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BPZ Commentaries

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1 hour ago, Slim said:

Have no idea how you put decided the top 5 but with none of FD, Bashka, Ryan, and Zombie on the list, I'm interested to know since I believe they're all above myself, Flynn and Julius as IC champions...

When making this list I didn't think of FD so that's a good shout, maybe take off Flynn and put him there. Other than that I wouldn't change anything about my list but I am glad you have a different one than me. I determined it by length of reign and who they defended it against. But yeah I would change and put FD on it now looking at I'm glad there are different opinions on it but this is my list not yours.

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BPZ Survival Games 2019 Review

You always get one of these PPV's every year where the event will be remembered more for its groundbreaking moments than the matches or the results itself and Survival Games 2019 lacked no shortage of that with two huge moments headlining what was a really fun night of action. This capped off what was an extraordinary idea to begin with and gives BPZ  a formula to continue for years to come. Names such as Hans and KENJI really broke out in this tournament and have really shifted attention onto themselves bolstering their cases to take that perennial brass ring and sky rocket to the future. Anyway I am Mike Hunt and lets get on with the review 

5. Arrow is Dead??

Over the last couple of days all I have been seeing on social media and on TV is the talk about one of BPZ's most controversial characters Arrowgargano or ArrowDream, ArrowCole, Arrowrollins, Arrowthunderman and now No Way Arrow. I think it's safe to say that Arrow has had a bit of a rough start in his BPZ run thus far but his biggest match to date was right here on the Survival Games show against the returning Aidanator and boy howdy wasn't this an interesting affair. So these two basically fought in a hospital and Arrow fell off the hospital and didn't die making a miraculous recovery before Aidan put him away. Arrow was protected heavily in this match refusing to put over Death itself and maybe just maybe big things are in store for this young boy in a grown mans body

4. Rubber Match Looms 

One result that seems to be overlooked coming out of Survival Games is the final matchup between Julius and Slim that will take place at Survivor Series in November. Julius pulled out a win over Bart while Slim capped off a stellar tournament by defeating one of the favourites Smith in what was one of the matches of the night. Julius and Slim have a lot of history with each other and as of right now both sit at 1-1 in their head to head record. Both men are looking to be peaking at the right time and in absolutely sublime form which should make a spectacular match at Survivor Series. As of now I think Slim will be the favourite but you can never count out that man Julius when it comes to a tournament, he seems to always win these things 

3. Forever the Undisputed King 

Yes ok I am the biggest fool on planet Earth. I doubted Flynn once again heading into this Undisputed Championship match and what do you know? He only bloody walked out the winner and looked awesome in doing so. Flynn's hitlist in 2019 has just added two more extremely impressive names and right now he looks insurmountable almost God like holding that Undisputed Championship around his waist. He awaits Julius or Slim at Night of Legends but in the meantime he looks to have himself tied up with a long-lost brother of his Gunner Flynn. Holy shit this company makes no sense some times 

2. Creed Are Here

We now get to the first of two big moments coming out of the night and that is the formation of BPZ's newest stable, Creed consisting of Smith, Sameer, Bart and Julius all very accomplished stars in BPZ. Julius had just defeated Bart when BulletProof decided to make their way down to the ring seemingly getting ready to give out another beating when Smith and Sameer made an appearance and stopped them dead in their tracks. BulletProof have been unchallenged for a long time now but it looks like the cavalry have arrived and these two may be headed for a collision course in the near future. Survivor Series anyone?

1. The Ace in the Hole 

The most shocking moment of the night came at the conclusion of Smith vs Slim when BPZ Hall of Famer Bailey Justin flanked by Bob Sparks, Buddy Ace, The Marker and Jonathan stormed the ring and attacked both Smith and Slim sending a statement and a warning to every other faction in the company. Bailey looked really pleased with himself having himself a nice handy entourage but things fell apart almost as quickly as they got started when Bob took matters in his own hands and pulled off the turn of the year laying out Buddy, Marker and Jonathan leaving Bailey in disbelief. It was then revealed that Bob had in-fact aligned himself with Slim and will now act as his muscle going forward. As for the HWO it doesn't look very promising. Bob left the group immediately, Jonathan has reportedly requested some time off and The Marker has indeed walked out on the company after the events of Survival Games leaving Buddy Ace. Maybe we will see a Stunt Double act, hey at least it's something 

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Image result for joker movie

Slim and BrendenPlayz Backstage Fight DETAILS:

Two years following the big backstage blowup that got intense between the two, resulting in Slim losing his 310 day World Championship reign, another backstage fight has occured between Slim and Brenden following Survival Games, which led to Slim's suspension until after Halloween Havoc, and also the stripping of Slim as BPZ World Champion.

Reportedly the two clashed over the idea that Slim was turning the wrestlers against Brenden, a huge blowup resulted, calling Brenden and the creative team corrupt. Slim reportedly outed Brenden for helping him pass drug test after drug test, but firing Smith for it which led to even more tension, as the idea of Brenden passing a drug test for Slim but firing Smith for it got the locker room fired up, as many of them went at Brenden, including Brenden's former right hand man, Bailey.

The former head of creative said that Brenden had lost his touch and began to play favorites which is why the ratings have been down, as Bailey criticized Brenden's decision to have Sameer, a known BrendenPlayz favorite, to hold the belt for so long, with Brenden publicly announcing Slim had been suspended for drug test failure and disruption. Slim laughed at Brenden's ruling, as the talent were outraged. Slim reportedly walked out, and flew home that night, with him not scheduled to appear until after Halloween Havoc.

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Image result for Lio Rush

Top BPZ Feuds Of 2019 So Far..

Written By: Eric Shun

When it comes to BPZ, the superstars and the hatred between them is what fuels the company. These rivalries are often for titles, or a young superstar trying to end a legends reign of terror. Sometimes it's for a prize, and other times it's simply for blood. Whatever it is, these feuds can lead to many matches or just one, but whats important to know is that fans love these feuds, and so far in 2019, we've had some amazing feuds. However, so far these are the ones that stand out in 2019. (In no particular order)

 ~ Yelich vs Arius (North American Championship, Summerslam - Bad Blood)

The crowd favorite Yelich would be taking on yet another rising star in Arius, it all started at Summerslam. When Yelich would go toe to toe with one of the best in BPZ and it would kick off a feud that would leave fans grasping for more North American championship action. Yelich would prove to the world that he is indeed one of the best and deserves his victories, after Yelich finally defeated Arius at Bad Blood. Arius would begin to move onto other things, as for now this intense feud is done, but with both these men moving up the card there is no doubt they will meet again in the near future. 

~ Eli Smith vs Slim (Survival Games)

With the announcement of the Survival Games tournament, the BPZ Universe was as hyped up as possible. As one of the matches stood out amongst the crowd, as the 4-0, still returning Eli Smith would have what many called his first true test against the sadistic king, the also 4-0 Slim. Who was looking to shut up Eli Smith and expose his inner demons. While Eli Smith was trying to keep his hero persona and true he truly has changed his ways, it would come down to an absolute war, but what can only be the beginning of this feud ended with Slim standing on top, only to get suspended. Its unknown if Slim and Smith have unfinished business, and if they are to face off once again, the crowd is going to for sure be a winner. 

~ Eli Smith vs The Bailey (Summerslam)

Just a few months before Eli Smiths battle with Slim, he would make his return to the BPZ and challenge one man, arguably the face of BPZ, The Bailey. Who wasn't happy Eli Smith was back, and turned on his former friend for various reasons such as drug use, The Bailey would do everything he could to get rid of Eli Smith. The fan favorite would fight back however, and prove his worth against The Bailey, who would come up short in there Summerslam matchup. We have yet to see The Bailey attempt to get his revenge on Eli Smith, but there is no doubt in fans minds that he is not finished with Eli Smith.

~ The Bailey vs Flynn (BPZMania IV)

The Royal Rumble winner vs the champion, it doesn't get as classic as that. But this time, it was different. Two of the companies best just trying to prove who was the better man, the BPZ World Heavyweight championship on the line at the biggest event of the year, it truly doesn't get better. These two would go to war, and it would be one of the most entertaining feuds of the year, ending in a huge matchup that saw The Bailey defeat Flynn in one on one action, earning his spot as BPZ World Heavyweight Champion in front of millions of fans. 


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Image result for daniel bryan

The Jeremiah vs Gunner Flynn is expected to pay off with someone being revealed as hiring Gunner to sabotage Flynn. It is believed it will be the duo of Slim and Necce, unless Julius turns heel as a likely conclusion to this storyline will have the Survival Games Tournament winner reveal themselves as the man who hired Gunner. As for the Survival Games Winner, the current plan is for Flynn to lose the Undisputed Championship via the hand of Yelich at December to Dismember, which will lead to Flynn vs Yelich at Night of Legends.

Image result for lio rush seth rollins

Sameer and Smith have definitely caught the vibes of Triple H and Shawn Michaels in terms of their friendship, but you have to wonder where it all ends and if they can sustain the friendship. Success leads to jealousy in BrendenPlayz, and you have to wonder with Smith's white hot return, and Sameer slowly falling down the card, going 2-4 in his last six matches, arguably losing the four biggest, you have to wonder if jealousy creeps in as Smith rises his way back to the cream of the crop. That's why it's not surprising there are rumors circling that Sameer will turn on Smith in the leadup to BPZMania V, after Smith wins the Royal Rumble. Sameer would challenge the World Champion, most likely Julius at SVDM, before winning the title, with one of the 3 main events at BPZMania V being Sameer vs Smith for the BPZ World Championship.


Speaking of BPZMania V, the early "main events" planned are Smith vs Sameer for the BPZ World Championship, Flynn vs Slim vs Necce for the Undisputed Championship, and Bailey vs Julius, which would mean Slim would most likely go onto defeat Julius before winning the Undisputed Championship in January at Night of Legends. Bailey and Julius would be a passing of the torch match, with Bailey handing over the reins of the company to Julius as management looks to freeze Bailey out of so much power, which has lead to a lot of backstage tension.

Image result for vince mcmahon

There has been a lot of backstage tension lately and sides are beginning to form. Bailey and Brenden have been at odds ever since Keeley and Bailey got into a groundbreaking argument months back, with Bailey calling her a "whore". Bailey was nearly fired, and the relationship between the two has been tense ever since. The creative team, consisting of Bart, Flynn, Smith, Julius, Ropati, and Arius & Sheridan as advisers, is very tense, as a lot of creative members believe Sheridan has no place being there. Bailey is still involved in under the table dealings with creative, while the re-emergence of Slim has put a lot of pressure on the creative team as they have been the target of many shots by the now former BPZ World Champion. The regular wrestlers must do nothing, most likely have to choose a side, and sit back and watch as a power struggle is nearing.


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Image result for Aj Styles

Potential Feuds For The Future Of BPZ Everyone Wants To See

Written By: Eric Shun

In my last article, I covered the greatest feuds of 2019, but much like anything. BPZ is a moving company, always growing, always expanding, and most importantly always looking towards the future. The list of up and comers for BPZ is larger than ever, and the list of potential feuds for both old and new members of the BPZ roster is larger then ever, in this list, I will go over a few of my favorites, and some I think every would want to see!! 

~ Slim vs Bart

Probably the most popular feud that has never come to life, there is more than enough history between two of the companies best, Bart and Slim. Two respective stars who dominated their times and title divisions finally clashing. Former allies, former champions, the story writes itself. With Slim going down this dark, sadistic side that he has had inside of him his entire career and Bart joining Smith, Sameer, and Julius forming "The Creed". The time for them to feud may not be right now, as both are distracted, but we are sure that these two will go to war sometime in the future. 

~ Bob Sparks vs The Bailey

The wrestling world was shocked when The Bailey would debut his newest faction, the hWo, only for it to be kicked to the curb by the factions muscle, Bob Sparks, just a couple seconds after its debut. Bob Sparks would quickly rise to the top of Twitter, BPZ news articles, and more as he took all the attention away from The Baileys return which went unnoticed compared to Bob Sparks return. The Bailey, being as egotistical as he is, is not going to let this slide, and an upcoming feud with Bob Sparks is almost inevitable on part of BPZ. As this young, dominant man is looking to take out one of the best, its a feud that everyone could love, and a feud that BPZ must do. 

~ Arius vs Eli Smith 

This one doesn't need much of explanation, one of the best and most creative talkers in the history of BPZ, Eli Smith, taking on the current favorite to be the "future of BPZ" in Arius. I do not need to sit here and tell you why both of these men are great, but an in-ring match, along with whatever story these men can tell, would be beyond refusal on part of BPZ. Book it, Brenden.

~ Isaiah Carter vs Hans Clayton

Isaiah Carter and Hans Clayton have been best friends for a very long time, since before there time in BPZ and now, they are apart of the dangerous faction known as "Bulletproof" and hold the BPZ Tag Team Championships with no sign of slowing down, but the talk of a feud between the two has been brewing for months. Who better then to face then the person who knows you best, it would take a lot for these men to hate each other but if and when it happens, there will be a lot of bloodshed. 

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Five Most Shocking BPZ Departures

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Fanny McFee and this is the five most shocking BPZ departures. When looking at these departures, I have judged the shock factor via how surprising it was and how much controversy it spawned. I hope you enjoy!

Image result for becky lynch
5. Sheridan Muller (@Sheridan)
Months into her first run with BPZ, Sheridan would have a disagreement with some of the higher-ups in the company, claiming that the politics backstage are absurd as she would claim that the original PowerTrip tournament was only created for Julius to win. With her hope lost in the creative team, Sheridan would leave the company but eventually, after relationships would be reconnected, the female superstar would return.

Image result for kane wwf
4. Zombie (@Zombie Rocka Flocka)
After being with BPZ from very early on, Zombie became a fan favorite as he presented an unorthodox alternative to the other top competitors in the company at the time like Bailey, Nebakos, Heel, and CobheadJake. However, eventually, arguably the most charismatic man in the company would grow tired of never touching the world title, even failing the first MITB cash-in, and would leave BPZ, traveling over to Japan to continue his wrestling career. With a successful career and huge fanbase in Japan, it seems very unlikely that this Hall Of Famer will return to BPZ.

Image result for the rock film
3. Nebakos (@Nebakos7)
After being with BPZ from the very start and helping Brenden build the promotion from the ground up, many thought that Nebakos would never leave the company, even after hanging up the boots. Nevertheless, as more and more opportunities in Hollywood would be presented to the Greek native, Nebakos' appearances in BPZ would grow more and more sparse until finally, Nebakos would leave BPZ for good and commit full-time to his acting career. With that being said and the success that Nebakos has seen, it seems very unlikely that this Hall Of Famer will ever return to BPZ either, unless if it's just for a one-off mega-match.

Image result for ec3
2. Bashka (@Bashka)
In the most recent departure, after losing the BPZ Intercontinental Championship to Smith in the same week as losing to him in the Survival Games tournament, Bashka would begin to grow frustrated. The final straw would be when Bashka would be kicked out of BulletProof without even being warned beforehand. After this, Bashka would meet Brenden backstage, tear up his contract and storm out of the company. With this being so recent, there's no telling if Bashka will return to the company or not yet.

Image result for lio rush
1. Smith (@Smith)
Following arguably the best year of his career in 2017 and his first proper reign as the world champion, after losing the title in the main event of BPZMania III and then losing to Bart for the EVOLVE Global Championship, it would be revealed that Smith had been fired by Brenden for a drug scandal. With Smith playing a heroic underdog throughout most of his career, this would shock a lot of fans with them either growing upset with Smith or BPZ. Eventually, Smith would rekindle his relationship with the company and return in his home country of England at the King Of The Ring PPV in 2019.

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I find Nebakos’ departure to be far more impactful and shocking to Smith’s mainly because he is a bigger deal then Smith, way better then Smith, much more liked then Smith, overall just a better person then Smith, a bigger star then Smith, a more impactful BPZ superstar on the roster then Smith and far more revolutionary then Smith. Plus I think everyone can agree that Nebakos while being as great as he was, was extremely hilarious and Smith is an extremely depressing man. Overall this is a ridiculous list and was clearly created by a biased, egotistical bottom feeder. 

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3 hours ago, Jeremiah Flynn said:

I find Nebakos’ departure to be far more impactful and shocking to Smith’s mainly because he is a bigger deal then Smith, way better then Smith, much more liked then Smith, overall just a better person then Smith, a bigger star then Smith, a more impactful BPZ superstar on the roster then Smith and far more revolutionary then Smith. Plus I think everyone can agree that Nebakos while being as great as he was, was extremely hilarious and Smith is an extremely depressing man. Overall this is a ridiculous list and was clearly created by a biased, egotistical bottom feeder. 

Like I said at the top of the post, I judged the shock factor on how surprising it was and how much controversy it spawned. When Nebakos left, to me, it wasn't at all surprising as he had gradually been less and less active over time so it came as no surprise when he finally drifted away completely. In no way am I saying he isn't a bigger star or that losing him was less impactful, I'm just saying it wasn't as shocking in my opinion. Thanks for you're beautifully well-thought-out response though.

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BPZ Halloween Havoc 2019 Review

Bada Bing Bada Boom welcome back to another edition of BPZ Commentaries, the Slammy Award winning BPZ Commentaries and as always I am your host Mike Hunt which means that Halloween Havoc is finished and all you fine gentleman and ladies have tuned in to see my initial reactions and of course the legendary Top 5 moments from the show. Let's get right into it shall we

5. Raven 3x

We kick off the Top 5 with one of the biggest winners of the night in Raven the new and then former NXT Champion breaking two sets of records in just one minute. A lot of fans were left puzzled as Raven's intentions to pursue the NXT title for the most part were absent, but just days before the event he announced he was pursuing the record and on Sunday Night he was the man, winning his third ever NXT Battle Royal and picking up the NXT Championship. He then went on to vacate it a mere 20 seconds later making him the shortest reigning NXT Champ of all time. Lets hope the US Division brings Raven more success 

4. Isaiah Carter on top of the World 

Not the most shocking moment of the night but one that deserves to be on this list just because this company has crowned it's sixth World Champion of 2019. Isaiah Carter soundly defeated Joshua Scott as was heavily predicted and has now earned his second reign as BPZ World Champ which will hopefully last a lot longer than his first stint with the belt. BulletProof's forces continue to get stronger by the second and adding in the World Championship makes them even more immortal. With the rumours that Bailey and Slim could be pursuing the World Title at Survivor Series, we will truly see what Isaiah Carter is made of 

3. Echo Wilson Survives

For me one of the most exciting matches on the card was the second annual BPZ Halloween Havoc Death Match between Echo Wilson and Jason Ryan. These two had an absolute barn-burner last year and this year was no different as these two put on yet another scintillating contest but this time it was Echo Wilson who walked away with the victory. This is perfect booking from BPZ Management as it sets us up for a rubber match at next year's edition and that will surely glue everyone's eyes to their TV Screens

2. Arius Survives the Chamber 

Six men walked into the Elimination Chamber in the night's Main Event but only one man walked out the victor and that was BPZ's rising star Arius who adds yet another title to his already impressive resume. Sameer, FDS and Prince all fell early but it was really the battle of Smith, Hans and Arius which was a sight to see. Smith was oh so close to surviving the chamber and retaining the Intercontinental Championship but Arius had a say in that and picked up the victory to stand tall at the night's close. Arius has now been crowned the king of a very very competitive division which will really show if he can cut it in the big leagues 

1. Badass Bailey spoils the Prophecy

Well personally, the most exciting thing on this card was the return of Bailey after he was embarrassed by Bob Sparks at The Survival Games event just a couple of weeks ago. Raven had just won and then vacated the NXT Championship and was being revealed as the newest believer of Slim's cult when BAM Bailey made his way down to the ring with his bat and started having a swing. The atmosphere was electric as he went to town on the group now known as Descent setting up an interesting future for one of the Greatest that ever lived. Slim vs Bailey seems to be the ultimate boiling point but Bob vs Bailey is even more exciting in my eyes. More things were made clear as to the future of BPZ which sets up for an extremely exciting Survivor Series PPV coming up next month

Thank you all for joining me, as always I've been Mike Hunt and I'll see you next time where we preview and cover The Carnage Wildcard live from The Carnage Arena, should be a blast. I will see you all then 

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