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BPZ Commentaries

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BPZ Commentaries Exclusive Interview 


Mike: "Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to yet another exclusive BPZ Commentaries interview with Mike Hunt and today my guest is none other than the man of 26 gimmicks and the host of Yelich's Yell. YELICH!"

Yelich: "Thank you Michael for allowing me on this show... not as good as mine but... I guess it's alright."

Mike: "I am going to completely ignore what you just said and be a true professional. So let's start with this, how are you feeling after the events that took place at SummerSlam?"

Yelich: "Cheated, Confused, Hurt, but above all others, Angry. I should've won that match. The stars were aligning for the perfect moment for me, and then some dude with an stopwatch said they have to stop it. My life has been turned upside down because of a time limit. Do you know how that feels? How gut-wrenching and heartbreaking that is to get so close to accomplishing your goals, your dreams even. And to have a timer go off. I'm angry, that's how I'm feeling."

Mike: "For a man who would be considered an underdog heading into a match against me this would have been absolutely infuriating, but never fear you now have another shot at the NA Championship this time at Bad Blood in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Whats the mindset right now?"

Yelich: "Take what I have rightfully deserved for years. I have been overshadowed and overlooked for far too long. People who do less for this company pass me up, lap me in milestones and success stories. Josh, Echo Wilson, Bart, Julius, George, BiC, and now Arius. I have deserved so much more than what I have received in my career. I'm cheated out of everything, this time limit draw is just the latest occurrence of the never-ending cycle of misdeeds towards me. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of it all Michael. I deserve everything, and I definitely deserve the North American Championship. So the mindset right now is that I need to go above and beyond for everything, I can't stop ever, I need to keep working and working and working until my limbs fall slack and I can't do anymore, because only then I feel that I have a chance to overcome whatever other curveball my career wants to throw at me, so I can finally feel the sensation of success again."

Mike: "And if it cant get any worse for you, Bad Blood will be held at the lovely MCG in Melbourne Australia the home country of Arius. Any thoughts on that?"

Yelich: "I never won in my hometown. We've had shows in Baltimore and DC before, but I lost there. I had a fake hometown show in Toronto once, I lost the United States Championship at that show, plus I was from Calgary too. I can't win at my hometown. Arius.... I can't let him. He should have to go through what I had to. He doesn't understand how it feels to lose and lose and lose AND LOSE EVEN THOUGH YOU DESERVE BETTER! He won't understand me. He should. I want him to, because maybe then he'll finally understand where I'm coming from."

Mike: "What I seem to be picking up on a lot is the fact that you tend to shift the blame of your misfortunes on the company. Have you ever thought that maybe you just aren't good enough?"

Yelich: "For years that question has gnawed at my brain. Am I good enough? Should I be a wrestler? And I came to the conclusion that it isn't my fault for my losses. Every single flaw people have told me I have changed and fixed. After every match now the only words I hear are "You got unlucky, just try again next time." So I try, and I try and I try and I try but the result doesn't change Michael. I'm still not a winner. So maybe I'm not, but I can't see a way that I am, so I don't believe that I'm not good enough for this business. But maybe I'm wrong. I host a show of my own, maybe I'll flip the question back to you. Tell me Michael, am I good enough?"

Mike: "What I see in you Yelich is a man who is lost, a man who honestly doesn't know how to deal with himself and a man who doesn't know how to deal with life itself. Physically you have the capability to be something extraordinary but mentally you aren't strong you are weak. I see it all of your matches, you just cant get over that mental barrier which holds you back from achieving success. And to be completely honest Yelich I think that if you want to have a life in this business you're going to have to figure it all out because for people like you, there are only a certain amount of times you can come back and I worry that if things don't go well for you in Australia you will never ever be able to recover. Does that answer it for you?"

Yelich: "The question was simple Michael. Am I good enough? Do you think I'm good enough to beat Arius? Huh? Do you think I can win a Title again? Yes or No. Because I'm beginning to hear a little bit of the ladder Michael and I don't think that sits well with me. So, Micheal. Answer the Question. Yes or No, AM I GOOD ENOUGH?"

(Yelich stands up from his chair, almost like he is threatening Mike now)

Mike: "Ok ok god Jesus christ I just bought these pants yesterday I don't want to have to get rid of them so soon. Now I do think you are good enough, but this version of yourself needs a lot more polish to become a complete product"

Yelich: "A lot more polish huh? You don't think I'm good enough don't you Michael. Come on, tell the viewers at home what you really think. You don't wanna lie to them. You don't wanna lie to me. Here I'll simplify the question for you. Do you think I am good enough to win at Bad Blood?"

Mike: “You know what Yelich. No I Don’t. I think you’re a waste of talent who just can’t get himself right. It’s a shame but it’s the truth. You will never be better than Arius and you will never ever win again”

Yelich: Waste of Talent eh? How about we try this on for size?

(Yelich picks up Mike Hunt by the ears as Mike shouts "No!" constantly. Yelich kicks Mike in the gut and hits the Concussion Syndrome Piledriver right onto the thin carpet with what seems to be concrete under it)


(Yelich looks into the camera, taking deep breaths, calming himself)

Yelich: "Join Us next time on BPZ Commentaries, For my pal Mike Hunt, I'm Yelich, and we'll see you next time."

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Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to the must see show covering BrendenPlayz Wrestling, My name is Ben Dover and today I am here with one of the hottest superstars in the company currently right now and the current intercontinental champion Bashka, Welcome to the Show!

  Bashka: Thank you it's about damn time I get on one of these shows considering I am the hottest superstar in the company right now.

Yeah... Okay unlike my buddy Mike I like to go in straight with the questions 

Bashka: Alright shoot the question but I'm bulletproof

How did it feel to be in the ring with the boss himself BrendenPlayz and sharing the moment at the end of your match against him?

To be in the ring with a guy who has made my name globally known was a special thing. No matter what we go through, I’ve always been there for him and he’s always been there for me, nothing is going to change that. Friends fight, but when it was all said and done I realised that the guy I was in the ring with wasn’t an enemy, but a brother. I respect Brenden for creating this empire and it was an honour to step inside the ring with him for what may be the final time in his career.

What are your thoughts about Bailey a rival of yours leaving the company for Hollywood?

Bailey is a guy who I’ve had a lot of history with, me and him for rivals for nearly all of my first year and I’ve faced him a handful of times since then. It seems that he has recognised another potential career path in Hollywood which is something I’ve tried myself. I think Bailey will be phenomenal in Hollywood, because he’s been great at acting like people actually give a damn about him for the past five years. He’s been acting like he’s the greatest man to ever live for years so it’s great to see him acting on a bigger scale now.

We recently saw Sameer and Smith decide to team up do you see them as a threat to the tag team championship that is held by Bulletproof?

Smith and Sameer are going to be a deadly alliance, two of the best to ever lace up their boots in BPZ combining to take down a common goal, normally I’d be terrified. I’d be terrified if the current champions weren’t the best damn tag team this company has ever seen. Two of the biggest workhorses in BPZ with so much chemistry it’s insane. Smith and Sameer will be a threat to everyone else, but not Bulletproof.

You won the intercontinental championship at King Of The Ring defeating one of the biggest stars in the company and perhaps the most dominate person to step in BPZ Julius how did it feel to win after being a major underdog going into the match with him?

I came back and I heard all this hype about Julius and how he may be the most dominant superstar in BPZ history, so I thought I’d better step in the ring with him and teach him a lesson. While I was preparing for my match everybody told me he was too good and I had no chance of beating him. I knew I could do it, and I did. Since winning, I’m taking this bet to new heights nobody has ever taken it too before and I’m just getting started. Never count me out, never call me the underdog because I’m a f#cking legend.

Survival Games is just around the corner what superstar in your block are you most looking forward to facing?

I’m looking forward to kicking everyone’s ass in Survival Games. I’m extremely looking forward to beating Sameer, though. Me and him have been in this company together for so long and yet we’ve never faced each other, how crazy is that? I’m going to prove why it took him so long to step into the main event spotlight while I’ve always been there. I’m going to prove to the world that I’m the superior champion in BPZ.

Okay I think that's going to wrap this interview up. It was a pleasure to meet you Bashka and hopefully we can do this sometime in the future. 

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BPZ SummerSlam 2019 Review 

(Disclaimer: This was recorded before the horrendous and horrific assault Mike Hunt endured at the hands of the vile and disgusting Yelich. Us here at BPZ Commentaries wish nothing but hell towards Yelich and we pray and hope to all the gods in the world that tomorrow morning he wakes up, walks outside and gets hit by a bus)

SummerSlam has come and gone and oh boy what a bloody good show that was which leaves us with no better man to review the best 5 moments of the show than me Mike Hunt, the prodigal son and the Slammy Award winning host himself. Well without any more stagnation lets get to the top 5 moments of BPZ SummerSlam 2019!

5. Still Undisputed 

One of the four heavily featured matches on the SummerSlam card was the Undisputed Championship Clash between the returning Bart and Flynn, two fierce rivals fighting over arguably the most coveted title in the company. The match was magnificent as one would expect but it's what happened after the match that had the world buzzing. BiC, Hans and Bashka known collectively as Bullet Proof would make their presence known helping Flynn retain his championship and seemingly joined forced with the Undisputed Champion. Now Bullet Proof are no joke and they mean business with BiC and Hans capturing the Tag titles earlier in the night, Bashka being the IC Champion and now Flynn as the Undisputed Champion, these guys mean business and have put the entirety of BPZ on notice

4. North-American Drama 

 In our SummerSlam preview show we asked the question of North-American Championship Challenger Yelich, asking if this was the time for him to take that next step and finally win the big one. Well these two men put on one hell of a fight but after 20 minutes with no decisive winner the match was called to an end much to the surprise and disdain of the Los Angeles crowd. The match ended in a time limit draw and Yelich in particular was seen to be heartbroken coming oh so close once again but having a slight technicality be the force that stopped him from winning. It came as no surprise that Yelich and Arius were granted a rematch this time with a 2 out of 3 falls situation where a winner must be crowned and oh boy aren't I excited for that one 

3. Bashka is a force to be reckoned with 

With all the big winners on the SummerSlam show, I tend to feel that one man has been undeservedly lost in the shuffle and that man is the current Intercontinental Champion Bashka. This man is fresh off a superhuman performance at SummerSlam defeating Blade and Slim in his Intercontinental Championship and then backing up and defeating the man who runs the place BrendenPlayz in a phenomenal contest. Also looking at the quality that Bashka is aligned with through Bullet Proof and one must wonder if Bashka is set to have a meteoric rise to the top once again when not many people thought it was possible. He has Survival Games to look forward to next and is many people's Dark Horse to come out of Block B, well I am going to make a bold statement right now and say that Bashka will be the man to emerge out of Block B and infact win it all. This man is on fire right now 

2. Sameer means business

We now turn our attention to the Main Event of the evening where the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship was on the line with Sameer defending against Julius. Julius was seen to be a heavy favourite walking into SummerSlam but shockingly it was Sameer who had his title reign intact by the end of the night defeating the Death Machine in very impressive fashion. Sameer now has title retention's over Bailey and Julius with Slim and Brad to challenge in the future, setting himself up for a very memorable reign. Survival Games is also on the horizon for the World Champ so a good showing there could also be in the works

1. Bailey and Smith steal the show 

It would be criminal of me not to award these two the number one spot on this review because this match was literal magic. The build coming in made this feel like a true box-office match and both of these men delivered, showing why they truly are some of the greatest performers the world has ever seen. Back and forth we went for most of the match but it was the hero's return that was complete with Smith defeating The Bailey to the cheers of the fans. Presumably Bailey is now off to Hollywood to film his movies and Smith has his focus on Survival Games where he is also considered a favourite to walk out the winner. It's great to see Smith back and firing and right now the sky is the limit for this man 

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Two Dark Horses in the Survival Games Tournament

Block A: Prince 


"The Prince" has come to BrendenPlayz wrestling and defeated Karico. Prince is not the favourite at all to win his block which contains stars such as Julius, Bart, Jonathan, FDS and the young star KENJI. But what we forget is that at point people were thinking that Prince would break out and become one of the big stars of the future but due to his work ethic he wasn't able to reach the heights people believed he could. But with Prince coming back and look more determined than ever I wouldn't write his name off so soon because he could really impress us in this tournament.

Block B: Hans


Coming off winning two matches at BPZ SummerSlam where we saw Hans retain his United States Championship in a Fatal Four Way match and won The Tag Team Championship with BiC. Hans has a lot of momentum going into Survival Games but he is still a dark horse going into his block with stars such as Smith, Sameer, Slim and Bashka in his group. All of them have been world champions at some point in there careers and are all established stars. I think Hans could shock the BPZ Universe and defeat some of these big names in his block proving that he is one of the best up-incoming stars in the company.

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Three Potential Money in the Bank Winners:

Money in the Bank happens two times a year: Bad Blood and BPZMania. With Bad Blood two weeks away, here is three potential winners for the Money In The Bank briefcase...


Image result for daniel bryan wwe champion

Could the Undisputed Champion be a sleeper pick for MITB? Yes, he could be. With the leader of Bulletproof not scheduled for a match for Bad Blood, we could potentially see Flynn hoist the briefcase for a second time. After his SummerSlam classic with Bart, Flynn has silenced the critics, even if his win came under controversial circumstances, and could look to shift the power balance of BPZ more in Bulletproof's favor by securing Money in the Bank, and potentially the World Championship for the deadly foursome.


Image result for the rock

The Bailey is away in Hollywood right now, but being away from the company has never stopped The Great One from securing MITB. With Bailey doing it once before, lightning could strike twice and allow the newly-acclaimed movie star to win MITB and throw a wrench into everyone's predictions, as the set wraps up three days before Bad Blood. Could The Great One win MITB on the way to a 7th World Championship?

Image result for drew mcintyre wwe

The most obvious of the three, Julius. The Death Machine has it set up perfectly, in his home country, to secure another BPZ World Championship. Can he do it? We'll know at Bad Blood, as Julius claims to have reached a crossroads in his career. This is a defining moment, was he a one-shot wonder or is Julius a dominating force? He hasn't been confirmed in the match yet, but all signs point to him being entered into it. Can he overcome his recent struggles?

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BPZ Survival Games Week 1 Recap 

What an exciting week it was for BPZ, we had the culmination of the inaugural Global Seri- I mean Survival Games, Necce returned god I hate that guy and Sameer was attacked backstage by some masked gimp so just your standard week in BPZ. But today the focus will be on week one of the aforementioned Survival Games where participants in Blocks A and B fought over the weekend to get their campaigns started. Here is all the news and recaps of what went down 

Block A: Julius snaps streak, KENJI becomes a star, Jonathan and Prince reach a stalemate 

We kick things off with the results of Block A where firstly Julius went to battle against fellow countryman FDS. Julius came into the match on a 3 match win streak and decided that it would be smart to try and out wrestle FDS. However we did see that explosiveness from the former World Champ which brought him many victories with the Claymore, Hell's Welcome combination leading to a first week victory for the Death Machine. Take nothing away from FDS, he had Julius on the ropes for a lot of the match and look to have the upper hand but he just couldn't get it done. Up next Julius takes on KENJI while FDS takes on Jonathan in a Ruin reunion

Myself as an elite Wrestling journalist picked Bart to get by KENJI mostly unfazed but jeez that wasn't meant to be here as KENJI rose to the occasion big time and took the fight to the Dutch native. These two went at it all match but no one could take the advantage and seal the win giving us a Time-limit draw one of many to come over the course of the night. KENJI comes out of the this the big winner though, pushing the former Undisputed Champion to his limit and walking away with the one point. He next takes on Julius which should be a mouth-watering affair for some marks while Bart takes on Prince looking to get himself a win 

KENJI and Bart started the theme of Draws and well these two followed it. My fellow Commentaries writer Ben Dover had Prince as the Dark Horse in the tournament and Jonathan is a favourite no matter what setting he is involved in making this a match to keep an eye on. This match was once again a close contest showing how tense the competition is here in BPZ with Prince almost getting it done at the end but the time got away from him bringing us yet another tournament draw. Prince faces yet another challenge in Bart while Jonathan gets the match with FD which will always be fun 

Block B: Slim draws first Blood, Bashka and Hans go to war, Smith Breezes into week 2 

We start with the biggest match of the first week, the two World title match participants for Bad Blood clashing in a fiery contest. Another epic in a week full of amazing matches in which Slim picked up the victory and drew first blood in this fiery feud. Not only does this give Slim an edge in Block B but a mental edge over the World Champ before their match in Australia. For Sameer he needs to regroup has he takes on the dangerous Bashka while Slim looks to continue his campaign against his former stable member Blade 

Speaking of Bashka we had a Bullet Proof civil war of sorts in this match with both Bashka and Hans facing each other in week 1. Once again a really tense match and these two showed a lot of respect to once other, knowing each others movesets inside out leading to a very interesting dynamic. But just like KENJI vs Bart and Prince vs Jonathan before them this match turned into a draw the third of the night a fitting end for these two good friends. Hans goes into next week taking on a red hot Smith while Bashka takes on BPZ World Champion Sameer 

And we end this recap with Smith vs Blade where Smith defeated the former Tag-Team Champion in dominant fashion. Smith was coming off a big win over The Bailey at SummerSlam and carried his momentum forward with another great victory over Blade. For Smith now it's all about consistency building up wins throughout the tournament and that begins with Hans next week, while Blade takes on Slim in what should be a deeply personal contest after what happened with the Syndicate stable 

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Hello everyone, and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Gekyume Sins, the newest employee here and the long lost son of XXXTentacion and Johnny Sins. My debut topic caused a bit of a ruckus backstage, and yeah maybe a few punches were thrown my way but Imma beast and no ones gonna stop me from making another topic to piss some people off, one similar to my last one. So today, I bring to you:

Next 5 In Line To Win The BPZ World Heavyweight Championship (Chronological Order)


Image result for aleister black

As we all know, Slim has a match for this very title at Bad Blood. Do I think he'll win it then? Maybe, maybe not. Just kidding, I clearly think so. Now do I want him to win? Well, that's a completely different manner so let's not talk about it now. My answer is ambiguous for now. Slim's been having a pretty decent run since his return. He's part of the faction Syndicate, he was recently a Tag Team Champion, and he had an Intercontinental Championship opportunity at Summerslam. Pretty big things, and while he currently has no belts to his name, maybe it's a strategic thing by BPZ. They're setting him up perfectly to become World Champion, and I think Bad Blood will be his time.


Image result for seth rollins

Yeah, maybe I think Sameer will lose his championship at Bad Blood, but that doesn't mean he's out of the title picture. BPZ are sure to give Sameer a rematch for the title if he loses to Slim, and I think that it'll be at Halloween Havoc. I also think he'll win that encounter, but that's only fantasy booking from me. Sameer's got that big star feel right now and a load of momentum, so taking the belt off of him for a long time would be a poor decision. I just believe he's been too dominant to lose two title matches in a row, but then again I'm not expert.


Image result for daniel bryan

Now here's a curveball. Do I think Flynn will end up beating the champ Sameer in a planned 1 on 1 encounter? Nope, I'm putting this in here in an assumption that Flynn will win Money in the Bank. I know, it's a really big one, but at least it's realistic. Flynn's proven he's got what it takes to capture anything in BPZ as long as he wants it enough. And wanting that briefcase and knowing you have the power to potentially win whenever you want sounds right up Flynn's alley. Also, another big bold prediction, I think Flynn will cash in right after Sameer wins the title back, squashing his win and taking the life out of the arena. It'd be a great way to promote Flynn as a dickish heel and Sameer as a babyface and it'd set up for a big rematch. The only thing is Slim would also be involved, but it's another big name and the match would be fantastic.


Image result for lio rush

Honestly, this entry if the one I'm most unsure about. By the time I think Smith would potentially win (Rumble or St. Valentine's Day Massacre), the hype from his return would have surely died off, if he stays active after his match against Bashka. Furthermore, I can't guarantee he'll lose his match to Bashka for the Intercontinental Championship either. Hell, he could win that match and hold onto the belt till the world freezes over. But I am a bold man like my fathers and I am saying he'll win the strap at the Rumble. It's really hard to get a bigger match feel than Smith vs Flynn, and it's a worthy world title match for an event as big as the Rumble. Smith would also have the winner of the Rumble match to confront later in the night, which would a spectacle by itself.


Image result for papa emeritus 3

Again, more assumption going on here. I'm predicting Arius will win the big belt in the main event of BPZ Mania 5, V, whatever you want to call it. For this to happen, he'd have to win the Rumble, and I think he's got what it takes. I don't see his monster run slowing down any time soon, and he's got all the talent and charisma needed for the main event push. He'd be facing Smith in the main event, and although not traditional, it'd be a great scene, an established main eventer against the future of BPZ Wrestling. I wouldn't necessarily call this a passing the torch moment for Smith as I believe he has a lot left to give, but rather a crowning for Arius.

And as for the future, I don't have the brain power to predict beyond this. This has been Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries, and I hope you enjoyed my little bit. Until next time, Gekyume out.



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Image result for drew mcintyre

Julius 'pencilled in' to win Money in the Bank:

As of right now, Julius is pencilled in to win MITB this Sunday at Bad Blood, over Flynn, possibility over a returning Bailey14 (rumored to be appearing at Bad Blood), JoshsNow, and Hollow. Julius took two brutal losses last month, losing to Flynn and Sameer in Undisputed and World Championship Matches. This month, he looks to turn it around and win Money in the Bank. The current plan is for Julius to challenge the World Champion (presuambly Slim) to a Championship Match at Halloween Havoc, in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match. So as of right now, the current plan will see Julius take MITB and Slim defeat Sameer for World in our main events.

Image result for the fiend

Sameer vs Necce?

The word around 'inner circles' is that the main event of Night of Legends will be Sameer vs Necce for Undisputed. The plan right now will see Necce win the Undisputed Championship at Survival Games from Flynn, and it will see Sameer make a comeback in the tournament to win it all and beat the odds. As for how that will happen, it is rumored Sameer will beat Smith, and Smith will beat Slim, and a tie between Slim and Bashka will happen, putting Slim one point behind Sameer and Smith while Sameer has the tiebreaker on Smith, setting up a clash between The Fiend and The Beast.

Image result for joker fingers

Dark Slim?

In the latest Survival Games match, against Blade, Slim stabbed Blade with a piece of glass, giving him a fatal wound while also beginning to laugh about it before stopping himself. Inside sources tell me that Slim will be diving into a deep, very dark place when it comes to his promos and it may blur the lines between kayfabe and reality when it comes to this, and it's an edgy risk by BPZ to put eyes on the product.

Image result for joker sting

Meko, ICON, Mikey set for pushes?

The young up-and comers up next for pushes are Meko, ICON, and Mikey. It is believed that Meko will lose his "goldie", before winning a 3rd NXT Championship (never been done before), and possibly winning the US Championship in the near future. Mikey is believed to win this upcoming Number One Contender's Match before facing Yelich for North American, while ICON is expected to overcome the odds and win the Premium Championship at Bad Blood.

That's all for this week's rumors, join us next week?

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Money in the Bank reportedly "last minute decision", coming down to Julius or Flynm

Backstage there is reported turmoil over who Mr. Money in the Bank will end up being.


There is major turmoil in BPZ right now, with the reported Money in the Bank decision looming but a decision not made. Every match on the card except the ladder match has reportedly been decided, as it's expected by betting odds that Slim and Smith will become World and Intercontinental Champions. Right now, the reported betting odds for MITB show Julius (-100) as the favorite but Flynn not far behind (+110). Who will BPZ ultimately go with for the case? Flynn or Julius? Or, will Brendenplayz shock us all and go with a name like The Bailey or JoshsNow?


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5. Flynn 


Winning the Intercontinental Championship Flynn was a big moment in his career. This is basically where everyone knew Flynn was going to be a World Champion and become a big star in BrendenPlayz. He shined as Intercontinental Champion and after losing it to Sameer on a Carnage Live episode he would later go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship just two months later at December to Dismember and since then has been one of the biggest names in the company.

4. Slim


Slim held the Intercontinental Championship for 119 days and 147 combined days as champion. Slim had one of the most dominant reigns as IC Champion defeating Sameer, The Bailey and Ryan as some of the big names that he defeated as IC Champion.

3. Julius 


Julius won the World Heavyweight Championship before he won the Intercontinental Championship. He had one of the longest reigns in BPZ as World Champion and afterwards He would win IC against BiC one of his biggest rivals at BPZ Backlash. He would continue to dominate as champion until King Of The Ring where he would be defeated by Bashka who has had a great reign as well so far but this reign proved how dominant Julius is while IC Champion he was also winning King Of The Ring.

2. Bart 


Bart had the second longest reign ever as IC Champion. 217 days nearly a whole damn year as champion. Bart dominated the scene and division for a whole damn YEAR almost . Now that he has comeback I have seen some people doubt Bart but just remember what this guy did to this division. This is year Bart proved that he is one of the best in the company and a huge part of the future for BPZ.

1. Eli Smith


Two reigns as Intercontinental Champion. 241 days in one reign... Smith really defined the BrendenPlayz Intercontinental Championship. He won it as a young man in the company and defended the championship for the first time in history. Then later on would win it again and hold it for 241 days! That's days more than Flynn has held the World Championship in his 5 reigns! Smith is the best IC Champion ever and this weekend he looks to win the championship once again!

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