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BPZ Commentaries

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12 hours ago, Flynn said:

Just went through and caught up on all of this Julius and gotta day love the read, they are well written and put together and also get over yourself. Can’t wait for the next one, however a little segment idea I have that you guys haven’t done recently is a top ten power ranking, and possibly take an episode for a “year in review”. 

We have plans to do stuff that looks back on the year in various ways. Thanks for the feedback Flynn.

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Mike: Ladies and Gentlemen it is I the prodigal son of BPZ Commentaries, the Mozart of the Mic, Big Boy Mike. And yes it has been 2 months since one of these interviews and the last time I did this, I pissed my pants and fractured my neck. So hopefully that wont happen again. Without further ado please welcome my guest the Marker. It's been a while

Yes it has Mike, good to see you finally healed up.

Mike: Why thank you Marker, let's start with something easy. Do you like being called a psychopath?

To be honest I really don't care, all I care about is what I do in the ring, what I speak of and my brothers in The Flock, that's all

Mike: Great now I can finally tell my wife that you do like being called a psychopath. Anyway back to the wrestling. A tough month it was for the Flock, Jason lost his Premium title and You guys dropped the Tag Titles. Can you explain what the mood is like around The Flock camp?

Well, we are very disappointed in ourselves about our loses, but I know we can gain back our titles and have new ones, once we do that, we will be riding high where we belong.

Mike: Riding high I like that, but with Evolve's death and the merger with Carnage you have now entered a playing field with more talent. Do you worry that now you are merged with all the talent that you will fall down the totem pole, especially with the Kingdom running the show on Carnage?

No, not all in fact, I'm happy about more competition than anything else, it just gonna show that I am not a man to be trife with and once I do that, they will get it the message that Marker is a dangerous opponent.

Mike: Well lets talk about competition, for those at home that don't know what does the Marker have coming up this month?

Well, I have a US title match against Julius at the Royal Rumble and I have to Reclaim those Tag Titles from Big Ballers so it gonna be difficult, but I know Me and The Flock can do it.

Mike: No plans for the Royal Rumble match itself?

I have plans for those as well

But in due time

Mike: Ooh spicy I love it. Anyway back to Julius and the United States Championship. Why now Marker?

I say it the perfect time , it gonna be a new year and we have lots of history together, but I had a feeling we would collide with one another sooner rather than later in a singles match and I'm gonna sure Julius goes through Hell, he tried to ruin the start of my career with me losing for NXT title, didn't work, tried to ruin my brothers, didn't work, this time it ain't gonna work again, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to beat Julius

Mike: I am sure you're aware of this but Julius is in the form of his career, he is as dangerous as he has ever been and has sent out a stern warning to you, something he does make good on as seen in the past. Does this bother you or even scare you one bit that your career may end after stepping in the ring with Julius?

No, he has made promises in the past, for example, he said that he was gonna beat Necce and Buddy for titles with Echo Wilson and that didn't happen, sure he is very dangerous, but what he doesn't know is that I'm more harmful than he will ever be in his entire career, every time I want to win, I will win and damn making sure of it this time

Mike: Ok Marker, here's your chance sell me why you believe you will win against Julius at the Rumble. What makes you so harmful?

I'm dangerous to the people I want to hurt, for example, when I destroyed Storm at Global Series, I meant to hurt him, I nearly broke his neck and nearly ended his career so what do you think will happen when I am in the Rumble. I'll put people over the top rope and headline BPZ Mania.

Mike: Well there you have it folks, The Marker will be in the rumble broken to you first my the one and only Mike Hunt. Let’s continue on Julius, you do seem upset and somewhat hurt from the times you faced Julius in NXT. Care to explain why?

Hmm, well I was just starting out Mikey and I thought I had the whole world in my hands until I got a reality check and to be honest I am grateful for him doing that because now I am much stronger than I was when I start and now I can finally have my revenge that I have been waiting for so long

Mike: Revenge is a major catalyst for success and even downfall. What happens if you go over the top and focus on revenge more than the victory and you squander this opportunity?

I'm not that type of person to let my anger get the best of me Mike so I have no worries that I will win my Match against Julius

Mike: Good to hear, as we start to head for the finish line, where do you see yourself in 12 months

Me, you and The Flock having some beers with our titles on our shoulders having a great time in Vegas

I would but I have a restraining order on Necce so that can’t happen. Anyway would you like a Mike Hunt T-Shirt?

Sure Mike, anything to do with a good friend of mine

Mike: Oh lovely, would you like Blue Turquoise, Green, Pineapple, Lemongrass or orange?

Hmm I would like...... Green please

Mike: Ugh boring, could I get you to say one more thing?


Mike: can you say Join Commentaries and F*ck Smarks Daily?

Join Commentaries and F*ck Smarks Daily

Mike: lovely, thanks for coming on Marker and I wish you all the best at NOL and the Rumble

Thanks Mike


Big thanks to out guest The Marker. Be sure to tune in next week when Mike sits down with a new and improved BIC. What an exotic encounter that will be. This has been a BPZ Commentaries presentation 

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BPZ Top 5 Segments of the Week 

Hello there ladies and gentlemen once again it is I Mike Hunt with a brand new episode of the Top 5. It's been a very interesting and newsworthy week in the world of BPZ professional wrestling so lets dive into it straight away with the Top 5

5. We start off number 5 with a segment that indeed itself was newsworthy. When Julius came out to celebrate his championship victories at December to Dismember, he issued out an open challenge to anyone in the back to challenge him for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship which was answered by none other than the veteran himself Angelo Caito, the first piece of newsworthyness. Caito did his usual shtick and Julius did his and a match was set for the Royal Rumble. But what followed was extremely surprising, Julius accepted the match under one condition and that was that Angelo Caito had to put his career on the line. Now that is something. The crowd was visibly stunned by this announcement especially when Caito accepted. This next month will be interesting, will Angelo finally be able to have an answer to the puzzle that is Julius? Or Will the Executioner continue on his warpath to the top of the company?

4. Moving on to someone who isn't regularly featured on this list and that is "The Psychopath Marker". He made it known before the December to Dismember PPV that he would be challenging the winner of The United States Championship Fatal Four Way, which turned out to be Julius. Now these two have some history together back when they were both in the NXT Division, history i seems that Marker hasn't let go of. The aggression and the confidence Marker displayed here was something fresh and exciting, also something that will be need if he is going to challenge the Young Australian. Maybe just maybe we have found the answer to Julius' puzzle? More of this Marker and you will have found a fan in me

3. Before we get into the top 3, I think it's only fair we address the situation regarding the Night of Legends Triple Threat. It's a shame that Echo is going to miss the event and we wont get the Kingdom Triple Threat we have all been waiting for. But on a more serious note, myself and all the members of BPZ Commentaries hope that we will see Mr Wilson back in a Wrestling ring soon. Now at number 3 we have Bart and another scathing promo by the Villain on Echo Wilson. Looking back at it now, maybe Bart was correct in everything he said, maybe this man is God. Well we will have to wait and see because now we have Julius and Bart in the Main Event of Night of Legends. Editor man fetch me some popcorn

2. We head into the Top 2 and we kick things off with a banger, something that not many of us saw coming, I am talking about Flynn stopping Bailey from cashing in MITB and the corresponding NOL match announcement. So lets set the scene, Julius is down, bloodied and bruised after his loss to Slim when the GOAT of BPZ Bailey makes his way down to the ring Briefcase in hand ready to cash in on Julius when BANG Flynn strikes taking down his former mentor Bailey and killing my heart in the process. Well Flynn is on a whole new level of dickhead right now with this. Anyway we now have Bailey vs Flynn added to the already stacked Night of Legends card and I can't wait to see the GM kick that man's ass. No seriously kill him Bailey 

1. But coming in at number one much to my chagrin is Necce and yet another one of his amazingly great promos. The hype for Jason Ryan vs Necce, Mentor vs Student has been overshadowed by Julius vs Bart but promos like this make you wonder why this doesn't get the attention it deserves. Necce blatantly disrespected Jason in this segment and it was enthralling to watch. I'm sure Jason will respond in his own way but as of right now I think Necce has his number and is one step closer to that Global Championship

Superstar of the week 

Who will take home Superstar of the week this week well let me tell you its a certain "New" person. See what I did there, will it be Arius, or Dikey or Maasa or that other new guy. No. It's "The New" Flynn. Yes what a week for the fallen king. Stopping Bailey from cashing in and getting a match against the GM at NOL a very successful week for him, he's starting to gain some more momentum and may prove to be dangerous heading into Mania season

Image result for Daniel Bryan

Well that will do it for the year 2018 for the Top 5 of the week, but never fear I will be back as the clock strikes 2019 with my top 5 of the year and of course the Superstar of the year. Make sure to tune in to find out who it will be. I have been Mike Hunt and this was the Top 5. Oh and Join Commentaries, buy the merch and do all that

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The Top 5 BPZ Matches of 2018

2018 has gone by and once again we were threatened a great year of wrestling, or at least that’s why we will say as we gain money from promoting it. To enjoy wrestling at it’s fullest, it’s important that the matches inside the ring look good, that they tell a story. Today we will be discussing the top 5 matches of BPZ in 2018. I would go on but we are cutting on our budget, so I will hurry up. 

5. Unsanctioned Zone Match: Hollow vs Julius (Carnage Powertrip: World at War) 

The craziness of a match like this will always make it get a fair share of attention, but this can go both ways. Either it’s heavily praised or is received with a lot of hate, but there isn’t a lot of in between with these matches. These two certainly did it right though, as the match was received with lots of love from everyone who spoke about it, and for a good reason why might add. The match sees several objects that you would have never imagined to see in a wrestling match be used to add to the match. The match tells a wonderful story, that maybe is strange, but is told in a way that  makes that strangeness not off putting but instead engaging to watch. While their feud wasn’t bad, we can say that this match overachieved. The quality as well as the uniqueness of this match makes it one that had to be featured on our list.  

4. Powertrip Cup: Julius vs Flynn. 

Once again we see Julius on this list, and I can already spoil you by saying that this won’t be the only time that you hear the name of Flynn. It’s a classic story being told, that of the young lion taking on his mentor in the final of a tournament. That alone would basically be good enough to get featured on most lists, but this match has the in-ring spectacle to back it up.  While the outcome is Flynn winning, the match put Julius in a position to become what he is today.  The match shows the two being evenly matched and this is big, given how Flynn is the world champion heading into this match. Both men kick out of a lot of big moves before Flynn countered a Samoan splash into a FKO for the 3 count. It keeps the World Champion looking good and sets up a match that everyone wants to see, while still putting Julius over as the next big thing in the company. Just excellent. 

3: Wargames: ROA vs Slim/Echo vs Bailey/Prince.  

Some choices don’t need a lot of explanation. The match was started by arguably the top 3 names in BPZ history in Flynn, Slim and Bailey. Just wow. All the guys entering would all get their moments to get hot and the crowd was loud as ever for all 3 of them. Whether it was the teamwork of Flynn and Ross, the strikes of Prince or the athleticism of Echo Wilson, the crowd ate it up like no other. The match all around is just filled with amazing moments, such as a moonsault from the top of the cage. It’s what you expect from a wargames match, tons of action with almost no pauses.T but it did happen when both Ross and Flynn jumped on him. The finish as well gives us a lot of storylines that would shape the bpz for the coming months, with ROA standing on top, Slim and Echo continuing their forced alliance that would lead to the Kingdom and this was the fall of the Bailey and Prince duo. Just, amazing. If you haven’t watched this yet, you need to do yourself a favour and watch it. 

2.  BPZMania III: Slim vs Smith 

Well this one isn’t a shocker. Putting two talents of the likes of Slim and Smith together almost guarantees a masterpiece, never mind doing it in the main event of the top show of the year. Whatever you think of these two, it’s undeniable that their performances are up there with the very best that the company has ever seen. The story was strong, the redemption story of Slim was booked excellent. The match had high intensity from the start and continued that way until the very end. The match sees both men use moves that we have never seen them use before, which shows the extent of their moveset and ability to adapt. In the story, this works well too, as they have worked together for along time and have had matches before, meaning that they would need to have some tricks up their sleeve to surprise the other. It also features some signature moves from both guys, but not too much, making them special moments and making the kick outs even bigger. The end saw Slim get his moment as he finally managed to put away Smith, the men that defeated him 5 months earlier. You couldn't have asked for more, even of a match with this magnitude. 

1. King Of the Ring: Flynn vs Necce. 

The thing that puts this at number 1 for me is the story. The story of this match is of a level that honestly we might have never seen before in the BPZ. The two blood rivals facing off at one of the biggest events on the BPZ calendar. The match has tons of nearfalls, with both men pulling out the most extreme of moves in an attempt to defeat the other. Both start to change from their usual ways as the match pro longs, as they become more and more desperate to become the one that leaves with the title. It’s a match with storytelling of the likes that is just on another planet from most of what we have seen throughout the year. The ending, with Flynn getting his title back gives us a nice ending to a great ppv and also begins the set up to their 3rd and for now final match. All of this makes it BPZ Commentaries’ number one match of the year. 

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The feed opens on a graveyard in parts unknown, the camera glides through the rows and rows of tombstones revealing some well know names to the BPZ Universe. There is one of Mal Hades, Sheridan and of course the BPZ Brand Split. All of a sudden the camera focuses in on one particular section of the graveyard a tombstone missing. A man wearing a hood appears from the shadows and rushes over to the vacant area. He grabs a tombstone out from his backpack and starts jamming it into the ground looking around to make sure no one sees him. He then steps back from the tombstone and sighs in amazement, as the camera zooms in on the tombstone which reads "RIP Smarks Daily". The camera then shifts to the hooded figure who rips off his hood revealing himself to be none other than Mike Hunt. He starts getting jiggy as a familiar song plays in the background


 Mike Hunt then starts singing the opening to Queen's "Another one Bites the dust" as he starts dancing around the Smarks Daily gravestone. As he reaches the chorus, out from the shadows appears the other members of BPZ Commentaries, James Sweedinferg, Danny Daniels, Peter Menthol and of course Weco Dilson who start singing along with Mike. They also start going into a dance routing which involves Peter Menthol pulling out a picture of Booker T and slowly rubbing it against his crotch. As they finish up the song, Danny Daniels brings out a sack, the others stop dancing and look in confusion at Danny's mysterious package. Danny then starts pulling out BPZ Slammy awards which have a shiny golden glow. He hands them to all of the cast, who look on in amazement. Suddenly Mike places his slammy on the ground and rips off his shirt to reveal a beautiful Freddie Mercury costume. He then screams "Hit it" as We are the champions by Queen play 


Once again all 5 men start parading around the Smarks Daily tombstone popping a bottle of champagne as the camera slowly fades to black

BPZ Top 5 Segments of the Year

Yes ladies and Gentlemen welcome to this special New Years Eve edition of the Top 5 where we will count down the Top 5 Segments of the year before unveiling the oh so coveted Superstar of the Year who will receive a trophy as well as free tickets to Night of Legends coming January 11th. And yes I know I said that I would be do this just as the year turned to 2019 but I couldn't contain myself and I came a little earlier than expected. The overall story of my life but anyway without further ado lets start with the fifth best segment of the year 

5. Lets starts with a segment that catapulted one young man's career and started one of the most dominant forces this company has ever seen. If you hadn't guessed what it is then let me spell it out for you, I'm talking about Julius' turn on Flynn and and the formation of the modern day Kingdom. The segment starts with Flynn recapping his victory over Julius in the Carnage Power-Trip Cup Finals and speaking about how the ROA are stronger than they have ever been with Julius announcing himself in the annual King of the Ring tournament. It is then after this moment when everything turned to shit for Flynn. Julius brutally attacked him leaving him bloodied in the centre of the ring, a moment that elevated Julius from good to great and may even be the reason for his unseen success in the year of 2018. What capped this off however was the arrival of Echo Wilson who handed Julius a Kingdom armband signalling Julius entrance into a group that would terrorise BPZ for the rest of the year. The look on Flynn's face when he saw Julius and Echo joining together was heartbreaking

4. At number 4 we look at a more recent segment only taking place a couple of weeks ago when Slim decided to play with fire in the Evolve Arena. With the announcement of the Brand Split causing major media attention, many people including myself had to tune into Evolve to see what was going down and what we saw was absolutely phenomenal. The Big Dog Slim delivered a perfect explanation for his recent actions and promised to beat Julius and start a quest to Burn the Kingdom down. The lasting image of Slim walking out of Evolve as one of the people who made Evolve as successful as it was, sending it into the sunset with the beautiful visual of the place being burnt down is one of the best things I have seen in my life and is definitely deserved of this spot 

3. Well now we head into elite territory and I mean some elite fucking territory and you will see why. Necce and Flynn had been at each others necks for a while know with Flynn originally turning on Necce and then Necce winning at Mania and then Flynn at KOTR, it was shaping up to be one of the greatest series of matches of all time. Now usually these two would come out and announce their third and final match but no, hold the phone they decided to team up and go take the tag-titles off of the Kingdom which they did successfully. But what I want to focus on is the segment when they announced their reunion. Now if you don't remember I started crying when this happened and when I watched it again I started crying yet again showing how truly emotional this segment really was. The way they took us on a journey and then did this was absolutely phenomenal, making this a must watch segment and one of the best segments I have ever seen 

2. We are heading into number 2 and we can smell it, I can smell it we are so close to the end but nevertheless lets take about the Penultimate ranked segment. King of The Ring was a great event, Julius won the WHC Slim returned to make the Summerslam Main Event official and some other good stuff happened which I have totally forgotten about. However, what I haven't forgotten was the absolutely brilliant video package that was played before Necce and Flynn stepped foot inside the ring. As Slim said it himself this segment gave him chills, and it did more than that for me it gave me a goddamn Hard on. The story it told and the way it showed both of their paths to that precise moment was the best I have ever seen, proving how good this feud really was. It was tough keeping this at number 2 but number 1

1. You guessed it, Necce turning on Flynn after their Summerslam victory absolutely shocked the world. Why Necce? Was the question of everyones lips as well as some F*ck You Necce comments made by slammy award winning Journalists. But whatever you may think of Necce and his actions this segment was absolutely amazing. The amount of emotion that was put into the reuniting of the Golden Legacy all for it to be taken away by Necce and his own selfish needs, has forced me to still come to grips with this moment. I will never forget them coming together for a hug after defeating Julius and Echo only for Necce to kick him in the dick. He kicked us all in the dick, making him the best Heel in all of the company, sorry Bart. This was definitely the number one segment of the year so congratulations to Necce I guess...Prick

BPZ Superstar of the Year 

Well this is the precise moment we have all been waiting for, who will be crowned the Superstar of the year and win free tickets to NOL. Will it be Julius, Echo, Slim, Bailey, Bart, Jason Ryan, Flynn, Angelo? NO. It's goddamn Necce. Lets run through this, an amazing 11-1 record in 2018. A Tag-Team Champion a Universal Champion, A Carnage Scramble winner and the man involved in three of the best matches of the year. Oh and if that wasn't enough he won the Number 1 segment like 40 times as well as cleaning up the Slammy Awards. Like God what can't this man do. The year of 2018 whether you like him or not has truly been the Year of the AntiChrist. Quote the Raven, Nevermore. Dammit snap out of it Mike

Image result for Raven wrestler

Well thank you very much for joining me on this special 2018 review of the Top 5, I have been Mike Hunt as always and all of us here at BPZ Commentaries wish you a happy new year and we hope to see you in 2019. Bye Bye

Mike seems to think that the cameras cut off and walks over to his Slammy Award. He starts talking to it before making out with it profusely as the show goes off the air 





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"Think I'm cute? I know I'm sexy! I got the looks that drives the girls wil- I should have a lock on my locker room door....... HEY HEY HEY! WHAT YOU LAUGHING AT YOU MOTHERFUC-"  

The feed to the camera cuts, with a breif message appearing on the screen saying "Sorry for the malfunction! We'll be with you in a second!" With Mike Hunt's face giving a thumbs up and a sparkle on his smile as elevator music plays. Then the screen goes back to feed with James SweendinFerg tied up in a chair with what seems to be a forced smile on his face.

"Hello everybody, and welcome to the final day of 2018, I'm your lovely, happy, and free willed host James SweendinFerg and today on the Slammy Award winning show on the BPZ Neccework, I bring you a Interview I conducted a few days ago with someone who at the Royal Rumble will put his career on the line against the World Champion, Julius. His name is Angelo Caito. Now, if you all excuse me, but I GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE! I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE! THEY ARE HOLDING ME AGAINST MY WILL SEND HELP!!"  

The camera falls over and the live feed ends but the audio still plays as it catches the rest of the BPZ Commentaries cast rushing over and comforting James, now hearing Mike say "Go To Sleep. It'll be alright." along with James slowly slurring his words before loud snoring takes place. Next thing seen is a video with the date "December 29th, 2018. James is waiting in a chair as his guest, Angelo Caito approaches and shakes James hand before sitting down.

James: "First things first, welcome Angelo and thank you for the opportunity. There is a lot of questions that want to be answered and that's what the goal is for today. First question is a simple one, what is your goal for the year 2019?"

Angelo: "I got many of them James. Get my kids back from that bitch Christina, expand out into other aspects of careers I can do, hell even open up my own wrestling school, because judging by the wrestlers we got here, they need it."

James: "My second question is that thirteen days from now, you will take part of the second ever Carnage Scramble match up, with you being the only competitior to be in both matches. What's your game plan going into this match compared to the last year's match up?"

Angelo: "My game plan. The first Scramble I planned on out wrestling everyone, which didn't work. This year, I plan on putting everyone to sleep, and set myself as the number one contender for any title I feel like, whenever I feel like. I exposed everyone I am facing already. Yelich, Exposed! Jonathan, Exposed, Dialogue, Exposed! And Hollow, EXPOSED! So Exposed, he choked in his last little attempt to put my name in vain. And it somewhat worked at Halloween Havoc, but it's providing him little on the road to Night Of Legends with me, the real me. Not the "put smiles on the fans faces, thinking it would be my time to get to where I deserve", no it's time for me to Destroy all your heroes, starting with Hollow. He claims he's going to delete me, well here's my claim, I'm going to delete your existence from BPZ all together, and that's not just my claim, but a promise."

James nods as he checks off the questions one by one as he asks them.  

James: "Now onto Julius, a man you have a lot of violent history with, what's your thoughts on his retirement stipulation added to your guys title match at the Royal Rumble?"

Angelo: "My thoughts?"

Angelo chuckles at his question, giving a head shake towards James.  

Angelo: "Come on James these questions are barely scrapping you by as a interviewer, yet you want to be seen as the best on BPZ Commentaries, gonna have to step up your game mate. As for your question, my thoughts are that Julius is not the brightest superstar we ever had. I said since November if I don't win the World Championship in January that I will retire. But no, despite  being one of the people who kiss my ass backstage whenever I come from the ring after my work on the microphone, forgot about what I said, but I let it slide and I accepted. But I stepped it up a notch, going into a match made for us, Hell In A Cell. A match that both of us excel in. A match that both of us have ended careers and broke the bones of our opponents. A match that will top our title match from Bad Blood no doubt. Oh yeah, Julius you told me to go book reservation at the Retirement Home, well I did, but you see not for me. I booked the reservation in the name "Julius", because young man I'm going to end your career and beat you down into retirement at at young age, and you can't blame me so, because your stupid ass made me do this. 

But despite your lack of intelligence, I am proud of you Julius, proud of your care of your health. What do I mean? Let's look. You went from this. 


To this.


And can I say the muscle gain is incredible! But, I wonder how you got that so fast, good question right? Well Julius I got the answer, and you cheated the system, my friend. With friends up in the higher ups, you Julius, which I found out from our good ol BPZ Doctors and road agents have not had a drug test all year. You, Julius are taking those steroids, you pathetic drug user! I see through the bullshit you claim of working hard equals pay day, as for you cheating the tests gets you handed shit. But don't fear Julius, after you lose your World Heavyweight Championship to me at Royal Rumble, you won't need to fear of looking the part as Champion ever and I mean ever again. Because you, like your title reign, will be put to sleep."

Angelo drops the two pictures on the ground and looks at James. He then points to the pictures, telling him to pick them up without words. Scared, James slowly bends down to pick them up, which Angelo uses to put him in a front headlock, then spins him into his Rear Naked Sleeper submission, pulling them both back out of the chair onto the ground, with Angelo squeezing on the hold more, yelling "THIS IS YOUR FUTURE JULIUS! THIS IS YOUR FUTURE!" 


Angelo finally let's go, looking at James's unconscious body lay beside him. Angelo then looks up at the camera and pulls it close.


Angelo pushes the camera away as he gets up and walks off set, the camera then pointing down at James as the feed cuts.  

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I’ve been here for a long time and damn I gotta day, BPZ is booking Angelo HARD but I don’t feel like he’s really the guy to give Julius the rub, I just feel like we’ve seen the same story with Angelo for the past 3 years. Maybe it’s time for him to leave and go to NJPW or die or something. Anyways, good interview, I was in 4/5 segments of the year yet Necce won it over me, extremely questionable as without me he is nothing. Looking forward to future episodes. 

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BPZ Top 5 Segments Of The Week

G'day ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first Top 5 of 2019. Before we get into the nitty gritty I would like to thank all of you viewers who have shown not just the show some love but the whole entire Commentaries team. We all thankyou and we will be rewarding you dearly with more fun content and insight into the world of Brendenplayz Professional Wrestling. Well enough of that, lets crack into the Top 5

5. Ding Ding Ding, I see we have a debutant here on the Top 5, someone who was going to make the Top 5 sooner or later, and yes I am talking about Arius the current reigning defending undisputed NXT Champion of the World. Arius has been on fire since coming into BPZ defeating Former Champ and future Hall of Famer Legends for the NXT Title at the December PPV while looking as the breakout star in 2019 in feuds against fellow newcomers, Mikey, Maasa and Hans Clayton. In a weird New Years part Arius thought it would be the right time to talk about spilling blood and defeating his opponents, you know things you say when ushering in the new year. And also how the hell did this man get access to Ghouls, get those things away from me. Anyway, this sort of unique promo stands out from the same boring walking into the ring and telling the fans something only to not do it again and again so kudos to you Arius, just keep those horrendous things away from me. Arius has an aura and a mystique that some of the other NXT Stars have and that's why BOLD PREDICTION ALERT he will see a lot of success this year, keep an eye out for this guy...And his horrible ghouls, who let them on there

4. One BPZ return that has sort of been lost in shuffle with December to Dismember and Night of Legends is the Returning Bic. Bic announced himself to the BPZ Universe once again with a flamboyant unusual sort of gimmick which I must say is intriguing. He is already announced in the Premium Title Match but no that's not enough for the so called "God" who has challenged Bart to an Intercontinental Championship match at the Royal Rumble. Yes that's right the Intercontinental Championship does exist and now Bart has seemingly found himself a challenge. Bic highlighted the facts about how the IC division has become quietened and as a fan of pro-wrestling I really hope these two put on a great match at the Rumble. Bic also stated that he had become a flop after his most recent run and he needs this so that he can stay relevant. Well Bic good luck because Bart is one tough man to beat

3. Speaking of Bart, well coming in at the number 3 position is Bart's response to Julius this week on Carnage TV. The same stuff happened with Bart being his usual amazing self using his words to captivate an audience, even blaming himself for the downward spiral that Echo Wilson has been on. But anyway we are going to look at his words for his former Kingdom Stablemate? Or are they still together, who knows. He called Julius' championship wins a fluke and spoke about his losses in Tag-Team action, you know the usual stuff. But what made this good was the way he built this match, making it must see heading into Night of Legends, pitting the Unstoppable Force against the Immovable option in what is going to be one of 2019's most hyped matches

2. Well enough of the standard promos for a second and lets look at a man who has been on his own quest to remove the past from his brain and move on with his life. If you haven't caught on I am talking about FD, who this week showed that there is still a bit of his old-self in him. While visiting his old Ruin Warehouse that he Johnny and Necce used to occupy, FD found some of his own toys. Now like the absolute dickhead he is, a mysterious voice popped out of nowhere and started baiting FD, reminding him that this is what he really is. At first FD resisted but when it was announced that FD was going to be facing Diego Garcia in a No DQ match all hell broke loose. He picked up the axe and drove it into a wall and I must say I think a little bit of shit is still left on my pants. This version of FD is dangerous and incredible to watch, this is what he needed and for Diego Garcia I send you my prayers 

1. But at number 1, it's the man that has been taking over Brendenplayz, his name is not Flynn, rather the "New" Flynn. Another perfect promo from Flynn this week using the New Year as a way to remind us all that the old Flynn is dead and the New Flynn is here. His match with Bailey has gathered some serious steam in the last couple of weeks mostly because of the excellent content Flynn has been producing and now Flynn has once again become a serious threat. Bailey is a man who has accomplished a lot here in BPZ and Flynn taught him a lesson with the absolutely phenomenal line "Night of Legends won’t just be remembered as the place where legends were born, but where they died". This new Flynn is bloody amazing 

Superstar of the Week

You know it, it's FLYNN enough said, have fun see you next week. This has been Mike Hunt signing out 

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Mike: Welcome to another exclusive BPZ Commentaries interview and my guest today has caused quite a storm since returning, announcing himself once again to the BPZ Universe. How's it going Bic?

BiC: It is going just fantastic Mike, and although this set smells like one the mens locker room I am thrilled to be here

Mike: Okay then. I guess we can keep it that way. So tell me what have you been doing in your time off?

BiC: I was training, improving myself, spending a lot of time meditating and truly figuring out the question many ask themselves, what am I here for, I took time off because I became a failure and I needed to train. I found my true spirit and thats how I became who I am, the dream, I worked out not only my body but my mind. I was sitting in my mansion with my kids for most of it, becoming the dad I've wanted to be before the dream had to get back to doing what he loves.

Mike: Inspirational stuff, but why now? Why have you returned now in a period dominated by those of the future?

BiC: "I wish I had some in depth answer but the truth is because I needed it, sitting at home wasn't doing anything for me so I called up Brenden and decided to once again come back and wow the crowd. And to say these times is dominated by the future is something I don't agree with, the people who use to run BPZ have taken a backseat to the people of the future because in the modern day BPZ the style is different. And I am here to bring the veterans back to the top.

Mike: Very interesting there Bic. Just touching on the so called "New Era" what are your thoughts on some of the individuals?

BiC: "I have an eye for talent, about a year or two ago I handpicked Josh and was going to make him the future of this company and the man had all the potential but he decided to throw it away and look at him now. But for the current champions, I do not think they do there jobs correctly. The divisions are not thriving, not producing the matches they should be because no one is stepping up to take them down because they are not giving people the chance and as a champion thats your job. Julius, Bart, all them guys are having there fun, but soon enough it'll come crashing down"

Mike: Is this a preview of whats to come, are you the answer to these problems?. Will we see Bic challenge Julius for the World Heavyweight Championship in the future?

BiC: "Only time will tell Mike, the dream tells no spoilers."

"For now, I am focusing on the IC title and making it the best title in the business and with Julius doing what he is doing it won't be hard"

Mike: Ooh Saucy, that sent a shiver down my spine, I love it. Now moving on to the Premium Championship. What are your thoughts on the whole Echo Wilson scandal?

BiC: "Me and Echo have a rich history, we grew up together in the indies and we have faced once before. I was looking forward to taking him on and its unfortunate he had to be stripped of the title, but I'm sure we'll cross paths again"

Mike: Will you still be competing for the Premium Championship at the Rumble?

BiC: "No I will not be, I already won that title from Smith. A match you should defiantly check out, and I want to win the one title I haven't had on my shoulder and thats the title that Bart currently holds. So I have challenged him to the Rumble and I am going to finally get the championship around my waist"

Mike: I will have you know I have watched that match and it was perfection. Now Bart has had an insane year winning nearly every match he was in. How do you plan on stopping the Villain?

BiC: "Well If I revealed you my plan, I would not walk out champion. Barts defiantly an interesting man but I know something no one else does"

Mike: Oh, you can't keep doing this to me I am getting heavily aroused. Now this whole Dream schtick, what inspired you?

BiC: "Mike I don't what you think this is but you should not be getting aroused. And what inspired me?...its tough, probably myself. No one can make you great besides yourself, and no one can improve you like you can. I just found out that I am the dream, when you look at pro wrestling you want to be like me"

Mike: Ok but what do you mean a Dream?

BiC: "My body, my talent, my success, when kids wanna become BPZ stars they use me as an example"

Mike: Now that is a very subjective statement, but as we wind down here, where do you see Bic at the end of 2019?

BiC: "Its hard to tell, where do we even see the state of the company at the end of 2019. Where do we see the state of the earth, lets live in the moment and not dread on the past or worry about our future. We are living here, January 6th 2019, lets enjoy it.

Mike: Well there you have it folks, a philosophical statement from Bic. Before you go would you like a Mike Hunt T-Shirt?

BiC: "If it makes you happy"

Mike: Oh great would you like Lime, Lemongrass, Yellow, Grape, Orange or Aluminium?

BiC: "Grape.....have you tried seeing a psychologist"

Mike: Ah no there is no need for that, if anyone needs a psychologist its u walking around here like your some sort of Dream

{BiC throws the shirt}


Mike: Yeah well the Shirt never wanted your body anyway. Good day sir!


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Happy Night of Legends week ladies and Gentlemen and what a show that was, we crowned a new Universal Champion, Global Champion, a Carnage Scramble Winner and we witnessed a classic Main Event in Bailey vs Flynn. We will have all the results out for you later in the show, but lets get into the top 5 of the week 

5. At number 5 we start with a segment that aired involving the challenger to the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship Angelo Caito. Ever since he answered Julius' open challenge the night after December to Dismember and put his own damn career on the line, people have already started saying their farewells to the former IC champ. However Angelo is not having any of it whatsoever as he promised to choke out "The Executioner" before their match at the Royal Rumble. Well this week Angelo Caito stayed to his promises and actually choked out Julius. We haven't seen Julius humiliated many times but this was definitely one of those times. I think the odds of Angelo walking away with his career and world title intact just rose, although there could be one very angry Julius on the loose

4. We all love an open challenge and this week Ropati made his way out to the Carnage Arena and issued out an open challenge to anyone who would like to face him at Night of Legends. Well, no one could have expected this man to arrive yes it was a certain lyrical genius, and no I'm not talking Akki I'm talking the one and only Prince the future of Carnage. He came out to a roar and the match was set, Ropati vs Prince. A good segment that hyped up the crowd and featured a huge return. Lovely stuff more of this please 

3. We move to the actual Night Of Legends PPV which was 2019 best show to date to a segment that was very refreshing and new. See the up and coming team of Jack Bishop and Wall Ace known as the New Bloods have been teasing a new third member to their group and here it was revealed. Out came "The Crippler" Odyssey Sellers and I thought to myself great Crippler, Jack and Wall. But oh boy how was I wrong, from out of the shadows came a Hans Clayton another newcomer to BPZ and he laid out Odyssey before revealing himself to be wearing some magnificent New Bloods Merchandise. He hit a perfect Shooting Hans press before Wall and Jack continued the beatdown. These three may be new but they might prove to be a thorn in the side of Brenden and Sameer

2. One of the featured matches at Night of Legends was the Universal Championship contest between former Kingdom Stablemates Bart and Julius. They had their one and only face to face encounter this past week on Carnage and boy did things get intense. Both men promised to beat the shit out of each other which they did spoiler, and delivered some good material as to why they would be walking out the victor. It was a perfect way to send the crowd home before Nigh of Legends and boy did these two deliver

1. But number one had to be the back and forth and brawl between BPZ Legends Bailey and Flynn. They started out in the ring talked smack, hyped their match and then took it backstage. As it looked like the segment was ending we resumed the feed back in Baileys office where Flynn and Bailey were brawling, like holy shit what am I witnessing. Anyway they had to be pulled off eachother and then at Night of Legends they pulled of an amazing match in which Flynn defeated his former mentor Bailey. Flynn is once again proving to be 2019 Superstar of the year so far, where to next for the "New" Flynn

Night of Legends Results

1. Hollow defeated Yelich, Ark Universe, Angelo Caito and BiC to become the Scramble winner 

2. Brenden and Sameer defeated Buddy Ace and The Marker to retain the Tag Titles

3. Ropati defeated Prince

4. Necce defeated Jason Ryan to become the Global Champion

5. FDS defeated Kieron Black in a No DQ Match 

6. Odyssey Sellers defeated Bubba, Brett Storm and Mave Deltzer in the Showcase Match

7. Bart defeated Julius to win the Universal Championship

8. "The New" Flynn defeated Bailey 

Superstar of the Week

It was a tough decision to give out this weeks Superstar of the week but after many sleepless nights I have finally made my decision. Flynn or Bart who could it be. It's BART. The Villian Bart had a great week, hyping his clash with Julius as well as picking up the Victory to become Carnage's Universal Champion. Bloody good week for the Villain and he alongside Necce are the first people to capture both the Global and Universal titles. Thanks for joining me and check back in soon because we have an exclusive interview with GM Bailey coming in the next couple of days. This has been your friendly neighbourhood Slammy Winner Mike Hunt 

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BPZ Top 5 Segments of the Week 

Welcome to another episode of the Slammy Award winning show BPZ Commentaries for another Top 5 of the week, I am you host Mike Hunt and WAAHOOO, it's Rumble season and there is nothing better than watching people being thrown over a rope and seeing the defeat written all over their faces. BPZ's yearly extravaganza is brought to you next week on the Neccework and I will be giving you an exclusive preview on next week's show. We have content coming out of our asses with interviews and others coming over the next couple of weeks so definitely stay tuned. Enough of that now because we need to get into the top 5, and what a juicy week it was. I mean a man was murdered and he might be a guest on this show in the future. Oh help me lord

5. Kieron Black is back, and I feel like I have been saying this every couple of weeks now but hopefully this time its for keeps because he has extraordinary talent and a lot of potential ahead of him. After a brutal Hell in a Cell match between Kieron and Diego Garcia it was announced that Kieron would be coming to the ring to say his final farewells to the BPZ Universe. After the horrific war both Diego and Kieron fought they were both set to ride off into the sunset...NOT cue the salmon jacket because we have a fake retirement leading into a beatdown angle. Kieron was joined by none other than the rising star Odyssey Sellers and they brutally assaulted Diego Garcia. It looks like Kieron has embraced his dark side and has joined forces with Odyssey Sellers a move that could definitely prove beneficial for both men heading into Mania, those tag titles are in hot demand. It's good to see these two doing something and hopefully this lasts more than a week and Julius doesn't find a way to break them up

4. For too long Yelich has been labelled BPZ's most underrated star, we have been waiting for the talented star to have his big break and sadly it just hasn't come yet. In his latest appearance, Yelich embraced the tumultuous 2018 bringing up his failures. His loss to Flynn at Night of Legends his multiple failed reincarnations of himself as well as his loss to US Champion Julius at Summerslam, where some thought he would take the next step into fulfilling his potential. The Party Peacock, recognised all this and made a truly bold statement to one of the most in-form men in all of Pro-Wrestling today. He challenged Flynn to a match at the Rumble. As of right now we haven't heard Flynn's reply but I respect Yelich for trying this. If he can beat Flynn at the Rumble then 2019 may look good for Yelich 

3. Another major star returned to BPZ this week, announced himself for the Royal Rumble, the Premium Championship Match and then beat up some bloke named BiC. Seems normal don't it? Well NATE has returned to BPZ after a long absence, in fact since he lost to Slim in a brutal match and what a fresh sight this was. One BPZ's greats would strut down to the ring and announce himself to be competing not ony in the Rumble match but also in the Premium Title Match, which some people already have him as a lock to win the whole damn thing. Well I mentioned BiC before, so he came out and started disrespecting Nate and just like any Irishman would do he kicked the living shit out of him. He also hit an insane 450 Splash off the apron onto BiC to show that he still has it. Great stuff from Nate and that lands him in the Top 5 for the first time ever 

2. FD made his triumphant return to BPZ at Night of Legends where he brutally defeated Kieron Black. For those of you who aren't regular viewers FD has had this internal struggle as of late and it has been absolutely great to watch. But this week, shit went to a whole new level. This bloke named Trevor arrived and started doing his whole institute of treatment shtick. They got into an argument, Trevor pulled out his Taser, FD went all ape shit he threw him around made him bleed, poured Sanitiser on the man like what the actual fuck and then lit him on fire. Just a standard segment in the world to pro-wrestling. Good luck to me when I have him in this chair in a couple of weeks

1. But coming in at number 1, the most shocking angle of them all was the breakup, the death of The Flock. The Marker came out to the ring and hyped up his match with Julius. Julius came out send some stuff and then BANG Buddy Ace attacks Marker from behind leaving the flock to be dead. Then we had Marker attacking Jason, Jason getting really angry and sad at the same time and then The Marker beating up Buddy Ace after an incredible in-ring promo. The Marker is looking more dangerous than ever and it has come at the right time just before his US Title Match

Superstar of the Week

It was tough to choose only one Superstar of the week so I have decided to give it out to three people. Jason Ryan, Buddy Ace and The Marker. All three had some very entertaining newsworthy segments this week with the whole Flock breakup and stuff. So congratulations to 3/4 of my former business associates, you will be getting your plaque and a signed autograph shortly. Thank you for joining me and stay tuned for some more exciting stuff here from BPZ Commentaries. I have been Mike Hunt signing out 

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Mike: "Welcome to another exclusive BPZ commentaries interview, as always I am your host Mike Hunt and today I have the pleasure of sitting down and talking to two people who have made some headlines recently. Please welcome Odyssey Sellers and Kieron Black. How are you guys doing?"(edited)

Kieron Black: I am amazing

Odyssey Sellers: I'm pretty good

Mike: "That's excellent to hear, lets start with you Odyssey, you have made an arrival here to BPZ winning the showcase match at Night of Legends. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your history and what led you to BPZ?"

Odyssey Sellers: I've wrestled in many promotions, I started training around 15 in Japan. I've touched on my hardcore base, but I am also technically gifted. My Japanese style is one unseen by many in BPZ. The reasons I came here were because I appreciated the big money offer, and on top of that I knew that I would be capable of achieving big things in the big leagues.

Mike: A very good introduction there Odyssey. So what are your aims during your time here in BPZ?

Odyssey Sellers: I hate to sound generic, so I'll stray where people don't and be general. I want to do everything there is to do. Win every singles belt, win the tag belts, and maybe even win the King of the Ring. However at the end of my career, I want to be rightfully known as the best.

Mike: "So what led you to this alliance with Kieron?"

Odyssey Sellers: Well, he approached me about it, and it made some things click when I thought about it. Here's a veteran of the company, whom I could learn invaluable information from. On top of that, having a partner to watch your back is a useful tool, especially when you're targeted by other groups like the New Bloods.

Mike: "Speaking of the New Bloods, at Night of Legends it looked as if you were going to join them but then they attacked you. Does this mean your sole intention is to defeat and kill off the New Bloods?"

Odyssey Sellers: Not in the slightest. Whilst having a partner does aid me in that endeavor, having somebody like Kieron with me gives me somebody to learn from. Plus, we are a really good pairing. While the New Bloods are high on my hit list, they aren't the sole reason we formed the Painmakers.

Mike: Well the Royal Rumble is approaching and lets just say you two are in the ring at the same time, will you fight each other?

Kieron Black: Not unless we are the final two. Before then, we use our strength in numbers to dominate the Royal Rumble

Odyssey Sellers: Everybody echoes the sentiment that it's every man for himself. However, teams have proven that they can work together in the Rumble. And if it comes to the point where we have to eliminate one another, I doubt it will drive a wedge between us.

Mike: Speaking of wedges and chips, You Kieron just had an amazing war with Diego Garcia, could you describe to us what it felt like to finally put away one of your longtime rivals?

Kieron Black: It was like something I have ever felt one time in my career. All the way back at the first Mania when I pinned nate for the win. There is no way to describe the feeling that overcomes anything else happening around you. Pure glee. But I am already past that, and now I'm chasing the things more important then a petty rivalry

Mike: Now you seem hell bent on ripping the United States Championship away from Julius, can we get a reason for this?

Kieron Black: Well it's obvious isn't it. The United States championship is my championship. Julius is THE man. I may not be in the division for much longer. This is effectively my last chance salloon to prove myself as the best. That's why I'm taking the Royal Rumble to scout him, come into Saint Valentines Day Massacre and walk out with the strap. I will do whatever it takes next month and I hope Julius knows that. I hope he knows. The worst thing he would want is to lose going into the big show.

Mike: Speaking of the big show, do you see yourselves walking into BPZ Mania as the Tag-Team Champions?

Odyssey Sellers: Well, that depends. The Ballers are the team to beat right now in BPZ. However, if the New Bloods pull out a miracle and pull an upset at the Royal Rumble, Kieron and I will gladly take the belts off their hands.

Mike: One more question for you Kieron, it looks like this might be the most dangerous reincarnation of you yet. Do you believe that you have found the formula to take you to the top?

Kieron Black: I've always had the formula, just never the execution. Now, with Odyssey by my side. The execution will be the easy part

Mike: Ok before we go, would you guys like a Mike Hunt T-shirt?

Odyssey Sellers: No. I don't wear garbage

Kieron Black: Fuck off mate

Mike: Ok then, this has been another BPZ Commentaries episode I have been Mike Hunt and thank you all for watching. (Silently) Never having jobbers on my show again

Odyssey Sellers: What was that you little shit?

Mike: Uh nothing (Runs out of the room)

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BPZ Royal Rumble Top 5

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to this exclusive, unique and extraordinarily random episode of the Top 5, as always I am your host the Wonder Boy Mike Hunt and with the BPZ Royal Rumble coming around I think its only right for me to preview the PPV and let you in on what is going down at the PPV, here it goes

5. The NXT Division has been injected with life over the last couple of months and heading into the Royal Rumble the entirety of the Division will be showcased as a 7 way has been announced for the PPV. Alex Costa, Hans and Odyssey Sellers have been inserted into the original fatal four way and now Arius' reign as NXT Champ is in jeopardy. Not only is Arius at such a disadvantage he doesn't need to be pinned or submitted to lose the title. Who knows maybe this dominant start to Arius' tenure in BPZ comes to an end and the NXT Division sees its new King 

4. Bart has been dominating the IC title picture since he gained the title not breaking a sweat in all of his title defences making him one of the more dominant champions to hold that title belt to date. BiC is the man to challenge Bart at the Royal Rumble and since his return BiC has looked phenomenal, yes he lost in the scramble match but that was because he was given such short notice. Don't write out BiC in this one, he might just have what it takes to take down BPZ's resident Villain

3. Another showcase match that has caught our attention is Yelich vs Flynn. Now the occasional viewer may think Flynn picks up the win easily but Yelich showed aggression and confidence we had never seen before this past week. Yelich has always had the tools but could never back it up, on this stage Yelich steps up to Flynn as the ultimate underdog and who knows what can happen when there is no pressure to perform. I know Flynn can't afford to lose but a loss for Yelich won't mean much. Be sure to check into this one because an upset might just be brewing 

2. One of the cards featured matches is Julius vs Angelo Caito in a career vs title match which will also take place inside the Hell in a Cell structure. All eyes will be on both men in this match with Angelo fighting for his career, his legacy and his dignity while Julius continues to push on as World Champion on his road to Main Eventing BPZ Mania. Caito has looked dangerous and so has "The Executioner" and we know the last time they met they produced a great match, now with the Cell involved this might just undo that encounter leaving us with an emotional ending regardless. Will Caito finally win the big one? Or will Julius claim yet another Victim in his warpath make sure to tune in on the BPZ Neccework

1. And finally the best match of the year the annual extravaganza that is the Royal Rumble match. Every year it produces surprise returns, star making performances and great moments with this years match hoping to prove no different. There is also a vast field of potential winners with Bailey in dangerous form, Bart proving to be The Man in the company, Brenden being back at his A Game and not to mention the surprise aspects of some of the newer guys such as Arius and the returning Kieron Black. Who knows who might appear and that's what makes this match must watch this Sunday


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Weco's Opinion

Hi, It's me Weco Dilson. It may come to a surprise to some of you that there are other people that work for BPZ Commentaries that aren't named Mike Hunt. And the truth is there are.... I think. Anyways, I'm back with my second edition of Weco's Opinion, and this time I'm gonna be putting on my thinking cap and I'm going to try and tell you what I believe BPZ Mania IV should look like, and how it should be booked. This is 100% my opinion, you do not have to agree with it, but you should because I'm the smartest man in the world, and definitely on BPZ Commentaries. Now without further ado, let's get a move on.


Now first we have The Royal Rumble PPV and my and many others friend Mike Hunt went over a few of the matches in the latest edition of BPZ Commentaries, but I will go over the matches again for you all now, and what I believe the results should be. First we have the NXT Championship match which has like 8 people in it. This will be a clusterfuck, but an interesting clusterfuck. And in it Arius should retain the belt. This is because Arius is currently the biggest stand out star of the NXT division, just ahead of Odyssey Sellers in my opinion, and Arius winning will be best for what I have in mind to set BPZ on the right track for 2019.

Then we have the United States Title match, which is Julius defending against The Marker in a Falls Count Anywhere Matchup. In this match Julius should retain BUT, it shouldn't be because of Julius being dominant over Marker. It should be because of interference by two men... Buddy Ace and Jason Ryan. The correct thing to do right now is build up to a fatal four way match at BPZ Mania IV for the Global Championship between the four former members of The Flock. This would while pushing Necce down the card a bit, would elevate Buddy, Jason, and Marker to a more main event status. Necce after his win over Flynn at Survivor Series doesn't need a championship, so it was mind boggling to me why he won at Night of Legends. The rub Jason Ryan could've gotten for being the guy that "Braved Necce" (kinda like Braving The Frontier). This could of lead to a big feud with Flynn and Jason Ryan, as Flynn tries again to prove he's better than Necce. But I digress, Julius wins this thanks to help from the former Flock members beating the two up and setting Julius on Marker for the three count.

Next is the Tag Team Championship match between The Ballers and The New Bloods. The Ballers have to win this match. There is no one currently on their level that can realistically take the belts off of The Ballers. So I'm going to have Brenden & Sameer win here and announce they will NOT be defending the belts at SVDM. Rumor has it that after The Royal Rumble Brenden has two appearances left on his contract, so I would like to save one of those appearances for a big post Mania show, perhaps SummerSlam or if you want to go sooner, Mayhem or Judgment Day, for a singles match that will put butts in seats.

Up next is the fourway for the vacant Premium Championship after Echo Wilson was stripped of the belt for violating the BPZ Wellness Policy. The four competitors in the match will be Hollow, Bic, Kieron Black, and Nate. The winner of this match should be Nate, and I'll tell you why. Bic is in my opinion, too big for the Premium Championship, Bic's future is very bright and while he could restore the Premium Championship back to its former glory, I feel that he has better things to do later in the night. So I chose the next best thing in Nate. Nate has been on a roll since returning and we know he can play a great dominant champion, just take a look back at his Global Championship run. If we can bring that Nate back (before he broke again), he can do wonders with the Premium Championship.

Then we have Yelich vs Flynn. If Flynn wins this match he loses all momentum, if Yelich loses.... I mean he lost to Flynn so it isn't that big of a deal. So obviously Yelich should win. I hear you clicking off but you'll find out why I did this in part two. Yelich has needed a boost ever since 2018 started and this win could be that boost he needs, and while Flynn probably needs this win more than Yelich, this can put Flynn on a nice story that culminates at BPZ Mania IV.

After that is the Intercontinental Championship match which pits Bart against Bic. Remember when I said Bic was destined for greater things? Yeah I meant he should be the guy that takes down Bart and becomes the new IC champ. Bic since his return has been money and Bart already has the Universal Championship, I think he should focus more on that and leave IC to someone else. And right now the best someone else I can think of is Bic.

In the co-main event match we'd have the Title vs Career match, Julius vs Angelo Caito. During the match it'd look like Angelo would finally achieve his dream of finally becoming BPZ World Heavyweight Champ when BAM! Out of nowhere from behind, Bailey would hit Angelo with his Money In The Bank briefcase. Bailey would then hit cash it in, making the match a triple threat before hitting Pedigrees onto both Angelo and Julius, and pinning Angelo for the three count. Bailey would go to the back with his newly won belt and Julius would go to the back distraught that he lost the World Title. After the match, Angelo would have a proper sendoff with the Phoenix crowd giving him a big "Thank You Angelo" chant, as he said goodbye to the BPZ Audience.

And finally, the Royal Rumble match. Who will be the man to go on to BPZ Mania IV. In this match I'd have two notable returns that will come into play at SVDM. Slim and Alyx Wilde are the two I'd have return, neither would win, but they would shock the crowd and give good showings. Now let's get to the good part. The winner of the Royal Rumble match should be really pathetic drumroll Julius. I know Julius already wrestled twice tonight but he should win because it'd show how much of an iron man he is without needing him to go out first or second. Plus, Julius has earned the BPZ Mania IV main event, but we needed to have Bailey get rid of his Money In The Bank contract and him winning the belt seems like the best idea, giving a natural story to use for the build up to BPZ Mania IV.

That is part one of three of this short Weco's Opinion series, I'll see y'all next time for part two where I go over how I'd book Saint Valentines Day Massacre. And as always...

Fuck Smarks Daily

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The Royal Rumble is just days away and the excitement all around the pro-wrestling world is at its peak. As always I am Slammy Award winning presenter Mike Hunt and today I present you the Top 5, who has proven themselves to be a legitimate threat heading into the Rumble we'll find out in just a moment

5. Last week on the show we spoke about how the Flock had split and the group of young and exciting upstarts had been separated for them to go their own ways, and we asked the question of who will be the one to breakout, who will be the one to capitalise on the opportunity given to them and we might have just found the answer. Buddy Ace was the man to initiate the demise of the flock and this week he continued to make everyone realise that he is the star of the group. He cut a great promo on both Jason and The Marker who have been absent as of late and proved to everyone that he indeed has the potential to do great things in this company. He spoke about how Marker is just an attention seeker and Jason was just begging for Necce's approval an effective way to separate him from the rest. Who knows what the future holds for Mr Ace but it sure does look bright 

4. We move onto a sombre note with number 4. No one wants to see a man retire and yet this week we witnessed one of BPZ's genuine good people hang up the boots and call it a day. When Josh confronted the Carnage Audience this past week, many people thought he was going to enter himself into the Royal Rumble and set up a BPZ Mania program. But oh how we were wrong, the atmosphere in the arena was dead when Josh had announced he was retiring a common thread over the last couple of months with George hanging up the boots, Diego Garcia calling it quits and finally Angelo Caito who may be wrestling his last match at the Rumble. Josh will always be remembered for his joy and passion towards Pro-Wrestling and to that he will be missed dearly. We wish you all the best for the future

3. Continuing the theme of retirements, Angelo Caito may be in that exact same position next week on Carnage if he can't get it done against Julius inside Hell in a Cell this Sunday. Caito came out to hype up his match one last time when "The Executioner" appeared and delivered an assault onto Caito that we all thought would come sooner rather than later. Julius made sure to add insult to injury blasting him through a table before delivering a short promo warning his opponents about the damage he can cause. Julius looks dangerous as ever as we head into BPZ Mania and he may just claim another career this Sunday. Good luck Caito, I think you're going to need it

2. Last week we had Yelich come out and call out Flynn for a match at the Royal Rumble and this week Flynn made his way out to the ring and confirmed all of that by accepting this challenge laid down by Yelich. Both men went back and forth on the mic giving us some great promo material as the crowd were heaviily engaged by the war of wards between these two. After about two weeks this match is one of the more intriguing ones heading into the Rumble. Yelich's road to BPZ Mania is tricky, but a win here will almost guarantee a high profile match for him. However a win for Flynn would continue his momentum and after a stellar start to this year look out for Flynn come BPZ Mania time because he might not have a set program now but you better believe he will be featured heavily on the showcase of the immortals 

1. But at number one we have an interesting yet brilliant exchange between two of BPZ's most dangerous people. FD has been featured heavily in the last couple of months and now it looks to have earned him a chance to get back at his former brother Necce. FD showed his vicious side last week beating the living hell out of poor Trevor and this week called out Necce to an eventual match something that definitely whets my appetite. But as Necce always does he came back with an amazing promo of his own taking a couple of shots at the flock before going into FD. Necce brought up his successes over FD and chose to have the match be fought under FDS Rules. Now this is going to be interesting, Necce is unstoppable right now and FDS is more dangerous than ever before. When these two clash it's going to be brutal and you're not going to want to miss it 

Superstar of the Week

How exciting is this, we are giving out a new superstar of the week heading into the Rumble. Now who could it be, drumroll please Sergei. ITS YELICH. And no I'm not Joking Yelich has shown himself to be a definite threat towards Flynn by going toe to toe with him in promo battles and has definitely earned the respect of the crowd and the boys in the back. Congratulations to Yelich and Good luck this Sunday at the Rumble 

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We are only a few weeks away from BPZMania. For the last years two years, the BPZMania shows were headlined and focused on Slim. The 2 time BPZMania Main Event winner has been the major piece in BPZ programming for years, but this he has been the big absent name on this years road to BPZMania. The last we saw of him would suggest otherwise, as he was able to defeat the highly protected young star Julius, who up until that point had been basically invincible. The fact that Slim won would suggest that the company still had big plans for him, but now that we are 3 months passed this match, this seems highly doubtful. Even our sources within the company can only speculate on why the 4 time world champion isn’t appearing on BPZ’s programming in the hottest months of the year. We have come up with a couple of reasons why: 

Ever since Judgement Day, Slim has been working on a reduced schedule. It might look obvious at first, but when you start looking at Slim’s matches throughout 2018, it becomes clear that this the chance of an injury isn’t outside the realm of possibility. The 2nd half of 2018 has only seen Slim wrestle a couple of times, far less than he had throughout the year halfs at any other point in his career. Maybe, years of being one of the top featured stars in the company has caught up with Slim. This would explain his absence, as the company wants to make sure that he can perform at the top show of the year. 
However, this is not the only theory that has been told to us. There is reports telling us that Slim’s injury only happened after the last match. Slim was supposed to have a big part in the Road to BPZMania and was set to be one of the key names in the Royal Rumble, with his name even being thrown around as a potential winner. But then, all of a sudden, he was completely left out of the booking plans for the upcoming months, with no direct explanation given to any of the members of the creative team. A name like that being thrown around of the booking plans without any reason hints at an extremely situation that you wouldn’t wish upon anyone, and we can only hope that it’s not true. 



One source is giving us another story. He says that Slim contract had come up at the end of December, and the ongoing negoitations were the reason for him not appearing on tv frequently from August till December. Reportedly the negoitations weren’t going well, as Slim wanted to remain in his top spot in the company, while the higher ups wanted to slowly transition Slim into a different role, as they looked to move others into this spot at the top of the mountain. Slim was very unhappy about this and it made for conversations that were described to us as “awkward”. We have been told that this was the reason for the match at DTD, as a final way to try and get Slim to sign a new deal. If this were to be true, it would be gigantic news that one of the biggest stars in BPZ History would be moving on from the company that he had been dominating for the last few years. It would also be a very bad look on the BPZ, if they hadn’t been able to resing the guy that they hard put so much trust into for the last couple of years. But the lack of information makes it hard for us to tell who is the one acting wrong here. Is it Slim setting too high standards? Or is the company asking Slim to do unreasonable things? 

No matter which one of these 2 theories turns out to be true, the mystery of Slim will remain something that we will keep you updated on, here on BPZCommentaries.


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Weco's Opinion

I'm late getting this out, y'all know what this show is. Let's just get it over with.


Saint Valentines Day Massacre, oh boy what a show. Let's start with the NXT Championship match. A lot of the NXT guys would be in this match, but Arius would win. Arius should after the match vacate the belt and announce his intentions on going for a bigger title at BPZ Mania IV, which would be revealed on Carnage as the United States Championship.

Then we have the United States Championship Match, in this Julius would defend his championship against Yelich. In the match it'd seem as though Julius would vanquish Yelich again and go on to BPZ Mania IV as US Champ, but out of nowhere the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Bailey would run out and distract Julius, allowing Yelich to get the shocking roll up victory. Yelich would celebrate on the outside finally beating Julius as Bailey taunted Julius, for making him lose to a guy he's beaten many times before.

After this would be the Global Championship match, as Necce faces off with FDS in a FDS Rules match. Necce would win in a hellish bloody match, but Necce did not walk out of the arena that night as in the match Jason Ryan, The Marker, and Buddy Ace all would interfere and beat down FDS and Necce with lots of weaponry. They would then however, turn on each other with these weapons and become almost as beaten as Necce and FD. Necce would win the match by crawling over and draping his arm over FD, both men very much weakened by the attack of the former members of the now defunct Frontier. Necce and FDS would both be stretchered out of the arena and hospitalized after the match.

Then we have the Universal Championship match where Hollow would cash in his Universal title shot given to him by his Carnage Scramble victory to face Bart. Bart would win and continue his reign as Universal Champion. After the match Echo Wilson would walk out before his Premium Championship match and challenge Bart for a Universal title match at BPZ Mania IV, to which Bart would accept.

Then we have the Premium Championship match in which Natedog defended the Premium Championship against the man who never lost it, Echo Wilson. In the match Natedog would win clean, stunning everyone who was sure Nate would just be a stopgap champ before they could get the belt back on Echo. Nate would celebrate after the match while in the ring Echo had a little tantrum about losing. Bart, who would be on commentary for this match, would laugh at Echo for losing before going in the ring and raising his Universal title up high, at the angered Echo Wilson.

Then in the Intercontinental Championship match, BiC would defend his title against a returning LAOCH. BiC would defeat LAOCH cleanly in the match, and after the match he would take a microphone and challenge anyone in the back that was "worthy" of a title shot, to face him at BPZ Mania IV for the IC title. Out would come a returning Smith.

Before the main event, The Big Ballers, in place of a match, would have a promo about how there's no tag team worthy of facing them at BPZ Mania IV, so they might as well not even show up to it. They would go on and on about this until the lights in the arena would turn off, and when they turned back on, The Big Ballers would be surrounded by three men standing on three of the four sides of the ring. Slim, Alyx Wilde and Natedog. The Top Guys are back. They would enter the ring as The Big Ballers try and fail to run away, as they get beaten down by the trio. After hitting their finishers on Brenden and Sameer, Nate would hold up his Premium Championship as Slim and Alyx grabbed the Tag Team Championships and help them up. Could this be the sight we see at BPZ Mania? Could The Top Guys bring a comeback after being dismantled back at BPZ Mania II? Only time will tell.

And then we have our main event of the evening, Bailey defending his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship against Flynn, the winner of this match will go on to the BPZ Mania IV Main Event and face Julius. Bailey would win this match clean, as Flynn post match wonders what he is going to do at BPZ Mania, and if he can even get in a match after losing to in a row while Bailey celebrates. Flynn would walk to the back and in would come Julius. Julius and Bailey would have a staredown as Bailey held up his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship as Saint Valentines Day Massacre came to a close.

That was part two of three of this short Weco's Opinion series, up next is our big conclusion, BPZ Mania IV. So stay tuned for that. And as always...

Fuck Smarks Daily

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BPZ Top 5 Segments of the Week

In the words of the greatest man to ever live "I'm back and better than ever" it is me the prodigal son, the Messiah the One and Only Mike Hunt. It has been a long time since the Top 5's last episode but never fear because big boy Mike is here to present to you the Top 5 Segments of the Week along with the coveted Superstar of the Week. We are on the road to BPZ Mania IV after a very newsworthy St Valentines Day Massacre PPV so lets see what made it into the Top 5

5. A common theme around this time of year is surprise returns and surprise appearances because everybody wants that sweet sweet paycheck that comes with being featured on the BPZ Mania Card. One man that definitely wants that cash is none other than the self-proclaimed King and one of the best to ever step foot into a BPZ Ring, I'm talking about Slim. This past week on the Carnage following SVDM a standard video package was being played highlighting the BPZ Mania Main Event between Bailey and Flynn. But out of nowhere the stream cuts out and we are shown a room. The room then ignites and then bursts into flames as a message appears. "BPZMANIA... THE KING RETURNS TO BURN IT ALL DOWN.
{3/2/19}" Slim is coming back, I love it we all love it and that lands him at the number 5 spot. Damn that man definitely knows how to make an entrance what an absolute beast

4. Speaking of the BPZ Mania Main Event, the 4th best segment of the week was one from the GM and current Royal Rumble Winner Bailey. He came out to a heroes welcome this week on Carnage as he told a fascinating story about Flynn and Slim. He embarrassed, he mocked and he patronized the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and to be completely honest I loved every bit of it. What we usually get on BPZ Tv is a whole heap of the same thing. A promo where someone threatens to embarrass and brutalize someone. Like seriously in the famous words of our Queen Ariana Grande Thank you Next we need something different and this is exactly what Bailey brought. I also want some merch with all of his catchphrases I love them all 

3. Moving onto a man who is constantly looking to reinvent himself and we always ask the same question whenever he makes it on this list. Is this what will take Yelich to the top? Is this the one? Well hopefully it is because he may just be standing on his final legs here in this company if he can't pull it out come BPZ Mania when he challenges for the United States Championship. Yelich brought up his many gimmick changes and personality switches and finally realised he has had enough of losing. The man even threatened to retire if he couldn't pick up a win soon and that is some deep shit. We saw how talented Yelich can be on the mic in his war of words with Flynn but can he back it up in the ring who knows, but this seriousness and more focused drive of Yelich is intriguing to see and hopefully he can pull out a win do really kickstart a new push to the top of the Company 

2. One of the biggest news stories coming out of SVDM was the fact that the seeming unstoppable Julius is not beltless. Not only did he fall to Arius for the United States Titles but was then controversially beaten by Bailey after he was attacked with the championship belt by the GM. This couldn't have come at a worse time for Julius as he now doesn't have a real direction heading into the showcase of the immortals. A package was played on Carnage highlighting the rise and fall of BPZ newest star and it showed that your place at the top isn't safe even for the seemingly unbreakable. Julius muttered one word "Redemption" before the feed cut out. This is a very crucial time for Julius, he needs to make sure he doesn't fade away and become known as a one hit wonder. We may be seeing a more dangerous, more desperate Julius in the coming weeks and that might spell danger for everyone in his way 

1. But coming in at number one we have a segment involving the Global title. Yes the Global title the one we all thought was retired once it was stripped off of Bart. But nonetheless Echo Wilson, FDS, Yelich and Kieron Black put on a great match at SVDM with the new arrogant persona of Echo paying off as he became only the third man to win both the Universal and Global Championships. But what came after was pretty surprising. Necce announced that he had left BPZ but in a stunning turn of events, Necce returned to BPZ and made his presence felt. The crowd were in awe and so was Echo Wilson and FDS. Following the match FD was livid and so was Echo. Both men now have a common enemy in the returning Necce who has been unbeatable in the last year setting up what may be an amazing BPZ Mania program. Will FD and Echo put their differences aside to take down a common enemy? We will have to wait and see

Superstar of the Week 

Seemingly for the 500th time already this week, FLYNN is your Superstar of the week. Not only did he win the BPZ World Championship but he also formed quite an army adding Julius as well as Ropati. I'm not sure if anyone can stop this man heading into BPZ Mania but I am sure we will find out very very shortly 

Image result for new daniel bryan


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Top 5 BPZ Mania IV 

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another episode of the Top 5 as always I am Mike Hunt and today I am bringing to you something different. It's Mania week ladies and gentlemen and what better way of celebrating Mania week is there besides giving you lists. Continuing with my theme of presenting to you the Top 5, today's edition will showcase the Top 5 most anticipated moments and matches to witness during this years extravaganza. Without further ado, lets get into the Top for BPZ Mania IV 

5. BPZ Mania presents a lot of high-profile matches but coming in at number 5 in this list we are going to focus on a performer rather than a match. For awhile now Hollow has become one of the most consistent performers this company has right now, continuously going out there at putting 110% into every feud and match he is involved in, on the cusp of taking that next step. Well now Hollow has that chance to take that next step and really position himself as one of the top wrestlers in the company. At BPZ Mania Hollow has a busy program with the MITB ladder match and the Premium Championship match, a match in which he is slated to come out on top. Can Hollow come out of BPZ Mania the winner of these two illustrious or will it be another case of being oh so close?

4. The NXT division is vibrant at the moment with many competitors slated to take the NXT Championship off of the absent Alex Costa. Although the NXT Division has garnered criticism from many of the BPZ Stars, this match still has some intrigue. As seen in recent years the NXT Championship has been able to elevate stars with Bart, Julius and Arius being major examples and maybe just maybe the winner of this contest as the word "Star" written in their future. Whether it's the controversial Bulldozer, the Self-Proclaimed Perfectionist Aaron North, The Sendai Supernova KENJI or a man praised by those at the top Hans remains to be seen. It's going to be a fun battle royal with many of the top names in the match in amazing form heading into this one 

3. We head into the Top Three which means we're heading to the big time matches. One of the matches that is destined to steal the show is the Unification Triple Threat Match where Echo Wilson, Bart and Necce will go into battle. All three of these men are all-round talents being amazing on the mic as well as superb when they step into the ring. Bart is a phenomenal talent, Necce is as dangerous as they come and Echo Wilson's new look and demeanor is going to take him to great things. It's so hard to predict a winner here which makes this match a must watch. Bart and Necce hold the best W/L records over the past year so a loss for either would put them in unfamiliar territory. Who will walk out a bigger star at the end of the night 

2. The tag-titles in BPZ have been deemed an afterthought for a considerable amount of time. When Brenden and Sameer walked out of St Valentines Day Massacre with their titles intact we all thought that they would stroll in and out of BPZ Mania with ease as their wasn't any real competition left for them to face. Enter Julius and Ropati. A new found aggression from Julius and Ropati make them a massive threat to the Big Ballers this Sunday. The verbal wars between these two have been at top quality over the last few weeks and the time for talking is done, these two teams will walk into BPZ Mania but I have a feeling one of team won't walk out at all. Will Brenden and Sameer finally get their Mania Moment or will Julius and Ropati play spoiler and avenge their defeat in December and walk away the new Tag-Team Champions?

1. But coming in at number 1, it's the Main Event two of the Greatest Competitors to ever step foot in the ring go at it in the Main Event of the night. Bailey and Flynn have had a rivalry brewing for months now, especially when Flynn attacked Bailey during a celebration. From then on out there has been a war of words between the two. Two of the greats on the greatest stage of them all, it doesn't get much bigger than this

Thanks once again for joining me, I have been Mike Hunt and this was another episode of The Top 5. Make sure to join me post-BPZ Mania where I will rank the Top 5 moments of the night. Enjoy yourselves and have a great night 

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Top 5 Moments of BPZ Mania IV 


Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another episode of the Top 5 and what an episode we have in store for you today. BPZ Mania IV took the professional Wrestling world by storm delivering some exciting matches and insane finishes really proving its worth as being the best PPV in all of wrestling today. Anyway without further ado lets take a look at the top 5 moments of BPZ Mania IV 

5. New King of NXT

We kick off the top 5 speaking about the NXT Championship Battle Royal. Going into the match there were a handful of potential winners. You had Aaron North who under the tutelage of Angelo Caito seemed to be poised for a breakthrough, KENJI who appeared out of nowhere and immediately captured the worlds attention and then you had one of the more underrated, forgotten members of this match the extremely talented Hans Clayton. Well we asked the question of who would breakthrough and take the NXT Championship and the man who did it was Hans Clayton. He is the new king of NXT and hopefully this is only the start of a long and successful career here with the company. Congratulations to Hans, and we hope he continues this momentum forward into the future 

4. Tag-Team Shocker

Well striking in at number 4 is one of the biggest surprises this show had to offer. Going into this Tag-Team title match, there was a lot of talk about who would walk out with the titles. Brenden and Sameer had already defeated Julius and Ropati in the past and it looked like they would do it once again. No one really believed that Julius and Ropati were actually going to walk out the champs. Oh boy we were wrong, Julius and Ropati pulled off one of the upsets of the year defeating the champs and becoming your new Tag-Team Champions. They promised a new era after BPZ Mania and it looks like we are getting one, The Saviors have arrived and I'm sure that they aren't going anywhere 

3. Taking the next step 

Speaking of upsets, in our preview show of BPZ Mania we spoke about how this ppv was a chance for Hollow to finally take that next step into the Main Event scene by claiming the Money in the Bank briefcase but it turns out that just wasn't meant to be. But coming out of nowhere climbing the ladder and becoming Mr Money in the bank we had None other than The Beast himself Sameer. Now you want to talk about surprise no one saw this coming, but this might be all Sameer needs to claim his maiden World Heavyweight Championship a title that has alluded him for too long. Sameer know has the ball in his court will we be seeing this Man atop the Kingdom of BPZ some time soon?

2. Undisputed Champion

One of the more anticipated matches of the night was the three way Unification match between Necce, Echo Wilson and Bart. Coming in it was a coin toss to see who would walk out as champ but a true star prevailed a man who has been dominating this company for a long time now, The Villain Bart walked out of BPZ Mania as the sole undisputed Champion. This is just another accolade to Bart's name making him one of the more dangerous threats in this company. The question is will Echo continue to challenge Bart or will another person step up to the seemingly unstoppable Villain 

1. The One and Only GOAT

Lets set the scene, it's the Main Event of BPZ Mania student vs Teacher, World Champion vs Challenger, One win to Bailey one win to Flynn it doesn't get much bigger than this. In front of the mass crowd these two put on an absolute epic match with The Bailey claiming the rubber match along with his 6th World Heavyweight Championship reign. Not too long ago many questioned if this man still had it in him, well let me tell you now Bailey has cemented himself as the GOAT of BPZ, who will be willing to take that title away from him 

Thank you once again, this has been another episode of the Top 5. With BPZ Mania done we look forward to the next PPV World At War 2 which is not too far away at all. A War Games match and an Unsanctioned Zone match have been advertised. Who will step up who will reign supreme find out when World At War 2 streams live 

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