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Breaking News!

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Well if you didn't think that King of the Ring 2019 wasn't already newsworthy enough well how about we sprinkle in two shock returns to the company from two massive names who made an immediate impact upon return

Firstly we start with the return of Eli Smith one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet has finally returned home. There was news broken at an independent show that Smith was coming home but no one knew that it would be this soon. After the Main Event of the night where Sameer had defeated The Bailey, the chilling theme of Smith hit and the place went absolutely berserk. The lasting image was Smith and Bailey standing across from each other in the ring, a moment we will never forget. This leaves us with some questions. Bailey doesn't look like he has much planned going forward besides filming an A+ definitely Hollywood worthy movie but now with Smith's returns we might see a match take place at Summerslam 

Our second big return of the night came about 40 minutes before Smith's when Bart made his triumphant return spoiling the celebration of King of the Ring winner Julius and brutally assaulting his former Kingdom Brother. We hadn't seen Bart since the Julius attack at the Power-Trip Cup Finals and now it looks like these two will clash once again in the near future

BPZ is loaded with talent right now and with these two re-entering the frame, the Summerslam Card has the potential to be absolutely insane. Stay posted for all the news in the BPZ World. As always I have been Mike Hunt thanks for watching 

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BPZ Emergence Preview 

Well it's that time once again where I come into the studio to take a break from my amazing A-List life to preview for you the upcoming BPZ PPV, and this time we are making a stop at Tampa Bay for BPZ Emergence. Some exciting matches on this card and of course some interesting storylines heading in making this yet another unmissable event on the BPZ Calendar

5. The Return of BiC 

In what was an event filled with returns, King of The Ring brought us the return of Smith and Bart but something that was seemingly forgotten was the return of BiC who has been sitting out the last couple of months with an ankle injury suffered at the hands of Julius. BiC has his hands full with one of the stars of the future in Raven. Raven however enters this match fresh off losing the NXT Championship so a bounceback win will definitely be on the budding star's mind. This should be a great contest between two very different competitors and a win by either man should continue to move them up the BPZ Totem Pole 

4. Tag-Title Showdown 

At the King of The Ring PPV we determined a new Number One Contender for the Tag-Team Championships. In what was a brutal affair, George and Blade known collectively as Deadman's Hand took the victory and now have themselves an opportunity to take the titles off of the Big Ballers. This opportunity couldn't come at a better time for these two with George in sublime form recently and both Brenden and Sameer having different matters on their minds. In saying that, Brenden and Sameer are amazing talents and will still be the favourites heading into this match. Will the Big Ballers retain their tag titles once again, or will they fall to the Deadman's Hand 

3. Barbed-Based Brutality 

It's safe to say that KENJI's time in BPZ thus far hasn't gone exactly the way he had planned. Coming in with major potential, Kenji would be plagued by a losing streak which he was able to break in the King of The Ring First Round and is now looking to keep that momentum alive taking on BPZ Hall of Famer Brad. The catch to this is that this wont be your regular 1v1 match this will be a Barbed Wire Massacre. We know Brad has the killer mentality but with KENJI not so much. This match is the perfect chance to show what KENJI is really made of 

2. To The Top

It's back, The To The Top ladder match has now returned and we have a very impressive field taking part this year. Hans, Sheridan, Mikey, Joh, Buddy Ace and Yelich will all be vying for that chance to challenge the North American Champion any time anyplace. Yelich has experience being a winner of this match in his own right, Hans is on fire at the moment, Buddy Ace has the potential, Mikey has the momentum, Joh is a bonafide Hall of Famer and Sheridan brings something unique to this contest that most of these competitors won't be expecting. This should be great and all 6 of these competitors are deserving but who will rise to the top?

1. Flynn vs Julius: Unleashed

Our Main Event of the evening features the Undisputed Champion Flynn taking on the Red Hot, 2019 King of The Ring Winner Julius. These men have history, everyone knows about it and this should be another cracking contest. Both these men have become a lot more vicious since they last faced in the ring so look for utter carnage to take place throughout the arena. This should be a war, a war you wont want to miss

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BrendenPlayz to take time off after SummerSlam from Wrestling.


It has been rumored that BrendenPlayz the owner of BPZ Wrestling and the current tag team champion will be taking time after SummerSlam. BrendenPlayz currently has a match with Deadman's Hand where the Big Baller will most likely lose and he will also have a match with Bashka at SummerSlam now we are uncertain with the results of this match is going to be and the aftermath of it. It was rumored a couple of months ago that BrendenPlayz would take a step away from the wrestling world and go ahead and start another business up. We are unsure what will happen to the big baller after they most likely lose at BPZ Power Trip Emergence but we here at BPZ Commentaries are thinking that it will be the end of the Big Ballers one of the best tag teams that has been in the company. They will end as the 2nd longest reigning tag team champions if they lose at Emergence. We do think though that BrendenPlayz will be back maybe for December to Dismember or The Royal Rumble.

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BrendenPlayz Stars That Could Win The Money In The Bank Briefcase At Bad Blood

5. Jonathan 


Ever since the Royal Flush lost to the Big Ballers Jonathan has not appeared on BrendenPlayz TV. He's taking a break from Wrestling as of right now but him winning the Money In The Bank Briefcase would do wonders for him and relieve his career. He won the briefcase before and been world champion before so this would also be safe option since he knows what is like to be world champion.

 4. BiC 


BiC has been one of the hardest workers in the company as of right now. Him winning Money In The Bank wouldn't be as much of a career relieve like Jonathan it'd be more like a win that would push him up to the top again where he was a couple of years ago and he would be able to prove this time that maybe he is ready to be at the top of the company this time. He's currently in a Tag Match with Hans at SummerSlam against Blade and Slim so it might not happen but it could since we saw Sameer win Money In The Bank while in a Tag Team with Brenden.

3. Bart 


Bart has made his return and is facing Flynn at SummerSlam for the Undisputed Championship. Before he had to leave due to Julius attacking him. Bart was on a role and one of the best stars in the company but he couldn't take the next big step with him winning Money In The Bank. He could take the next step and win the World Championship. Although it may be unlikely to happen since he could be undisputed champion entering bad blood. 

2. Arius 


Arius has been one of the fastest rising stars in BrendenPlayz him winning would no doubt do wonders for his career and it would most likely lead to him winning the world championship. Management has shown that they have no problem with pushing Arius and can you blame them? This guy is phenomenal and I don't think anyone would mind seeing him at the top of the company. 

1. Smith


Ever since coming back to BPZ at King Of The Ring. All the fans have been pumped to see Smith back in the BrendenPlayz ring and with him being one of the biggest stars ever in the company. I wouldn't be suprised if they give him the briefcase and put him at the top of BrendenPlayz again. He has been world champion before so like Jonathan it's another safe bet.

This has been Ben Dover and this was BACK TO BACK BPZ COMMENTARIES. I have been truly kind to you people as of late with all this content ONLY ON BPZ COMMENTARIES. 

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