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BPZ Commentaries

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BPZ Power-Trip Cup Review 

Yowie Wowie, we are just a few hours removed from the BPZ Power-Trip Cup and my god what a fantastic show that was. We had a mix of everything, great matches, high-profile returns and some brutal hardcore stuff which got me very excited. Better yet we also got a clear view of how the company shapes up heading into the Summer, with some exciting prospects looming and potential mouth watering contests created. Well with that being said, lets look at the top 5 things to happen at the BPZ Power-Trip Cup 

5. First Time Victory 

The Power-Trip Cup finals was a night of celebration for many with, Championship wins, Trophy victories and much more but for two certain wrestlers the celebration was about picking up their first win as apart of BPZ Wrestling. Dikey picked up his first victory when he defeated SSW Club's Toxik while the ever-improving Sir Raven defeated his former SSW Club team mate Joshua Scott in a very action packed match. Both of these men now carry momentum into the next chapter of their careers with both men looking like extremely dangerous threats to become major competitors in the NXT Championship division

4. Who can Stop Arius?

One of the biggest takeaways from the Power-Trip Cup event was that Arius is the real deal. Now I know we already knew that but now he should be considered as a major threat to be the most dominating force in this company. He took on Kenji in yet another thrilling encounter on a night filled with great matches and he came away still your North American Champion. The question we all have to ask is Who can Stop Arius? This man is undefeated in Singles Competition and looks like he his miles ahead of anyone currently in the US or North American Championship division, however we might have just found the answer in the form of Hall of Famer Brad. Brad proceeded to viciously attack both Kenji and Arius with the help of Aaron North post-match and now looks like these two are set on a collision course. Although a Tag-Team match is the natural route to follow, Arius taking on his real first tough test in Brad may just show what he is truly made of

3. Perfection is Here

Speaking of Aaron North, for our third entry in this list we turn to the Hardcore Fatal-Four Way number one contender match where some of BPZ's future stars went to literal war. The favourites were Bob and Hans Clayton with both of them being pegged to be stars in the making, but one man took exception to that and came out on the other end as the surprise winner. Aaron North picked up a very impressive win which opened up the eyes of a lot of people. The perfectionist now finds himself as the Number One Contender to the North-American Championship and got the early jump on Arius by attacking the NA champion after his title defense. Aaron is in solid form defeating current Premium Champion FDS earlier this month, maybe the North-American Championship might just be on North's horizon 

2. Big Ballers Stand Tall 

This already stacked PPV also played host to the heavily anticipated rematch between The Royal Flush and The Big Ballers. Coming into the match it was 50/50 but the expertise and experience that comes with Brenden and Sameer were once again on display as the Tag Champs retained their titles in stellar fashion and remained on top of the BPZ Tag-Division. Two questions remain to be answered after this result however. The first, Who will be the Big Ballers next challengers? and second What next for the Royal Flush? It's going to be an intriguing next couple of weeks as we look to see what the future holds for both these teams but as of right now the Big Ballers are still Ballin

1. Master vs Apprentice 

And coming in at number one we have a new Undisputed Champion, the ageless Flynn who seems to be getting better with each outing this time defeating Bart in a stunning Main Event contest. Not only is Flynn the Undisputed Champion but it now sets up a very much anticipated encounter between his Apprentice, the current Intercontinental Champion and Power-Trip Cup winner Julius. Julius dominated BiC in their encounter and in the process as was broken early injuring the former World Champ. Julius' night wasn't done there as he brutalised his former Kingdom Brother Bart to end the show with the last images were of Bart being stretchered out of the arena and seemingly suffering from a neck injury. Now Julius and Flynn are destined to meet but the ball is in the Australian's court. He has the choice to decide where he wants this match to take place but one thing is for certain. The Master and the Apprentice will meet to do battle for the Undisputed Championship 

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BPZ Judgement Day Preview

Another week goes by in the world of BPZ Wrestling and now we find ourselves with yet another PPV on the horizon, this time for the June exclusive Judgement Day coming to you live on June 30th from the BPZ Neccework. We have some intriguing match-ups taking place so without further ado lets get into the Top 5 Preview for BPZ Judgement Day 2019 

5. Desperation 

Well Yelich returned to BPZ Television and no you are not watching a video from January, February, March or April, Yelich really did return again. He came out on Carnage to issue a challenge looking to gain redemption for previous instances between these two men. Well the person he challenged ended up being Julius and usually when you challenge the Death Machine things don't really turn out the way you want. These two had a great match at Summerslam last year and there is definitely Chemistry there but the big question that needs to be asked is whether or not Yelich is too in over his head trying to take on a man who is in very good form at the moment 

4. The Unholy Alliance 

During our PTC review show we speculated that after Aaron North and Angelo or Brad which ever one it was attacked Kenji and Arius that a Tag-Team match would come into fruition, and just like always Big Boy Mike was right. Kenji and Arius are fierce rivals and delivered some great segments against each other and then most recently an amazing match at The Power-Trip Cup. What makes this interesting is the possibility that these two forced may work even better as partners. Aaron and Angelo/Brad have picked a fight with two of the brightest stars in BPZ but what will the outcome be, I have a feeling Aaron and Brad/Angelo are in for a rude awakening when these two meet at Judgement Day 

3. Grabbing The Attention 

One of the more entertaining parts of the BPZ product at the moment is the current BPZ Premium Champion FDS. His transition from brutal psychopath to technical wrestling god has been seamless and a joy to watch. Add this in with the return of "The Crippler" Odyssey Sellers and the addition of Mr Money in The Bank Sameer and you have yourself one interesting Premium Title match. Sameer being in this match also provides intrigue, as he has had some success this year going at it alone. At BPZMania he won the Money in The Bank Briefcase and now has his eyes set on the Premium Title, a title he helped make prestigious a few years ago. We know the history between FDS and Sameer and Odyssey Sellers provides a bit of uncertainty making this triple threat bout must see come June 30th 

2. Five-Way Dance 

The BPZ World Champion Bailey is riding high at the moment, getting through successful defences at both Backlash and Mayhem against a number of competitors, well now this could prove the biggest test of his recent run as champion as he takes on 5 different competitors in an attempt to retain his Championship. We have Josh who is eager to win his first World Title, Blade who is also in the same situation, Brad/Angelo/Nanovirus which ever one it is, is also looking to pick up a much needed win and then you have Bashka. He returned about a month ago and set his sights on The Bailey proving that he still has what it takes in the ring when he defeated Nanovirus at the PTC. If Bailey can walk out of Judgement Day still the BPZ World Champion then that will add yet another accolade to his already GOAT Status 

1. Spotlight on Sheridan 

Flynn's biggest gripe with former Universal Champion Bart was that he only had one title defence in the months that he had won the title. Well Flynn was quick to show the world that he indeed is a fighting champion issuing out an open challenge at Judgement Day for anyone who would accept. Well much to the surprise of everyone it was BPZ's resident Blonde Sheridan who made her way out and accepted the challenge. Sheridan has been a very polarising figure in her time at BPZ and is now presented with an opportunity to show the world who she is. The spotlight will be on her, in what is certainly the biggest match of her career but the one question that remains is whether or not she has what it takes to walk out as the Undisputed Champion. The World will be watching 

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BPZ Judgement Day Review 

Screw me sideways and call me Betty, this was one absolute stonker of a PPV and oh boy there is a lot to talk about. We had title changes out the wazoo, big time moments and much more so without further ado, lets recap BPZ Judgement Day 2019 

5. Unstoppable 

Going into this match we asked the question of Yelich, to see if anything had changed, if he had what it took to unseat Julius but unfortunately for him, that wasn't to be the case as Julius continued on his recent warpath defeating Yelich and keeping his momentum strong heading into a busy couple of months on the BPZ Calendar. Yelich and Flynn seemed to have formed an alliance and this still wasn't enough to stop the Intercontinental Champion, so the question must be asked. Has Flynn bought himself an insurance policy to increase his chances when Julius eventually challenges for the Undisputed Championship? We will have to wait and see

4. Still Undisputed 

Speaking of the Undisputed Championship, Flynn welcomed a new challenger to the title in the form of Sheridan looking to pry the title away from Flynn after only a couple of weeks of him taking the title. Sheridan put up a valiant fight, but her best wasn't enough as Flynn once again reigned supreme and kept the Undisputed Championship within his grasp. The question going forward now is whether or not the Undisputed Open Challenge will continue? Sheridan was given this major opportunity to work with a star like Flynn and I am sure many of us fans would love to see some other unheralded stars get their chance in the spotlight 

3. And New NXT Champion!

We get to the first of our many title changes for the night and yes we now have a new NXT Champion in the form of Raven. Go back just a month and a half ago he was operating under the name Birdman and in the SSW Club, but credit to him he worked on his craft and his now your NXT Champion. His new demeanour and attitude looks to be doing wonders for him and now he has the platform to make a statement and take that jump into becoming a star for the company. We here at BPZ Commentaries look forward to seeing how his run as NXT Champion plays out and what the future holds for him 

2. Hans Shocks the World

One of the biggest surprises of the night came from the United States title match fatal-four way. Not only was the match one of the standouts of the night with all four men looking the better at the hand, but the result left all the fans around the world with their jaws dropped as the referee counted 1,2,3 with Hans being crowned the United States Champion. Hans has flown under the radar recently and is a star in the making with this win proving just that. With King of The Ring just around the corner, Hans has been in top form recently and may be a Dark Horse entering the tournament. The month of July is going to be a very exciting time for the fans of BPZ 

1. Triple Champ Baby

After months of speculation, Sameer finally did it. The Baltimore crowd were enjoying a solid 5-way match for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship when Sameer came running down from the back briefcase in hand and successfully cashed in to become BPZ World Champion. Not only that but Sameer was successful earlier in the night defeating Odyssey Sellers and FDS to become Premium Champion and therefore making him BPZ's only current Triple Champion. We saw Julius do it last year, we saw Smith do it before and now it's Sameer's turn to be a triple champ. This makes the landscape of the company extremely interesting, with one certain former BPZ World Champion seething about his loss who will no doubt be looking to exact revenge

Thank you for joining us on this episode of BPZ Commentaries, we have a jam packed week for you coming up with some King of The Ring bracketology presented by your's truly Mike Hunt followed by an Exclusive interview with Brad or Angelo Caito or Nanovirus, I honestly have no idea who the fuck it is

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Mike: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to another exclusive interview on behalf of BPZ Commentaries, I am as always your host Mike Hunt and today we have a special guest in Angelo Caito. Welcome back to the show Mr Caito

Caito: "Ciao Mike, thanks for having me"

Mike: "The pleasure is all mine. So lets get things started with the formation of the United Nations. Tell me about this group you alongside Monda and Joh have formed and what your plans are for the future?"

Caito: "Of course Mike, well honestly this group is about two things. First is countries United. This world has been at war within each other for years, and we couldn't stand to handle watching this happen. So we came together and created the United Nations. Second reason is because Joh and Monda are two legendary superstars in BPZ, and everyone seems to forget that. Me? I've already been etched deep into BPZ history, but these two? We're aiming to make everyone remember their names. As for our plans, simple. Those Tag Team Championships The Big Ballers hold. Brenden and Sameer make a great team. Best we've had in years. But, sometimes, they aren't United, sometimes they are at each others throats. And sometimes, someone gets distracted with something else. United Nations isn't any of that. We're a well oiled machine and this machine is tag title hungry Mike."

Mike: "You bring up some very good points there Angelo but at the end of the day it all comes down to your work in the ring, you claim that you are a well oiled machine but we haven't seen that yet as an audience, in saying that if you were to be given a Tag-Title opportunity, who would be the two representing the United Nations and why?"

Caito: "That's a good question Mike. All depends on who wants it more. We three know that we're hungry for a opportunity to become Champions, but at the end of the day, it's about who can use it more. That's why, I want Joh and Monda to be in the match. But, we'll have to discuss that."

Mike: "Do you see yourself as the leader of the group, or the one who will have singles aspirations?"

Caito: "Oh God no there isn't a leader. We aren't ego driven like other groups or wrestlers are. And for me, I'm more used to going for singles gold, but I loved being Tag Team Champion when me and Echo Wilson were tag champs in 2017. If we win, as long as United Nations is tag champions, those belts will be my focus as well"

Mike: "I guess we can quickly shift away from the United Nations and talk about how you recently returned from retirement, how would you feel the overall response has been to your return to the ring?"

Caito: "It's what you'd expect from who we got working here. "Stay retired" "Stay gone". It's funny, those people who say that haven't even won yet or doesn't make the same paycheck I do because of what I've done here. But the rest were fine. My return match at Mayhem, Nanovirus showed that whatever I am, I can still go. Oops sorry, silly phone. One second."

[Angelo gets up and answers the phone and walks out of the room. Five seconds later, Brad walks into the room, wearing his "Save Us Brad" shirt before sitting down.]

Brad: "Hello Tom, ready for my interview kid"

Mike: "Um excuse me one second

[Screaming to the producers: What the hell has happened here, someone anyone please tell me]

Mike: Sorry about that, so um It's Mike by the way not Tom, certainly not Tom but anyway nice T-Shirt it really suits you. You haven't won a match since your return from retirement, do you believe the long layoff is the reason for this?"

Brad: "Listen Tom you Stupid Idiot, you better show me respect and correct your questions next time. As for your idiotic question, no it's because horrible officials, stupid ring crew messing up the ropes, and wrestlers cheating. When I faced Bashka, I had sand in my eye from Aaron's stupid sand playdo crap he brought in and it cost me the match"

Mike: "Hey just you remember whose show you are on, that's right this isn't the Brad show this is the BPZ Commentaries exclusive interview show with host Mike Hunt, so I would watch your tone. Anyway, you seemed to make a lot of excuses there but we will save that for another day but now I want to talk about the partnership between you and Aaron and what's happening with Arius and Kenji"

[Brad stares at Mike, before slowly Lifting his camera up and takes a picture of Mike]

Brad: "Going on my wall. Gonna draw a penis next to your picture too. And Arius and Kenji are the worst. Arius looks like Kid Rock had a meth baby with Bad Bhabbie. Kenji looks like he works at a Japanese Emo's R Us, they copy my style of wrestling and they disrespect me. ME! I made all this possible for them and they threw it at my face. They deserved the ass kicking they got at Power Trip and deserved me making sure they lost their title matches at Judgement Day, those Idiots."

Mike: "I have to admit what you did at Judgement was a very dick move, I was very much enjoying those matches and you had to screw up so thank you very much, now Aaron North is he ready for this match with Arius because by all accounts the bookies have Arius absolutely smoking him?"

Brad: "Of course he's ready. Arius isn't. He suffered a loss, his mind is elsewhere, and he's not ready to suffer another one. Aaron is the next North American Champion, and that's all I got to say about that'

Mike: "And what about the King of The Ring tournament, he has a tough match against The Marker and a possible second round match with the reigning winner Julius. Are you worried that Aaron might have his eggs in too many baskets and his priorities aren't straight?"

Brad: "Look Tom, you're ten seconds away from a Walls Of Faker locked in on your scrawny body, maybe that'll break your back and make you humble dawg. Aaron is focused. He's ready for this event. He's going to beat Marker then defeat Julius that roided up grizzly bear and move on. He's ready. Oh this freaking phone!"

[Brad gets up and leaves the room to answer the phone. Suddenly, the lights in the room dims out before going straight dark. Then, the lights come on and Nanovirus sits in the chair, his mask in his hand as he stares a hole into Mike's soul]

Mike: "Oh hell no. I am not dealing with this demon shit, away now away"

[Mike rushes out of the room, throwing his notes at Nanovirus on his way out]

[Nanovirus looks at the door of the room, seeing a smoke trail before lifting up the notes, looking at the questions. He then closes his eyes and the note pad catches on fire.]

Nanovirus: "One two, Nano's coming for you. Three four better lock the door. Five six grab the crucifix. Seven eight don't stay up late. Nine ten don't cross me again"

[Nanovirus starts to chuckle as the door then slams and the lights go off]

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Breaking News!

Our sources inside of BPZ Wrestling have given us word that a debut may be taking place at the King of the Ring PPV in late July. The Stardog made an appearance on BPZ TV not too long ago and we haven't seen much of him since, only appearing on BPZ Commentaries for an interview with yours truly and now it looks like the act is about to step inside the squared circle. The opponent for Stardog is yet to be confirmed but the whole world is waiting to see how this charismatic figure translates to in-ring competition. If any other news breaks regarding the issue we will have you covered. Thanks for joining me on this quick BPZ News update I will see you all very soon 


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King of the Ring 2019 Bracketology Part 1

Welcome to a exclusive first here on BPZ Commentaries, as always I am Mike Hunt and today we start the first of our two part Bracketology series where we will break down the bracket and give a little preview of each contest before they first round begins this weekend. My colleague Weco Dilson provided a great insight into the chances of each individual contender and in doing so brought up my adventures during Judgement Day weekend. I will admit that I was lost, I slept inside a trolley for three nights but now I have made it back and am here to provide you with some glorious content. Without further ado, lets get into the bracket 

Prince (1) vs Bob (16)

Prince enters the King of the Ring Tournament as the top seed and no one can really get a read on where is form is at and what he can bring to the table. We have seen Prince when he is at his best just recently putting up a good performance in the Power-Trip Cup. On the other hand we have Bob who we have seen has enormous amounts of potential and thrived enormously in the last tournament he was in. What is interesting about this is that Bob was seeded 16th in that tournament as well and made it all the way to the Semi-Finals. Knocking off the top seed early would open up his side of the draw and may give him an opportunity to once again make waves because we all know that he has the talent 

Yelich (8) vs Hans (9)

If you thought that Prince vs Bob was an exciting matchup well this might just top it in levels of intrigue and excitement because this features two stars of BPZ who are looking to elevate to that next step. Yelich has added Flynn to his corner, giving him a huge advantage while Hans is just coming off the biggest win of his career claiming the United States Championship in a fatal-four way match from Judgement Day. Hans has showed that he can hang with the stars of the company and Yelich has his moments but isn't consistent enough to become a firm favourite. All it takes from one of these guys is to want it more than the other and in a contest as even as this its a toss of a coin and my must watch match of the first round 

Kieron Black (4) vs Kenji (13)

When you look at this match on paper you would think immediately that it would be a no brainer with Kieron walking away with the victory, however this couldn't be further from the truth. It is correct that Kenji still remains winless in BPZ something that not many people on the roster can still say but that doesn't mean he has no chance in this one. Kenji was oh so close to winning the NXT Championship and North American Championship on two different occasions and his hungry for a win, however Kieron Black is a man similar to Yelich who can turn it on in an instant and show flashes of a future world champ. All Kenji may need is his first win to quell the nerves and use it to make a run in the tournament. This is definitely another match to keep your eye on during a round full of mouth watering encounters 

Nate (5) vs Alex Costa (12)

We all talk about how Julius is a former King of the Ring winner looking to make it a double this year, but many of us seem to be forgetting that Nate over here is indeed a King of the Ring winner as well and has experience in how to succeed in a tournament like this. Yes Nate has been a semi-active talent for a while now but when he does wrestle he gets results, winning the Premium Championship just earlier this year. On the other side we have Alex Costa who has been in a bit of a rut lately is struggling to stay close to Arius and Hans as apart of that debuting class. There is no bigger stage to get out of that rut than the King of the Ring tournament and with the field being as open as it gets this might be the time for Alex to rekindle that form he had earlier in the year and get some wins back on the board 

Thanks for joining us in part 1 of this Bracketology series, join me again tomorrow for the second part as we look at the other side of the draw. The Road to King of the Ring continues and us here at BPZ Commentaries will be with you each step of the way

I also think it's appropriate to bring this back for backstage reasons which may include a certain person going back on a deal that he signed 


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(Mike Hunt is seated in The Bailey's private bus awaiting the arrival of the former World Champ. As Mike is reading over his notes, The Bailey jumps in to the bus and screams at the top of his lungs}

 Bailey: READY KID

Mike: Uh Yes, Yes, Yes of course. Ok act Cool Mike it's only the greatest of All time 

Bailey: Lets do it

Mike: The question is are u fucking ready?

(The Bailey stops what he is doing and just looks perplexed at Mike causing a moment of utter awkwardness)

Bailey: Well Mike..... What the hell kinda question is that. Don't insult The Bailey with your stupid question. Of course the Bailey is ready. The GREAT ONE IS ALWAYS READY. Ask The People's Champion your questions

Mike: Well lets get this show on the road then, first of all on behalf of the Commentaries team we want to send our condolences to you for losing your title. It truly was a devastating act and I want to start this historic interview off by asking you what it felt like the moment you realise Sameer had taken your child away from you?

Bailey: The Bailey was definitely in disbelief. And the Bailey doesn't get shocked by alot of things. Sameer personally told The Bailey as a Friend. That he wasn't gonna cash in. Hes was going to wait. But just like the Snakemeer he is. He was lying. And instead of Cashing in on The Bailey man to man. One on one. He did it while i was already beaten up in a 5 Way Match. Friends don't do that to each other. Sameer was selfish and betrayed someone who has always been there for him. The Bailey was disappointed. But The Bailey doesn't get down on himself. The Bailey doesn't back away or give up. The Bailey is coming to King of the Ring. The Bailey will give Sameer the ass beating he is Owed. And the Bailey will take back the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship.

Mike: Snakemeer, I like that one. Let me prophesies something to you, by no means is this a prediction on our part, please don't kick my ass but The Mike would like to ask The Bailey what happens next if you do fall to Sameer at King of the Ring. Will you chase the world title once again or will you shift your attention to something else?

Bailey: It's a great question. It's a great question for the average person. What do you do if you fail. But Mike see theres a reason why The Bailey is a 6 Time World Heavyweight Champion. The Bailey is who he is because the Bailey doesn't think of Failure. That's a bad question for someone like The Bailey. If The Bailey isn't at his absolute greatest then The Bailey cant do this no more. The Bailey cant think of failing. The Bailey will not Fail at King of The Ring. The Bailey has been here to many times before. Yes there always another plan. But The Bailey doesn't plan on losing at KOTR. The Bailey is fully confident that he will walk out of England The BPZ World Heavyweight Champion of the world.

Mike: Confidence can take you a long way and that is certainly what you have, but now I want to know about how the Bailey got to the position he is in. No doubt you are one of the greats to ever step in the ring but I want to know about what separates you from the rest is it the work ethic, the hunger. What decisions did you have to make throughout your career to ensure that you became the greatest of all time?

Bailey: It's something The Bailey has to think about everyday. What led The Bailey here. I just wanted to be The Greatest of all time. I want to be the best. I have to be the best. I Gave up so much to get where I am. But as corny as it is. I never gave up. I kept working. Hours and Hours in the Gym. The first one in and the last one out of the Building. Ive been Climbing this mountain and im nearly at the top but i cant stop till i reach the TOP. Ive had to make decisions that are morally wrong but i had to do it. To get where i am. Nice guys finish last its just the truth. You gotta be viscous in this business. I have done what i have done to be the Very best me. And I'm not gonna stop until it is a FACT that i am the GOAT.

Mike: Its because of that attitude and mindset that you have had so much success, and coming with that was respect from your fellow peers leading you to have a very big backstage off screen presence withing BPZ as the COO. But as we broke earlier this year right here on BPZ Commentaries the relationship between yourself and Brenden hasn't been at its best. Could you talk about that situation and whether or not a resolution has been achieved?

Bailey: I am really appreciative of the Position i am in. I earned that Position and i will continue to work my hardest in that position. Me and Brenden got into a few arguments and it kinda went downhill. Our Relationship is definitely not the same. Someone i consider my mentor. My greatest friend is now just a peer at this point unfortunately. We still talk on the occasion but nothing is really the same unfortunately. At the end of the day he made a decision that i didnt llke and I felt wronged by it. And felt alittle that i wasn't appreciated for what i have done. So i was upset and thats all. He made his decision and i have moved on from it

Mike: You are a BPZ original you have been here forever you have lived through many different eras that this company has been in and I want to know if you consider the landscape of BPZ right now as the best that it's ever been in or if you believe eras of the past have been better?

Bailey: I think Talent wise its better than its ever been. I mean we've evolved. Promos are better. the wrestling is better. The storys are better. But i do believe the Year 2015 is still the best time in BPZ. The atmosphere was incredible. It was basically our own litle attitude era. Every show was wild with chaos. Definitely the most fun time.

Mike: Not many from that era are still stars within the business, some have retired or are working on a part-time basis but you are still here getting it done. You did say the talent is better right now in the company and I want your thoughts on who you think can be the face of the company, who could be the ones to carry the company forward into the eras of the future?

Bailey: It takes a certain attitude. A certain personality to be the Face of a company. Not anyone can do it. Guys like me, Flynn and Slim are rare breeds. I see the same in 2 Particular guys. Julius and Hans. They got that it factor to put a company on there back and do damage

Mike: Julius and Hans are scheduled to compete in the King of the Ring tournament a place where stars can truly be made. What are your predictions for the tournament and what do you see going down?

Bailey: It's going to be a fantastic Tournament. This is where you make a name for yourself. You show everyone who you are as a Competitor. You can make a statement even in a loss. I see the Finals being Julius vs Hans with Julius winning because of that Power and experience

Mike: Well thank you so much for this opportunity, it was great to sit down and have a chat with one of the all time greats. Good luck with your match at KOTR and enjoy the wonders of Europe as we embark on the European tour. Thanks again Bailey

Bailey: Hey what can the Bailey say. Your Welcome for coming on the show hahaha. It should be an incredible month and The Bailey is looking forward to it. Hey but by the way Mike, The Bailey wanted to know what you're doing after this?

Mike: Well you know I have a breastfeeding class coming up but I'm sure tha-


(As The Bailey finishes uttering those words, he motions for security to escort Mike out of the bus. Mike looks back at his hero with a tear streaming down his eye realising that an opportunity to hang out with the GOAT had slipped through his fingers)

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"The Kiwi Buzzsaw" Ropati hasn't been seen in actions since he was attacked by to former world champions Flynn and Julius, After the loss to the Big Ballers and The Bailey. Julius and Flynn clearly blamed it on Ropati and him being the weak link in the group at the time which was called "The Saviors"

I am Ben Dover from BrendenPlayz Commentaries and this is how I would book and think The BrendenPlayz Creative Team should book the return of Ropati and give him a push.

Julius is just about to win the whole King Of The Ring tournament but then the light goes out and as they come back on ROPATI is in the ring as Julius looks at Ropati in shock, Ropati would attack him thus making Nate able to win King Of The Ring and challenge for the World Championship at SummerSlam. 

The night after SummerSlam Ropati would explain why he returned and why he attacked Julius but as he is doing this Julius would come from behind him and attack him clearly angry about losing at King Of The Ring and not getting the chance to challenge for the world title at SummerSlam.

The next week on Carnage, Ropati would challenge Julius to a one on one for his Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam. Julius would laugh at the challenge and happily accept Ropati's challenge thinking a cakewalk for him. Ropati would say how he has nothing to lose and etc claiming the underdog role. 

The last week before the SummerSlam PPV, Ropati and Julius could have a contract signing that both of them would sign but after a couple of cheap insults to one another, They would starting brawling in the ring. Julius would, however, win this brawl and tell Ropati that He is no use to this company and just a little rat that has infected his way of success and he is going to end all that at SummerSlam. Ropati would get up as Julius is walking away and heading to the back. Ropati uses the ropes to get up and picks up the microphone that was in the ring and tell Julius this time I won't let in. SummerSlam you going to see a new me that is determined to win.

At SummerSlam in a close match up Ropati barley comes out with the win and is the new Intercontinental Champion thus bring Julius up to the World Title Scene now aswell.


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BPZ Commentaries: Evaluating the Field 

With the King of the Ring Semi-Finals sorted, this now gives us an opportunity to have a look at the final four competitors and have an in-depth look at what they bring to the table 



Form in Tournament: Defeated Kenji QF, Defeated Alex Costa 1R

The former King of the Ring winner himself Nate has had a pretty good run so far in the tournament. He’s one of the veterans in this tournament and has kept the spirit of the past alive with his performances thus far defeating two up and coming stars of BPZ in Kenji and Alex Costa. As we have stated before, Nate is a very unpredictable threat and thus far has proven to be well on his game. His next opponent is the red hot Hans Clayton who Fresh off winning the United States Championship has now continued that momentum into the King of the Ring tournament providing a very intriguing match up. Nate has the experience to take him all the way, he has done this before and certainly has what it takes to get it done yet again. Look for Nate to be focused and ready has he walks into his next match against Hans 


Hans Clayton

Form in Tournament: Defeated Bob QF, Defeated Yelich 1R 

A man by some miracle who has been out of the spotlight recently is the current BPZ United States Champion Hans Clayton. Defeating Yelich in one of the first rounds best matches, Hans overcame the nerves of being on such a prolific stage setting him up for a fairly successful pursuit of the trophy. In the Quarter Finals he matched up with a much more severe and menacing opponent in Bob Sparks, but he was simply too good on that occasion beating Bob and then therefore landing him here in the Semi-Finals. Hans might be the dark horse to take the crown and get his shot at the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion come Summerslam. He takes on the always Dangerous Nate in a first time meeting which could definitely go either way. He has a lot of the BPZ Universe on his side and they would love to see this perennial underdog go all the way and become the King of the Ring winner



Form in Tournament: Defeated Arius QF, Defeated Buddy Ace 1R

The world was in shock when George pinned the North-American Champion Arius to gift him a Semi-Final berth and immediately a star was born. George made his return to BPZ after some time off and immediately set foot in the United States Title scene where he was unsuccessful in capturing the championship Hans Clayton eventually won. He started off his King of the Ring Campaign with a blast, dominating Buddy Ace in their first round match and giving himself some much needed momentum heading into a very highly anticipated match with North-American Champion and one of the tournament favourites Arius. The match was amazing and George got his moment defeating Arius and becoming this years version of the Giant Slayer. His next challenge may prove to be even bigger as he takes on the Red Hot Julius who is in some amazing form with a PTC victory and the IC title around his waist



Form in Tournament: Defeated Marker QF, Defeated Mikey 1R

As expected the reigning King of the Ring and current IC Champion has breezed through the field so far. He took on a game Mikey in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament before defeating his long-time rival Marker in a fun little Quarter Final match. This is now where Julius is at his most dangerous, he can see the prize at the end of the tunnel and won’t stop until he has defeated absolutely everyone in his path. He takes on George next in what will be his biggest challenge in the tournament yet. He goes in heavy favourite but he will know that this match with George is very far from being straight forward. Another win here for Julius and he may just be King for the second time in a row 

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We open on the set of another episode of BPZ Commentaries Exclusive, with the impeccable Mike Hunt. We see him sitting at the interview table in his sexiest suit. He holds a stack of papers in his hands, his notes for the upcoming interview, and a cup of coffee sits on the table in front of him. Mike begins the interview proper. 

Mike: “Welcome Ladies And Gentlemen to another BPZ Commentaries Exclusive interview with the one and only Mike Hunt. My guest at this time is none other than Necce, one of the most controversial and polarising figures in BPZ. And better yet, today he is taking no prisoners, he isn’t holding back. This is a tell all with the man behind the Antichrist. Welcome Necce”

The camera cuts to the other side of the table, where Necce, rather, the man who portrays him, Jonnathan Brave, sits. He sits hunched forward with his arms crossed on the table. He wears the same black jacket that he wears during his entrances, a long with a Meat Puppets “Up On The Sun” T-shirt. His signature long hair peeks out under his black hoodie, and he speaks in a low, chilled tone. 

Necce: “How ya doin man?” 

Mike: “Not bad at all. Necce, have you enjoyed your time in BPZ?”

Necce: “Overall, I’d have to say that I do. It’s no secret how I feel about my booking over the last, almost 5 years. I believe that I’m much more of a valuable presence than I’ve been booked as. I’m not saying that I deserve to be put at the top of every card and made world champion, but I think it would be good if I were given more of a chance that I’ve been given. I showed last year what I could do in the main event in just 3 matches. I think if I were given that spotlight on a more consistent basis, then it would be good for business. I mean, if Brenden could give himself such a big spotlight, it wouldn’t hurt to give it to someone who actually has talent right?” 

Mike: “Let’s go back to where it all began, when you were a child. We know that your real life journey has shaped the Necce character. Would you care to explain to the viewers some of the things you have been through?”

Necce: “So, I’ve always been a pretty open guy when it comes to my childhood. But there’s been some details that I haven’t been too quick to share. And while I’ll still keep a few things to myself, I’ll kinda just give you a peek into what the Brave household was like. My “family” was started when my father, a 30 something alcoholic factory worker, raped my mother, a 16 year old waitress. She got pregnant for my older brother Traven, and they decided “fuck it, let’s stick with this.” That’s pretty much how it all started. Ever since I was very little, I can remember a coldness from my parents. Just pure disdain for my entire existence, like somehow the life they brought into this world was a burden upon them in every facet of life. It turned into a full-out hatred when I got older. I say in my promos that my older brother was the perfect son, and I thought that was the case when I was younger. He never got the same kind of treatment that I received. He was never beaten, he never had cigarettes put out on him for minor infractions, he never got beaten with bottles, belts, brooms, bats, hammers, nothing. What they showed my brother was nothing. Blank stares across the dinner table, a cold disregard for his being. While my father favored Traven, since he was the oldest son, he did not love him. My father was not a monster, that would be too kind of a description. Chad Brave was a human abuse machine. I don’t know if he’s still alive. I haven’t spoken to him in years. I hope he isn’t, but I doubt he’s dead. That’s where I got the Antichrist name from, to me, he is the devil. I am the product of his hatred, so I am The Antichrist. Let me ask you something Mike, I know this is supposed to be a “no holds barred” type of interview, but I want you to look inside yourself and ask this question, do you really want to know what I’ve been through in my life?”

Mike: “Yes of course Necce, this is your time to tell your story”

Necce slowly sits up in his chair. He takes his hands and places them at both sides of his jaw. He takes a deep breath and casually pops it out of place. He lets his jaw sit there for a moment, as we cut to Mike’s disturbed face. We cut back to Necce as he puts his jaw back in place, rubbing it to soothe the pain.

Necce: “I forgot to vacuum the carpet. With one punch, the old man broke my jaw. I had to get it wired shut, couldn’t chew anything for almost a month. Nobody said anything, nobody even tried. I was alone out there Mike. All I had was my friends Jon and Boxcar. Without them, I probably would’ve been someone who just disappeared without a trace. No memory, no concern.I would just be buried out back in the 4 acres of field on either side of our house. That would’ve been the end of me. Snuffed out because my father had too many and decided he needed one less child.” 

Mike: “We also know you have an issue with drugs, care to explain that?”

Necce: “Well that’s something that keeps getting blamed for my frequent disappearances for BPZ. Everytime I leave, everyone assumes that it’s because I failed some kind of wellness test. Truth is, I’ve been clean for about 3 years now. I used to have a plethora of substances that I would use to either mask the pain of my upbringing, but also to help the pain I was putting my body through on a nightly basis. My drugs of choice were many, prescription pills, meth, crack, acid, but the one I abused the most was heroin. At one point, I was spending upwards of $1,000 a day on it. Any town BPZ rolled into, I would immediately sniff out the den junkies and get totally trashed. If I wasn’t scheduled for any house shows or TV matches, I would lock myself in my hotel room and use anything I could get my hands on. One night, around 2016, I had locked the door and did so much heroin that I collapsed on the bathroom floor. The needle was still in my arm when Flynn found me. He had to break down to get to me. I wouldn’t be alive right now if he hadn’t found me. I don’t go to the meetings anymore, I just don’t feel the urge to use anymore. I just look back at that time of my life with shame and sadness. Sadness because I think of what I’ve wasted. The great matches I could’ve been having, the great feuds I could’ve had. Instead, I gave it all away to the tip of a needle.” 

Mike: “You have had a numerous amount of relationships with some of the talent, some of them you even call your own brothers. Who of them all are you most close with?”

Necce: “The thing about that is, I’ve called so many men in this business my brothers, and it’s all come back to bite me in the ass at one point or another. The one I’m probably the closest to in this business, and in life would probably be the aforementioned Jonathan. I mean I basically lived on his couch for most of my upbringing. His mom worked as a teacher in the school that we both attended, so we just became brothers from there. He’s the one who introduced me to pro wrestling. One day I went over to his house after school, and he showed me this video on YouTube, KENTA vs Tyler Black from Ring of Honor. And my passion for it just kinda grew from there. His mom actually tried to adopt me at one point, but my parents wouldn’t allow it. I guess that would mean that my father has failed at something, which he hated doing.” 

Mike: “Has that relationship changed at all now?”

Necce: “No. We still get hang out a lot. He lives like 2 houses down from me, so our families have pretty much become one, ya know? One thing we like to do is drag an old couch that I have in my garage out into the backyard and watch our kids play together. It’s nice to see that our friendship trickles down into future generations.” 

Mike: “Your relationship with BrendenPlayz always hasn’t been as great, care to explain why this has been?”

Necce: “He’s a very arrogant person. Like he just walks around backstage like he’s king shit, and it’s like kinds unearned. Like let’s say for instance, he’s currently involved in the longest reigning tag team championship reign of all time. The roster now right is so deep that there could literally be anyone else in that spot, yet he’s put himself in that role. His promo style is fucking atrocious. He speaks like how someone thinks a generic wrestler is going to speak, almost like he’s entirely in a video game with random snippets being played where natural dialogue would go. Like everything about him makes my stomach ache honestly. He’s just not a very good person, and that’s coming from someone who isn’t a very good person.”

Mike: “Well while you are at it, while the camera is on you, are there any other people that you would like to air your grievances about?”

Necce: “It’s mostly just Brenden. Like he is a stain, a cancer upon his own company. He insists on making himself the absolute center of attention, and nobody has the balls to tell him that nobody tunes into BPZ to see him. Nobody cares what the owner thinks about his tag team opponents. Nobody has the guts to look him in his eyes and tell him that he is not talented or likeable enough to be in the spot that he’s in of his own damn company. Nobody wants to hurt his previous, unearned little ego and tell him that if he wasn’t the owner of the company, nobody would be able to tell him apart from the new kids who don’t know a damn thing about this business and will be gone by the time next year rolls around. Brenden knows absolutely nothing about wrestling. He doesn’t know what it’s like to sleep in a car every night. He doesn’t know what it’s like to eat nothing but gas station hot dogs, and that’s even if you’re one of the lucky ones. He’s never had to put his body, his life, and his mentality on the line every single night, just to be a brief, passing fad. He knows absolutely nothing about pushing yourself close to paralyzation just to end up as a gif on a twitter account that nobody will see. All he knows his is cushy little job, that requires absolutely nothing but for him to show up to the meetings every once in a while. He is everything wrong with the professional wrestling business. He is everything that everyone should be against, and yet we not only allow it, we fucking encourage it! We encourage this sheltered piece of shit to think that he could lace my boots even if he tried. Because he knows deep down in his heart that if he stepped into that ring with me, I’d wipe the floor with him. I would send him back to the office with his tail between his legs, because I’m just better than him. That’s the reason he’s always had a problem with me. It’s not for my past drug problems, it’s not just the fact I’m not gonna let someone who doesn’t know what I do tell me how to do my job, it’s the fact that he wants so badly to be the main event player that he sees on his own TV show, but someone he’s never given a chance would floor him if given the opportunity. Brenden is nothing to me. Matter of fact, he is absolutely less than nothing.” 

Mike: “Now Brenden is most definitely going to see this interview, while we are on the subject is there anything you would point out to him to make this company a better place, so the talent just like you don’t have a problem with him?”

Necce: “Get out of the ring.” 

Mike: “Well on that note Necce, this has been a great interview. Thanks for your time”

Necce: “Actually Mike, before I leave, I would like to apologize for something real quick.” 

Mike: “By all means, the floor is yours”

Necce: “You see, the last time I was here, things didn’t end too well for you did they? How many bones were broken?” 

Mike: “Well I think it was 6 but I’m sure it was more than that”

Necce: “Well I would like to take a moment, and sincerely from the bottom of my heart, apologize to you.”  

Mike: “Well Necce that means a lot to me. You put me and my family through a lot of hell that night so thank you for apologising to me”

Necce: “You see Mike, the thing about that is, that’s not necessarily what I’m apologizing for. You see my partner Slim has been waiting off in the shadows the entire time. And when I’m finished talking, he is going to come out, and we are going to put you through this table that we sit at right now. But before we do that, we’re going to beat you up, we’re gonna hurt you pretty badly. Possibly even worse than I did before. But I want you to know something mike, this isn’t personal at all my friend. I am genuinely honored to be invited into your lovely show, not once, but twice. And it’s a shame that it’s had to end this way both times, but it’s just business Mike, Are you ready?” 

Mike: “Please….don-”

Before Mike can finish begging, Slim comes up from behind and hits him in the back of the head with a brutal clothesline. Necce and Slim jump onto Mike like two vultures on a fresh kill, brutalizing him as badly as they can, in any way they can. As Slim is punching Mike, Necce grabs the chair that he was sitting in, folds it up, and hits Mike with it, until the steel is bent into a C shape. While Necce does this, Slim clears off the table, making sure to grab Mike’s mug and poor the hot coffee onto him. Both men pick Mike up and hit him with a double powerbomb through the table. As Mike lays there in the rubble, both Necce and Slim stare into the camera, and Necce does his signature crucifix pose as the camera slowly fades to black

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HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MY NAME IS BEN DOVER AND I AM BACK ON BRENDENPLAYZ COMMENTARIES, We are back talking about the top world champions ever in BrendenPlayz not including the current champion Sameer.

Number 6 



3 time BrendenPlayz World Champion Bashka, is in the top 6. He has defeated the likes of Bailey, Smith, and Ryan and with his 3 reigns he was able to get into the top 6. Now most of his reigns have ended in a month but he has clearly showed that he can carry the division and is one of the best world champs that the company has seen.

Number 5 



Now we have finally gotten in the top 5, and Number 5 is Smith. His first reign as world champ he held it for 6 days before his partner at the time Bashka cashed in on him and won it. But it is his 2nd reign that puts his up here at number 5. Smith held the World Championship for 105 days. He is in a group with Julius,Slim and Bailey of having a world title reign with 100 plus days. During the time he was with the BrendenPlayz company as world champion he was dominate, Showed that he was a franchise player and could put the company on his back when motivated. I truly hope he can one day return to BrendenPlayz he was one of the most exciting wrestlers when he was world champ.

Number 4 



One of the most dominate wrestlers to step into the company Julius. This man within a couple of month was world champ after winning the King Of The Ring tournament. He has only held the World Championship once for now. But in that one reign he beat the likes for Slim,Brad, Hollow and held the world championship for 210 days.

Number 3 



One of the best that has ever stepped foot in BrendenPlayz, Flynn is the 3rd best world champion ever. Having to beat the likes of Bailey, Slim, Brad and many more. His microphone skills also had a huge impact on his reign as well making it better than it was already. He has the 2nd most reigns as world champ with 5 and 237 days combined as world champion. 

Number 2 



403 days as world champion counting as his reigns. The BPZ Audience are use to having Slim as World Champion. His first reign as champion he held it for 310 days. He is a 4X Champion and could be number one at some point if he wanted to. Slim has proven that he is one of the best and all these days as World Champ and how many times he has won it just proves that.

Number 1 



6 time world champion, 393 days combined as world champion. Enough said I think Bailey or 'The Bailey' is the best BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion ever and sure maybe you could argue that Slim is better but I think the edge goes to Bailey because he is a 6X World Champion and it would be 7X if he beats Sameer at King Of The Ring

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