the head with vicious forearm shots to the skull causing Angelo to be busted wide open in a sickening display of power. While Caito was addressing Julius' comments earlier in the night, the theme of Nanovirus appeared on the P.A. System causing Caito to be momentarily distracted. This then  allowed for Julius to pounce leading to the aforementioned brutal assault. Both men have definitely gone out of their way to make everyone excited for their match, me especially, can't wait to see them slug it out

1. But number one on our list is one of the most despicable acts you will see in professional wrestling this year. The Golden Legacy had reformed before Summerslam leaving the fans overjoyed at seeing two of their favourites unite to take on the future of BPZ, The Kingdom. Golden Legacy were successful in their quest to win the Tag-Team Championships and in some footage that was released this week to the BPZ Audience we saw something truly sickening. Necce had turned on his tag-team partner Flynn and has become the most hated man in BPZ today. Necce than cut an incredible promo about why he did what he did to the stunned silence from the crowd. Flynn just hasn't been able to catch a break this year with Necce being his second "Friend" to turn on him. And to you Necce as quoted by yourself FUCK YOU

Superstar of the Week

Now that we have gone through all of that some ups and some downs. I'm looking at you Necce, we come to the greatest part of the show the Superstar of the week. Who will join Buddy Ace, Echo Wilson, Josh and Bart as the Superstar of the week.... ANGELO CAITO. Yes sir the Killer is our Superstar of the week taking the fight to the behemoth Julius. Angelo has reinvented his career in the build up to this match showing a much more violent side which may just allow him to get the victory at Emergence. Thank you everyone for watching, I will be back in a couple of days to go through Emergence as for now this is Mike Hunt signing out


Image result for randy orton


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Male: "The biggest signing in the BPZ Commentaries is here!!!"

Female: "Where is here?!?!"

Male: "OVER THERE!!"

{The person points over in a direction, but it's nothing but a wall. The female looks at the male confused before a small flame rises from tubes and a man in a mask stumbles out of the wall and falls knocking his mask off.}


?: "God Damnit. Son of a bitch. Cock sucker."

{He quickly puts the mask on and stands up and walks over to the confused two. He places his hands on his hips before sighing.}

?: "Fuck it"

{The man removes the mask and is shown James SweendinFerg from BPZ WhatCulture. He removes the jacket and reveals a BPZ Commentaries shirt, available on BPZShop.com. He looks into the camera and smirks.}

"Join us"  

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