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BPZ Commentaries

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Mike: “Welcome to another BPZ Commentaries exclusive brought to you by the extraordinary Mike Hunt and today joining me is none other than Gunner Flynn. How’s life Gunner?"

Gunner: "Its honestly great, life as a Flynn has been more than extraordinary. Thats what I would say if I gave a crap about being a Flynn, well how are you?"

Mike: "I’m great thanks for asking but let’s not waste anytime and get to what everyone wants to hear. You’ve been here for about two years now and only now we are hearing about your connection to one of BPZ’s greats. Why now Gunner?"

Gunner: "It is honestly simple, noone wanted it to get out. It would supposedly ruin the Flynn name. But honestly I think it was a way to hide Flynn's Dark Secret. But im here now, and to make sure Flynn walks away with nothing"

Mike: "Do you think if you had adopted the Flynn surname from the very beginning, your fortunes would have been greater?"

Gunner: "Honestly no. I dont give a damn what name I have, all that matters is what I do in this very ring. I am not a champion for nothing, and I will continue to prove that day in and day out"

Mike: "Do you love your brother?"

Gunner: "Hell no, he continues to call my mother a whore. He never helped me in the foster system. He would stand me for days on end, made me lose all hope I had of my parents coming back. I want to torture him until no end"

Mike: "Take us back to childhood being a Flynn, we know what Jeremiah thinks about your parents but what about you?"

Gunner: "I think they made mistakes, but it only made me stronger. Made me tough, and took me all the way to becoming Premium Champion. I think Jeremiah just holds a grudge and that is all"

Mike: "Carnage Wildcard November 13th, it’s a big opportunity for you. What’s the mindset heading in?"

Gunner: "Jeremiah is obviously an extremely tough opponent, he isnt Undisputed Champion for no reason. But I am going to Wildcard to take everything he has ever built. And that is exactly what I plan to do, so I just got to stick to that mindset and I will be victorious"

Mike: "Lets shift gears to the Premium Championship and you’re coming off an impressive win at Halloween Havoc but now you take on Bob Sparks at Survivor Series what do you feel about that? This is a guy you have beaten before"

Gunner: "Yes thank you Mike, Im aware of what Ive won. Anyways, Bob Sparks will not be a breeze in the park. But I do feel confident, as you said I have beat him before. And I plan on doing the same thing at Survivor Series"

Mike: "Are you worried about the threat of Descent maybe having an influence? Slim is known to get himself involved in matches at time"

Gunner: "It definitely has been on my mind. But honestly, thinking about it will just affect me more negatively that positively. So I try to think it will be Bob vs Me, one on one"

Mike: "Now before we wind down here I have a couple more questions for you. Jason Ryan what’s going on there?"

Gunner: "Its simple, we both want the same thing. We want to write the wrongs of the past. Hating eachother for over a year has done anything but harm, so why not team up for the better good?"

Mike: "Now to end things off, you’ve seen stars rise and fall in this company over the couple of years you’ve been here, who’s the next BPZ Star?"

Gunner: "Hans, he is just amazing. He has showed all the aspects of a star here in BPZ, hes got the looks, charisma, personality and the skills. Now all he has to do is put that all together for a world title"

Mike: "Thank you for joining me Gunner and good luck at Wildcard"

Gunner: "Thank you for having me Mike, and thank you very much"

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Image result for Papa Emeritus III"

The Biggest Things To Look Out For In 2020 For BPZ Wrestling

Written By: Eric Shun

In the world of Pro Wrestling, its almost no telling what will happen. Truly anything and anyone can succeed and its so hard to predict who will be champion, who will leave the company, and more. But some things, some things seem almost so perfect, that you just have to hope that you are able to witness it. 2019 is coming to an end, and in 2020, BPZ is only going to grow more and more. Here are the things that BPZ Commentaries recommends you should look out for...


The Rise Of Arius: Its no telling, every dirt sheet, kayfabe show, and news article is praising this man for good reason. He is clearly the man the company needs to get behind and it appears that they will be doing that as he currently holds the IC championship and has no signs of slowing down. In 2020 expect Arius to only do more for the company and continue to get marque matches, possibly even going for the luxurious world heavyweight championship.

The True Return Of Slim: Slim has been back for some time now, teaming up with various members of the BPZ roster in random stables that make no sense, and it seems the creative team has no idea what to do with him as he is now expected to win the Survival Games tournament at Survivor Series. However, many fans are still waiting for the old Slim, the one that everyone loved to hate to return to BPZ and if the suit wearing, faction making, scheming Slim is anywhere around the corner I expect him to come sooner rather than later. Its what is best for business. 

A Possible Brand Split: Fans and roster members alike have expressed their feelings on a potential brand split, wanting the brand split to return as Carnage and EVOLVE would take the best of BPZ onto their respective brands. We could see the return of the Brand Split and maybe some more championships, if this were to happen, it would be fun to see who gets appointed GM and who is able to shine on the new rosters. 

Civil War: I, Eric Shun, have a feeling that the Creed and Bulletproof war that has shaken BPZ to its core will bleed into 2020.


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BPZ Survivor Series 2019 Preview 

Hey, hey, hey. It is me once again the Glorious Mike Hunt presenting you the official BPZ Commentaries Preview of this Sunday's Survivor Series show. We've got clowns and Death Machines, two warring factions and a vacant championship to be claimed making this another very fun and exciting extravaganza 

5. US Arm-wrestle 

We kick things off here on the top 5 with the BPZ United States Championship match. As of recording, US Champion Mikey will defend against Raven, Arrow Rhodes and Jason Ryan in what looks to be a bit of a close affair. The two clear favourites here are Mikey and Raven both men in amazing form at the moment and looking to pick up another key victory as the year rounds out. You also cannot go past Arrow Rhodes who is a cult hero here in BPZ and is still searching for that illustrious first victory and then we have Jason Ryan a former Global and Premium Champion who cannot be forgotten. It's going to be a close contest and we may just see the United States Championship change hands for the fifth time this year 

4. Next Up 

The famously crowned NXT Boom of late 2018 set up the future of BPZ for many ages to come. We had names such as Arius, KENJI, Raven, Hans, Alex Costa, Aaron North and Mikey all debut for the company in a very short span of time making the NXT Division one of the more hotly contested ones in the company. We fast forward 12 months and well now these names have all left and we are left with a new crop of talent. The Tiger, Amai, Jack Bishop and CJ Sellers will compete for the NXT Championship and with that comes an amazing opportunity to become a figurehead of the division. All 4 men have shown a lot of potential with Amai already being a 1x NXT Champion but now we are looking for consistency. We may just look back on this match in 12 months time and be witnessing the emergence of a young star, and that is all the reasoning you need to glue your eyes to the TV and watch this match 

3. Gunner vs Bob

In our first two points we talked about the superstars who are vying to take that next step up the card and well this match as all of that written on it as well. The Premium Championship is constantly viewed as one of the less meaningful titles in the company but Gunner Flynn has made it his goal to restore prestige to that title and that continues as he battles the surging Bob Sparks. Gunner Flynn pushed Jeremiah Flynn to his absolute limit just two weeks ago and looks to get back on the victors list here but Bob has gained himself some new momentum aligning himself with Descent and embarrassing Bailey just a couple of months ago. In saying that though, Bailey has already stated that he will be at Survivor Series ready for a fight so Bob better keep his head on a swivel as you never really know when Badass Bailey's gonna strike 

2. Battle of Insanity 

Our next topic is in-fact quite a dark one as we touch on the mental decay of Julius as he prepares to face Slim in the Survival Games finals. Julius started out this feud seeing Slim as some sort of a joke but very soon found out that this was more serious than it seems and found himself spiraling into his own insanity. It has been sad to see Julius fight against his demons heading into this match which may just be his breaking point. However, this is a tournament and the year is 2019 so Julius has to be considered somewhat of a favourite to pull this one out. This may be one of the more intriguing matches of the night and I can't wait to see what happens next 

1. It all ends 

Well finally we have made it to this point. It was at SummerSlam where BulletProof first joined forced helping Flynn against Bart and now 3 months later we have the culmination of this faction warfare as Creed and BulletProof go into battle in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match. Creed landed the first punch taking BulletProof's tag-team titles but this is the match both teams are extremely eager to win. It all ends here, the power struggle at the top of BPZ will culminate in the Main Event of Survivor Series 2019, who will be the ones to stand tall at the night's conclusion?

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BPZ Survivor Series 2019 Review 

HOLY BLOODY HELL THIS WOKE ME RIGHT THE FUCK UP. Hello this is a very very excited Mike Hunt from BPZ Commentaries and I've just finished watching BPZ Survivor Series. If I was to explain my feeling right now, I feel like a child going to watch The Lion King for the first time and then really really wanting to talk about it with all the friends that I would have because I am such a popular kid. Well all of you are my friends and I'm going to tell you everything about what happened at this show because there was a lot 

5. The Tiger Stands Tall 

Every once in a while Brenden and the rest of the BPZ Booking team decide to change everything up and this was one of those times as majority of the titles changed hands with only Arius successfully defending his Intercontinental Championship, but as we highlighted on the show preview the NXT Battle Royal was going to get a lot of attention. There were really 3 or 4 names that stood out from the rest: Amai, Epic, Jack Bishop and eventual winner The Tiger. Majority of the time winning the NXT Championship leads to some success in this company and now The Tiger is at the helm of this division. Us here at BPZ Commentaries are extremely high on the Tiger and everything he can do and we hope that he remains atop this division as he gains momentum to surge up the card. Those two beautiful women he carries around with him are also welcome to come by the Commentaries studios anytime they want 

4. Premium Brawl 

The Premium Championship was also an extremely interesting situation with two of the company's future talents going to battle over the title. What we are focusing on here isn't the title match itself where Bob won (We'll get to that later) instead, we are going to take a look at the brawl that took place post match between Bailey and Bob. These two obviously have tension going back a while now and well this was where we really got to see them go at it. They took the brawl up the ramp and it even involved a spear off the stage and encouragingly both men matched up pretty evenly in this contest. We are yet to hear about the health of these two men but I doubt they'll be in any shape to fight anytime soon and for Bailey he's got a tag-match coming up this weekend, something I'm not sure he's ready for. Surely this leads to a match at Night of Legends where hopefully they settle this once and for all 

3. Descent Reign Supreme...Or did they?

You look at all the news reports and the articles previewing this show and all the talk was around who would walk out victorious. BulletProof or Creed? But stupidly we forgot about one group in particular and that's Descent. They quietly had a really really good night and clean sweeped their matches. Raven was victorious in securing the US Championship, Bob ripped the Premium Championship out of Gunner's hands and Slim defeated Julius to become the Survival Games winner but things weren't all sunshine and rainbows. In the aftermath of Slim's match with Julius, the Antichrist made his presence felt and shockingly attacked Slim seemingly ending any sort of alliance there. Descent are now down a member and more importantly they've got an angry Antichrist. God I hope that guy never ever appears again

2. Creed End The War

The night's Main Event was one of the more anticipated matches of the year as two dominant factions Creed and BulletProof collided for an all-out war. Creed had already taken the Tag-Titles from BP, The US Title was no longer in their grasp and Isaiah Carter shockingly lost his World Championship which only added to this contest. The match was long and brutal but in the end Smith, Sameer, Julius and Bart were the ones to be victorious and seemingly ended this little beef between BulletProof and Creed. They formed with the objective of defeating BulletProof and did just that, looks like BulletProof isn't so bullet proof after all. If any of you guys are watching this please dont find me, I don't want to be the victim of some firing squad 

1. Julius 2x 

Well this had to be number 1 didn't it, on a night where heaps of titles changed hands and a war came to an end it was only right for Julius to add to the chaos and cash in his Money in the Bank Briefcase becoming a now 2x World Heavyweight Champion. Isaiah Carter's reign as champion was somewhat lackluster however through no fault of his own, the opponents just weren't there which has become a major problem with BPZ as of late. With Julius now at the top of the division and Isaiah Carter breathing down his neck maybe this war isn't finished after all. Only time will tell

Thank you all for joining me, I'll see you all in a couple of days where I bring to you the second edition of BPZ Commentaries Bracketology, breaking down the Clapspiracy Tag-Team Tournament. This has been Mike Hunt thank you for watching, I'll see you all real soon 

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BPZ Bracketology: Clapspiracy Tag-Team Invitational 

Yes it is I once again Mike Hunt here for a breakdown of the annual Clapspiracy Tag-Team Invitational. Last year's extravaganza was a lot of fun with many makeshift teams coming together while former partners found themselves aligned once again. Of course the spoils went to BrendenPlayz and Sameer who would end up defeating The Flock and become BPZ Tag-Team Champions. We are now just a couple of days away from the first round and without further ado lets take a look at what the bracket is shaping up to be 

First Class Express (1) vs The Thunderman's (8)

Well we kick things off with what I like to call the BulletProof side of the bracket as the faction's First Class Express Tandem takes on the underdog fan favourite duo of Arrow and "The Riddler" Steph. Well going by the events of past couple of weeks it's safe to assume that Isaiah Carter and Hans are in a pretty foul mood and will look to take out their frustrations on Arrow and Steph. You look at the Vegas odds and if you're putting your money on the underdogs then you must be a clinical idiot. Not only are Hans and Carter in the top 10 singles competitors in the company but they are also even better when they are a team making them the outstanding favourites heading into this one. The Thunderman's are hero's though, or claim to be so we'll see if their superpowers gain them a miraculous victory 

Mike's Pick: First Class Express

The Notorious Killers (4) vs The Firing Squad (5) 

Next we take a look at the second team representing the wonderful faction of BulletProof and these two might even be more dangerous than the one's we mentioned earlier. Making a profound impact in their debut as a tandem, Alex Costa and Mikey are cold-blooded killers and under the specific guidance of Flynn these two are set for greatness, however they lineup against a very dangerous foe. The Firing Squad may be trained in vicious combat but FDS and D.N.A are also educated in the art of war and have that tag-team experience as apart of the United Nations where Mikey and Alex do not. It's unknown whether Flynn will be at ringside for the contest but we will assume he will and he won't want to see his pet projects suffer defeat in their first rodeo. This should be a brutal affair and one definitely worth watching 

Mike's Pick: The Firing Squad

Invictus (3) vs The Cure (6)

Now out of all the first round contests I believe that this will be the one with the most eyes on it and it's not necessarily because of the matchup between these two teams. KENJI and Arius were brilliant rivals and now come together to form (on paper) a pretty terrifying team. As Singles stars these two are very very dominant but their work as a team remains to be seen. On the other hand we have Jason Ryan and Gunner Flynn, two thirds of Gunner's new pet project The Cure. Once again Gunner and Jason are accomplished Singles Stars but their work as a team has yet to be measured. It's exciting for me as a fan of pro-wrestling to see Arius and KENJI team together and I think they will be too much for Gunner and Jason to handle 

Mike's Pick: Invictus

Bailey and Slim (2) vs Kieron Black and Joshua Scott (7)

And now we look at the final match-up of the first round as the unlikely duo of Bailey and Slim team up to face Kieron Black and Joshua Scott. This match is truly bizarre and I still cannot wrap my head around what is actually going to go down. On one side we have Bailey and Slim where after the events of Survivor Series should be in no condition to compete whatsoever and with the other two, Kieron has been vacant and well Joshua Scott is Joshua Scott. I have no clue how this one is going to go down but if I know Bailey and Slim, these are two guys who are very prideful and will not want to lose to Josh and Kieron in the first round

Mike's Pick: Bailey and Slim 

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