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BPZ Commentaries

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"Last Sunday saw Carnage's brand exclusive event, Emergence. Now for a brand new Segement on this show were me personally I will rate each feud that happened on the card with star rating. I'm James SweendinFerg from BPZ Commentaries, and this is Emergence Star Ratings. 

Yelich vs Prince: 0 stars

Not much else to say. One segment from Yelich yet nothing from Carnage's Number One pick. Sad day. 

Roptai vs Sameer: 0 stars

Same reason as Yelich vs Prince, one Segment from Roptai and nothing from Sameer. 

Hollow vs Kieron Black: 3 stars  

Finally, something worth talking about now. Anyway, while we didn't see much from Kieron except for one Segment of his own, while Hollow and his Looney Toons demented ass over here carried the entire thing to the event. Still, Hollow made it interesting all the way through, getting it to three stars. 

Bart vs Bailey: 3.5 stars

Now don't get me wrong, a feud between these two men would be a classic to watch and see happen in a match. But, with the time they bad, they couldn't achieve what they could with more time, so a 3.5 for the way they started to go after with each other and how I see this leading to a longer feud down the road between the two men. 

Julius vs Angelo Caito: 3.8 stars

Started at SummerSlam and on road to Emergence, we seen them trade verbal and physical blows with each other. Beatdowns, blood, and so much more. The reason it got this rating is because of the fact that they just go started it seems. 

Echo Wilson vs LAOCH: 4.25 stars  

A great feud that started with the two being pick to go for the vacant Universal Championship, and they brought it there, where Echo won at SummerSlam with great segments leading to the match, and when it was announced there was a rematch between the two at Emergence, which became a ladder match. The two went on with extremely awesome programs, with a hint of something from LAOCH about not being alone himself, wonder what the hell that's all about.

Now that Emergence is over, we've seen a couple of good things, a lot of bad things, but the ppv with it's two good feuds and one fantastic feud, I give the build of Emergence from the matches a 3.75 out of five. Next time from me on BPZ Commentaries will be my preview of Bad Blood. I'm your host James SweendinFerg and I sign off for tonight. See you all next time."  


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BPZ Top 5 Segments 

G'Day mate and welcome to another episode of the Top 5. I am your host Mike Hunt and before we get into 5'ing I want to share a warm welcome to the newest member of BPZ Commentaries James SweendinFerg who will be doing his own stuff like PPV Reviews and other things like that. But remember Big Boy Mike will always be the face of this company. Not a very exciting week in the world of Kayfabe even though Bad Blood is this weekend with some major matches but without further a do lets go to number 5

5. I think it's safe to say that the year 2018 hasn't been the year for Ark Universe, struggling to keep at a consistent form in the ring and it seems to have really affected his wellbeing. It was revealed this week on EVOLVE TV that Ark might be hanging up the boots at the end of the Global Series after suffering a loss to tournament favourite Buddy Ace. The reason why this segment is ranked here however is mostly about what Henrico stated after Ark had left the room. He sighed "He just needs a push. A lighter to reignite the flame", which to me seems that Henrico has something in mind for Ark. Watch this space because this Ark Universe saga has only just begun. We wish him the best of luck against Jason Ryan in his next match

4. You like parodies, I like parodies everyone likes parodies and Joshua Scott's parody of smash hit series braving the frontier was extremely entertaining. Josh and Gary Green held nothing back when unloading on The Froniter in hype for his match against The Marker where he was eventually successful even poking fun at Gary's frequent interactions with Echo Wilson this past month. Anyway the substance of the promo added a new layer to the ongoing rivalry especially when Josh went into a mode we don't see to often promising to break Marker's arm in the process of winning. Overall a very entertaining segment which made me excited for the upcoming matches in the Global Series

3. Julius and Angelo Caito went through hell in their match at Emergence, and only one week later these two behemoths will meet in a Fall's Count Anywhere match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Bad Blood. We got to this moment with an impassioned Julius who opened Carnage TV this week calling out Angelo Caito to finish what they started at Emergence. Eventually it all came to chaos with the locker room having to separate these two me before something bad happened forcing Bailey to create the match at Bad Blood. If you thought that the match at Emergence was brutal, I can tell you right now that the match at Bad Blood will be a must watch because shits going down 

2. This last week has definitely been Frontier Week with the trio dominating most of the headlines for their controversial promo's and their brutal beatdowns of their opponents. But coming in at number two this week we are going to focus of Jason Ryan and his promo hyping his match against Ark Universe. Jason is one of the most controversial wrestlers in the world right now with his no shits given attitude towards anything he says or does and he continued this with his brutal berate of Ark even going as far as to burn his signature guitar and merchandise in the centre of the ring. But boy oh boy what happened following this was incredible. It seem's that the Frontier is getting even better with the addition of Necce to create "The Flock", these four men are going to cause a lot of problems to everyone in BPZ

1. But coming in at Number One it has to be episode two of Braving The Frontier where Buddy Ace, Jason Ryan and The Marker were at their usual arrogant selves this week targeting Number One Pick Prince, Flynn and Bailey to name a few. Their insults are second to none and through this format they are already planting seeds for feuds with other people in the company. A major thumbs up as the Frontier take out the Number One Segment of the week

Superstar Of The Week

It's that time of the week where we crown a new Superstar of the week who will it be? Who will join the other 5 men in claiming superstar of the week fame. This weeks superstar of the week is..... JASON RYAN. Yes the most controversial man in Professional Wrestling takes out the honours. I mean just look at his past week. A win over Storm, another amazing Braving The Frontier episode, revealing the formation of "The Flock". Hell this man had such a good week that he stole Storm's Wife Vala. Like Seriously What the Fuck. Anyway congratulations to Jason and we will see you later, make sure to watch James' video and have fun as you tune into BPZ Bad Blood this Sunday. This has been Mike Hunt signing out

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BPZ Top 5 Segments Of The Week

Howdy partner and welcome to yet another episode of The Top 5, I am once again your host Mike Hunt and before we get down to dissecting the best that BPZ has had to offer this week, I want to present you all with a gift from myself to you. That's right Big Boy Mike has his own merchandise and all you Mikeaholics can pick them up for just $5.05. These bad boys are available for sale on BPZshop.com as well as on the BPZ Commentaries website just take a look at them. Available in three colours, Blue, light blue and aqua. Any way enough about me and my instant success lets move onto the Top 5 Segments of the week 

-I9lk4w5P97Ohw-jdZ__rt9MKTRLPlj94nOgsScQcRdmEqvcyCzp157X2wjEEFKgLV-Jtk_PPl-_yztx35UkCPZ8ZcYppQqkzrs3sDp8sMs8VVYRr9r45LTq%3Ds0-d-e1-ft  PtqzNLCwtVdbmHZJqNgjrSqzEAC3LUvzNzUD2ifrI-oeT-Kh1MB_DrBryhubI3RtPxcDkoy30TYl6vvvQroiGxpJdyHgl0wWS-ABaPGMf4V9d2LN4-9W0S0%3Ds0-d-e1-ft

5. We're starting off hot right now with the new Mr Money in the Bank, or Bailey in the Bank. That's right the GM of Carnage returned to the ring this past week at Bad Blood and defeated Josh and Hollow to become Mr Money in the Bank, truly a great moment, but that's not the reason he ranks here. If you want to talk about looking to the future, look no further than Bailey's in-ring promo the night after on Carnage TV stating that he would Cash in his Briefcase in the aftermath of Flynn and Julius' World Heavyweight Championship Match. Now Flynn and Julius have to worry about Bailey, you never know we might have a new champ come late October. A great segment from the GM to kick off our top 5

4. The Premium championship here in BPZ might be the most irrelevant of the lot, but new Premium Champion Echo Wilson and Jason Ryan have tried their hardest to ensure that the Premium Championship is made front and centre of the BPZ Landscape. Going back and forth over the last 7 days, Echo and Jason have delivered some scathing and entertaining promo's to hype their eventual match at Halloween Havoc. I am not the biggest fan of the Premium Championship but if this continues this may be one of the most hyped matches on the card

3. For the third week in a row, Braving the Frontier makes its appearance here on the Top 5, and on this weeks episode the focus was solely on Necce and his journey to assembling "The Flock". A great inside look at Necce's run with the Universal Championship and his opinions on the current BPZ landscape at the moment made for some very compelling Television. The group also made sure to piss a lot of people off especially the lads over in The Kingdom. Ooh what a match that is going to be. Peter go get me some popcorn

2. Speaking of Kingdom vs Flock, Gary Green conducted a sit down interview with Echo Wilson and Julius speaking about their matches coming up in the next month. Echo was once again at his best in this interview but it was the short and sharp appearance of Julius which made headlines. Julius looked to be in a foul mood about something we will get to later. His stone cold words penetrated my soul and I was scared shitless sitting of my couch listening to the things he would do when he gets his hands on his opponents. The Kingdom is no joke and The Flock better be prepared for whats coming for them at Halloween Havoc. Also one question where the Fuck is Bart?

1. But coming in at number one it had to be the return of former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Flynn attacking Julius after his controversially rated 6 star match with Angelo Caito. Flynn appeared out of nowhere and delivered an FKO to the champ and stated his intentions to challenge Julius for the title at Halloween Havoc in October. Interestingly, Flynn stated that he forgave Necce for what he did. Now that doesn't make much sense but I feel that will factor in when Flynn and Julius meet once again in the squared circle. Remember folks that Flynn is the only man in this company that has defeated Julius in singles competition and the champ has stated that he has never let that one go. Expect this match to be personal

Let's go Flocking

As some of you may know, I have secured a high-profile role as The Flock's personal reviewer and I have decided to add a new segment called lets go flocking where I will recap the news from those fellas over the past week. Lets start with the Global Series where Jason and Buddy were successful once again against Ark and Storm respectively. This takes them to 2 wins and 0 losses meaning that their singles matchup will decide who moves onto the final. The Marker also picked up a significant victory over Flynn. My star ratings are as follows. Buddy vs Storm- 3.5 Stars, Jason vs Ark- 4 Stars. I am a hard man to please. It was also announced that Necce and Jason Ryan would team together to take on Julius and Echo Wilson for the Tag-Titles at Halloween Havoc

Superstar of the Week

The moment you all have been waiting for, its the oh so popular superstar of the week. Who will it be?... ECHO WILSON. Yes ladies and Gentlemen we have our first two time Superstar of the Week winner. Another great week for Echo, picking up the Premium Championship and being involved in some of the best segments of the week. Congratulations to Echo Wilson he will receive a plaque and a free Mike Hunt T-Shirt. That's all we have time for this week, make sure to check out all the other great stuff we do here on BPZ Commentaries with a big interview coming up during the week. You wont want to miss it. I have been Mike Hunt, and that was 5'ing. Fuck I did it again 

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BPZ Weekly Roundup

Episode #1

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first edition of BPZ Weekly Roundup on BPZ Commentaries. Each Monday, we will go over all the goings on over the past 7 days in BPZ, and then we will hear from a member of the BPZ roster with our interview segments. I am Peter Menthol, and I’m the host of Weekly Roundup. Well, I can’t think of a better way of starting the first episode, than jumping right into the news of the week.



Heavyweight Havoc

As Julius celebrated his most recent successful BPZ World Heavyweight Championship defense against Angelo Caito in an all time classic, an old figure from Julius’ past made his presence felt. Julius made his mark on BPZ history and national headlines earlier this year by turning on Flynn in ROA and joining The, then Slim lead, Kingdom. Since then, Julius has soared to the very top of BPZ, claiming control of The Kingdom and the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. But the man who, arguably, made it possible for Julius to be Heavyweight Champion hit him with an FKO right in the middle of the ring. Flynn made his return to BPZ after being gone for over a month after the shocking betrayal of Necce at SummerSlam, and announced that he will challenge Julius for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Halloween Havoc. Will Flynn tie Bailey’s record for the most World Heavyweight Championship reigns? Or will Julius flatten yet another BPZ veteran on his quest to become the most dominant world champion this company has ever seen? Tune in to Halloween Havoc to find out!



Bravery or Stupidity?

Speaking of Necce, earlier this week he made headlines himself as he made his first appearance in BPZ since SummerSlam as well, before forming The Flock with the members of one of BPZ’s hottest and most controversial stables, The Frontier. Thursday evening on the BPZ Neccework, Necce made an appearance on The Frontier’s own show, Braving The Frontier. He proceeded to go on a scathing and profanity laden rant on Carnage GM Bailey, the Carnage creative team, multiple members of the BPZ roster, and the company as a whole. His biggest talking point was his mistreatment as BPZ Universal Champion. He talked about how any idea he had was immediately shot down, he had to work long and grueling touring schedules with nagging injuries, and how he routinely kept down so that others, namely Flynn, could get the spotlight that he felt he deserved, being that he was Carnage’s biggest draw and the top champion on the roster. One of the first within the company to talk about this incident was Angelo Caito of all people, whose argument against Necce basically boils down to “You think you were treated bad? Here’s why I should be pitied more than you!” This retort reportedly caused a commotion backstage between Angelo, Necce, Jason Ryan, Echo Wilson, and Sameer. Nothing yet has come out whether Necce has received any punishment for his comments backstage, but it seems as if the fans newly appointed most despised man in BPZ has created heat for himself not only on screen, but off screen aswell.



Satan’s Number One Contender

Yet another match has been announced for the upcoming BPZ PPV Halloween Havoc, and what’s more fitting for a PPV named after the most macabre day of the year, than a match designed by The Devil himself. It was announced that at Halloween Havoc, 6 men will become inmates in Satan’s Prison as they fight for the opportunity to become Number One Contenders for a Universal Championship at the next Carnage exclusive show. The 6 men in question will be Hollow, Ropati, Angelo Caito, Yelich, Prince, and Kieron Black. Who the favorite for this match so far is anyone’s guess, but you can be assured that current champion Echo Wilson will be watching this match very closely.



Global Series 2018

With the 2018 BPZ Draft, the champions of both brands were vacated, as both champions were drafted to opposing shows. Carnage crowned a new champion almost immediately, but EVOLVE has yet to do the same, choosing to rather hold a Round Robin tournament to decide the new champion. This creating the Global Series. The current standings of the tournament are the following;

:Block A:

Buddy Ace: 4 Points

Jason Ryan: 4 Points

Ark Universe: 0 Points

Storm: 0 Points

:Block B:

Joshua Scott: 4 Points

The Marker: 2 Points

Flynn: 2 Points

Slim: 0 Points

It’s clear that either Buddy Ace or Jason Ryan will be going to the finals of the tournament, but we will find out which one as the Frontier/Flock stablemates face off in the Block A finals. On the other hand, Ark and Storm have essentially been eliminated from the tournament, so their match on the 5th of October will be to see who will take the last place spot of Block A. Block B on the other hand is still up in the air. Joshua Scott holds the lead for now, but if he doesn’t defeat Flynn on the 12th of October, that means that the current 2nd place holder, The Marker will go on to the finals should he defeat Slim. Could we see an all Frontier Global Series finale, or will Joshua Scott bring a little gentlemanly flair to EVOLVE’s top title? Make sure to tune into the BPZ Neccework on October 5th and 12th to see who will face off in the main event of the Global Series PPV for the Global Championship. Either way, this tournament may be a turning point in the future trajectory of BPZ, as the current standings seem to prove that the future of BPZ has arrived, and it’s gunning for the Global Championship.

Speaking of the Global Series event. It was announced all the way back in August that the Tag Team Titles would be defended on the show. Since The Golden Legacy split up, the champions have been in the limbo state of vacancy. Well it was announced earlier this week that the  BPZ Tag Team Championships will be decided at Global Series, as former champions The Kingdom (Julius and Echo Wilson) will get the rematch they never had for the titles. The other participants in the match will be the man that vacated the belts, Necce, and a member of his newest faction, Jason Ryan. The Flock vs The Kingdom will go down on the 26th of October, as The Kingdom get to have a rematch of sorts with Necce, as he was one half of the team that dethroned The Kingdom as Tag Team Champions. Will The Kingdom become 2x Tag Team Champions? Or will Necce regain the belts that he threw down months earlier, just on his own terms? And in a bonus question, will the tag belts go to Carnage with The Kingdom? Or will they remain on EVOLVE with The Flock? All of this and more will be decided at EVOLVE’s exclusive PPV, Global Series!

Well ladies and gentleman, that does it for our news portion. When we return from a commercial break, we will launch into our very first interview right here on Weekly Roundup!


{We cut to the first interview of BPZ Weekly Roundup. The screen cuts to host Peter Menthol who sits seemingly alone.}

Peter: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the interview segment of our show. Where each week after the news portion, we sit down and talk to a member of the BPZ roster. Today for our first ever interview, what a better place to start than the very top? He is a former 2 time and longest reigning NXT Champion, a former tag team champion, current BPZ United States and World Heavyweight Champion, and the ruler of the Kingdom that is BPZ. He is “The Next Big Thing”, he is...Julius.”

{The camera cuts over to Julius sitting on the other side of Peter with the World title belt over his shoulder. Both men reach forward and shake hands. Julius’ arms are so long that he doesn’t need to slouch over to shake Peter’s hands. Peter, on the other hand, is not so lucky.}

Peter: “Well Julius, I would like to start off by connecting you and your upcoming opponent Flynn and saying that you are the fasting rising star in BPZ since Flynn is. It took you, from your debut to your world title win at King of the Ring, 7 months to reach the top of BPZ. The fastest it’s taken a BPZ superstar to win the world title from their debut in NXT since Flynn, who took 7 months as well. How do you feel about being even more intertwined with the man you will face at Halloween Havoc even more than you already are?”

Julius: “To be honest Peter, I couldn’t give a shit about the comparisons people place between myself and Flynn. I’m not here to match the very best. I am here to be the very best and I’ll prove that by decimating Flynn come Halloween Havoc”

Peter: “Well let’s talk about that match. At Halloween Havoc, you will have your third world title defense. You’ve defeated men like Slim and Angelo Caito handley. How do you think you’ll fair against a man like Flynn. A man that you’ve faced and fallen to earlier this year when you were still allies in ROA?”

Julius: “That fateful day in the finals of the Power-Trip Cup has shaped and formed the success that has come before me ever since. It was at that moment Peter, that I knew that I wasn’t going to cut it here in BPZ by being someone’s bodyguard, by being Flynn’s insurance policy. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and join a force which doesn’t follow any orders, doesn’t abide by any rules and causes utter chaos. And to answer your question, Flynn will be no match for me at Halloween Havoc and I will walk out still the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion”

Peter: “Are you predicting that you will do to Flynn what you did to Slim at SummerSlam?”

Julius: “If I didn’t think so, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now”

Peter: “Well let’s go into a subject that deals with not only your match at Halloween Havoc, but also a match that you will have at EVOLVE’s Global Series PPV later this month. Let’s talk about Necce. Now the story between Necce and Flynn has stretched far beyond this match, and by his own admission, Flynn himself has stated that he will put Necce out of his mind for this match. Do you think that Necce will play a factor into your match at all?”

Julius: “For his safety and for the longevity of his career, he better stay away from that match, because as I have said before if Necce decides to make an appearance I will not hesitate to crush his skull. At Halloween Havoc, the soap opera story between those two can take a step back because what happens in that ring won’t be for the faint of heart. After the match when Flynn is laying on his back Necce can do whatever he wants. But while the match is going Flynn is mine”

Peter: “Well as I stated earlier, it has been announced that you and Echo will have a rematch of sorts with Necce, as he and one of his Flock members, Jason Ryan, will challenge you two for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. The titles that he and Flynn beat you for at SummerSlam, before vacating them. What is your mindset going into this match?”

Julius: “My mindset will be the same as any other match. Seek, kill and destroy whatever stands in front of me. I’ve dealt with Jason Ryan many times before, he is all talk and no action. You mentioned earlier if I thought if Necce would make an appearance in the Main Event well here is a more definite answer. After what I do to him in this tag match, there will be no way in hell that he is able to make an appearance. He was lucky at Summerslam, but as they say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, and the better team of myself and Echo Wilson will walk out with more gold around our waists”

Peter: “So it’s safe to assume that “Julie Three Belts” as the internet calls you will make his return?”

Julius: “If u say those words once again I will break your neck”

{A single beam of sweat falls from Peters’s forehead. He covers up a faint cry with a forced laugh.}

Peter: “Let’s move to a different topic. We have covered what you have coming up in the next month, but let’s talk about what goes on when you’re out of the ring. What does the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion do when he isn’t threatening potentially fatal bodily harm to a simple reporter who has only been in one fight?”

Julius: “Studying the sport, training so that I have an advantage over my opponents. I am 100% dedicated to professional wrestling and the reason some of the others here in this company aren’t making it to the top is because they don’t live and breathe professional wrestling. Every single situation that may present itself I have prepared for that is why I am as good as I am”

Peter: “Do you enjoy any non wrestling related activities when off the road?”

Julius: “Of course I do. I like an occasional bar fight or an unscheduled Street Fight. Anything that involves myself beating someone up is my cup of tea”

{Peter looks down at his notes and says something under his breath. Low enough that his microphone picks it up, but Julius himself doesn’t.}

Peter: “God you are terrifying. Let’s talk about your pre wrestling years. What was life like for a nearly 7 foot tall mountain of flesh who could pick up an entire apartment complex if he really wanted to?”

Julius: “Well as you may know I spent 5 years of my life in prison for assault and battery when I was younger. So life before wrestling was basically me beating up people to survive. So all of the aggression you see on TV isn’t a joke it isn’t a character it’s me”

Peter: “So what was it exactly that drew you to professional wrestling? Was it getting paid to maul other human beings with families who love them dearly on a nightly basis that made you want to throw your name into the sport of kings?”

Julius: “Yes Peter that’s exactly right. I love beating the living shit out of anyone, Wrestlers or regular reporters whatever I can get my hands on the quickest”

Peter: “Well good thing I have my will already covered.”

{Peter begins to laugh, but Julius just looks at him with a blank stare. Peter stops laughing and quickly moves to another subject.}

Peter: “So I’ve purposely left out your nickname throughout the entirety of this interview thus far. You are called “The Next Big Thing” by many people in this company. But as we can see on your shoulder, you are already at the top of the proverbial food chain. Most people only dream of making it where you are, yet I can tell that holding that gold will only be a mere drop in the bucket that is your career. What are your plans going forward. Both short term and long term?”

Julius: “In the short term I plan on keeping this belt right here on my shoulder and taking on the best that this company has to offer. Give me Necce, Flynn, Smith, Bailey, Ross hell even give me Brendenplayz. Being on top is a good thing but when there is no competition I start to get bored and looking at the future of this company the competition is becoming thing. So when my contracts up and I have conquered Brendenplayz Professional Wrestling, you never know what I’ll do, maybe I’ll stick around or maybe I’ll go and conquer something else”

Peter: “Ok, so this is the point of the show where we answer a question that a fan has sent in to us. This question is from one Julius Jones...oh god...who asks you, ‘If you were fighting a bear, how long would it take you to make that bear your bitch and become the true king of the forest?’”

Julius: “As long as I fucking want it to. I could become the true king of the forest right now if I wanted to. But let me conquer the human race before I move onto animals”

Peter: “On an unrelated note. What were the circumstances that lead to that assault and battery charge?”

Julius: “Asking stupid questions and looking at me wrong. Also I was very bored”

{Peter can already feel Julius tearing his head off and making love to it. So he decides to change the subject before has to change his pants and his name and location.}

Peter: “So this is the end of the interview. At the end, we will ask all of our guests the same question. The question is, ‘what is your favorite match in BPZ to date?’”

Julius: “Every match that I am in is great, but if I was to pick one it would have to be my Summerslam Match. I loved kicking Slim’s ass”

Peter: “Well before we go, since you are a very..”

{Peter clears his throat.}

Peter: “...special, guest. We are going to ask you one more question. In BPZ, there are not many men who are your size. The makeup of the BPZ talent pool mirrors what much of the current wrestling scene looks like, smaller men who are more athletic than wrestlers in generations past. But you have proven that anyone of any build can make it in this company. What do you predict your success will do to inspire men who don’t think they have a place not only in modern wrestling, but here in BPZ?”

Julius: “Peter, I don’t aim to inspire, I don’t aim to excite. I am here to place fear in everyone’s eyes. So if it was my way, the success that I have achieved should be a warning to people, that if your not good enough to challenge me then don’t try at all. It would be a waste of time”

Peter: “Well once again Julius, thank you for joining us. Make sure to tune in to the BPZ Neccework October 18th and 26th for EVOLVE’s Global Series event and Halloween Havoc to see Julius in action. I’m Peter Menthol, and thank all of you for joining us on the inaugural edition of Weekly Roundup.”

{The two men go to shake again. This time, Julius squeezes Peter’s hand tightly to future put fear into his fragile little heart. Peter thinks he is going to end up as Julius’ personal toothpick, when Julius lets go and laughs at Peter. The camera slowly fades to black.}

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BPZ Top 5 Segments Of The Week

Unknown Voice: Ladies and Gentlemen, can you please be upstanding for the most sophisticated, exciting, intelligent, sexually enticing man in all of the world. The face of BPZ Commentaries and Peter Menthol's worst nightmare. The one and only Mike Hunt

Welcome pals and gals to another edition of The Top 5, as always I am your host Mike Hunt and before we get into it I want to thank my personal assistant Jack Kanoff for that stellar introduction. Also as you may have seen we have added a new member to the BPZ Commentaries team, Peter Menthol who will be conducting interviews and weekly news reports for all of you Mikeaholics. Anyway lets get into the show

5. The war between The Kingdom and The Flock has consumed all of BPZ with the wrestling world divided on who to support in this enthralling contest. However, Echo Wilson who has been on fire since winning the Universal Championship fired another shot the Flock's way insulting their very existence and the way they came to be. Their battle at Halloween Havoc is sure to be one for the ages and me personally I can't wait to see what happens when these two dominant factions face off. There is only room for one of them. There was also some Gary Green banter and that my friend is always welcome. Speaking of Gary Green, Lets get into number 4

4. One particular story arc that has gone under the radar since the start of the Global Series is the relationship between Gary Green and his client Joshua Scott. The Global series has been dominated by the frontier, but this story arc has caught my attention especially during a press-conference featuring Josh and his "manager" Gary Green. The controversial ending to Josh's win over Slim was questioned with Gary maintaining that it was well within the rules with what he did. Josh however was unsure as to what to think. This is definitely something to look towards seeing that Josh has qualified for the finals of the Global Series. Maybe the unethical antics of Gary Green will cause Josh to win the Global Championship. An offer to good to resist. An intriguing segment coming in at number 4. Now off to number 3

3. When Flynn attacked Julius at the end of the Bad Blood PPV and challenged him to a title match, many people were overjoyed as to what the future may bring. Now that the Main Event of Halloween Havoc has been determined, it was time for both men to start hyping up their match. We saw earlier in the week BPZ Commentaries own Peter Menthol conduct a terrifying interview with the Double Champ where he promised to remove Flynn from BPZ for good. However the segment that comes in at number 3 is Flynn's response on EVOLVE TV this week. Flynn highlighted the similarities between their rise to the top of this company and made sure to emphasise that Flynn had defeated Julius. Flynn cut a very passionate promo about how he has been the workhorse of BPZ for the last three years, promising to burn Julius' Kingdom to the damn ground. A truly amazing line. Will Julius respond? Of course he will and I can tell you he wont be happy. Amazing work by Flynn 

2. Open challenges, oh how we love them. Whether it be Sami Zayn answering John Cena's US open challenge in Canada or Bobby Lashley answering the Masterlock open challenge on a random episode of RAW, the fans in attendance are always excited. This week was no exception with United States Champion Julius offering up an open challenge to anyone for a match at Halloween Havoc. Who would answer, would it be Ark, Yelich or even Kieron Black. No it was Julius' long time rival Storm. The fans in attendance where ecstatic to see the one and only accept Julius' open challenge. This led to an excellent back and forth exchange with Julius already starting the mind games by reminding Storm that he is yet to beat Julius in this company. Will this be the time where Storm finally dethrones the joker to his batman, you will have to tune in over the next fortnight. Great stuff by both men, it has got me excited for this United States Championship Match

1. But in at number 1, It had to be its this weeks instalment of award winning show Braving The Frontier and this episode might have been its most controversial yet. They started off with their usual spiel but things started to get interesting when they started running down Julius is preparation for their tag-team match with Buddy Ace going as far as to call the double champ a retarded Dinosaur. The Foursome then moved onto Angelo Caito and this ladies and gentlemen was something else. They completely dehumanised and emasculated Angelo before ripping him to shreds and it made for some compelling television. These lads continue to entertain and their in-ring work delivers.

Let's Go Flocking 

The flock were once again in headlines with their Braving the Frontier episode but I want to focus on the in-ring performance from the group. Jason and Buddy took each other on with the winner moving into the finals of the global series and it was Jason Ryan who took the win moving him one step closer to that Global Championship. In upcoming contests The Marker will look to defeat Slim in their first ever meeting and Joshua Scott will look to go 3-0 in the series when he takes on Flynn. It will be Jason vs Josh in the finals of the tournament coming to you on October 26th, Make sure to catch it on the BPZ Neccework.

Superstar Of The Week 

It's that time of the week once again ladies and gentlemen where we hand out the coveted Superstar of the week prize and this week the Superstar of the week is... JULIUS. Yes the double champ was back to his intimidating best this week scaring the living shit out of everyone at BPZ Commentaries before getting an early advantage against Storm in their US title feud. Julius is hitting form at the right time as he prepares for the biggest match of his career against Flynn in two weeks time. Well that will do it for me this week, make sure to buy Mike Hunt merch, only 3 remain of the original 1,000,000 batch so hurry or you will miss out. Thanks for watching and this is Mike Hunt signing out 

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Today we will be introducing something new to the most must-see show on all of the BPZ, as we proudly present:


Road To ….


In Road To… we will be looking at the biggest matches in BPZ and how they happened. We will be tracking down the moments leading up to the event, to tell all you need to know leading up to the match.

Today we are bringing you:


Road To ….


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor omega kenny

Gerelateerde afbeelding

BPZ World Championship: Flynn vs Julius ©


A match with many names. A World Championship match, a match between student and teacher, between Evolve and Carnage, between a rising star and a veteran. And yet none of those names are able to truly describe what this match is about, how we got to this point. That’s what we will be doing on BPZ Commentaries today, so sit tight and enjoy!


To go back to the origins of this match, we have to go back more than a few months. We have to go back all the way to the start of 2018 when Julius realised, just like any other person who joins him, that he didn't need Josh’s help anymore and was better of on his own. He then teamed up with two of the most important members of the roster in Flynn and Ross, forming a group called “Revolution of Attitude” which would run over the forums for a couple of months, before the breakdown began. This breakdown started with Ross leaving Carnage to become Evolve General Manager, which split the group up. The two remaining members on Carnage would be forced to face off in a tournament match, and while it first looked like no harm was done for their relationship during that match, we would later find out that this was in fact the case as Julius brutally attacked Flynn to align himself with The Kingdom, which was at that point led by Flynn’s arch nemesis, Slim. From that point going forward, the routes of Flynn and Julius up to this match split apart from a few altercations between the two, so we will look at their separate paths to this Main Event Match.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor brock Lesnar world title

Julius has been having everything that someone could wish for inside the BPZ ever since joining the Kingdom. It started of by him winning the prestigious King of the Ring tournament and be crowned World Champion, an impressive feat for someone who had been competing in NXT only a couple of months before. Since winning the title, he has defeated the likes of Slim and Angelo Catio, not the worst opponents by any means. While being the World Champion, he also got the United States Championship in his possession, the fact that is something that you could forget about shows the dominance that Julius has had in the BPZ. At Halloween Havoc, he looks to beat Flynn, one who he wants considered to be his mentor, and end their rivalry on top, while also establishing his World Title Reign as one of the better ones in History.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Kenny Omega

For Flynn, this match is important in a lot of ways. First off, Flynn never lost his World Championship, following one of the most insane events in BPZ History, something that many still can’t understand multiple months later. Flynn hasn’t had the most luck as of late, after losing his World Championship, he set his sight on the Universal Championship and was successful, winning the title. But he couldn’t enjoy it for long, as he was stripped of the title as the result of a trade between Evolve and Carnage, which would see Global Champion Bart and Johnny Kills move to the Red Brand in exchange for Universal Champion Flynn and Necce. He then decided to team up with Necce, and the duo that called themselves the Golden Legacy would be victorious, defeating Julius and Echo Wilson the Tag Team Titles. But once again, Flynn didn’t get his happy ending. The person who he considered his best friend at the time had decided that he was sick of living in Flynn’s shadow and wanted to proof that he was better off without him. Necce attacked Flynn and afterwards threw the tag team titles onto his former best-friend, leaving Flynn without a title once again. Maybe this match is a way for Flynn to forget about Necce, maybe it’s a way to end all the unfortunateness that “The Omega” has encountered over the last few months. No matter what, this match might turn out to be critical for Flynn’s future in the BPZ.


On the 21st of October, all of this will come together in a main event match that is almost guaranteed to be one to remember. The former partners in Flynn and Julius will go to war with the biggest prize in BPZ on the line. It will be one you won’t want to miss.


That was it for this edition of BPZ Commentaries, I thank you for reading and hope to see you again next time.

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Top 5 Segments of The Week

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to yet another episode of BPZ's most watched series in all of history, welcome to the Top 5 Segments of the week. As always I am your host the Miraculous Mike Hunt and  i have just returned from an exquisite vacation in the Bahamas courtesy of my good friends Jason Ryan, Buddy Ace and The Marker. Well that's enough about my glorious holiday lets get into what was a very chaotic week for BPZ Professional Wrestling 

5. As evident with our first entry here in the Top 5, BPZ Professional Wrestling allows our superstars to travel the world and witness the beauty that this earth has to offer just ask Ropati who was present in Washington DC to hype his upcoming Elimination Chamber match at Halloween Havoc. This was something different than your standard in-ring promo or backstage vignette which is always refreshing to any viewer at home. Ropati however went to Washington on a mission, to show the irrelevancy of BPZ's own Yelich. In a very entertaining segment Ropati made sure to assert that he would be the one walking out of the chamber the winner. You never know this match might just be worth watching if Kieron or Prince decided to show up to work. Well I'm sure we will see Ropati soon as he heads to Italy in the next chapter of this fascinating series. Caito you're next 

4. As the current Intercontinental Champion, Bart has been very conspicuous by his absence especially as his stablemates Julius and Echo prepare for War against rising stable The Flock. Bart however decided to show up to work this week in a very tense and insightful interview with BPZ's Josh Trenton where they basically spoke about everything. What made this segment what it was, was Bart's response when asked about his non-involvement in the Kingdom's blood feud with the Flock. Watch this space because Bart may say that he supports Kingdom 100% but he was the one originally aligned with Slim and he hasn't been present when the Kingdom has needed him. Seems a little dodgy

3. We head into the real good stuff for the week and coming in at number 3 is an inside scoop brought to you by BPZ Commentaries' own Weco Dilson where he pulled back the curtain on the situation surrounding one of BPZ's top stars Yelich. What we saw was a dispute between the writing team and Yelich himself about the his creative direction in the future. Ginge and Heel made sure to state that Yelich was the reason he wasn't getting a push not them. Yelich however promised a new character, a character that will blow us all away. Maybe this is the time where Yelich rises above the rest and stakes his claim as one of the best in BPZ today. Once again watch this space because a new Yelich is coming shortly

2. As we head into the top 2, there was only little separating them but coming in at number 2, is Echo Wilson's most recent backstage promo hyping his upcoming match with Jason Ryan for the Premium Championship at Halloween Havoc. What was so controversial about this though was the fact Echo FUCKING KIDNAPPED First lady Vala. Now that is one of the worst things I have seen that man do in the 3 months I have been employed. Now this was well delivered and definitely had me at the edge of my seat but what followed...

1. It had to be. Jason Ryan's assault on Echo Wilson tops off our top 5 this week. For those who haven't seen the footage, Jason Ryan confronted Echo as he was leaving the arena and attacked him. Jason then managed to pull out a meathook and scar the face of Echo Wilson. And your probably thinking, "Mike Julius and Angelo did a lot worse than that last month" but what came next was horrible. Jason Ryan pulled a gun on Echo Wilson and for a second there I thought he was going to shoot. I have never seen that much hatred in a mans eyes. Jason then managed to completely destroy the Premium Championship before challenging Echo to a circus death match. BPZ Take my fucking money

Let's go flocking 

As we mentioned before Jason Ryan had an eventful week but lets focus on the others. Buddy Ace is just chilling somewhere, Necce is chilling somewhere and Marker is preparing for a match against Arrow at Halloween Havoc. That's really it

Superstar of the Week

I'm not going to do a drum roll because you already know who is going to get it. For the first time in Top 5 history we have dual winners. JASON RYAN AND ECHO WILSON. Congratulations to both men and I can't wait to watch the war that unfolds at Halloween Havoc. Definitely the most anticipated match on the card. Thanks for joining me and I will see you all next time 



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Top 5 Segments of The Week

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages, Welcome to the best show in all of the wrestling industry, welcome to top 5 segments of the week, this week hosted by yours truly Weco Dilson and not my esteemed colleague, Mike Hunt. We found out that Mike contacted an alien and was being held prisoner in Area 51, he was then let out and he is now stumbling through the desert as we speak, but we don't know where int he desert so we can't find him. Therefore, I was shoved onto this set to host, so in the words of my most idiotic friend, let's get crackalacking you wrestling enthusiasts.

5. For number five in the top five segments of the week someone returned to BPZ, and that someone was Gill. Gill returned to Evolve and portrayed himself as a man above everyone else, he reminded us all that he was the man who made Slim feel fear. He then promised that Ark would soon feel that same feeling as he felt the wrath of Gill. He then proclaimed that his "Re-Evolution" had begun, and honestly, this could lead to great things for Evolve if Gill comes back in full form. Gill, like he said is a threat to everyone at full form, and this promo, showed me that he might be doing so. No one is safe. I love it.

4. Number four comes from the man we always hear critique everyone else, yet never seems to be able to do the things he believes others should be doing. Yes, I am talking about JoshsNow, who will be facing off against Jason Ryan for the vacant Evolve Global Championship. He called Jason out on Evolve programming telling him that he makes every match of his personal, getting in his opponents heads, making them snap, allowing him to claim victory. And we almost saw Josh snap, he came inches away to showing a new side, a more devilish side, but his father reminded him that he's "The Gentleman" and that when they go low, he needs to go high. And he didn't snap, and didn't allow Jason to get in his head. And in some ways, that's better than showing a new side of Josh, because it reinforces what we already know about him, that he is a man who won't go down to dirty tactics to win, if he will win, it will be fair, because that's what a gentleman does, Josh shouldn't have a dark side because it takes away what makes him so good, and for keeping that, while showing us he had every opportunity to go dark, gives him the number four spot in the top 5 segments of the week. Well done, Josh.

3. George AK's Promo's to me are were a breath of fresh air during this very chilling time. Usually I can expect The Frontier to be funny and not be dark, or I can expect to see some nice cool stuff from some of The Kingdom that doesn't involve madness or death matches, but alas, this week was not that week with everyone reeling off of the threatened murder of Echo Wilson after Vala's kidnapping, Hollow is always dark, Angelo Caito is dealing with personal demons, it's a mess. That's why I'm putting George AK's promo series here because it's funny, and even though if you think about it it's a story about a man that's mentally deranged trying to get back in work, it's still funny, and I like that. Now I know that people are gonna get mad at me for putting multiple promo's in one slot, but I don't care, they feel like one story so I'm saying they're one promo, you can't stop me. Anyways George AK, I'm loving your current storyline and I can't wait for it to culminate when you come back and face off with Josh.

2. Echo Wilson had a chilling promo on Carnage before his Circus Deathmatch against Jason Ryan. It honestly scared me how he told Jason that his wife belonged to him, or really his alter ego, the Diablo. I was was afraid for Jason Ryan at Halloween Havoc and outisde of Halloween Havoc watching Echo make these claims and promises about Jason's family, Jason's well-being. I was scared, and that made Echo's promo amazing. It made me feel something, I didn't watch it and be bored by someone droning on about mental problems or how they're gonna win in a certain match because they'll brutalize someone. But, this promo went further than explaining how they'll hurt and harm someone in brutal detail, but it got personal, and made the watcher fear for the victim, and for that Echo Wilson, the man I am not related to, got number two in the top five.

1. It is unfair to the rest of BPZ, that Necce exists. Necce is the bar, everyone tries to top it, but everyone knows they can't, yet they still strive towards it. If it were up to me, all of his promo's would be at number one, because he is that damn good. Case in point, his promo on Evolve this week was spectacular. He opened up about why he split apart from Flynn and the Golden Legacy. He told the viewers and Flynn how he felt about him, he said that Flynn was never his friend, and will never be so. He explained that Flynn and himself are on a crash course that ends in disaster for one of them, disaster meaning the end of a career in BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling. Necce's goal now is not gold, it's to make sure he can end Flynn's career and make sure The Flock is the number one stable in BPZ. And I am here for it. I don't know when this Flynn vs Necce Career vs Career is supposed to happen, Survivor Series? Royal Rumble? BPZ Mania IV? I'm not sure. But what I do know, is that it can't come soon enough.

Let's Go Flocking

The Flock at Halloween Havoc had some big wins, with Jason Ryan winning the grueling Circus Deathmatch and the Premium Championship, but The Marker lost his NXT Championship in a shocker against Legendsorigin. Necce had his wonderful wonderful promo and... Buddy Ace... was there too... I guess. Not a great week for The Flock especially The Marker, but all around, they got one over on The Kingdom, and they look like the most dominant stable in BPZ right now after Halloween Havoc. So, they must be overall, pretty happy right now.

Superstar of the Week

Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage, wait dammit that was Necce's promo, shit. What I meant to say was despite all of The Kingdom and The Flock's great promo's and performance's at Halloween Havoc, the Superstar of the Week does not come from either stable, the Superstar of the week actually goes to Hollow this week. After his Prelude to the Chamber series finally culminated in him eliminating 4/5 of the Chamber match and winning the Elimination Chamber and becoming the number one contender to the Universal Championship, he is in a great spot to become the next Universal Champion, and for that the Madman Hollow is the Superstar of the Week.


Thank you all for joining me, Weco Dilson for the Top 5, I'll probably not be here again for this, so be sure to come back next week when hopefully Mike has come back from the desert, now goodbye and goodnight!

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Mike Hunt: Welcome ladies and Gentlemen to an exclusive BPZ Commentaries interview, I am you host Mike Hunt and today I am joined by two of EVOLVE's finest Jason Ryan and Joshua Scott. How are you guys feeling?

Jason" I'm doing good Mike, nice to see you again as usual. I hope you enjoyed your visit to our HQ, keep up the good work"

Josh: I’m doing alright, other than the fact my father is in the hospital as we speak

Jason" fuck you that was funny"

Mike: Yes let's address that to start. How is your father holding up right now. Do you have any updates?

Josh: Well actually I just received a text from my family saying he’s good to come out although the doctors say it will be a while until he is fully fine again. He may have suggested brain damage

Mike: Now Jason, I have come to know you very well over the last couple of weeks. But this, this was disgusting. Why did you feel the need to attack an elderly citizen?

Jason: " So Josh knows I'm serious. So that he'll get it through his damn mind that this ain't no game. And if Josh thinks I'm done, he's dead wrong. I'm didn't do it to get into his head, I did it to send a message. I'm bigger, stronger and more aggressive. Little Josh here doesn't stand a chance in hell. But what I want to now is what kind of son lets someone do that to their own father and doesn't have the balls to do anything about it? Josh, you should go play in traffic until you get hit by a semi, cause you ain't got a set of balls anywhere on you son"

Josh: Now the thing is Jason believe me when I say I will avenge what you did to my Father. I’m just going to wait until this Sunday to do it

Mike: Will Gary Green be in your corner?

Josh: Me and Gary are done now. He slapped my Father at the end of the day and although it may counter his Flock buddies I’m not letting him be in my corner. For the first week after the Flynn fight I had nearly 100 missed calls from him but yesterday I received a weird text - “I have found the man who can stop this. And when I set him free, I will set you free too. So I think he’s moved on from me like I’ve moved on from him. But if I can ask my own question, will Jason need help from his Flock buddies? Or does he grow some balls and fight by himself?

Jason" you do know I could snap your neck right now and nobody would remotely care right? Listen here, you child toucher. What i'm going to do is none of your damn business. For all you know I've sent them to burn your house down. You don't get to worry about The Flock. If Gary shows up, I'm going to send your ex boyfriend to the hospital. I didn't need my boys to beat Echo and unlike you, he actually has some talent. Don't worry what I'm gonna do and worry how the fuck you're gonna live cock sucker"

Jason lights a cigarette and breaths smoke in Josh's faceJ

 Mike: If you would be so kind as to extinguish the cigarette. I am allergic

Josh just ignores it, trying not to breathe it in.

Josh: Wrong Jason. If someone did snap my neck I have people that would care. These fans would care, my family would care but if it happened to you Jason no one would care. Even your Flock buddies would be happy to see the end of you

Jason: Apologies mister Hunt

Jason puts it out and smirks

Jason: " These fans can go step on legos and drink bleach for all I care. I hope they all get a fatal disease just so I can piss on their graves, kinda like what I did to your grandfather's, what a bitch he was. Must run in the family. And last I checked, my Flock family have always been there for me, not even Gary Green can stand you anymore."

Mike: Before things get out of hand. Your move to EVOLVE from Carnage has seen you reach a lot of success, case in point reaching the finals of the global series. What about the move triggered success for you Josh?

Josh: I felt happier and more respected on Evolve. Bailey never treated me well but the first thing Ross did was put me in the Global Series. He obviously liked me and I believe being happier, more motivated, led me to be unbeaten thus far since the move

Mike: And Jason since your return from a brief hiatus, you have been on fire capturing the Premium Championship and maybe the Global Championship. What changed for you?

Josh: Before that repulsive man answers the question I’ve got a text from my Father to go and pick him up from hospital. So thanks for the interview Mike and I’m sorry I have to keep it short. And as for Jason see you on Sunday

Jason: " No you dont you pussy. Sit your ass down. You leave when I say you can or so help me God, I'll pay your old man another visit."

Mike: No worries Josh, send him my best wishes. WAIT. Would you be interested in purchasing Exclusive Mike Hunt merchandise for just $5.05?

Josh looks at Mike in confusion before quickly exiting the room 

Jason: " To answer your question Mister Hunt. What changed was I knew everything was going to change once The Frontier was revealed. So I decided to destroy everyone in my way for the sole purpose of making sure we accomplished everything we set out to when we formed."

Mike: So now that is just the two of us, there is no way you are feeling 100% after the gruelling circus death match at Halloween Havoc. How are you going to overcome the pain?

Jason: " Mister Hunt, you are aware that I am a war veteran yes?"

Mike: Yes sir

Jason: " Well when I was in war, I was shot at, stabbed, whatever and I still pushed on. I am going to overcome the pain by inflicting even more on Josh."

Mike: But still.. You know what scratch that. Ark Universe has made his intentions clear that he wants to wage war on the Flock. What is your response to this?

Jason: " Ark is nothing, I kicked his ass in The Frontier Series, He can wage war on us all he wants, I say bring it and this time, make it worth our time."

Mike: Well I will let you get back to whatever you like to do. Can I interest you in a T-Shirt? It comes in Black, Blue, Pink, Maroon, Rainbow, Sea Blue, Puke Green and Red?

Jason: " I'll take four my friend. Black for me, Maroon for Vala who says hi by the way. by the way, you left your spare keys at our house and One pink and one Sea Blue for our future twins"

Mike: Why thank you I have been looking for them. Tell Vala I said Góðan daginn, spoken in my native tongue of Icelandic

Mike: Anyway I wish you the best of luck and I'll catch you at Marker's game night on Thursday

Jason: " Sounds good buddy. I just hope we're not playing Texas Hold em again, getting sick of losing my fucking money."

Mike: I believe it's Monopoly this week

Jason: " Great, Vala is gonna kick all our asses, you know how she is with any kind of board game."

Mike: Extremely feisty. Thanks once again Jason

Jason: " Thanks for having me my friend. I'll be sure to give you a nice bonus. Don't forget, instead of BTF this week, we've got that afterparty at the Mariott."

Mike: I can't wait

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BPZ TOP 5 Segments Of The Week 

Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Mike Hunt and I am the advocate for BPZ Commentaries and today I make my triumphant return back... Home. That's right all you Mikeaholics father is back and he is ready for the Top 5. If you all want to know what I did when I came in contact with an Alien make sure to check out my upcoming documentary labelled "Life of Mike". Anyway I would like to thank Weco Dilson for covering my ass last week as well as announcing that myself and Peter Menthol will be going head to head in prediction competition for the Survivor Series PPV. Without further ado lets get into the Top 5

5. Ark's back and I feel like I have heard myself state that line many times over the last couple of weeks, but now we have finally found the best version of Ark. An Ark that is no longer bothered by anger and stress and is now fuelled by entertaining the fans in the BPZ Universe. If only there were others like him. Well what I loved about Ark's promo during this weeks Evolve episode is that he is ready to fight. I love an underdog that stands up to the people who do him wrong and in this case those people were The Frontier Buddy, Jason and Marker. Ark declared War on the frontier this week setting up what should be an entertaining couple of months here on Evolve Television showing a sort of fire I have never seen before out of him. Ark has superb talent and hopefully now that he has contained his inner demons he will be able to rise up and become the Wrestler we all know he can be. Just make sure you beat Gill or then no one will believe you stand a chance against those three 

4. It has been a tough week for the Kingdom's own Echo Wilson, suffering a loss to Jason Ryan in what was Halloween Havoc's Match of the night in a circus death match. And if losing to a close rival wasn't enough, Echo also dropped the premium championship meaning the Flock now have one championship. But what Echo does week in and week out is cut amazing promo's just like the one this week on Carnage showing that a loss will not stop his determination to become the best. It's going to be a busy month for Echo with a Tag-Match this Sunday against Buddy and Necce, followed by a Universal Championship defence against the in-form Hollow at Redemption and then a possible rivalry brewing between Bailey and Flynn and in his promo Echo assured myself and I am sure a lot of you viewers that he could quite easily walk out the victor in all three of those matches. He addressed the situation with the Flock in superb style as well as hyping his match with Hollow. Echo Wilson's promo truly showed that he is indeed the Good, bad and brilliant

3. Another PPV came and went and another end-show celebration moment for Julius was interrupted. What is that now like 4 ppv's in a row? Now I understand why he put a couple of Evolve's superstars through a table. But coming in at number three is the reunion of Flynn and Bailey. Bailey made his appearance looking to cash in the Money in the Bank Briefcase although he was stopped immediately by Echo and Bart. This led to a three on one assault until Flynn rose from the dead and helped out his former buddy to clear the ring of the Kingdom. This segment brought back a lot of nostalgia as well as setting up BPZ's Main Event feud for the next month or so and it sent the fans home happy. Tick tick and tick. The question that everyone is asking right now is that will there be a third man to help Bailey and Flynn. There is a certain "Big Dog" who is ready to hunt that hasn't been seen recently

2. Sticking with the Kingdom causing chaos, coming in at number 2 is the newsworthy and controversial Evolve press conference that took place a couple of days ago to hype this Sunday's Global Series show. Some great promo's were cut by all the superstars such as Marker, Storm and Necce to make a few, but what caught big boy Mike's attention was Julius' promo where he genuinely seemed upset at something. He was very enraged especially at the flock which sparked an all out brawl. Storm went through a table, Buddy went through a table and Necce went through a table. If you weren't hyped about Kingdom vs Flock this Sunday then check this segment out because shit went down.

1. But coming in at number 1, it was the latest instalment in the best feud this company has ever produced, that's right Flynn vs Necce. In a truly remarkable promo Flynn spoke about his rivalry with Necce and what it has done to both of their careers. Flynn's emotions really shone through as he was visibly hurting while he cut this amazing promo. The most newsworthy thing to come out of this was that at Survivor Series Flynn and Necce will do battle for the third and last time in a career vs career match. That's right ladies and gentlemen one of these amazing wrestlers will be leaving the company in a months time. Let that one sink in as I go and grab my teddy bear to cry my sorrows into

Let's Go Flocking 

I'm going to keep this nice and short. Jason beat Echo to win the Premium Championship. Jason is the favourite to win the Global Championship. Necce cost Flynn the World Championship, Necce is going to be fighting for his career in a months time, Necce was put through a table, Necce has a tag match this Sunday. Buddy was put through a table, Buddy has a tag match this Sunday. Marker had a tough week, losing his NXT title to legends in legends first win in this company, hopefully Marker can rebound when he faces former foe Storm at the Global Series

Douchebag Rating System

Julius vs Flynn: 4 Stars

Legends vs Marker: DUD

Julius vs Storm: 4.25 stars

Hollow vs Angelo vs Kieron vs Prince vs Yelich vs Ropati: 4.25 Stars 

Jason Ryan vs Echo Wilson: 4.75 Stars Cause I'm a douche 

Superstar of the Week

It was tough to decide this week's superstar of the week, but I am giving it to JULIUS. A He retained his United States and World Titles at Halloween Havoc and was involved in 2 of the top 3 segments this week. Congratulations champ and good luck this Sunday. That is all for today thanks for joining me and I will see you next week for some more top 5. Also Fuck Smarks Daily 

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James: "I'm not your boy toy. Sexy boy! They think I'm cute... They know I'm sex- wait we're live?"  

{James SweendinFerg slowly turns around and sees the camera on and quickly fixes his pants and clears his throat.}

James: "You all saw nothing, you got it? Anyway hello everyone and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. I'm your host today, James SweendinFerg and today, I'm here to talk about the ten superstars to look forward to in 2019. Two things before I begin, we have a new shirt out for BPZ Commentaries you can purchase on BPZShop.com. 


And second if you want more shows from your favorite people in the world, make sure to click below to stay notified. Join us. 

10. Storm.

Since his return a month previous, Storm been showing us a side of him that we wanted to see for ages now. In his time off he must of practiced more on the microphone and on his in ring work because he perfected a lot of moves in his match vs Julius and even his promos leading up to the match. 

9. Yelich.  

This has been said all year now, and it's not hard to disagree. Yelich is in the top ten, or even top five promoers of all time, because he does not give a shit about breaking the fourth wall, keeps it entertaining, and his flow of how he says things makes it so much fun to watch him work. Plus his in ring skills are good as well, so with the right push, he will be a reason BPZ goes up in 2019. 

8. Frontier

Not hard to see why these guys will be on the list, because since their debut as a stable in August, they have been the most entertaining thing on Evolve and in BPZ all together, and now with Necce in the mix making The Flock, these three men will achieve ultimate success in 2019. 

7. Roptai

The Kiwi Buzzsaw doesn't come around often, but when he does, he gets the attention by any means necessary. He kicked his way into the Elimination Chamber match, and his one promo was probably the best of the entire group. If he was to show up more and produce stuff like that often, he is set for a great 2019. 

6. Hollow  

The madman with a mad plan. Now that I got that corny rhyme out of the way, it's no wonder Hollow's promos were a factor in the Elimination Chamber, because they were so out there and outspoken that it confused all his opponent, except some big buff man who walked up to me with a shovel in his hand for some reason, and eliminated three men easy before lastly pinning Angelo. With a shot for the Universal Championship this year, it wouldn't surprise me if he has the title next year. 

5. Angelo Caito

Angelo Caito may not ever win the big one, but when he battles someone on the microphone or in the ring, he damn sure knows how to make someone look good. His promos with Julius was mayhem and destructive, and both matches were brutal, with their second controversially being called the greatest match of all time. If Angelo can bring his A game into next year, we can see him possibly birth another top star with a feud. 

4. Bailey

The General Manager may enjoy his time behind the desk, but deep down, he is a wrestler that loves to wrestle. When something big is on the line, he appears in the match, like the recent Money In The Bank match. In 2019, it isn't hard to see Bailey being a six time World Champion at the start of the year. 

3. Echo Wilson

Most reigns as Premium Champion, former Tag Team Champion, United States Champion, and current Universal Champion, and his time on Carnage since he turned into a raging douchebag has been the best run he ever had in his entire career. Kingdom is on their game right now, and if he continues his momentum, a Rumble win is near, and possibly main eventing BPZMania 4 next year. 

2. Bart

The Intercontinental Champion has been quiet a bit lately, but when he shows up, everyone in the back shuts up and watches. He is one of the greatest talkers and professional wrestlers of all time for a good reason, he is simply amazing. He has been Champion since SummerSlam, and he can continue that into 2019 if he pleased. 

1. Julius

The United States and World Champion, the fastest a superstar has ever achieved that in their debut since rules where made by Hall of Famer Nebakos. He has three amazing battles in title defenses against Slim, Angelo, and recently Flynn. He has been on fire since he debuted and being pinned twice in a year is proof how amazing Julius is. And at this point, 2019 will be known as the Year Of Julius.

And that's all we got for this show. Thank you all for the support and we will see you next tim- hold up. There is a message on the back of the shirt. Let me see.... Oh what do you know?


Fuck Smarks Daily!  

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Welcome back to BPZ commentaries, I am Danny Daniels, that one guy from BPZ commentaries whose name you keep forgetting, and I need money to pay the bills, I mean, I want to tell you something. It has been 6 months since BPZMania III and we can start to prepare for BPZMania IV. For the diehard fans, the countdown started the same moment that the last one ended, and with all the clicks on articles with BPZmania in there name. That’s why, I mean, that’s awful. Here at BPZ commentaries we strive to give you the best entertainment, and that’s why today we bring you: 

5 ways how BPZ can guarantee that BPZMania IV will be a success 

1. No More Double Duty 
It was one of the main talking points of the last mania, people who had double, triple or even quadruple matches on the card. It clearly hurts the product, as the bpz tv shows are not enough to give people time to speak and build up multiple matches. It is a shame, because it leds good matches on paper go to waste with no real build behind it. Last year we saw feuds and even titles becoming worthless due to the fact that the wrestlers in those feuds and going for those titles had different priorities. This need to be prevented next year. Everyone should have only match, one feud that they can invest all their time and effort into. Trust us BPZ, star power is nice, but it’s worthless when you are watching match with the same build up as the regular house show match. It would be much more better to give every match a reason and purpose, and with all the talent that the BPZ currently has, it should be no tough task to find a way to make every match matter. 

2. A Big Stipulation Match
Yes, title matches are nice. Every championship is important and is valuable to the company in his own way, but a card based of just title matches, on a stage as big as BPZmania, that doesn’t quite cut it. The regular one vs one matches can be a real threat if booked correctly, after all every match that the fans are invested in is worthy of a spot, but for BPZmania, we think that we need to make it one step bigger. A  for match that would affect the BPZ for more than one month, a match that could have an affect on the product for months and months to come, or to get dramatic, forever. There are a few things to think of here. The first that comes to our mind would be a career match, like the one that we are seeing at Survivor Series on the 25th of november on the BPZneccework (yes we did get paid for that, we need money just as much as you). A career match brings out all the drama, a legend putting his right to wrestle on the line is always a joy to watch and something that gets the tickets moving like nothing else. Another option would be a “Loser gets fired” match, where the loser could be fired from either a  roster spot, spot in BPZ as a whole, or even the role of General Manager. And no BPZ, that doesn’t mean that you bring them back a month later this time, thanks in advance. 

3. Keeping the Flock Together 
Most of the BPZ stables last for a couple of months before eventually falling into a long period of variation of feuds between the members of the formers stable. I know that for this prediction to come true, the Flock would need to beat the odds by a big margin, but heck, we are going for it. Why we do that is because the Flock gives you the perfect chance to have a huge stable vs stable match at BPZMania, which is  always fun, no matter the odds. What we could possibly see happening here an upcoming stable getting their big match against a by then well-experienced stable in the Flock, whose title decoration will have grown to be even more impressive by April. Or we could see a former stable return, like we are seeing at Survivor Series with the return of Evolution (Yes again, we get money for saying this). While the Flock will have their break up and their amazing feuds following that, there is no need title rush it. Currently we have 3 stables in the BPZ, with it currently being unclear if Evolution is a full time thing or a part time deal and the Kingdom going on for so long that BPZ must be dammed if they don’t break up at some point before BPZMania, so it looks like the Flock could very well be the only stable left by April, and we all love stables, so they should stay together. Maybe even a Flynn-led stable (Yes I know that the Necce vs Flynn match is a career match, but with BPZ, both of them could very well be wrestling again at Mania) to take down the destructive creation of his arch-nemesis. Maybe even Evolution, who knows. The opportunities are endless, but they have one thing in common, they are must watch. 

4. The Kingdom Triple Threat
The Kingdom’s reign of dominance over the BPZ has been going on for almost half a year at this point and it doesn’t seem to end in the near future, with the Kingdom taking on Evolution in one of the top matches on the card, as well as all of them defending their titles. But while the reign has been great, with every great stable comes an end, and it only makes sense to have the Kingdom’s  end come on the road to BPZMania. BPZ would be foolish not to capitalize on the heroic push of the group by having them in a triple threat match at the biggest show of the year. They could do it for a lot of titles, with the Universal and World championships being the most likely options, but really, it doesn’t matter that much. The success of the group makes for a big match regardless of where it’s for. The nature of the group makes it a very hard match to predict the winner of, leaving us with many different scenarios (and articles to make based of these scenarios, ching ching). How this would end up happening is something that we would like to leave up to the bookers, or in reality spend a seperate episode on, but they can’t really go wrong, that’s not a challenge BPZ, please don’’t. 

Which leaves us to our final point......

5. BrendenPlayz having a match 
Yes, as much as we like to think that everything matters, we all know that if Brenden decides that he wants to have a match, all the other matches can be as shit as possible and yet we will all watch and enjoy the show. It’s been more than a year since Brenden last had a feud, which really fell short after Brenden announced that he was doing the match, which makes us think that it in reality was something that the BPZ regretted doing and end up having to go through with simply because they advertised that Brenden would be wrestling at SummerSlam 2017. Since then, we saw the short Rumble appearance, which was a cool moment, but just that, a cool, short moment. We know how the bookers like to be lazy and this is their perfect chance to be lazy, the opponent doesn’t matter here, people will watch regardless. There could be several stories told here, an upcoming star or a power struggle leading to Brenden having to step in and take care of business himself. Potential opponents like Bailey, Ross and Slim have all being hyped up for years now. While Slim and Ross haven’t been actively involved in the product as of late,they won’t definitely clear their schedule to do this match, and so would we, to watch it. It would make BPZMania unforgettable and with that, a success.

Again, my name is Danny Daniels, and I think you were reading this. Be sure to check us out next time you get one of those frustrating emails in your mailbox. Till then, see you.


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Mike Hunt: “Welcome to the second installment of interviews with Big Boy Mike and today my guest is one of if not the most talked about superstar in the world of professional wrestling. That’s right I have Necce as my guest this week. Necce how’s it going?

{Necce looks at Mike very unimpressed. His eyes depict the feeling of boredom, but he goes along with it because he gets paid for this appearance.}

Necce: “Hi.”

Mike Hunt: “Ok then. Well let’s start shall we. You were victorious this past week at the EVOLVE Global Series event which I was lucky to attend, just describe for myself and everyone else what it feels like to not only defeat the Kingdom but also be one half of the Tag-Team Champions?

Necce: “This is my second time winning the tag team titles, as you no doubt know. But this time, it feels different. Surely it’s because I’ve held the belt for more than one single day, but it’s something of a euphoric sensation. I feel like I proved to myself, everyone in the audience, Flynn, and The Kingdom that I didn’t need him to win these belts. I never truly needed anyone Mike. I drove that point home when I spoke at the Global Series press conference. I told Julius that I could’ve beaten him for these titles any time that I felt like it. Any time that I felt it necessary to fluff up my resume, I could’ve beaten him and Echo for these belts. With all do respect to The Kingdom, they are some of the most talented men not only in BPZ, but in the entire world of professional wrestling, but they aren’t on my level. No one is.”

Mike Hunt: “Now you have come to understand and realise the potential of those three lads being Buddy Ace, The Marker and Jason Ryan. I want to ask you this quickly before me move onto something else. Out of the three of them who do you believe will have the most success in their career?

Necce: “Does that matter? If anything, I myself have proven that you can be the best without the titles that BPZ throws around like candy at a parade. I didn’t choose them to be my Flock because I thought they could win championships, I chose them because I could see the hunger in their eyes, the passion in their voices, the drive in their spirits to force BPZ to push the panic button. And have they not done exactly that? A group of what BPZ would classify as ‘show openers’ defeated the World Heavyweight Champion and Universal Champion. Two of the most powerful men on paper were defeated by men that would be used to make them look good. That is what truly matters. I did the same as I did with Ruin. I took men with fire in their bellies and gave them the gasoline that BPZ had refused to give them. If they end up failing after The Flock has run its course, then the fault lies in the hands of fate and BPZ itself, not theirs.”

Mike Hunt: “You raise a very good point there Necce but if worst comes to worst and you do leave the company in less than a month, the Flock will be without the guidance of such a presence like you. Do you believe that they might find it hard to adjust to life without a caretaker?”

Necce: “What do you think they are, fucking children?”

Mike Hunt: “Well I have spent majority of the last month with them in the Bahamas and at all of their game nights and I think children is not to far from the truth. Anyway that’s besides the point

Necce: “Let me ask you something Mike, do you have any kids?”

Mike Hunt: “Yes you met them last week”

Necce: “Because I have one myself. A daughter. So let’s say the worst happens and your child falls ill. Something that’s going to need your undivided attention, are you gonna be worried about Danny Daniels over at BPZ Commentaries of that happens?”

Mike Hunt: “Of course not”

Necce: “Ok, so let’s say I’m gone after Survivor Series, poof, a goddamn ghost in this company. My priorities will immediately go into being a father and a husband. I will be something that I was never afforded. A protector. Anything beyond that can come and go. I won’t care who win the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, or if The Flock will survive without me holding their hand. I will be focused on making sure my daughter feels safe in her home, making sure she has food in her lunchbox when I drop her off at school in the morning, and making sure that she doesn’t have to worry about where her next meal is coming from or doing like I did and either stealing it, or indulging in so many vices that she isn’t worried about eating anymore. That is my focus, and that will always be my focus. That was my focus when I held her in my arms at 18 years of age, and that will be my focus when I take my final breath on this earth.”

Mike Hunt: “Let’s move onto the real reason I brought you on this show. And that’s your match with Flynn. It was revealed on EVOLVE that you had added some stipulations to the match including Hell in a Cell. Can you give us a reason why?”

Necce: “Well I am from a generation who sees Hell in a Cell as a pretty big deal. When a match is given that stipulation, it is meant to add weight to that match. A sense of urgency that a singles match could never offer. These two men hate each other so much, that we must lock them in a cell where anything goes. Now this company wants to stomp all over that by throwing that stipulation onto a fucking NXT match with no build, but I think it actually means something.”

Mike Hunt: “I want to get your thoughts on Flynn’s current involvement with Evolution in their war against The Kingdom. Do you believe he isn’t prioritising your match?”

Necce: “If you paid me to give a fuck about that match, then you’d be wasting your money.”

Mike Hunt: “I know Julius and Echo made this statement already, but if Evolution vs Kingdom turns into a match at Survivor Series, Flynn will be already beaten up by the time he gets to the Main Event match with you. Does that fall in your favour?”

Necce: “So fucking what? It’s not my fault Bailey is a fucking dumbass who books as well as he cuts promos. It’s not my fault he had to get lumped in with the most boring reunion of the year. He knew he had a match already when he agreed to that stupid shit, so if he walks into Hell in a Cell injured, then he’ll have no one to blame but himself and the black holes of talent he’s teaming with. I’m supposed to be interested in anything Ginge is involved with? Get out of my goddamn face with that shit.”

Mike Hunt: “Before we go I have two more questions for you. One, do you want a free Mike Hunt T-Shirt it comes in many different colours and flavours such as…”

Necce: “Get to the fucking point before I stick a cigarette in your eye.”

Mike Hunt: “So no Shirt?”

{Necce reaches in his pockets for his pack of cigarettes.}

Mike Hunt: “Ok fine no Shirt, no shirt just put that thing away you know I am allergic. For my most important question, a feud that has been taking the world by storm is BPZ Commentaries vs Smarks Daily could I please get you to say Fuck Smark’s Daily?”

{Necce looks at Mike with murder in his eyes. Before he rips this child’s eyes out and shoves them into his urethra, he swallows his anger and begins to speak in his usual hushed tone.}

Necce: “Mike, let me ask you a question. Do you, hate me?”

Mike Hunt: “Definitely not there is a reason I have put you at number one on the Top 5 coming to you every Fridays right here on BPZ Commentaries”

Necce: “Really? I don’t make your skin crawl just a little? I didn’t make you cringe when I did the oh so unspeakable act of harming a hair on Flynn’s precious little head?”

Mike Hunt: “Yes I was a little annoyed at that”

Necce: “Well tell me, where you watching Survivor Series last year?”

Mike Hunt: “No I was training to be a Viking”

Necce: “You are aware of the actions that took place after the main event are you not?”

Mike Hunt: “Yes I am well aware”

Necce: “Well tell me Michael. Did you have the same reaction that you did at SummerSlam when Flynn took my head off of my shoulders? Did you wince just a little when he battered my head against the ring post with a steel chair? Did you blood boil when he threw me through the LED board and then Powerbombed me through a spotlight?”

Mike Hunt: “Um...Ah..Ah...No?”

Necce: “So is that act alone not make my actions at SummerSlam justifiable? Is a simple I’m sorry supposed to erase all the damage he did on that night?”

Mike Hunt: “Hey, Hey, Hey. This is my show and you don’t get to interrogate me. I am the one asking the questions. And to be quite honest I hope Flynn beats the living shit out of you, you heartless prick. You were on top of the world and you did this. I hope I never see you ever again in a BPZ ring after what you did to Flynn”

Necce: “You’re right, I hope Flynn does beat the shit out of me. I hope he beats me within an inch of my life. I hope that when I’m on my deathbed, I can still feel the aches and pains he puts me through. Because it will feel so much sweeter knowing that I went through all of that to get him out of this company. And I can’t wait to see the look on your face when I do it. When my face is covered in the crimson mask, and my eyes are glazed over from the trauma I’ve gone through. I want you to know that you’re not looking at The Antichrist, you’re not looking at Necce, you’re not even looking at Jonnathan Brave, you are looking right into the eyes of the Devil himself.”

{Necce looks right into Mike’s eyes with a devilish little smirk on his face.}

Mike Hunt: “Get the fuck out of my studio, and tell your friends Buddy, Marker and Jason that I no longer work for them. I hope you die when enter the cell because us and your family will be better of without you living in this world”

{Necce’s smirk slowly drifts away into a haunting scowl.}

Necce: “If you mention my family one more time, you won’t live to see Survivor Series.”

Mike Hunt: “GET OUT!!”

{Necce stands up.}

Necce: “Come on Mikey, be professional, shake my hand.”

{Necce extends his hand to Mike.}

(Mike reluctantly extends his hand to Necce)

Necce: “And that’s...a wrap.”

{Necce grabs Mike’s hand and quickly picks him up into the Antichrist Revolution position. Mike begins to scream for his life. Continually shouting “NO NO NO” and “HELP ME.” Necce turns to face the camera, his eyes are about to pop out of his skull and he has a demented smile on his face. Necce drops Mike down onto the ground, and Mike begins to hyperventilate. His pants can be seen growing darker around the crotch region. Necce viciously kicks Mike in the side several times, the sound of ribs cracking echoes throughout the studio. Mike rolls over onto his stomach, coughing and spitting up blood. He turns his head over to Necce, when he delivers a brutal kicks right to Mike’s face. Several parts of his face are crushed, and he is now unconscious. Necce doesn’t let him rest a second, as he immediately picks Mike up sends him through the table he was just interviewed at with a Powerbomb, the finisher of the man he will be facing in the main event of Survivor Series. Necce is now off of the deep end. He begins to scream at the camera. His screams are guttural and coming from deep within the abyss of what once was his soul}


{Necce begins to hit himself in the head with his fist as he continues to scream this question at the top of his lungs to no response. Necce begins to calm down and catch his breath. He walks over to Mike’s lifeless body and place his foot on his neck. As he keeps it there, he quickly lights up a cigarette and twists his foot on Mike’s neck to add further insult to injury. He blows the smoke directly into Mike’s face as he goes to leave the studio. Medical attention is brought to Mike’s side as Necce can be heard shouting from offscreen.}

Necce: “Nevermore, bitch! Where’s that on your fucking top 5s huh?”

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Weco's Opinion

I refuse to let BPZ Commentaries die.

Hey guys, it's me, Weco Dilson, I'm here with my new series that won't get cancelled or forgotten about in a week. Totally, it'll be two. I promise, kinda. Okay I'm lying, one and a half. Anyways, this is Weco's Opinion, simply an opinion piece of mine I'll make every whenever this is uploaded. I'm rambling aren't I? Am I? I am. Let's just get to it.


Factions are currently running the landscape of BPZ, from The Kingdom, to The Flock, to Evolution, factions or stables or whatever you wanna call them, are the backbone of the company currently. But they are also hurting the programming for one simple reason, all the great people on in two factions. The Flock and The Kingdom, One's on Evolve, the other's on Carnage, these two factions include the current top names of BPZ. Jason Ryan, The Marker, Necce, Buddy Ace, Julius, Bart, and Echo Wilson are at the peak of their careers, that's exactly the problem. We could be seeing great shows including bounties of amazing matches such as this possible show I made up with these 7 men, and 2 extra guys from the roster. Echo Wilson vs Bart, Necce vs FDS, Julius vs Slim, Buddy Ace vs The Marker vs Jason Ryan. That show sounds fucking amazing, so why are we getting these shitty shows like Survivor Series? I mean sure, you have the feud of the god damn century in Necce vs Flynn coming to a close, and that's great... but what else was there? I mean... did people actually want to see Kingdom vs Evolution? Who cares about some washed up has-beens, Flynn's great but I mean, he had Necce. Bailey is a GM and needs to stay in his lane and Ginge... well Ginge needed his return to be better for me to care about him, not a loss in an underwhelming feud against Bart. And then what? You expect me to care about Jason Ryan vs Angelo Catio vs Storm? Or Bart vs Hollow? Hell the World Heavyweight Champion DIDN'T EVEN DEFEND HIS BELT. 

Now you may say "Weco, this is all the brand split's fault that we have no good matches, if we combined the brands these good shows could happen more often." And ya know what I saw to that? I saw FUCK NO! Yes, while the brand split has been hurting a bit, that has nothing to do with these interbrand shows being shitty, and it doesn't help that Ross is in the fucking witness protection program, 'cause we haven't seen him in months! Plus if these factions finally died out, Imagine for a moment how good the single brand shows could be. We could see a potential Evolve show that looks like this: Gill vs Jason Ryan, JoshsNow vs Buddy Ace, LegendsOrigin vs The Marker, Storm vs Ark Universe, and Necce vs Slim. I would watch the shit out of that show. And then we could get this with Carnage: Echo Wilson vs Bart, Julius vs FDS, Ginge vs Yelich, LAOCH vs Bizzy, Brad/Angelo Catio vs Hollow, and for shits and giggles Akki vs Prince & Sameer. That show sounds fun! And exciting! But factions won't let them happen. BPZ needs to go back to what it once was, a hellscape where there are no friends, only enemies, it is the wild wild west out there, and you can only trust yourself. If BPZ were like that again, we could have amazing shows. But because of Evolution, The Flock, and The Kingdom, it seems like we're in for a period of boredom in BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling.

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BPZ Top 5 Segments of the Week

Yes ladies and Gentlemen after a month Mike has come back...Home. That's right Mikeaholics no more Smarks Daily because BPZ Commentaries is back and in my best friend Eric Bischoff's words "And better than ever". Well enough of that, my injury rehab will be revealed in a brand new BPZ 24 episode featuring me Mike Hunt. Lets get into the Top 5

5. Well what a week this was for BPZ with the announcement of a tag-team tournament, everyone was rushing around to find themselves a partner hell even the owner of the company decided to get in on the action. That's right you heard me correct, Brendenplayz and Sameer have formed to create a team and will be competing. But that's not the segment I shall be focusing on. Brenden made his way out to the ring and started slamming and criticising his opponents Julius and Ropati. Yes Julius and Ropati will be teaming in this tournament. Brenden brought up some very interesting points about Julius' World Title Reign, labelling him a paper champ something that he has been criticised a lot recently. Anyway the most intriguing bit of this segment was when Julius himself stood up to the boss and didn't back down promising to knock him down for good. These two men are Australia's finest creations and I can't help but believe that deep down inside Brenden has some respect for his Aussie Compatriot

4. Speaking of the Tag-Team classic some more, ROA has been reformed with Ross and Flynn. Sorry "The New Flynn". Now these two men have to be the favourites, look at the accolades they have achieved these two men are one of the most successful wrestlers in the world and now they have reunited to win the Tag Team Championships. Brilliant as always both men cut amazing promos promising to take out the division and I believed every single word of it. ROA 4 LYF my people 

3. Moving on to something a little more disturbing and that is the airing of yet another cryptic video of FD or Daniel as he has been referred to in these videos. Now this was disturbing because FD basically killed a Women he used to love or still loves. FD is one scary son of a bitch we have known this for a while now but this version of FD might be even more dangerous. Anyway FD is coming back and I feel sorry for any superstar he targets first because just like that poor lady Samantha they might find themselves 6-feet down in the ground 

2. Now onto a bombshell which took the Professional Wrestling world by Storm. After a losing effort at Survivor Series as apart of Evolution Bailey opened up Carnage with a huge announcement for the Main Event of Nigh of Legends. Julius, Echo Wilson and Bart collectively known as the Kingdom will do battle in a Triple Threat for the Universal Championship. Now this has been seen by some as a way for Bailey to divide Kingdom which may have worked to some extent already as Julius and Echo will not be teaming in the Tag Team tournament much to the worlds surprise. This brings out many exciting prospects, a match that has been building ever since Julius joined Kingdom and the possibility of Kingdom's collapse. It's going to be one crazy month in the lead up to Night of Legends

1. But at number it has to be Flynn's sort of retirement speech on Evolve this past week. The match at Survivor Series was phenomenal, one of the best matches I have ever seen in my life and at the end of the night I was shocked and stunned to see Flynn exit the arena for what possibly might have been the last time. But oh no Flynn threw that all out the Window on Evolve when he revealed he wasn't going anywhere and "The New Flynn" was born. One moment that will never leave me from this segment was when Flynn brutalised BPZ Commentator Sandman where by little puppy Vooch had a tear stream down his eye watching Flynn turn his back on us

Superstar of the Week

The superstar of the week is none other than Flynn. From an incredible match to an incredible segment to the reunion of ROA Flynn has done it all which has earned him the right to be called superstar of the week

Image result for Daniel Bryan

Well that's all from me this week, I hoped you enjoyed the episode and I will be back next week for some for top 5. Keep it strong and Fuck Smarks Daily. Ooh that felt good 

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BPZ Commentaries Picks 

This is something new as we are always looking to get more clicks... I mean introducing even more quality contents surrounding the BPZ. This will be something where every author contracted to BPZ Commentaries will give his insight to a certain topic, whether they want to or not. Today's topic will be: 

Potential BPZMania Main Events: 

BPZMania is the most talked about event on the BPZ calendar, meaning that it generates tons of interest and therefore opportunities for us to grab some money. This is what we will be doing today, as we gave our ideas for what will be the last match on BPZMania. 

Weco Dilson: 

Julius vs Smith 

Everyone loves a surprise Rumble return and win right? Well look no further than Smith, he is quite possibly the greatest wrestler in BPZ's history and he has been absent as of late. Smith vs Julius could be the battle of the ages. Julius would be looking to defeat the final true threat to his reign as this would mean he'd have beaten Bailey in his cash in attempt and Slim at DtD and whenever else he wanted a match. While Smith is trying to prove that his Rumble win wasn't a fluke and that he truly still has it.

Mike Hunt: 

Julius vs Brenden  

Brenden vs Julius for the World Heavyweight Championship. Big time match, the Boss vs the face of the company, Brenden's return singles match. Just imagine Brenden being the one to shut the mouth of the arrogant Julius and pick up the WHC only for his protege Bailey to cash in after. What a sexy ME that would be.  

James SweedinFerg

Bailey vs Flynn

Now yes, they are best friends now, but doesn't deep down Flynn remember that Bailey was the one who took his chance at main eventing the first BPZMania by beating him for the World Championship? And to make matters worst, Flynn never got his revenge. Now, with Bailey as Money In The Bank, and the "New Flynn" active, I see Bailey possibly winning the World Championship via cash in and Flynn winning the Rumble and they battling at Mania IV".

                                                                                    Peter Menthol (who couldn't make up his minds and decided to go with 2 picks:)

Julius vs Flynn 

I know this match has already happened twice now, but the only time it has happened with the world title on the line, the finish was due to an interference and the fallout was seemingly overbooked. The match that these two men and this story deserves is a straight up one on one match with the title on the line. You can give it a “Teacher vs Student” tagline if you want, but I think that it would be a fitting conclusion to these two men’s story and would prove who is the better wrestler on the grandest stage of them all, one of the most decorated stars of all time, or the biggest star to come out of 2018.

Necce vs Flynn 4

Now I know their Survivor Series Hell In a Cell match was supposed to be a “Career vs Career match” but as Flynn stated in his promo after the match, Necce has allowed him to stay for a reason that is unknown to us at the moment. And as any wrestling fan would, with Flynn still around, that makes me clamor even more for a 4th, and possibly final edition to this rivalry. This trilogy, and hopefully saga, started in the semi main event of BPZMania 3, so then what would make a more fitting end to the story than in the main event of the show of shows. There doesn’t have to be any titles on the line or any careers on the line, this match could just simply be a one on one match to finally once and for all prove who is the better man between these two rivals.


Danny Daniels: 

Bailey vs Smith 

I think that we will head into the final week before BPZMania thinking that we would see Julius vs Smith in the main event. But true to his charachter, Bailey decides to be an ultimate heel and steal the main event from the upcoming star by cashing in when Julius expects it the least. The story works, the two of a backstory and it puts Smith, the returning star, against Bailey, the COO of company who could very well have had something to do with his firing. The two surely would be able to work a good match in the main event, and also set up Julius and Bailey to feud no matter what the outcome of the main event is. 

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BPZ Top 5 Segments of the Week 

Well hello there all you Mikeaholics, yes it is I the prodigal son of BPZ who made it onto Carnage TV can we all give me a round of applause. Thank you, thank you very much. Well with the return of Mike Hunt, those fellas over at Smarks Daily have stayed quiet, they have finally learnt their place in the media world. Without further ado lets dive into the Top 5 segments of the week

5. BPZ professional Wrestling has experienced a surge of returning a debuting wrestlers over the past weeks with Bashka coming out of retirement to challenge Julius to a World Title Match at December to Dismember, BIC and Brett Storm made their return and we were graced with the debuts of BK Strong and "The Crippler" Odyssey Sellers. But coming in at number 5 is the most recent video package highlighting the career and legacy of King. A man who has dominated the world of professional wrestling seems to be on his way to BPZ and I am very excited. I have enjoyed learning his heritage and the way he has been seen as hero by his people. He is also flanked by Armour King or King Sr who looks to have struck gold with this monster. I can't wait to see what King does in a BPZ ring 

4. Heading over to Evolve now with the 4th Segment and it involves none other than the "One and Only" Storm. After suffering yet another loss this time as apart of a team with Josh as the reformed Joshtourage time is running out for Storm to make an impact here in BPZ especially with all of the newcomers quickly rising up the ranks. But Storm's choice to embrace and absorb his inner Demon may be his last chance to become relevant here in BPZ. You can count his wins on one hand and it's time to change that. This is Storms final straw here in BPZ and it comes in at Number 4 solely because this is make or break for him. We wish Storm all the best but in a crowded US Divison it's going to be tough for Storm to break out 

3. The Tag Team Classic has brought some unusual pairings and some pairings we thought we would never see again. Case in point AK 17 with Echo Wilson and Angelo Caito. Their segments this week have been great to watch as we see them trying to put their differences aside in order to win Tag-Team gold. There is no doubt that they have chemistry and its shown in their promos together. They were dominant in their first round mauling of the Pain Hunters and they have emerged as the favourites to take out the tournament. A semi final berth against Brenden and Sameer awaits them. Something that no doubt will be entertaining to witness

2. The United States Championship picture has been on fire as of late with Diego Garcia and Yelich emerging as contenders for Julius' US championship. But coming in at number two is Echo Wilson's emergence as another contender to Julius' US championship. A decision that no doubt shocked the professional wrestling world. Echo delivered another great promo about how he was going to win and to be honest I believe him. Bold statement Echo Wilson will beat Julius and the others to win the US Championship. But Julius is a very dangerous competitor and Echo can't take their previous to his head because that would spell trouble for his chances. Decemvber to Dismember serve as precursor to what we will witness at Night of Legends and I love it. Echo don't let these words haunt you "Carnage Power-Trip Semi-Finals"

1. Number one has to go to the phenomenal, 5 star video package hyping the Fallen King so to speak Slim who is making his in-ring return against Julius at December to Dismember. This showed the mindset the King has been in since his loss at Summerslam and did a great job in hyping his match against Julius. More of this please we want Slim 

Superstar of the Week

The superstar of the week goes to none other than Echo Wilson who had himself a very successful week. Some great segments with Caito and a killer promo against Julius topped off by a victory in the Tag Classic puts Echo as our Superstar of the week. Tune in next week for some more Top 5. This is Mike Hunt signing out 

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BPZ Top 5 Segments of the Week

Welcome once again Ladies and Gentlemen to the no doubt Slammy award winning show of the year, that's right welcome to the BPZ Top 5 Segments of the week and as always I am your host the always remarkable, the conqueror of Smarks Daily the one and only Mike Hunt. Well with that amazing introduction by myself lets head into the Top 5, a week dominated by one familiar group, a group that may be dying lets have a look

5. But before we get into all of that stuff lets talk about the return of one of BPZ's legends who has been out since Summerslam and has now made his triumphant return. Guess who's back, back again, Johnny's back tell a friend. And yes you are all the friends that I will tell about Johnny's return. Johnny has always found ways to reinvent himself, to keep him from staying stale and well this time is yet another one of those. He came out with more confidence and the words he spoke were more captivating. He has a big match at December to Dismember with a chance to qualify for the Carnage Scramble against the always dangerous Diego Garcia, and if Johnny can keep this up he may go straight to the top once again. Welcome back Johnny 

4. Well I did say that this week was going to be dominated by The Kingdom and all of their soap opera bullshit but nonetheless coming in at number 4 is a very intriguing promo by none other than the World Champion himself Julius. The 'Executioner' made his way down to the ring to more intimidating music, which may signal a new pathway for the champ, one where he breaks away from the Kingdom as we will come to later. Anyway this promo was all about Julius trashing and exposing Echo Wilson for what he really is, the weak link of the Kingdom. Another solid promo from the World Champ that spoke some truth, maybe if Julius wasn't in the spotlight Echo would be there himself. With saying that I am sure that Echo will respond in due time, just hang in there Echo

3. Well if you want to talk about a great promo then look no further than the one cut by Echo Wilson on this weeks Carnage, which fuelled Julius' response. Echo knocked three birds with one stone talking about his tag-team match, his US match and his Universal Championship match in one well-delivered segment. We all know that Echo Wilson is championship material and this segment just proved it yet again. Echo Wilson is someone that shouldn't be looked past and the build to this Kingdom Triple Threat continues to get hotter with each passing week

2. From Echo back to Julius and Slim. Yes that's right don't forget that Slim is still lurking around on his quest to defeat Julius after his loss to him at Summerslam. Julius has ignored Slim and focused on his other matches which shows the lack of disrespect by the young champion. However Slim's masterful tactic to go to Carnage and make Julius notice him was excellently done. Slim spoke about how Julius only made it to the top because of Bart and Echo and revealed that Julius wasn't going to be the face of the company for much longer. If we go back maybe 3 minutes prior, Julius was the one who called for the Kingdom's death something he may regret when going into battle against Slim

1. But number one has to be the action packed segment involving Sameer, Angelo Caito and Brendenplayz. Yes that's right Sameer made it to number one on the Top 5 I am bloody impressed. Anyway Brad was left to fight on his own against Brenden and Sameer, something he did very well but the larger question was where the fuck was Echo. He left his partner by himself to be verbally abused by two of the best talkers this company has ever seen. Now Echo Wilson may have had larger things on his plate but this dysfunction left Angelo fuming and cost them their match against Brenden and Sameer. Angelo is one pissed off son of a bitch right now 

Superstar of the Week

The moment you have all been waiting for, the Superstar of the week and it goes to JULIUS. Yes the World Champion had another solid week causing headlines and proving why he is currently on top of the company. Will this continue into December to Dismember next weekend I'm not sure but surely he has to be the favourite in the matches he is competing in. So Echo won it last week and now Julius this week does that mean Bart will emerge from his hole and win it next week? Tune into find out, I have been Mike Hunt and this was The Top 5

Related image


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BPZ Top 5 Segments of the Week

Knock Knock, Who's there? Mike, Mike Who? Mike Hunt and he is back once again with the Top 5 this week in the world of BrendenPlayz Professional Wrestling. Yes I am back and yet another week has gone by without a response from Smarks Daily. Looks like I am doing my job around here. Anyway we have a great show for you showcasing the Top 5 Segments of the week including some recapping of December to Dismember, here we go

5. The BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Julius seems to frequent this list a lot and his recent message to Slim this past week once again placed him in the Top 5. He showed a magnificent video of Slim and all of his achievements throughout his legendary career. However what made this so impactful was the visual of Slim being beaten by Julius in the Main Event of Summerslam, a moment which shocked the World and announced the arrival of a future star in this company. Julius did his usual shtick talking about how he would destroy Slim which is perfectly fine because well he backs it up 90% of the time and that's why this neat little Segment comes in at Number 5

4. Coming in at Number 4 it's one of Julius' brothers or at least I think they still are Brothers, yes we are talking about Echo Wilson. It was Echo's turn to come out to the Carnage Arena this week and hype up the Kingdom Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship and as always might I add he did a bloody good job with it. He stood in the ring and delivered a well-constructed, well-devised sermon about his Kingdom Brothers which made big Boy Mike a little excited for their match up on January 11th. Echo also promised to take Julius' US Title which didn't go according to plan with Julius taking home the win and keeping his US Title. I guess that's now Julius 2 Echo 0. Anyway onto 3

3. Now onto someone who has been featured here on the Top 5 quite heavily these last few weeks, he's my employer and the creative Genius behind the company that is BrendenPlayz Professional Wrestling I'm talking the man himself BrendenPlayz. We always knew that this man was great on the mic but this was something else. The way he hyped himself and Sameer up before their match with The Flock at December to Dismember (More on that later) was truly motivational. A true poet with his words Brenden made sure that everyone knew who they were and what they were going to accomplish and it achieved them ultimate success. More of this please sir 

2. Well we don't have to go far for number 2 because this also features Brenden, Sameer and the Flock. Marker and Jason opened things up talking about how they were going to beat Brenden and Sameer talking about how Brenden was washed up and Sameer was a joke, you know the same old stuff we have heard before but when Brenden and Sameer made their presence felt boy oh boy did things start to get very interesting. I mean some insults were thrown and promises were made but at the end of the day these two put on a very entertaining segment and made me very excited for their Main Event match at December to Dismember. Oh and on that Brenden and Sameer actually defeated Jason and Marker to become Tag-Team Champions I mean if someone had told me a month ago that Brenden and Sameer would be Tag Champs by the end of the year, I would have checked them into a mental health clinic ASAP

1. But coming in at number one it's another masterful display by the legend himself Slim on EVOLVE this week, Evolve's last second ever to quite frankly and what a way to send that show off into the sunset. Slim has embraced his good side over the last month on his quest to defeat Julius and The Kingdom which has made him someone the fans at home and myself in general can cheer for. He spoke about defeating Julius and how this was his redemption, something he needed to get off of his chest and what he did next was spectacular. He burnt down EVOLVE just like he said he would do to Kingdom. Truly poetic

December to Dismember results

1. Brenden and Sameer defeated The Marker and Jason Ryan to become BPZ Tag-Team Champions

2. Julius defeated Diego Garcia, Echo Wilson and Yelich to retain the US Title

3. Echo Wilson defeated Jason Ryan and Angelo Caito to win the Premium Championship

4. Bart defeated Angelo Caito to retain the IC Title

5. Julius defeated Bashka to retain the WHC 

6. Jonathan defeated Diego Garcia

7. Arius defeated Legends to win the NXT Championship

8. Flynn defeated Hollow

Superstar of the Week

This week folks we have a new superstar winning the honour of Superstar of the week, yes this week the honour goes to none other than the Boss BrendenPlayz. He featured in 2 of the Top 5 segments this week, Wrestled in the Main Event of December to Dismember and won the BPZ Tag-Team titles. Can't get much better than that congratulations to Brenden

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Just went through and caught up on all of this Julius and gotta day love the read, they are well written and put together and also get over yourself. Can’t wait for the next one, however a little segment idea I have that you guys haven’t done recently is a top ten power ranking, and possibly take an episode for a “year in review”. 

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